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Eco-friendly travel guide to Maputo advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Maputo, Mozambique.

Maputo skyline

  • Air quality: 2.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.75 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3 / 5
  • Public transportation: 2.25 / 5
  • Parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4.25 / 5
  • Safety: 2.75 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$50 - $200
  • Budget per day: US$100 - $400

Responsible Travel

Maputo is the capital city of Mozambique. It is a diverse city bustling with activities and one that has the potential to grow and become one of the great cities of Africa. Traveling responsibly in the city contributes greatly to the growth and sustainability of both the city and the country at large. One of the eco-friendly ways of moving around the city is by walking. You get a chance to enjoy the ambiance and people at a personal level while walking in the city streets. Just like other cities, Maputo is usually a beehive of activities with many people crisscrossing streets therefore you are advised to be cautious about your belongings while moving around. You are also advised to travel as a group or you can take a taxi that is registered to take you back to your hotel/place of residence at night.

You may also embrace the use of public transport while moving around in the city. Get a chance to travel minibusses or buses which will ferry you wherever you need to go to the city at affordable rates. Trains are also an amazing mode of transport one can use when moving around the city,

You can get the best most enjoyable experience and an eco friendly one in Maputo when you:

  • Commute using public transport as much as possible
  • Dispose-off waste in the designated disposal areas
  • Walk more often
  • Get a chance to enjoy the local delicacies
  • Learn local culture

Air Quality and Pollution

Congestion in streets contributes greatly to the degradation of the air quality of Maputo. Exhaust fumes from trucks, buses, and cars pollute the air to dangerous levels. Air pollution has been known to be one of the great contributors to premature deaths with the figure surpassing three million worldwide.

The risk of contracting respiratory diseases is also high due to these high levels of pollution in the air. Also, indoor air pollution needs to be addressed as this also contributes to the various health-related risks and illnesses. Poor cooking and lighting conditions are known to propel the complications resulting from indoor pollution. Some of the various complications that arise from indoor pollution include asthma and to some extent suffocation. Indoor pollution has not been stressed a lot by the governments as they see this as an individual initiative where everyone is responsible for their own homes. The spread of communicable diseases is also likely to erupt due to poor

Pollution usually results in harmful effects not only on the environment but also on people. Once pollutants get into the sources of water we drink or the plants we eat we tend to develop gastrointestinal complications. This pollution is greatly contributed by the industries emitting toxic waste to the air and exhaust fumes from cars. All cities in the world are usually characterized by high levels of pollution and Maputo is no exception. The country does not have enough tarmac roads so the available vehicles scramble for the few kilometers of tarmac roads. This leads to congestion and an increased amount of emissions to the air. These toxic gases may also rise into the air, condense and fall back on us like rain. This in turn leads to the increase in cancer of the skin in both children and adults. If we conserve the environment, not only are we looking out for ourselves and the environment right now, but also for future generations to come. Let us all unite to improve the quality of air that we breathe. .

Respect the Culture

The pioneers of the culture of Mozambique are the Bantu, Portuguese, and the Swahili with the national language being Portuguese. The main communities found in Mozambique are Shona, Makonde, Shangaan, Ndau, Tsonga, Sena, and Makhuwa.

