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Eco-friendly travel guide to Puerto Galera advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Puerto Galera, Philippines.

Puerto Galera is full of beautiful beaches

  • Air quality: 4.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4.0 / 5
  • Public transportation: 2.8 / 5
  • Parks: 3.0 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.0 / 5
  • Safety: 3.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$30 - $50
  • Budget per day: US$20 - $40

Responsible Travel

Puerto Galera is Known for its radiant blue beaches and bar-specked curve of the White Beach; Puerto Galera is a coastal town for nature lovers on the island of Mindoro, Philippines. Hidden behind the forest trails of the city are the Talipanan forests. To the northeastern side lies the Sabang Beach, speckled with marine fauna and exquisite corals. Puerto Galera got its name from a 'port of galleons' given by the Spaniards that docked their goods on the small island. The city is a mixing pot of Spanish culture and the indigenous Mindorian tribes. The 1st class municipality of Oriental Mindoro is recognized as a Man and Bioreserve by UNESCO since 1973. It is the only Philipines bay to secure a place in the "Club of the Most Beautiful Bays of the World .

The beautiful city amid white beaches and lush green forests is a sparkling example of a green-tourism site. With exciting activities like scuba diving, snorkelling and go-go bars, tourists enjoy the island spot immensely, especially if the activities are eco-friendly. Eco-travel, an increasingly popular term amongst travellers and bloggers, is highly appreciated by the Puerto Galeria population. Being a responsible citizen and an avid eco-travel helps add a lot of value and sentiment to travelling. It helps enrich tourists' responsibility and urge to give back to clean, green communities as beautiful and magnificent as Puerto Galera. Here are a few fantastic eco-friendly tips to follow when you go for a vacation on the Galera beaches so that your travel is Earth-friendly:-

  • Because Puerto Galera is home to the world's finest coral reefs and marine life, responsible and eco-friendly snorkelling contains a no-touch policy. The rare corals are touch-sensitive and degrade as more and more humans touch them. Responsible snorkelling that constitutes appreciating the corals' beauty from afar is always a good tip to follow.
  • The city has beautiful secluded waterfalls tucked behind jungle trails. Consider trekking and hiking to these clear, sparkling waterfalls or find warm streams fed by heat from nearby volcanoes.
  • The scenic city has an awe-worthy destination at the length of each block. The city ranging from bright bars to the lush nine-hole golf course can be taken on foot without fuel-consuming vehicles.
  • Refrain from using older boats with extensive carbon emission and look for newer sea travel models that are safeguarded against fuel leakage into the sea and are thoroughly checked for pollution emission.

Puerto Galera is home to various native tribes, where some are shyly modernized, but several prefer to stay hidden from the global interest. The native habitat of these tribes, Puerto Galera, hence is a place that sufficiently appreciates eco-friendly tourism to preserve the habitat. Deploy careful thought into what you will be doing in the city so that you give as much to the town as you gain from its marvellous sprawling landscape.

Air Quality and Pollution

The lush green city is free of air pollution battles and provides clean and safe breathing air. The air carries little to no allergens that might harm oncoming tourists. Hence, stay rest assured.

  • PM10 - 18
  • PM2.5 - 19
  • PM10 Pollution Level - Excellent
  • Air Quality Index - 44
  • Air Quality - Good

Pollution levels cited by air-quality.com as of 24th March 2021

Respect the Culture

Puerto Galera has a colorful, rich culture owing to the Chinese, Spanish and American influences on the Philippines island. The culture appreciates celebrating and festivities, with most months having a reason to gather, enjoy and celebrate. From street-dancing to fairs and stage performances, tourists can enjoy joyful events at Feast of the Divine Savior in January, Banana Festival in March and much more throughout the year. Being considered a Biosphere Reserve also impacts the culture of Puerto Galera significantly. Conservation of the city, its forests, endemic species and mangroves is an existential part of the culture. Tourists can respect that by not poaching on the island grounds and refraining from harming marine life.

