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Eco-friendly travel guide to Naples advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Naples, Italy.

  • Air quality: 2.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$50 - $400
  • Budget per day: US$91 - $600

Responsible Travel

Naples is a massive city located on the western coast of Italy confronting the Tyrrhenian sea. It is the third-largest city in Italy behind Rome and Milan and also the 7th most populous urban area in the European Union. It is situated nearby Mount Vesuvius, still an active volcano. It has one of the most massive economies in Italy. Due to the significant history of the region, it is full of historic buildings, churches, and a host of modern and incredible nightlife. It is known for its association with pizza. The natural beauty of Naples attracts lots of tourists from all over the world. Here are some ways how a tourist can be safe and enjoy their tour as a responsible tourist.

  • Responsible tourism includes making decisions that contribute to sustainable living and are considerate towards the environment. One of the best ways to contribute towards the environment is by walking and not using any vehicle. It not only reduces your carbon footprint but also is a helpful way to decrease the pollution levels of the city. You can walk around the islands of Capri, Ischia also Amalfi coast. By going on a walk you will contribute to nature by reducing unnecessary pollution by vehicles and you can go green and can healthily enjoy your tour and this way it will be a total win-win for both your health and mother nature health.
  • Supporting the local economy is also a great way of travelling responsibly. Instead of giving your money to MNC's who directly contribute to climate change and global warming due to their waste disposable methods, you should support local artisans. Not only are they supporting their families through family owned businesses or their craft, but their business practices are far more eco friendly. You are also supporting the local economy by doing so.

Other ways to travel responsibly include:

  • Do not litter
  • Use metal straws
  • Use public transport instead of hiring private taxis and private vehicles
  • Use a train or a bus for intercity travel instead of a plane

Air Quality and Pollution

The air quality can be acceptable for most individuals but people who belong to sensitive groups may experience minor to moderate symptoms in case of long exposure to the air. The quality of air is 9us AQI and pollutants of PM 2.5 with a concentration of 2.1µg/m3.

In terms of pollution, Naples is among the most polluted cities in Italy and is presently overlooking a lot of environmental and infrastructural issues. It fails in the waste compilation and recycling facilities. Nearly 80%of the Napoletana population lives in the central area, which makes congestion persist and pollution increases.

Nevertheless, it has a Mediterranean climate, which you can enjoy by going to the parks and enjoying the natural habitat by exploring more and more flora and fauna in support of the idea of recreation and encouraging people to go out and breadth fresh air.

Respect the Culture

Italy has a very rich culture. Italians are known around the world for their love for food. Be it pizza, pasta or Risotto and truffles, they've got it all. When it comes to experiencing and respecting the culture of a city, trying and appreciating the local food is definitely a huge part of it. Do not frown upon what is served to you and if it is not according to your taste you do not have to be rude about it.

The artistic significance of Naples is always represented by a sequence of festivals held in the city. Some of the most enjoyable festivals in the city which you will love are Festa di piedigrotta, in the memory of the famous Madonna of Piedigrotta, this is a series of musical events, workshops, religious events, and children events. If you are planning to visit Naples in September then you should attend this event.

Music and food play an important role in their culture which you must admire and also try to learn from. Visit the museums, theatres. watch plays and just have a grand time.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Underground Naples: It is a city in a city. You can see a vast network of tunnels, galleries, and trenches that were used by the men during the history of the city from several centuries before Christ until a few years after the end of the second world war, and still today at least in part. The most famous is the Napoli Sotterranea which has its entrance in Piazza San Gaetano, in the historic center of

Naples .it has initiated investigational botany for the underground world not only open for the people of Italy, foreigner, students or tourists but also for university researchers and botanists who use the hypogeum gardens for scientific attracts the scientific interest of organizations. This tour consists of 136 low and cozy steps, which start at 40 meters (120feet)underground. The caves here are very big and lit by candles, which attracts the tourists more.