The music of Mozambique can serve many purposes, ranging from religious expression to traditional ceremonies. Musical instruments are usually handmade. Some of the instruments used in Mozambican musical expression include drums made of wood and animal skin; the lupembe, a woodwind instrument made from animal horns or wood; and the marimba, which is a kind of south-central coast who are famous for their musical skill and dance. The Makonde are renowned for their wood carving and elaborate masks that are commonly used in ritual dances.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Maputo Railway Station: One of the breath-taking train stations in the world, ranked by several publications worldwide, is the Maputo Railway station. Its construction began in 1908 and was completed after eight years. The art and architectural expertise employed in the construction of this Railway station is one of a kind. Various cultural and musical events are hosted here as it is also a railway museum.
  • Maputo Fortress: It brags about being one of the tourist attractions that is visited the most by tourists. It was constructed by the Portuguese to act as a defense against enemies. The statue of Mouzinho de Albuquerque, one of the Portuguese governors, is located at this fortress as it was moved here after Mozambique gained independence.
  • The Iron House: This house was inspired by Gustave Eiffel. It was constructed in 1892 as a governor's residence. However, the tropical climate of Mozambique made it entirely difficult for anybody to live there since the house is made of iron. Should you visit Maputo, you can find this house adjacent to Tunduru Gardens.
  • Independence Square: It is usually branded with a big statue of Samora Machel. Also found in this Independence square is the statue of the first president of Mozambique adjacent to the Maputo City Hall. By it being considered as a cultural monument, the city government is the only one allowed to grace this building with everyone else only allowed to adore this magnificent building from the outside.
  • Maputo's Cathedral: The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception is a white Catholic church constructed with concrete and cement. The resulting building is an outstanding modern temple.
  • Tunduru Gardens: When looking for a place to relax away from the city bustle, Tunduru Gardens is the best location for you to do so while in Maputo. It is located in the city center near the Independence Square.
  • Feima: It is at this fair, where local artists from Maputo get an audience to showcase and sell their art pieces and craftworks. Some of these souvenirs include; a traditional capulanas, which is a multi-colored fabric culturally used by the Mozambican women to make skirts, dresses, and towels among others; the most diverse purposes: bags made of straw; batik paintings and wooden handicrafts. Conveniently, there is a restaurant right next to this fair where you can find local delicacies.
  • Natural History Museum: The architectural style of this museum dates back to 1911. Another mesmerizing sight found this museum is the outstanding collection of African animals that have been preserved. Standing tall and proud in the museum gardens are two murals inspired by a famous Mozambican artist, Malangatana.
  • Maputo beach: You will not find any beach here at the capital but this cannot deny you the chance to catch a glimpse of the Indian Ocean. Create time to take a nature walk along the oceanfront avenue to experience this magical view. You will also get a chance to visit the fish market and even taste fresh coconut water from the stalls lined along the avenue.
  • Mafalala Walking Tour: Is usually necessitated by the IVERCA Association. This tour tries to explain the past that led to the emergence of Maputo and the entire country at large. Mafalala is located on the outskirts of Maputo. It is during the colonial era that the Portuguese brought in natives from other parts of the country to construct Lourenço Marques which was the new capital. It then became the Independence Movement's birthplace where it grew to be an icon of anti-colonial resistance. Famous politicians, writers, and athletes also emerged from this neighborhood. When you take the walking tour with IVERCA, not only will you be having a memorable experience but also boosting the efforts made by this organization in ensuring the growth and sustainability of the socio-economic status, identity, and culture of this community.
Maputo Fortress


Maputo is usually rekindled into a beehive of activities every day thus; those who reside here see the city as a vibrant one with a busy lifestyle. The tasty delicacies coupled with the amazing nightlife bring out the amazing feel of the city. The various city parks and monumental features surrounding the city make Maputo be a home away from home. Robberies are some of the vices experienced in the city thus you need to be careful as you traverse the streets.

City Parks

  • Tunduru Botanical Gardens: Here, you get a chance to interact with bats which would mostly be hanging down from trees. The calmness and tranquility make this a serene environment where you get a chance to visit the koi pond. The garden is also dotted with tamarind and mango trees.
  • Louis Tregardt Memorial Garden: It captures the historical events that took place specifically during the war with South Africa where surprisingly this place was not affected by the war. The garden is also fashioned with various statues.
  • Barragem dos Pequenos Libombos: It is located next to Namaacha Hotel. This uniquely small dam creates a serene environment that you might find relaxing. Also, you do get a chance to purchase local artifacts.

National Parks

  • Maputo Elephant Reserve (Reserva Especial de Maputo). It covers relatively huge tracts of land. Animals you will get a chance to see here are crocodiles, hippos, and elephants. You can bring your family here and all of you will stand a chance of having an unforgettable experience in this reserve.

Other national parks include:

  • Inhaca Island
  • Tunduru Botanical gardens
  • Xefina Pequena
  • Praia da Costa do Sol


Maputo is not a coastal town but this doesn't mean that everything to do with the beach is thrown out the window. Some avenues here in Maputo provide you with breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean. Also, public and private beaches are not that far from the capital. You can also visit hotels and campsites located in the coastal areas to enjoy these beautiful beaches.