Top 10 Places to Visit

With 247.8 km² of area, the city is packed with tourist spots, either human-made or natural. Famous for its diving sites and clear waters, the city has a lot to offer those who tour it. Here are the top 10 places in the city that are a must-visit when you are travelling the coastal town:-

  • The White Beach: Perfect for parties, long nights of stargazing, games and beach relaxation, the White Beach gets its name from the palm lines and salt coloured beaches of the island. The white sandy beach is perfect for an energetic, active vacation specked with beautiful, irresistible and colourful bars full of city nightlife. The resorts around it are built to keep in mind the city's best views and provide every fun and relaxing activity you can think of.
  • Talipanan Beach: Beautifully lined by the sprawling greenness of the Talipanan forests, the beaches are dotted with rolling green hills that allow the best chill moments on the beach. The clear sea offers an unrestricted view of the dazzling marine life in its depths and is mostly less crowded than other beaches facilitating private moments of peace.
  • Mangyan Village: The Mindorian culture is carried through generations through its indigenous tribe, the Mangyan people. Just a few kilometres off the city proper, the Mangyan village is a place of learning and community. You can enjoy yourself witnessing and even participating in appealing skills such as weaving and other local arts.
  • Coral Garden: Not only are the Puerto Galera seas beautiful on the outside, but they also house sparkling, colourful and bright coral reefs in the midst of them. With sight-supported activities such as diving and snorkelling, you can swim along with these corals and witness their magnificence. Practice being an eco-friendly tourist when besides reefs to support the local heritage.
  • Tamaraw fall: Secretly tucked in the city's forests, the Tamaraw falls are a reprieve when you wish to see freshwaters. With an impressive height of 423-ft, the falls are a popular tourist attraction. Hike to these falls or look for local guided tours that focus on eco-friendly travel.
  • Tukuran falls: Home to dazzling local butterflies and dragonflies, the Tukuran falls are another of majestic local waterfalls. Get to these using a delightful carabao ride and experience the place's sheer beauty.
  • Bulalacao: Hidden away, far from the bustling of the city tourists, Bulalacao is a place for genuinely calm-seeking people. The beach bends into the local rolling hills with 13 water inlets that feed the inland pond covered on three sides.
  • Aninuan falls: The Aninuan falls are known for their enticing wildlife and clear ponds for long refreshing swims. The trek to the falls is nothing short of an adventure, which you can complete through a ride and some trekking or hiking along the mountainside staircases leading to clear waters.
  • Aninuan Beach: Best for silent musings after a long day of hiking, trekking and partying, the Aninuan beach is mainly secluded from the White Beach bars. The unpopulated beach teems calming energies and leisure for the best vacation trip.
  • Bikini Floating Bar: The floating bar takes the Puerto Galera love for a tasteful right to sea waters. Providing all kinds of drinks typical of a beach party, the floating bar right smack in the middle of the sea is a popular tourist attraction.
The beautiful white beach


The famous snorkelling and diving spot of Mindoro, Puerto Galera city, is full of marvels to visit and explore. Surrounded by the teeming blue seas on three sides, the town offers excellent beaches and cliff sites for diving. The city features awe-inspiring wildlife parks and reservoirs to get accustomed to free wildlife.

City Parks

The city parks of Puerto Galera border on being natural parks owing to the limited modern development. Tribal Hills nature park is one such city park of the city. Open for the public; the park falling under the Tribal Hills resort is dotted with Camachile trees and fun activities for tourists to enjoy. The park is eco-friendly, aided by the helpful locals wishing to maintain their green habitat.

National Parks

  • The Puerto Galera Mangrove Reservation is a national park full of marshy mangrove trees and coves. The mangrove reserve works as an ecological park to safeguard one of the world's mangrove forests, 50% of which are already destroyed.

Coastal development and tourism are emerging threats to these forests, which the city is curbing successfully by employing ecotourism programs. Ecologically made souvenirs can be bought just outside the reserve to support local go-green practices.


The coastal city is chock-full of beaches on all sides. As it is on the falling end of an island, the city enjoys its fair share of surfing, snorkelling, fishing, and other marine activities.