  • Galleria Barbonica: A place full of the historic and magical atmosphere is kept secretly in a form of a tunnel. This ancient underground passage was constructed for military purposes to connect the Roy Palace with military barracks and now is a popular tourist spot that gives you an emotional journey that conducts visitors in the new section of underground Naples. This tunnel was built in 1853 by Ferdinand ll of you can see the handwritten, folding beds, the message of wish for those who love it, and still maintain its memories. To reach here we have a staircase with 8ramps, 33yards deep descending into the belly of Chiaia.
  • Catacombs di San Gennaro: Among all saints, San Gennaro, the patron saints of Naples have a special place here. In the 5th century, he was brought to Naples by bishop John l and buried in the catacombs, which now became a pilgrimage location.

The Catacomb of San Gennaro is organized in two phases, this is due to the workability and stability of the tuff. the huge spaces of its shapes welcome visitors into a timeless space. From the aspects of the tombs, we can gain an insight into the society of the time, especially with regard to the social status of the deceased. The over here is incredibly interesting, due to the presence of three layers of painted plasters which gives the impression of being repainted after the death of each individual.

  • The royal palace of Naples: The monument was designed by Domenico Fontaine(1543-1607), on a model of Renaissance style, The Royal Palace of Caserta is one of the largest royal residence in the world, later enlarged and decorated in the eighteenth century and nineteenth century. In 1919 the Royal Palace was transformed into a historical museum, associated with the national library, thus playing a major role in the cultural life of the city. It preserves the original decorations with its 1200 rooms in which the institutional and suggestive function take place. It is open from 9 am to 8 pm, except Wednesday.
  • Museo Archeologic Nazionale di Napoli: The Museo Archeologico Nazionale is one of the largest archaeological museums in the world, renowned for its collections of Roman antiquities. In 1861 the museum was renamed by the kingdom of Italy Museo Archeologico Nazionale, earlier it was known as Real Museo Borbonico here the collection of Naples archaeological museum constitutes over 3,000 artifacts, divided into 8 thematic sections, and exhibited in a permanent exhibition which spans four levels of the museum building. The events take place in the museums includes temporary exhibitions, conferences, seminars, and educational courses aimed at children. It also contains a reference library, a restoration workshop, a cafeteria, and two small gardens. Make more of it only open on Saturday and Sunday between 9:00 am 7:30 pm.
  • Via San Gregoria Armeno: Via San Gregoria is a fascinating lane between two of the most important city center streets: Spaccanapoli and Vei dei Tribunali. Via San Gregoria is known across Italy for its artisan shops selling handcraft pistori or native scene can find modern secular figurines from everyday characteristics such as dancers, footballers, politicians, and celebrities. This lane is full of artistic handicraft statuettes and tourist pursuing Nativity figurines for the entire year no matter what time you will come here you will find yourself surrounded by quaint old shops full of art and the actual exhibition starts around the Christmas holidays, usually, from the beginning of November to January 6 and especially on Christmas, it descends to full madness.
  • Lungomare Caracciolo: Lungomare Caracciola is a name taken from Via Caracciolo, this street is bordered by the sea of Naples. Whenever this long and beautiful road is closed to traffic, it becomes the most famous and most loved promenade in Naples.people can enjoy their pleasant and relaxing walk that no one can refuse on a sunny day. It offers a full view of Vesuvius, Capri, and therefore the charming Castel dell' Ovo. It is situated near the Villa Comunale public garden, with a playground and restaurants of each kind. Surrounded by the sea, locals consider it a nice spot to enjoy an authentic Neapolitan coffee or a great pizza.
  • Spaccanapoli: The name is a common usage meaning," Naples splitter". This name is derived because it is very long and from above it seems to divide that part of the city. It is the straight and narrow 2km (1 mi) main street that transverse the old, historic center of the city. The street begins from Piazza Gesu Nuova and moves beyond the confines of the old center of town, providing passage to numerous vital sights of the city. This street is full of crowded, colorful alleys full of shops, plastic rosaries, fresh seafood, and famous artisans workshop laboring the city's famous nativity scenes. Not to forget to visit the churches over here The church of Gesu Nuova with its diamond point facade, the church of Santa Chiara with its famous cloister that is decorated with tile-covered columns, portraits and the sculpture of the Veiled Christ are the delights future made here. It is one of the places in Naples where you must visit to observe this splendidly furious city in its daily life glory.
  • Castel dell' Ovo: Castle dell' Ovo is located on the prior island of Megaride, now a cape on the Gulf of Naples..the castle is nearly 200by 45 meters at its fullest, the causeway is approx 100 meters long and a popular location for newlyweds for his or her wedding photoshoot. Earlier it served to defend the city, as a prison and as a royal residence throughout its long history and now in present days the castle and several buildings inside are used for temporary exhibitions and other special events. While the castle is almost vacant, its location gives incomparable views over the Gulf of Naples with Mount Vesuvius behind. The entry is free and it's a great place to visit and feel the history of the city.
  • Teatro da San Carlo: Teatro da San Carlo originally named Teatro Reale di San Carlo by bourbon monarchy is an opera house in Naples. It is known for being a continuously effective venue for opera in the world, given rising in 1737. Architecturally, it carries a correspondence to other Bourbon buildings in the city. With the outstanding orchestra, the royal theatre is a magnet for everyone. It is a perfect place to spend some time enjoying every eternity. here you will be needing a guide for the tour. You can visit here from later January to May, and for the ballet season from April to early June. It has a seating capacity of 1,386 seats.
View from Lungomare Caracciolo


