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Eco-friendly travel guide to Mozambique advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Mozambique, Africa.

Lebombo Mountains in Mozambique

  • Air quality: 3 / 5
  • Bus connections: 4.5 / 5
  • Train connections: 4 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 4 / 5
  • National parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$35 - $200
  • Budget per day: US$86 - $500

Responsible Travel

Mozambique is a South African country that sits along the Indian Ocean Coastline of the continent's east region. The country is mainly known for its rich cultural heritage and quiet and blissful beaches. The country is also homes to many marine parks where different marine species found in the Indian Ocean are provided with a comfortable habitat to live and recover. Maputo is the capital city; although Maputo City is often confused as the capital city, it is not the capital. There are about 4 recognized languages, including Swahili, Mwani, Chewa, and Tsonga. The official language is Portuguese, which is the second most prevalent language in all of Mozambique. The native languages are the ones spoken by the locals. These native languages include Makhuwa, Sena, and Swahili. Christianity is the most prevalent religion, followed by Islam, local traditional faiths, and other inter-continent religions.

  • Total population – 30,066,648
  • World rank in population – 48th
  • Total area – 801,590 square kilometers
  • Water percentage – 2.2%
  • World rank in total area – 35th
  • Currency – Mozambican Metical
  • Official language – Portuguese

Although Mozambique is not as popular as other African countries, it holds quite significant in South Africa. You will find that the local culture and communities are the main attraction of the country. Therefore, on your visit to Mozambique, you must respect the local culture and try to understand its importance to the world. You must befriend a local and ask them to help you get the country's right knowledge. You should also ensure that your trip causes no harm to the local environment, including the local communities and wildlife. Mozambique's wildlife is under protection, so you must not be involved in any activity like poaching or hunting. In fact, you should avoid involving yourself in any illegal activity like human trafficking, child labor, animal poaching, animal selling, etc. Participating in any such activity will get you arrested and deported from the country. The locals are very protective of their environment and other community members; if they find out that you are involved in any activity that caused them some harm, you may be in a lot of trouble. Therefore, you should make your trip friendly to the environment and the local communities and its people.

Air Quality and Pollution

The air quality of Mozambique is comparatively good than other African countries. The pollution varies from city to city, but the pollution rates are at moderate levels on average. According to the statistics of various air quality index sources, drinking water pollution and unhygienic environment are at high rates. The air, noise, and light pollution are at moderate levels. Therefore, you can say that the overall air quality of Mozambique is moderately good. If you have some respiratory issues, you must be very cautious during your visit to Manica, Maputo, Maputo City, Nampula, Niassa, Sofala, Tete Zambezia. These cities have the highest pollution rates in Mozambique and will cause severe harm to your health if you don't take proper precautions.

  • Pollution Index – 69.06
  • Pollution Exp Scale – 125.32
  • Air Pollution – 45.31
  • Water Pollution – 67.19
  • Noise and Light Pollution – 48.53
  • Air Quality – 54.69
  • Water Quality – 32.81

