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Eco-friendly travel guide to San Salvador advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in San Salvador, El Salvador.

Images, from top, left to right: Plaza Morazán, Plaza Libertad, Plaza Gerardo Barrios, Torre Roble Metrocentro, National Palace (El Salvador), Estadio Cuscatlan

  • Air quality: 3.8/ 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.2 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.3 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.2 / 5
  • Parks: 2.8 / 5
  • Outdoor activities:3.0 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2.5 / 5
  • Safety: 2.9 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$18 - $74
  • Budget per day: US$37 - $102

Responsible Travel

San Salvador city is the capital and most populous city of El Salvador. It is mentioned to be the country's cultural, political, financial, and educational center. The town has 13 municipalities and a population of over 2 million. The city is a significant financial hub for Central Americas. An Salvador is located in the highlands of Salvadoran, surrounded by volcanoes and prone to earthquakes. The main religion is Christianity and especially Catholics as well as protestant churches. The city also hosts various regional and international events in sports, politics, and other social events. This city has one of the highest crime rates in Latin America, reducing the number of visitors willing to spend their holidays. Nevertheless, as visitors and tourists, you are mostly safe since the crimes here are primarily among rival gangs. An Salvador residents are amiable and welcoming; they are also willing to share their beliefs and cultural practices with visitors. The significant language here is Spanish, and English is learned as a second language. It will be effortless to interact with them without a language barrier. The eco-friendliest and efficient means to get around the city is by walking. Walking is very efficient since most attraction sites in the town are just a walk of a distance. Walking also helps you interact with city residents hence creating a connection with the city. This interaction leads to friendships, which will significantly help you enjoy your stay here. Other eco-friendly means of transport you can use here are cycling, electric cars, and public transportation. You can show responsible travel in many different ways, including throwing garbage in designated places, buying from local businesses and volunteering.

Air Quality and Pollution

According to plume labs, San Salvador's air quality index is moderate, with an annual average of 37AQI. Long term exposure can result in health problems. The main result of the low air quality is a valley, old vehicles, and a heavy population. Another reason for the low air quality is the industries, especially those that deal with petroleum products, light metals, and chemicals. The policies planned by the city government to solve this problem include: enterprises should adopt all legal thresholds concerning environment protection, promotion of the use of renewable energy example solar energy, and adoption of national air quality policy. Other way suggested to improve air quality include: Reduce emission prom transport, reduce emissions from open burning of municipal waste and reduce emissions from open burning of biomass.

Respect the Culture

The Salvadorans are very kind people and will mostly go out of their way to help or show an act of kindness. the culture in san Salvador is Spanish for the most part though the native language was pil-pil language. The pilpil language is slowly fading away since there is a very tiny number who speak it today. The number of pil-pil speakers is roughly 1%, and most are older adults. Being Christians, the church has played a vital role in the city's history, with their hero Oscar Romero assassinated by the government during the 1980s for speaking against repression. Many families have a picture of their hero in their rooms. Another culture here is soccer. Like many of the central Americans, san Salvador is crazy about soccer crazy. The city holds one of the largest stadia in central America, with a capacity of 45000 people. This stadium regularly fills for both international matches and club games.

Top 10 Places to Visit

There are many exciting places to visit while in San Salvador. Attraction sites range from parks, reserves, and museums. San Salvador is a modern city of narrow streets and wide boulevards, government buildings, outdoor markets, high rises, exuberant nightlife, monuments, museums, and many other cultural institutions. The city is also surrounded by affluent suburbs as well as shantytowns with restaurants and large shopping malls. The following are but a few places to visit:

