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Eco-friendly travel guide to Saint Martin advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Saint Martin, Caribbean, North America.

  • Air quality: 3 / 5
  • Bus connections: 2 / 5
  • Train connections: 3 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 2 / 5
  • National parks: 3 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$10 - $30
  • Budget per day: US$10 - $80

Responsible Travel

Saint Martin is an island country present on the Caribbean sea on its Northeastern side. The island's administration is divided into two parts: the French Republic and the Kingdom of Netherland; between these two, it's a 60 and 40 they sure out of which majority of the domain is under the French Republic. The total population of this country asks calculated in 2009 was 77741. However, it is believed that the population has been increased to a total of more than 100000. The area which lies under the French Republic is 53 square kilometer, and the capital is Marigot. The area that lies in entering the Kingdom of The Netherlands is 37 square kilometers, and the capital of that side is Philipsburg. This whole country's total area is 87 square kilometers, with the highest elevation calculated in Pic Paradise with a height of 414. the ethnic groups present and living here for a very long time include Afro-Caribbean, European, Chinese, East Indian, and mixed groups. The currency widely accepted here has euro; however, many stores also take the United States dollar. This country's climate is a tropical savanna climate and the dry seasons lie between January and still the month of April. This country's rainy season starts in August and remains for four long months, and ends in December. Wow, looking at the precipitation, this country's average yearly rainfall is 1047 millimeters in the air of 2017 mighty Hurricane called Hurricane Irma widespread here, which destroyed around 3 billion dollars. According to reports of Washington Post, this Hurricane Cost structural damage off about 95% on the French side and 75% on the Dutch side. The Hurricane did the significant destruction to Princess Juliana airport; however, the government later reopened it because the neighboring countries sent aids and reliefs to this island through flights. An airport is present on the Dutch side named Princess Juliana Airport, the country's main airport. This airport is established so that even large airplanes such as Boeing 747 and Airbus A340s are responsible for carrying tourists worldwide. On the French side, there is a small airport called Grand Case Airport. However, this airport often suffers foggy weather during the rainy or Hurricane season, making it difficult for flights to land. Talking about pollution, around 75% of the entire country suffers from air pollution, especially the Dutch side. Next to this, there is 58% of the drinking water being polluted. This country is already facing a lot of pollution; therefore, it is a request that you should not spoil it or even you should not waste water by any means.

Air Quality and Pollution

Many cities and rural areas worldwide are affected by air pollution. Saint Martin is also a little polluted island and when you plan a trip, be sure of your health status, age, destination, length of trip, and season to mitigate the effects of air pollution. Overall, Saint Martin has good air quality. It is also increasing because residents and the government are taking the necessary steps and encouraging people to improve the air quality of Saint Martin.

