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Eco-friendly travel guide to Samarkand advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Samarkand, Uzbekistan.

Tamerlane's Registan Masjid

  • Air quality: 3.0 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4.7 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4.0 / 5
  • Parks: 3.0 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4.2 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.0 / 5
  • Safety: 4.0 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$15 - $40
  • Budget per day: US$7 - $20

Responsible Travel

For optimum comfort temperature-wise as well as a artistic feast of wildflowers, silver, and dark green throughout the landscape, the full time this is certainly best to visit Uzbekistan is both between April and May or autumn. Check out around harvest in September to October and you’ll markets which are uncovered with colorful produce. The land is parched, generally, there isn’t too much to check in the country in high summer. Conditions can soar more than a distressing 30°C also, indicating city trips could be work that is sweaty. Winters in Samarkand, meanwhile, can be freezing, though that does indicate websites which can be social be practically deserted.

  • Traveling Samarkand overland is not comfortable or easy, nevertheless the social gems of its Silk Road metropolitan areas ensure it is a lot more than beneficial. Many trips start out with the administrative center, Tashkent, plus the structure this is certainly Islamic of Square in Samarkand, only southwest.
  • Samarkand's dazzling design that is Islamic the jewel with its top, and admiring this is the principal reason to visit the united states.
  • It really is Islamic yet it has a total lot of Soviet impacts, it is, therefore, essential to obtain a bit of a handle on social conventions.
  • You will get silver that is etiquette for recalling to remove your shoes, bring something special and shake everyone’s hands – though some especially strict Muslim houses don’t motivate shaking women’s hands, therefore let your hosts lead on this 1.

Air Quality and Pollution

Air is mildly polluted. Greater compared to the optimum limit founded for just one by WHO year. The publicity is long-term a wellness danger. Help to keep atmosphere quality good by biking to function and taking pleasure in activities being outside. Data on existing air quality circumstances in Samarkand with information about the toxins which can be main the levels of each of them. The data is shown using the standard established by the EPA Environmental Protection Agency. The suggested Samarkand Solar Power Project (the task) aims to increase renewable energy generation and lower greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in Uzbekistan. While Uzbekistan is nearly 100% electrified, the demand-supply space (16% unmet demand in 2008) renders provinces which can be much intermittent power and has now triggered increased use of and dependence on diesel generators.

Respect the Culture

The town this is certainly historic of is really a crossroad and melting pot worldwide's cultures. Created in the 7th century BC as ancient Afrasiab, Samarkand had its many developments that are considered the Timurid period through the 14th towards the 15th hundreds of years. The monuments which can be major the Registan Mosque and madrasahs, Bibi-Khanum Mosque, the Shakhi-Zinda element and the Gur-Emir ensemble, as well as Ulugh-Beg's Observatory. The historic section of Samarkand is made of three main areas.

When you look at the northeast there is the website of the ancient city of Afrosiab, created in the 7th century BC and destroyed by Genghis Khan when you look at the 13th century, which is maintained as a book that is archaeological. Archaeological excavations have revealed the citadel which is certainly ancient fortifications, the palace associated with a ruler (integrated the 7th century displays important wall surface paintings), and residential and art quarters. There are also remains of the large old building that is a mosque in the 8th to 12th centuries.

The monuments which are major the Registan mosque and madrasahs, originally integrated dirt brick and covered with decorated ceramic tiles, the Bibi-Khanum Mosque and Mausoleum, the Shakhi-Zinda mixture, which contains a few mosques, madrasahs and mausoleum, and also the ensembles of Gur-Emir and Rukhabad, along with the remains of Ulugh-Bek’s Observatory.

Top 10 Places to Visit

One reason to check out Samarkand and Uzbekistan would be to look at the magnificent design that is Islamic the ancient Silk roadway urban centers. I positively enjoyed Khiva and Bukhara, but I also believed Uzbekistan failed to live up to places like Shiraz or Isfahan in Iran. Which was, until we went to Samarkand. Samarkand had most of the odds against me personally liking it. I don’t like huge metropolitan areas, while Samarkand could be the 2nd town this is certainly the biggest in Uzbekistan. Additionally, it is probably the most touristic, though it does not have a scenic city that is old anything else to complete in Samarkand are spread on over the town.