City Parks

  • Roger park:

The Roger park is located in the city of Naples, Florida. It's on 3rd Street South in Old Naples between Fifth Avenue and Third street south. As you will visit here you will notice all the beautiful well-organized trees and bushes and the gazebo. Also here's a small waterfall and a miniature nature trail on the end. Here You can enjoy your time by reading, relaxing or you can create art as the surrounding is very calm because it's just a few blocks from the beach, the pier and many of Naples other great attractions. You can also rent it for any special events like weddings and birthday parties.

  • Cambier park:

The Cambier Park was titled after William Cambier, an engineer instrumental in the growth of the city of Naples in 1926. This beautiful park is located in the prestigious 5th Avenue South, the heart of downtown Naples. Here you will see a unique playground for children which every child enjoys a lot. It has lots of greenery around it. It also has a lighted Basketball court, Norris Community center, Two Becce courts, a covered pavilion, and many more to explore.

  • Lowdermilk park:

Lowdermilk Park is one of Naples' premiers beachfront parks. This beautiful park provides you with a parking space, a concession stand, and a volleyball court. Also, they have two parks for the children. The park delivers good comfortability by providing picnic tables, benches, restrooms, and two gazebos for rent.

  • Baker Park:

Baker Park is located at 10 Riverside Circle spread across 15 acres in Naples. This park contains Kayak lunch and it also provides an outdoor fitness facility as it has its main building with a sunrise terrace. The playground is made for the children to play along with the picnic areas. And it also has a performance stage.

National Parks

Naples is enriched with a great quality of flora and delivers an incredible number of parks in the city, which people admire a lot and also get the opportunity to learn from the natural habitat. Here are some of the natural parks listed below for the concern of the readers.

  • Freedom Park:

This beautiful park, spread in 50 acres, was created in 19,2000 with the funds from Florida Communities' trust to create a water filtration system that would clean the stormwater where it enters the Gordon River which flows on the Naples Bay. Here the native wetland plants were added to clean the water by taking out pollutants and heavy metals. It has an adjacent parking lot with restrooms and a 2500square foot education facility with a restroom and picnic area. This park has a fantastic memorial that honors the military, first responders, and those who lost on 9/11.

  • Delnor Wiggins pass state park:

Delnor Wiggins pass state park offers easy access to a beautiful natural beach, perfect for families to visit. It's a pleasure to see the dolphins swimming near the shore. They provide enough space for car parking and which you like walking then it's a total pleasure for you as it has a short walk over the dunes of the beach. It takes care of total comfortability by providing proper restrooms and rising stations.

  • Clam pass park:

To get to the beach you need to walk through a lovely boardwalk. This beach is great for walking and swimming. The water over here is very clean and blue. Here you can see a lot of nature at one look. This is one of the best places that make people feel and happy just to be alive.