  • Paroquia Santo Antonio: (lemon-squeezer) The architectural style of this church makes it stand out from other landmarks. Stain glasses inside the church shade in light patterns making the entire building feel complete. The public is allowed to come in and tour the church which also doubles as a worshipping sanctuary. The church is open to the public for visits but also for worship.
  • Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception: It is a calm place where you get a chance to pray and talk to God at this wonderful sanctuary. The services conducted here are amazing and bring in that feeling of inner healing. The songs by the choir coupled up with the dances during mass are an experience you would not want to miss.
Paroquia Santo Antonio is a beautiful cathedral church


There are many museums found in Maputo. These museums depict the culture and history of both the country and its people. Mozambique was colonized by the Portuguese thus most of these structures were built during the colonial era. Some of the museums found in Maputo are:

  • Museu Das Pescas
  • Museu dos CFM (Rail museum)
  • Museum of Geology
  • Museu de Historia Natural
  • Museu Nacional de Arte
  • Museu da Moeda
  • Fisheries Museum
  • Fortress of Maputo
Museu de Historia Natural


When you get a chance to visit Maputo, make sure you enjoy the local delicacies which may also include fresh seafood which is sold at reasonable prices.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Cantinho do Brasil: Here, you get a chance to enjoy amazing snacks of Brazilian origin. Good coffee and good internet are a plus that makes this restaurant one of the best local restaurants in Maputo. It is located along Vladimir Lenine Avenue.
  • Gelati: In this restaurant, you get to enjoy a generous helping of ice cream at affordable prices. It is located along Julius Nyerere Avenue.
  • Zambezia: Should you want a safe place where you can enjoy amazing Zambezian chicken, then look no further as Zambezia s the restaurant that you seek. It is located along Mao Tse Tung Avenue which is bordered to the east by Vladimir Lenine Avenue. Also offered at this restaurant are coconut milk together with spices.
  • Chicken Piripiri: In this restaurant, you get a chance to enjoy some grilled chicken or tasty prawns traditionally served to you. The food here is quite pricy.

Vegetarian and Vegan

You can get vegan and vegeterian foods at these restaurants

  • Kru Cozinha Saudável: This restaurant is a pioneer of vegetarian restaurants in Maputo. The main courses are usually posted on Facebook in the morning on a daily basis and are mostly gluten-free. You get to enjoy vegetarian burgers, desserts, and various fresh juices.
  • Galaxy Indian Restaurant: It is usually open from Monday to Sunday between 10:00am to 11:00pm. Here, you get to enjoy tasty vegetarian meals.
  • JN 281: A local Portuguese delicacy, Tasca, is the main course. The ingredients are usually omelletes and vegetables.
  • Kwetu Restaurant: Here, you get to enjoy amazing salads, biriyani, and burgers. The fun doesn't end there as once every month, visitors get to enjoy a complete vegan buffet.

Street Food

The selling of fruits on roadside stalls is usually a common phenomenon in various streets in Maputo. Hard peel fruits are usually the best fruits you can purchase from these stalls. Such fruits include pineapple, banana, tangerine, and mango. Prizes usually fluctuate depending on which fruit(s) is/are in season. However, the prizes for bananas do not change since this particular fruit is available throughout the year. Other street snacks being sold in Maputo include:

  • Fried cakes: They are among the foods that contain the highest amount of fats and carbohydrates.
  • Stewed fish/meat/liver: They contain the highest amount of protein when compared to other foods in the street.
  • Galinha asada: When translated from Portuguese, it means roast chicken. Here in Maputo, the chicken either is barbecued or grilled on the roadside over open fires.
  • Rissóis de camarão: Contains a lot of shrimp sauce and usually takes the shape of a crescent.
  • Matapa: Usually comprises of cassava leaves mixed together with garlic, coconut milk, and peanuts.


In Maputo, the fruit juice being sold is not fresh alone as sweetened nectar is added to the mix. Sugarcane juice is also available in several markets. Various sweetened carbonated drinks are also readily available. The most dominant brands available are Coca-Cola, Fanta (orange and pineapple), Mirinda, Pepsi, and Sprite. You need to have between Mt 15 and 50 which roughly translates to $0.60-$1.50. Empty bottles are usually expensive therefore you are advised to first settle the full price before leaving the shop with the bottle. Some of the bars where you get to relax and have a good time in Maputo include:

  • Coconut Club, Costa de Sol: It is usually open from 10 in the night and is mostly open until late in the night. The architectural style of this club is one of a kind which when coupled up with the amazing dances will make each night you spend here to be very memorable.
  • Xima's bar: It is located alongside Eduardo Mondlane Avenue. Both locals and tourists get a chance to be entertained by live music events which are always held here during the weekends.
  • Gil Vicente: It is a bar that is located just outside the Gil Vicente theatre.
  • Centro Cultural Franco: Here you will get to experience the feeling that comes with the Mozambican cultural

events and live music.