  • Small Tabinay beach: The beach is littered with high-end resorts and calm spots for refreshing mind, body and soul. Lined with cooling coconut trees, the beach is only a 10 minutes ride away from Muelle pier.
  • Haligi Beach: Haligi beach has a fantastic collection of starfishes that you can discover once you dive deep into the clear waters, which are perfect for underwater photography.
  • Sabang beach: Bordering the northeastern side of the city, Sabang beach offers a great sun-drenched day of lounging on the sands and an equally exhilarating nighttime entertainment.
  • Sinandigan beach: Sinandigan Lighthouse and the fantastic Sinandigan Wall are the most beautiful parts of this beach, just 11 minutes away from Sabang beach. With its numerous corals and fish species, it is a must-visit for all water-lovers.
Panoramic view of Sabang Beach in Palawan, Philippines


  • One famous landmark of the past in Puerto Galera is the Muelle Cross. Built to commemorate the sinking of the battleship Canonero Mariveles at the Manila Channel in the 1800s, the marble cross stands alongside the wooden cross built at the pier to honour the valiant crew aboard the ship. The landmark cross still stands as a memory for the community to share.
  • The Tukuran bridge connecting the tribal Mangyan Village to the main city roads represents the city's cultural sentiment towards its father tribes. The landmark serving to connect the ancient and the modern population of Puerto Galera is guarded by a small iron. Most outsiders are usually oblivious to it but can find it with a guide's help. Eco-travel to this site requires that you stay mindful of littering into the lake beneath the bridge or marking any bamboo poles.

The city has a lot many other landmarks which locals are plenty accustomed to. Baluarte watchtower, Puerto Galera Paradise and a few famous bars make as quite marvellous landmarks.

  • The modern-day landmark of the city, Balatero port, is where most tourists find their way to the White beach. Full of ultra-modern buildings and a decked busy port, the area consists of a lot many local restaurants and bars to sate tourist's wanderlust.


The coastal city of Puerto Galera is widely known for its rich Chinese-Spanish colonial culture and the local tribes and population's indigenous culture. The Puerto Galera excavation museum is one place to look for historical artefacts and get deep knowledge of the local customs and traditions. The landmark museum near the town hall stores Chinese and Siamese pottery dating back to the 15th century.

You can find burial jars of the valiant Ming dynasty in the museum, along with ancient swords, jars, lamps, and Chinese porcelain.

  • Galleon ship museum of Puerto Galera is the house to several sunken vessels that met their doom on the city's vast coastal shore. The still submerged ships in the sandy beaches are enough to entice stories of hidden treasures even today.
  • The Room Gallery in Puerto Galera on the Puerto Galera municipal road is a location rich with vibrant colours of modern art that depicts scenes from the city's ancient cultures and the Philippines island.


Countless eateries border the sprawling beaches of the city, providing food, refreshments and entertainment. Here is the best food to try in Puerto Galera:-

  • Adobong Pugita is an octopus delicacy of the coastal city owing to its rich seafood to the adjoining seas. Savoury and spiced with local herbs, the seafood is a particular favourite of tourists, and everyone always asks for a second helping!
  • Bibingkang Lalaki:- Creamy, moist-centred Philippines pudding, Bibingkang Lalaki is made with coconut wine sourced from local plantations. The heavy pudding is relished in the are
  • Arrowroot cookies: The perfect end to your Oriental Mindoro feast in Puerto Galera, arrowroot cookies are some of the best pasalubong you can have in the city. The ingredients support the area's eco-friendly agriculture and are a delicacy all tourists love to indulge in.

Traditional Local Restaurants

Ginataang Puso ng saging, a local delicacy enjoyed all over the Philippines' islands, is a commonly featured delicacy in traditional local restaurants. The diced pork dish features Puso ng saging or banana blooms cooked in a savoury coconut sauce. The dish is given a hint of heat with chilli flakes and can be served with a side of choice. Onions, garlic, vinegar, salt, and pepper give the dish its authentic taste of Asian cuisine.

Seafood makes the most common appearance in the Occidental Mindoro cuisine of Puerto Galera and even has made its way to pizzas and pasta of the region. Adobong pugita, a stew-like dish, is something you would find commonly cooked in most households. Caffe Italia restaurant, Badladz, Papa Fred's Steakhouse, and the Verandah Restaurant are a few places you will love to visit while in the city.

Vegetarian and Vegan

Going vegan or vegetarian is one of the best practices to save the earth and wonderfully great when visiting a place to support the city's newfound love for veganism. Being a coastal city with love for seafood, finding vegan places to eat can be difficult in Puerto Galera. However, Eat n Be Well Vegetarians Haven and Anilao Photo Academy are a few great places to visit and dine.

