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Eco-friendly travel guide to Mykonos advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Mykonos, Greece.

Serene and mesmerising view of Mykonos

  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$30 - $1000
  • Budget per day: US$70 - $1500

Responsible Travel

Part of the Cyclades group of the Greek Islands, Mykonos is every tourist's preferred choice for a relaxing but fun vacation. You will find that it has an area of 85.5 square kilometers, and only 12,000 inhabitants reside here. It is the best holiday destination for solo travelers and even honeymooners. While visiting the Island, ensure that you don't cause any adverse effects to the local environment or communities.

  • You should opt for eco-friendly products to support local communities and are very beneficial in maintaining the pollution rates.
  • Instead of staying at luxurious resorts and hotels, prefer an eco-friendly accommodation option as they follow specific sustainable measures that will help you keep your carbon footprint minimal.

Apart from all these measures, prefer using public transports or electronic vehicles as they cause less harm and are very efficient in moving around Mykonos. You should ensure that your activities don't cause any kind of damage to the local communities, and you should prefer supporting them by buying products and services from them. Doing so will help them live a better quality of life and create the right tourist image.

Air Quality and Pollution

Air quality and pollution levels in Mykonos are satisfactory, and air pollution poses little or no risk.

  • Air Quality Index – 38 – 68 g/m3
  • Dominant Pollutant – O3
  • Air Quality and Pollutant Level – Fair

Mykonos' air quality is generally acceptable for most individuals; however, ground-level Ozone can aggravate existing respiratory diseases, and sensitive groups may experience minor to moderate symptoms from long-term exposure.

Respect the Culture

Greeks are said to be the most sensitive and emotional people. Here, in Mykonos, people will greet you with the utmost respect; however, you must be aware of the gestures showed by them as some gestures or actions might offend them in particular. Mykonos is a part of Greece, follows Greek Mythology that has a significant presence in Mycenean times, highlighting this period as one of the most important religious and economic centers of the ancient world. While visiting Mykonos, you must respect its culture and traditions.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Island of Delos: Make sure to visit this part of the Island in Mykonos, Apollo, and Artemis's birthplace, the Greek Legends. The Island of Delos is a must-visit tourist spot if you are interested in literature and architecture. The Island of Delos lies in Mykonos island's heart, where you can only go by ferries. Here, you will be able to acknowledge the terrace of Lions, the House of Dionysius, and Cleopatra's House. Visitors are allowed to take photographs and experience the best lunches in the nearby restaurants.
  • Ano Mera: Ano Mera is a must-visit tourist spot apart from renowned beaches in Mykonos. A well-known monastery built in the village of Ano Mera is known as the 'Panagia Tourliani' by the Mykonos locals. People usually visit to see this restored monastery, which features a statuesque bell town and a marble fountain. While exploring the sanctuary, you'll find a collection of Byzantine relics and a souvenir shop from where you can buy antiques of your choice.
  • Rarity Gallery: Rarity Gallery is a place which you shouldn't miss on your tour in Mykonos. It is acclaimed worldwide for its contemporary gallery drawing tourists and locals and examining the exhibitions of renowned local Greek artists' works. The exhibitions organized here features a critical aspect of the Greek Mythologies. Photography and other visual art displayed by Rarity Gallery is a treat to the eyes.
  • Matoyianni Street: If you're on a holiday tour in Mykonos, then without shopping, your trip might be incomplete. The famous Matoyianni Street will make sure that your trip to the Island of Mykonos is way beyond complete. Ranging from designer stores to local boutiques, you can find a wide range of accessories, handmade jewelry, apparel, handcrafted sandals, and much more. It is perhaps one of Mykonos' best places to visit as it is open late into the night.
  • Agios Stefanos Beach: Lying 3.5 kilometers from Mykonos town, Agios Stefanos is a sandy beach that attracts many tourists every summer. The beach provides you with tons of facilities such as sunbeds, umbrellas, water sports equipment, and many more items. There are also affordable hotels and restaurants present on the corner side of the beach. The beach is also famous for organizing day-night parties for locals and tourists too.
  • Paralia Megali Ammos: It is the closest beach to Mykonos town, whose name stands for 'large sand.' It is a quiet beach where only a few people come to spend time with their loved ones and enjoy amazing sunsets. It is an excellent place to relax and walk along the seashore to feel the cool breeze coming straight from the ocean. Some local traditional restaurants and hotels near the beach can stay and eat the Mykonos island's delicious delicacies.
  • Paralia Agrari: Paralia Agrari is a long sandy beach in Mykonos island, popular among locals and tourists. It offers plenty of space for you to enjoy the fantastic view of the sea. It is a nudist-friendly beach and has several sunbeds and sunbathing points for you to relax and bath amid the heat of the sun. It's the best beach destination to get yourself all tanned up and look beautiful. The beach offers crystal-clear waters, making it a perfect place to swim and enjoy snorkeling. You can find many high-priced restaurants nearby the beach that provides tasty Greek dishes.
  • Minima Gallery: Minima Gallery is a famous art gallery standing since 1997 in Mykonos, Greece. It showcases a range of contemporary artworks by both upcoming Greek and worldwide artists, making it a must-visit place on Mykonos' Island. Minima Gallery has showcased thousands of artists' works in a very orderly manner. Visitors are thrilled to see the wide range of art forms on display here. If you're visiting Mykonos, Minima Gallery is worth visiting to remember some famous artists' artworks.
  • Three Wells: Lying in Mykonos island's center, Three Wells is an important sight to visit on your tour to this Island. It is generally known as "Tria Pigadia" because of its three wells, the main water supply for Mykonos from the mid-18th century until 1956. These three identical wells sit in a row outside the famous Astra Bar, easy to locate on your tour to Mykonos.
  • Chora: It is a Cycladic village in the center of Mykonos island, where you'll see that the whole place is made of cubic whitewashed houses with colored windows, balconies, and doors. It also houses several whitewashed churches, narrow paved streets, and bougainvilleas. It is a picturesque place with lots of dining options and famous cafés and shops full of worldwide tourists.
Agios Stefanos Beach