  • Central Train Station: Here you get to enjoy your drink accompanied by jazz performances on weekends.
  • Dolce Vita: This bar is located along the Julius Nyerere Avenue.
  • Havana Bar
  • Africa Bar nightclub


In order for you to drink tap water in Maputo, you need first to boil it as it hasn't reached the required purity levels for drinking. Thus, when in Maputo, you are advised to obtain drinking water from water bottles being sold rather than drinking directly from the tap. A bottle of water usually costs between 25-40 MT.

Organic Cafés

Various organic cafes are operational in Maputo today. They include:

  • Chez Fred
  • Soko Café
  • Kru Cohzinha Saudavel
  • Botanica

Mundo's Maputo MozambiqueMoksha Indian Restaurant


Some of the readily available beer brands include Laurentina, Raiz, Manica, and 2M. The two lager varieties that are made from Laurentina include 'Clara', and ‘Preta’ which is a very dark lager constituting coffee and chocolate. Seemingly, Preta appears to be the most pricy of all followed by Manica, and then 2M. Raiz has just been introduced into the market thus it is deemed to be cheap. The beer prizes usually range from Mts 30 to 50 (US$1-$2). The various breweries found in Maputo are:

  • Maputo SLA
  • 2M factory
  • Mafalala Cervejas
  • British American Tobacco Mozambique
  • Mundo's Maputo Mozambique


There are various activities you can enjoy while touring Maputo. You can visit various museums within the city where the different gardens around are a bonus. Such sites will rekindle your understanding of the biodiversity of the country. You are also encouraged to visit the various venues where live music events and dances are carried out almost daily. The city is dotted with centers that showcase the local artifacts and art pieces, unique talents, and you also get a chance to eat at the local cafes which offer traditional delicacies that will sweeten both your taste and your spirit. You also get a chance to learn to play the various traditional musical instruments embraced by the Mozambican culture.

You also get a chance to enjoy a sneak peek of the Indian Ocean from specific avenues within the city. Seafood lovers are not left behind as they can enjoy a variety of their desired food from the Mercado do Peixe. This fish market is located on the coast, a few kilometers from the CBD. You get a chance to mingle with traders hawking fresh fish and just a few meters away, are restaurants in which you get a chance to have a tasty fresh fish that has been grilled.

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga and retreats are some of the relaxing activities you can engage in while in Maputo. You get a chance to get trained by a different instructor thus allowing you to get a taste of the diversity being offered. The venues for such activities are usually breathtaking making such experiences worth remembering. One of the best venues that host yoga here in Maputo is the Soul Gourmet. It is both a restaurant and gourmet store that hosts yoga classes in the morning of every Saturday.


Sommerchield is one of the best residential districts you will ever find in Maputo. Here, you can even bring your family members or travel buddies to reside in the available comfy apartments which can house up to six people. Various amenities including coffee shops, banks, and cafes surround such apartments. These apartments are located six kilometers from Maputo International Airport.

Green Hotels

  • Polana Serena Hotel: It is one of the best hotels found in Maputo. It was inspired by Sir Herbert Baker, who is a popular architect from South Africa. It is a structure that existed since the colonial period. The food, services, and amenities you get to enjoy here have been given five-star ratings by various international tourists and organizations, thus you will get to enjoy the value for your money here. This hotel is quite pricy with charges starting from US$217.
  • Catembe Gallery Hotel: This five-star hotel brags about having its rooms furnished by popular Mozambican artists. It is a forty-five-minute journey from the CBD where you have to endure being ferried in a crowded boat then you can later board a taxi. This hotel is fashioned with a bar, pool table, library, and swimming pool. You can also enjoy a steady internet connection as you browse through the internet. Charges in this hotel usually range from €60 to €380, with regard to the preferred room model.
  • Hotel Cardoso: This hotel is close to the Natural History Museum. This four-star hotel was recently renovated and is now among the best in Maputo. The staff speaks English therefore you won't have difficulties when communicating with them. You also get a chance to steal a peek of a gently flowing river nearby. The garden surrounding the hotel is quite dreamy as you can relax there as you watch the sun disappear behind the Baixa and Rio Santo. The charges usually start from US$140 and above.
  • Hotel Avenida: This palatial hotel is located along Avenida Julius Nyerere. The rooms are relatively comfy with a bar and a swimming pool on the roof being an added advantage. Here, you do get a chance to relax as you watch the beautiful sunset. Various restaurants such as Indian and Thai are close to the hotel, only a few minutes away. You get to be ferried from the airport to the hotel by transport provided by the hotel management. Free Wi-Fi is another luxury you get to enjoy in this hotel. The charges are usually around US$170.
  • Radisson Blu Hotel: It is a five-star hotel forming part of a worldwide chain. It is a 12-story building comprising of 154 rooms. It is situated along with one of the busiest roads. Here, you will get a chance to enjoy the breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean. Various bars and restaurants are within the vicinity with a Filini restaurant serving Italian cuisine. A lounge bar is a bonus. Charges here usually starts from per night.U$220

