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Eco-friendly travel guide to Novi Sad advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Novi Sad, Serbia.

The skyline of Novi Sad during Sunset

  • Air quality: 3.75 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.5 / 5
  • Parks: 3.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$20 - $100
  • Budget per day: US$35 - $150

Responsible Travel

Novi Sad is the capital city of the autonomous province of Vojvodina and the second-largest city in Serbia. You can find the town on a map in the Southern part of the Pannonian Plain, on the border of the Srem and Backa geographical region. The city is located at the Danube Riverbank, facing the northern parts of Fruska Gora.

Novi Sad is especially famous for the Exit Music Festival and the Danube River cruises. Some of the best musicians around the world participate in the Exit Music Festival. Just like the rest of Serbia, Novi Sad also stands with its rich history and cultural diversity.

Here are some responsibilities to remember as a tourist:

  • Support the local tourism industry in every way possible. This will help people who work on grass root levels and have a direct impact on them.
  • Choosing the right transport method: A major part of your travel experience is discovering every nook and cranny of the city. While you will have transport options like private cars and taxis at your disposal you need to know that not only do they contribute to more congestion and traffic pollution but also emit harmful gases into the environment. So, choose options like walking, cycling, electronic and public transportation in general.
  • Support all clean city and clean water-sanitation projects: Throw your trash in its designated place, instead of everywhere on the streets. As an eco-friendly traveler, you need to promote green as much as possible in the city to motivate not only fellow tourists but local people. When you visit any tourists attractions especially city parks, make sure you do not throw any food wrapper and do not just stop at that but if you see any trash, pick it up and throw it in the dustbin.
  • If possible, volunteer in local programs: Help them make the city a better place. It will help you understand the struggles of local people as well and you can interact with them on a personal level.
  • Help the economy by buying certain things from local markets: During your trip to the city, you will come across small shops and food stalls in almost every lane of the city. If you want to have an unforgettable experience in the city, then buy goods and foods from these shops. This will not only help you to save a lot of money but you will be supporting a lot of local people who are dependent on their small businesses to earn a livelihood.
  • Be patient and respect the local cultural diversity: Talk to the residents, learn about them, and then let others know about the place they may never know without visiting the city.

Air Quality and Pollution

According to recent reports, the AQI of Novi Sad is 74 to 80, moderate in pollution. Besides, the climate of the city is continental with hot summers and cold winters. Because of the northern location, Novi Sad is exposed to cold spells, which is why you can feel chills in winter. The best time to visit the city is Spring or Autumn; to be more precise, May, June, and September. The weather is pleasant during these months, but you may need sweaters or a jacket after the evening. On the other hand, July and August are pretty hot here. You can even witness extreme hot days.

Respect the Culture

Did you know that Novi Sad is going to be the guest Serbian city, which will be recognized as the European Capital of Culture in 2021? Novi Sad's vibrant culture greatly affects Belgrade's economy, which is Serbia's capital.

From the 19th to early 20th century, Novi Sad used to be the capital of Serbian culture, and at that time, the city was known as Serbian Athens. Most Serbia's renowned poets, novelists, jurists, and publishers used to live or work in Novi Sad, and many of the world-famous names emerged from the city. Novi Sad has always given music a massive space in its heart. The city has several folk song societies known as Kulturno-umetnicko drustvo or KUD.

Since 2000, the Exit Music Festival is held in Novi Sad, and since then, it is one of the biggest music summer festivals in Europe. Sterijino pozorje theatre festival, Zmaj Children Games, Novi Sad Jazz Festival, International Novi Sad Literature Festival, etc are some of the other cultural events in Novi Sad.

Serbia Fashion Week also takes place in Novi Sad twice a year. There are also several art events in Novi Sad around the year.

The people here are very friendly and creative. They will welcome you heartwarmingly; eventually, you will be amazed after getting to know them. Serbian, Hungarian, and Slovak are the languages spoken here.

