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Eco-friendly travel guide to Nanjing advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Nanjing, China.

Nanjing Skyline

  • Air quality: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.7 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.2 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$100 - $150
  • Budget per day: US$90 - $100

Responsible Travel

When it comes to responsible for traveling, travel enthusiasts define it as saving the rich heritage as well as the culture of any place. Nanjing is the capital city of Jiangsu and the major attractions depict the history of the city. During the Ming dynasty, Nanjing was the nation’s former glory. Later on, it emerged as the capital of the Republic of China. Nanjing is one of those magnificent cities, where you will find modern vibes blended with a touch of culture, heritage, and elegance. China has the world’s biggest outbound tourism market; hence, the country cannot be overlooked in terms of the efforts of promoting responsible as well as sustainable traveling. Also, responsible travel is a great idea to reduce the negative effect of tourism on the local community as well as the environment.

Chinese consumers have a huge interest in the concept of sustainability as well as the major willingness for adopting various habits. Besides, when it comes to combatting overtourism as well as distributing various benefits of tourism within a destination, China can play a central role too. Since the Chinese people always set a positive example of creating a positive example for conversation and animal welfare, it is the responsibility of other travelers to maintain that dignity as well.

Air Quality and Pollution

Since China has the largest population; therefore, it is obvious that the pollution level would be high and the air quality will be poor. However, in many reports, it has been found, that the air quality is low only for sensitive people. Therefore, people who have issues with breathing, suffering from bronchitis, or have dust allergies can suffer from breathing difficulties in Nanjing. It is always a good idea to use facemasks while you are going out to avoid shortness of breathing. Coming to the pollution level, it is comparatively high in Nanjing. Actually, the entire country suffers from high pollution levels due to population expansion.

Also, the number of vehicles as well as its emissions and from the industries are high too. All these reasons give rise to the high pollution levels in the city. The drinking water pollution is moderate whereas the water pollution levels here are high. If you are planning to spend a day out in the city, you might face issues due to smoke and emissions.

Respect the Culture

Buddhism culture was introduced in China almost two thousand years ago and since then the locals here respect their culture and follow it. Over time, Nanjing plated a decisive role when it comes to the development of Buddhism in China. Many temples as well as Buddhist monks are there in the history who uphold the dignity and the heritage of Buddhism in China. Indeed, Nanjing is the city of nostalgic complex but that does not mean that you will not find modern beliefs here. People here do believe in respecting their culture; however, they do not give up on following modern trends as well. If you love exploring the various cultural aspects of different cities, then Nanjing will no doubt give a reason to fall in love with the place.

With passing time, the cultural aspects and facets kept on changing and this is something that makes this city unique from the other cities. From museums to monuments made in memorial of infamous people, you will get almost everything here. Besides, you will also get various science and technology museums that uphold the integration of science and technology with humanities, arts, and tourism. The elegant and intricate designs of the temples and museums will no doubt surprise you every time.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Today Nanjing is the most visited place in China, and tourists from all over the world love to visit here. You would have the best memories of your trip and never feel like forgetting them anyhow. But in order to do it, you have to visit these 10 places and experience them to the fullest.

  • Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum - This is a tomb that tells us the history of former Chinese president Sun Yat-Sen. Visit here, and you would get to know some of his famous contributions in making China an independent country.
  • Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum - It is another tomb where you will get to know the best things about the Ming dynasty. Have a fair knowledge about it, and you would love to share it among your beloved persons.
  • Qinhuai River - Without any doubt, we can say that this river is clean and beautiful. Come here during the night time, and you will see how the reflection of lights makes it lighter.
  • Xuanwu Lake - In this lake, you can have an opportunity of boating around the shores of islands. Try it out, and you will get to see something which you have never seen or imagined before.
  • City Wall of Nanjing - In other words, you can refer to this place as another Great Wall of China. Though it is not bigger than that famous wall, it has a popular history. If you are really interested in knowing it, then have a tour of this place and get to see something very fascinating.
  • Jiming Temple - It is a Buddhist temple where you can feel the real presence of Lord Buddha. Worship him from your true heart and see how your wishes can be easily fulfilled.
  • Zhan Garden - This garden was established in the year 1949 and gives you a greater significance about the Qing dynasty. Go for it, and you will never have any kind of disappointments or complaints.
  • Qixia Temple - This temple is located on the mountain and is famous for the reign of Buddha. The moment you have its idea, then everything would be clear in front of you.
  • Ming Palace - People in the city call it a palace, but in simple words, it is an archaeological site. You can call it a site which depicts the revolution of this city in detail. Never miss it because the opportunity might not come again and again.
  • Hongshan Forest Zoo - You cannot imagine that this zoo is the largest and has different types of wild animals. Carry a camera with you and capture their pictures so that they remain as a memory.
Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum


Exploring the city can be quite interesting if you do a little bit of research before coming to visit here. From parks to museums to other tourist attractions, you will find almost everything here. Here are some of the places, which you must visit before you are planning for a vacation to spend some good times in Nanjing. No matter in which season you plan for a vacation to Nanjing, you will always end up spending good times by exploring every bit of the city.

City Parks

City parks are no doubt the best places if you want to spend some quiet time away from the city noise. You will come across many city parks in Nanjing, which are worth visiting. Most of the time, they remain crowded since locals keep visiting these parks throughout the day. Let us check out some of the most popular city parks in Nanjing.

  • Xuanwuhu Park - Stopping by this city park to indulge in some quiet time amidst nature will no doubt give you enough peace and good vibes. The pleasant atmosphere as well as the greenery around will make you feel calm. The ambiance of Xuanwuhu Park is no doubt soothing.
  • Wuchaomen Park - Located in the Baixia district, Wuchaomen Park is yet another most favorite park not just for the locals as well as for the tourists as well. The peace and serenity you will get here are impossible to find in any other place in the city. Make sure to include this city park on your list if you are visiting Nanjing.
Wuchaomen Park

National Parks

National parks mostly work as the natural habitat for wild animals as well as birds. Hence, Nanjing has some marvelous national parks where you can visit to view exotic species of animals and birds. Let us check out some of the popular national parks in Nanjing.

  • Shitoucheng Park - It is the place where the city wall, as well as the Qinhuai River, stand side by side. This is a free Public Park from where you can view the remains of City Walls. A pond is located near the north end of the fortress. Visiting this park will no doubt let you enjoy some peaceful moments amidst greenery.
  • Nanjing Yeshan National Mine Park - Located on the northern side of Luhe District neat the Jinniu Lake area. Yeshan’s iron ore smelting has a massive and interesting history. The story is eighteen hundred years old and it is quite old than in Europe. The infamous Yeshan Mountain was popular among locals as well as throughout the world is because it was a place for mining and smelting.
  • Wuchaomen Park- Every morning almost all the retired local people from the city come here for practicing Tai Chi and walk backward in circles on the forbidden grounds of Ming Palace. Inside the park, you will find Wumen, one of the few remaining palace gates of Nanjing.


  • Golden Beach - Do not go by its name because it is a beach which is preferred during the daytime. Explore the waves of it and try to bathe in its fresh and clean water.
  • Gaochun Man-made Sand Beach - It is a manmade beach and is undoubtedly one of the most popular beaches in the city. The clear blue water, soothing sunlight, and golden sand is something that you will cherish for sure. You can indulge in some refreshing water dips.


  • Porcelain Tower of Nanjing - This tower is a part of an ancient temple and also has greater validity. If you miss it, then you would curse yourself throughout life. It is not only beautiful but also showcases some structures of the early ages.
  • Presidential Palace - If you want to know about the post Second World era of China, then you must visit this museum. From here, you will get to know all the entire history of China after the Second World War.
Presidential Palace


  • Nanjing Museum - It is also known as the city museum, which remains first in every competition. The reason behind this thing is that it has a huge collection of old artifacts. You would get absorbed in them and never feel like returning back to your normal life.
  • Sifang Art Museum - One of the most contemporary art museum where you can see some eminent Chinese paintings and arts. Even if you are not an art lover, then also you would adore it and get to discover something new.
Nanjing Museu


One of the most unique things that you will get with the Chinese culinary style in Nanjing the sense and love for the refined dishes that generally focus on various seasonal ingredients. However, you will never notice that the taste balancing and color is being neglected. When it comes to the food culture, Nanjing is popular for ducks as well as river fish and shrimp. Salted duck is one of the signature dishes in Nanjing and the locals go gaga over this signature dish. Some other popular dishes that you will get in almost every food corner are Peking duck, pan-fried beef dumplings, soup buns, sesame pancakes, etc. Overall, you will never run out of menus once you visit Nanjing. The exotic dishes and delicious cuisine will no doubt increase your cravings.