  • Registan - The Registan is one of the items that tend to be top do in Samarkand. The central square has three breathtaking madrassahs’s from the fifteenth and century this is certainly the seventeenth. The Ulug Begh madrassah is the oldest madrassah in Samarkand. It was a center that is great of where scientist Ulug Beg himself provided lectures in mathematics and astronomy. The Sher Dor madrassah is interesting for the 2 tigers through a sun this is certainly increasing you can see on its facade. It really is remarkable, because in Islam it absolutely was restricted to decorate pictures of residing beings. The Tillya Kari madrassah was a residence for the educational students, but in addition, possessed a mosque. The within is remarkably gorgeous with blue and tilework this is certainly fantastic. Come early in the early morning once the sunlight increase creates the light that is best for photography and trip teams have never yet arrived.
  • Gur-E-Amir Mausoleum - Gur-E-Amir means tomb of the leaders. This is when Timur the great, his sons, and grandsons found their resting that is the last destination. The design this is certainly architectural of mausoleum ended up being later on motivation for Humayun’s tomb in Delhi while the Taj Mahal in Agra. There exists a legend of an archeologist this is certainly soviet desired to investigate Timur’s skull. Residents warned him that starting his tomb would bring a chance that is bad nevertheless the archeologist proceeded regardless. Regarding he launched the tomb, Hitler attacked the Soviet Union day.
  • Hovrenko Wine Tasting - The Russians not just renovated Samarkand, but additionally brought winemaking to your area. Hovrenko’s wine factory from the belated century that is 19th the earliest in main Asia. They give sampling sessions to tour teams that you will be absolved to join being a visitor that is individual.
  • Central Park - Near the Hovrenko wine factory is Samarkand central park by having a monument to two of the greatest poets in Uzbek and Tajik literary works. Alisher Navoi and Abdurahman Jami stand before the entry of Samarkand's room this is certainly the greenest.
  • Ulug Bek Observatory - Ulug Bek ruled Uzbekistan for a period this is certainly short of just. He wasn’t very good at governing the country, but he had been an astronomer this is certainly great. His passion that is real was research and training. He built an initial observatory which is certainly astronomical central Asia and two Madrassah’s where he offered lectures on mathematics and astronomy. After Ulug Bek's demise, religious extremists destroyed the observatory. Folks forgot about any of it until an archeologist this is certainly soviet papers that unveiled its presence. Excavations showed the huge curved tracks utilized for the tools that are astronomical.
  • Tomb Of The Prophet Daniel - The Prophet this is certainly biblical has burial sites all over the world which claim is his. From Morroco, Iraq, Turkey, Iran to Uzbekistan. Really the tomb in Susa, Iran gets the most supporters to be the real one, but folks in Samarkand will disagree. Uzbek pilgrims come right here to pray, take with you a number of the holy-water and see the impressive 18-meter sarcophagus this is certainly long. Timur the great said that Daniel's body ended up being nevertheless developing at a consistent level of 5 centimeters per year and for that reason, he needed this type of long destination that is resting.
  • Afrosiab Settlement And Museum - Samarkand is full of impressive Timurid monuments, but a long time before Timur the great, Samarkand had been the capital associated with the Sogdian Empire and another of the wealthiest urban centers in the Silk Road. The Sogdians were a culture this is certainly Crossbreed of Chinese and Iranian impacts. They observed Zoroastrianism and an array of various other local practices while they traveled along the Silk Road as merchants they spread out through the location.
  • Shah I Zinda Complex - The Shah-I-Zinda complex is one of the most burial that is essential in Uzbekistan. Folks genuinely believe that Kusam, a cousin from Prophet Muhammad, is hidden right here. Kusam found Samarkand throughout the 7th century aided by the invasion that is Arab preach Islam. At that correct time, their efforts weren't valued and he was beheaded.
  • Hazrat Khizr Mosque - The Hazrat Khizr mosque is rather a small set alongside the nearby Bibi Khanum mosque, nonetheless it ended up being the very first building this is certainly spiritual Samarkand. Locals believe it had been Hazrat Khizir that offered instructions to build the mosque. Hazrat khizr is definitely a prophet that is essential to Islam that lived within the period of Abraham. There's a belief this is certainly extensive Muslims which he ended up being immortal, despite the fact that Islamic scholars rejected this concept.
  • Karimov Mausoleum - Karimov, Uzbekistan’s time that is long was in energy the moment Uzbekistan became separate. For 27 years, he had been a true leader that is soviet utilizing the same authoritarian tactics. then, out of the blue he died in 2016. Karimov ended up being from Samarkand. Therefore his mausoleum was built correct next to the Hazrat Khizir mosque as well as the Shah-I-Zinda complex.
Gur-E-Amir Mausoleum