Respect the Culture

Mozambique's culture is unique with Christian, Islamic, Roman Catholic, and other traditional faiths' influences from Europe and America. You will find that your visit to Mozambique can be very enlightening as it will help you learn a lot about the lives and history of the local communities. You can get a better knowledge of the culture by befriending and interacting with the locals. Interacting with a local will help you get the clear and right knowledge, unlike the knowledge provided on the internet or by the guides. A local will also help you find the best places to visit for you and avoid fraudulent activities. You can also attend the local festivals and social events to get proper exposure to the local communities' culture, traditions, and life.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • The Quirimbas Archipelago, Tavari: On the north coast of Mozambique are 31 mysterious islands that form the Quirimbas Archipelago. The soft white beaches are legendary. The bird and sea life, which you will know during diving and hiking trips, will make your trip memorable. A combination of turbulent history, beautiful nature, and an exciting mix of Portuguese, Swahili, Indian and African cultures make these islands magical.
  • Machilla Magic, Vilankulos : It is a certified community project where more than 60 artists work with their family members. It is in the small fishing village of Macunhe. It is a most-visited and very famous community for home goods with great quality. When you visit this band lovely country must visit this place also with your family members.
  • Chimanimani Mountains, Zimbabwean Border: On the horizon of the Zimbabwean border southwest of Chimoio, the wooded Chimanimani mountains form stunning silhouettes. With scarce facilities and almost no public transport, it is quite an experience to come here. From Chikukwa, you arrange a 4-wheel-drive and a guide with whom you can trek into the mountains. You can make cool hikes or climb Binga, the highest mountain in Mozambique.
  • Inhaca Islands, Maputo Bay: The island with the regular destination is very famous among tourists and researchers who love to explore nature. Here you will get to see two different species of turtles who come there in summer to migrate. Inhaca islands of Mozambique are home to many bird species, including local and migrating ones from other countries. You will also get to see so many other species of flora and fauna.
  • Fort Sao Sebastian, Mozambique Island: The Fort Sao Sebastian is the oldest fort standing in Sub-Saharan Africa. It took around fifty years to complete this eye-catchy monument. The fort is the largest and most significant among the series of forts. It has a lighthouse and houses an excellent little museum that is worth visiting.
  • Macuti Lighthouse and Shipwreck, Beira : It is a popular hangout place for locals and many tourists. You can take drinks nearby and enjoy sip as you sit at the foot of the lighthouse. The lighthouse is striped red-and-white lights visible from the main road of the country. You can get inside the lighthouse and climb to the top to enjoy the beauty of the beach nearby.
  • Maputo Elephant Reserve, Canhe: It is also known as Maputo Special Reserve, which is a natural reserve center in Mozambique. The reserve was originally proclaimed to protect a small population of elephants. It is also home to several lakes, wetlands, grasslands, swamp forests, and mangrove forests. The reserve has a long coastline lying within the Maputaland Centre of Endemism.
  • Maputo Central Train Station, Maputo: The Maputo Central Train Station is the historic train station in Mozambique. You can see a tall arch in the center of the station's grand facade, topped by the building's three domes' heaviest and largest. It would be awesome if you visited this place to know the history of the country. Therefore, you must plan a visit to this place during your trip to Mozambique.
  • Nampula, Nampula Province: Nampula is the capital of Northeastern Mozambique. It has several western-style hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers where you can try the country's best style. Nampula also gets recognition from the business, as it is known as the center of business. It is the largest city in Mozambique.
  • Benguerra Island, Mozambique Channel: It is the second-largest island in Mozambique. The Island comprises the forest, savannah, freshwater lakes, and wetland ecosystems. Freshwater crocodiles can be found in the lakes of this island. It is also famous for its unspoiled white beaches, dive sites, luxury resorts, horseback riding, and fishing.
he Mozambican part of the Chimanimani Mountains, just south of Rotanda


Mozambique has many places to visit that can provide a traveler with memorable experiences. You will find that there is more to the historical and cultural significance that the country already owns. Apart from the basic tourist spots, you have to visit and explore the other places present. You will find visiting these places more enjoyable with some company like your family, friends, or a loved one. There are many Mozambican parks and beaches where you can get some peaceful time and enjoy exploring and taking part in various activities. On the other hand, museums and landmarks are best for people who want to dive more into the history, culture, art, livelihood, and other significant things related to the country.

City Parks

  • Tunduru Botanical Gardens, Maputo: It is a public park in Maputo, Mozambique. It has the statue of first president of Mozambique, which attracts tourists and local people because of its beauty. You can visit this garden and spend a few hours in peace and quietude here. There is a shady retreat also for hot sunny days.
  • Johannesburg City Parks & Zoo House: The main motive of the park is to preserve and manage the cemetery of the city. It is open to the public, but it also ensures the environmental conservation function is carried out properly. It properly manages the maintenance of streets and park trees within the city borders. It would be best if you visited the park with all the family members.
Tunduru Botanical Gardens