  • Joya de Cerén Archaeological Site: This is a pre-Columbian Mayan farming village dating to 600AD, and it is El Salvador's only UNESCO world heritage site. It is one of the most visited archaeological siteS since discovering the ruins of Joya de Ceren in 1976.
  • El Rosario Church (Iglesia El Rosario): This church was build in 1971. It was very controversial during the days as it was innovative. It remains san Salvador's most memorable and unique landmarks. It is most famous as the resting place of padre Delgado who is said to be the father of central American independence.
  • Metropolitan Cathedral (Catedral Metropolitana): It is an iconic white roman catholic place of worship, a stunning monument, and a homage to its religious roots. This place offers peace and tranquillity for visitors here. Visitors can spend moments in quiet contemplation, light a candle, and take in the large paintings on the walls. These paints depict the life moments of Christ while on a tour of the nation's most famous cathedral.
  • National Theatre of El Salvador (Teatro Nacional de San Salvador): This theatre was build from 1911 to 1917 and is san Salvador national theatre and one of the city's landmarks. The theatre is also a national monument and the oldest theatre in Central America. This building has over 500 seats and hosting schedules of classical concerts, folk music performances, and art workshops.
  • El Boquerón National Park: This national park makes a scenic hiking spot since it's covered by slopes and near the dramatic volcanic creator of El Boquerón. It is less than 40 minutes drive from San Salvador city. The main exciting thing to visit El Boqueron is the views that directly face San Salvador and Izalco volcano and lake Ilo Pango.
  • National Palace: This national palace was built to replace the former destroyed in a fire in the late 1880s. The place offers visitors a history of the politics and national past of the nation.
  • National Museum of Anthropology (Museo Nacional de Antropología Dr. David J. Guzmán): This museum was opened in early 1883. It is a fascinating stop for understanding the history of the nation and its people. It holds treasures and artefacts of pre-Columbian settlers from the Olmec and Maya to the Pipil tribes, the coastal region's first known inhabitants.
  • Monument to the Divine Savior of the World (Monumento al Divino Salvador del Mundo): The monument of the world's divine saviour is located on plaza El Salvador del Mundo in San Salvador. The monument supports a statue of Jesus Christ standing on top of planet earth. The plaza is a 2-kilometre walk from the town, or you can also travel by bus or taxi.
  • La Laguna Botanical Garden Tours: This 7.5 acre botanical garden was founded in 1976. It sits within a crater just outside san Salvador city. the park displays more than 3400 species of exotic and native plants. The ground also has a large playground for children and some shops selling refreshments. There are seating areas available, making it perfect for picnics, and enjoying the fresh air. Some animals available in this garden include fish, giant iguanas, turtles, and various birds.
El Rosario Church


San Salvador is a city rich in historical and cultural sites to visit and have fun.The wide variety of parks, museums and dining places are just but a few of the places you can spend your weekends and holidays. Some of the few exciting places you can explore include:

City Parks

  • Plaza Cívica Capitán General Gerardo Barrios: The park is well maintained and a very safe place for local and international tourists. There are police everywhere taking care of people. There are beautiful restaurants nearby where you can get some refreshments. It is also a great place to take pictures and have some fun.
  • Salcoatitán Central Park: This is a beautiful and peaceful place to go. It is also very secure and with plenty of parking spots. There are also many local foods being sold; you can, therefore, get a chance to try typical san Salvador foods. It's an excellent place to come and relax with your family.
  • Central Plaza Juayúa: Here you will find a lot of stands selling a large variety of items for main tourists. While here, try their typical delicious foods.
Central Plaza Juayúa

National Parks

  • Parque Nacional El Imposible: It is a typical forest and a national park established in early 1989 and covered over 38 square kilometres. The place got some f the most thrilling hikes. Some of these include jumping waterfalls and enjoying the fresh air and scenery. The forest has some rivers with very crystal clear. The place is much ideal for picnics with friends and family.
  • Parque Nacional Cerro Verde: The park is very magical and very secure to enjoy with friends and family. The place helps you experience nature at its best. The site is charged an entry fee of 6 dollars and 1 dollar for the guide through the forest.
  • Arqueologico Casa Blanca Park: It's a lovely place with a great atmosphere for relaxing or having a chat with friends. The site is also very secure and fun. The staffs there are amicable and ready to help if the need arises.
Parque Nacional El Imposible