Hostels and Guest Houses

  • Hotel Continental: This hotel is situated on the Avenida Filipe Samuel Magaia. Having been refurbished in July 2013, all the rooms are now en-suite with TV and free internet connection being an added advantage. This hotel is located in the Baxia area. You can phone this number (+258 2130 2155) or send a fax via the address +258 2130 2155 to book a room. The charges for single rooms are usually US$60 and these rooms are relatively small. The charges for the double rooms are usually $70.
  • Pensão Martins: This popular guest house is tucked between the Baixa and Museu. Here, you get a chance to enjoy rooms which are en-suite. The charges that you pay also includes breakfast in the morning. Charges for the double rooms do not go past $100. You can use this number to contact the hotel- +258 2130 2155 or you can send a fax to the number +258 2130 2155.
  • Duqueza de Connaught Guest House: It is located in the middle of Maputo. The rooms are fairly comfy and are fitted with air conditioners. Other features you get to enjoy are cable television and a swimming pool. Maputo's restaurant and bar are within a walking distance from the guest house. Charges for this guesthouse is usually between $100 to $150 per night. You can call this number to get in touch with the hotel +258 2130 2155.
  • Matola River/ Maritima Lodge: It is located close to the Matola River. It will take you thirty minutes to drive to the hotel from downtown Maputo. The rooms are relatively comfortable as they are coupled up with Braai and self-catering facilities. Other features that you get to enjoy here are ample and secure parking for a boat and a caravan, swimming pool, Dstv, and air conditioning inside the room. Charges are usually Mts 2,100 for single rooms and Mts2,300 for double with breakfast included. You can use the following phone numbers to get in touch with the hotel +258 824 824 750 or +258 849 00 6669. You can also send a fax to +27 865529794.


  • Sea view apartment: The monthly rent for this apartment is usually $3. It is a luxurious apartment located in the serene environment of Avenida Julius Nyerere where you get a chance to enjoy a scenic view of Maputo bay. The features you get to enjoy in this apartment are twin self-contained bedrooms, a fully furnished kitchen, Wi-Fi, Dstv, and Air-conditioning. Other amenities that you get to enjoy are dual parking spaces, a pool, a playground, and a security round the clock.
  • Beautiful Sea View: These 3- bedroomed apartments usually go for $ 2 per month. These bedrooms are en-suite with a single parking space. The features that you get to enjoy here are the breathtaking oceanic view, closeness to the beach, fully furnished kitchen, and ample parking.


Spending a night with a total stranger in your house usually requires guts and passion. The thought of sleeping with a stranger in your own home usually creates some bit of tension. This is due to past experiences that locals in Maputo might have passed through in this same scenario. Attempts of robbery and even successful robberies are the tales that you might get from many residing in Maputo. Thus, coach surfing has not really been embraced in the city.