Respect the Culture

During the colonial period and the British settlers, several military dominations left their idiom as the primary language spoken on the island and greatly impacted St. Martin's culture. Due to significant immigrants searching for better employment and living conditions, the various number of Creoles have been surpassed by the number of immigrants over the past twenty years. The island's today's population of 77,000 is highly diverse, containing people from more than 70 countries. People are unique and very kind, and always ready to help anybody.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Beach Maho (the Dutch e side of st. Martin): Maho Beach is a beach on the Dutch side of the Caribbean island of Saint Martin, Sint Maarten. It is famous for the Princess Juliana International Airport, adjacent to the beach. The arriving aircraft must land as close as possible to the start of the runway; the runway length is 2,300 meters (7,500 feet), so the aircraft on its final approach is flying over the beach at the minimum altitude Due to the unique proximity of low flying airliners, the location is prevalent spotting lovers. It is one of several places in the world where an aircraft can be seen during landing near the end of the runway. Airplane sightings are so popular on the beach that airlines' daily timetables are displayed at most beach bars and restaurants. The Sunset Bar and Grill has a speaker on the outer deck that broadcasts radio transmissions between the pilots and the airport control tower.
  • Fort Louis (ruin in Marigot, St. Martin): Fort Louis is a military fortress built in 1789 to protect Saint-Martin from the British and filibusters' attacks. It is the most significant historical site on the entire island. The fortress was built by the inhabitants of the city of Marigot on the orders of Chevalier de Duras, Governor of the Saint-Martin Islands, and Saint Barthélemy. It was originally intended to protect the port warehouses of Marigot, where supplies of coffee, salt, rum, and cane sugar were kept. Subsequently, it was abandoned and desolate. In the 19th century, the fortress was restored and modified and repeatedly turned out to be the center of military events, reflecting the British's onslaught, who regularly arrived from the island of Anguilla to plunder the port warehouses. In 1993, restoration work was carried out here.
  • Cole Bay Hill Observation Tower (West of Philipsburg): The capital of the Dutch overseas territory of Sint Maarten is the picturesque Concordia Mountain. The Cole Bay Hill observation tower is located on it. It is perhaps the highest and most breathtaking place on the island. An incredibly stunning view awaits every resident or foreign visitor who comes here on vacation or on business, who is not too lazy to climb the tower. From here, as in the palm of your hand, you can see the coast, the surface of the sea, and the fabulous islands stretching into the distance. These land pieces, scattered over the ocean's surface, look like traces left by some giant on the sea's water surface. At the foot of the Cole Bay Hill, lookout tower stretches the golden sands of Dawn Beach, which is also the dividing strip between the Dutch territory of Sint Maarten and the French overseas department of Saint Maarten.
  • Grand Case Beach ( Caribbean • St Martin): Grand Case is the undisputed culinary capital of St. Martin and St. Martin - French or Dutch. The restaurants occupy many historic buildings in the village, and the beach connects the town's sandy beaches. Expect fish from the boat and a fine French Caribbean dish in the restaurants lined up along the main street, which stretches along the coast and is a popular place for a walk.
  • Pinel Island ( French side of St. Maarten): Often overlooked by rare visitors to St. Maarten, Pinel Island sits in the center of Orien Bay in Marin Park on St.March. It is essentially a local party island: ferry, and you can spend your day kayaking, eating, and drinking on the three islands on the beach or lounging on the sand. For a mini adventure, hike to the deserted beaches on the island's undeveloped side, where sunbathing is the clothing of choice.
  • Guavaberi emporium (Philipsburg, st. Martin): Take a look at the Guavaberi store in Philipsburg, St. Maarten. Bob Curley, The domestic guava plant of St. Martin, maybe a bit of a whore when eaten raw, but he has found endless use on the island, including the main ingredient in locally produced liqueur, rum, and hot sauce. The colorful Guavaberry Emporium is a must-see in downtown Phillipsburg, and be sure to take a mandatory selfie before the famous signpost outside.
  • Streets of Phillipsburg (st. Martin): Founded in 1763, the Dutch capital of St. Martin has a rich history, great shopping, and vivacious action day and night. The narrow group of streets stuck between the salt lake and the Caribbean Sea is the city center's main area. It includes the main shopping district, Front Street, which runs parallel to the bottom of the water, where you will find bars, restaurants, carts, and Segway whizzing trips from. Cruise visitors can easily walk from the cruise port of Phillipsburg to the city center, where highlights include the Guavaberri Emporium, the Museum of St. Martin, the Photogenic Historic Court, and a pair of casinos.
  • St. Martin Nature Reserve: Saint Maarten / St. Martin is a relatively compact and highly developed island. However, you can still get a feel for its great natural beauty in the St. Martin Nature Reserve, located on the island's northeast coast. Containing 8,800 hectares of land and sea, the nature reserve is home to sea turtles, seabirds, and terrestrial animals such as mongooses and iguanas. Visitors can cross the trails through the park or join scuba diving groups on land.
  • Fort Amsterdam (Philipsburg, St. Martin ): Fort Amsterdam is a symbol of the capital of strategic importance in the history of Saint Martin's island. From a point on a peninsula between a small and a large bay, the fort became the Netherlands' first Caribbean military outpost when it was built in 1631. Today the site is recognized for its historical and natural significance. The registered historic site is also designated as one of the important bird sites by BirdLife International because it is home to the breeding colony of Brown Pelicans. About 60 nests of rare creatures dot the fort ruins.
  • Dawn Beach (South of Dutch/ French border): Located on one of the island's best beaches, guests will meet with access to the beautiful Caribbean attractions. Spacious rooms are cozy and quiet, with modern amenities such as flat-screen TVs, Starbucks coffee, and signature Heavenly mattresses to ensure a comfortable night's rest. Guests have a variety of activities to choose from during their stay. Complete your itinerary with treatments at the hotel's spa, unwind in the two-story infinity pool, or take a trip to the resort's nearby snorkeling spots. During the day, guests can even take local ferries to St Barts and Anguilla's luxurious islands.
Pinel Island