  • El Tunco Beach: The place is very significant and can be easily accessed through public transport. This beach is not far from the city, making it very convenient for tourists. The place is ideal for a visit with family or a few friends.
  • Playa El Cocal: The beach is clean and safe, with a variety of foods being offered by some restaurants around. The place is not crowded on weekdays, but a bit crowded on weekends. The beach provides an excellent view and good weather for surfing.
  • Playa El Majahual: The beach is located not far from the city hence easily accessible by most tourists. The place is tranquil and with a friendly atmosphere helping you connect with nature. The beach is ideal for family swims or as a group of friends.
  • Playa El Tunco: The beach is terrific with black chocolate colour sand. It's a lovely place to surf and swim. There also some very fantastic hotels around offering a variety of delicacies. You can visit the site with friends or family and have fun.
Playa Majahual de Meanguera


Some of the landmarks in san Salvador are already mentioned in the ten places you can visit, such as the monument to the world's divine saviour. I will add a few of the most iconic places in the city.

  • 'statue of Barrios: it's a great monument created in 1909 with a statue dedicated to president Gerardo barrios .the place is surrounded by emblematic buildings such as the national palace and metropolitan cathedral.
  • Monumento a la Revolucion: This is a tourist attraction in San Salvador city that attracts many tourists all year long. The monument was build in the year 1955 during the leadership of president Oscar Osorio. It is a quiet and iconic place in this region.
  • Rotonda "Fuente Luminosa" (Monumento al mar): This is a historical landmark in San Salvador city. they always keep the fountain running, making it look prettier. It is a very secure and convenient place to visit while on tour to San Salvador city.
  • Monumento a la Virgen María: the beautiful monument with a statue of the virgin mary located in San Salvador. This is one of the most prominent and iconic landmarks in the region. It attracts many tourists all year long. When you get here, take a photo for keeps.
Statue of Barrios


There are many museums in san Salvador ranging from art museums, archaeological museums, and industrial museums. Some of the most famous museums include:

  • Museum of Art of El Salvador: This museum is famous for its exhibits of mid-19th-century to contemporary works by Salvadoran artists, with some significant workshops for kids. the museum is serene and with an impressive collection of art. the museum is charged around 2 dollars on weekdays and free of charge on Sundays.
  • Tin Marin, Children's Museum: It is most popular among children since it contains very interactive exhibits such as a pretend grocery store & dinosaur park. The place is super interactive, clean, engaging, and educational. The staff is amicable and interactive also.
  • Railway Museum and Theme Park: This is a history museum in San Salvador. The place is also very educational, especially in the transport sector of the past. Here you will get informed on the railway system of history and industrial development.
  • Military Museum of the Armed Forces of El Salvador: It is an excellent place to know about the military weapons used during past wars. It is a great place to remember the history of Salvador. The locals mainly recommend it to young people so as they get an understanding of how their country came to be.


San Salvador has a wide range of restaurants with a wide range of foods. The cost of food in san Salvador depends on its quality and the kind of food you are interested in. You can get food from local restaurants, vegan restaurants, or even street foods.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • La Gastroteca Restaurante - El Salvador: The hotel is located not far away from the city of San Salvador. The place offers a great variety of local foods at a very affordable price. The staffs are amicable and provide professional services. The site is also super clean and well organized. The restaurant offers takeaway services for those clients in a hurry. It's a great spot to have a family dinner.
  • States Diner: The restaurant is located in Escalon, San Salvador city. they offer various delicacies at very affordable prices. States diner also has ample parking space for its customers, limiting the need to worry about keeping your car. They also offer classic American foods and very generous proportions that will leave your stomach full.
  • Al Pomodoro: This is an Italian hotel based in San Salvador city. the restaurant is clean, cosy, and well organized, offering excellent wine and delicious foods at reasonably reasonable prices. While here, you can get a gigant Italian pizza going for roughly $17 to $20.the place is ideal for a romantic dinner.
  • Rustico Bistro: The restaurant is located a few miles from San Salvador city, making it very convenient for tourists. Rustico has a straightforward menu with sumptuous delicacies ranging from their fantastic burgers, cheeseburger, and sweet potato fries. They also offer ice-cold beers and cocktails. The attendants are very professional, friendly, and ready to help if the need arises. Parking here might be a great hustle since the place is very congested.
  • A Fuego Lento: The restaurant is located in a very convenient place accessible through public transport. They offer delicious foods with a speciality on paella and meats, pleasant atmosphere and music are ideal for celebrations between family and friends. Foods are of high quality and at reasonable prices. The staffs are very professional and very efficient.