National Parks

  • Banhine National Park, Dambi : The Banhine National Park is present in central-southern Mozambique. The Banhine National Park was established to conserve the giraffe and ostrich populations found there. Most tourists and locals consider the scenery of the park one of the attractions. You must-visit this national park with a group of people to make your trip more enjoyable.
  • Bazaruto Archipelago National Park, Asneira: The park's main motive is to protect dugong and marine turtles and their habitats. Resources here may not be sufficient to maintain the population, leading to decreased catches of fish, reduced harvests, and increasing poverty and food insecurity. In this forest, you can see so many species of plants and animals. You can visit this park alone or with a group according to your preferences.
  • Magoe National Park, Tete Province: Magoe national park is vast in area, and it is 3,559 square kilometers (1,374 sq mi) in area. Present on the southern banks of the giant Cahora Bassa Dam Magoe is very famous among locals also. Many people visit this place for picnics with their family and relatives. It was firstly an integral part of the Tchuma Tchato Community wildlife management program.
  • Zinave National Park, Mabote District: The park reaches out to the south of the Save River in Inhambane Province. The park has very diverse tree species and has a wide variety of species of grasses also. A tiny percentage of the park is cultivated, and environmental impact is probably low. It is a nice place to explore and learn about new and different species.


  • Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique Channel: This small village in the extreme southeast of the Mozambican coast can only be reached by 4-wheel drive. Despite the lack of many facilities, the site is immensely popular with divers and deep-sea fishermen. It may be quite an undertaking to get there, once you get there, you'll feel like you're in paradise, and the offshore waters offer you an abundance of eccentric life. Have your camera ready to capture dolphins, whale sharks, and whales on camera.
  • Ponta Mamoli, Zitundo: Ponta Mamoli beach has a sandy beachfront on the southeastern coast of Mozambique. It is a perfect beach destination with your family, friends, and loved ones. The very calm and relaxing beach where you can relax from your busy schedule. It is a perfect place to explore and enjoy.
  • Tofo Beach, Inhambane Province: It is home to culture and sea life, with tourists with amazing artists international or locals. There you can enjoy horse riding, and many bars and restaurants are also there. You can plan your trip to this lovely beach. You will also get various accommodation options right alongside the beach, which vary in prices but are some of the best options in the area.
  • Wimbe Beach, Cabo Delgado: The beach is at the center of the city and a little crowded. The beach is so clean, and it is a nice place to visit with your family members. There you can find many places to eat near the beach, along the stretch of the beach. It is a good option if you are looking for a fun place during your trip to Mozambique.
Ponta do Ouro sunset, Mozambique


  • Independence Square, Maputo: Also known as Parca da Independencia is a very famous public place and a focal point of Mozambique. The statue of Samora Machel, the first president of Mozambique, is present in the square's center. It is a historical landmark, built by the Portuguese. Here you have to book your tickets to see the famous statue.
  • Mesquita da Baixa, Maputo: It is the oldest and the largest mosque in Mozambique. The Mesquita da Baixa mosque, the worship house for Muslims, attracts many tourists and local people. The historical landmark of the country helps many people to reach their final destination very easily. A nice calm place to visit and to get offerings from God.
  • Cathedral of Nacala, Maputo: The Cathedral of Nacala is a very famous and oldest landmark. Many tourists claim this place as an attractive place and the biggest landmark of the country. You must visit this cathedral during your visit to Mozambique. It is a nice historic place to make memories and enjoy.
  • Stadium of Zimpeto, Maputo: The multipurpose stadium is the main stadium for All-African Games. But now mainly local people use it to play football. The stadium is very nice and has an extensive area. You can watch some live matches or learn about some historical games that took place there.
The statue of Samora Machel at the Independence square in Maputo


  • Governor's Palace Museum, Mozambique Island : The museum is a beautiful and eye-catchy red and white building. Today the fascinating building hosts a museum for tourists and local people who want to explore the still furnished & untouched rooms, as they were hundreds of years ago. You can see the rich history of the country in this beautiful museum. Entry is free in this Mozambique museum, and you can also hire a guide to explore it in a much better way.
  • Fortaleza of Maputo History Museum, Maputo: The Fortaleza of Maputo History Museums has many stories to tell. It is the Best tourist attraction in the city, and many local people also plan their weekends to visit the museum. It has only one entrance gate, which opens in the center of the courtyard. It is a must-visit place with children to tell them about the history of the country.
  • Museu dos CFM, Maputo: Museu dos CFM is a unique and a rail museum. People who love to explore trains and their parts can visit this place to know trains in detail. The museum aims to conserve and propagate the history of railways and ports of Mozambique. Train rides, lecture series, music, dance, theatre shows, fashion shows, special day celebrations, and permanent and temporary exhibitions make exploring this museum interesting and enjoyable.


