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Eco-friendly travel guide to Serbia advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Serbia, Europe.

Panoramic image of Danube pictured in Ritopek, suburb of Belgrade, Serbia.

  • Air quality: 3 / 5
  • Bus connections: 3.5 / 5
  • Train connections: 3 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 3.5 / 5
  • National parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$10 - $300
  • Budget per day: US$60 - $500

Responsible Travel

Serbia is a country located in the middle of South-Central Europe and Central Blkand that is also known as the Republic of Serbia. The capital city of this country named Belgrade is known to be one of the largest and oldest cities in this region of Europe. Some of the most common things that attract tourists here from other countries are popular architecture, historical monuments, museums, other famous places.

Every year the number of tourists is increasing in this country because of their attractions and unique culture. From food to clothes, you will get a very good cultural experience in this city during the trip. As an eco-friendly traveler, there are some responsibilities that you need to follow during your trip to keep the country pollution-free.

  • You will find plenty of small stores and shops in every corner of Serbia. Make sure to use them to purchase goods and eating foods, which will help a lot to support them. Most of these small vendors are dependent on tourism, and it will help them to keep providing
  • Plenty of expensive and cheap restaurants available in the city that will provide the best eating experience in this country. Street foods are also a very important part of the culture. You must try them to get a very good experience and save a lot of money.
  • If you want to get far from the crowd of the city and fresh air, then you will need to visit the city parks in this country. Almost all the cities in this country have city parks that can help you to get close to nature
  • You will find many different modes of transportation in the cities of this country. Based on cities, local transportation will change a lot. Among all the available ones, choose the eco-friendly ones to make the city safe from any pollution and improve the environment. Transportations like electronic cars, bicycles, walking are the best to reduce air pollution
  • You will need a place to stay in the country in all the different cities. Plenty of options will be available to you for your stay in this country. As an eco-friendly traveler, you can choose to stay in green hotels to keep the environment well and stay healthy in the city

Air Quality and Pollution

Before traveling to any travel destination, you need to know details about the air quality. The bad air quality of the travel destination can greatly harm your health. The air quality of Serbia is not very well, and it can create a lot of problems for the tourists. According to different sources, the Air Quality Index of the country is very unhealthy and not suited to visit without any precautions. There are some cities in this country, where you might get very good air quality, but others are very unhealthy.

So, to ensure the safety of your health, you need to carry some of the essential things with you like masks, medicines, and others. However, if you have any health conditions like asthma or serious breathing problems, then you will need to consult a doctor before visiting the country. The doctor will help you to know what are the different medicines and safety measures you ended to take with you to the country to stay safe and protected.

Respect the Culture

One of the things that you need to remember while visiting the country is respecting the culture. Apart from all the famous attractions or history of the country, another thing that attracts tourists from other countries is the culture and traditions. The culture of Serbia is a mix of different ethnic groups, and some influences of Mediterranean, Greek, and Middle Eastern. Most of the people that will come across in this country belong to the catholic orthodox. The traditions and culture of the city reflect on all the different things from clothes to food.

You will need to explore the country very well to get the full experience of the culture. If you want to get a rich experience of the Serbian culture, then you need to visit the country at the time of festivals. People from different countries visit Serbia to explore the culture and witness the traditions very well. Make sure to purchase some of the handcrafted items to remember the culture of this country and help out the small shop sellers.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Today you will see that people from different parts of the globe love to visit Serbia. The reason behind this thing is that the country has some wonderful cities which are perfect for your holiday trip. But if you want to have more fun then visit these places in different cities.