Saint Martin is an island in the Caribbean Sea, belonging to the Leeward Islands. The island consists of two parts. The southern half belonged to the former Netherlands Antilles until 10-10-2010 and is now an independent country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The northern half, Saint Martin, is officially part of the land of France. Here you pay in euros. The island is loved for its nature, tropical climate, and relaxed life. Although the French part is often seen as the most beautiful part of the island, both sides are equally charming. Whoever wants to compare Sint Maarten with Curaçao or Aruba will have to report more differences than similarities. The significant similarity is that all three islands have been colonies of the Netherlands and a Caribbean atmosphere. Furthermore, above all, Sint Maarten has a character that you should get to know.

City Parks

  • Emilio Wilson City Park: The Emilio Wilson City Park is located on the western side of the road that runs through Cul de Sac valley to St Peter's, covering about 107 acres (43 ha) from Sentry Hill. Emilio Wilson City Park is placed on the sugar plantation grounds, and now is an open public park where you can go for a picnic, and there is a playground area for children. The estate has an interesting historical value. The Cul de Sac valley was the first major colonial period settlement on the Dutch side of St Martin. The valley was home to several large and wide sugar plantations in the 18th and 19th centuries.
  • Rainforest Adventures St Maarten - Rockland Estate: Rockland Estate is the eco-adventure park that preserves native ecological systems while ensuring the sustainability of the estate's physical and intangible attributes. They recognized the ecological, cultural, and historical value of the site. They saw our development as an opportunity to invest in the cultural landscape of St. Martin in a significant way. Their overall goal is to enhance and preserve its natural and built environs and endorse cultural and historical significance while promoting education through adventure.
  • Caribbean Paddling: Caribbean Paddling Park is an outdoor company founded in 2009. They offer Kayak and paddleboards on rents and tours for an almost full year in St Martin. Caribbean Paddling Park is located in Cul de Sac, which is in the North-East part of the french side of St Maarten. Our Kayak and stand up paddleboards let you access Pinel Island, Grand Case, and St Maarten's coastline. Pinel Island is a very well-known and amazing place of St Martin and is in the Marine Park's heart. You can discover Pinel Island, and there are two ways to do: go with the ferry boat (10€/$12) or rent a kayak or a paddleboard. Caribbean Paddling also rents its kayaks and paddleboards all around St Martin, both Dutch and French side.

National Parks

  • Seaside Nature Park: Seaside Nature Park is a unique place on the small island of Sint Maarten. Thirty acres of unspoiled nature awaits you, a stone's throw away from the high-density development that characterizes the Sint Martin. Surrounded one side by the storage facilities for oil and water, the park's rustic facilities will make you forget it all. A former plantation, Seaside brings back the 'old days' to their visitors. The (Lucky) Stables, the trails, the beach, and the beachside pavilion, playground, and pet farm offer various activities for the whole family in a unique and straightforward setup. Almost all animals at Seaside are open for an encounter.
  • Loterie Farm: Loterie Farm is a private nature reserve where you can see several treetop adventure obstacle courses and hiking trails. After hurricane Irma, you can also rebuild your pool area as well as repair your treetop courses. Such a unique and beautiful nature reserve in Saint Martin. A must-visit place if you visit Saint Martin for your vacations. Many travelers visit this place, and residents here suggest visiting Loterie Farm; they will also help find more amazing places.