Mykonos lies in the heart of Greece, where millions of people visit every year to experience the golden beaches, the crystal sea, and the exciting nightlife. While exploring the Island, you'll be able to get a chance to know more about the secrets of this Island, hidden in its cultural tradition and the local culture. From monasteries to museums and local delicacies to traditional music and dance, Mykonos will not disappoint in any of your needs for this Island. Make sure to experience the unforgettable journey of this famous Island in Greece.

City Parks

You might not find any city parks in Mykonos as this Island is probably full of beaches and essential landmarks in Greece.

National Parks

There are no national parks in Mykonos in particular, but you may find several national parks with delightful scenes and landscapes in Greece. There are numerous travel destinations in the city of Greek Gods that are nearly remarkable; some of the national parks you might be interested nearby Mykonos and in Greece are listed below:

  • Mount Olympus National Park
  • Prespa National Park
  • Pindus National Park
  • Vikos Aoos National Park
  • Parnitha National Park
  • Zakynthos National Marine Park
Zakynthos National Marine Park


  • Psarou Beach: Set among some stunning sceneries, Psarou Beach is very crowded during summers. It is trendy with locals and visitors as this beach offers all the facilities and amenities you'd expect of a renowned beach destination. There are plenty of sun loungers and restaurants here. Psarou Beach not only provides you with the best services but is also known for its sufficient golden sand present near the beach shore. The beach is open to all with no time limits.
  • Ornos Beach: Ornos is the best family-friendly beach destination in the whole of Greece. Ornos Beach is not a holiday destination, but you can also experience plenty of water sport activities with children or your loved ones. The beach offers you other amenities too, such as a restaurant or a café facility, water sports equipment, sun loungers, and many more. You can enjoy any activity ranging from windsurfing to diving; every water sport activity is available in Ornos Beach.
  • Platys Gialos Beach: Platys Gialos Beach is well-known for the shallow and clear waters that make it an excellent beach destination to go. If you're looking for a sunbath or enjoy some water sports, make sure to visit Platys Gialos Beach in Mykonos. It is an extensive beach with plenty of amenities such as restaurants, beach hotels, water sports equipment, sun loungers, and lots more to help to experience the beach adventure in the whole of Greece.
  • Paraga Beach: Though Paraga Beach is relatively small than any other Mykonos's beaches, it is well-known as hard-partying Paradise Beach. Since it is small in size, people or beachgoers get ample privacy here to spend private time with your loved ones. The waters of Paraga beach are ideal for swimming and surfing, too, making Paraga Beach a must-visit beach for every visitor or tourist. You can also find several restaurants and bar clubs nearby to make your day a memorable one.
  • Elia Beach: Elia beach in Mykonos is quite crowded with people of the Island as here you might see that almost every inch of the beach is covered with sunbeds and umbrellas. Facilities like sunbathing and private spots are also available for the privacy of the beachgoers. It is the best choice to hang out and enjoy amid the sun heat and relax. You might find several restaurants and bar clubs nearby for you to have a never forgetting memory in Elia Beach.
  • Agios loannis Beach: Agios loannis is a popular beach destination for families and couples in the whole of Greece. Agios loannis Beach offers you the best panoramic view of the sunset and is one of Mykonos's quietest beaches. There are several sunbeds and sunbath facilities here in Agios Beach, making it the most flushed with the Greek public. The waters of Agios loannis are very calm and clear for swimmers to swim risk-free and for surfers to surf smoothly. Restaurants and night clubs are also present on the beach's corner side for you to enjoy the traditional food and drinks of Greece.
The scenic Platys Gialos Beach