  • The Naples Preserve:

This preserve is beautifully made up of nine and a half acres of pine flatwood and rosemary scrub oak community that is one of the oldest ecological communities, one of the largest ecological communities of Florida. This is an incredible little natural area along with the Hedge family Eco center. The preserve gives a great opportunity to see natural habitats closely. here you can see native wildflowers, trees, birds, butterflies, snakes and many more. August and September are the peak month to enjoy the flora and fauna over here. There is a resource library where you can get lots of good books and can also attend scheduled environmental programs. It opens daily, you can enjoy a beautiful walk here discovering beautiful places.

  • Naples Zoo:

The Naples Zoo is spread across 43acres of land with a historic botanical garden. Here the exotic animals were added in the year 1969 by Larry and Jane Tetzlaff. The zoo has about 70species. The zoo is nationally accredited by the association of zoos and Aquariums(AZA) and is an institutional member of the American Association of Zookeepers. The zoo has almost every animal. The children specifically enjoy watching them. They have a money island which is enjoyed by the most.


Naples is situated on the southern coast of Italy confronting the Tyyherein sea. Being situated near a sea Naples has many beautiful beaches to offer. Here are some of the names which you will enjoy joining.

  • Gaibola Underwater Park:

The Goibola underwater park is a marine protected park established in 2002 along the Posillipo coast, in the northern Gulf of Naples. It is a fusion of technological, biological, and archaeological aspects inserted in one of the most beautiful coastal landscapes. Here you can enjoy the dazzling beauty of the underwater beauty. The best time to visit here is April, May, and June.its an interesting place for animals and plants to explore.

  • Antico Bango Favorita:

The Antico Bango Favorita is one of the first historical shores on the coast of Naples, since 1887. It is located in Ercolano, a beautiful town on the coast between Vesuvius and the sea. It is famous for the Herculaneum archaeological site.

  • Bangor Elena:

The main attraction for this beautiful beach is Palazzo Don'ana, one of the most recognizable buildings in the city. The beach attracts a large number of tourists though it is not that big but still has almost all the can easily get restaurants and hotels to is not that expensive. The best time to go here is in a warm period from July to September.

  • Miseno and Miliscola beaches:

The Miseno and Miliscola beaches are perfect for a day at a nominal price. Here you can choose between the fun and the aperitifs that offer the bathing establishment. The water is clean and blue, you can relax with your family and can enjoy it.


Naples may be a city that lives and breathes art and culture for hundreds of years. There are many artworks and monuments within the city. a number of them are listed here.

  • The giant's fountain:

The La giant's fountain was made within the seventeenth century by the Bernimu of Michelangelo Naccherino.The monument is additionally referred to as dell' Immacolatella, located between Via Partenope and via Nazario Sauro a couple of steps from the Castel dell Ovo. The fountain may be a real monument with 3 archer's and 4 pillar

  • The fountain of Neptune:

La fountain of Neptune we built around 1595 by Naccherino, Landi, Bernini, and Fontana and is found in Medina. The fountain consists of an outsized basin surrounded by a balustrade. On the steps of the fountain, there are four lions from which the water gushes. Two nymphs and two satyrs hold a cup on which Neptune stands with the trident in his hand at the center from which water gushes.

  • Porta Capuana:

Porta Capuna was built in 1484 and is found behind the Castel Capuano. In the past, it has been the gateway to the town. It has been named Capuana because it's oriented towards the town of Capua. Between the tower of virtue and therefore the Tower of the Honor, it consists of an elegant arch of white marble with decorations. Within the middle of the door is an engraved coat of arms of Charles V.

  • Piazza Municipio:

Piazza Municipio is found at the top of Via Medina, one of the most vital and most important tourist destinations in Europe. The square may be a semi-rectangular shape, during the square, you can see two monuments, the bust of Giuseppe Mazzini within the front and therefore the Equestrian monument that sees the statue of Partenope. In the north, we discovered the bank of Italy. Basilica of San Giacomo deli Spagnolion is on the western side., Maritime station on the east and Maschio Angioino within the south.