Mozambique includes many traditional and unique dishes and has a great variety of tasty treats for food lovers. A typical Mozambique meal has Portuguese and traditional African combinations, making it unique and gives different touch. You can try variants of seafood here, but prawns are the highlights of any meal along with fish. Sweet and little mangoes are also famous here because of its humid and warm climate. It also grows coconut, avocados, and papayas. Some meals are really famous in this country which are:

  • Piri-Piri
  • Galinha Asada
  • Matapa
  • Grilled Prawns
  • Chamussas


Mozambique is a place where you can enjoy Madeira wine, which is quite famous across the country. You can enjoy drinks at sunset after a perfect day on the beach. After sightseeing, exploring the country, and shopping, Kabisa drink is the right drink for you in Mozambique. Softdrinks are also very famous in this country you can try so many soft drinks and alcoholic drinks here. Some of the famous drinks you can try while visiting this beautiful and lovely country are;

  • Tipo Tinto
  • 2M beer
  • Kabisa
  • Sparletta
  • Laurentina Liquor


Mozambique has many cities that serve safe tap drinking water. You can also buy packaged drinking water in many cities, but they are highly-priced and sold as semi-luxury items, and the credit of safe and clean tap water goes to the water purification center. The plants and the staff are efficient and highly skilled in keeping the water pure regularly. There is no sign of any problems in drainage pipes as well. We recommend drinking tap water directly rather than purchasing bottled water because the tap water is regularly tested before allowing the water to reach residential and industrial areas.


There are many fun-filled activities available that you can perform in the country. It also teaches many things to us about architecture engineers and the excellent work they have done. Exercises and activities help us to explore things differently. Here you can do so many things like rock climbing and scuba diving, and here there are so many parks that you can use for walking and observing nature and spending some time with loved ones in nature.


There are a lot of accommodations options available in this country. Since there is a continuous growth of tourism in this country for the past three years, this has led to many accommodation options. There are resorts in this country in each city, which offers some lavishing facilities starting with the luxurious. In an alternative, you will get a three-time meal of your choice and desired evening snacks and beverages; you will also get your private pool where you can enjoy a lot. Other facilities include 24 hours room service available at any time. There are many other facilities available. The main drawback of resorts is that not everyone can afford them easily; therefore, you have to plan a big budget. Otherwise, there are other options, such as hotels. In hotels, there are two different types of hotels, which include regular hotels and green hotels. The difference between them is that green hotels are built to promote the environment along with customer satisfaction. Hotels are best when you want to stay for a short time like 7 to 10 days maximum because each hotel charges per night to become too costly. If you're going to stay for a longer time, then there are available apartments, and you are charged for a specific period. Some guesthouses can provide you with a feel of a home. If you want a cashless accommodation option, then there are camping and Couchsurfing available for you. It will help if you keep in mind that the accommodation option you choose is the right and eco-friendly option because some of the accommodation has strict rules regarding pollution and wastage. It would help if you made your visit carbon-free.

Green Hotels

Green hotels are different from ordinary hotels because they are certified by the government or anybody under the government's governance. They are established with the aim that they will provide ample facilities and comfort to their customers without harming nature. These are best in conserving wildlife through their methods and skills. The electricity they use is generated by their solar power plants or by windmills, converting natural energy sources in their use. The food items which are included in their menu are organic. Organic items are those made up of organic ingredients that are freshly picked from the farm. These ingredients, such as spices, fruits, or vegetables, are grown without fertilizers or pesticides, which means these dishes are free from any chemicals that can harm our digestive system. These dishes might be a bit unattractive compared to ordinary ones; the reason behind it is that an organic container does not contain food color, which is used to make the dish look attractive. Along with this, there are various other benefits or green hotels. There are a lot of green hotels which are available in this country.

