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Eco-friendly travel guide to Spain advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Spain, Europe.

Cantabrian Mountains are one of the main mountain ranges in Spain

  • Air quality: 4 / 5
  • Bus connections: 4 / 5
  • Train connections: 5 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 4.5 / 5
  • National parks: 5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$25 - $300
  • Budget per day: US$60 - $400

Responsible Travel

Spain is a Southwestern European country known worldwide for its culture, history, and famous artists and sits on the Iberian Peninsula. It has two union territories; the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands. It shares its land and water borders with Morocco, the Mediterranean Sea, France, Andorra, the Bay of Biscay, Portugal, and the Atlantic Ocean. Spain is part of the European Union. Being part of the European Union, Spain is the largest country of the Union and the fourth largest in the entire European continent. Apart from the many world recognitions, Spain's culture, traditions, history, and mind-blowing sights attract many tourists from different parts of the world. The mainland and its other territories have equally high tourism rates, contributing a lot to its economy.

The capital city is Madrid, which also happens to be the largest Spanish country. The local communities are descendants of the Phoenician, Greek, Celtic, and Carthaginian settlements, but they speak Spanish as their primary language, making it the country's official language. The locals are either called Spanish or Spaniards. The dominating religion present in Spain is Roman Catholicism, which accounts for about 61%. The remaining people either follow no religion or follow other faiths. The country covers 505,990 square kilometers, while only 0.89% of the total area consists of water. As per the 2020 estimates, Spain's total population is more than 47 million, making Spain rank 30th in the world for population index.

Although Spain's culture is very happening and the locals are very warm-hearted, you will find that some strict laws help the government make the locals and the tourists follow them. The locals are usually law-abiding, and the crime rates are not very high. Therefore, you must ensure to abide by the rules and not involve in any illegal activities. It is common for tourists to get trapped in unlawful activities as many drug sellers and other criminals often target tourists. Therefore, you must always stay alert and try to avoid such activities as much as possible. The best way to make your Spain trip successful would be to travel responsibly. It will only happen if you indulge in beneficial activities to both your budget and the local environment. These activities include opting for green hotels, recycling, reusing, proper disposal of garbage, using public transports or electronic vehicles, buying localized products, participating in volunteering activities, and many more. While exploring Spanish cities and towns, you must keep in mind to learn about the laws of the country, or it might lead you into trouble with the officials and get you deported or banned from revisiting the country.

Air Quality and Pollution

The air quality of this country is excellent. However, there is an increase in air pollution in the past three years. The main reason behind it is the growing tourism and vehicle consumption. There are several traffic jams which can be seen on various roads. The increased vehicle consumption has increased the carbon pollutants and methane emissions in the air, which polluted the air. Though, the part of the air which is polluted is less. There are several reasons behind the controlled air pollution. There are strict laws for the industries, and violating those laws can even lead to their closure. Even the chemical industries are prohibited from releasing smoke directly into the air without cleaning. Spain has more than 60,000 electronic vehicles running on the streets. Electronic vehicles help cut off air pollution as they do not emit harmful chemicals that pollute the air. Also, they are low maintenance. Electronic cars in this country enjoy several privileges, including free from parking charges and discounted toll charges.

Noise pollution – This pollution is at a moderate scale, and it is observed that noise pollution is increasing considerably. Any sound that harms the human ears is considered noise. A lot of noise creates noise pollution. Around 50 percent of the entire country suffers from noise pollution. The leading reasons for noise pollution are many traffic and nightlife, including clubs and bars that run overnight. It is your duty that you must not contribute to this pollution by any means.