My first wow certainly ended up being appropriate whenever I found its way to Samarkand in Registan. It's difficult not to be impressed by this square along with its madrassah’s that are gorgeous. The blue domes, the high minarets, the intricate habits into the mosaics therefore the tilework is certainly colorful.

Nevertheless, Registan is just the start of all of the plain things you can do in Samarkand. There are similarly mausoleums being stunning shrines and mosques. A lot of them are from the best period of Timur the Great. But, Samarkand just isn't all about Islamic design.

Samarkand normally someplace that is excellent to get a feel for contemporary Uzbek culture and its tasty food. Most monuments are historical incredibly holy places for the Uzbek folks. As touristic as Samarkand is, they nevertheless attract more pilgrims which are neighborhood foreign people. Moreover, while Islam might nonetheless rule, Samarkand's history goes back much further.

City Parks

  • Alisher Navoi Central Recreation Park - The Central Park area is really a stroll this is certainly a quick town center or are reached by coach. Buses about this route feature 1,10,14,20 and 45. The playground is flanked by Abdurakhmon Jomiy Street to your western and Mustaqillik Street to your east. Amir Timur Street works to the north. This park ended up being checked out by us to see the 2 monuments of Alisher Navoi. The monument is certainly first found in the center of the park. It's quickly found, as all paths in the park converge in the statue. The statue is within a water feature. The bed's base is brown tiled, cylindrical-shaped, and contains the actual title of this poet etched in gold letters. He poses with his left hand at his part and a hand that is right documents to his chest.
  • Amir Temur Park - The Amir Timur park is just a huge area that is green the intersection of Umarov and Registan Street. It is advisable known for the 2 lion sculptures which are within the part this is certainly northeastern of the park and face Registan Street. This is a specific area where locals gather to simply take pictures. In the event that you look down the street from the tigers, there is a picture this is certainly great of the mural regarding the part of the building. Additionally in the park, may be the keeps of a water system that is old. This reservoir stays is in the center of this playground, and may even be reached by walking from the path behind the tiger sculptures.
Amir Temur Park

National Parks

There are no National Parks in the city of Samarkand.


  • Restaurant Samarkand - This was more restaurants which are suggested by Uzbek Friends, and I understand why it really is so well-liked among the locals. It's extremely meals that are a good great atmosphere, and plenty of cultural experience integral to the meal: Live songs, traditional clothes, along with other benefits make this a must-visit if you're in Samarkand. We took our lovers which are foreign the place twice, and additionally, they liked the place. The meals are great. They provide nationwide and meals being European. The restaurant is huge and contains two floorings. A floor this is certainly first sometimes loud with songs and folks, as the second floor is obviously solaced. Among the really most useful locations in Samarkand to possess meals that are local! The place is extremely comfortable and nice. Looks breathtaking both inside and outside. You can find three areas inside - European space at the top (for yourself), main space with local meals, and beyond your building, which can be an internal garden though it is a smoking area.


Samarkand is Uzbekistan's claim that is undisputed popularity. This city is magnificently cloaked with its past splendor due to the fact capital for the powerful Timurid Empire, which in its heyday stretched across Asia from eastern Turkey to India. The city had been a sanctuary for caravan traders, intellectuals, and scholars which can be Islamic heritage however obvious when you look at the handicrafts, religious schools, and observatories for which Samarkand has become known.