Once you visit Nanjing, make sure that you try all the traditional food from Chinese cuisine. Indeed, deciding from the endless variations might get tough but as you will get endless variety, make sure that you are not trying the same dish more than once. Another most popular dish that you must try in Nanjing is Tangbao. These steamed dumplings are amazing and these small jiggly dumplings contain a layer of tender pork.

Traditional Local Restaurants

There are innumerable traditional local restaurants from where you can try some of the yummiest and delicious dishes. Besides, the traditional and local restaurants make some of the oldest and tastiest dishes that you might not find in the posh restaurants in Nanjing. From dumplings, various duck, and pork preparations to piping hot soups, you will get everything in these restaurants. Let us check out some of the popular and traditional local dishes that you should try in Nanjing.

  • Jiang Nan Zao Chinese Restaurant - It is one of the most popular traditional local restaurants that you should be the priority. Huiyang Cuisine is one of the most ones, and you must try the food from this cuisine. Apart from that, the ambiance as well as the food quality is quite impressive.
  • Jingling Hotel Plum Garden - Among the various dishes, make sure to dry the salted duck here. Along with that, try the famous squirrel mandarin fish. The veg as well as the pork dumplings are a must-try dish here. Overall, the service of this restaurant is quite satisfactory.
  • Jiang Su Restaurant - Chopped pepper fish head, crispy rice, and old altar meat is something that is a must-try dish here. Make sure that you taste the other popular traditional dishes of this restaurant.

Vegetarian and Vegan

If you are a vegan and want to try some of the unique vegan dishes, then Nanjing can offer you some of the unique vegan dishes you have not tried before. Besides the usual non-vegan dishes, the never-ending list of vegan dishes is quite delicious. From veg dumplings to sizzling seven-course vegan meals, you will get almost everything here. Chinese cuisine is something where you will get endless variations. Here are some of the vegan restaurants in Nanjing.

  • En Vege - This is one of the infamous vegan restaurants and a paradise for all the veg food lovers. With modern yet simple décor, here you can enjoy some relaxing ambiance with your family and friends. Coming to the menus, you will get delicious and piping hot soups, veg noodles, rice, house special dishes, and burgers too.
  • Liang Wu Vegetarian - Yet another one of the most popular vegan restaurant that serves some upscale Chinese dishes. Do not forget to try the veggie nuggets. You would also get normal dishes like burgers here. With beautiful interiors, you will no doubt enjoy a relaxing time as well as delicious foods here.
  • Su Man Xiang - It is more of a vegetarian buffet restaurant where you will get various vegan dishes. You can select from a wide range of dishes from salads, noodles, soups to fresh fruit juices.

Street Food

The trend of street foods is quite common in Nanjing. You will find some small food stalls selling delicious street foods. Most of the time the food stalls remain crowded with locals, as well as tourists, taste the lip-smacking dishes. More than the restaurants, the local street food stalls are famous. Hence, if you are visiting Nanjing, do not forget to try out the superbly delicious foods of the city. You will find that the city has an ongoing hobby of eating and judging by the street food stalls, you can enjoy some of the lip-smacking dishes here.

  • Tangbao - Steamed dumplings stuffed with delectable broth and tender pork balls, it is undoubtedly one of the overrated yet a scrumptious dish to try. If you are wondering how to eat this, then after a bite you have to drink the broth and the rest you have to eat by dipping the dumpling in vinegar.
  • Duck soaked in brine - One of the classic street foods to try in Nanjing. The unparalleled skills of the chefs here would surely mesmerize you once you try this dish. Duck meat is first seasoned properly to make it juicy and soft. The ducks are simmered in brine and left for three days to dry. After that, it is served as chops.


Coming to the drinks, you will get some delicious drinks to try in Nanjing. Although some argue that Baiju is one of the most popular and hyped drink of Nanjing; however, there are other drinks as well that you must try in Nanjing. It is an omnipresent liquor and is served at the parties. Some people even drink it as mineral water. Locals here store the drink for days before drinking, and according to them, it tastes delicious. Other than Baiju, various other drinks are famous in Nanjing.

