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Eco-friendly travel guide to Málaga advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Málaga, Spain.

View of Malaga from Castillo Gibralfaro. Spain

  • Air quality: 5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$30 - $1000
  • Budget per day: US$50 - $2000

Responsible Travel

Malaga is one of the biggest cities in Spain and it is the most prominent destinations for tourists visiting the country. The city itself is an important destination as it is the hub of various technological services and construction activities taking place in Spain. While these significantly boost the local economy and they provide a livelihood to thousands of people, they do adversely impact the surroundings and contribute to the local pollution. More so, the city also is home to a population of over half a million people and while this may not sound like much to people in the United States of America or those living in Asia, it is a very significant number in a country as small as Spain as the number is sufficient enough to make it the 6th most populous city in the country. In addition to these woes, the city is a massive tourist destination and it attracts millions of tourists annually and though this may benefit the local businesses and economy on the whole, it does lead to the depletion of resources and irreparable damage, thus, the onus is now on every tourist visiting the city to find as many possible ways to minimise his/her impact on the city while touring and reducing the carbon footprint on the whole.

In this section of the article, we shall discuss a few ways in which a tourist can actually be eco-friendly on a trip to Malaga. To begin with, it is suggested that you as an eco-friendly adventurer, endeavour to restrict your impact on the atmosphere during a trip to a new country. In this manner, the best development that you can pick up is to ensure careful travel by looking into sustainable accommodation. Fortunately enough, in view of the rising care about this, huge metropolitans over the globe have seen various such hotels cropping up, Malaga likewise is the equivalent and has a huge gathering of such lodgings, more experiences concerning which are given through the course of this article, so read on to know more.

Further, it is proposed that you travel constantly by supporting the local associations in the world of retail as they are facing exceptional competition from mega brands and super brands. These mega-brands can be discovered playing in for all intents and purposes in all fields, most amazingly in clothing, fundamental food items, meat, and equipment adventures. In case you are planning to make purchases, head to more unobtrusive shops around, they will outfit you with extraordinary help just as familiarise you with a monstrous stock of things that aren't mass conveyed or prepared to proceed onward on to the web for sale.

Then you can continue your sustainable travels by using public transportation. The city and an enormous number of its 500 thousand odd tenants are known to use the public transportation reliably, not solely is it monetarily sharp, it is much greener as it decreases the carbon impression of each individual while travelling essentially. A significant parcel of the unmistakable public transportation modes are alluded to be eco-obliging as they either use electric power or run on hybrid forms of energy.

Lastly, travel reliably in the city of Malaga by eating local food at genuinely special restaurants. As an eco-friendly explorer you should endeavour to value the Spanish cuisine past what many would think about conceivable, not only will you experience legitimate Spanish meals yet you will moreover help the local food industry thrive by pumping in some money and lending some support.

Air Quality and Pollution

Malaga is a city which experiences a subtropical-Mediterranean climate. This implies that you shall experience very hot summers here and the winters shall be mild and comfortable. The city is blessed with more than ample sunshine as there is sunshine for more than 300 days annually. During the daytime, the maximum average temperature during the summers touches the 31-degree centigrades mark and during the winters it ranges between 15 and 23-degree centigrades. While the minimum average temperature during the summers is approximately 20-degree centigrades and during the winters it is around the 10-degree centigrades mark. The maximum rainfall received by Malaga is during the months of November and December, but apart from these months only January and February are mildly wet months. The rest of the year it is pretty dry and humid. Thus, as a tourist, you shall be required to pack your bags wisely. Depending upon the month in which you plan to visit the city, pack your bags, carry essentials such as umbrellas, sunblock, and sunglasses, also try and pack as many light clothes as possible as they shall help you stave off the heat. Needless to say, considering the number of beaches here you certainly need to carry the swimwear to enjoy a dip in the ocean.

The city of Malaga is known to have phenomenal air quality, as a tourist, you shall be pleasantly surprised to breathe in fresh air without the presence of any pollutants. All throughout the year, the city has impeccable Air Quality Index and you certainly don’t need to worry about carrying a mask of additional medication unless you suffer from serious breathing ailments. Even those that do, shall find the air here rejuvenating and refreshing. Much of this can be attributed to the modest population, the lack of industries, and responsibilities taken by the locals to keep the air clean. Hence, you too are recommended that as a tourist, you must do everything possible to ensure that you do not pollute your surroundings in any way.