Respect the Culture

We must respect the culture of the country we are visiting. Culture is shared through thoughts and beliefs, which are followed by a group of people. Thus, it means that a culture denotes a group of people who share the same ideologies, beliefs, faiths, religions, and points of view. They are either connected by having the same ancestral history or common doctrines. However, defaming any religion can cause a rise of various grudges in the locals for you. Article 525 of the Spanish Criminal Code states that any person who defames or harms any religious group, their ceremonies, or anything. Otherwise will have to face a fine of 8 to 12 months, so you must make sure that you are not defaming any religious group or cultural festivals by any means. The religions which are followed in Spain are very diverse, and it is a secular country. The most followed religion is Catholics, which includes the majority of non-practicing Catholics than practicing Catholics. Other minority religions include Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and many others. Religion plays a critical role in the formation of culture as the majority of the religions are Christian. Therefore, many Christian festivals are celebrated in the entire nation with great joy and excitement. It is because most of the culture of Spain is derived from Christianity. Several cultural festivals include various ways of celebration, including a drum parade and beer festivals. A variety of beers are enjoyed together in groups, folk dance, and traditional dishes.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Granada: People who love history, as well as beautiful love masterpieces, are sure to love this place. It is a jewel that belonged to the Moorish people, which was located in the south. You will at least need a few days to explore this place properly. The most visited site in Granada is Alhambra. It is an enchanting and majestic palace with a resemblance to the castle in fairy tales. It is the most good looking Islamic architecture and art in the whole world. It also has a magnificent garden with beautiful and colorful flowers all over it. In Granada, you can also visit Sacrmonte, which are dazzling white caves that served as a home to the gypsy community who was a native of the city. It is in this place where dance and music flourished. If you want to get a break from the city's life, this would be a perfect place to lose yourself. There is also one more district in Granada named the Albayzín. This place is full of cobbled streets and has incredible scenery, making it one of the best sites for clicking pictures. In the surrounding of the city, there are mountains covered with snow. Because of this, Granada has an extreme climate when compared to other cities. The summers in Granada are hot and dry, whereas the winters are chilly. Another essential thing in Granada is its extraordinarily delicious and unique tapas.
  • Alicante: For a beach lover, this place is like a paradise. The is a place filled with sand beaches covered with white sands all over. It is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the whole of Spain. It is one of the best coastal cities in the country of Spain. In this city, you can also explore and visit the mountain named Benacantil. The famous Santa Barbara Castle is located on this mountain. It is an ancient palace which is on a high or raised platform. The best way to visit the castle is to explore and see every inch of the magnificent castle in the morning. The city also has a marble promenade where the tourists can spend their evenings by just strolling. To enjoy the night time the beaches in themselves is one of the best places. Tourists can enjoy dinner in the restaurants which serve the exotic and traditional cuisine of Spain. Under the shade of the long palm trees, the view of the beach is heart throbbing.
  • Barcelona: It is one of the most famous Spanish tourist destinations in the whole of the country. This city is also renowned worldwide. Catalan's capital city is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and colorful places in Spain. This city has a perfect blend of ancient and modern culture, evident in the city's architecture. There are many buildings designed by the famous designer named Antoni Gaudi. Some of the buildings are Park Guell, Casa Bottlo, and La Sagrada Familia. There is also a gothic temple whose name is Santa Maria Del Mar. It is one of the best and a perfect place where you can spend your mornings. The architecture of the temple is remarkable with stained glass panels. If you love adventure, you can also go hiking on Mount Tibidabo. The view of the Mediterranean Sea from there is spectacular. The city from the above also looks lovely. The city assures you a feeling of both relaxation and inspiration.
  • Seville: This city serves as the capital of Andalusia, which is located on the Southern side of Spain. It is a city full of fun. This city is a historically significant city, which is evident from its architecture from cosmopolitan times. Seville is sure to give you a sophisticated vibe. To feel this vibe more explicitly, you can visit the Real Alcazar. One more important and also a must watch place here is the Seville Cathedral. The site is breathtaking. Seville Cathedral has a total of 80 chapels. This Cathedral also has the honor of being the world's largest Cathedral when measured by its volume. Being an ancient structure, it has its peculiarities, which needs time to be explored. Another most beautiful place and also a must-visit place in the city is Plaza de Espana. This city covers a total area of 50,000 square meters and is also one of the most beautiful places. One of the significant dance form, flamenco, is performed as a culture here. The dramatic visual art and the passion the locals show in their performance are scarce.