  • Ponta Luxury Campsite: This village is located next to Ponta do Ouro village. Here, you do get a chance to experience both the private and public beach experiences which are just close by. This campsite is situated on top of a small hill thus, breathtaking inland scenes and sunset moments are guaranteed experiences in this campsite. 4x4 trailers can be used to access this campsite as the tarmac road ends at a nearby market. The cleaning staff is usually available thus the entire campsite is thoroughly cleaned every day. The features that you will enjoy at this campsite include:
  • Private washrooms
  • Hot showers
  • Communal wash-up areas
  • Caravans
  • Braai facilities
  • Beach Snorkeling
  • Scuba Diving
  • Quad Biking
  • Deep-sea fishing charters
  • Dolphin swims
  • Ocean safaris
  • Bird watching
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Restaurants and Pubs
  • Elephant Reserve
  • Plug points
  • Campismo Da Cuna: You can be assured of not being overcrowded while at this campsite. It is very spacious as you get to enjoy the shade provided by the many trees surrounding the campsite. Coupled with new camping tents, you get to enjoy your stay here as the campsite usually undergoes regular maintenance to suit the appeal of customers. The seven remarkable campsites usually comprise of two-tent stands to six-tent stands.
  • Wakene Beach estate Campsite: This campsite is enveloped by sand dunes and coastal forests. The eight available sites are equipped with personal washrooms and furnished kitchens. Each campsite has the capacity to host up to a maximum of twelve people. Features that you get to enjoy in this campsite are:
  • Power point
  • Water tap
  • Braai facilities
  • Hot-water showers

How to Get There

Maputo is intertwined with various roads that come from other parts of the country into the capital and also through to other towns past the capital. A big civilian airport is available here with a railway line that connects Maputo to a border town close to South Africa.


Maputo International Airport (MPM) is the country's biggest and busiest operational airport. The distance between the airport and the capital is usually less than 4 miles. Taxis are the most common form of transport on this route with charges starting MT500.

Maputo International Airport


Buses are readily available especially those plying the Maputo – Johannesburg route. Many other buses are also available operating to and fro between Maputo and other towns in the country. However, poor roads negatively affect this mode of transport. Buses tend to choose specific routes to operate and mostly avoid those routes with bad roads.

A bus in Maputo


Trains are not a popular mode of transport in Maputo leading to the government only channeling a limited amount of resources to boost this industry. There is only one train that operates daily from Maputo to Ressano Garcia, a border town near South Africa, and back.


Robbers and hijackers have always been known to pose as hitchhikers to prance on unsuspecting motorists thus, hitchhiking is not a very popular practice here in Maputo. Very few motorists are compelled to offer lifts to strangers but many avoid minimizing the risk of being robbed or hijacked.


Robbers and hijackers have always been known to pose as hitchhikers to prance on unsuspecting motorists thus, hitchhiking is not a very popular practice here in Maputo. Very few motorists are compelled to offer lifts to strangers but many avoid minimizing the risk of being robbed or hijacked.

Moving Around

You can choose to move around the city by walking or through public or private means. Those who love to be in the mood while in the city can stroll about taking time to admire the city and its features. Those who need to be at specific places over a period of time can use either private or public means to be able to arrive at their destinations on time.


Walking is the most environment-friendly mode of transport. You tend to breathe in the ambiance as you move around the city and you also get a chance to enjoy the majestic views of the eye-catching features of the city. You will also be saving yourself from the stress that is brought about by traffic jams. Also when you walk, you will be doing some form of exercise. This will enable you to sustain and improve your health. Cars usually emit a lot of smoke which pollutes the air but when we walk, there is no risk of this. We get to enjoy the beautiful sunshine coupled up with the breeze and the wind. We also get enough time to scout and study the remarkable features along the way.


Low-income earners make a majority of the population here in Maputo. Most of them are usually small-scale traders and those employed handle menial jobs thus using public transport on a daily basis tends to strain them financially. Bicycles tend to be a more affordable mode of transport while they go about in the city. Cycling benefits both the people and the city in the sense that they tend to do some exercise while cycling and also reduce toxic emissions in the atmosphere brought about by exhaust fumes from vehicles.

Electronic Vehicles

The government of Mozambique has boosted efforts to acquire electronic vehicles that scale down toxic emissions into the air. The government is in the process of implementing a five-year project aimed at preserving both the people and the environment. This enrolment of electric vehicles will preserve the environment of Maputo while boosting the country's economy. This initiative is favorable for the country as they source their electricity from renewable energy sources within the country. HEP is the greatest contributor to this grid as it contributes up to 81% of electricity in the country. The first phase of this initiative will be rolled out in Maputo at the beginning before it can be channeled to other parts of the country.

Public Bus

Various buses traverse the city and its environs every day ferrying people to their destinations. You are encouraged to take these buses as you will be contributing to the reduction of congestion in cities and you will also get a chance to interact with the locals while on transit. The breathtaking views you will enjoy while traveling on these buses is a plus.