Respect the Culture

Pride and freedom are significantly regarded, as are character and values of upbringing. Lowliness is regarded over emphatics. Strutting predominance, information and abundance aren't valued. Indicating regard in the subtlest of ways is a significant perspective here in Malaga, particularly to the matured people in Spain, who are a working bit of society and are continually exhibited respect and tendency. There are scarcely any retirement homes in Spain and family is the most huge thing for people. Another way to deal with show respect to people is to call them Don or Doña, alongside their first name.

When you show up, your subsequent stage to being a decent vacationer is to guarantee that you welcome the neighbourhood individuals alright, when someone familiarises you or you meet with a nearby individual, you ought to energetically welcome the other individual, whether or not that individual is a man or woman. If the other individual is a woman and offers you her cheek, by then you can exchange two kisses, the first being on the woman's right cheek followed by the other cheek. The kiss isn't commonly a kiss, nonetheless, is the reaching of the cheeks, and the kiss is to the air. In case it was really a kiss, everyone in Spain would have sullied lipstick on their cheeks and all the women would have spread lips! For get-togethers, you ought to energetically welcome the other person. It is more typical for a man to exchange kisses with women social events than in gatherings. Folks and females can grasp women associates gently. Male colleagues can grasp or handle (the abrazo) each other or get in touch with one another's arms or kiss each other, dependent upon how incredible their family relationship is. In Spain, this is genuinely not a sign that one is gay. Never contact, grasp or back slap a Spaniard you don't know well, aside from if a neighbourly Spaniard reaches you first. While saying farewell, one should shake hands again.

Regardless, appearance is basic to the Spanish public. For accommodating functions, they like to dress perfectly. however, in Malaga, the formality is down to the bare minimum as the beaches and the hot weather call for shorts and crop tops more than ever. Hence, here you shall see many women rocking a bold look and keeping things less simple and traditional, as seen in other major cities in the country. It is fundamental to stretch out incredible instinct with respect to attire. The Spanish contribute a great deal of energy on picking what to buy and what to wear with the objective that everything matches and is in worthy taste. One will find various women whose pack organizes absolutely her shoes. A nice certified leather travel bag for a woman is a certain prerequisite in Spain. Spanish men have obsessions of buying incredible watches, and the people who have money may have a couple. Subsequently, you are proposed to dress well to have an effect on the opposite sex.

Right when one is welcome to someone's home, it is traditional to bring somewhat present for the woman. Take a small bottle of perfume or some tidbits for the kids, sometimes cakes from a good cake shop nearby is a perfect gift. Blossoms are likewise an extraordinary alternative however one must avoid chrysanthemums as they are the image of death. These blossoms are most broadly utilized in memorial services. Extraordinary chocolates wrapped well are also a fair choice. One can similarly bring a holder of wine.

Past these previously mentioned focuses, to be a decent vacationer in Malaga, you have to practice command over your non-verbal communication and your motions. Abstain from getting into warmed conversations and battles as the Spanish are hot-blooded and many disapprove rapidly, particularly in subjects of conversation that are near their heart, for example, nation, religion, governmental issues, sports, and a couple of something else. The conversation is the most cherished way most Spanish put their free energy in. Most outcasts may get tired of talking following a couple of hours, yet the Spanish don't seem to get depleted! In case you are eating out with Spanish associates and the conversation goes on until the early morning, you can tell your mates goodnight, considering the way that you are not used to these hours. They will understand and won't be offended. They understand that they are evening individuals and that they keep the latest hours in Europe. The most cherished topics of conversation are family.

They may get some knowledge about your family. If you have some issue with any of your family members, don't make reference to it. It is ideal to keep your family gives covered up. The Spanish have close family ties and may not fathom your anxiety. How close are these ties? Grown-up youths need to call their people customary, a portion of the time a couple of times. Regardless, the gatekeepers will pressure and think there is a significant issue with their child. It doesn't have any kind of effect whether the parent and child live a few kilometres away in different metropolitan zones. Another incredible highlight to talk about is food. The Spanish are experts in food, so go insane discussing Paella, ham and significantly more.