Street Food

  • Litson or Lechon Manok, spit-roasted chicken, is the city's favourite street food, along with the laing, pork shoulder cooked in coconut, and the Ginataang Langka.
  • Carabao beef steak and the ginataang carabao meat are other foods usually adorning the streets of the city.


The seaside city is notorious for its bars and restaurants, chiefly for party drinks and other beverages. Several local drinks sourced from the coconut plantations of the city, along with banana drinks, are local favourites. As the locals ensure to use the by-products left after creating coconut drinks, they are a fabulous way to support eco-travel.


Puerto Galera has a large seaside and house built just along the beaches. Owing to the island city's semi-development, sanitation and household are not entirely in the best forms. Hence, drinking tap water is advised against in Puerto Galera.

Organic Cafés

Organic restaurants and cafes help minimize the release of dangerous chemicals into the environment through organic farming and carbon limiting practices. Hamsa Bar Lounge Resto, serving great vegetarian food and organic drinks sourced locally, is one place to start your organic adventures.


The German-style Pinatubo Craft beer Iis one of the favourites of the locality and can be found in any of the numerous seaside bars of the city. With 11 qualities of the craft beer sourced from local breweries and is named after the Philippines volcanic Mt. Pinatubo. The Pinatubo Craft Beer Brewery, Puerto Galera, takes back used bottles to recycle them, supporting the city's eco-friendly movement.

  • Manila Brewing Company and MGM Premium Beverages Brewery are a few places to indulge in a good drink.


There are several eco-friendly activities to enjoy in Puerto Galera. Few are listed below:

  • Go island-hopping: Puerto Galera is situated on an island that is accompanied by many others such as it. Island hopping is hence one way to explore the uniqueness of each Philippines island and discover something new.
  • Snorkelling: The island is surrounded by countless corals and exciting marine life that you can explore through snorkelling.
  • Diving: Whether it is diving into the beach or the numerous waterfalls hidden in the city forest, diving is always an exciting thing to do in Puerto Galera.
  • Indulge in Mindoro Sling: A popular drink in most bars and hotels of Mindoro, sipping the refreshing Tanduay rum, grenadine syrup, sprite and pineapple, orange and mango juice drink is an adventure in its own right.
  • Bath in the waterfalls: Visit the city's amazing collection of waterfalls surrounded by its equally enticing flora and fauna.

Yoga and Retreats

The secluded beaches of Aniuan and Tamaraw are peaceful and quiet enough to provide silent yoga retreat moments. The cliff sites near the waterfalls accompanied by water churning sounds in the pools pairs well for practising mindfulness and physical relaxation.


Booking responsible hotels and resorts while travelling the world helps lower your carbon footprint on the planet, leading to guilt-free vacations and retreats. Eco-friendly hotels actively participate in recycling, reducing carbon emission and saving water for the planet's well-being.

Green Hotels

Green Hotels in Puerto Galera harness the solar energy to power the staycation house, being in a tropical area abundant with sunshine. The Coral Garden Beach Resort is one of the first fully green hotels in Puerto Galera and is totally ecologically independent by generating 20KW of energy to power its compounds. It also has 100,000 litres of rainwater tanks to store rainwater and utilize the natural resource. Amami Beach Resort is another eco-friendly hotel in Puerto Galera, which uses native products in the hotel compound.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Guest Houses in Puerto Galera come with personal touches from the house, such as breakfast in bed and more. Numerous hotels and guesthouses are lining the coastal city, providing the best ever stay for the tourists.

  • Bellevue Cottages in Puerto Galera come with a shared lounge, a bar and a restaurant. Apart from free Wifi, The guest house also has a shared kitchen and features a magnificent view of the Bay of Sabang.
  • Hilltop Hideaway resort can be found just 1.4 km away from Balaete Beach, and apart from a bar and shared lounge comes with an outdoor swimming pool and free car parking for the guests.
  • Infinity Resort near the Aninuan beach in Puerto Galera offers you a fair balance between nature and luxury. Providing both a beach area and hotel pools, the resort has several villas to rent with private and shared accommodations.
  • Badladz beach and dive resort is just 10 mins away from the town proper and strives to offer the best of Philippines qualities using modern-day hospitality methods. Near to local supermarkets, the White Beach and several dive spots, the hotel provides ample refreshments and entertainments.