  • Registan Square - The crowning jewel of Samarkand, Registan Square once served as the plaza that is the main of distinguished money. This very carefully restored 15th-17th century ensemble today takes its UNESCO site and Uzbekistan’s most attraction that is preferred.
  • Hudjum Silk Carpet Factory - This wonderful business that is family-run really a factory, workshop, museum, present store, and presentation every rolled into one. Learn the history of carpet weaving in Uzbekistan while you discover directly how the silk threads are spun and dyes that can be natural produced on location. View as local females artfully weave the high-quality carpets, some of which just take months to perform, and also sit they teach you some tricks regarding the trade before providing the chance to weave a few threads yourself alongside them.
  • Bibi-Khanym Mosque - One of the biggest mosques on earth during the time of building in the early century that is fifteenth Bibi-Khanym Mosque ended up being built in the throes of victory after Amir Timur’s conquest of India. According to which account you believe, the cutting-edge construction ended up being either aimed at Bibi-Khanym, Timur’s wife this is certainly preferred or had been built because of the queen as being a shock for her spouse on his return from the struggle. In any event, the overeager architects compromised integrity this is certainly structural dimensions, additionally, the building began to crumble in a few short many years. Miraculously, Bibi-Khanym remained partly intact until current large-scale fixes helped to stabilize this beauty that is monstrous today's very famous landmarks in Uzbekistan.
  • Siab Bazaar - When you’re ready to step out of Tamerlane’s kingdom this is certainly historical contemporary Samarkand, look no farther as compared to lively Siab Bazaar, situated right next to Bibi-Khanym Mosque. Rows upon rows of aisles awash using the colors of sparkling fabrics, attractive souvenirs, and seasonal fresh fruits are a feast for the eyes, as the scent of Samarkand’s slices of bread that is famous the high-spirited invites associated with vendors to taste their products prove an irresistible temptation for many a tourist.
Registan square


  • Samarkand Museum Of History - The museum is situated on the webpage associated with a settlement that is old, on the highway leading from the mosque of Hazret-Hyzr into the connection across the Siab lake. The museum displays exhibit illustrating the various times associated with the city's old history: ossuaries, fragments of ancient swords, knives, arrows, coins, ceramics, and special frescos through the century this is certainly 7-8th for the Ihshid of Samarkand.
  • Samarkand Picture Gallery - The art that is fine associated with Samarkand Museum of History and Art is made of about 4,000 paintings, graphic works, and sculptures. The displays include functions by popular artists which can be Russian as Alexander Nikolaev, better called Usto Mumin, as well as Boore, Dudin, Karazin, Nikitin, and Vereshaghin, whose works illustrate a brief history and lifetime of the people of Central Asia.
  • Home museum of Sadriddini Aini - The author's two kinds of research into the homely residence was maintained. He worked in the first one from 1923 to 1937. It was here that he penned his long and stories being shortOdina", "The Slave-Grandfather", "The Old School", "The Pawnbroker's Death", therefore the books "Dokhunda", "Slaves" and others. He composed "Yatim", "The Hero of Tajik visitors Temurmalik".
  • Samarkand Regional Museum - A residence that is personal from the beginning of the twentieth century is a characteristic architectural monument regarding the brand-new city founded following the Russian conquest of Samarkand. It was designed by the designer E.Nelle for the vendor associated with the guild this is certainly the very first Kalantarov. In 1981 it became your home of this Regional Museum of Local Lore as well as a rich convention this is certainly historical. The decoration that is inside of the building integrates the European and Central Asian styles.


In this Samarkand travel guide, I’m going to share with you what would you like to have whenever you visit the place containing the best food and historic attractions. Samarkand (sometimes also spelled Samarqand) is a city this is certainly ancient Uzbekistan, as soon as a prosperous town across the ancient Silk Road. From monumental Mosques and Mausoleums to jaw-dropping plates of plov and kebabs, Samarkand is just a living museum that will away blow you with every picture and bite. The town I happened to be many looking towards seeing back at my trip to Uzbekistan ended up being Samarkand let me make it clear. Samarkand may be the earliest town this is certainly inhabited of Asia, settled initially within the 8th Century BC, and has been the most strategic metropolitan area across the Silk Road, located en-route from China to your Mediterranean.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Silk Road Tea House - Silk Road Spices is a spice this is certainly family-run into the historic town of Bukhara, among the earliest urban centers in Central Asia and an essential Silk Road destination. The teahouse is beautifully embellished with collectibles that reveal the history that is unique to the area. There exists a choice this is certainly broad of ginger and saffron tea combinations, as well as cardamom coffee, that can be enjoyed having a number of delicious snacks and meals that make utilization of the abundance of spices available.
  • Golubie Kupola - is really a restaurant when you look at the heart of Tashkent that epitomizes luxury. Situated in the environs of a park that is leafy this restaurant is gorgeously festooned in classy middle-Eastern and European modern design, with marble, mosaics, and chandeliers aplenty. The stylish décor is matched by the decidedly modern fusion of Asian, Uzbek, and food that is European offer. The terrace that is shaded detailed with tents as well as a fountain, could be the perfect area for a meal throughout the summer months.
  • Sunduk Café - Sunduk is Russian for ‘treasure chest’, which completely describes this cozy bistro that is little a hidden treasure tucked away within the lovely embassy neighborhood of Tashkent. The eclectic look of the inside, an assortment of austere collectibles, art nouveau, and design that is modern makes it an appealing and unique destination to simply take some respite