  • Great Bay Beach: The capital Philipsburg is blessed with a long sandy beach: Great Bay Beach. Not the most idyllic beach on St. Maarten, but one of the nicest. Here you will find plenty of opportunities to enjoy the sun, sea, and beach because there are beds with umbrellas everywhere. An excellent excuse to spend a whole day with a book and a cocktail at your fingertips, enjoying the nice weather and the beautiful view.
  • Mullet Bay: The beach of Mullet Bay adorns many a list of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. The sand in this photogenic bay is snow white, the water azure blue, and a long row of palm trees surrounds it. How tropical do you want it to be on this most beautiful beach in St. Martin?
  • Le Galion Beach: Le Galion is a real family beach because the water in this sheltered bay is relatively shallow. But even without children, I can recommend heading to this heavenly spot because you can splash around in the warm water, and it is usually wonderfully quiet. The place is undoubted because Le Galion's beach is slightly less polished than the other beaches in St. Maarten. Here you will get to see no beach bars and restaurants and no beds with umbrellas. I think that is only an advantage myself. Le Galion is the perfect beach on St. Maarten if you are looking for a place where fewer tourists come.
  • Oriented Bay Beach: The most popular beach in St. Maarten is the elongated Orient Bay Beach. Numerous resorts and restaurants line the waterfront, and there is always a place to roll out your towel. Here you drink rum punch with your feet in the sand, and you can explore the seabed with a snorkel right off the coast. At the southernmost tip of Orient Bay Beach, you will also find the only nudist beach in St. This place is freely accessible, and swimwear is optional.
  • Friars Bay: The most beautiful beaches on St. Maarten are the idyllic Friar's Bay, located on the island's French side. The beach is the ultimate beach paradise, with powder-soft sand and blue water. Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc on this beach in 2017 and destroyed a full zip of palm trees, but now the bars are open again, and you can fully enjoy the sun, sea, and beach here.
The iconic Great bay beach


  • Border Monument: At Borders Monument Company, you will get to see a full-service establishment. They meet the needs of every customer. The largest indoor showroom is in Kentucky; customers are given a variety of monuments to consider. Their staff works with families to select and customize the most fitting memorial. Each stone is then crafted in their workshop carefully placed in the beautiful cemetery. The handling of each step of the memorial process allows them to offer monuments at an affordable price.
  • Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit: The Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit is an international artist and Creature Effects Designer best known for contributing to Yoda and other creatures STAR WARS. It's a small non-profit museum with a lot of movie history packed inside. They mainly focus on the individuals and techniques brought to life Yoda, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, MIB, the Terminator, Alien, Highlander, Superman, Lifeforce & more. It's all packed inside, along with a Hollywood memorabilia store, celebrity signed production used relics, and Nick's Caribbean art. They are very fortunate to be a recommended stop on 15 cruise lines, described as "the unique enterprise in the Caribbean."
  • Caye Verte: A wonderful place for starting a lazy Sunday or any vacation, a visit to amazing Caye Verte – a Natural Preserve! It is the home of Seven Emporium – a store specialized in home and garden furniture. However, I was not out to shop but to enjoy the rest of this lovely sim! There is a variety of wildlife, animal, water, and green meadows. Very beautifully landscaped and decorated, not too much, but just perfect. You will feel amazed and calm after visiting such a place and seeing such scenes.


  • Philipsburg Street Celebration Street, St. Martin: The Dutch capital St. Martin was founded in 1763 with a rich history, excellent shopping, and daring day and night activities. A narrow lane of streets between a salt flat and the Caribbean Sea is the center's main center. It includes the main shopping area, the front road (Voorstraat), which runs parallel to the stable walk where you can find bars, restaurants, carriages. And Segway Tours by Whizzing.

Cruise tourists can quickly get to the city center from the Philipsburg Cruise Ship Center, where highlights include the Goverbury Museum, the St. Martin Museum, the Photogenic Historical Court, and a casino.