  • Madrid: Unlike most cities in Spain, Madrid is an all-season city. Tourists can visit Madrid at any time of the year, and this city is still going to offer you the same wonderful experience. For people who love art, this place is a paradise. There are many great masterpieces. And even if you are not an art lover, this place will make you fall in love with art. One such place is Madrid's golden circle. You'll be lucky if you find it open. Another magnificent masterpiece of artwork is the Royal Palace. Not just painting, there are several restaurants, also in the city. The restaurants here offer a variety of food from the cuisine of Spain to satisfy every taste bud. Tapas are also abundantly available as well as famous here. They are delicious and fresh. Madrid is also known for its shops. Here, you can get everything, and it fits into everyone's budget.
  • Cordoba: This city is historically significant. In this city, there was once a great mosque named Grand Mosque of Cordoba. It was very evident from its name. It was a vast and large piece of architecture that consisted of challenging parts consisting of really unique Islamic designs and some Moorish imprints. Now the mosque is turned into the city's Cathedral. Tourists can also opt for taking a stroll in the old town, which has cobbled streets. You will feel nostalgic by looking at the city. This place is a must-visit place if you want to learn about Spanish history and culture.
  • Valencia: Valencia has a beautiful and gorgeous old town which consists of simple streets and winding alleys. This city can be called a perfect tourist place as it has something to offer to everyone, right from beautiful beaches to magnificent medieval castles. One of the famous dishes you can get here is the Paella, which you probably won't get anywhere else in Spain. Here you get a traditional, fresh, and steaming plate of Paella at a very minimal cost. This dish is abundantly available in almost all the seaside restaurants. The primary market here also offers some great food. The immediate need here is called the Valencia Central Markets. The market is always under the great hustle and bustle. Here, you will ever get produce which is local and fresh both. There is also a science museum which is called Valencia City of Arts and Culture. This place is where you should visit with your family to get an insight into science and how it is practically applied. The center consists of a unique and beautiful aquarium. The aquarium consisted of many species of fishes and that of stunning ones. There is also a cinema for the tourist to entertain. This city filled with sea and sun is a must-visit place as it is a perfect place.
  • Toledo: This city is a small city filled with many things which tourists will relish. Toledo is also a historically significant city. The first central tourist place to visit here is the Cathedral; it is a beautiful and magnificent thing. It is believed that it took 200 years to make it stand right from the beginning to the end because this city is considered a masterpiece. When you visit this place, you will feel inspired and awe. The second important thing is to see a medieval bridge named Puente de San Martín; this bridge was built during the medieval time. Puente de San Martín is built above a river named Tajo. The view from above the bridge is spectacular. Moreover, this place can also be called the most romantic place for young couples. There is also a district named Juderia. It is also a must-visit place. If we look at the past, this place once served to be the Jewish quarter for the city. Toledo also consists of some of the most famous beautiful buildings. There are many monuments, also. It is suggested to hire a Spanish guide before moving around randomly to explain every historical context.
  • Galacia: When we talk about Spain, we can imagine the sun, sand, and many beaches, but then there are some places where you can find greenery and spectacular view. Galacia is situated in the northwestern regions. It is traditionally home to many legends and myths. This city is known for its foliage, but even the architecture is influenced mostly by the Celtic. The locals or the native people who live here are gracious and welcoming, but at the same time, they hold a great sense of pride in their language and culture. Galacia is one of the cities in Spain, which is known for its seafood. The seafood offered here is both aromatic and fresh. One more critical place is an Island named Cities, which can be easily reached from here. The island has a nature reserve, which makes this island one of the most peaceful ones. It is a very great place to escape also.
  • Almeria: Almeria is honored with the title of being the only desert in the whole of Europe. If we look at the climate of the place, it is mostly dry and dusty. Almeria has an environment that is best suited for Hollywood films to be shot here. Almeria has a perfect landscape with a great terrain as it is the only desert in Europe. Almeria is not only known for its desert but also its historical significance. This city is historically significant. Some of the sites are Alcazaba; the Caliph of Cardoba sanctioned this place during the Moorish rule. During the Moorish rule, this city was known to be the heart of the government. It was a well-furnished city with a mosque, houses, communal walls, shopping areas, and many more. The fascinating fact is that the town was fortressed from all sides with thick walls. One more important place to visit here is the Gata Nijar Natural Park situated on the coast.
Port Vell in Barcelona