  • Municipal Library: The Municipal Library in Mykonos lies on the Agia Kiriaki Square in Chora, where over 8,000 volumes and a vast collection of the 18th and 19th-century documents, photographs, and Cycladic coins are kept on the display section for visitors to see and acknowledge it. It also displays the old seals of that time and the American artist John Ratekin's library's sketches and books. Though it is a small library, the décor and the collection from ancient times make it a significant landmark in Mykonos.
  • Little Venice: Little Venice is an enchanting place on Mykonos island where you can watch the sunset behind the whitewashed edifices above Greece's blue sea. It lies over the dilapidated rows of old fishing houses on the Aegean coastline, making it the most romantic spots in Mykonos. Here, visitors can also stay in the quaint residences that date back to the mid-18th century. The place is full of artists who paint the picturesque surroundings and organize galleries and exhibitions about this beautiful destination.
  • Kato Mills: These windmills are a defining feature of the Mykonian landscape, making it a significant landmark in Mykonos. It lies in Chora's main town, standing majestically in a row on a hill that overlooks the sea and harnesses the strong Northern winds. People come here to see the ancient-built windmills, which symbolizes an essential aspect of the Island's history. The windmill is refurnished and restored lately to preserve its beauty in this part of the Island.
  • Armenistis Lighthouse: It is a must-see landmark in Mykonos to gain knowledge about the Mykonos' maritime history. Armenistis Lighthouse is a fully functioning lighthouse at the location of "Fanari," the scenic coastal road that offers the most splendid and spectacular views on the Island. You can see this great lighthouse just 6.5 kilometers from Chora. It is unknown to tourists, but you wouldn't want to miss your tour in Mykonos.
  • Panagia Paraportiani Church: It is the most beautiful old religious building in Mykonos. Built-in the late 15th to the 17th century, it houses a miniature facility, a conglomerate consisting of five churches, and is open 24 hours to the public. Often called "Our Lady of the Side Gate" among the Greeks on the Island of Mykonos, it is an impressive whitewashed church where large crowds of tourists usually are seen who come here to click photographs and know about the culture of Mykonos.
Armenistis Lighthouse


  • Delos Archaeological Museum: Delos Archaeological Museum dates back to the year 1904, whose construction was under the aegis of the Archeological Society of Athens. The museum spreads over to several rooms where rare historical statues from the archaeological site at Delos are on display. In contrast, other parts display the fascinating collections of pottery dating back the prehistoric times.
  • Archeological Museum: The Archeological Museum of Mykonos is standing straight since 1902. It is primarily set up to preserve the Purification Pit relics, which dates back to 426-425 B.C. It is now the museum's elegant architectural feature designed by the famous artist – Alexandros Lykakis. In this museum, you'll see the comprehensive collection of vases belonging to the Hellenistic period along with the artwork done skillfully depicting the scenes from the Capture of Troy.
  • Aegean Maritime Museum: The Aegean Maritime Museum lies in a traditional Cycladic building standing uptight since 1985. Its establishment's primary purpose is to gain knowledge and study the history of the Greek nautical tradition. While exploring the museum, you'll see ship models from the Early Minoan Period until the beginning of the 20th century, along with several historic shipping documents, maps, rare engravings, as well as ancient tools and items. The library here consists of more than 5,000 books and impressive archives of photos and manuscripts of those times.
  • House of Lena: It is a 19th-century middle-class Mykonian house that lies in the town of Mykonos at Tria Pigadia. It is an authentic residence representing a typical internal arrangement of space and contains a spacious drawing room, two courtyards, two bedrooms, and a dovecote. People come here to see the rich antique furnishings such as the tapestries, large frames containing splendid prints, wood carvings, and much more.
Inside the Delos Archaeological Museum