  • Chivas mixed with green tea - Night owls in Nanjing as well as other parts of China; enjoy this drink during both nights as well as morning. They believe to be a concoction that refreshed the mind and body. While at night, they enjoy Korean pop songs sitting in any bar and enjoy the drink, in the morning they consume it as an energy drink. It is a mixture of Scotch whisky mixed with sweetened green tea.
  • Pearl milk tea - It is more of a soft drink and the young generation mostly enjoys this drink. Pearl milk tea is a Taiwanese import and it includes jelly-like bubbles in sweet milk. You can chew the pearls and are made of tapioca with a soft texture. Bubble tea is now famous throughout the world, especially in the US or Europe.


As already mentioned, the pollution levels in Nanjing are comparatively under control and the reason behind this is due to the steps, which the government took to keep the city clean. Therefore, even if you do not feel like trying out the drinks, you can opt for drinking tap water. To preserve the dignity of the city, locals as well as the government took to maintain environmental health. Therefore, rest assured, you can always drink tap water. However, many travelers are there who prefer consuming packaged drinking water. As locals consider here Baiju as mineral water, you might only get Baiju in every shop. Locals here use water filters for drinking water since it is always a safe option.

Organic Cafés

The trend of organic cafeterias is still not common in Nanjing. Due to this reason, you might not find enough organic cafeteria options in the city. Only a handful of options are there where only the travelers visit. At times, travelers find it easy to find delicious vegan foods in organic cafeterias. The cozy yet amazing ambiance of the organic cafeterias is something that you might not get in normal restaurants or cafeterias. Let us check out a few of the organic cafeterias in Nanjing.

  • Eco restaurant - Eco restaurant is located in the Jiangsu area and you will find some of the delicious dishes that you might not find in other restaurants or cafeterias. From vegan sandwiches to delicious coffee and drinks, you will get almost everything here. Talking about the ambiance of the place, the minimalistic decorations as well as the laid-back feel will blow your mind.
  • Yang Ji Organic Hairy Crab - Yet another most infamous organic cafeterias that you will find in the Qinhuai district. From yummy vegan dumplings to piping hot vegan soups, you will get almost everything here. Make sure to visit this organic cafeteria with your friends and family to enjoy a great time with them. Overall, once you visit here, you will love the food as well as the environment of the place. The food served here is quite good quality. Besides, the behavior of the staff here is quite good. Even if you fail to understand Chinese, they will translate it for your ease.


You will come across innumerable breweries in Nanjing and exotic drinks that are no doubt delicious. Apart from that, craft beer is a must-try since the breweries here are famous for that. Although there are innumerable drinks that you will find in the city to try, the craft beers are something that is special will give a lift to your taste buds for sure. Expats especially are the ones who rave a lot about the craft breweries as well as the exotic drinks in Nanjing. While strolling on the city streets, you will find some popular breweries and it is best if you visit them during the evening or late at night.

  • Malt and Hop Taproom - A small yet up to date beer where you can find some of the amazing and exotic cocktail drinks to try. The board here presents almost twelve taps, both in Chinese as well as English. Apart from that, the appetizers you will find here are quite delicious.
  • Stray Bird Brew House - Another small yet popular brewpub situated in Master Gao location in southern Nanjing. Once you visit the pub, you will find almost twenty taps pouring some of the unique and exotic beers. Besides, you will get basic snack style food here as well.


You can try innumerable activities once you visit Nanjing. Beijing overshadows the city from the north and Shanghai from the east with all the good reasons you can find out. Beijing boasts some of the top-rated as well as iconic sites. Nanjing has been struggling to match both Beijing and Shanghai on pure pulling power. The city has neither Great Wall nor Summer Palace or any glamorous shopping or dining space, unlike Shanghai. However, that does not mean that the city does not have any charm of its own. Here are some of the activities that are a must-try in Nanjing.

  • Shopping at Fuzimiao - Also known as Confucius Temple, Fuzimiao is one of the most visited and bustling districts situated in a few of the historic buildings as well as temples. The market looks beautiful, especially during the evening since the market comes alive with fairy lights and traditional buildings ablaze. From cellphone vendors, fast food outlets to souvenir shops, you will get almost everything here. Boat rides on the Qinhuai River are quite fun-filled and popular here as well.
  • Visit the infamous Presidential Palace - From 1927 until the breakup of China, the country’s capital was in Nanjing. Back then, Beijing or Shanghai was not busy and bustled unlike now. The Presidential Palace is yet another must-visit place as it stands up as a sign of dignity and a modern history museum. If you are eager to know about the history of China post-second world war, then this museum will no doubt give an insight.