Exploring a country will help you find new things in new places, we all know life would be boring if we didn't try new things. If you have never done anything new or different, you should do it. Trying and exploring new things is fun. It will light a fire inside you. Spain is one of the most exploring countries globally, and here you can visit many valleys, city parks, national parks, and museums. Spain is the land of many festivals, and La Tomatina is the most famous and fun festival in Spain. Here you can enjoy various things like football, flamenco, bullfighting, and different beautiful beaches are also there, it has spectacular architecture, which needs no introduction. Still, it is something everyone should once see it. Spain's alcohol and wines are famous worldwide. Here a mug of beer and a glass of wine always comes in the top 12 things you can do in this country. Spanish cuisine is also very diverse. You can enjoy plenty of food here like Paella, one of Spain's most famous and unique dishes. You can enjoy the short trip with your family to this country's small islands, and it has various famous islands for doing never-ending and all long night parties. Exploring Spain will help make memories, and it is very beneficial in discovering new things. Spanish national parks are lovely, and no one can deny it. Spending time in such a natural environment will help you relax your mind and healthy for your mental and physical health. While doing this, you must know that you should eat what is right for your health as it will help you gain strength and energy to explore.

City Parks

  • Parque del Buen Retiro, Madrid: It is a must-visit park in Madrid, as it is at the edge of the center of the city, magnificent and full of sculptures and monuments. You can come here with your partner and enjoy various activities. These activities include strolling in the garden paths, picnicking, boating, eating at the local food stalls, feeding the ducks, and resting on the benches or shaded areas. This park presents various international exhibitions, events also.
  • Parc de la Ciutadella, Barcelona: This park is for someone who wants a peaceful and relaxing environment, as it is opposite the lake. This park in Spain has a zoo, museums, small lakes, and fountains. There are separate walking tracks built for the people visiting this place in the morning and evening. If you are looking for some quiet and peaceful time alone or with your loved ones, then you can see this park when you are in Barcelona.
  • Parque de María Luisa, Seville: This park is the green heart of Seville. This place is best for enriching your mind with its natural environment and various monuments. Parque de Maria Luisa is a public park and free for everyone. It is home to many birds and some exotic plants and trees.
  • Jardínes De Turia, Valencia: Jardines De Turia is the largest city park in Spain. You can go cycling, yoga, and many fitness exercises here. Also, it has walking tracks that boosts you for walks. This park is on the dry river bed, which offers various activities and relaxation to the locals. The place is suitable for picnic spots, and this city park in Valencia will make you fall in love with nature.
  • Parc Central Valencia: Parc Central is the most visited park in the city of Valencia. It is ideal for children, and the entrance is also free. It is the largest park in Spain. It has a land area of 9 km. It boasts space for playing games, walking, and it is also ideal for couples.
The beautiful Parque del Buen Retiro

National Parks

  • Tablas de Daimiel National Park: Tablas de Daimiel national park is a must-visiting national park of Spain. It is a wetland and is the smallest national park in Spain. It has a river that flows in the middle of the woods, and its freshwater helps in many floras' growth. Here you will get to see a wide range of faunas; in spring and summer, you will find amphibians and reptiles. Spending time in such a natural environment will help you relax your mind, and it is healthy for your mental and physical health.
  • Cabaneros National Park (Horcajo de Los Montes): Cabaneros national park lies between the Estena and Bullaque rivers and has variants of flora and fauna. This national park is life for many birds. Here you can notice several birds, such as Black Stork, Eurasian Black Vulture, etc. Hunting is banned in this national park, but hunting for population control is allowed here. Cabaneros National Park is home to the Iberian Mediterranean forest, the largest surviving one globally.
  • Timanfaya National Park (Lanzarote): This national park is Spanish and is present in the southwestern part of the island of Lanzarote. This park's land is entirely volcanic soil, and it has a statue of EL DIABLO as its symbol. Access to the park is strictly regulated for the protection of delicate flora and fauna. This park provides the car to take a tour of volcanic landscapes, and there is only one volcano Timanfaya, because of which national park got its name.
  • Sierra Nevada National Park ( Sierra Nevada, Grenada): This park covers about 85,883 hectares, and it is the largest national park in Spain. This national park also hosts the world ski championship because of its high altitude, and skiing season is from late November to the start of May. You can again do other various activities like hiking, skydiving, and bird-watching. This national park has unique flora and fauna because of its isolated location.
  • Teide National Park (Paradores Cañadas del Teide): Teide national park is present in the center of Mount Teide, the highest mountain in Spain, and it also has the highest volcano. This park is the most-visited park in Spain, and also in the world, it is the eighth most-visited park. Teide national park also participates in many international programs with many other national parks of the world. This park is also famous for featuring many films.
Sunrise over Sierra Nevada National Park


  • Playa Las Arenas, (Valencia): Playa Las Arenas in Valencia is the most famous beach, and its sand is of golden color. This beach has lacks deepness, making it suitable for swimming for all age groups. It also has a healing spa for family members, and it is also packed with so many bars and restaurants. At Valencia's beach, you can enjoy the national dish of Spain, i.e., Paella, in addition to waves baths. It is suitable for family members, and you can come here and enjoy yourself to the fullest.
  • Islas Cies, (Vigo): This beach is suitable for the conservation of wildlife sites and the natural environment. Islas Cies has aquamarine and cold water, and it is famous for its nudity. It is not for family members to come and stay here, but single or couples can go here and enjoy their vacations peacefully and relax. Facilities are limited here, so you have to carry your essentials for yourself, and you should also bring solid shoes.
  • Bogatell, (Barcelona): Barcelona is famous for its beaches, Bogatell is the most excellent choice for locals and tourist. It is less crowded, and its water is also clear and clean; it is worth spending every single penny. This beach provides you better facilities than any other beaches in the world. It is distant from the city, but it will give you a much relaxing and peaceful environment after reaching there and making efforts to get there.
  • La Concha Beach, (San Sebastian): La Concha will make you forget about Spain for a second, as it is one of the city's best beaches. It is present in Spain's northeast corner and is easily accessible by rail from Madrid, Barcelona, and many other famous cities. It is the best beach if you are looking for an adventurous trip. Hotels are also readily available nearby. So it is ideal for tourists looking for some refreshing but peaceful time.
  • Playa del Silencio, (Asturias): This beach is famous among youngsters, as they provide suitable locations for parties, concerts, and many events. Water sports, like surfing, sunbathing, swimming, and scuba diving, are incredibly famous here. You can find incredibly affordable hotels here, and sunshine is not absolute on this beach. If you want to explore, you have to take a bit in cloudier days.
Islas Cies