Hostels and Guest Houses

A hostel is a type of accommodation option where you get a room shared by a minimum of two people, so even if you're traveling alone, you will get company here. The person or your roommate might be of a different nation or continent so that you can exchange your views on your own culture, traditions, beliefs, faith, and language. You will never feel alone in a hostel. These rooms are best for those who do not want many facilities and want pocket-friendly accommodation options. However, there are some points which you must keep in mind while accommodating in any hostel. First, you must be alerted all the time for your belongings because you might not know who and how your roommate is. He can be a robber or a thief who accommodated here to steal stuff. The next point is that some of the hostels have a time restriction, which means that the doors will be closed before a specific time; you must confirm whether they have any such policy. Other than this, there are many benefits of staying in a hostel, such as these are the budget-friendly option of accommodation. You can also get a kitchen for your room where you can cook your food.


An Apartment is a reasonable accommodation option if you want to stay in a city for a long time because the apartment's rent is charged for the number of days you visit. The flat you get is either two bedrooms, one hall, one kitchen, or three-bedroom, one Hall, and one kitchen in an apartment. Apartments provide the best privacy as well as helps you in becoming independent. There is a modular kitchen in every apartment where you can cook by yourself instead of bringing from outside so you can save a lot of money. Some of the luxurious apartments offer you a shared swimming pool to relax. The entire apartment premises are covered with cameras, and a guard group ensures that the security is at a premium state. Most apartments have a garden where anyone can roam around like a morning or evening walk; there is an s kids play area, where there are small amusement rides for kids. Next is yoga and retreat studios, which are available inside the apartment.


Couchsurfing is an accommodation option in which a traveler stays at a local's house without any rent or charge, and in exchange, he can help him. This accommodation option does not involve funds in any way; if you want to support the host, you can very well bring the household or grocery items for him. There are a lot of benefits to staying in the local's house. You can meet local people and then make them friends by spending time with them. They can tell you many things about this place, such as its history, wars, dynasties, empires, emperors, culture, traditions, etc. He can also tell you about the best tourist spots where you can have a good time. You can also get some money-saving tips and learn about the local scams that regularly happen with tourists. Focusing on the side of demerits, there are some demerits of Couchsurfing. The first point is that you may not know how the host is; you have to be alerted about your belongings and for yourself because the crime rate is very high; thus, it can be possible that the host might be a robber.


Camping involves staying in a tent in an open campground between the natures on the grass. It is an enjoyable activity that requires adventure and observing the clear night sky. Air pollution is on a moderate scale, which means that you can get fresh air if you are lucky enough. Otherwise, if the air is polluted, you must not camp, as it can lead to some serious respiratory problems. This country's crime rate is large a scale; therefore, you must be careful because thieves are roaming around in small groups. It would be best if you camped in good weather because bad weather can also cause storms or strong winds which can trouble you. If you are camping in winters, you must not light a bonfire, instead of that, you must use an electric heater. Bonfire causes a lot of pollution, and already this country is facing a lot of pollution. There are some beaches where the government has allowed camping; you must camp at such places only.


Mozambique has 10 provinces that can be grouped into the following three regions:

Mozambique regions.png
Northern Mozambique
Cabo Delgado, Nampula and Niassa provinces.
Central Mozambique
Manica, Sofala, Tete and Zambézia provinces.
Southern Mozambique
Gaza, Inhambane Vilankulo and the Bazaruto National Sea Park, and Maputo provinces.


  • Maputo - the thriving capital in the far south of the country.
  • Beira - a busy port town and capital of Sofala Province.
  • Ilha de Mozambique - a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the former capital under Portuguese rule.
  • Inhambane - a pretty historic town on a bay.
  • Nampula - an industrial city in the north and capital of Nampula Province.
  • Pemba - in Northern Mozambique, a popular holiday destination for Mozambicans, although its isolation has kept it off the tourist route for most Western visitors.