Apart from the beautiful white sandy beaches, you may find several stunning traditional restaurants of Cycladic architecture and cultural history. These unmissable restaurants provide you with the perfect complement to the Island's fantastic cuisines.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Kikis Tavern: Kikis Tavern is a cozy restaurant that sits above the beach at Agios Sostis. The restaurant's main highlight is that they prepare the food outdoors on a charcoal barbeque, which adds a perfect texture and flavor to each dish made by the chefs of Kikis Tavern.
  • M-eating: It offers the best traditional food in Mykonos. M-eating restaurant gives you the feeling of a 5-star facility and is famous for its good-quality food and excellent staff service.
  • Katerina's Bar: Set in a perfect location, Katerina's Bar is a must-visit traditional restaurant with stunning views over the water and the historic windmills. It gives an immense opportunity to enjoy a fantastic evening meal.
  • Hippie Fish: The restaurant can be seen on the Agios loannis Beach – specializes in local fish dishes from lobster to crab by the kilo to sea-urchin spaghetti. It is a perfect spot to stop by and experience the most delightful fish dishes served on the entire Island.

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Koukoumi Hotel: Koukoumi Hotel is a seaside hotel with an onsite vegan restaurant serving the best breakfast buffets and brunches and dining options. You can experience the best of the Mediterranean and Greek cuisine in this very vegan-friendly restaurant.
  • Appaloosa: Famous for its vegan options on the menu, Appaloosa restaurant is a must-visit place to experience a mix of Indian, Indonesian, Mexican, and Greek food. You can find this restaurant in Maurogeni St. Goumenio Square.
  • Bowl: If you want to have healthy and nourishing vegan food, Bowl restaurant is a perfect choice to indulge in vegetarian Greek cuisine. Around 70% of the menu is plant-based, making it a top choice for every vegan customer to stop by and enjoy the delicious delicacies this restaurant serves.
  • Captain's: Stuffed vine leaves, bread and dips, and grilled vegetables are some must-try dishes in Captains. It is a vegan-friendly restaurant serving the best of traditional vegetarian dishes made with natural ingredients and herbs.

Street Food

While visiting Mykonos, you must try the Greek and other continental cuisines available at the various restaurants, cafes, and street food vendors. By doing so, you can create a memorable trip to Mykonos and learn more about the local food culture and its history. The best way to understand the local culture and traditions is by indulging in street food sold by various vendors on the streets and square.

  • Gyros
  • Pies
  • Gemista: Stuffed Bell peppers
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Greek Bagel
  • Dolmas
Gyros is a greek wrap


Ranging from freshly squeezed juices to root beers, you can find different types of drinks to escape from Mykonos' heat mentally. In Mykonos, you'll find many opportunities to strive for your thirst as it is a part of a Mediterranean country where drinking is a social event. Some of the popular drinks you might find here are:

  • Cocktails
  • Root beers
  • Homemade alcohol
  • Whiskey
  • Coconut water, and many more


According to reports of the World Health Organization, tap water in Mykonos is not drinkable. You can use it for brushing and toiletries, but it is best to use bottled water for drinking purposes. Bottled water is present in every store at a very cheap rate; hence it is best to use it for drinking as the water pollution in Mykonos is quite bad, so be cautious about it.

Organic Cafés

The Island of Mykonos is a summer hot pot for locals and tourists and is famous for its major party scenes where you can enjoy fantastic holidays with your loved ones. To start your day off, you require a refreshing breakfast or brunch, which you can have in these local cafés listed below:

  • Cosmo Breakfast Café
  • Vegera
  • Ntekoto
  • Aroma Bar
  • Central


The incredible Island in Greece - famous for its beaches and significant landmarks, the whole peninsula is seen full of tourists wandering around to experience the traditional drinks in the Island's most dynamic bars. Some of the highlighted places with incredible drinking facilities are:

  • Alley Café Cocktail Bar
  • Queen of Mykonos
  • Kastro Bar Mykonos
  • Kalua Mykonos


Activities involving nature or sports or visiting historical sites and monuments are available here. Those activities will include fun and in-depth knowledge about various city features like ancient architecture and places where historical incidents took place. Activities here are very much fun and involve activeness of mind and body.