  • Basilica La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona: It is the most spectacular landmark of Spain, also known as Sagrada Familia. Visitors need reservations and advance purchase of tickets to see this beautiful church. The style of this museum is Spanish. Local people claim that it is impossible to find another building, church, or museum like this. You will not find any right angle inside or outside the church, and it is uniquely designed.
  • Alhambra Granada: Alhambra is a mysterious complex of buildings, gardens, and streams. It is a prominent political hub for Muslims, and this palace is genuinely breathtaking because of its rectangular courtyards and fountains. This palace is a must-visit palace for tourists who want to explore more about Spain's history, as its view is stunning. You need to prepurchase tickets if you're going to see such a fantastic palace.
  • Altamira Caves, Cantabria: Altamira is the world's best heritage rock art. Here you will find paintings that tell about the historic scenes of many animals. Original caves are not there for local people or visitors from the world because images are fragile there. Caves consist of twisted passages and chambers and vary from six to eight meters in height. The artist used charcoal and hematite to draw paintings on the walls of these caves.
  • Niemeyer Centre Asturias: It is one of the most influential modernist art, and this shows the beginning of the relationship between Niemeyer and the Principality region of Asturias. Niemeyer Centre consists of five elements: the open square, the auditorium, the dome, the tower, and last but not least multipurpose building, which contains film, meeting rooms, and cafes.
View of the Sagrada Familia from the south


  • Guggenheim Museum Bilbao: This museum is the heart of Spain because of its contemporary architecture. Titanium, glass, and limestone are used in this museum building, which gives them a timeless look. After having so many places to visit and do so many things, visiting this museum is one of Spain's main reasons. It will give you a tremendous amount of knowledge about the history of the country.
  • Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (MNAC), Barcelona: It is a holy place for cultural and religious people. It has many art sculptures and historical belongings, and its walls are also crumbling, which shows historical feelings. This museum not only shows love for art, creative expressions but also indicates that this collection survived. This museum will offer you an extraordinary range of crafts.
  • Museo Thyssen, Bornemisza: Museo Thyssen is not only the most incredible museum but also has the most fantastic collection of arts. Its salmon-hued walls, polished marbles, and natural lighting attracts many tourists. This museum often puts some items for auctions, and it got works of tremendous artists and some renowned objects. This museum has seen bidding wars also. You must visit to see such an array of art in the world.
  • Museo del Prado Madrid: This museum claims to be crowned by jewels for its collection of art in Spain. It is 200 years old, by the Royal king to store his artistic things. If you visit this museum in the morning, you will finish it in the afternoon with the most incredible collection in the world. It is free to access from Monday to Saturday from 6 pm to 8 pm and on Sundays and other holidays from 5 pm to 8 pm.
  • Dali Theatre-Museum (Figueres): Dali Theatre is dedicated to the artist, Dali. This museum has its heart in the town's theatre, where one of Dali's first art publications is presented. The museum presents the single largest, and mo for the museum presents the art of friends and fellows of Dalis with diverse and famous Dali collection. It is a must-visit place that you should go for during your trip to Spain.
Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya


  • Patatas Bravas: This dish is a classic tapas dish known by patatas a la brava or papas bravas that all means spicy potatoes. This dish is native to Spain and is typically made with white potatoes cut into 2-centimeter white cubes and then fried in oil and served along with the hot sauce.
  • Paella: It is the best-known cuisine of Spain. This dish is originally from Valencia, and it is a rice dish. Many non-Spaniards consider it as Spain's national dish, but it isn't right as this dish is viewed from the Valencian region. This dish is prepared when ingredients such as round grain rice, Tavella, a variety of green beans and bajoqueta, rabbit or chicken, and sometimes duck. In this dish, olive oil is used as a base and saffron, and Rosemary branches are used as a seasoning. Some seasonal ingredients like artichokes hearts and stems are also used. Paella means a traditional shallow pan in which the dish is cooked on an open fire.
  • Gazpacho : It is an authentic Spanish tomato soup which is being served for years. It is a refreshing chilled soup you can have in any event in the whole country of Spain. It initially originated from Andalucia, and from there, it is passed to the other cities' restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and every little supermarket. It comes in various varieties, and every type has its unique, refreshing paste to beat the summertime heat. Originally it was made with freshly brought tomatoes, cucumber, green bell pepper, red onion, garlic olive oil, and sherry vinegar. The leftover white bread is the key ingredient, which adds a unique texture and makes an authentic gazpacho. Ground cumin, sea salt, black pepper, and other essential elements are added to the recipe. These all ingredients are blended in a mixer grinder. Set for rest for 10 minutes, then it is served.
  • Jamon Iberico: This dish is a variety of Jamon A type of cured pork. Which was later on banned due to the emergence of swine flu. This product is made from black Iberian pig, which is primarily living in the Iberian Peninsula region. The meat is minced before being served; they are preserved for a long time, but freezing is not recommended because it will damage the fibers. Germans sold it either sliced or vacuum-packed. It hasn't moved texture and rich taste.
  • Calamari: It is a dish eaten in many cuisines like in English the culinary name for this dish is a squid dish. There are many ways to cook squid. In the Spanish restaurants and bars, squids are served as fried appetizers. In Spain, generally, squid is used in different food items like Paella, Risotto, soups, and pasta.
Paella is a staple dish in Spain