Getting There and Moving Around

There are a lot of options to move around and getting to Mozambique. There are many airports in this country so reaching here by airways from every country is possible. For coming here, you must have your passport and a visa required from most of the countries. Only those near this country do not need a ticket, and they will get 30 days free permit as a complimentary service. However, if you are present in South African cities such as Johannesburg, you can rent or travel through your car.


There are 42 airports in this country, which states that this country's air network is efficient enough to travel to this country. However, you will require a visa and passport. If you are suffering from yellow fever or previously suffered, you must have a certificate issued by the medical authority you are fit to travel here. Along with this, many airlines can make you reach this country. The main airport in this country is Maputo International Airport, which is the best airport present. It has a large waiting area along with cafes and restaurants to eat something while waiting here. Also, there is a mall here where you can shop for yourself.

Maputo International Airport


This country has no international bus facility available. There are two types of buses present here. Inter-city buses are those buses that can be used to travel from one city to another. These buses are furnished and are best in providing comfort to the customers. Also, there is a lot of leg space for those who want to sleep can sleep comfortably. Next are the local buses, local buses are those buses which are best for moving around. These buses are less in numbers, and their numbers might vary from one city to another. These are further divided into two categories day buses and night buses. Day buses are those buses that move around in a particular town on days, and night buses are those buses that move around the city at night. However, it is advised that you must not use night buses.

A bus in Maputo


There are intercity trains and railway stations which connect almost every city. These trains are best for saving a lot of time. It does not cost too much to travel on these trains. Also, the comfort which these trains provide is exemplary. Other than this, there are ticket counters present in each of the stations where you can tell the city you want to reach, and they will provide you with the best train, its timings and its ticket to you. You can also enquire about the train timings on the help desk. There are many trains. The total area covered by train is around 3000 kilometers. This country's railway system is divided into three parts – the northern system, central system, and southern system and another small system involves a southeast system and eastern system. These systems have their separate railway lines.


Hitchhiking involves asking any traveler for a free ride. It is the best way to travel intercity, but it is not entirely reliable. Also, this country's crime rate is high, which doubts the passer will be genuine. This process can take a lot of time; therefore, you must try it only when you have a lot of time with you. Along with it, you must be present on a busy road connecting to the city you wish to go; otherwise, you will reduce the chances.


There is no other way to reach this city; however, there are many different ways to move around, including walking, cycling, and private taxis. Walking around the city is a healthy way to remain fit and to observe the country closely. Otherwise, there are city parks where you can have a good time walking between nature. The same goes for cycling; also, there are few cycle rental shops available. Hiring a private taxi is an option to move around, but it is suggested that you must not use it because it will lead to smoke emission, which will create a lot of pollution.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping involves buying those products which are beneficial for society. These products are made without harming nature and its components. Also, there are different categories of sustainable shopping. Sustainable products often cost lesser than standard yields. Food markets serve dishes with fresh ingredients in front of your eyes to be satisfied with its quality and hygiene, which is maintained while making it. There are grocery stores that serve organic vegetables and foods. Second-hand stores are present in this country. These stores have different categories, such as shops selling mobiles, bicycles, automobiles, furniture, etc. Second-hand products come under sustainable products because these products save a lot of energy, which would have required decomposing it as waste, the same way it also saves a lot of land in the landfill where we would have thrown it as waste. There are eco fashion stores available in different cities of this country. Eco-fashion stores are stores that have dresses that are made without disturbing the environment. The fabrics used in producing these products are natural such as cotton, silk, wool, etc. Also, these clothes are made mostly by handwork and less of machine work, and the dyes used to color these are made up of natural ingredients. Therefore, you must buy these products to support nature and the environment.


Recycling means reusing. There are many benefits of recycling, which benefit not only for humanity but also for the environment around us. The first point includes protecting the ground as the raw materials required in producing new products would have to be extracted through mining or logging. The new products go for refining at various refining plants that use natural resources to run themselves. By recycling, we are cutting these plants, processes, and the excess use of raw material. Recycling also reduces pollution a lot, becoming a global issue as recycled products would have dumped, which would create pollution and toxic waste. The most recycled element is paper, which saves many trees that are regularly cut down to make paper—the companies that manufacturers paper recycle it to conserve nature and the environment. Recycling saves a lot of land in landfills by utilizing waste, which fits for recycling. Plastic bottles, polythene, and other plastic non-biodegradable items are recycled, creating less use of resources required to make these products. It has been observed that recycled products often cost lesser because it has no further use of any process or raw material.