By following the majority of the above tips, you will be viewed as a decent traveller, individuals will likewise take a moment enjoying towards you and you won't need to stress striking an association. Simply attempt to keep things as energetic and bright as could be expected under the circumstances, the rest will fall set up with some music, discussion, and mainstream society related references. Avoid littering the beaches, keep things clean, respect the city, the people, and the culture, share your own experiences and you shall be not just a good traveller but the perfect one.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Picasso’s Málaga: Pablo Picasso was conceived in Málaga, so no outing can be finished without honouring this twentieth-century symbol. Head first to his origination, or Casa Natal, on Plaza de la Merced. It's a couple of moments by walking from all the city's tourist spots, and his folks leased the primary floor for a very long time toward the beginning of the 1880s. There's a little assortment of his craftsmanship, just as ancient rarities from his childhood. A bigger showcase of his works of art can be seen at the Picasso Museum several minutes away (tickets can be reserved here). Quite a bit of these are from his developmental mid-twentieth century years, however, they delineate the craftsman's development in that time.
  • La Rosaleda: In the northern rural areas is La Rosaleda, a radiant arena with a thirty thousand limit of spectators. Its host group, Málaga CF, has been in the Primera División for just about 10 years now. For a period Málaga went through tremendous speculation from their Qatari proprietor, which pushed them to the Champions' League, however, he has quit siphoning cash into the club so they have fallen back a piece. At any rate, each other week from August to May you can see matches from Europe's best group here, and there's likewise an arena visit and gallery reporting Málaga CF's well-known players and prizes.
  • Semana Santa Festival: Holy Week is obviously a serious deal across Spain, yet in Andalusia and particularly Málaga it takes on significant importance. This is incompletely on the grounds that the Catholic fellowships here are maybe more noticeable than in different spots around Spain. They shall hold masses consistently and have more labour to get things sorted out for the huge week. The fabulous floats that they carry on parades occurring from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday can be a few meters tall, and the Virgin sculptures are frequently sumptuously designed. There's likewise an alternate inclination among Malagueños during Holy Week contrasted with other Spanish urban areas; it's substantially less solemn and more extravagant here.
  • Roman Theatre: Directly down the slope, past the external dividers of the Alcazaba is the best old landmark in the city. The auditorium was being used for around 300 years up to the 200s however then was disregarded and even utilised as a quarry during the Moorish time frame. The structure was just rediscovered in 1951 and considering all its experienced is really well maintained today. A few levels of seating of the 16 meter-high cave which is the observer's circle are whole and there's an as of late opened guest community flaunting a portion of the finds at the site including amphorae and regular apparatuses.
  • Ataranzas Market: Likewise with quite a bit of Spain, the central market is such a point of convergence of everyday life in Málaga that you need to see it for yourself. Local people favour the carts at Ataranzas for newness, and in light of the fact that the costs are sensible. It's likewise a beautiful structure, with an exquisite iron and glass covering, Mudéjar curves and a radiant recoloured glass window. Come to purchase all the typical market produce, similar to organic product and veg, meat which is both cured and raw, cheddar, fresh bread and some nearby sherry or honey. There are additional bars where you can get a tapa to go with a glass of cruzcampo.
  • Castillo de Gibralfaro: Standing gladly on the Mount Gibralfaro peak over the Alcazaba, the Castillo de Gibralfaro is another archaic Moorish fortification. Abd-al-Rahman III, the Caliph of Cordoba, assembled the stronghold in the tenth century on the site of a Phoenician beacon. The picture of this structure shows up on Málaga's banner just as the banner of the area. Albeit now generally in ruins, the site is refreshing for its staggering displays and verifiable worth. From this vantage point, guests can see the port of Málaga and the tranquil Mediterranean coastline. The most noticeable survives from the fortification are the gigantic old defences, which transcend the forests. Inside the dividers are the relics of structures and yards commonplace of Islamic design. Go for a picturesque stroll around the very much reestablished bulwarks to find the grounds and appreciate great perspectives on the harbour. Likewise high on Mount Gibralfaro close to the Castillo and the Alcazaba is an amazing inn, the Parador de Málaga Gibralfaro. Set in the midst of a woodland of pine trees, this extravagance convenience highlights Moorish-style engineering, agreeable rooms, and a rooftop porch with a pool. The lodging's slick eatery serves conventional Andalusian cooking.
  • Basílica Nuestra Señora de la Victoria: It is north of the Picasso Museum, reached by method of Calle de la Victoria. This seventeenth-century Baroque church is one of the most significant temples in Málaga. A recorded memorable landmark, the Basilica remains on the site where the Catholic Monarchs pitched an attack of Málaga during the Reconquest. The congregation contains the Shrine of Our Lady of Victory with a fifteenth-century figure of the Virgen de la Victoria, Patron Saint of the town. The figure was an endowment of Emperor Maximilian I to King Ferdinand. Among the canvases and figures designing the safe-haven, features are the two models by Pedro de Mena. Another must-see piece is the Altarpiece of San Francisco de Paula by Luis Ortiz de Vargas. The basilica houses a portion of its craft treasures inside a show lobby.
  • Málaga's Museum of Glass and Crystal: It houses an expansive assortment of glasswork, which goes from as far back as the Phoenician time. Greek, Roman, and Byzantine societies are spoken to, and more up to date works incorporate instances of twentieth-century Art Deco and the contemporary work of a few observed Scandinavian experts. The assortment likewise incorporates a few bits of nineteenth and twentieth-century recoloured glass. Furthermore, the historical centre is housed in an astoundingly very much saved eighteenth-century home, which highlights 16 period-outfitted rooms containing not just the assortment of in excess of 3,000 glass objects, yet additionally old fashioned furnishings, canvases, and stylistic layout. The gallery patio is likewise surprising for its dark marble segments and Baroque frescoes.
  • El Pedregalejo: Málaga brags upwards of 15 unique beaches, with every area more charming than the past one. One of the most staggering spots among them is El Pedregalejo, situated around 30 minutes stroll from the town community. It is viewed as perhaps the trendiest neighbourhood in the city and offers a wide scope of superb eateries. The nightlife at Pedregelejo is especially prestigious because of its various bars, making it a spot for each time. The seashore itself is 1.2km long and is the ideal spot for a casual day and an invigorating sprinkle in the ocean.
  • Pompidou Centre: Málaga's response to the celebrated Parisian exhibition, finished off with a mammoth, multi-shaded block and the Paseo del Muelle Uno, a vivacious avenue fixed with bars and cafés that prompts the seashore. On account of its polished and exorbitant facelift, this is presently an extraordinary zone for an early night walk, or from which to watch the huge luxury ships go back and forth on their journeys around the Mediterranean.
Castillo de Gibralfaro


