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Eco-friendly travel guide to Sarajevo advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Panoramic view od Sarajevo

  • Air quality: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 4.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4 / 5
  • Safety: 3.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$61 - $300
  • Budget per day: US$25 - $200

Responsible Travel

We are all the citizens of a global community and not just our own individual countries. For the ones who love traveling and experiencing new destinations, it is extremely important to travel responsibly. Not only do we need to care for our planet by opting for eco-friendly ways to travel and reducing our carbon footprint, but as a part of a global community, we also need to care for the places that we visit. It should be our mantra to leave a place a little better than the condition that we found it in. While it may not always be possible for you to improve the place you visit, you can try to give back to the community and show your appreciation by being respectful towards the place, their culture and social norms.

Be mindful of how you present yourself and be appreciative of their culture, landmarks, and historical sites. Do not litter, or cause a ruckus. Coming to Sarajevo specifically. the local people are friendly so you will not be hard-pressed to find people whom you can engage with. Bosnians appreciate it when tourists like to get to know more about them. Sarajevo has numerous parks, landmarks, and museums, where you can learn more about the culture and history of the city. They love to educate tourists about their past, as long as you are respectful and stay wary of discussing conflicting and controversial topics such as politics.

As long as the coronavirus pandemic lasts, keeping a physical distance is a necessity, however, in general hugs and physical touches are welcome. When meeting someone informally, you can shake their hands, hug or even kiss them on their cheek, but be wary of getting too friendly with someone you just met.

Be appreciative of the food or drinks that are offered to you, as refusing them may seem like you are rude to the host. Ensure that you are polite, respectful, and do not get too hyper when you are in a public setting. Overall, there is not much that you need to keep in mind when you are visiting Sarajevo, simply keep an open mind about everything that you see in the city.

Air Quality and Pollution

While the pollution problem has eased up a little in recent days, it is worth noting that Sarajevo was considered to be the most polluted major city in the world. Fog, smoke, and smog were commonplace, and even though the situation seems to have improved, Sarajevo was considered to be in a category of its own when it came to pollution as recently as the start of the year 2020.

It is also worth mentioning that the government has tried to control pollution by banning diesel cars, as well as reducing the price of their cable car transportation which would allow tourists and citizens alike to breathe the fresh mountain air, above the smog which was blanketing the fog. At one point, the government had also advised citizens to wear protective masks when they were out in the city to combat the ill-effects of pollution. Things are better now and the air quality of Sarajevo has improved significantly. You can enjoy fresh air.

Respect the Culture

When visiting any city or country, it is important to respect the culture and traditions of that place. In some cases, you may also respectfully indulge in their traditions. It does not matter what your viewpoint regarding the religion, cultural or social practices of a country are, as a guest in their territory, it is always customary to respect the culture of the place that has welcomed you. Hence, when visiting Sarajevo, you must keep the cultural and social practices of Bosnians in mind.

If you are planning on traveling with a language interpreting, get to know them and interact with them as much as you can. Not only is it the polite thing to do, but this will also help you learn more intimately about the culture and what behavior is socially acceptable and what is not. Being polite, having a friendly face, and greeting others around you is not only accepted but welcomed as well. In general, Bosnians seem to be friendly and social people, who love to mingle with tourists. Hence, you can expect a friendly welcome, and expect to make a few friends from around the city.

Sarajevo, the capital city, is not only famous for its numerous marketplaces as well as breath-taking 16th-century mosques. When visiting the city, do not forget to explore these market places and learn more about the culture while you pick out your souvenirs; avoid littering the place or causing disturbances. While you can interact freely with those around you, it is best to stick to light topics and avoid talking about politics. Don't be afraid to ask personal questions as long as they are not too personal. Bosnians, in general, appreciate when others around them try to get to know them. Hugs, kisses, handshakes are socially acceptable ways to greet others. However, it is best to keep a respectable distance between men and women.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Sarajevo may be known for its marketplaces and 16th-century mosques, but that is not all that the city has to offer. From museums to bridges, there is quite a lot to explore in Sarajevo! Here are a few places that you should not miss out on when you are visiting Sarajevo:

  • Latin Bridge: One of the oldest bridges in Sarajevo, this understated architecture may miss your notice at first. However, this is the place where the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand took place. This is arguably the most famous event that took place in Sarajevo, and there is a rather simple plaque marking the spot where the assassination took place. While the bridge itself is modest, with three arches, the experience of visiting a historic site is worth it.
  • Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque: Sarajevo is well-known for its mosque; hence, you may find a few mosques on this list. Even if you are not religious, you will still be able to appreciate the sanctity of this place. The stunning Ottoman architecture, intricate Islamic designs as well as the beautiful courtyard are exciting to see. Characteristic to Ottoman architecture, the mosque has several domes, and although much of the mosque was destroyed in 1996 due to the civil, its reconstruction was a priority. The mosque is considered central to the city's Islamic community, and hence, has many visitors throughout the day, it is a well-maintained site, which also allows tourists to catch a glimpse of the culture of the city.
  • Sarajevo Tunnel Museum: During the civil war, the Sarajevo Tunnel was of the utmost importance to the Bosnian population. They would rely on it to access food, water, rations, medicine, and other aids. Hence, to honor the struggles of the people, the entrance of the tunnel has been converted into a museum that tourists may visit. The tunnel has not been embellished, and the grittiness of the location has been preserved for all to see. Visiting this place allows you to catch a small glimpse of what it must be like to travel through the tunnel, and gain a deeper understanding of the people's struggles.
  • Sarajevo Town Hall: A stunning example of the Austro-Hungarian architecture, the town hall was built in 1898. However, it suffered a lot of damage during the war and was refurbished. The architects carefully copied the details from the original plans, the town hall once again stand in all its glory. War exhibitions often take place inside the hall; apart from this, you will also find intricately painted patterns geometric details, beautiful stained glass, archways, and windows. The place is a must-visit for those who want to be awed by architecture!
  • The House of Spite: Now a restaurant, the House of Spite has quite an interesting story attached to it. The glorious Sarajevo Town Hall may be located in a prime spot today. However, this was not always the case. This coveted spot was hard to come by since a house was already located at this site. Although the Austrian-Hungary monarchy wanted the spot, the owner of the house was not intimated. He refused to budge until he was compensated handsomely for it, and a new house was built for him, which directly faces the Sarajevo Town Hall. Aptly called the House of Spite, you can now visit the restaurant and enjoy a meal at the house of a man who refused to bow to the monarchs!
  • Sebilj Fountain: The water sprinkling form this fountain is drinkable, and a necessity at Sarajevo during the hotter months of the year. This fountain is one among many in Sarajevo, but this one is the most visible one in Sarajevo's Old Town. Don't forget to carry some bottles with you to keep you hydrated for the ride! If you do not like pigeons, though, this may not be the ideal spot for you! Grab some seeds to appease the hundreds of pigeons that are always scattered around the fountain, to be able to make your way through them and see the fountain up close.
  • Zlatna Ribica: If you could find a bar straight out of a movie, this one would be it. From cocktails to the homebrew, you will find everything under the sun at this bar. But that is not what grabs your attention at first, the place is decorated with random knick-knacks, and filled with vintage items! You will feel as though you are visiting a grandmother's home, albeit, one who is quite generous with the drinks. The quaint atmosphere of this beautiful pub will get you in the mood for a drink or two.
  • The Yellow Fortress: No two sunsets are ever the same, but when you see a sunset in Sarajevo from the Yellow Fortress, all others pale in comparison. Grab and drink as you trudge up to the Yellow Fortress and enjoy the quiet atmosphere as you watch the sunset. There could not be a better or more peaceful way to end the day!
  • Jewish Museum: Step inside a 16ht century synagogue into one of the best Jewish Museums that you will find. Sarajevo has a rich cultural history, and the city has worked hard to persevere. Suppose you appreciate learning about the city's past, about the people and about everything that the city has been through, is a historical site where the incident which led to World War 1 took place. In that case, you must visit the museums scattered around the city. From memorials to museums, the city is dedicated to preserving the history of the people and the events that took place here. When you visit the Jewish Museum, you will be able to appreciate their efforts in person, not only will you be able to see the stunning architecture of the museum, but the memorabilia scattered around the museum is worth a glance too. Looking at the history of the place will make you feel amazed that you can stand in the museum and visit the beautiful city with ease!
  • Old Town: Sarajevo is famous for its markets, and Old Town has been the center of the city's markets and bazaars since the 15th century and counting! With a mix of Old Turkish and Eastern European influences, you will be amazed to see the old buildings scattered around the town. If you plan on getting some souvenirs, make sure that you grab them from here. The place is littered with cafes. Restaurants and pubs, so you are assured or have a grand time strolling around this place. Old Town has been a part of the city for six centuries. And hence, has seen everything that the city has been through. Don't forget to keep your ears peeled; you might be able to hear the streets whisper some secrets!
A view of Sarajevo from the Yellow Fortress


Exploring Sarajevo is not only about visiting the market places or the mosques! There is a lot to see in the city. Take a stroll through Old Town, try drinking some Bosnian coffee, or try out the national dish of Bosnia-Cevapi! Food, fun, and drinks, you will find it all in Sarajevo. Shrouded in old buildings and historical sites, it can be hard to not feel like you are inside a movie when you visit the place.