A big part of exploring the culture of Novi Sad will include visiting the local theatres like the one pictured above: Sterijino pozorje theatre

Top 10 Places to Visit

This second-largest city of Serbia is quite different from what people expect from a chaotic capital city. What attracts people is the unique History and architectural value of the city. Novi Sad is one of the worth visiting places in Serbia. Have a look at the following list and don't miss anything:

  • Storm Petrovaradin's Fortress: This place is the most visited tourist place in Novi Sad, but ironically, this fortress's location is not exactly inside the city. Petrovaradin's Fortress lies on the other side of the Danube River and is inherently linked to Novi Sad. The fortress is known for festivals today, and the EXIT Festival also takes place here every summer.
  • Novi Sad Synagogue: It is a great Art Nouveau building. Synagogue's building is the most impressive in the city, and it is one of the many cultural institutions in the city. It has served the local Neolog congregation. This historical landmark witnessed all the tragedies Novi Sad has gone through. Today, the Synagogue stands as a symbol of defiance and pride in the city.
  • The Family: The raid victims' monument: It is said that this place is the saddest in the entire town. The monument here is called "The Family." It was made to pay homage to the victims who lost their lives in the atrocious act committed by Hungarian soldiers during WWII. Serb, Jewish, and Roma families were forced to walk on the Frozen Danube, and the Hungarian Soldiers fired at the ice so that it could break, and then thousands of people drowned and died. This raid happened for three days in January.
  • Tamburasi: This might be an old school bar in Novi Sad, but if you don't pay at least one visit to Tamburasi, you wouldn't know what it means to be in Novi Sad. This is the place where you get to hear the lovely sounds of Tamburitza music. It's the national instrument of Vojvodina. Tamburitza's music and idyllic music are something that you will not fully understand without the wine and Ambience of Tamburasi.
  • Freedom Square (Trg Slobode): Freedom Square or Liberty Square is Novi Sad's city center, bordered by the two most impressive Historical buildings of the city. One is the Neo-Gothic Catholic Cathedral, and another one is the Neo-Renaissance town hall. Both stand in Freedom Square, at the opposite of each other. And in the middle, there is the statute of Novi Sad's greatest politician, Svetozar Miletic. He was a former mayor of Novi Sad. It's the most famous meeting place in the city, and several cultural events and festivals occur here.
  • Bishop's Palace: At the end of Zmaj Jovina Street, and in a short distance from the Bishop's place, there stands the Bishop's Palace. This palace is the result of the hard work of Vladimir Nikolic. But according to some locals, the project was attributed to Hungarian architect Ferenc Raichle. However, in the front of the building, you will see a statute of Novi Sad's greatest poets, Jovan Jovanovich Zmaj. Did you notice the similarity between his name and the street's name?
  • Quay Promenade: Quay along the Danube River is something that you don't get to see now and then. This impressive walkway is almost five km long, and this is a place where you can feel the actual essence of Novi Sad. You will find three tracks for walking and cycling, and while passing it, you will see three bridges, Varadin Bridge, Road-railway bridge, and Liberty bridge. Also, you will get a fantastic view of the Petrovaradin Fortress from Quay. Spend time by playing football, basketball on the court, or just chill on the bench.
  • Chinese quarter: You might be thinking about the Chinese quarters you have seen before, but this one in Novi Sad is slightly different. It is a former factory complex which is now one of the amazing venues for cultural events in Novi Sad, such as concerts, parties, rehearsals, movie festivals, various performances, food and beer festivals, volunteering center, etc. From the city center, this place is just 15 minutes by bus. It's a beautiful place; you can just spend some time here and enjoy yourselves.
  • The Cathedral: It's a Roman Catholic Parish Church, standing in Novi Sad since 1895. It is the largest church in Novi Sad with colorful, decorated tiles on the roof and equally beautiful glass windows. Being such a large and beautiful place, today it's a popular meeting spot.
  • Gallery of Matica Srpska: This is one of the largest and oldest galleries in Serbia and is located in the central zone of Novi Sad. In October of 1847, this gallery was established. Later in 1979, this building was declared a Monument of Culture of Great Importance. Since 1958, the gallery of Matica Srpska has acted as an independent institution. The collection here is mostly the paintings from almost all periods of the national history of art.
Architectural Marvel that is the Novi Sad Synagogue


Novi Sad is Serbia's one of the prettiest regions with unique Architecture and gorgeous villages in terms of beauty. It's a city of music, young people full of life, and of course, great nightlife. In time, you will be able to mix the people here, and as a responsible tourist, you must keep the city clean and lively, as it is today!