Apartment living in Puerto Galera is best for people planning to have a long retreat in the beach surrounded city or people who are either shifting to the city or planning to learn the rich culture.

  • Jalyn's Resort in Puerto Galera comes with a great many features like a barbecue place, a lake view, local restaurants, a bar, outdoor pools and tour desks to enjoy the city over an extended stay.
  • The fully equipped Blue Pagong apartments provide you with all basic necessities like a fridge, a kitchen, private bathroom, shower, a dining area, flat-screen TV and even a hairdryer. The clean hotel also provides you with a kettle and stovetop for kicking start your oriental cooking of the region.


The coastal city has near fifty willing couch surfing hosts that are more than happy to share the island experience with you. Living with the city's locals provides you with detailed insight into the food, traditions, religion and lifestyle of the area. Also, you would be minimizing carbon emissions by stepping in to live a low carbon-emitting life in a home rather than carbon factories such as large hotels.


Camping is an eco-friendly activity if done with care and responsibility to refrain from landscape harming activities such as littering and hurting the natural wildlife. Puerto Galera offers several camping sites, many on the seaside itself, to enjoy long nights under the salty breeze gazing at the stars.

  • Aviara camp in Puerto Galera comes with a shared lounge, a terrace to enjoy the sun-ridden days, plus a complimentary à la carte breakfast. Near Talipan beach, the camping site has several garden views, kitchens, barbecue sites, and more to enjoy the stay.
  • Puerto Galera Camping is a community that helps provide tents and other outdoor camping equipment so that you have a relaxing retreat in the city camping sites.

How to Get There

Puerto Galera, the docking city, does not have an airport. The nearest airport is the Marinduque (MRQ) Airport which is 95.9km away from the city. However, the most direct route to Puerto Galera is from Manila.


The fastest way to get to Puerto Galera from Manila is by seaplane. The 30-minute journey from Manila is provided by a single airline, Air Juan, and is perfect for getting to the city in record time. The method is newly added to the city's transport means and adds for a thrilling experience like never before.


Most tourists opt for a bus to reach the beach city. Travellers reach Manali by flight, direct flights to reduce carbon emission, and then take a bus to the Batangas pier. Bus trips start as early as 12:00 am and can continue till 10:30 pm in the night. You can book an online bus ticket to ease your travel to Puerto Galera.


The nearest train station to Puerto Galera is Kamuning MRT, and just a 6 mins walk from the city. The Manila Metro rail station connects the station to other major train routes of the country, hence, providing an easy route to get to the shored city.


Hitchhiking to Puerto Galera from Manila, Batangas, Quezon city, and other islands of the country can require considerable effort. Hitchhiking requires a great deal of responsibility and alertness to stay safe, especially in an unknown city. However, you can easily reach the tourist city by other methods.


Ferries and fast crafts are the most favoured methods to reach the city, chiefly because they provide tours of the sealine and take the passengers to the most famous city ports. You can reach the Sabang beach from the Muelle Port when taking a ferry and reach White beach if you opt for the Balatero pier.

Moving Around

The beach-lined city is well connected by several modes of transportation, facilitating tours and travel to visit the famous sites in the area.


There are several places just within walking reach in Puerto Galera. With several beaches providing both entertainment and relaxation as per your choice and hidden waterfalls for private swims, the city can trek on foot. Walking and sightseeing allows for a better understanding of the local heritage, appreciation of culture, and enjoying the local street foods. Another fun activity is walking to the Mangyan Village through the bridge, which adds a thrilling adventure to your travel.


Touring the city on bicycles is an excellent idea as it helps reduce carbon emission. Tricycles are another favourite tourist mode of transportation, specifically if you wish to go sightseeing in the city or reach other significant towns. The tricycle includes a carriage at the back for the traveller and is a pedal-driven cycle with three tyres. It helps support the locals to earn their livelihood.

Electronic Vehicles

Motorized electric tricycles are making their way to the port city, and local drivers are already driving them un Puerto Princesa, a sister port city to Puerto Galera. The electronic tricycles do not combust fuel and hence do not add any more poisonous gases to the environment. Hence, a safe choice for all eco-friendly travellers!