Sarajevo loves to welcome tourists as well, and teach them all about the history and culture of the city. Hence, if you are into sure where to go or what you should explore, you will be aided by the numerous walking tours and tourist guides that you find in the city!

City Parks

The former monarchs and rulers of the country ensured that they took full advantage of the hills, valleys, and greenery surrounding the place. The city is filled with parks, hills are terraced with hamlets, and no kid is ever too far from a green place to play in! The government and citizens alike work hard to maintain the natural beauty of the city.

  • Wilson's Promenade: Seniors and kids alike love to walk around Wilson's Promenade. You are never too far from greenery as you stroll around this beautiful area where you will find several trees dotting the path. You will find kids playing, people enjoying a stroll, or others walking their dog here. Take some time to breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy the crisp morning air.
  • Park Betanija: this nature reserve is usually not frequented by the tourists as it is quite far from the city. But if you were to come here and settle in with some refreshing drinks or a BBQ, you would be more than welcome to do so.
  • Park SomaMojmilo: You will not find a park-like this anywhere else. Perched on a hill, this park is more like a forest which is 7 kilometers long. Locals like to escape here during the weekends to get away from the noise and pollution of the city. For those who love fitness, you will find hiking trails in this park. This park is quite famous with an amphitheater that hosts outdoor activities.

National Parks

Sarajevo has witnessed a lot over the years, from kicking off the First World War to being subjected a civil war that lasted for years. Hence, Sarajevo has a long-drawn history, and it has been a long battle for it to get to this quiet and beautiful state that it is in now. Hence, with the help of parks and other landmarks, the city has tried to preserve its history.

  • Vraca Memorial Park: The park was declared a national monument in 2005, and has a vast history attached to it. This park, only a few kilometers from Wilson's Promenade, has the names of 11,000 Bosnians who lost their lives during the Second World War. However, the park was destroyed during the civil war by retreating Serbs. To preserve the history and to keep honoring the Bosnians, the government declared it to be a national monument.
  • The Jewish Cemetery: Also known as the Sniper's Alley, this is the place where most snipers hid to mark their target. Trying to stay safe from gunmen as you walked through this place was common. You may find a few bullet holes scattered around the structures located here. Do not forget to visit this place if you want to get an in-depth idea about what it would have been like to live in the city during the civil war.
  • Veliki Park: The park, like most others in Sarajevo, has a sad history attached to it. The park is built over an Islamic burial ground. In 1886, after the Austro-Hungarians arrived, the burials were stopped, and instead, hundreds of trees were planted on this ground to give rise to a beautiful park. The park also features a Children of Sarajevo Monument to honor all those kids who lost their lives in the 90s due to snipers. Hence, while the park is stunning and glorious, take some time to remember the lives which were lost during the civil wars, and remember the hard-fought journey that the people had to undergo to live the quiet life they are living today.
The glorious Vraca Memorial Park


For those who love to look at the undulating sea waves, and enjoy the cool breeze of the sea, there is some disappointment ahead of you. Sarajevo does not have a sea coast. Hence no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to find a beach to spend an afternoon in! If you are eager to find a beach in Bosnia, the nearest one to Sarajevo would be in Croatia! However, Croatian beaches are made of rocks and pebbles, so you probably will not be able to take artistic pictures on top of the golden sand which you typically find in beaches!


As mentioned earlier, no other major city in the world may have seen so many historical events as Sarajevo. Hence, for the history buffs out there, you will find quite a lot of landmarks throughout the city. From the House of Spite to the Latin Bridge and Old Town, take out your cameras and get ready to snap a few pictures of the history of this place.

Here are a few more historical sites that you can explore in Sarajevo:

  • Old Sarajevo Orthodox Church: Some records suggest that underneath his old 16th-century church, there is an earlier one which was built in the 12th century! This is perhaps the oldest and most significant Orthodox church in the country. Inside this church, you will find old weapons, coins, and more inside of this church as well as a rare Sarajevo Edict from the 1300s.
  • Morića Han: A Han refers to an inn for traders and travelers. Once, the city was littered with Hans, but today, this the only one that remains. Around this Han, you will find cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy traditional Bosnian food, culture, and drinks as well.
  • The Ashkenazi Synagogue: Although it used to serve over 10,000 Jews, after the Holocaust, only 700 remain to visit this ancient Synagogue. The Synagogue has a small museum inside it to detail the sad account of the lost lives. The Synagogue is stunning architecture, but with a sad history attached to it.
The Ashkenazi Synagogue


Sarajevo is a culturally diverse city with a rich history. There is a lot to learn about the city, and you will find it all in the museums which adorn the city. The people of the city work hard to ensure that the history of the city is preserved and that they are able to look back on the lives of the people in the past.

