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Eco-friendly travel guide to Puerto Natales advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Puerto Natales, Chile.

The beautiful view of the sea and some boats in Puerto Natales

  • Air quality: 4.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4.3 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4.2 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4.4 / 5
  • Parks: 4.3 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.9 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4.4 / 5
  • Safety: 4.4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$119 - $722
  • Budget per day: US$52 - $162

Responsible Travel

Travelling is fun and adventurous but by travelling safe and taking all the necessary measures that are required to be taken in order to travel in a more sustainable and eco-friendly way. You must try to control your activities so that you don’t cause any harm to the environment and their culture. Take these measures to travel responsibly in Puerto Natales:

  • Reduce the wastes and abide from throwing any waste materials anywhere in the city because these wastes can cause long-term damage to the environment.
  • Support the local economies and cultures by using the local products, booking local guesthouses and apartments, green hotels, etc.
  • Opting for public transport and electronic vehicles like electronic buses, metro trains, trams, cars, etc. which causes less harm to the environment and are relatively cheap.
  • Visit the local parks that relieves one’s stress and helps you to feel refreshed and the green spaces.

Air Quality and Pollution

The air quality in Puerto Natales is 10 AQI (US) which according to World Health Organization (WHO) is good and safe for the public. There are several pollutants of air which are Q3 (25 µg/m3), PM 2.5(1 µg/m3), PM 10 (1 µg/m3), NO2 (1 µg/m3), CO (37 µg/m3), SO2 (1 µg/m3). The best time to visit Puerto natales is in summer time because of it’s great weather and is very expensive and crowded. The winters are very cold and snowy which makes it difficult for hiking and other activities. You can still visit in the Fall or Spring to eliminate the cost and having too much crowd.

Respect the Culture

The culture of Puerto Natales is vast. They offer Full day Torres del Paine First Class, Torres del Paine& Milodon, city bike tours, Chilean Patagonia program of 4 days and 3 nights, Perito Moreno Glacier in Private. The island Puerto Natales is in the Chilean Patagonia which is the capital of Natales and Ultima Esperanza. It’s located at 247 km to the Puerto Arenas. It was founded in the year 1911 in May. It covers a total of 48,974.2 km2 and has a population of 18,505 according to the census of 2012. The place was found by Ramon Barros Luco. Some of the most important industries in Puerto Natales is tourism, cattle and aquaculture industries.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Glacier Grey - The Glacier grey is a very beautiful, perfect glacier, a masterpiece of nature. The restaurant, on the other hand, needs to greatly improve the service, structure and food (cold and greasy). The departure to the glacier begins with the pencil bridge over a river with strong current. The walk along the long stone beach with several floating blocks of ice anticipates what lies ahead after yet another trail in the forest: The Glacier Grey is one of the biggest attractions of the Torres del Paine National Park.
  • Channel Of Last Hope (Ultima Esperanzo) - This trip is unmissable. It is worth every blast of cold and biting wind! The vision, like almost everything in Patagonia, puts the people in silence and awakens a reverence mixed with gratitude. After all, being face to face with such beauty and power seems to be an increasingly rare event in our daily lives. To make the tour a pleasure without "however" is to go well wrapped up and bring a thermos with coffee or tea, even in summer (as the weather changes quickly). In winter, wear thermal pants, waterproof gloves and gloves.
  • Cueva Del Milodon- This is the cave in which remains of Milodones, large herbivorous mammals, were found. There is a cardboard stone recreation at the entrance. the only thing that stands out in this entire walk is the cave itself. It is huge and has very beautiful formations. You should definitely visit the cave.
  • Muelle Historico - It is a beautiful place especially at sunset, however, in the surroundings there is not much to see. There is something almost mystical about seeing the historic pier. These ancient woods peeking out of the water, each with its own texture; but all together and firm in the chucaras waters. Highly recommended.
  • Mirador Cerro Dorotea - Despite the lack of signage and the two-hour route is somewhat steep, upon reaching the viewpoint all fatigue vanishes. It is a wonderful view of Puerto Natales and the Ultima Esperanza fjord. It is a good warm-up for other more demanding trekking in Torres del Paine Park. It is a medium-high hike, but absolutely hiker, you arrive at a house where you must pay, so that they let you pass, it is not expensive and it is worth it.
  • Bernardo O’higgins National Park - This park has, like Torres del Paine, with glacial lakes, forests and imposing mountains. Excellent place, full of magic, its path to reach the Serrano glacier is wonderful and very accessible. It’s worth the visit. It is a trip that is worth its price. The glaciers and the landscapes are unique. The Catamaran tour and on foot are possible for people of all ages.
  • Navimag Ferries - The ships are very basic, simple and small rooms, equally basic common spaces. The treatment is full board including drinks (they do not sell alcohol of any kind on board, but you can bring them) meals are buffet style and are divided into 2 shifts if there are many people on board. The landscapes that can be seen during navigation are breath taking.
  • Monumento Al Viento - Visiting the Puerto Natales waterfront, we find this original monument to the Wind located in a very beautiful place. All that area is very nice to walk. The monument is impressive and very creative, especially because it reflects something that is very common in this area, the wind. With nothing very special to highlight, on the Puerto Natales promenade, the two sculptural raised and modern stands out, which attract attention. No more.
  • Museo Historico E Industrial Puerto Bories - If you are one of those who enjoy knowing the history of the cities you visit, get to know this museum, it tells the story of the ancient peoples, their culture and customs, which is very cool. Very well preserved and the guided tour helps to understand how this refrigerator was the most important economic activity in the region. Enjoy the visit and get to know the hotel, which is perfectly integrated into the museum. The restaurant and / or bar is exceptional.
  • Monumento De La Mano - Very good photos can be taken here, it is accessible to any kind of public, it is also close to other monuments on the coast. Particular monument, next to the monument to the wind and that of the mylodon in real size. It’s a Good site for photos with the landscape in the background.
Bernardo O’higgins National Park