Here you can find varieties of drinks from alcoholic to non-alcoholic. Some are served as refreshments during summer, and some are available during the winter. Some of these drinks can help you to keep your body warm. Here are the different beverages in Spain, which are some of the top-notch drinks served in Spain's cities, from restaurants to bars.

  • Vermouth
  • Horchata
  • Granizado
  • Tinto de Verano
  • Cerveza


The tap water of this country is fit for drinking. The water filtration plants established in many states are efficient enough to provide clean water. Even the water supply pipes are cleaned so that there is no microorganisms present there. There is no need to buy bottled water as it will create a lot of pollution and increase your carbon footprints. The information is for the whole country, but some parts might have polluted and unfit water to drink. Therefore, you must consult the locals of the city you are visiting. There are more than 18,000 rivers in Spain, but it is seen that most of them are dried; however, around 63 percent of the water comes from surface water, which includes rivers, basins, freshwater lakes, and many other water-collecting areas. Some significant Spanish rivers are the Tagus, Ebro, Guadiana, Guadalquivir, Garonne, Jucar, Minh, etc. These rivers supply water to most of the parts of Spain. Around 33 percent of the water comes from the ground, and the rest comes from other sources such as desalination plants. Spain has strict laws related to pollution; therefore, polluting rivers or other water bodies can cause serious criminal offenses.


There are many activities present in this country as there are many beaches in this country, which allows a lot of water sports, including water surfing. Water surfing involves surfing on the water with the help of a surfing boat, which involves the incredible skill of balancing yourself while standing on the boards. There are guides available who can teach you how to surf. Another is Kayaking, in which you are accompanied on a small and slim boat. They are different from boating as kayak has double-bladed paddle used to roam around, and vessels are used for many purposes like fishing and have single-bladed paddles. You can also try river rafting, which involves a great experience in wild waters and is a very adventurous activity. Snorkeling is also available in this country, consisting of observing marine life very closely and in great detail. Focusing on some land activities, you can visit various museums, which will help you learn about history, including Spain's contribution to World Wars and other records, including ancient dynasties if you are bored or do not want to perform these activities. You can visit the various city and national parks, where you can spend some fantastic time in nature away from city traffic and noise. If you love trees and love to explore nature, this is the best activity you must perform. Parachuting involves traveling in a giant hot air balloon attached to a big basket where you can stand and get a view of the whole area of a city from a certain height.


There are many accommodation options, and some are established after observing increased tourism. Different facilities often require additional charges. It is the fact that every accommodation option follows. To live a lavishing and luxurious lifestyle in Spain, you can find a resort that will offer you various luxurious facilities. These include a swimming pool, a flat-sized own room, 24 hours room service, complimentary breakfast, lunch, and dinner your selected dishes. The rates of these resorts are very high; therefore, only some of them can afford it. There are other accommodation options which also offer facilities at low prices. These accommodations also depend on your situation. Like large groups can be accommodated in guesthouses, families can stay in a hotel room, or if they can rent a flat for a long time if you are traveling alone, you can stay in a hostel. If you want to make your visit eco-friendly and don't want to leave much carbon, then you can accommodate in a green hotel.