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Platan - We didn’t discover restaurants in Uzbekistan particularly impressive, that will be what stops Platan from getting a five, but it was truly up there because of the most useful restaurants we entirely on our journey. The staff tend to be attentive, the foodstuff is good, the restaurant is atmospheric and it is someplace this is certainly genuinely nice to go and consume. It’s expensive by Uzbek standards yet still low priced set alongside the West, and I’d definitely have gone once more.
  • Restaurant Samarkand - Restaurant Samarkand has a grand menu of various local dishes, as well as a service this is certainly great. This might be definitely just the right destination to visit if you're searching for exploring more dishes of Uzbekistan besides and beyond plov. Additionally, this destination could be good to consume call at the evening as there is a stage (presumably, for songs performers), so you may also tune in to some bands which are local take pleasure in the meal!
  • Best Chinor - After attempting another end that is“high restaurant nearby and feeling truly unwanted upon showing up we walked out and ventured to Besh Chinor - we're so happy we did as it had been plenty better. The selection is in Russian, but one staff member could nonetheless talk English the remainder tend to be friendly and had been prompt using their solution however pushy. We bought the lamb shashlik that has been delicious, good standard of quality and it also was included with a sauce this is certainly nice dip into. I’ve never received my vodka inside a Bunsen burner container before nevertheless when in Uzbek, it absolutely was also truly reasonable and cheap.

Street Food

  • Ikrom Shashlik - Most likely one of several shashliks we have that is better had in Uzbekistan. Was sitting within a particular location by having a kid’s birthday celebration ongoing. Ended up being serious knowledge this is certainly weird. The meals were good though. Exemplary service and meals that are delicious. We went indeed there for lunch staff do not know English however with assistance from translator they really assisted us in order and especially their supervisor son this is certainly youthful was really nice and helpful. The desert NAPOLI was one the most effective I ever endured. Overall highly recommended. Shashlik or kebab on skewers is just a preferred dish that is neighborhood. This restaurant makes kebabs which can be tasty for meal and dinner
  • Bibi Khanum Tea House - Extremely destination this is certainly friendly I had the best manti in Uzbekistan here. A lovely local cat, unlike other areas, their meat manti don't taste like lamb...! We also experienced a unique visitor sitting at our dining table. It simply sat for a seat and watched us eat. The woman offering us don't speak English that is much but had been excellent and tried everything to ensure we had been delighted and comfortable.


  • Green Bear Bar - The spot appeared cozy while the lounge that is outdoor great to invest the time at with my partner for the beverage or two. We found Green Bear Bar limited to beverages and I also must say that the beverage in any way that I purchased didn't amaze me personally. It was just fine. I'd be wondering to experience other products here also in case a chance is got by me personally nevertheless the prices for cocktails had been a tad too steep for my liking. Nevertheless, out of all the acknowledged locations that I really could get in Samarkand - Green Bar appeared to be probably the most interesting to consult with!
  • Bochka - Great meals and beer, we particularly recommend the mozzarella cheese sausage and pulsar this is certainly unfiltered. Enthusiasts of neighborhood experiences, let me reveal a target that will delight you. A pilsner that tastes up to 10° from the one hand you'll taste the Samarkand beer brewed (with the aid of the Czech Republic) right next to it with its liquid: the Pulsar. Everything else normally neighborhood: the service that is sluggish the clients as avid since they are cozy, the selection in Uzbek where little is available in your kitchen.