The two main attractions of Chilean Patagonia are the Torres del Paine National Park and Puerto Natales. Puerto Natales is a nice and pleasant town and is the capital of Chile Ultima Esperenza. Before the city didn’t have any important historic attraction or beauty. The city then decided that it will be a place where people would go for the amazing local cuisine. They have surprisingly a very large number of restaurants for the town of 15,000 civilians. The food cost is very reasonable, it’s tasty, and is amazingly served.

City Parks

The Eusebio Lilo Park is located at Magallanes and the Chilean Antarctica. It’s a perfect place for the outdoor activities. It’s a beautiful place for the shows that are usually are of a very high quality. It’s a good place for live music shows and recreations. It’s an excellent initiative taken by the municipality to cater the massive events and you can see the beautiful view if you go up. The park is very spacious and has amphitheater.

National Parks

  • Fantastico Sur Oficina- The Fantastico sur is located at 83, Puerto Natales, Magallanes y la Antarctica Chilena, Chile. You can book a trek and enjoy yourself and follow your guide’s instructions. You can spot the Andean condors, falcons, woodpeckers, hares and other wildlife. The views are amazing and the mountains are absolutely stunning. The grey glaciers and the icebergs too. the hike may be challenging and is approx. 80 km. The trek is the best part of the place.


  • Hotel Simple Patagonia - The Hotel includes restaurants, bar/lounge and a free self-parking. There are 11 rooms here with free Wi-Fi and other facilities which will improve your stay. There is a terrace, a garden, the staffs speak most languages. The hotel is a beach side resort filled with luxury beddings, bath tubs and showers, daily services of housekeeping, toiletries, irons are available, and many more. The restaurant’s specialty is in regional cuisines and they also serve amazing breakfast and dinner.