  • Museo Cappella Sandevero:

The Cappella Sansevero was built in 1590by John Francisco do Sangro, Duke of Torremaggiorefor the gratitude for recovering from a serious illness. In the 18th century, Prince Raimondo do Sangri remolded the funerary of Chapel to a house for his collection of art and unique objects. The Museo Cappella has over 30 precious pieces of art. The "Veiled Christ" one of the most unusual sculptures of Jesus can be seen here only along with many more interesting pieces of work found downstairs. People from all over the world come here which results in long queues but very well worth it wait to see some amazing sculptures.

  • The National Museum of San Martino:

The National Museum of San Martino was built in 1368 inside the Certosa di San Martino which is a large monastery complex. Here you can closely see and admire the history of Neapolitan culture. One of the most popular attractions in the museum includes Neapolitan presepe or nativity scenes, artwork, and sculptures from the 13th to 19th century and also can enjoy the stunning view of the city from the gardens.

  • Galleria Borbonica: During the second world war Galleria Borbonica served as a royal palace and bomb shelter to the army. The underground tunnels tell a lot about the military history of these tunnels and the role played during the war. You can discover many things that were used back in those times such as tanks, vintage bikes and other fascist statues.


As we all know Naples is the birthplace of pizza. here you will get the simplest authentic pizza. Traditionally the food focuses on simplicity and uses local ingredients. Naples isn't only about the best pizza, they have the best pasta and lots more to offer. In Naples, spaghetti tomato sauce may be a more traditional sauce than other red sauce. Being a coastal province, seafood is extremely popular throughout Campania. The Association Verace Pizza Napoletana regulates the pizza industry, worldwide. They supply a certificate to pizzareis everywhere they need to be certified as Napoli genuine pizza. A traditional Naples pizza oven is a wood-burning oven, in which each pizza is cooked for 90 seconds to 2minutes which makes them soft and elastic. and then the next step of adding the ingredients along with extra virgin olive oil, local tomatoes brings the original taste of authentic Naples style pizza. One of the best things about the Naples tour is to relish every unique and delightful Italian traditional food.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Pizzeria Starita:

It's one of the foremost loved pizzerias among both locals and visitors. It is renowned for its remarkable pizzas, top-quality ingredients, and most vital speedy service. As it's during a convenient location you'll expect long waiting times but the food is so delicious that the waiting is going to be worthwhile.

  • Da Caliendo:

Da Caliendo is a charming little restaurant with outstanding cooking and a terrace overlooking the Gulf of Pozzuoli. The food up here is unpretentious yet original and the location is also very beautiful. It is a favorable location for a romantic dinner. If you visit here in summer then you must reserve a table before.

  • L'etto:

If you are looking for somewhere affordable to eat there it's the best place for you. Here instead of paying a fixed price for a meal, customers pay for their food by weight created by the customers, which makes this restaurant an extremely trendy one. The food is tasty and the ambiance is nice and friendly.

Vegetarian and Vegan

In traditional Neapolitan restaurants, it is easy to find vegan options as the local food already includes plenty of plant bases dishes. Naples has a variety of vegan, vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants that believe in providing 100 percent vegan dishes. We have tried to share some of the names of vegan restaurants here.

  • O' Grin:

O' Grin is the first completely vegan restaurant opened in Naples and has been around for several years now and continues to be the first choice for the locals. They provide delicious and high-quality food and are always made with local ingredients.O' Grin uses eco-friendly packing and offers bike home delivery.

  • Cavoli Nostri:

Cavoli Nostri is famously known for being the first vegan Italian restaurant in Naples. The tasty and colorful dishes make it the most favorite among locals. The warm welcome by the staff is appreciated by the most. They offer the most local and fresh and change the menu according to the seasons. The most loved food here which makes people crazy is the deserts, including the fabulous tiramisu.

  • Sbuccia e Bevi-Green fruit Bar:

This is one of the most fully-fledged vegan restaurants. If you have a tight budget then this is the place you can go, here prices are very affordable and portions are large. Vegan baba is one of the most popular dishes.