Tram, Train and Subway

Trains are not actually a popular mode of transport in Maputo leading to the government only channeling a limited amount of resources to boost this industry. There is only one train that operates daily from Maputo to Ressano Garcia, a border town near South Africa, and back.

Sustainable Shopping

Various platforms are being rolled out in Maputo to allow exceptional artists to showcase their work and even sell them, both locals and tourists are welcome in Maputo to visit these areas and buy souvenirs of your liking. With the city being the busiest in the entire country almost everyday designers and artists come up with fresh art pieces and commodities to wow customers with them. Should you find something that you love, please do proceed and purchase it as you will be satisfying your desire as well as promoting the local economy.

Food Markets

Mercado Janeta is home to various food stalls in the market serving local delicacies which usually contain starch in huge amounts, meat pieces, and sauce in abundance. The starch options available are usually rice or xima with the sauce coming in form of peanut curry or guisado ( a type of tomato stew). Chicken and beef are the meat options available here. Prizes usually range from 40 to 60 Mt where the foods are usually available during lunch hours. At supper time, only a few stalls will be open. Drinks are usually available throughout the day so no need to worry.

Flea Markets

The streets of Maputo usually burst into life with a beehive of activities. Vendors spread out their commodities on the streets allowing customers to select their preferred items from those displayed. Commodities here are usually many with the most dominant items being second-hand shawls, shoes, dresses, and saris. The most dominant flea market in Maputo is the Xipamanine market.

Second Hand Stores

Maputo is full of vendors who sell clothes on stalls along the streets. You get a chance to purchase various commodities such as clothing, appliances, and cars at affordable rates here since these commodities are second-hand. The various second-hand stores available in Maputo are:

  • Pyramid group
  • Shakil electronica
  • Baig Motor Lda
  • Techzone
  • Ana Sousa


Showing appreciation for the environment in fashion and even through fashion is slowly picking up in Maputo. Women are being encouraged to join this initiative by joining various associations. Some designers use roots and leaves to manufacture natural dyes. These raw materials are sought out by various women organizations.


Accumulation of solid waste over time is usually a worry for any concerned country and Mozambique is no exception. The city comprises both low and middle-income areas where garbage collection systems are not readily available. People living in high-end estates tend to pay private companies to do the waste collection and disposal for them. Many residents see recycling as a wastage of resources and time especially when they see that they are not getting any returns. People in high-income estates usually consume more thus end up generating more waste than their counterparts in other estates. Creating awareness and boosting of efforts started by various companies will go a long way in boosting the recycling efforts in Maputo.


Collection and recycling of scrap metal are usually considered a booming business for many in African cities and Maputo is one of them. Those in high social classes see the collection of scrap metal and glass pieces as 'dirty' work and thus people, especially from low-income estates, venture into this endeavor. They would visit waste disposal sites and ravage through to collect metal scraps and glass pieces that are seen as being of value then they sell to recycling companies.

Work and Study Abroad

Maputo harbors many businesses related to Mozambique and also foreign countries. It acts as the pivot that generates and connects various businesses and people together. Various organizational headquarters are found here. With Maputo showing potential to grow bigger and better, expatriates and even students have seen this hub as a potential business igniter and many continue to be attracted here. Some of the United Nations offices found in Maputo are UNDP, UN Women, UN-Habitat, UNHCR, UNFPA, and UNIDO

Exchange Student

Maputo is home to some of the highly-rated institutions of higher learning in the region. Both local and foreign students are enrolled in these universities to pursue their education. Some prestigious universities found here in Mozambique include:

  • Universidade Eduardo Mondlane
  • Universidade Pedagógica
  • Universidade São Tomás de Moçambique
  • Universidade Politécnica
  • Universidade Técnica de Moçambique

Au Pair

In order for anyone to welcome you into their home as a maid, they really must have trusted you. Thus, locals are usually preferred and even relatives from rural areas may be brought in to play this role. This doesn't mean that foreigners are out of the picture as some may be lucky enough to be absorbed in this role.


Mozambique is a developing African country thus poverty is still a huge problem here. This has forced many families to the streets and eventually, children find themselves being absorbed into children's homes which are by far very few thus, only a few children get this privilege. The few children homes which are mostly funded by NGOs and donations tend to have few staff to work with. Whether you are a visitor or even a local, a helping hand in running these children's homes is highly appreciated. Volunteering is all about goodwill and once you are deemed to have satisfied all the legal requirements, you are more than welcome to support and service within your capability.

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