Green Hotels

You can see a minimum of five to ten green hotels in every city in Spain. A lot of travelers prefer to stay in green hotels. A green hotel is a hotel that is different from ordinary hotels as they are built to provide comfort to their customers without harming nature and the environment. The facilities which they provide are similar to regular hotels, but these hotels use eco-friendly measures. Like the shared swimming pool, which they have is free from chlorine to purify. They have their filtration plants to distill water as chlorine is terrible for the skin and damages it. Cosmetics such as face wash, soap, shampoo, etc., are made up of herbal products and are suitable for the skin. They have their solar power plants, which generate electricity using a natural source of energy. The dishes they offer are completely free from chemicals and fertilizer, suitable for the digestive and immune systems.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels are best for those who are traveling alone. This country generally has hostels which offer rooms which are shared by two persons. The rooms are well-maintained and are furnished. It has two beds. If you are traveling alone in Spain and want a budget-friendly stay in option, you can accommodate any hostel rooms. The crime rates of Spain are meager, which states that you are safe in these hostels. You can easily befriend other tourists from different countries, nations, or continents. You can share your thoughts, beliefs, faiths, perspectives, and many others. It will help you to learn various things about different cultures and different religions. You can even make a large group in hostels. However, it must be noticed that hostels have a time limit, which can be a troubling factor in this accommodation type. Still, many hostels do not have such restrictions, so you must confirm the policies before accommodating any hostel to avoid further issues.

Guesthouses are generally a house which is available for rent. The main reason to take a guesthouse is a sense of familiarity, and it creates a home-like environment. If you are traveling with your loved ones, you can accommodate in a guesthouse. There are not many Guesthouses available in this country, but current offers furnished house with separate kitchen to cook your food.


There are a lot of apartments which are available for rent. Flats are the best and the most useful if you want to stay in the country for a long time. Generally, two-bedroom, one hall, and one kitchen type apartments are available for rent, which is very spacious for a small group or family to stay. Apartments provide premium security as security guards, and CCTV spread over many areas covering the entire premises. For those concerned about their privacy, apartments offer the best privacy as no one will disturb you, and you can enjoy some quality time with your friends, family, or partner. There are apartments which are having a sea-facing view that offers the best sunrise and sunset view. To enjoy sunset and sunrise, you must accommodate these types of flats. You can even enjoy the cool and calm sea breeze at night. Apartments can make you independent as you have to do your work. You can even cook your food rather than bringing street food of unknown quality and hygiene. You can cook your favorites cuisine, which might not be available in this city.


Couchsurfing is a type of accommodation where a person stays with the local, and the local does not charge him. However, you can help the local in his household work. There are more than eight hundred thousand hosts in this country. A host is a resident who allows tourists to stay at his residence. As there are so many hosts in this country, this shows that Couchsurfing is practiced here for a very long time and is quite common here. Couchsurfing has many benefits; some of them are – you and the host can be friends. A local can quickly tell you about the various landmarks which are must-visit. He can tell you about different money-saving tips and the minor scams which happen to tourists.


Camping is an adventurous activity and is preferred by those who love to observe the night sky. There are many camping grounds in Spain. There are several camping tours which are organized often. You can take part in any of them, and get a chance to meet many locals and travelers. You can enjoy their company as the locals here are amiable.


Regions of Spain
Green Spain (A Coruña)
Northern Spain
Eastern Spain (Barcelona, Valencia, Murcia, Alicante)
Central Spain (Madrid)
Andalusia (Malaga, Marbella, Fuengirola, Torremolinos)
Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera)
Canary Islands (Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, La Gomera, Lanzarote, La Palma, El Hierro)
Cities, islands and crags in North Africa (Ceuta, Melilla, Crag of Vélez de la Gomera, Crag of Alhucemas, Chafarinas Islands, Alboran Island)

Canary Islands

Balearic Islands

  • Ibiza - a Balearic island; one of the best places for clubbing, raving, and DJs in the entire world.
  • Mallorca - the largest island of the Balears, full of amazing beaches and great nightlife.
  • Menorca - the second largest of the Balearic Islands, located to the northeast of Mallorca.
  • Formentera - the smallest and southernmost of the Balearic Islands.


Getting There and Moving Around

There are a lot of options that this country allows which can be used to reach here. There are a lot of airports in this country. If we see for the whole country, we can say that this country's air network is well established and connects all the major cities in every nation. You can even reach Spain by train other than flight as many Spain and Italian towns are connected through a rail network. There are ferry rides which can be used to reach Spain. There are many options to move around, including inter-city trains, flights, ferry rides, buses, and taxis.


There is a total of 59 to 60 airports in Spain. Therefore, we can say that this country has a well-knitted air network connected to almost all nations. The aviation department regularly checks these flights before everyone takes off. They focus on the comfort and safety of their passengers. There are many flight types for different types of people. Along with this, there are many separate intercity flights available to travel from one city to another.