  • Yacht Tour: If you adore water, you can go on a yacht tour. A Yacht is a kind of boat usable for cruising racing and enjoyment. It has a log compartment where you can stay during the night. There are three types of Yacht depending on the kind of wind force; they come in A, B, C, and D variants, from which A can handle airspeed up to or more than 25 meters/ second. B type can take less than 21 m/s, C is the type of Yacht can handle a wind speed of 14 m/s, and the last is D type, which can grip wind force up to 8.2 m/s. Depending upon the contrary, you can get a tour of one hour for 13.54 Euros, a term of 2 hours costing 69.67 Euros and an entire city tour costing 136.13 Euros.
  • Freefall: Freefall looks parallel to fresh age bungee jumping; a minor difference in freefall cooperation, your body does not get a pull or a base at regular intervals. Freefall is not as hard as everyone thinks it to be, it is just in the air to an altitude jumping from their experiencing free fall and then balanced under a parachute, and the speed of free falling is roughly 120 miles per hour. However, this will be dissimilar depending on the mass of the body. In Mykonos, you can take pleasure in the thrilling experience at a cost that will less than 50 Euros. You can take pleasure in this in many places. Here you have to dive from 40 feet. The risk is less as back custom finished harness, safety wires, and the safety are from the United Kingdom. For facilitating the explorer, this place is open every day, which is seven days a week. However, the timings are dissimilar from Monday to Friday it is open from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Visit Museums and Archeological Sites: Museums where you can gain knowledge about the past, sculpture, writings, and many more. Many museums in Mykonos of various categories will help you study how they lived in ancient times, and several well-known art and literature works by famous artists. Museums are the most excellent way to learn something as people can understand better by pictures and visuals rather than written information. It helps you increase knowledge about that particular country, helping you make friends and become social. Museums inspire us. Botanical gardens are the best way to motivate a person towards greenery and becoming eco-friendly. It educates has regarding the different species of herbs and plants and their uses for medicines, food, and a variety of other applications. It also has various health benefits as on foot around a garden involves exercise, a refreshing environment, and relaxes your mind and body.
Beautiful Yachts in Mykonos

Yoga and Retreats

People who are focused on health will find no trouble in this city. There are many yoga studios present in the entire studio. Yoga is good for the health of your body and the mind; it keeps the stress away and reduces anxiety level. It helps the body increase muscles' flexibility, which provides extra strength to go on for a day. It improves the respiratory system to enjoy the fresh air. You are free to perform yoga in a garden, but you have to join a yoga class if you need an expert trainer.

  • Yoga Mykonos
  • Fykiada Retreats Mykonos
  • Mykonos Active GAY RETREATS
  • PILATES Mykonos
  • Fitness Mykonos


Different types of accommodation are available at different prices and facilities available. In this city, the higher the facility you need, the higher the price. So living here depends on how much facilities you want.

Green Hotels

Green hotels are also known as eco-friendly hotels. They are recognized either by a third party or by the government of that state. They use every eco-friendly measure, like arranging organic soaps and many more. Along with cleanliness, they also use renewable resources like solar power & wind energy and promote recycling. Some of the green hotels offer you bicycles for rent to reach nearby places like shopping malls and supermarkets or any other sites to promote a green environment.

  • Harmony Boutique Hotel-Mykonos Town
  • Infinity Mykonos Suites
  • Cavo Tagoo Mykonos
  • Semeli Hotel Mykonos
  • Aeolos Resort

Hostels and Guest Houses

This type of accommodation is best for solo travelers who do not need many facilities. It is very much cheaper than hotel rooms. Only the necessary facilities like beds, washrooms, dining areas, meals, etc. are available to the guests. It will make you independent and will boost your confidence. It also helps in improving your social skills as you will meet many peoples there.

  • My cocoon Hostel Mykonos
  • Adam Mikele - Rooms & Studios
  • Fraskoula's Town
  • My Cocoon Hostel
  • Private Yacht Hostel
  • Andriani's Guest House
  • Ioanna's House Mykonos
  • Riva Suites
  • Pension Joanna
  • Seatincenter Rooms


If you are in Mykonos for an extended period of more than one month, then apartments might be the best option for you. The benefits of renting an apartment are getting an adequate space with complete privacy to enjoy.