City Parks

Here are some of the famous city parks in Novi Sad:

  • Danube Park: It's an urban park located in the downtown of Novi Sad. In the 19th century, the area of today's Danube Park was an arm of the Danube, and it was that a large bog was supposed to be created here, but during 1895, they decided to create a park here. The muddy, sandy watery land was covered with earth, except a little body water, which is the lake today. Here you will see 600 different trees and more than 7000 decorative plants. Several animals are in the park, and birds are all over the place; several unique sculptures are there, overall it's a fantastic park.
  • Zeleznicki Park: It's a beautiful city park in Novi Sad. There are beautiful trees all around the park, and there is a lovely walkway sheltered by trees. There is a playground for kids, and there are benches where you can just enjoy the light breeze and enjoy your time. Several events also take place here.
  • Lemanski Park: Limanski Park is quite famous among locals. They say if the greenery fades away, inside the park, it can be replaced. There is a skating ground, playground, and dog course in the park. The park is also quite large, and apart from various trees, you can see fantastic lighting here.
  • Futoski Park: Being a little dislocated from the center, and the park is less crowded than the others, which is why it's an excellent place for a relaxing or a calm walk. You will also see hundred-year-old pine trees here. Beautiful bending walkways make the park even more photogenic. There is a small playground and an excellent restaurant here.
Danube Park or Dunavski Park is an urban park in the downtown of Novi Sad, the capital of the Vojvodina Province, Serbia. Formed in 1895, it is protected as the natural monument and is one of the symbols of the city

National Parks

Fruska Gora is the leading national park in Novi Sad.

Fruska Gora national park is one of the top tourist destinations in Novi Sad. This oldest Serbian national park can be found in the southern part of Novi Sad. It stands on a forest-covered hill area between Danube and Sava rivers. Once upon a time, it was an island in the Pannonian Sea, and today you cannot find any other place with such natural beauty and peaceful landscape. Wild boar, deer, pine martens, etc., are some are of the wildlife spotted here regularly. Apart from greenery and animalistic value, this place also carries plenty of culture of Novi Sad. For example, Fruska Gora is one of Serbia's central wine-making regions.

Apart from Fruska Gora, there are three other National parks you can visit in Serbia which include:

  • Tara National Park
  • Kopaonik National Park
  • Djerdap National Park
Fruska Gora is sometimes also referred to as jewel of Serbia due to its beautiful landscape protection area, nature and its picturesque countryside


Here are the only beaches in Novi Sad:

  • Strand: Though Strand beach was opened officially in 1911, it started attracting people several years before. The meaning of the name 'Strand' is a beach in Germany. Today, it's common for locals to hang out here , party, sun-bathe in summer, swim, gather in general and just chill. The beach also contains a playground where children can enjoy themselves.
  • Oficirac: Located at the right banks of the Danube, Oficirac is a wild beach. There is not much that you can ask from a wild beach, but Oficirac is an impressive one. There are little Serbian styles, pop-up bars, and a few cafes here. It's an excellent place for sunbathing, swimming, rafting, etc. It is one of the chilled places in Novi Sad.
  • Sodros: It's a very quiet beach in Novi Sad, especially good for fishing. Glamorous is not exactly the word for this place, but if you want to calm yourself and escape the city crowd, then it's perfect for you. For instance, if you are looking for a place in Novi Sad for your morning yoga, Sodros is precisely what you need.
Strand beach in Novi Sad filled with locals and tourists


The mixture of cultural vibrancy and straight-laced piety makes Novi Sad so attractive. When you are planning to visit this amazing city, don't forget the following landmarks,