Terminal 1 of the Barcelona Airport


There are no international bus systems as it would be a very hectic job for any driver because they have to drive for hours continuously. Otherwise, there are two types of buses – one which runs from one city to another and the second are the local buses. The intercity buses that run from one town to another are very comfortable and have fewer seats to increase passengers' space. The seats are very comfortable. You can even sleep in your chair if you are traveling at night. Traveling by bus does not cost you much. The local buses are single and Double Decker. Double Decker buses are best for sightseeing as you can sit on the roof of the bus.

Buses in Madrid


There are many trains which run in this country. Even there are international trains as Spain and cities, including Italy and France, are connected through rail networks. It means that you can travel from France and Italy to Spain. The best rail to travel is Eurail, which does not charge much and can help you reach Portbou of Spain in 10 hours 25 minutes without any transfer. Other than this, some ETVs connects France to Spain. These are electric powered super fast trains. There are various trains, trams, and metros that continuously run to move around in any city. These can be used to move around and to travel from one city to another.

Renfe Alvia train in León, Spain


There are various hitchhiking spots in this country. The busiest roads, such as highways connecting different cities, can be used to Hitchhike. You can raise your hand with a thumbs-up sign to signal any driver to help you. Though the crime rates are meager, you must still be alerted as there are robbers who are always searching for foreigners.


Other ways to reach here include using the sea, a ferry ride or a taxi or by road. The borders of Spain are connected with Portugal, Andorra, and France. It means that you can reach here by driving your vehicle, you have to pass some security and verification process which will not take much time, and you must have an international driving license. You can even reach here by ferry rides. These ferry rides do not cost much, but they take a long time to reach their destination. Therefore, you must use this type of transportation only when you have a lot of time with you. Travelers who arrived here by ferry have a complaint that they often feel seasick.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping involves shopping for products made by eco-friendly measures and less wastage of resources and energy. Usually, the energy used in sustainable products like electricity is generated from solar cells, which use solar energy. Sustainable products also involve second-hand products. Second-hand products save a lot of energy and raw material required to make a new product. Along with it, second-hand products save a lot of lands, which would have required dumping it. Other sustainable products involve clothes made up of natural fabric and handmade, so they need fewer machines.


Recycling means reusing. It involves reusing those products which can be reused by giving them a new shape or size. Old papers can be recycled and reused for making newspapers. Other items, such as tin cans, are melted and recast in soft drink containers. Pieces of glass can be used for decorating purposes.

Similarly, many things can be recycled. Recycling saves a lot of energy and a lot of lands. Many recycling plants in this country recycles many things. Even the locals believe in recycling and purchasing recycled products.


Waste is a product that cannot be reused. Garbage needs to be dumped. There are mainly two methods of treating waste, and those are leaving, and the second is incineration. Dumping rubbish is a temporary solution as dumping requires large land which can pollute the air if not treated for a long time. Incineration means decomposing waste using thermal energy. Spain uses both these techniques to deal with the trash; therefore, this country is spotless. The waste management policies of this country are very efficient and strict. It is a horrendous crime to throw garbage anywhere in the area.

Work and Study Abroad

Spain is open to all types of jobs which depend entirely on your qualities and education qualification. There are a lot of restaurants, cafes, businesses, shops and many others which pens regularly. If you do not have an excellent educational background, you can go to some shops or hotels for a waiter's job. Otherwise, if you have a well-qualified education background, you can very well connect with the local job agencies. These are local job agencies which can suggest you the best job and the best company according to your educational qualifications and skills at a separate charge. It is not a guarantee that they will help you get a job but rather suggest you the best job for you. You have to approach that company by yourself. Education in Spain is well developed. Its international universities have a lot of students from outside. The teachers are excellent in English; therefore, they teach in English.

Exchange Student

An exchange student program is a program in which students are sent to a foreign country to complete their remaining degrees. Not all students are sent to foreign, but only those who are excellent in studies can complete their foreign degrees. Studying in foreign will make a student confident and independent. A student has to manage all his things by himself. It also gives a new fresh environment and helps students begin a new start, which involves independent study, new teachers, new places, and new friends. Other than this, education in Spain is good.

Au Pair

An au pair is a foreigner who stays with the locals without any charge and helps them by taking care of their child. It is different from Couchsurfing as in au pairing you have a work of taking care of their child, but in Couchsurfing, it is an option to help them in their household work. Many families look for an au pair to take care of their child, as many families have working parents and do not have anyone to take care of their child. You must be humble to the family.


There are many NGOs where you can take the membership and help the needy people. Different NGOs have different functions, like helping homeless people who do not have anything to eat. They take help from the public and serves this type of people. Some NGOs help stray animals, including cats and dogs, to provide them shelter and food to eat. Some of the NGOs have a vast team, which helps in some crises. Some of the NGOs help children by educating them. These NGOs are open for everyone, so that you can volunteer in any of the NGOs.

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