  • Gryparis' Club Apartments
  • Marietta's Apartments Mykonos
  • Madres Studios & Apartments
  • Mykonos Apartments
  • Blanco Mykonos


Couchsurfing means temporarily staying at anyone else's house in a foreign city. You can find many people who are ready for couch surfing with you. It is not common in this city because of the availability of many accommodation options at lower prices. You can opt for couch surfing when there is no room available anywhere, which is impossible in this city. You must be aware of the crime rate as it is very high in this city; therefore, you must keep caution at all times during couch surfing.


  • Fredys S.A.
  • Paradise Beach - CAMPING - Mykonos
  • Surfing Beach Paros (Village/Camping)
  • Blue Aura Camping Paros
  • Camping Antiparos

How to Get There

If you are a resident of Europe, then reaching this place is not much trouble for you by flight, but people living in Asia have to take different means of transport, all indirect sources as there are no direct flights to Mykonos.


Mykonos Airport is an International Airport which is about four kilometers away from the town. It has a network connected to domestic and metropolitan European destinations. When there are not many tourists, then the flight connections during the operating hours are also reduced. In 2014's summer, there was a limitation in general aviation, and only a technical stop for two hours was allowed. It came under private ownership in 2015 with 13 other regional airports of Greece after assigning an agreement between Fraport Ag and the state government. However, in 2017 Fraport started managing the Airport. The contract states that the privatization of these airports is for 40 years. The elevation of this Airport is 405 meters.

Mykonos Airpor


There is no international bus facility available in Mykonos as it is an Island. Therefore, traveling to this Island by bus is quite difficult or, rather say, impossible.


There is no train built across as this is an island, and bus transport has never made a need for any trains. The area is small; therefore, building railway tracks and trains will be very congested. Building railway tracks to travel to another city will be very costly as it will be above the ocean.


Hitchhiking is not possible in this city because only a ferry ride and air route is the only way to reach this Island. If possible, you can hitch a ferry ride from the nearest port to get to Mykonos Island.


There are only two ways to reach Mykonos. These two ways include airways and waterways from which airways. The second way that is the ferry rides from Greece to Mykonos is an excellent way. Since there are no roadways or railways that connect this Island to other islands, airways and waterways are the only options. As a popular tourist place in Greece, the number of ferry services available to tourists is many. Although these services work at specific times of the day only, they are the most affordable and quick way to reach Mykonos. You will meet various fellow travelers and locals to learn about tourist sites, traditions, culture, services, etc.

Moving Around

The crime rate of Mykonos is very high; therefore, you must not go out at night. Other than this, you can have a morning walk, which helps you keep your body active throughout the day. There are other means of transport as well, but whichever you choose, you must choose it wisely, keeping in mind the pollution rate.


Walking is not safe in this city because the crime rate is high. The area is 85.5 kilometers ², so walking and visiting places would be a good option. Walking is pocket-friendly, but it also has various health benefits like reducing stress, which is good for the heart, strengthening muscles, boosting the immune system, and much more. Even tracks are available for walking, which means the Mykonos government promotes healthy living among locals and tourists.


Bicycles are available on rent at various rental shops. Renting a bike might cost you much more money than any other conveyance. The rent is 24 Euros for eight days or above whereas for two to four days it would cost a minimum of 20 to 28 Euros, so if you have a reasonable budget, you can rent a bicycle and around this city. There are different equipment types available on rent: helmet, gloves, special shoes, bicycle lock, and insurance at others as it costs per day. There are different tracks built for cyclists to provide them with an adventurous experience while cycling.

Electronic Vehicles

There is an electric vehicle in this city but a limited quantity. Tesla has planted its charging stations at different places surrounding the entire Mykonos. Renting anyway could be costly because they are present in a limited amount. However, you can rent an electric scooter at a low cost. Using an E.V. can help you be a good tourist as E.V. is pollution-free, and you will support the city in maintaining its right pollution level. There are also E.V. rides available in Mykonos.

Public Bus

Public Buses are available in Mykonos for moving around. These are about 20 minutes' walk from the Airport. Traveling by public bus will save a lot of your money and will help in reduced traffic. You can pay in cash, but there are chances of unavailability of change, so if you have the exact amount of money for paying the bus fare, you can very well pay in cash. The other option is a local travel card which can help you in achieving great discounts. If you are in Mykonos for a longer time and want to use public buses regularly, you must buy a travel card that is readily available at local bus stations and ticket counters.