  • Belgrade Fortress (Belgrade) - This is one of the best fortress located in the capital city of Belgrade. It tells you about the history of Serbia and its significance during those days. Just try it out, and you will love it to the fullest and recommend it to your beloved persons.
  • The Gallery of Matica Srpska (Novi Sad) - It is a gallery of art where you would find a wide variety of paintings and sketches. They are made by some of the prominent artists of Serbia who have a better contribution to art. Never miss it because the opportunity of visiting this place might not come again and again.
  • Mediana (Nis) - This archeological site is based on Nis and is famous for some Roman ruins. It tells you about the history of Romans and their significance in the early ages. After visiting here, you would understand their importance and their contribution during those days. Rather than having any second thoughts, just go for it and get to experience something new.
  • St. Theresa of Avila Cathedral (Subotica) - Without any doubt, we can say that this is the finest cathedral where you can wish for your best. It will be fulfilled if it is from your true heart, and things can suddenly change. Just visit here and see how wonderful is your experience of this lovely place.
  • Krušedol Monastery (Sremski Karlovci) - Believe it or not, but it is true that this monastery is famous all over Serbia. Tourists come here and learn the best things about the culture of the orthodox. If you are in Sremski Karlovci, then definitely visit this place and see something which you might have never seen before.
  • Smederevo Fortress (Smederevo) - You would not believe that this fortress was established in the year 1427 and is still famous even today. It takes you in those days and briefs you about how the enemies invaded the city of Smederevo. Here you will get a fair knowledge and feel like sharing it among your beloved persons.
  • Vojlovica Monastery (Pancevo) - This monastery is the oldest one and is responsible for promoting the cultural heritage of the country. People mostly call it a boring and uninteresting place, but you have to come here once and make your opinion.
  • Holy Trinity Cathedral (Kraljevo) - You can call it a church cum temple that informs you about the role of the trinity in full detail. As soon as you come here, then you will get to know the exact things about it. But if you miss it, then your holiday trip will remain incomplete.
  • Serbian Orthodox Eparchy of Braničevo (Pozarevac) - There is no doubt that this church is beautiful and attracts more than thousands of people. It is beyond words, and after coming here, you will get absorbed and never feel like returning back. In other words, you can also say that it fulfills the expectations of your holiday very easily.
  • Sabac Fortress (Sabac) - People refer to this place as a modern-day monument from where you can get to see the beautiful scenery. The atmosphere of this place is friendly and gives you a lot of fun. Make a note of this place and mark it as very important in your travel diaries.
Belgrade Fortress


Now when we talk about exploring the cities of Serbia, then these aforementioned places are not enough. In other cities also you have to try out places like city parks and museums. So in this part of the article, we would tell you about those places which can give you a different level of enjoyment.

City Parks

  • Park Duvet Jugovica (Leskovac) - This park is awesome and is meant for those people who want to go for a long walk. The ambiance of this place is calm, and you would never have any disappointment after having its tour. Make a fair attempt of coming here and see how you enjoy it.
  • Celavi Trg (Sombor) - Though this park is only meant for concerts, but people mostly come here to have a picnic. You can also come here with your family and do it. Your time will be spent so easily, and it would be a memory to remember throughout life.
Celavi Trg

National Parks

  • Pirotski kej promenade (Pirot) - This park tells you the true meaning of nature, and it is amazing during the summer season. Do not have any questions and visit here during that period of time. You would get a fine exposure and have some mind-blowing moments.
  • JP Nacionalni park Đerdap (Donji Milanovac) - It is a park where a lake is also there, and it is good for boating. You would not want to miss it because it is a thrill which was there only in your dreams.


  • Lido Beach (Belgrade) - The water of this beach is clean and salty where you would like to go for a bath. Lounge into the water and have great fun, which you have never thought of earlier.
Lido Beach in Belgrade


  • Ravanica (Cuprija) - This landmark is situated in the village of Cuprija and takes you back to the period of the 13th century. Here the architecture reminds you of the best part of history and gives you some unknown facts. The moment you explore this place, then you would want to write the best reviews about it.


  • National Museum Zajecar (Zajecar) - In this museum, you would get something which you have never got anywhere else. Here you will get a fair idea about the Serbian kingdom and know about its value. To know some fascinating things about it, visit here and explore it fully.
  • Muzej Piva (Zrenjanin) - You will notice that this museum is spread all over the internet. It is because it tells us about beer and its industry during the early days. If you are a beer lover, then you have to come here and know its full origination.
National Museum Zajecar


Food is one of the most important parts of the culture that can help you to get a very good experience. For all travelers, food is one of the attractive things. You will find different types of foods available in all the cities of this country. From traditional ones to the international, everything is available in various ranges. Make sure to go for the traditional foods of the country as soon as stepping in.

There are plenty of traditional restaurants available in the country that you can visit that offer traditional dishes like Cevapi, Ajvar, Pljeskavica, Sarma, Karadordeva Snicla, and others. Apart from that, there are many vegetarian dishes available that you can try to get the traditional touch of food in this city. You will not miss out on getting the traditional touch in food if you are vegetarian or eat organic food. Apart from various cuisines, you need to also try the street foods of the country to save money and help out the local vendors.