  • Petrovaradin Clock Tower: Petrovaradin Clock Tower was built high above one of the compound gates. You will get a glorious view of the Novi Sad along with the Danube River from this place. This clock tower's primary purpose was to let the Fishermen know the time from a long distance. Today it's a famous landmark in Novi Sad and a common meeting place too, here you can just sit on a bench and enjoy the beauty of the city!
  • St George's Cathedral: It is Novi Sad's main Orthodox Church, though you cannot even predict this from outside. The architecture is kind of a Baroque revival; like the rest of the city, the actual 18th-century building was completely destroyed in the 1848 revolution. But the inside us flourishing as it gets. You will first see the iconostasis framing 33 icons with two epic throne icons in the center. Don't forget to visit the Church's frescos by a Serbian artist, Stevan Aleksic.
  • Mileva Maric- Einstein's house: Once, this was the family home of Mileva Maric, Serbian mathematician and Albert Einstein's first wife. In 1907, this couple used to live here. It's a long building with a baroque facade, built-in 1907. In late 2018, the house was renovated.
  • Dunavska Street: It's an east to west partly pedestrianized thoroughfare, lined with townhouses and stately mansions. As long as the city is standing, residents are coming to Dunavska Street to amble and meet people. The buildings lined along the streets are mostly from the middle of the 19th century, and among them, some are even Novi Sad's protected cultural monuments. All of them are painted in pastel shades, and many of them host boutiques, bookshops, cafes, etc.
  • Varadin Bridge: This Bridge can take you to the Petrovaradin fortress. But apart from playing the role of a simple bridge, Varadin is itself a beautiful landmark. This is one of the bridges that still carry the ancient architecture, which is exactly what makes it an antique. Especially at night, the bridge looks even more beautiful for the lighting. It can be a great meeting spot before a romantic date.
The view of Petrovaradin Clock Tower during sunset


Novi Sad is a place of rich history. Therefore it is evident that the city has various memories to store. However, if you want to know about Novi Sad's records, visit the following museums:

  • City Museum of Novi Sad
  • Museum of contemporary art Vojvodina
  • Muzej Vojvodine
  • Novi Sad city Museum Petrovaradin Fortress
  • The Gallery of Matica Srpska
The 19th century furniture in the City Museum of Novi Sad


Serbian cuisine's roots lay in Serbian History, consisting of several years of cultural contact with the Ottomans, the Byzantines, Yugoslavia, and Serbia's Balkan neighbors. Authentically, Serbi's food was influenced strongly by Mediterranean and Byzantine Cuisine along with Ottoman and a pinch of Central European cuisine.

Gibanica, Cevapi, Pljeskavica, Paprikas, Karadordeva, Goulash|gulas, etc., are Serbia's national dishes. Serbia gathered its styles and elements of cooking from the Middle East and Europe and developed its unique gastronomy consisting of an outstanding balance of rich meats, cheese, vegetables, desserts, and pastries. That's why seasonal food is a crucial element of Serbia's cuisine.

To taste the authentic Serbian food and Vojvodina cuisine, look at the following list of some of the best restaurants and cafes in Novi Sad.

Gibanica is a traditional pastry dish popular all over Serbia and the Balkans. It is usually made with cottage cheese and eggs

Traditional Local Restaurants

Being the largest city in the region, Novi Sad has gathered a few excellent restaurants in the city. Here is the list of some of the authentic Restaurants:

  • Alaska Terasa
  • Restaurant complex vidikovac
  • Zar Mance
  • Zlatiborsko kod Vukse
  • Astal Saren
  • Solace New Way
  • Balkan Express 021
  • Restaurant Fontana
  • Kafanica

Vegetarian and Vegan

Many foreigners consider Serbia as a place of meat-eaters, but gradually, things are changing. Today, Novi Sad is also another participant who believes in increasing the trend of healthy nutrition globally. Here are some of the vegan restaurants that play an essential role in this initiative:

  • Plant power
  • Ananda
  • Bananas Veggie & Raw Cuisine
  • Vege & Vegan
  • LA fresh
  • HeyDay

Street Food

Here are some of the places where you can try Novi Sad's street food:

  • Frustuk bar
  • Rekalibracija Veganski Restoran
  • Banjalucki Cevap
  • Pizzeria Sedmica
  • Donna Fast Food
  • Stevca Soul Food


Among the non-alcoholic drinks, Domestic coffee is consumed most commonly in Serbia. The interesting fact about authentic Serbian coffee is, it is mostly prepared at home, rather than buying from coffee shops. Along with coffee, locs prefer ratluk, slatko, and raki. Serbians prefer herbal tea after yoga and meditation.