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • El Veggie SV: This is one of the popular vegan restaurants in San Salvador city. It offers delicious, flavourful, warm, and genius dishes. The desserts are also yummy and impressive, while the drinks are just mind-blowing. The quality of the food is superb, and the service was fantastic. The place has a friendly atmosphere for relaxing or having a chat with friends.
  • El veggie SV Escalón: This is another popular vegan restaurant located in Avenida Norte, San Salvador. The owner is a professional chef; hence they know what they are doing. the food promotions and prices are excellent and can be afforded by any ordinary person. The staff is very professional and friendly. The restaurant also offers to take away services to its customers in a hurry.
  • Bio Deli: The vegetarian restaurant is located in Avenida Norte, San Salvador. They offer delicious and creative dishes that are purely organic. Foods offered are very nutritious and improve your general health. The staffs are friendly and ready to help if the need arises. The place is small, clean and well organized.
  • SoyGreen: This is a vegetarian restaurant located a few miles from San Salvador city centre. Their menu is vast with creative and tasty dishes and beverages. They have new outdoor seating for a warm afternoon below a shade. The attendants are professional, well dressed, and always ready to intervene if the need arises.
  • Soya Nutribar: This is a health food restaurant located in Avenida la Capilla, San Salvador. The restaurant offers food with no artificial ingredients and is also grown locally. The staff is friendly and ready to explain the whole manufacturing process of every one of their products. The place is also excellent and calm, ideal for relaxing after a long day.

Street Food

San Salvador has a variety of street foods, especially stalls in the city streets. These street foods are a wise option for low-income earners. Street foods come at low costs and are easily accessible, making them very popular among locals and visitors. Primary street foods in san Salvador include:

  • Tamales: This is an authentic Salvadoran food mostly found in street stalls in the city of San Salvador. It is a corn dough pocket served with different fillings like meat, sweet corn, and dried fruits. The taste mostly depends on the filling.
  • Pasteles: This is another typical food in the streets of San Salvador. It is mostly fried dough patties combined with meat like pork, chicken, beef, and some vegetables chopped finely. The top is crunchy when feed, while the inside is the delicately cooked filling that is a combination of native spices.
  • Panes Rellenos: This is san Salvador's sandwich. It contains either turkey or chicken meat roasted with some Pipil spices and served with cucumbers, lettuce, or tomatoes.
  • Yucca frita: These are the French fries of san Salvador people. The dish is made by cutting some cassava into vedge like shapes and then dip frying them. They are very popular among the residents of the city.
  • Pan con chumps: This is a typical Salvadoran sandwich that is most popular among locals. It is prepared by baking and marinating turkey into some tomato sauce. The delicacy is garnished with radish, cucumber, and watercress to form this healthy snack that melts into your mouth as you bite.
  • Quesadilla salvadorena: This is the traditional coffee cake of the san Salvador people. The cake, mostly seen as a dessert, is made with butter, eggs, cheese, milk, and flour. This cake is very delicious and mainly served as breakfast.