  • Muelle Historico - There is something almost mystical about seeing the historic pier. These ancient woods peeking out of the water, each with its own texture; but all together and firm in the chucaras waters. Highly recommended. A must see in Puerto Natales, the Pier is very striking, its surrounding landscape is beautiful and it is on the city's waterfront. Very close to everything, where you can walk to almost all the tourist spots in Natales.
  • Monumento De La Mano - The monument is very simple and poorly maintained, but it is worth going through as long as you do not have to deviate from another objective. A monument that imitates "La Mano" from Punta del Este, to please tourists who go to Puerto Natales. It is on Avenida Costanera and is another monument that you can photograph if you have the patience to wait for your turn. In the background, the Fjords and the Sierra Dorotea are more interesting than the monument itself ... Very close, a little further ahead is the "Monument to Milodon" which is much more curious.
  • Paroquia Maria Auxiliadora- It dates back to 1930, has a simple architecture and has nothing special. Enjoy the visit to Praça das Armas and make your visit quick. Only take time if you are very devoted to Our Lady Help of Christians. It is in the town square. Well maintained. Without an eye-catching architecture. But it is worth the visit. It is the traditional parish of Puerto Natales.
Monumento De La Mano


  • Historical Museum, Municipality Of Puerto Natales - Although small, this regional Museum presents a small history of the occupation of Puerto Natales, from the indigenous occupants of the region to the arrival of the Spanish and later, immigrants from several European countries. Well lit, organized, with explanations in Spanish and English. In an hour you can make a good reading of the explanations and appreciate the exposed objects.
  • La Tehuelche - It’s a very cool store, with various handmade pieces, clothing, kitchen items, decoration. Some products are a little expensive, but certainly exclusive and outside the traditional, but also with more affordable items. Good option to buy handicrafts and souvenirs from the region. Great variety at good prices. It is worth checking.
  • Le Mouton Vert - It’s a beautiful place not very visible at first glance, located in a former warehouse where there are decorative items and locally knitted clothes of very good quality. The charm lies not only in this original idea but also in the place where the shop adjoins an exhibition of sculptures, paintings & other artistic expressions which make it a place to discover and authentic in Puerto Natales. A few steps from the ancient "muelle" a beautiful shop of handicrafts: sweaters, dresses and more. A wonderful idea and a lot of good taste.


There is a total of 5 delicious food cuisines that you should try if you’re ever in Puerto Natales. The Caribbean, which is a fusion of other types of food items from Africa, Latin America and Creole. The common stews and curries are of chicken, fish and pork also grilled or roasted. The Vietnamese, which focuses of finding the right mix of spices, saltiness, bitterness, sourness, sweetness. They use the soy sauce, fermented sauce known as nuoc mam, shrimp pastes, fruits, vegetables, rice, meats, dairy products and oils are rare to find here. The Korean, are the meals which are made around the rice, meat and the vegetables which are grilled and also steamed or maybe raw if it’s a fish. Other cuisines are the Indian and Germans.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Last Hope Distillery - The Bar is occupied with a huge gin and whiskey selection, they produce 2 types of gin itself, which is offered to try, good drinks, good atmosphere, and is very crowded. Many tourists are seen around here. if you are new you will be welcomed! Prices according to the service and a large number of cocktails. One should visit the place, it’s highly recommended.
  • Lenga Restaurant - The food is really incredible; the place is beautiful and the attention is extraordinary. Ask for the southern hake or the lamb and definitely a Last Hope calafate gin and tonic and to close the meal a lemon pie and the red fruit tart. An extremely comfortable place and with a reduced menu, however, enough to satisfy all tastes, from the infant of the family, the veggie, the carnivore and the piky of the house. Very friendly and efficient attention.
  • Restaurant Y Pizzeria Alcazar - Everything is delicious, the pizzas, the sea trio, the natural juices and the pisco. Attended by its owners who are very friendly and gentle. It is close to the road terminal, about 5 minutes walking so it is a good option if you have just arrived. A very warm, pleasant place, good music, and the mother earth and Lolita pizzas are exquisite. Beers from all countries and the exceptional Calafate sour. Totally recommendable. Excellent quality price. Very good big alcazar hamburger’s are served here. It’s highly recommended that you visit this place.