  • A museum Naturalis at The Old House: The house building to St. Martin's first natural history museum was destroyed but then created a new one. A museum Naturalis at The Old House will be a museum for local natural things and heritage and a space for community projects. During the first half of 2018, they repair the buildings in the new location, catalog their historical collection, prepare their exhibits, and launch community projects.
  • Silk Cotton Grove Art Gallery: I took a day off from beaching and visit the unique gallery and met the island legend, Ruby Butte. We arrived unannounced and found Ruby cleaning the house. You will find yourself happy to put your chores aside and spend the afternoon in this beautiful art gallery. You can sit on the porch and shared refreshments with island stories. The art in the gallery is gorgeous, and yes, you can purchase it also. However, the hell glint of the day was hearing stories of growing up on the island. An island treasure will leave you filled with the spirit of loving one another and learning about other cultures.


The whole island of Saint Martin is known for its excellent cuisine. Creole, French, and West Indian cooking The Island offer local dining destinations, from roadside shacks to classic Creole eateries and everything in between. The full-fledged St Maarten institution in Little Bay serves up a range of Creole and St Maarten specialties. But everybody comes for the ribs, particularly the $24 all-you-can-eat rib dinner.


You will get to see so many drinks available in Satin Martin, a unique blend of three different types of rums made from pure sugar cane grown and distilled in Dominica. The distinctive mixture of vodka, peach schnapps, lemon juice, cranberry juice, OJ, and other secret ingredients will quench your Saint Martin. Snoopy bar is a very famous bar in Saint Martin. Their unusual mix of vodka, rum, gin, tequilla, and more. Mojitos are also very famous among those who don't drink alcoholic beverages.


This country's tap water is very much polluted, and even the drinking water is contaminated very much. There are a lot of causes of water pollution, which involves improper maintenance of water supply pipes. Water supply pipes are responsible for the supply of water in a particular city. The government should adequately maintain them because rust can appear in these pipes, acting as a pollutant for the drinking water. Other than this, improper maintenance can lead to various microorganisms that can damage water quality. Other than this, there are other problems also such as leaking of water supply pipes. Another reason for water being so much polluted is because of the public and tourists. Many locals are seen throwing their waste in water bodies, and the tourist does the same; therefore, this country should take proper measures on the ones who are dumping waste in the water. Other than this, the industries are also a big problem because they release untreated water into the waterbody. The water is used to cool down heavy industrial machinery or wash out chemicals; therefore, the water becomes polluted in these processes. Contaminated water can cause many problems if consumed, especially digestive or intestinal issues, leading to vomiting, diarrhea, and other harmful issues. The tap water of this country is not fit for drinking, and the government has set a ban on drinking tap water or consuming it directly for cooking purposes because the water does not work for it. It is done on the French side of the island. The ban is because of the high amount of bromide present in this country's water, and later in the cleaning process, it turns out to be Bromate, which can cause nausea, vomiting, and a lot of other problems. Other than things you can use tap water, such as cleaning or washing clothes, dishes, etc., you can use it for bathing. As this country is present on the ocean, there is ample water supply, but not freshwater. Therefore, there are desalination plants that help remove salt from the water other than this. There are precipitation and groundwater as an important source of freshwater later to this. It is further purified by water purification plants and is made fit for drinking. You can even use bottled water, which is additionally purified by the company that is selling it. It would help if you did not create pollution and should preserve water as much as possible.


Activities are the things which everybody likes to do while visiting a new place. There are many activities to do in this country, especially those related to water sports because there are many beaches in this country. Other than this there are mountains where you can perform a lot of activities. Other than this, some activities involve exploring nature a lot. There are hiking, windsurfing, water surfing, paragliding, exploring, and many other things to do. One which reaches here has a lot of activities and would not get bored.


Accommodation is what everyone looked for as this country is divided into two parts governed by two countries; therefore, there are different accommodation options in other regions. French, which has a more significant area in this country as many kinds of accommodation options support tourism. The first one in which his presence there is Villa can either be owned or taken on the rent. There are different benefits of staying in a private Villa, which is comfortability. Vilas homes where you can relax after a heavy journey post office the rooms presented in these villas are very much spacious and have a big living room. You get good privacy especially if you are here with your friends or family there are swimming pools present in these villas where you can relax and enjoy without Sir disturbance of public or any other person control however the laws are best for those who are traveling with a small group the question there are not much of the rooms which are present here so if you're traveling with a large group, then you must not include villas in your accommodation option. Known for their luxurious lifestyle, which is provided along with its different services which these villas offer, which provides for housemaid service, a personal ship can make you dishes that you want to eat, a Butler and a concierge. Villas are enormous for those who want to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle; therefore, they cost too much. Other than this, some accommodation options can help you become independent such as a cottage, in or apartment. There are different types of hotels present in this country, which all first the print facilities and charges accordingly. The main demerit of staying in a hotel is that some of the rooms do not have balconies, and even these are not useful if you are present here for a longer-term.