  • Officina Vegan:

Officina Vegan is a small place located in the historic center of Naples. High quality, organic ingredients are used for a pretty low cost. The main focus is on healthy but tasty vegan cuisine. Everything is homemade, including some tasty food like tofu and seitan. If you are a bit tired of pizza and pasta then this is a good place to come.

Street Food

Neapolitan cuisine features a lot of food recipes perfect to be eaten on the road. Only in Naples, you'll taste the simplest pizza within the world and eat on your way. Some of the favorite places to eat street food in Naples is mentioned here.

  • Pizzeria Decumani:

Pizzeria Decumani is found within the famous street Via dei Tribunali, the heart of the historic center of Naples may be a continuous flow of tourists, music, art, and entertainment. Pizzeria Decumani offers 45 different pizzas with classical and new creations with the true Neapolitan taste.

  • Elettroforno Giulia:

If you are someone who prefers a quick bite to eat or who simply relies on the quality of the products, then this is a good recommendation for you. Elettroformo Giulia delites its customers with brioches, graffe, Greece and freshly prepared grilled sandwiches, and many more.

  • I love Mortadella:

I love Mortadella, the first takeaway of portabella, born in Naples. It was an excellent idea by a Neopolitan Businesswoman who transformed her place into a food market with an ancient recipe.'La Mortadella', handling the old tradition to a new generation. The local products enhance the taste of our portabella by developing new tastes and recipes.


Although Neapolitans are not so into drinking, Naples still features a lot to supply an increasingly varied selection of venues. Here you will easily locate well-worn wine bars and tons of options directed on craft beer, cocktails and even especially coffee.when in Naples you must give a try to local coffee culture.

Some of the good places to enjoy drinks are

  • Barril
  • Spazio Nea
  • Spazio Intolab
  • Caffe Gambrinus
  • Soul rubs
  • Ba- bar


The city of Naples is unconcernedly situated near Vesuvius, still, an active volcano that destroyed Pompeii and Herculaneum. Naples also has Phalegraem fields, an underground caldera that forms the Bay of Naples. And the water found in these areas is filtered through volcanic rocks, it not only is stripped of harmful elements but also gleans beneficial minerals in the process.

The water of Naples and Campania are appreciated by the physicians, pizzaiolo, pasta makers, and housewives for its mineral content and medicinal properties.

It is also believed that in the late 19 century, Neapolitan water played a crucial role in the birth of pizza. To this date citizens of Naples drink tap water.

Organic Cafés

Naples has something to offer to all. It takes care of the catering of all the segment of people including who prefer organic food Here are some of the organic cafes in Naples.

  • Cafe Nutrients
  • Food & Thought
  • True food kitchen.
  • The local
  • The Bowl.


Some of the best place for a group seeking breweries in Naples include:

  • Naples Beach Brewery
  • RipTide Brewing Company
  • Bone Hook Brewing.
  • Holler horn Distilling


Naples is a city with an upscale history and a unique climate and also numerous interesting experiences to be had. Every year, about 300 thousand people visit Naples in winter and fill the street with a bustle. You can't visit Naples without taking in all nature. There are numerous ways to enjoy nature here, you'll accompany natural things to try to do in Naples besides going to the beach. Another must-visit in Naples is Naples Zoo which has great wildlife and botanical exhibits. Another non-aquatic activity Naples is legendary for is understood as golf! There are over 90 golf courses within the area. Golfers particularly just like the Tiburon Golf Club. Serious players should visit a number of the resorts.

Yoga and Retreats

Naples is not only an excellent beach getaway but also a well-liked spiritual destination. This is often one among the modest destinations to urge your mind off of your busy life and treat yourself by internal relaxation. The yoga retreats offer planned yoga programs, classes, and various types of yoga.

Some of the yoga retreats in Naples are:

  • Heartwood Yoga Institute and Retreat center
  • Zen Den Yoga School
  • Happiness yoga retreats
  • Amrit yoga retreats.
  • Stressless yoga.