Public Bus

Public buses are easy to find with stations almost everywhere, which you can use to sightsee the city at your leisure. Buses are usually available near the beach port, where most tourists usually land after the ferry ride. Another famous bus spot is the Sabang beach.

Tram, Train and Subway

Puerto Galera is yet in developing stages and does not have any tram, train or subway stations in the city. Carabao rides are, however, a fun way to get going in the city.

Sustainable Shopping

Tourists love collecting souvenirs from their places and have a fond object to aid looking back to remember travel adventures. Puerto Galera has a rich culture which can be seen through its markets and the items you will eventually bring back home.

Food Markets

  • Puerto Galera Public market: The public market is where the locals assemble to get their daily groceries from spices, vegetables, fruits and seafood.
  • Puerto Galera Wet market: You can reach the market in the heart of Puerto Galera by tricycle. Selling fresh food, delicious tropical fruits, vegetables and, of course, the legendary seafood.

Flea Markets

Puerto Galera has many flea markets laden with the wonders of the East Asian community. From cultural figure dolls to hats and traditional wear, the flea market has it all. The market can be explored for the best souvenirs, and like any other Asian market, the shops are open for haggling and bargaining!

Second Hand Stores

Several second stores are running along the coast of the city. Not only do they sell affordable and beautiful gifts, but the second-hand stores also help increase the life of products without dumping them into the garbage and increasing pollution in the beautiful sea city. Hats are a famous product you can get second-hand in the beach city.

As several travellers frequent the city beach, many forget their hats on the shores. The found hats are thoroughly cleaned and then sold again! As predicted, this reduces cost, leads to a decrease in toxic waste, finding its way into the sea and tangling with marine life and reducing beach litter.


Eco-fashion and eco-travel go hand in hand, and Puerto Galera is one place to find both of them. The city actively participates in eco-fashion, with Mangyan village contributing significantly to its weaving and other local products. You can get cool, stylish and fashionable woven hats, baskets, handbags, rugs and mats from the Mangyan village, which are made entirely to support the local ecosystem. The city also partakes in converting coconut shell fibres into useful items so that nothing goes to waste.


Puerto Galera recently signed a memorandum to prohibit the use of single-use plastics, the use of which had recently increased due to tourist attention. Many restaurants and bars use cut-out plastic bottles and vessels to make decorative flower pots. Most eco-friendly hotels put recycle bills in individual hotels to sort out recyclable waste.


Increasing tourism is an issue of immediate concern as it leads to more and more waste products in the city, which might eventually reach the seas polluting its clear waters. The city municipality has signed to prohibit disposable plastic such as polythene bags, straws, cups, plates and more. By doing so, waste is being reduced directly at the source, leaving less to manage and recycle.

Work and Study Abroad

The city thrives on tourism, bars and its coastline stores. Locals have been encouraged to give up on traditional but harmful activities such as excessive fishing in the surrounding seas and take work to fuel the growing nightlife of the city's life. Anyone looking to work in Puerto Galera can look towards opening a bar and bringing value to the love for a good drink of the city. Being still in its developmental stages, the city's cost of living is quite affordable and even rewarding.

Exchange Student

Prince of Peace College, Puerto Galera, provides higher education to the city residents and exchange students. The private, non-sectarian school began as a school for children and slowly evolved to hold full-term college courses with a degree. The college runs on a semester system and provides the K-12 program and the ABM, HUMSS, GAS, and HE strands. The college offers degrees in Teacher Education, Entrepreneurship, and Hospitality Management, which are considerable skills to attain as the tourism city is gaining more and more travel attention. Further courses are available to master food, beverage services and housekeeping, fit for any exchange student wishing to open a bar or hotel in the city.

Au Pair

Au Pair is a great way for people to make some extra money and have a shelter. Puerto Galera has many open spots for au pairs, and you can also look for work in other nearby cities and islands. Manila, a metropolitan Philippines city, is also quite near to earn a living while staying there.


Puerto Galera has a rich culture and history, which you can become a part of volunteering to help in city museums, landmarks and beaches to make the place happier and healthier. You can begin by becoming accustomed to the city and guiding tourists who might feel more comfortable with someone who can speak English. Becoming a diving tutor, volunteering to clean beaches and stopping littering at the waterfalls are a few other activities you can do to keep the place greener and eco-friendly!

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