There are plenty of places to explore in Malaga and you shall never fall short of attractions to visit, a few are listed below.

City Parks

  • Parque de Málaga: At the point when the heat is on, this esplanade resembles jumping into the undergrowth, and you'll be amazed how cool it very well may be, even in the late spring. The wide, rich fronds of the transcending palm trees give adequate shade over the three primary walkways. There's additionally something dreamlike about observing elaborate bits of rococo and renaissance figures and wellsprings encompassed by subtropical plants. Before the City Council building is a lovely rose nursery, ringed by orange trees and cypresses.
Parque de Málaga

National Parks

Malaga's biggest park is the Sierras of Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama Natural Park, which rides the Malaga-Granada common fringe and incorporates the significantly excellent rugged area of the Axarquía, with some wonderful strolls. At ends of the week, occupants of Malaga city break to the obscure pine backwoods of the Montes de Malaga Natural Park, with its surging streams and great cascades. Maybe Malaga's most notable ensured enclaves are the Torcal de Antequera Natural Area, a fantastically dissolved limestone scene, and the Fuente de Piedra Natural Area, a saline lake acclaimed for its flamingos that rush here in thousands each spring.

Sierras of Tejeda


* Malagueta: Probably the best thing about being in Málaga, particularly on a boiling summer's day, is the city's nearness to a bunch of great seashores. The Playa Malagueta is the nearest of all and is reached by a 10-minute stroll along the beautiful promenade at the east finish of Málaga's incredible port. Its 0.6 mile-long, man-made stretch of fine sand gives the ideal setting to a reviving plunge and a portion of the Andalusian sun, before lunch or beverages in one of the numerous incredible cafés and bars on the close by Paseo del Muelle Dos.