Tram, Train and Subway

There is no railway network present in Mykonos as it an island. The locals don't require trains, trams, or metro to reach different areas of the Island. You can opt for public buses, electronic vehicles, bicycles, and walking as the Island is relatively small. You can opt for rental car services and boats to travel, but they are not at all friendly to the environment or your budget. Therefore, you must prefer the most eco-friendly way of moving around Mykonos.

Sustainable Shopping

Each and everything you purchase affects your health, nature, or society; therefore, you must buy products that focus on being friendly to the local environment and communities. Sustainable products have a less negative impact on nature. It also has a positive effect on health as these food products have less use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals, which might not be suitable for the body. It is also eco-friendly as the energies required to produce these products are a renewable source of energy.

Food Markets

The food market involves various products that might include non-vegetarian such as meat or Fish. There are food markets present all across the city with a wide variety of food products. A lot of these items are from local sources that are indigenous to the Island. The local food vendors serving such food items represent their ethnicity and culture through their products and services.

  • A.B. Food Market
  • Grocery store
  • Flora Super Markets
  • Supermarket paprika Mykonos
  • Vrisi Market

Flea Markets

Also known as swap meet, this is a seasonal market that allows street vendors to sell goods at a prominent place, usually second-hand goods. There are vendors of both the category; part-time and full time in Mykonos. Part-time vendors may be vending because of their hobbies or pocket money; others are the full-time vendors who have their stall on a commercial basis and earnings throughout the year.

  • Monastiraki Flea Market
  • Anjuna Flea Market
  • Mercado de Santa Clara

Second Hand Stores

Many second-hand stores sell various second-hand products of different categories at a low price. Buying second-hand products not only supports your wallet but also supports nature. The products you buy require transportation, packaging, and manufacturing; therefore, the fuel and energy used in these get reduced. On the other hand, these products are great alternatives to branded items as they provide almost the same quality with cheaper and more affordable rates for the common man.

  • Maurizio Mykonos
  • American Vintage Mykonos
  • 100% Mykonos
  • Louis Vuitton Mykonos


Eco-fashion is a new fashion trend that uses organic or eco-friendly measures. Eco-fashion clothes involve natural fabric in its production, which decreases pollution during its production. It does not have humanmade materials like nylon and many more that are often non-degradable and cause a lot of pollution. Hemp, Bamboo, Lyocell, Alpaca, Organic Wool, Silk, Cotton, and Linen are the fabrics used in eco-fashion clothes, making the procedure non-toxic.

  • Salachas Mykonos Greek Linen Cotton Clothes
  • Maurizio Mykonos
  • Delaros Mykonos Fashion D-tails Store
  • Le Concept Mykonos


Recycling is an activity of reusing products and making something new. Recycling is very much beneficial for nature because it reduces the cost and fuel used in production. It also affects the environment because it acquires a large land field to dump the whole garbage in the same broad area. Recycling will cut off the fuel and energy required in productions by proper production and marketing management. It also helps eradicate the land and soil pollution caused by the decomposing and foul smell of garbage in landfills. The statics show that more than half of Mykonos' populating is not satisfied with the garbage disposal management.


The waste management in Mykonos isn't the best, but it is efficient in managing households and industries' disposal to some level. You will find various dumping stations like dustbins, garbage trucks, dumpsters, etc. available in different parts of Mykonos to provide proper waste disposal facilities.

Work and Study Abroad

Education in Greece is entirely free without costing anything; therefore, studying here is very cheap, and the education quality is also high. You have to clear an entrance to get admission to a university or college in Mykonos.

Exchange Student

It is a program in which students who are good in studies become part of a foreign country's agenda. Universities usually do the program with a tie-up with other universities in neighboring countries or different continents. You can also opt for direct admission to any university or college in Mykonos if they are open to international students.

Au Pair

Au Pair is a person or a couple who helps a foreign family by taking care of their child in exchange for food and a place to stay. Due to the increased crime rates, the local communities are cautious of foreigners and often avoid opening their homes to strangers.


There are no volunteering organizations in Mykonos, as the local community can resolve all their problems. You will find that the local families are well-connected and often provide help to their neighbors in everyday work. Even so, you can take the initiative on your own and help out the locals you meet on your trip. You will find that the local Greek communities will appreciate getting your assistance by providing excellent hospitality that most hotels, resorts, and guest houses can't offer.

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