The national alcoholic drink here is Rakija, a traditional fruit brandy. You will find several varieties in the city, typically named after the fruit that is used. Loza, made from grapes, is another national drink in town.

Did you know that Serbia is internationally recognized as a huge wine producer? Nearly 110,000 hectares of vineyards, located in Serbia, and south Serbia is the leading wine producer.

Here are some of the places which you can choose as your drinking destinations in Novi Sad:

  • Berliner Pub
  • Club Capone
  • City Pub
  • Irish Pub Red cow
  • IBeer Concept Bar
  • Rakija Spirit Bar
  • Lelia Records


According to reports, the tap water in Novi Sad is completely Safe. But still, if you are not satisfied, check the travelers' rating and maintain local contact about this matter. For precaution, carry bottled mineral water with you. Knjaz Milos is the most bought mineral water brand in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Organic Cafés

Here are some of the best organic cafes in Novi Sad:

  • Greenet
  • Fish & Zelenish Mediterranean Restaurant
  • HeyDay
  • Veliki Cafe Restaurant
  • Pogon Coffee Bar
  • Office Café


After the Rakija and Wine, beer is a recent favorite among locals; even the beer popularity is suppressing the national drinks! Apatinska pivara is the largest brewery in the country. Here are some of the others in town:

  • Beer Store
  • Beerokrate
  • 3bir Brewery & taproom
  • Pivoteka 77


Novi Sad, The capital city of Vojvodina, is quite different from Belgrade. It is even more colorful and well-decorated than any other Balkans city with more qualitative and intriguing architecture.

When we are talking about activities in Novi Sad, it's not necessary to mention that a walking tour of the city is the most fun of all. Apart from that, the city has a lot more to offer; check out the following things you can do in Novi Sad:

  • Taste wine in Sremski Karlovci
  • Dunavski Rafting
  • Bike Riding
  • Kayaking & Canoeing
  • Hiking at Fruska Gora
  • Spend time or plan a picnic in Dunavski Park
  • Soak the sun in Strand
  • Learn to play Picigen
  • Participate in the Festival of Street Performers takes place around August
  • EXIT Music Festival: Take part in the major festival in town
  • Feel the jazz at Foxtrot Club
The beautiful Sremski Karlovc where you can go for a wine tasting

Yoga and Retreats

After an adventurous day and a fun-packed night in Novi Sad, nothing can be more rewarding than a yoga retreat session. It is the best way to let all of your stress go and just feel refreshing and calm. Here are some of the best yoga studios in Novi Sad. Don't forget to have a cup of Novi Sad's famous herbal tea after a great yoga retreat.

  • Yoga one
  • Joga u svakodnevnom zivotu
  • Hipokrat Joga Studio
  • Zen
  • Elli Yoga Studio
  • Sun Yoga Center


Look into the following list and find out where you are going to stay in Novi Sad:

Green Hotels

Here are some of the best green hotels in Novi Sad:

  • Green Apartment
  • Green Bell
  • Sheraton Novi Sad
  • Sole Mio
  • Addiko Bank Hotel Park

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels and Guesthouses are the best options when you are thinking about a sustainable trip. Besides, sustainability is one of the crucial objectives of responsible travel. So, to support you, we have made a list consisting of the best hostels and guest houses in Novi Sad. Have a look:

  • Exit Labirint Center
  • Hostel Nomad
  • City Hostel
  • A&A
  • Hostel Milkaza
  • Villa Nord
  • Guest House Maja
  • Tal Centar


Finding apartments is relatively easy in Novi Sad, as there are several options. Being one of the busiest tourist cities, Novi Sad also has apartments, especially for tourists. All you need to do is just go online and book an apartment. Staying in an apartment can also save a lot of your money, unlike any hotel.