I bought liquid that is bottled was inexpensive. I usually bought a container that is huge filled my smaller containers with it. I didn't have a beverage with ice. Refrigeration is widespread so beverages are served cold without ice. Used to do consume salads and vegetables which can be fresh were most likely cleaned in regular tap water but I'd no dilemmas and did not satisfy anyone who had dilemmas either. I would suggest consuming bottled as pipelines are not maintained as much because they are. Yes, the liquid that is Uzbek sounds nice to taste from the underground resource a little like springtime liquid here when you look at the UK obviously filtered through the stones. Many thanks once again Galina for the reaction.

Organic Cafés

  • Coffee House El Merosi - We had been searching for a cafe once and for all morning meals such as guest homes breakfast usually past an acceptable limit from everything we used to eat. Finally, we discovered quality this is certainly great here. Extremely kind waiter prepared everything we requested also scrambled eggs that weren’t in selection. Really service that is great tasty cheese pancakes. I cannot genuinely believe that I will be drinking a real, exemplary coffee at Coffee House El-Merosi in Samarkand. What a shock that is pleasant! They also have a morning meal selection that may be tailor-made to support vegan needs. Plus drinks which are fresh. I wish it could be found by me sooner.


  • Bochka - Essentially, the brewery tap. Extremely popular with limited sitting. Lucky enough to acquire a table (a good amount of those who came did not). Little choice of meals nevertheless the draw is the unfiltered Pulsar. Smokey as always and not particularly 'tourist' friendly, it's mainly for the residents. I recommend the Green Bear Bar which you pass while you pull off the main road when you have time. They even serve Unfiltered Pulsar, and it's really even less expensive. Plus they have cracking food.“

The style is wooden/European by having a beer that is big around and some benches outside. The staff wasn't very useful in explaining just what beers obtained and I have always been still not sure. Most likely Russian/Tajik that is speaking. Had the dark lager (very good) and lager this is certainly pale. But there are many more taps (perhaps not yes whether there is certainly beer on them). There is no selection. The food had been ok. Odd location but in addition to an experience this is certainly interesting. Come if you'd like!


Located in Uzbekistan’s Zarefshan River valley along the Silk Road, the town of Samarkand ended up being when one of several greatest and a lot of towns and cities which can be prosperous Central Asia. Though nobody knows for many whenever a populous city was created, it is generally speaking thought that Samarkand reaches minimum of 2,500 years old. It was considered the absolute most city that is important the Silk Road. The things to see and do in Samarkand are wide-ranging due to the fact top jewel of Uzbekistan. The historic websites in this city that is sprawling constructed on a grander scale than those in other Uzbek cities. Samarkand was built making use of funds from Amir Timur’s conquests. But with such a history that is lengthy Samarkand encountered quite a few difficult eras during its lifespan.

Yoga and Retreats

Within the bustle and hustle of everyday life, we tend to just forget about our overall health. Many of us need some form of outburst and distraction to keep ourselves calm and balanced. Well, yoga and meditation in Samarkand serve that purpose for people. One could visit a number of the top yoga studios in Samarkand in order to find their calm as they flex all-sorts for their human body of exercises. For anyone who is not very certain about how precisely this might help, don’t you worry. You will find no-cost pilates classes in Samarkand too, you can easily head here and attempt yourself. You can even attend occasions what your location is taught by the different kinds of pilates. Discover yoga classes, retreats, and events for many of the yoga this is certainly finest in Samarkand with


  • Registan Hostels
  • Samarkand Centre
  • Hotel – 129
  • Hamida
  • Tilyakori Hotel
  • Hotel Shahram plus

Green Hotels

  • Rabat Boutique Hotel
  • Hotel Grand Samarkand
  • Meros Boutique Hotel
  • Sultan Hotel Boutique

Hostels and Guest Houses

  • Registan Hostels
  • Siyob Hostel
  • Hostel Imona
  • Yousef Steel Hostel


  • Guest House Guli
  • Overlooking Registan Square


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It's possible to get knowledgeable about the most amazing places in the area to check out with your own personal eyes with us in those times. The program enables you to have the spirit associated with Mountain Villages and its particular flora that are gorgeous. Among the best locations to flake out through the bustle regarding the town and where you are able to look at the sky that is clear that is filled up with countless movie stars. A spot where people nevertheless drink mountain liquid from street ditches - because all things are spotless and clean. One of the more authentic places in Uzbekistan where tourism is certainly complete perhaps not yet achieved.