  • Playa Caleta: It is another heavenly city beach known for being the most well kept up in the region. Notwithstanding its vicinity to the downtown area, Caleta doesn't feel shut in, dirty or stuffed, right from its perfect sands are delightful perspectives on the unpleasant, precipitous landscape that encompasses Málaga.
Playa Caleta


  • Alcazaba: With incredible walls obvious from anyplace in the city, Málaga's Alcazaba is a Moorish fortification royal residence and important landmark from the Islamic period. It was first raised in the eighth century and was reinforced and extended throughout the following half a millennium. On this slope are two arrangements of dividers securing an inward and external bastion. The external bastion contains the castle's staggering nurseries with wellsprings and doors that the Arabs worked out of old Roman segments. Inside the second arrangement of walls is the royal residence and dignified homes that are spread across three tranquil yard gardens.
  • Málaga Cathedral: The city's basilica took over 150 years to construct, as is a sort of melange of renaissance and ornate styles. The veneer for instance was one of the last parts to be finished and is appropriately great, with curves, segments pilasters and stone reliefs portraying holy people. The church building's north pinnacle is 84 meters-tall, second just in Andalusia to La Giralda in Seville. There would have been a South Tower, however, rather the assets for this were redirected to assist America with picking up freedom from the British. You can find out about this on the basilica's data plaque where the pinnacle ought to have been.
Málaga Cathedral


  • Automobile and Fashion Museum: Here’s a fascination that commends the better things throughout everyday life. The two people and young ladies will discover something to appreciate. For the chaps, there are 100 exemplary vehicles, including Maseratis, Cadillacs, Aston Martins and Bugattis. The assortment returns to the most punctual long periods of car travel with a De Dion Bouton from 1903. As you venture as the decades progressed, from the thundering 20s to the 1950s Dolce Vita time the exhibition hall includes chronicled setting to models show. You can make a comparable excursion during that time in the seven design exhibitions, where 200 unique bits of high fashion are in plain view.
  • Museo del Vidrio: This interesting little gallery is in an exquisite old house from the 1700s, with uncovered pillars in the roofs, time frame furniture and elegant adornment. What individuals come to see however is the huge assortment of antique crystal that traverses a few thousand years. There are pieces from a scope of antiquated civilisations: Phoenicians, Romans, Ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Look at the green Roman glass bowl, still unblemished 2,000 years after the fact. At that point further on you'll see wonderful Venetian things, dishes from the seventeenth-century Dutch Golden Age and an assortment of English lead glass including containers and wine cups from the 1500s.
Inside the Museo del Vidrio


Malaga is one of the best destinations in Spain to enjoy some authentic Spanish cuisine and a few of the popular dishes for you to indulge in here are:

  • Porra Antequerana
  • Espeto
  • Ensalada Malagueña
  • Ajoblanco
  • Gazpachuelo Malagueño
  • Fritura Malagueña
  • Plato de los Montes de Malaga
  • Tarta Malagueña
  • Almendras Fritas
  • Pipirrana

Traditional Local Restaurants

The best restaurants in the city of Malaga to enjoy authentic Spanish cuisine are:

  • Mesón Ibérico: Since it opened in Soho in 1998, Mesón Ibérico has gotten one of the city's most mainstream tapas joints. Booking is suggested on the off chance that you need a table, yet you're in an ideal situation roosted at the bar, where you can absorb the environment and look over tapas in the presentation cupboards. Singed fish (pescaito frito, a Málaga strength), stewed and flame broiled meats, plates of mixed greens and fish you get everything here, so test a touch of everything over a couple of wines and get ready to be shocked pleasantly when the bill shows up.
  • El Mesón de Cervantes: Arranged in the core of La Merced, El Mesón de Cervantes offers a gigantic range of meat, fish and vegan dishes. They're all accessible as tapas, media raciónes (half-partitions) or raciónes (full bits), making this an ideal setting for burger joints needing to test a tad bit of everything. The cooking acted in the open kitchen is striking and unique as you don't see battered prawns with remedy or lamb sweetbreads with chimichurri on numerous menus in Málaga. Look at the slates for day by day specials and an incredible determination of neighbourhood wines.
  • El Pimpi: It is known as much for its labyrinth-like inside concerning its quality Spanish/Mediterranean food. Arranged in the core of the old town, this Málaga foundation offers a few spaces wherein to eat and drink: a casual bar zone; a common Andalusian lounge area put with bullfighting banners; a more current eatery on the main floor; and an open patio at the foot of the Alcazaba. Champions incorporate the delicious rabo de toro/vacuno (oxtail) and the fresh lubina (ocean bass), served in an outer of sesame and pistachio nuts.