San Salvador residents have excellent drinking places. The most popular drink is bottled and tap water, while beer is the most consumed alcoholic drink.


Tap water is generally safe in san Salvador except in the more impoverished areas where it is recommended that you always boil before drinking. The best thing in san Salvador is that most shops sell bottled water, which very safe.

Organic Cafés

  • The Coffee Cup Galerías: This is one of the famous organic cafes in the city of San Salvador. The attendants are very professional and super friendly. The café offers one of the best iced coffee in the town, enough to satisfy your thirst for coffee. The place is also beautiful, clean, well-organized and quiet—it ideal for a relaxing evening after a long day or week.
  • San Martín - Centro Comercial El Paseo: The café is located inside a mall, placing many advantages ranging from ample parking slots and security. Efficient shopping and lovely surroundings. The downside could be too many people, and the place is smaller. The attendants are very professional and super friendly. There is an excellent selection of organic foods and drinks, ranging from cocktails and ice-cold coffee. The price is a bit high, but worth it.


San Salvador has got some of the finest breweries in the country. The beers are mostly produced from cereal grains and barley and then fermented. Some of the most popular breweries include:

  • Cadejo Brewing Company: The brewery is located in Calle la Reforma San Salvador city. it is a fantastic beer garden with excellent pints of craft beer. The attendants offer lovely service and are also super friendly and easy to interact with. The place is good looking, clean and well organized with the food very delicious. It is a warm and relaxed place for a chat with friends.
  • Cervecería La 20: The brewery is located not far away from San Salvador, making it very easy to get there for visitors. The place has a great atmosphere where you can dance or enjoy a chat with friends. The food is also very delicious and offered by some very professional attendants. The place is a bit crowded during weekends hence can experience service delays.
  • Sivar Brewing Company La Crafteria SBC: The brewery is among the most popular in the city region hence you will find it crowded most of the time. The attendants are friendly and professional, and they always make sure their clients are contented with the service. The food quality is also excellent and at affordable prices. It is a nice place to visit with friends and share.


San Salvador has some most common fun activities you can engage in, including outdoor fitness, engaging in soccer and jogging. These outdoor activities help improve physique, improved bonding and the feel-good factor.

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga and retreats help you relax, revive, and rejuvenate. They also help one deepen your mindfulness, helping you connect with your body, soul, and mind. Retreat centres in san Salvador include:

  • Peace&Yoga El Salvador.:This is one of the best practice studios in San Salvador city. They have qualified instructors who are ready to share their knowledge with trainees. It's also a perfect place to get inspired, empowered, and encouraged by knowledgeable trainers. The atmosphere is also calm and super friendly.
  • Balancé Yoga Retreat: This is another popular yoga retreat located not much far from the city. the place is superb, offering great classes and communication from instructors. The instructors are also amiably allowing easier communication between them and their trainees. The location is also very peaceful, allowing you to connect with the calm surrounding.


Accommodation places in san Salvador are secure, neat, and affordable. The different accommodations available include luxury lodges, apartments, motels, and holiday parks, among many other varieties.

Green Hotels

Green hotels follow strict green guidelines to ensure that their business operations are safe, non-toxic, and energy-efficient. Green hotels play essential roles in the preservation of the environment.

  • Sheraton Presidente San Salvador Hotel: The hotel is located in Avenida De La Revolucion, san Salvador. The food and service to the guest are phenomenal. The grounds are well maintained and in good shape, especially the pool and garden area. The settings also have some fresh horticulture and wild birds. The staff is just excellent and very professional .the rooms are sparkingly clean and well organized. It's an ideal place for a family out.
  • Barceló San Salvador: The hotel is located in las magnolias, san Salvador city. the hotel is comfortable and clean and located in a safe, centralized area. The staff is courteous and super friendly, making it very easy to communicate with. The foods are delicious and at a very affordable price. The hotel also has ample parking facilities for their clients.
  • InterContinental San Salvador-Metrocentro Mall: This is among the most popular hotels in this region. The hotel is next to a vast mall hence convenient shopping. The hotel has two restaurants, and the food is delicious and can be packaged for you. The staffs are super friendly, professional and courteous. The rooms are also huge, clean, fancy and well organized.
  • Morrison Hotel de La Escalon: The rooms are charming, modern and elegant. Rooms are quite large enough to hold a small family. They have a nice parking spot which is also very secure. The staff members are very courteous, super friendly and ready to help if the need arises. The cost of the rooms is very reasonable and affordable by the ordinary person.