Yoga and Retreats

China already supports Buddhism, which means yoga and meditation is a part of their daily lives. Hence, if you are visiting Nanjing for the first time, you will see many yoga as well as retreats around you. Most of the yoga as well as retreat centers are set amidst nature and greenery so that you can absorb all the positive vibes in your body, and relax your mind and soul. Let us check out some of the most-raved yoga and retreat centers in Nanjing.

  • International Yoga Education Institute - Although it is a yoga education institute, yet you can come here to practice in a couple of yoga sessions. It was established in the Fairy Lake Resort. If you want to relax your mind and soul, then nothing can be better than this place. The ambiance of the place is no doubt relaxing and the teachers will cooperate with you keeping in mind your health conditions.
  • Jingjie Yoga Center - Located in Jiangsu, this is yet another infamous gymnasium cum yoga center, you can take few yoga sessions here. Many locals come here throughout the day to practice innumerable yoga sessions here. Depending on your health condition, they will give you yoga positions for practicing.
  • Mingya Yoga Hall - Mingya yoga hall is more of a fitness center on Wubaicun Road. From yoga to retreats, you will get almost everything here. Therefore, you can already understand that here, you can come to get away from stress and anxiety.


Endless accommodation options are there in Nanjing, from cheap ones to the five star and costly ones, everything is available here. Besides, if you come here with your friends but do not want to invest hugely in hotels, then hostels are available here too. Also, if not in the main city, you can find out some amazing places to stay with your friends and family. Overall, no matter which accommodation option you find to stay in, you will enjoy it to the fullest. Almost all the hostels as well as hotels here offer amenities. However, the only thing that you should keep in mind is according to the amenities, the rate will vary. You will also get apartments where you can stay with the locals of Nanjing. Locals here are overfriendly and will always welcome you to spend some good time with them.

Green Hotels

The trend of green hotels is increasing these days since countries these days are becoming concerned about sustainable living standards. Already China is controlling environmental exploitation. Due to this reason, you will many green hotels in the city since the tourists mostly choose these options than normal hotels. Also, the location of green hotels is quite outstanding. Amidst the greenery and nature’s bounty, the hotels are situated. Let us check out some of the most popular green hotels in Nanjing.

  • Green Tree Inn - If you are looking for a perfect location, especially near to nature nothing can be better than Green Tree Inn. From cleanrooms to free WiFi, you will get everything here. Besides, you will get free breakfast options every day. Talking about the price, the hotel is quite reasonable to spend at least five to six days on holiday.
  • InterContinental - Yet another infamous green hotel where you can stay as the amenities offered here are undoubtedly luxurious. With the stunning atmosphere both inside as well as outside the hotel. The biggest advantage is many popular tourist attractions places are near the hotel. From the Ruins of the Mind Palace to JieQu, you just have to walk to the destination to visit the attractions.

Hostels and Guest Houses

If you are totally against the concept of spending huge on comfortable and luxurious hotels then you can always opt for the hotels as well as guesthouses. The rooms here are equally clean and you can always enjoy a comfortable stay here. Therefore, if you are worried that you might not be as comfortable as the hotels, then you are probably mistaking. Here are some of the hotels as well as guesthouses options that you can choose from if you are visiting Nanjing.

  • Laomendong International - Located under the Ming City wall and beside the Qinhuai River, the hostel is the old historic district of the east gate. Here, you will no doubt comfortable rooms and some amazing amenities. Transport is quite convenient since there are two metro lines as well as multiple buses stop near the Laomendong International hostel. Additionally, you will also find a fishpond and landscaped courtyard that gives a perfect rustic feel.
  • Nanjing Fuzimiao international Hostel - This hostel is inside the finish, and almost all the rooms, as well as beds, are available at a special price. Overseeing the Qinhuai River, this hostel features a beautiful balcony. From here, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the river. The traffic is quite convenient here. From free WiFi to western breakfast, you will get some exciting amenities here.


If staying in a homely atmosphere is your concern, then you can opt for the apartments. Although you will not get any hostels or hotel-like amenities in the apartments, yet you will enjoy a comfortable stay for sure. Either you can stay with the locals here or you can book well-furnished apartments through Airbnb. You will get some outstanding quality apartments here. Make sure that you are checking all the necessary facilities as well as amenities before booking them.