Vegetarian and Vegan

Some of the prominent vegan restaurants in the city of Malaga are:

  • La Sociedad Herbivora
  • La Vegana Taperia
  • MIMO Vegan Bistro
  • Vegan-te La Siria
  • Estacion Quimera

Street Food

The street food found in Malaga is not even as close to the street food found in the biggest countries of Asia. However, here you can enjoy some Tapas, baked potatoes and fried fish. The best place to enjoy the food is the Atarazanas Market as it has a wide variety of carts and shops.


Considering the heat in the region, Malaga has some of the most popular drinks whether it be alcoholic or non-alcoholic ones, some of these that you must try are listed below:


  • Iced Tea/Coffee
  • Granizadas
  • Lemonade


  • Shandy
  • Rebujito
  • Tinto De Verano
  • Sangria


Malaga's tap water is altogether awesome and uncontaminated, and you should have no doubts at all about drinking it. Be that as it may, in the event that you have a fragile digestive system and don't wish to face any challenges, you can generally decide to purchase packaged mineral water.

Organic Cafés

Malaga has quite a few restaurants that serve organic food, these are listed below:

  • El Rinconcito
  • Restaurante Entremuros
  • Gastrobar La Santa Maria
  • La Proa de Teatinos


The best breweries in Malaga that every tourist must try are given below:

  • Cervecería Arte y Sana
  • Central Beers
  • La Madriguera
  • Hop Scotch
  • La Botica de la Cerveza


Málaga has a host of exciting activities for tourists to indulge in, to begin with, head to the port, which is found a couple minutes outside of the downtown area and intrigues the guest through its effective adaption to an advanced setting. An assortment of shops and cafés are bunched around the zone and make for an ideal walk by the harbour to watch the yachts and journey ships move in or to individuals watch. Absorb Málaga's casual environment and take in the new maritime atmosphere while tasting on a cool beverage. Head to some of the popular beaches and enjoy sunbathing, try your hand at water sports or even perhaps some volleyball on the sands.

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga is well known in Malaga and scenic settings do serve to add to the whole uplifting experience that yoga provides, some of the best yoga centres in town are:

  • Yoga Sala Málaga
  • Yoga Center Sadhaka
  • Yoga Centre Flow
  • IOMFIT Pilates & Yoga Center - Adriana Eslava Yoga
  • Alice's Yoga & Beach Homestay


Being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world you certainly can expect Malaga to offer a wide range of accommodation options that cater to all, thus, given in the sections below are a few options that are worth considering.

Green Hotels

Green hotels are very important for those travellers that wish to enjoy a trip to the city without misusing the local resources directly or indirectly. Some hotels that assist tourists in doing exactly this are given below:

  • Casa la Concha Boutique Hotel
  • GUANTANAMERA Eco-Friendly Holiday Home
  • Barbatuke ECO-Homestel

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels are a great option for those tourists who are travelling solo to the lovely land of Malaga and wish to meet like minded individuals without being confined to the boundaries of one room. Hostels also offer a host of amenities and comforts for a fraction of the price of hotels, thus, given below are some of the best and highly rated hostels that you could check-in:

  • The Lights Hostels and Suites
  • The Urban Jungle Hostel
  • Alcazaba Premium Hostel


Renting apartments on your journey to the city of Malaga is a decision if you lean toward them over lodgings or offer significance to your privacy or on the off chance that you have two or three mates going with you. Doubtlessly enough, Airbnb is well known here close by a few other equivalent applications and sites.


CouchSurfing in Malaga is incredibly well known, most youthful grown-ups make their ways for welcome individuals from different nations to come and remain at their den. As a traveller, you can discover reasonable hosts on different online platforms and once you do get one, ensure you be helpful at home, strike a certifiable interface and reimburse the host with a little badge of appreciation.


Outdoors are quite pleasant in Malaga, numerous individuals appreciate the outside and with no lack of close by outdoors zones and picturesque areas, you also could go solo or with a gathering of companions and similarly invested people. The climb through the river Chillar to the cavern of Nerja offers probably the most exotic scenes in the area and is a flat out must for outside devotees. A couple of strong shoes are fundamental for your stroll through the generally deep waters that reach your ankles.

How to Get There

Malaga is one of the major tourist destinations in the world and reaching here from any major city across the globe shall not be an issue as it is well connected via various modes of transportation, some of these are listed below.