Hostels and Guest Houses

  • La Zona Hostel: The hostel is located in Bulevar del hipodromo436, san Salvador. It's a lovely place that makes you feel at home. The site is clean, safe and well organized and with free wifi. The staffs were also excellent and professional. The owner of the hostel is also super friendly and very interactive with the clients.
  • International Guest's House Hotel: The hostel is located at a walk distance from the city centre of San Salvador. The rooms are excellent, cosy and very comfortable. They also offer perfect dinner and yummy breakfast at very reasonable prices. The attendants are very courteous and ready to help if the need arises.
  • Hotel Plaza Antigua: This is a spotless, modern and very safe hostel located in a very central area where the commercial gallery is very close. It is super cosy d prices very accessible for everyone. the staff is amicable and easy to talk to.
  • Hotel Villa Terra: The hostel is located a few miles away from the city centre of San Salvador. The place is strategically located and secure with rooms large, cute, and comfortable. The customer support is top-notch, with a personnel's desk at the hostel entrance and a security guard. There is also a nice restaurant that serves breakfast only at very affordable prices.


  • Suites & Apartments San Benito – Flats: The place is very comfortable and safe. There is a parking slot enough for everyone making it an ideal apartment for people with cars. There are a gym facility and pool and surprisingly a child care area to enjoy the facilities. the house attendants are also very attentive and kind
  • Vista Tower: The apartment is located in Avenida masferrer Norte, San Salvador. The attendants are very hospitable hence making your stay very comfortable. The place is spotless, safe, and well organized.
  • Torre Terra Alta: The place is very modern, luxurious, clean, and well organized. The staff is super impressive and warm. The apartment also got several restaurants nearby that offer a wide range of foods and drinks.


Couchsurfing in san Salvador will help you discover unique places that you would never have got to know. Couchsurfing is safe for everyone, provided you research where you are going in advance. To get businesses to go or people willing to hold you, you can visit Couchsurfing sites or even connect with people during events or even social media platforms.


  • Sede Del Gropo Scouts: The camp is located in Campos Verdes el Salvador. It's a very excellent place to hold social and family events. You will also be able to interact with many young people. The hosts are very accommodating, friendly and easy to interact with.

How to Get There

Getting to San Salvador, you can either travel by road, air or train. Both international and domestic travel connections are excellent.


Air is one of the most convenient means of getting to san Salvador. It saves on time and the struggles of other means of transport. The Salvadorian national airline flies to several US, south and central American destinations. Flights are cheapest during the periods of February, march, august to October while the cost is high during Christmas and new year period.

The National Palace of El Salvador


Suppose you are not travelling from far away countries. Travel by bus may prove to be one of the most affordable and efficient means of transport. It saves on cost but not time. There are good road connections between san Salvador and the neighbouring cities and countries, making it cheaper to travel. a good example is travelling from Tapachula in Mexico which cost less than $35.


The train is the most ecofriendly means of transport when moving too far distances. Train saves on cost. No efficient trains are operating internationally, but the government works on a 554.8km railway line connecting the major cities.


San Salvador is one of the easiest cities to hitchhike. It is straightforward to pick up retired from Samaritans at petrol stations and end up in a back of a truck. the buses to major cities are so cheap so the primary reason you could hitchhike could be for fun.