Couchsurfing is like a travel community where members from around the world join to view the city and know about the history of the place just like locals. You will come across millions of hosts in Nanjing and find out unique places for staying. With Couchsurfing, you can find accommodation options in Nanjing and meet with all the locals as well as travelers. Overall, the concept of Couchsurfing is quite rampant here since it is tough to stay away from family for a long time.

Not only you can avoid the huge expenses on the hotel rents but also you can enjoy a comfortable stay with fellow travelers as well as the locals. Many hosts are there who enlist spaces and surfers send a request. As soon as the host accepts your request, you can enjoy a comfortable stay with others. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is you have to show your valid identity proof and you will get a room.


The adventure and the thrill which camping offers are undoubtedly exciting and are tough to stay away from it. Staying amidst greenery and enjoying sunrise and sunset for t least two to three days is no doubt amazing. The marvelous beauty of the mountains, rivers, and valleys would make you feel good and relaxed inside out. If you are someone, who loves indulging in adventure, then nothing can beat camping. Nanjing can be the best place for camping, and the reason behind this is the greenery as well as nature’s beauty that you will find here. Sky touching hills to beautiful valleys, everything is available here. You will come across uncountable camping spots in Nanjing.

  • Nanjing Qinhuai River RV Camp - This is one of the most popular camping spots in Nanjing. Set amidst greenery and breathtaking surrounding, you can come here with your friends and family members to enjoy a fun-filled and memorable camping experience. From bonfire to barbequed food, you can do almost everything here. Also, if you want, you can go on a bicycle ride through the trails or just for a walk too.
  • Military Camp Culture Theme Hostel - Although it is a hostel, yet you can enjoy some great and fun moments of camping here as well. Make sure that you are finding out all the details of camping in Military Camp Culture. Probably you have to pay extra money if you want to enjoy camping.

How to Get There

There are different ways by which you can reach Nanjing; however, you have to keep few things in mind before you are traveling. One thing that you have to keep in mind is that the best way to travel to the city is through airways, especially if you are traveling from another country. Nevertheless, if you are traveling across a city or state, you can opt for public buses, cabs, or the railway is the best option. Overall, no matter which transport option you choose, you will not feel much hassle. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is you have to provide valid documents only then you will be able to get verified tickets.


As aforementioned, the flight route is one of the best ways to travel to the city. Almost has direct or indirect flights to the city. Nanjing Lukou International Airport is the main airport closest to the city. You will get regular international flights from Southeast Asia and Germany. Apart from that, there are good domestic connections from various other major Chinese cities too.

Nanjing Lukou International Airport


The bus route is also quite popular in the city since bus links from other Chinese cities are frequent. Buses arrive at the Zhongyangmen bus station. Alternatively, you can opt for booking cabs; however, the only thing that you have to keep in mind that the cab fares might become too high.


Nanjing has a good rail connection as well and if you want to travel from another state or city, then you can always opt for the train route. You will get bullet trains from Beijing and Shanghai as well. The rate of the railway is quite reasonable, and you will not face issues with ticket booking too.


Just like every other city, the concept of hitchhiking is common in Nanjing too. You will see that random family wait for trucks as well as cars to pick them up. Before you opt for the hitchhiking option, it is best if you do some research like from where you can get trucks to pick you up, how much distance they cover through hitchhiking, etc. You will notice that many trucks already carrying two to three people.


Considering the other modes of transport, there are many options and you can consider any of them. However, the only thing that you have to keep in mind is other transport modes are available only if you stay near the main city. Rental cars are yet another one of the best options for traveling to Nanjing only if you stay close to the city. The best way to avoid any hassle is by choosing conventional transportation options.

Moving Around

Nanjing already is the home to rich diversity and culture; therefore, you will never get tired of exploring the city. Among the other cities in China, Nanjing is the one that features a blend of culture and modernism. From glam shopping malls to marvelous mountains, attractive valleys, you will get almost everything here. After exploring all these things, you will no doubt fall in love with the place. Out of all the other ways, one of the easiest and effective ways of exploring a city is foot walking. From tourist attractions to food stalls, you will be able to cover almost everything here.

The roads in the city are no doubt good, but if you have a long day ahead and have to cover more than two to three spots, then it is always a good idea to opt for rental cars. Rental cars would charge you almost US$80-US$120. Do not miss any tourist attractions if you want to know more about Nanjing. Historic monuments, cultural establishments, to popular food stalls, you will get almost everything here.