One of the best companions of every traveler is the drinks that help them to stay refreshed around the whole trip. While many travelers like to carry water with them throughout the whole trip, others prefer soft drinks or traditional drinks to get their energy back and stay refreshed. Serbia offers plenty of drinks to travelers in the whole country. Apart from other drinks, you need to try the traditional drinks first after stepping into the country.

One of the traditional drinks that you need to try in the country is Rakija, which is popular around the country. It is a brandy that comes in different flavors and variations, such as healing herbs, cherry, honey, and others. Apart from that, there are also many other types of drinks, such as soft drinks, alcohols, beers available in this country that you can try by visiting the nightlife. A wide range of drinks is served in different cities of this country that you can get at a low price.


While other drinks are optional for you during your trip, one of the mandatory is water. For the safety of your health, you need to know whether the tap-water of Serbia is drinkable or not. Fortunately, the tap-water of Serbia is completely safe to drink as most of the monasteries contain freshwater. If you do not have any health conditions, then you will be able to drink the tap-water of different places in this city without any issue. However, there are some places where it might be hard to get tap-water available all the time.

In these particular areas in the country, you can buy bottled water from the shops to ensure your safe health. Bottled water is available in almost all the different places in the country and comes at a reasonable price. For better safety, you can boil and filter the tap water very well before using it for drinking, washing face, or any other things. Most of the restaurants serve tap-water either boiled or filtered.


Serbia is one of the famous tourist destinations in the world for containing a lot of famous attractions. From museums to parks, there are plenty of places available in the country throughout the cities that can provide you a lot of activities. You will need to stay more than 2-3 wells to explore all the different activities of the country and get a complete traveling experience. Apart from tourist attractions, there are other activities available in the country that invite people from other countries.

Being a country filled with mountains, forests, and lakes, you will be able to get all the different types of outdoor activities available in the country. Some of the most common outdoor activities that you will get in this country are hiking, trekking, walking, wildlife exploring, and others. It will give you a very rich experience of the country and the different things. Overall, you will not fall short of activities to do in this country during your trip.


Accommodation is a very important part of any trip that boosts the travel experience and makes the stay comfortable in different locations. Serbia is a famous tourist destination and provides a lot of different options to travelers for accommodation. You will be able to choose between high range hotels to low range apartments. Most of the travelers choose the accommodation option based on their time of stay and budget. However, you can choose to stay in green hotels that help the environment of the city to stay clean and ensure the safety of your health.

Other than green hotels, there are some other options available that provide all the basic facilities at very low prices to the customers. While booking accommodation, make sure to choose it in the middle of the cities to get connected to all the corners very well. Most of the accommodations have online booking options available that you can use to book the rooms online and avoid all the last time hassle. Some of the most common accommodation options are given below that you can choose to stay in the country.

Green Hotels

Green hotels are one of the most popular and eco-friendly ways of accommodation in the country that is getting popular around the world. Although it is not available in all the countries in the world, you will be able to get plenty of them in Serbia. Choosing them is beneficial for both the country and you to stay safe. As the green hotels use eco-friendly measures in their hotels, you will be able to stay without any worries. From recycled water to solar windows, everything is available in the country. They offer all the basic benefits and facilities for other accommodation at a very low price. It is best to take the help of online services to book the rooms of green hotels before visiting the country. It will help you a lot to avoid all the last time hassle. Choosing green hotels will also help you a lot to get the best experience in the city without polluting the environment. Green hotels are ideal to stay for 1-2 weeks in the country.

Hostels and Guest Houses

If you are planning to stay for more than 2-3 weeks in the country, then the best choice for you is the hostels and guest houses. It provides you all the options that are available in the hotels. Just like other accommodation options, you will be able to get all the basic facilities and benefits from most of the hostels and guesthouses. From the low to very expensive ones, there are plenty of hostels and guest houses available in this country.

The best thing about staying at the hostels and guesthouses is that you will be able to get the best and comfortable stay at a very low price. You can share the room with others in some hostels to even make the stay cheaper. Just like green hotels, they are also quite available in the major cities and every corner of Serbia. It is best to book the room in advance to ensure getting one during your trip. They tend to get booked very fast, and offline booking can be hectic for you.