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Aldea Restaurant - It’s a cozy little place. A reduced menu, but varied with options for vegetarian / vegans. The most popular are the two dishes, an octopus and a risotto, both very tasty. As for the service, nothing to say, very friendly and attentive. The best of Puerto Natales at a good price. The food is made with passion! Each dish is explained in detail, presented with dedication and made with all the intensity of local ingredients. Highly recommended.
  • The Singular Patagonia Restaurant - It is a hotel without a doubt different, it was an old sheep slaughterhouse, renovated with great taste, you still notice the essence of the old building, they have several rooms where they preserve the old machinery, the originality of the reception, ground floor with elevator, the incredible views. Excellent service, good products and reasonable prices for the high level. There is a good list of things to go with a drink or wine. Most of the people order the salmon Caesar salad and salmon rolls, were very good, as was the cheese board and cold cuts. Excellent. The best, however, the place. Wonderful decor, gorgeous view. And the first-class attention.

Street Food

  • Masay Pizza - The place is in the central, it has good service, the pizza is good, the price is also adequate. Clean and spacious. Rich and replenishing! Highly recommended, exquisite sandwiches. Very friendly and fast attention. It’s called the best place to eat a premium sandwich at a great price. Very well attended. A wide variety of products including vegetarians and vegans. The place is nice. It stands out for the quick attention and order of the establishment. The sandwiches were rich, light, and filling. Totally reasonable prices. The attention was good.
  • Punto Go - The place is nice. It stands out for the quick attention and order of the establishment. The sandwiches were rich, light, and filling. Totally reasonable prices. The attention was good. It is not so close to the center, you can order some sandwiches and it is normal, they are not bad obviously but they are not wonderful either, as they would say around there it is edible, they can still improve.


Puerto Natales has some amazing lounges and bars that enhances the nightlife in here. One of the popular distilleries are The Last Hope, located at Esmeralda. The bar serves both the locals and travelers and offer great cocktails. Their main drink is the tonic and the calafate berry gin.


The tap water in Puerto Natales is not exactly good but is considered to be safe and people can drink it as stated by the government. The municipal waters are pumped out of the wells and the raw waters are a bit silty which has high tannin and other contents.

Organic Cafés

  • El Living - Very cozy place in the center of Puerto Natales. The food is mostly vegetarian, but they do have vegan options. You can try the soup and the vegan sandwich, everything is very tasty, the waiting time is short, they can bring everything very quickly and the attention is good. Reserving a table is better since the space is not so big and it fills up quickly. The prices are normal for Puerto Natales. A simple place but with a welcoming form of attention Rich coffee and good wine, the attention is friendly and affectionate.
  • Café Artimana - Small place, well decorated, good service and affordable prices. Tasty food, and there is a vegetarian option. They serve the best brownies with ice cream. A very small place in this cold place but warm in every way, especially your attention. A limited menu but each preparation very well achieved, you can see the quality of the products in its preparation. You can try the bombshell, a sandwich called "mañoso" (energizing after days of trekking), lentil burger, gnocchi.


  • Cerveceria Baguales - It is a very good bar, price quality is consistent, it has a very quiet atmosphere to go as a couple, with friends or family. The beer is quite good and I recommend those from the house, also their last tables were incredible and their potatoes too.


There are many activities that you can do and enjoy the trip in Puerto Natales like the Balmaceda and Serrano Glaciers Cruise, trip of Torres del Paine National Park, Torres del Paine National Park hiking trip to the Paine Towers, Torres del Mountains advanced hike in Patagonia, Torres del Paine day trip, Puerto Natales to Torres del Paine National Park- a full day tour, Balmaceda and serrano’s glacier navigation, and many other exciting activities like these can be enjoyed by the tourists.

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga is a great way to workout your mind and body and helps in keeping the mind and body at peace and also helps in relieving stress. Some of the Yoga Centre’s in Puerto Natales are:

  • Patagom Lila
  • Dragon De La Patagonia


With access to a range of quality and affordable option, the place is having perfect options for a person to live here. The vast majority of hotels, guesthouses, hostels, and home stays that include breakfast, and most of the time you will be able to get a place that has a great view

Green Hotels

  • Hotel If Patagonia
  • Altiplanico Puerto Natales
  • Sheuen Patagonia

Hostels and Guest Houses

People often find hotels to be the place for rich and class of people but that’s not the case here. It’s all about travelling green. Some of the hostels and guesthouses in Puerto Natales are:

  • Puma House
  • Hostal Camino De Santiago
  • Refugio Bulnes Hostal


Apartments are for those people who enjoy their personal space and like to like by themselves or those who have their family with them. Some of the best Apartments in Puerto Natales are:

  • Trotamundos
  • Dt Loft
  • Cumbres Apart


Couch surfing is a travel community with many members present all around the globe and it is also a very smart way to explore Puerto Natales, without being a local you can still enjoy like a local with the help of couch surfing you will be able to find accommodations for yourself.