Nanjing is quite a huge city and if you choose to walk through the roads, then you will no doubt find it quite interesting. However, at times due to heavy traffic and crowd, you might find it difficult to walk through the roads. Hence, most people opt for renting cars or c=hire cabs. If you want to shop, then you can walk through the roads to avoid extra expenditure on rentals.


Bicycles are yet other common options to avoid the crowds and traffic. The main roads in the city remain crowded; therefore, make sure that you are riding bicycles through the lanes and alleys for convenience. Besides, to make traveling more responsible, it is best to opt for the sustainable modes of transport and for that bicycle is undoubtedly the best option.

Electronic Vehicles

The concept of electronic vehicles is quite popular in the city and you will see that most people driving electronic vehicles. Although not every vehicle here run on battery; however, the government is gradually taking steps to replace the gasoline vehicles with battery drove cars and buses. The reason behind taking this step is to reduce the pollution rates.

Public Bus

Public buses are also available in the city and you can always take it to travel to different locations. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is the rates. While the petrol-driven cars might charge you a nit high, the battery-driven buses will never charge high rates. Also, the public buses are cheap and a better option than the rented cars and cabs.

Tram, Train and Subway

As already mentioned the rail route is good in the city since if you want to travel from one city to another, opting for the train route is the best option. You will be able to avoid huge traffic and save time too. Bullet trains are also available in the city, which means, you can always travel comfortably.

Sustainable Shopping

The trend of sustainable shopping is not very popular in Nanjing since you will not find many shops selling eco-friendly products apart from souvenirs. However, if you are planning to get eco-friendly clothing options, then you might not get it. If you move away from the city and travel towards Beijing and Shanghai, then you might find sustainable shops selling many items. Shopkeepers here are quite cooperative and no matter what you want, they will provide with it.

Food Markets

You will come across many food markets in the city. If you want to take some signature foods and ingredients of Chinese dishes while going back home, do not forget to visit the food markets. From aromatic spices to raw cooking materials, you will get everything here. Once you explore the food market, you will come to know about the secret behind the finger-licking taste of the Chinese dishes. Some of the popular food markets in Nanjing are Fengle Green Food Co. Ltd, Emei Road Non-Staple food Market, etc.

Flea Markets

Flea markets are quite popular in the city and the biggest benefit is here you will get clothes, footwear, accessories, and even electronic goods at a cheap rate. You will come across innumerable flea markets in Nanjing. Overall, from fashion items to home decoration, you will get everything in the market. Here are some of the flea markets that you must checkout are Tangzi Street Flea Market, Chengnan Flea Market, and Nanjing Suhong Flea Market.

Second Hand Stores

Besides flea markets, there are many thrift stores as well, from where you can buy some outstanding items. From fashion staples to home decoration items, you will get almost everything here. Almost every corner of the city has more than three to four thrift stores. Locals in the city mostly tend to visit the flea markets and second-hand stores for shopping.


The concept of eco-fashion is not that popular in the city; therefore, you will not find many people shopping for eco-fashion. However, local brands are coming up with the trend of eco-fashion. You will get different types of organic fabric as well as knit materials and if you want, you can take them home as well.


Locals here are quite concerned about the environmental conditions; therefore, the government here has already started taking measures to prevent pollution. Recycling here has become a primary part of their lives. Many companies are there who have come with the concept of recycling.


The waste generation rate is quite low in the city since the pollution is under control. Both land pollution well as water pollution rate is comparatively less than the other cities in China. Over time, the government came up with various initiatives that helped to lower the waste generation amount in the city.

Work and Study Abroad

Students from around the globe come here to take admission in the colleges as well as universities. The reason behind this is that the city features some of the top-notch universities. Besides, the employment opportunity is high too. Many reputed MNCs are there who hire eligible candidates in their company too.

Exchange Student

Many colleges as well as universities offer exclusive scholarship programs to eligible students who are interested to continue with their further studies. Due to this reason, many students come here from every corner of the world to enroll in universities here.

Au Pair

Au pair is popular in the city, as women here believe in being independent. Therefore, half of the women are independent and believe in working. This service is quite popular since women having small kids at their houses need someone who would take care of the kids.


Nanjing is a city that preserves rich culture and heritage; therefore, many non-profit organizations are there who indulge themselves in upholding the dignity and culture. You will come across many NGOs as well as government organizations that look after the historical monuments as well as archaeological artifacts.

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