Being a very favorite tourist destination, different types of tourists visit the country to explore culture, people, lifestyle, and others. You will come across many tourists who are living in the country for some months to explore every corner very well. If you are planning to stay for a long time in the country too, then it is best to choose apartments for your stay. You will be able to get them at a very low rate with all the basic features. Although apartments range from very high to low, you can stay for a long time in the apartments and save a lot of money by choosing the cheap ones.

They are widely available in all the cities in Serbia, you will be able to rent the rooms both online and offline. If you are in Serbia to explore the culture and traditions of the city, then choosing apartments to stay in is the best option for you. Apart from tourists, many local people stay in the apartments and you will be surrounded by them. Being surrounded by local people will help you a lot to know more about them and get an insight into their lifestyle up close. You will have the chance to get friendly with them and learn some information as well.


Tourists are choosing the above-mentioned options for ages, but some of them prefer to choose the new ones. In the last few years, Couchsurfing has gained a lot of popularity around the countries. It helps you to offer the best stay without paying any money for as long as you want. Using this method, you will be able to stay in another traveler's house and get food or other facilities as well. Couchsurfing is a community of travelers that helps other travelers to stay and provide food for a better travel experience while they are traveling to their home country.

You will need to look at online services to find a host for Couchsurfing and contact them. Make sure to the process very early before the departure date to provide them the time to get prepared. Unlike other accommodations options, you will have the privilege to stay with a local family. It will help you a lot to know about the local culture, foods, traditions, lifestyle, and information about the city. Some hosts might accompany you to some popular attractions to give you the best experience.


All other options might seem boring to the travelers who like to be a bit more adventurous during their trip. Camping is no doubt the best way to stay for them in the country and help them get a rich adventurous experience. Being one of the popular countries as a tourist destination, there are plenty of camping spots available in the country that you can visit. These camps are as good as the other accommodation options as they offer all the benefits like food, washrooms, bonfire, wi-fi, and others.

You will be able to experience nature up close while staying in these camps. While some of them are located in the hills surrounded by green, others are great for offering a great view of the water. Sleeping under the open sky is one of the best feelings that you will get in the country. Being a popular accommodation option, it might get booked pretty fast. So, it is best to book them online before stepping into the country to ensure your spot at the camps.


Map of Serbia


  • Belgrade (Beograd / Београд) — the capital of Serbia.
  • Kragujevac (Serbian Cyrillic: Крагујевац) — The first capital of modern Serbia, industrial hub and the 4th largest city in Serbia.
  • Kraljevo (Serbian Cyrillic: Краљево) - Kraljevo is an important economic center in Serbia, located south of 170 Belgrade.
  • Čačak (Serbian Cyrillic:Чачак) - Čačak is a city in central Serbia.
  • Niš (Serbian Cyrillic: Ниш) — The third largest city in Serbia.
  • Novi Sad (Serbian Cyrillic: Нови Сад) — Provincial Capital of Province of Vojvodina and second largest city (after Belgrade).
  • Užice (Serbian Cyrillic: Ужице) - A town in western Serbia in the Zlatibor district, 200 km southwest of Belgrade.
  • Požarevac (Serbian Cyrillic: Пожаревац) — One of the oldest cities in Serbia with a large historic heritage.
  • Sremska Mitrovica (Serbian Cyrillic: Сремска Митровица) - One of the oldest cities in Serbia and in Europe.
  • Subotica (Serbian Cyrillic: Суботица) — Has been rated as one of the most beautiful cities of Serbia.
  • Vranje (Serbian Cyrillic: Врање) - Located in southeast Serbia closer to the FYRM (Skopje).
  • Vršac (Serbian Cyrillic: Вршац) — One of the most beautiful cities in Serbia. Located at 80 km northeast of Belgrade, near Romania.

Getting There and Moving Around

Before planning all the different things about your trip to Serbia, you need to know which are the available ways to get in the country from your home. When you are traveling to a country, you might not get all the options available to reach. Choosing a mode of transportation to reach a country depends on many different things, such as the budget, the time it takes, comfort, views, and many more. You will need to choose one based on which ones you need.

The most popular option to travel from another country is by air as it takes very less time compared to other modes of transportations. But it also does not offer the scenes and views on your way to the country like other ones. So, you need to choose your accommodation very carefully to reach the country. When it comes to moving around in the country, there are also many different transportations available that provide good tours in the city.

Being an eco-friendly traveler, try to stick with the transportations that do not produce air pollution. Serbia offers electronic cars and other ones that do not operate using fuel. You will be able to contribute a lot to make the country a better place and reduce waste.