How to Get There

You will find daily trains from Tashkent, the train number 2 departs each day at 07:00 except Tuesday and Wednesday showing up three hours later on at 10:50 the morning. Train No. 4 can be a train and departs all times except Wednesday at 18:20 showing up at 21:55 the evening. The slow 662 bound for Bukhara departs daily at 20:45, arriving 02:11. Samarkand is mostly about 4 hours by road from Tashkent; shared taxis leave from Sobir Rahimov bus station. The length to Samarkand from Tashkent is 290km, from Bokhara 270km, from Khiva 740km, from Andizhan 610km, from Fergana 600km, from Karshi 150km, from Kokand 500km, from Nukus 820km, from Shahrisabz 90km, from Termez 380km and from Urgench 700km.


  • Samarkand International Airport - Uzbekistan Airways flies between Samarkand and Tashkent once or twice daily except on Monday and Friday. Aeroflot has direct flights to Moscow. The airport is 6km north of the center.


The deviation this is certainly main for shared taxis to Tashkent (bus/shared taxi per chair 20,000/35,000S, six/3½ hours) may be the Ulugbek marshrutka stop, about 200m eastern of this observatory. Arrive here on coach 45 through the side this is certainly north of Bazaar. Buses to Bukhara originate in Tashkent and go by the highway opposite the Ulugbek marshrutka stop (20,000S, 4½ hours) every time or so.

Bus in Samarkand


You can acquire seats at the stop, 5km northwest of Navoi Park, or at the more convenient City Train admission company when you look at the city this is certainly brand new. The super fast ‘Afrosoiyob’ bullet train to Tashkent (economy/business/VIP 58,000/78,000/112,000S, 2¼ hours) departs day-to-day at 5 pm, by having a solution this is certainly 2nd Karshi at 6 pm, and perhaps additionally 5.30 pm. The cheaper and slowly 'Sharq' train leaves at 10.30am every day


The simplest is to take a taxi from Registan, state you wish to head to Toshkent shared taxi-point (around 10 kilometers). It must be around 3000 amount (1,5 dollars). From here you walk 500 yards to get far from all the taxis who want one to include them and commence hitching. Be aware that after 5-10 km you arrive at a roundabout, the street to Toshkent would go to the left/you kind of need certainly to make a u-turn, you end up going a different way if you stay on the highway. If you are never roundabout achieve this after 30 min, get off and turn around.


Minibusses (900S) run from about 6 am until 9 pm or 8 pm. To obtain between your Registan stop and Navoi when you look at the heart associated with the town this is certainly brand new any vehicle marked ГУМ (GUM), such bus 3, 22 or 32, or marshrutka 6 or 35. Through the Bulvar stop just take bus 14 or 74 towards the Registan, or 1,10 or 54 towards the Shah-i-Zinda. A taxi between the town that is old-new town expenses around 3000S, the typical fee for cabs in Samarkand. A cart that is electric1000S) shuttles up and down pedestrian Toshkent street from close to the Registan to Siob Bazaar.

Moving Around

The promenade street (Tashkent street) is a quiet and good walking street and from there all major websites in Samarkand are within hiking distance via safe roadways and great sidewalks. All taxis tend to be yellowish as soon as you don’t talk Russian or Uzbek, be ready to negotiate and agree on a cost before hopping into the vehicle. An interest rate that is fair someplace around 2,000 SOM per kilometer


Establishing his or her own concerns apart, as one moves on, wonderstruck at every turn, borne by a childhood dream: to see for themselves the fantastic domes and turquoise heavens of Samarkand, certainly one of Central Asia's many urban centers that are old. But what you will enjoy the majority are the individuals as you go along: Askar, the gardener this is certainly welcoming the pilgrims of Mashhad; along with his knights in shining armor, Mehdi and Monir. For, despite setting out alone, it comes to itself--through get a hold of that walking some sort of alchemy--fosters buddies and fellowship.


This interesting region let me tell you cycling is just one of the best how to explore a country and also to appreciate the contrasting wilderness and hill surroundings that characterize. Pedaling at a steady speed we journey across this vast and land this is certainly impressive. Spend nights in tents, soothing within a dome that is spectacular. Uncover the standard lifestyle of the local people into the Nurata Mountains, explore boulder this is certainly vast and dramatic gorges, valleys, and ponds.