Green Hotels

Green hotels are different from ordinary hotels. Getting a green certificate from the government or any regulatory body working under the government stop can use the green certificate to attract tourists who prefer to conserve nature. Their comfort or help wants natural comfort. Green hotels Are known for their eco-friendly measures to serve their customers. Green hotels are also known as eco-hotels. If you are traveling on the Kingdom of Netherland's side, then the best area Simpson Bay. The costliest hotel which is present in this country charges 1090 United States dollars per night. There are many benefits of staying in a green hotel back the cosmetics like so, shampoo, and other made-up organic compounds that do not damage the skin and are reactive to allergy. The towels and the mattress present in these hotel rooms are made up of cotton, a natural fabric. They use water harvesting or groundwater as a significant source of supply of water. Green hotels are very beneficial for nature and health; therefore, you must consider them a good accommodation option.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels are accommodation options in which the toy usually gets a shared room shared by two people: you and your roommate, who might be from different countries. Hostels are best for solo travelers as there are high chances that they will get good company. Other than this, there is a backpackers hostel available in a wide variety in this country on both the side of this country. Backpackers hostels are those hostels that are specially built for backpackers. They are solo travelers and do not stay in a particular city for a longer-term. In the hostel, you will get a suitable company along with a kitchen to cook your food. Other than this, you will not get a private bathroom. The privacy in hostels is not that good because you will neither get your room nor get a personal bathroom. These hostels often come with necessary facilities. There are guesthouses present in this country that can provide you with a homely feeling along with a whole house. It is best for large groups. These are just the opposite of hostels.


Apartments are flats which are generally available on sale. There are many apartments present in this country, especially on the French side of the country. These apartments are very much excellent and comfortable also comes with a modular kitchen with all the essential tools available such as the electrical chimney, cupboards, stoves, toaster, microwave, and ether essential items. There are many benefits of staying in an apartment, which includes that it is beneficial for the ones living for a longer term as hotel charges will be too much compared to longer times. Additionally, you can also save on food by using the modular kitchen and purchasing essential utilities such as fruits and vegetables from the grocery store or supermarket. If anything breaks out, such as any tap, fan, or other things, the landlord will pay the charges. You only have to pay for rent. Therefore the costs which you will have to pay for maintenance will be very much lower. You can meet many people while accommodating in an apartment living in those apartments. These apartments' privacy and security are the best every area of the flats covered with CCTV cameras and security guards. You can do many activities in the apartment, and these apartments will help you become independent.


There are not many hosts, which means that there are not many hosts present in this country. Other than this, Couchsurfing can help you to make friends with the locals, which can tell you various tourists spots, common minor scams with the travelers, and some money saving techniques. Other than this, you can even learn different things like the diverse history of this country. Couchsurfing means staying at a local's house without any charge, and in exchange, you can help them in their daily household works. However, you must know that a few of the hosts have canceled their meeting with the couch surfers at the very end of the time; therefore, you cannot wholly rely on this type of accommodation.


There are many camping grounds in this country in many of the cities. Camping can be very adventurous involving stargazing. You must note some things: you must not camp in extreme winter seasons as this country has freezing winters. You can take an electric heater that runs on electricity that can provide you heat during winter as bonfire will create a lot of pollution and destroy trees. There are several other places, such as camping tours in national parks, which can be very adventurous. Even some of the beaches allow camping. Therefore you can camp there, and the beaches help you to get better and relaxed sleep.


Map of Saint Martin


  • Philipsburg is the capital of the Dutch side. This is where most cruise ships dock.
  • Marigot is the capital of the French side.
  • Grand Case is on the French side and has excellent restaurants.