Couchsurfing basically means living with a host family- strangers, till today, which is not easily acceptable by everyone. On the other hand, most of the residents do not agree with the concept of allowing a stranger to live with them in their own house. But things are changing. Standing in 2020, Couchsurfing is slowly getting its participants from all around the world; especially students are showing interest in this context.

An online community named, consisting of such people who support Couchsurfing. If you log in to their website, you will indeed find some interesting people. Contact them and save a lot of money with Couchsurfing.


Choose a campsite from the following list and enjoy living in the lap of nature in Novi Sad.

  • Fruska Gora
  • Coffeecamp-Kovilj
  • Satoriste Sambor
  • Campingplatz Zasavica
  • Salad Farma 47 Miris Dunja

How to Get There

The Riverside city, Novi Sad, stands in an exceptionally advantageous position between Budapest and Belgrade, which is why the city is easily reachable from some of the major cities. Here's how you can get to Novi Sad.


Till 2021, the Novi Sad airport was not open to civilians. Belgrade is the nearest airport to Novi Sad; it is less than an hour's ride to Novi Sad's city center. Belgrade airport is the most convenient when coming to Novi Sad or Serbia. Primarily because it is the closest, and when you come from other airports, you have to cross land borders, costing you both time and money.

Nikola Tesla Airport of Belgrade


Novi Sad's bus transportation is quite extended. The city is connected with all the major cities in Serbia by bus. Every 15minutes you will find buses for Belgrade. The town's bus station is located right next to the railway station, in Bulevar Jase Tomica 6.

A suburban bus in Novi Sad


The railway line connects Novi Sad with Budapest, Belgrade, and Subotica. The railway station is located 2km north of Novi Sad city center.

Železnice Srbije class 441 on its way towards Novi Sad


Hitchhiking is nowadays quite famous among youngsters, especially students. It's easy to get to Novi Sad by Hitchhiking as it is connected to all the major cities around it. But you have to be very conscious while hitchhiking. Most importantly, try to avoid Hitchhiking at night fully.


You can quickly get to Novi Sad in a car by just writing off the E-75; It connects Belgrade and Budapest.

Moving Around

Just moving around the city of Novi Sad can be quite fun! Here's how you can get around the city,


Novi Sad's city center isn't very large, relatively small enough to cover almost entirely by foot. Most of the city's tourist attray, hotels, and bars are located within easy walking distance. Just open a street map and easily find your way.


The locals of Novi Sad are known for riding bicycles. It is the first city in Serbia to introduce bicycles' daily rental. The rental service can be found at almost every major point of the city. Cycling is ideal when you are visiting museums, fortresses, monuments, or parks. It's the most affordable, eco-friendly, and convenient way to explore the city.

Electronic Vehicles

Novi Sad is a growing city, and getting to see a few electronic Vehicles in the streets of Novi Sad, is not surprising. In the year 2017, Novi Sad first introduced a charger for electric vehicles. Charging is completely free there, and you can easily find the charging stations in Google maps.

Public Bus

Novi Sad has an extended bus service. Every 15 minutes, there is a bus to take you to your preferred destination. You can buy your ticket from the driver.

Tram, Train and Subway

Novi Sad railway station is located at Jase Tomica Boulevard, 70 km from the city center. There were two lines in the Novi Sad Tram System. One is the White line, and the other one is the Greenline. The White line ran from Futoska Kapija to Temerin Street, and the Greenline used to run from the former railway station location to the end of Dunavka street. The city was introduced to its first tram network in 1911, and the operation ended in 1958. In 2011, the municipality of Novi Sad announced a new tram network, which is planned to be completed in 2030. According to the announcement, the new tram network will have five lines and a fleet of around 50 trams with a minimum capacity of 160 seats each.