The city is served by Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport, one of the first in Spain and the most seasoned in terms of activity. It takes care of more than 10 million passengers annually making it the fourth-busiest in Spain. The air terminal is associated with the downtown area and encompassing zones through a vehicle centre point, which incorporates the bus transport framework, rural trains and vehicle connectivity.

Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport


Malaga’s bus transportation network is truly excellent and is one of the most preferred ways to reach the city for tourists who are travelling from neighbouring towns and cities.

A bus in Malaga


The Málaga María Zambrano railway station serves the city and if you wish to reach Malaga via train, you shall alight a train here. This is the hub of all high speed trains connecting different cities in Spain.

A train in Malaga


Hitching a ride in Malaga is very normal and as a vacationer, you could investigate this as an alternative, individuals are agreeable and you won't have to pay either. In any case, it is consistently ideal to make some casual chitchat and maybe purchase some espresso or a meal for your host at one of the stops.


Beyond the above listed means of transport you can make your way to Malaga via the waterways these include the use of the seaport where you could either hire a private sea plane or reach via a ship.

Moving Around

Malaga is an incredible destination to explore and you could do so via host of means of transportation, details about these are given below.


Walking around town to and exploring the different milestones and attractions is an incredible choice, not exclusively is it amazingly advantageous however it is likewise eco-accommodating and permits you to meander around and value everything at your own pace.


Bicycles are accessible for lease and you can believe cycling to be an extraordinary alternative to go to close by objections and get in some activity while not contaminating the climate in any conceivable manner.

Electronic Vehicles

Electric Vehicles are not too popular yet in Malaga so the chances of renting one to explore town are minimal.

Public Bus

The bus transport network in Malaga is truly exceptional and most of them are operated by the Málaga Metropolitan Transport Consortium.

Tram, Train and Subway

Malaga has a decent commuter rail network and a light metro rail which can both be used to travel around town sustainably, economically, and efficiently.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping is incredibly major if you wish to be an eco-obliging explorer. Everything of clothing or additional you purchase impacts your carbon footprint fundamentally, more so supporting local associations will help you in adding to the battle against major conglomerates that misuse the planet and its regular resources for voracity.

Food Markets

There are many intriguing food markets that are accessible for clients to scrutinise in the event that they need new fixings and great food items, given beneath are a couple of such food markets:

  • Mercado Central de Atarazanas
  • La Merced Gourmet Marketplace
  • Mercado El Carmen

Flea Markets

Flea markets are intriguing spots to chase for deals knickknacks and trinkets, these are excellent places to find true gems that could be used to decorate your perfect home or even perhaps to look for souvenirs to take back home for friends and family. A couple of well known flea markets are:

  • Mercadillo El Ferial
  • Rastro Domingo
  • Mercadillo Av. De Jacinto

Second Hand Stores

Second-hand shops are famous in Malaga, most of them are known to deal in used clothing primarily. Apart from clothing a few stores offer artefacts, collectibles, used sporting goods and electronics. Hence, a couple of stores worth visiting for extraordinary purchases are:

  • Flamingos Vintage Kilo Málaga
  • Cash Converters
  • Barganero Málaga Depot
  • Expo Rastro


In Europe, in general, individuals are extremely cognisant about the way in which their dress is made, supportability's significant and henceforth numerous eco-style accumulates sprung up and the story is the same even in Malaga.


Recycling in Malaga is exceptionally proficient considering the small population and minuscule amounts of waste being generated.


Waste collection is very proficient in Malaga and what associates in making the framework precise and easier is the presence of canisters of different tones to isolate distinctive waste materials.

Work and Study Abroad

Malaga is a tremendously notable city where people from everywhere the globe come to enjoy a vacation but there are more than 30,000 students here and many that come to work at likely the most prestigious tourism related firms.

Exchange Student

Being essential for the European Union, the trading of understudies from neighbouring countries for instructive projects is a normal event. There are a lot of grants offered to understudies over the globe also.

Au Pair

Being an Au Pair is basic here and if you have the right contacts or locate the ideal host you could get yourself a general respectable home with great compensation and less work burden.


Plainly, there are a couple of issues to handle in Malaga and you can do your spot for society by contributing through chipping in for various endeavours being championed especially by NGOs and government activities. Many shall be related to ocean-related cleanup activities.

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