Air has been the most popular option among all the other ones for offering a fast trip to a destination with great comfort. Flights offer all the benefits to the customers and keep them safe during the travel. Most importantly, the air is very well connected with different parts of the world. You will be able to get many international flights to different countries including Serbia from your home country.

While you will be able to reach the country very fast, you will miss all the beautiful scenic beauties on the way. Also, a very important thing that you need to know before choosing flights to travel to the city is that it can be very expensive. Compared to all the other modes of transportations, the fare of traveling by flights is very high. To get them at a low price, you can book the tickets a lot earlier than your departure date.

You can use online booking services to book the tickets easily for your trip at a low price. Apart from reaching the country, you will be able to reach all the major cities in Serbia very well using all the local flights. There are many local flights available that travel frequently from a city to another in Serbia.

Belgrade Airport


Buses are the cheapest way to travel to other countries, but it might not be available in all countries. You will be able to reach Serbia using a bus from nearby countries, but it will take a lot of time compared to flights. The road journey can be hectic for many tourists as it takes a lot of time and cheaper buses do not have good facilities. However, if you choose some of the expensive buses to reach the country, then you will get a very comfortable journey to Serbia and good facilities. Buses range from very expensive to very rich and come with low fare cost.

The best thing about traveling by bus that attracts tourists is that you will be able to enjoy the views on your way to the destination. From beautiful scenic beauty to waterfalls, the journey itself will give you a memorable time on the trip to Serbia. When it comes to moving into the country, buses are considered to be the most convenient option. Not only the buses are cheap, but they are very frequent in the country. You will be able to get the buses in almost every city by waiting at the bus stops and terminals. The tickets are available both offline and online, but getting them online will help you to avoid all the hassle.

Local buses in Serbia


Trains are the second favorite way of traveling to different countries after flights. Travelers like to travel by train as it helps to get a completely different experience of the journey. You will be able to see all the beautiful scenic beauties on your way to the country and get different facilities available. It might take a lot more time to reach the country by train than a flight, but it is still faster than the bus or any other. Unlike bus journeys, you do not have to wait in the traffic on the road. From most of the nearby countries, you will be able to reach the country directly by train.

If you are thinking of visiting from a country that is far from Serbia, then you might need to break the journey. All of the countries are not well connected with Serbia via railways directly. Although the cities in Serbia are very well connected by railway and you will be able to travel from one to another using the train without any issues. Trains are a very popular way to travel from one place to another in the country at a low price. You will be able to meet many local people while traveling by train and get to know a lot about daily life.

Train in Belgrade


Why choose any other mode of transportations, when you can both save money and make the journey adventurous at the same time? Yes, hitchhiking provides the best travel experience that saves money, helps to reach as fast as a bus, get all the scenic beauties, and get a very good adventurous experience. Fortunately, you will be able to hitchhike your way to the country from other countries. It might take a lot of time to reach the country by road from countries that are very far, but the adventure will be unforgettable.

Using this method, you can take lifts on your way to the country on the highways and get closer to your destination. You will need to take a lot of lift from different people to reach it, but that is what makes the trip more interesting. If you choose this way of travel to reach the country, then make sure to look for lifts in the tolls, petrol pumps, and other places where the cars slow down. Most of the people will help you to get ahead and successfully reach the destination. However, make sure to carry a water bottle, map, and many other necessary things with you.


All the above-mentioned modes of transportation are most chosen by travelers when they are traveling to different locations. However, there are plenty of other ways that many travelers choose to travel. You can reach Serbia using those ways of transportations, but you need to have a lot of time on your hands. Most of them take a lot of time to reach the destination, but you will be able to see a lot of scenic beauties. Some of the other ways to reach the city include traveling by road in 4-wheelers, bikes, and others.

There are many travelers who like to travel by road to cars or bikes to get a unique experience. It might be hectic for some of the people because like other transportations, you will not be able to get all the facilities on the way. Also, you might need to stay in motels or hotels on the way at night. So, if you want to go out for a road adventure, you need to have a lot of time on your hand. As Serbia is landlocked, you will not be able to travel the country from other countries by water.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping is one of the most popular ways around the world that helps you to get some of the best items along with keeping the environment clean. As an eco-friendly traveler, you can choose sustainable shopping to motivate or inspire the local people. There are plenty of flea markets, second-hand markets, and other shops in the country that can help you to get a lot of recycled items. Purchasing second hand or recycled items will not only help the country to get a better environment by reducing waste, but you will also help the small sellers a lot as most of them are dependent on tourism.