Other modes of transport that get you to san salvador include:

  • By tram
  • ferry
  • personal cars
  • Taxi

Moving Around

Moving around in san Salvador could be the most exciting thing to do since it gives you a chance to interact with the locals and learn to appreciate and understand their culture. The only thing you shouldn't do here is taking photos without asking or photograph religious ceremonies with no permission. That will cause them to get mad at you. You should not do flashing signs of wealth; this includes expensive jewellery, smartphones, and laptops. There are several means you can use to move around, including:


Walking is a very eco-friendly way of movement since it improves overall body health. Walking also helps interact with the locals hence helping them understand their culture. While walking keep in mind the don'ts we talked about in the topic moving around.


Cycling is the most efficient way to get around San Salvador. This is because san Salvador is a small city hence easy to navigate. Here you will meet locals ready to help travellers discover some of the region's most delicious meals.

Electronic Vehicles

Electric vehicles are not much popular in this part of the region. There are just a few charging stations in the city. There are also no manufacturers of automobiles in this city, making the automotive industry lag behind.

Public Bus

San Salvador is a fun and easy city to see by bus. The buses are pretty cheap with many less than $2. Be prepared to fo vendors to hop at each stop to sell bottled water and fruits. travel by bus is an excellent way to know the countries people and culture

Tram, Train and Subway

No trains are operating in the city as of 2021. the country has not paid attention to railway lines in the whole territory. The last train carried passengers in the year 2002.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping makes sure that everything we buy has a positive outcome on overall health and the environment the residents of San Salvador. Sustainable shopping gives visitors a chance to play a part in the conservation of the environment for the good of the world's climate.

Food Markets

  • Fresh Market: This is an upscale grocery store with a wide selection of local produce. The place is super clean and offers fresh vegetables and fruits. The prices are low, and many of the products are much affordable.
  • Mercado Central: The market has a lot of fresh produce to see, smell and taste. There is also an underground parking garage making it convenient for those with cars. The vegetables and fruits are new and sold and low prices.

Flea Markets

  • La Placita: This flea market in San Salvador offers many products, including foods, clothes, and electronic gadgets. In this market, you can find almost anything being sold at throwaway prices. While here ensure your property is in a safe place before someone else does it for you.

Second Hand Stores

  • Boutique Remar: This is a used clothing store in San Salvador. The goods are in good shape and of excellent quality. Most of the available products are very cheap and affordable by the general public.
  • Shopping Center: This is another popularly used clothing store in San Salvador. They have different cloth qualities with different pricing. The ones with better shape are separated with the rest. On a good day, you can get great products at low prices.


San Salvador's people strive to promote local eco-friendly brands and encourage visitors to embrace the same. These brands fight to improve the ecological status, consumers' health, and workers' working conditions.


Recycling is a great and vital way to keep san Salvador's environment clean. Recycling prevents the pollution of air and water bodies. Recyclable items in san Salvador include commercial waste from shops that is mostly plastics.


San Salvador city got friendly and well-placed trash cans in most areas of the city. While here, make sure to drop your plastic cans and any other kind of commercial and agricultural waste material in these designated areas to support the city government's plan of keeping the place tidy.

Work and Study Abroad

There are a few international companies in San Salvador city. the companies are a good source of job opportunities for the people of San Salvador. Majority of the companies are tech-based, shipping companies and logistics companies. A good example is Telus which is a telecommunication company based in Canada.

Exchange Student

San Salvador may be located in the smallest nation in the region, but it has much to offer to international students. the universities around include:

  • Universidad de El Salvador
  • Universidad centroamericana
  • Universidad Don Bosco

Au Pair

The idea of being an au pair is becoming popular in san Salvador. Applicants from this region are motivated by the opportunity to move and study in American universities.


As one of the poorest nations in Central America, San Salvador has several organizations that need volunteers to work in diverse areas. Volunteer groups you can join include.

  • Global village volunteer
  • Teaching English as a second language
  • Help youth in El Salvador

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