A lot of people like going camping in the summers, in case of the weather preference the people want more or less the same thing, for the weather to be dry, sunny and warm with mostly a little amount of wind which is exactly the preferable weather condition needed by the people who like to camp. One of the best campsites in Puerto Natales is:

  • Domos By Toore Patagonia

How to Get There

The tourists need to carry their visas which mostly required for every country, must also bring passports, credit cards. The best time to visit Puerto natales is in summer time because of its great weather and is very expensive and crowded. Also, you will have to take your medicines with yourself just in case.


Flights are an easy way to travel to any part of the world. If you’re planning getting in Puerto Natales from Santiago, it takes 3 hours to travel by the planes. It’s not fastest route but it sure is the cheapest way to reach Puerto Natales. But that would only work if you book your tickets online and in advance, otherwise it will be quite a lot of money. It’s the most comfortable option of travelling from Santiago.

Teniente Julio Gallardo Airport


The buses run from the Terminal Alameda for Osorno in Santiago and takes up to 10 hours. Then you will have to change buses from Punta Arenas which then takes 26 and a half hours. The bus routes are limited, they run only once every day from Santiago and from Osorno it runs quite a few times in a week. It takes almost 3 and a half hours drive from Punta Arenas which in turn will take you to Puerto Natales.

Terminal autobuses


Trains take the longest route to Puerto Natales, you should travel with a train if you have too much luggage with you because then you will be dropped off in San Carlos. The trains take a total of 10 hours and then you will have to a bus from Osorno and then to Punta Arenas and take a bus from there too, then you’ll be able to finally reach Puerto Natales.


Puerto Natales is a remote location as you will be able to guess when you reach the destination itself, although some of the ways to enter the city are from Punta Arenas or from Argentina from the Rio Gallegos. If you’re comfortable by hitchhiking your way into Puerto Natales by the sea you have that option to do so. From the Navimag ferry of Puerto Montt which is reasonably chargeable.


You can take the shorter route which is between the Puerto Montt and the Puerto Chacabuco, the boat is called The Patagonia fjords’ also known as the floating hostel. The Navimag ferry has everything designed to allow you to share your experiences with the other passengers. There aren’t many options to travel to Puerto Natales by a boat or ferry just some.

Moving Around

Moving around in Puerto Natales requires buses, and other means of transportations like cabs, ferries, cable cars, and long-distance planes and taxis also are a great means of moving around.


The 2-hour walking tour is very instructive and exciting, where you can learn about the history of Puerto Natales and learn a lot. The guides speak Spanish and English and the time of the. Tour goes by very fast. The tour is run by three friends who are very happy to share some stories and legends. You can ask as many questions as you want and get insights from locals.


You can rent cycles for the bike tours that are offered in Puerto Natales. You can experience the excursion tour by bike which departs from Manuel Bulnes 407, Puerto Natales, Magallanes y la Antarctica Chilena and the trip takes about 3 hours. The trip includes Bicycles MTB Specialized number 29, Safety Helmet, gloves, kidney bag and binoculars, snacks (Mineral water, cereal bar, chocolate bar) and a Bilingual local guide.

Electronic Vehicles

If you want to travel green you need to look for electronic vehicles in the city. And some of those electronic buses and cars are active in Puerto Natales, Chile. These are a great medium of green travelling and also causes no pollution which is good for the city and the people, as we know that the air conditions are okay in here but we should take necessary measures to see that it stays the way it is.

Public Bus

The public buses in Puerto Natales are the Buses JB, Gomez, Maria Jose, Bus Sur and Bues Juan Ojeda. The regular buses which are taken from Torres del Paine National Park to Puerto Natales run at 2 scheduled times. Other buses are Buses Fernandez and Pacheco which are also very good and cost-efficient.