Novi Sad's nearest metro station is Belgrade Metro, which is still not completed due to the lack of funding. It will be a rapid transit system with two mins and 43 stations.

Sustainable Shopping

Suppose sustainability is an essential factor while someone is trying to be a responsible tourist, and you have already maintained it in the context of accommodation. Why not do the same with shopping? We respect your thoughts, which is why we have gathered a list of various stores where you can shop sustainably in Novi Sad.

Food Markets

Here are some of the popular food markets in Novi Sad:

  • Sova Market
  • Limanska Market
  • Shop & Go
  • Mini-market Macau
  • Market Real

Flea Markets

Take a look at the flea markets around Novi Sad:

  • Kvantaska pijaca
  • Futoska pijaca
  • Najlon pijaca
  • Limanska pijaca
  • Flea Market
Futoska pijaca

Second Hand Stores

Here are some places in Novi Sad where you can buy second-hand products:

  • Flea Market
  • Second Hand Center
  • Vintage Club
  • Finger
  • Second Hand Betty Shop


Taking care of our planet is even more critical now than ever before. That's why every major city across the world is taking significant steps to minimize waste and maintain a balance with nature. Many brands are producing exceptional items by recycling and repurposing old materials, therefore supporting eco-fashion. Here are some manufacturers in Serbia from whom you can buy fantastic eco-products:

  • Pcelinjak Stevanovic
  • Vita Eco Bags
  • Sokolina Art
  • Cactuli
  • Sonja Clay
  • Bakini tupferi
  • Nezaborav


Novi Sad is a growing city, and it is developing rapidly. Along with that, today, one of the city's greatest responsibilities is to make sure that the city remains green and clean as it is today. That's why the authorities are taking several measures to recycle wastes. For instance, they are developing high tech equipment to ensure that the recycling processes are finishing successfully. Here are some recycling centers in Novi Sad, supporting such initiatives and helping the city stay green.

  • Centar Za Reciklazu
  • Hostic Reciklaza
  • Tehnopapir
  • BMK recycling
  • Greentech
  • Eco Recycling


Until now, Novi Sad was one of the lands in Serbia without proper pollution control. That is because the city was under an outdated waste management law. But today, the Green Fund has been established, and as per the announcement, 11 years will be more than enough to bring order to environmental protection and the Waste management sector. And today, the Novi Sad government has already started taking essential measures to control the amount of waste in the city. In this process, a fact came out that a significant amount of Novi Sad's total waste is caused by tourists.

According to reports of Environmental Protection Agency on the waste management in the period, 2011-2017, a total of 2.15 million metric tons of waste was generated, and municipal public utilities collected 83.7% from that, and 20% of waste is aside from that, which was generated from undesignated places around Novi Sad.

Work and Study Abroad

There are 8 public and 10 private Universities in Serbia and the two major cities, Novi Sad and Belgrade; you will find a number of top universities here such as:

  • University of Belgrade
  • University of Novi Sad
  • European University

These Universities here offer international degrees that are recognized and accredited worldwide. Students will have opportunities to learn, grow as well as explore in the city. Apart from that, being a growing city, Novi Sad also has several job opportunities to offer. In short, if you are planning to work and study abroad in Novi Sad, it's a great decision.

University of Novi Sad

Exchange Student

The Universities and colleges in Serbia organize exchange student programs every year. In this case, you will be living with a host family, and Serbia is not even close to the expensive cities around the world. Apart from that, international students will have the opportunity to explore the beautiful Balkan Peninsula and a lot more, including the fascinating Serbian culture. So, if you are thinking of coming to Novi Sad for studying and participating in the exchange program, then go for it! An amazing experience is waiting for you here.

Au Pair

The city of Novi Sad has not yet accepted the Au pair concept; at the same time, it is not entirely unheard of. Search online or reach out to some of the local people in the town interested in the idea.


Volunteering means giving something back and it is another critical factor in being a responsible tourist. There are several volunteering opportunities in Novi Sad:

  • Teaching English
  • Refuge Aid
  • Take care of animals
  • Complete small tasks with locals
  • Volunteer in recycling and clean the city programs

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