Getting There and Moving Around

There is a total of two airports in this country, one on each side of the country. The most popular airport and the main airport is Princess Juliana Airport. Other ways to reach here is waterways from cruise ships or a ferry ride. However, there are many ways to move around in this country—different types of transportation costs differently.


There are two airports present in this country, out of which one is present on the part under French administration. The second one is present in detail under the administration of The Kingdom of the Netherlands. Princess Juliana airport is the primary airport current in this country. This airport is larger than the second airport. It is the busiest airport and faces a lot of tourists every year. These airports have connections with major countries in Europe. So if tou are traveling from Asia, you might have to take an indirect flight.

Princess Juliana Airport


There are two types of buses present in this country – intercity buses and Local buses. Intercity buses are those buses that help a traveler to move from one city to another. Local buses are those buses which will help you to move around in this country. These are not full-fledged buses and are smaller in size. Local buses have two categories day buses and night buses, but it is advised that you should not travel at night.

Bus in Saint Martin


There are railway lines present on the southern side of the country. The length of the railway line is 624 kilometers. It is a light railway system. Anyone or even you can use these trains to travel from one city to another. These trains do not cost much and are easily affordable. The seats of these trains are very much comfortable, and you can even sleep here.


You can hitchhike to reach from one place to another. Hitchhiking has its drawbacks, which include that it is not a reliable option to travel. You cannot use hitchhiking if you want to reach a place urgently. You must be present on a highway or a busy road to get a free lift. It is an open type of travel option. You can even hitchhike to move around in a city.


Another way you can travel to this country is by cruise or a ferry from nearby countries. Waterways take a lot of time to reach here. There are many ways to move around, such as walking, cycling, or a private taxi. Walking and cycling will be beneficial for your health as they will help you keep your body fit. Other than this, these methods will also help you to save a lot of money.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping includes second-hand stores, eco fashion stores, and grocery stores. Not every grocery store is a sustainable shopping area; selling organic fruits and vegetables is counted under sustainable products. These products are grown naturally and are untouched with pesticides or other chemicals. Eco-fashion stores are those stores that have sustainable clothes. These clothes are made up of natural fabrics and are dyed in natural colors. Sustainable products have a less harmful impact on the environment and health. It generates a lot of employment for society.


Recycling is very much beneficial for us as it helps us to eliminate waste. Recycling saves nature; for example, by recycling paper, we can save many trees, regularly cut down to make paper. It also holds many raw materials such as iron ore, which is also a necessary fossil fuel. These fossil fuels are obtained through mining, which damages the land. There are recycling centers present in this country which is responsible for the recycling of that particular area.


Waste is something that cannot be used further and needs to be dumped. Rubbish, if kept untreated for a long time, can create a lot of pollution. Other than this, there are different types of waste based on their origin, such as chemical waste, waste from chimneys, radioactive waste, electronic waste, etc. These wastes have other methods of decomposing and treatment. Waste is first sent to a landfill where all the trash is dumped collectively, and later from that landfill, it is transferred to incinerators.

Work and Study Abroad

As this is an island, there are not many work opportunities present in this country. However, there are jobs which can help you to earn a small amount. These jobs include a waiter, an English speaking guide, etc. These will not allow you to make a fair amount. There are not many options for students present in this country. There are a few of the universities present in this country.

Exchange Student

A student exchange program is a program in which a student is sent to a foreign country to complete its degree. All the educational expenses are paid by the college that is sending the student. There are entrance exams that are needed to be cleared first to be a part of this program. Other than this, this program has many benefits as this program helps a student become independent. It also helps a student make a fresh start as he will have a new university and make a student more adaptable.

Au Pair

An Au pair is a person who stays with a local and has the work of taking care of their child. Rather than considering it a job, it is regarded as work because there is no money involvement. With this method, you can stay in a city for a longer time. This type of work is available in a limited amount. It is because only a few of the families have both the mother and the father working.


Anything which you do out of your own will or intrinsic feeling is termed as volunteering. You cannot charge for what you are volunteering for. Other than this, volunteering can help you to get rid of depression. It will provide you with satisfaction and will help you to be busy and be away from stress.

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