Most of the items from vintage to second-hand clothes are very high quality and come at a low price. Make sure to visit the markets early in the morning to get all the items available. The flea markets and second-hand markets get very crowded with all the rare items at a low price. You can also check the timings of these markets online to ensure getting a good collection of goods.


Recycling plays a major role in the development and better environment of the country. It helps to reduce the waste of a country on a huge scale. Worldwide, every country has taken part in this initiative to make the environment better and keep the people healthy. Serbia started to take care of their environment very fast, and the EPM system has been running strong in the country for the last 10 years. Many initiatives are taken by the government and local people to keep the waste of the city in check.

You will get to see a lot of things during your trip to the country, such as the waste collection system, use of recycled products, and others that will help you to know that the country has made a lot of progress in recycling. They are trying to minimize the use of plastic and other materials to make the environment more eco-friendly. As an eco-friendly traveler, you can play your part to keep the city safe by choosing green hotels, electric cars, visiting parks, and others.


Waste management is also as important as recycling for every country in the world. Reducing waste is the first step to keep the environment safe and recycling. There are many different types of waste available that make it impossible to recycle. Serbia is trying to reduce the use of these components like plastic, and others to make the waste fully recyclable. They have installed bins around the major cities to collect the waste separately. Although most of the wastes used to get trashed at different places like mountains, canals, landfills.

However, waste dumping has lowered a lot in the last few years. In the upcoming years, the officials are trying to start many more initiatives that will help to keep the country clean from any waste. You can help the city to stay clean and reduce waste by placing your dumps in different positions. Most of the local people in Serbia are very helpful to keep the country safe and reduce waste. They feel guilty about wasting food and try to prevent wasting food very hard. The country is targeting to recycle more than 65% of the municipal waste of Serbia by 2035.

Work and Study Abroad

Foreign tourists are not the only people that you will come across in this country during your trip. You will also meet many workers and students from different countries who are pursuing their higher study or working for a long time. Serbia is one of the countries in the world that offers free education to the local people in all the public universities in the country. The education of the country has improved a lot in the last decade in the country. The basic enrollment for students has increased a lot around 95%. They also offer different courses to foreign students at low prices.

While the charge of the local people to study in any university in the country is free, the tuition fee is very low for the international students. Not only that, but students can also do part-time jobs in the country to earn some money as well. Many foreigners from different countries visit Serbia to work every year. More than 7500 foreigners are working full-time jobs in the country. You will be able to see a lot of available jobs in the country. Here are some of the benefits given below that attract students from different countries to Serbia.

Exchange Student

Most of the students in Serbia from different countries are studying in various universities using this program. This is one of the most helpful programs for students around the world that helps them to study in any foreign university with low fees. The students who get nominated by their home university can choose to pursue their studies at famous universities in other countries. However, you need to get nominated by the home university to get this program. Also, your home university needs to have a partnership with the universities of Serbia for this program.

The education system is very low cost in Serbia, and the exchange student program makes it more affordable, which is very helpful for students around the world. Serbia offers a lot of top universities in the country, and most of them have partnerships with all the other universities in different countries. So you might be able to get this program and continue your study in Serbia with better opportunities.

Au Pair

As mentioned above, there are plenty of jobs available in the country for foreign workers. However, it might take a lot of time to get those jobs after stepping into the country. So, you can take the help of an Au Pair job to find shelter, food, and some pocket-money in the initial stage. Not only workers, but students can also take the help of this job to earn some money and get a roof to stay. Serbia offers a lot of Au Pair jobs that you can get on online websites.

You can check the details and contact them to know the details. In this job, you will get all the things in exchange for taking care of the household, any older person, or babies. When the owner or host is busy, you will need to take care of them in this job. As the students in Serbia have permission to work for part-time jobs, they can also do it.


As an eco friendly-traveler, you have many responsibilities that you need to keep in mind while traveling to Serbia. You need to do all the things you can to reduce waste and improve the environment of the country. One of the best ways to do that by choosing different volunteering options such as keeping the famous attractions clean, teaching English to the local people, helping in the libraries, guiding other travelers, and many more. This will not only help the country, but you will also get to learn a lot of things such as their language, the lifestyle of local people, and others.

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