Tram, Train and Subway

There are no major trams, trains or subways in Puerto Natales.

Sustainable Shopping

In the countries that are developing day to day most of the things available are designed for tourists to take back home as something that would be a sign of a great city that they visited.

Food Markets

  • Donde La Motita (MINIMARKET Y BOTILLERIA)- This food market is located at the Carlos Bories. It’s a convenience store with well groceries and baked goods. You can find many hostels and apartments near the food market. It’s a nice supermarket they have in the town. It’s a perfect shop at the corner that has everything one would need.
  • Express Market- This food market is located at Blanco Encalada. It’s a standard supermarket that offer every essential item that are needed by the people. The prices are not so high and are quite reasonable. They have a great selection of meats and very basic food are present here. Also, the deli corners are extremely solid, you can also use your credit cards and it’s a surprisingly secret place.

Flea Markets

Flea markets are a type of street markets that provide a place to the local vendors to display their goods to sell them to the customers. These are often seasonal. One of the major flea markets in Puerto Natales is:

  • Pueblo Artesanal Etherh Aike

Second Hand Stores

Second-hand stores are a place that sells second-hand goods which are mostly electronics. Goods that are old are sold in here. The people sell their used products in front of your home they are called a garage sale. The second-hand stores now have Goodwill Industries, Oxfam bookshops, Value Village and the Salvation Army as their current business. Some of the major second-hand stores in Puerto Natales are:

  • Mladinic Automotriz Ltda
  • Artesania Nandu


Eco fashion is a movement and process of rapid changes in the fashion system and products the system of clothing in Puerto Natales has so popular than many countries participate in their fashion ideas. Sustainable eco-fashion is a great initiative taken to foster a change in the fashion system and the products for the betterment of the society and the environment. A very popular eco fashion clothing store is the Le Mouton Vert / Sustainable Patagonia Wool and Luxury Design. The most famous company that make eco-fashion clothes and accessories in Puerto Natales are:




There is a total of 15 places that are declared to be the collection points in Puerto Natales where people can dispose the recyclable materials. Then the materials go through a series of collections, sorting and processing from the company every week. Puerto Natales has had a 600 percent rise in the recycling purpose since 2015. The Legacy Fund’s plans on a recycling program which includes supporting the operation, increasing the capacity of collection, raising the awareness about community, and rise in the participation of households.


Wastes are something that has passed its expiry date and cannot be used anymore. There are different methods to know this. One of the recycling companies in Puerto Natales is:

  • The Legacy Fund

Work and Study Abroad

The schools offer semester programs at many locations for the students that qualify for science major. The students have the opportunity of analyzing problems such as preserving the ecosystem, conservation and development purposes, balancing the ecosystem by development and conservations, marine resources and wildlife and agricultural. Some places might appear to be isolated but all of the programs are diverse and resourceful. You are offered science, resource management and policy courses.

Exchange Student

Exchange student features are very popular in Puerto Natales and even internships from abroad. You get to spend your semesters amidst the glaciers, the volcanoes and the fjords of Patagonia. This place is referred to as an iconic region for studies. The academy follows a strict program of six days or weeks schedule. Students can get to discover and also understand the complex environment, economic, and social problems of Chile through interdisciplinary curriculum. You are offered four courses here which are Language, Culture, and Society Of Chile, Political and Social Dimensions of Conservation, Earth Systems and Climate Science, Patagonian Ecology, and Directed Research.

Au Pair

Au Pair jobs are the ones that are accessed by nanny and private tutors which are handed out for a limited time period so people who are interested in doing part time work this is a good platform for them.


Volunteering means a person who voluntarily undertakes or expresses a willingness to launch a service. Volunteers are given Friendly International Guesthouses for 20 hour per week, cleaning services, housekeeping, shared dorms are available for at least 3 weeks. There are several programs that don't even require any fee and you should keep in mind the location of the place where you are needed for volunteering work as the vehicles charge are going to be from your side. It's important how you organize the trip to keep the cost as low as possible.

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