Naples is today one of the foremost Mediterranean port cities. It hosts almost half of a million tourists each year. And providing accommodation for such a floating population is a must. Customers have many options here, they can choose any hotel, guest house, apartments according to the duration and the need for space.

Green Hotels

  • Hotel Cristina:

Hotel Cristina is at a short distance from the city center with easy access to the main means of transport and the Highway. The property is a considerable accommodation choice for business and leisurely purposes. They have advanced technology systems, aimed to reduce energy consumption, environmental sustainability is one of the properties main features. On the ground floor, they have a conference room that allows arranging a business meeting.

  • NH Napoli Panorama: The NH Napoli Panorama, earlier known as NH Napoli Ambassador, is situated in the historic heart of Naples. The view from the hotel is excellent and you can enjoy the view of the Sorrentine Peninsula and the island of Capri sitting in your room. You will get excellent housekeeping and cleaning service.
  • Green park hotel: Green Park hotel is a three-star hotel boosted into vegetation and located in the beautiful Camaldoli hill. The Green Park Hotel offers modern service and a comfortable environment. They have a colorful garden and private car parking space.

Hostels and Guest Houses

  • Le Monaco Condo at Olde Naples:

Le Monaco Condo at Olde Naples is situated at a beautiful location at just 400m from Fifth Avenue South. They feature accommodation in Naples with access to a garden, a tennis court. They provide 1bedroom, 1 bathroom, and an equipped kitchen with a microwave.

  • Cozy lakefront home:

In a beautiful location, this tastefully decorated and furnished 3bedroom 2bath lakeside pool home with gorgeous panoramic Berenice views of the lake and greenery. Have a bright open floor with a beautiful ceiling and hardwood flooring in the kitchen and living area. They provide a bright, airy queen-size bedroom beautifully decorated and with a pleasant atmosphere.have its heated private pool that is safely enclosed and take care of the child's safety.

  • New upscale home:

New Naples upscale home is located in the highly popular Naples Park residential area. It is at a three-minute distance of beautiful Vanderbilt beach. The house is exceptionally well equipped and the owner provides numerous supplies including paper plates, napkins, cleaning supplies, laundry, shop, etc. The 2 bedroom has a queen-sized bed with a luxury mattress and bedding. Being a Naples park neighbor it's a very quiet and safe place to relax.


If you are visiting Naples for a long period and wants to save on hotel accommodations, then you can live in private apartments. It is cheaper to live in apartments, although you won't be getting a lot of space, garage or gardens the bills are reasonable as some expenses are shared with other people in apartments. And also everyone is equally responsible for the maintenance so you will get some helping hand.

You can choose the apartment as per your expenses and the space you want. But the one thing which everyone should consider an important thing is to inspect the house before you shift in so that you don't face any problems later.


Online you can get a lot of Couchsurfing mates whom you can pay to share the house, you can check their profile first and then can ask for the stay. but it is very important to choose your host carefully to be safe. and must-read the description properly of the stuff you will be getting.


Naples has a lot to offer and worth visiting. Besides aquatic activates and enjoying floods in restaurants, one of the best way to enjoy is by camping Some of the recommended camping options are :

  • Chalet Lidia
  • Castagnaro Compound
  • Grand Hotel Vesuvio
  • Don Felipe

How to Get There

Naples attracts a huge amount of tourists. People from all over the world visit Naples if you too want to go to Naples, here are some of the easiest ways of getting into the city.


Naples International airport: Naples international airport offers Naples along with the Southern Italian province of Campania. It is the fifth busiest airport in Italy and the first one in Southern Italy. It is 2,641 m long with a surface of Bitumen and carries almost 10,860,068 runs 24hours/day.


There are several long-distance intercity buses run by regional companies. In 2015, the British company Megabus launched daily interview bus service on several domestic routes. Flixbus also serves routes in Italy both domestic and international.


A major part of the Italian is managed and operated by a state-owned company known as Ferrovie Dello Stato Italian. The regional government owned most of the public entities. Travelers who often use railways might use Rail passes, such as European interrail or Italy's national and regional passes. The adults, who travel as a group can get a saving of 20% by using these passes.