Wastes are the products that cannot be used further and have to decompose. If kept untreated, waste can create pollution, including air, soil, mixed water, and water pollution. There is a different type of waste that requires different types of dumping. There are chemical wastes released from hospitals and chemical industries, including injections, expired medicines, and chemicals. E-waste comprises electric items such as batteries of cell phones or other electronic products, cell phones, damaged laptops, etc. Other wastes are to be treated differently. There are three methods of treating waste – landfill, incineration, and recycling. The landfill is a vast land where all the debris of a particular area is dumped. Incineration means decomposing waste by using thermal energy. RECYCLING means reusing waste, which is fit for recycling. Focusing on the statistical representation of data shows that around 82 % of the entire country is polluted. The waste management team is inefficient in making this country clean, and even the credits for untidy cities go to the public who do not feel a sense of responsibility. Some of the credits also go to the tourist who throws the garbage everywhere.

Work and Study Abroad

The education system of this country is quite tricky and systematic. The government established the first national education system scheme in 1983 after independence. Before that, all the private institutions were mainly run by churches and separate education institutions for Portuguese. First comes the Pre-primary stage, which involves children taught in crèches and kindergartens through playful activities and enjoyment. It is not a compulsory type of education; therefore, it is not much of the children here. The institutions or kindergarten which provides education are under the governance of the ministry of education. Primary education is the next stage after the pre-preliminary stage. Education is compulsory and free of cost. This stage is divided into two parts – Lower primary and Upper primary. The lower primary involves classes starting from 1st till 5th, and Upper primarily comprises 6th and 7th classes. The designated age to enter primary education is six years. These institutions generally operate in two shifts, and some of them in three changes as there are not much of education institution in some cities. After completing primary education, the students choose to go for secondary education, general secondary education, vocational schools, and lower primary teacher's training. Next comes secondary education, which is further classified into junior secondary and senior secondary. Junior secondary comprises 8th to 10th class, and further senior secondary involves 11 to 12th class. Students can get public or private universities; each university requires an entrance examination.

Exchange Student

The student exchange program, which is present here, is YES (Youth Exchange and Study). This program was established in 2002 and was introduced in Mozambique in 2009. The formation of policies, rules, and regulations took around seven long years. This country has good relations with the US Department of education; therefore, the students are present. It also provides scholarships to students who have specific eligibility. A scholarship program is made, especially for students with age group 15 to 17 years who studies in class 9th, 10th, and 11th. B grade is the required grade to be a part of the selection round. Many selection procedures are required in section. It is a free education program. Therefore, you only have to pay for staying and living in this country. Approx 95 students have completed this program. This program is very beneficial for students as it helps to provide them with confidence and self-dependent. Also, this program offers facilities and helps disabled students to participate in this program.

Au Pair

Au pairing is a work in this country. It is a person who stays with the locals without any charge, and his work is to take care of their child. There is a difference between Couchsurfing and Au Pair, which states that in Couchsurfing, there is no work involved, it is optional that you can help the host, but in Au pair, it is necessary to take care of their child, and it is compulsory. However, both involve no use of funds. The crime rate of this country is so high that the families have one of the members to take care of the house and child; therefore, there are fewer chances of getting this job. Also, those who are ready to give this work will not trust you so easily. However, it will be great trouble for you to gain their trust.


Volunteering involves performing actions out of your hobby, which means you cannot charge what you are doing volunteer. There are many NGOs in this country who are ready to provide membership to their organizations. However, on the internet, you will find only a few of the organizations. You can contact these organizations by asking the locals about them. Different organizations have different works like some of them provide education to children in rural areas where there are fewer education centers. Some help the government in cleaning various tourist spots as well as beaches. Some of them allow the disabled to get their rights and education.

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