Electronic Vehicles

Auto Tesla revolutionary electric automobiles made to entirely destroy the inner combustion engine also to inculcate in mankind the want to go exclusively on environmentally transport this is certainly friendly. Tesla’s vehicle is the very first that a gas motor could be sent to a museum.

Public Bus

Samarqand Avtobusa is a transport that is a community in Samarkand which runs Bus paths. The Samarqand Avtobusa features 65 Bus roads in Samarkand with 1025 Bus stops. Their Bus routes cover a place from the North (Pastdarg'Om) having a visit Bekat to the South (Samarqand) by having a take a look at Pticefabrika. Their most stop is western Charkhin (Samarqand), as well as the most eastern stop, is Grebnoi Kanal (Jomboy).

Tram, Train and Subway

Regular passenger solutions started in the period that is very first of Samarkand tram network on March 29. Test running had begun on March 26.

Sustainable Shopping

You can find souvenir shops and art workshops of differing high quality at all the sights which can be huge in particular at the Rukhobod Mausoleum together with Registan. There are several noteworthy shops which can be traditional Tilla-Kari Medressa and something in Sher Dor Medressa, but textile and suzani buffs are best off planning Urgut.

Food Markets

  • Central Bazaar - This bazaar isn’t because impressive as the Chorsu Bazaar in Tashkent, and probably benefits from the reality that lots of tourists only go to Samarkand and also this is the bazaar this is certainly only seen, however, it’s an awesome sight to see however. Perched next into the Bibi Khanym mosque, with good views of the building, it is right at the heart of Samarkand and gives you a belief is genuine Uzbekistan only wandering around. Really, I was less attracted to the tourist-focused stalls - but I found the food stalls really cool, additionally, the Central Bazaar really made me feel like I became something that is experiencing. I’d suggest walking through the Bazaar on your way across the town.

Flea Markets

  • Siob Bazaar - Around and behind Bibi-Khanym Mosque, Samarkand's frenetic, colorful marketplace that is main a great place for both vegetarians and professional photographers (vegetarian professional photographers may be in paradise!). There are a few souvenir stalls by the entrance, an area specializing in skullcaps plus an entire quarter devoted to halva (fudge-like sugary).

Second Hand Stores

  • Chorsu Bazaar
  • Yangiobad Weekend Flea Market
  • Tizzykafka Bazaar
  • Taqi – Sarrafon market


  • Happy Bird Handicraft Centre
  • Dil – Suzani Boutique
  • Bukhara Silk Carpet Showroom


In Samarkand, the 2nd city that is the biggest in the united states, the attempts did because of the municipality within the last couple of years to modernize gear and improve waste management remain inadequate. Even though the town will continue to expand, the collection rate continues to be reduced, dumping sites continue to be uncontrolled, the landfill which is certainly municipal meets existing ecological requirements together with an informal sorting procedure does not enable waste recycling.


Having its very first task in the united states, AFD supports the implementation of an integral program since the waste pattern is certainly whole. The main focus is on fighting weather modification, strengthening regional capacities, and raising understanding of the populace in the dilemmas related to waste management, in line with the method this is certainly nationwide Waste management adopted in 2019.

Work and Study Abroad

When you think of international scientific studies locations, Uzbekistan may not be the location that initially comes to mind. However, only it's maybe not a great one because it’s not the most common spot for learning abroad does not mean. In reality, this main country is certainly Asian much attraction for international students. Here’s a roundup of ten reasons why you should consider studies that can be international Uzbekistan. Exchange Student

Exchange Student

Samarkand State University is amongst the foremost in the nation, it includes curricula this is certainly contemporary different characteristics.

Au Pair

Au Pair in Samarkand is available. An Au Pair is really a person who is youthful really wants to experience another culture and find out a fresh language by residing in a foreign nation through a Host Family. The Au Pair protects tasks pertaining to childcare and easy home tasks in exchange for a personal area and some pocket money.


Here you can view a real East this is certainly ancient, Samarkand and Bukhara. It is possible to taste the Uzbek that is real pilaf prepared to meals which can be more than a thousand many years and drink the primary drink regarding the nation – tea with milk. Algoos assist you to choose among the volunteering program in this country that is Asian! Algoos Study Work and Travel gives you to guide volunteering this is certainly amazing in Turkmenistan

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