Like any other part of the world, Hitching is quite common practice in Naples also. While hitchhiking it is very important to be alert and be safe from the robberies. The best place for hitchhiking in this area is at the gas station.


As Naples is situated beside a sea, people also use the boat as a means of transport to travel to most islands. You can also use car, motorbikes or taxis for moving around.

Moving Around

Naples has a lot of places to visit and You can use different transport for different locations. And here are some of the means of transport you can prefer in Naples


Walking around Naples is a good idea but make sure your safety is a top priority. Always keep in mind drivers in Naples view red light as suggestions and not as a rule. Ensure to take all necessary precautions before crossing the road, always look both ways and try to stick with a crowd while doing so.


If you want to cut your expenses for travelling then you can use a bicycle for visiting nearby places. Here you can get bicycles easily on rent for a nominal price. And riding bicycles is always good for your health and for the environment, too.

Electronic Vehicles

The European Investment Bank announced an investment in a new fleet of 40 electric trains for the railway network serving Naples and it's province.

Public Bus

People in Naples use buses as the most familiar means of transport. Piazza Garibaldi is the main terminus for almost all Neapolitan buses.

Tram, Train and Subway

The Naples tramway network is located within the city of Naples. In operation since 1875, the network has waned in size and vitality over the years. It is now 11.8km long and comprises three routes.

Sustainable Shopping

Here are a few places for the people who loves doing sustainable shopping :

  • Oblomova
  • Fashion victim store
  • Geox
  • Gucci
  • Timberland
  • Lush

Food Markets

Naples is very famous for its food. The city has many good food markets to serve people. Some of the famous food markets in the city include:

  • Mercato pignasecca
  • Mercatino Antigone
  • Municipal market
  • Torretta market
  • Mini market Trinita

Flea Markets

The people who can't afford items from the big shopping malls, Naples have something for them too. Here you can see many flea markets having items at low prices.

Some of the flea markets are:

  • St paul's Farmer market
  • Third Street South Farmers market
  • Flamingo Island Flea Market
  • Three60 market

Second Hand Stores

Second-hand items are the things that anyone can easily afford. Here are some of the second-hand markets and stores in the city:

  • Plato's Closet Naples
  • SHARE Napoli
  • Retrophilia Vintage Clothing
  • Fashion Victim Store
  • Boudoir Boutique



The city provides once a week curbside recycling service for both single-family and joint family. Some acceptable recyclable are;

  • Glass: Soda bottle, beer bottle, liquor, and wine bottles, glass jars.
  • Aluminum: Soda and beer cans, aluminum pie pans.
  • Metal: Food cans containing mist, fruit, vegetable, juice, and tuna cans
  • Plastic: Milk jugs, detergent, and bleach bottles, soda bottles. Make sure they are rinsed and free of debris.
  • Paper: Newspaper, magazines, paperback and hardcover books, brown white-colored paper bags, phone, junk mail, cracker, pasta,
  shoe boxes.


In 1994, Campania formally declared a state of emergency which ended in 2008, however the crisis has caused many negative impacts on the environment. The main problem in the waste management system is due to the lack of garbage dumping in and around the city of Naples.

Work and Study Abroad

Italy has a 932-year-old academic tradition as an international and the students commuting from different parts of the world take many advantages from them. Many students come here to learn Italian art. There are a lot of courses to do, you just need to look for the work which you want to do.

Exchange Student

Naples is the third-largest city in Italy and also the Capital of the Campania region. And so it attracts a lot of students every year. The University which attracts a lot of students is The University of Naples Federico Il is the oldest public university in the world.

Au Pair

In Naples becoming an Au Pair is a good idea to immerse yourself in Italian culture and family. Not only will you get to understand some fundamentals points of the native culture on an intimate level, but will also get great experiences in childcare at the same time.


119 organizations in Naples would welcome the help of volunteering. We have tried to mention some of the names.

  • Let's High school
  • Collier County Museum
  • Florida Lions Eye Clinic
  • Brooke's Legacy Animal Rescue
  • Literacy Council of Bonita Springs
  • Cancer Alliance of Naples INC

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