  • National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Want to have an in-depth look into the history of the country? Then this museum is your best shot. The history of the country from prehistoric days to the current time has painstakingly persevered in this museum. It is also home to the Sarajevo Haggadah or the Jewish codex. Visit this place at any time to immerse yourself in the culture and history if the place and learn more about the country that you are visiting.
  • War Childhood Museum: Although war may be unfolding outside your doorstep, life never stops. Even during the terrible civil war which burdened the city for years, life did not come to a standstill. Children were still growing up in those disturbing times, and they had a childhood that was different from your typical one. To document how deeply war affects everyone around, the War Childhood Museum was built. Here, you will find a host of kid paraphernalia to document what it was like growing up during the war. From toys to photos and other documents, you will be able to take a deeper look at what it means to be a child in Bosnia, while the world outside seems to be collapsing.
  • Sarajevo Tunnel Museum: During the civil war, it was challenging for Bosnians to move throughout the city to find aid, food, and water supplies. The Sarajevo Tunnel was their only way of getting in and out safely. Now, the front end of the tunnel has been converted into a museum so that locals, as well as tourists, can find out what it must have been like to commute through the tunnel daily.
Stećci in National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina


What better way to experience the culture of any country than through its food? Food has a deep cultural impact on the lives of the people. The traditional dishes and cuisines help tourists get a glimpse into the lives of the people in the city, and find out what the locals eat for their daily meals, Not only do you get to experience vastly different cuisines, filled with unknown spices and techniques you may have never heard of but sometimes some dishes may also have a historical significance that you will love to hear all about!

Traditional Local Restaurants

Visit traditional Bosnian restaurants to get the best of the west, east, and the Mediterranean cuisines! You will find some tantalizing dishes that you wish you could recreate in your home kitchen!

Here are some places to visit:

  • Inat Kuća: Also known as the House of Spite, this restaurant also doubles as a landmark, and has an interesting history attached to it. Enjoy the local cuisine at this place while you learn about the history of the place and gaze at the Townhall which is located directly across from it!
  • Zelena Dolina: Just to dip your toes into the Bosnian cuisine with some fusion food. From contemporary to fusion, you will find it all under the roof of this beautiful restaurant. Not just the food, the décor is worth mentioning as well!
  • The Four Rooms of Mrs. Safija: A mix of the old and the new, the traditional with the fine wines and upscale dining, The Four Rooms is an exquisite place with stunning décor that has a traditional and olden touch to it, but is not too far from modern. Experience upscale dining at this restaurant where you can enjoy the traditional Bosnian dining in style. Get the most out of your vacation by visiting this restaurant and learning more about Bosnian food and culture.
Restaurant Inat kuća in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Vegetarian and Vegan

While it can be a little challenging to find some exclusive vegetarian and vegan restaurants, you will still have a few options to choose from!

  • Zdravo: A popular eco-friendly and vegan eatery is Zdravo which was established in 2018. Homemade ceramics, superfoods, and vegan bowls. You will find it all here. Want something even better? You have all-day breakfast options that you can enjoy! During the pandemic situation, Zdravo has ensured that vegan food livers are not deprived of their delicious food by ensuring food delivery.
  • Ministry of Ćejf: Located in Old Town, but full of modern options. You will find juices, smoothies, Bosnian coffee, and more. This vegan-friendly café also has gluten-free options. Hence you will find something for everyone in this quaint eatery.
  • Karuzo: although this restaurant is not an exclusively vegetarian or vegan spot, it does have some delicious option that you may want to take a look at. The food served here is delicious, and the aroma wafting through will surely lure you in!
The quaint little cafe Ministry of Ćejf

Street Food

More than what you find inside the chic restaurants, the food that you find in the streets is what speaks about the local tastes and the people. Street food is a part of the lives of the local people. And will help you learn more about the culture of any place. Moreover, you will find some delicious snacks that will leave you in awe. Want to know what you should not be missing out on? Take a look at the following street food that you should be munching on:

  • Ćevapi: It's status as the national dish of Bosnia and Herzegovina should be enough to make you want to try out this dish. If that is still not enough for you, let us describe this delectable dish as well as we can. It is minced meat formed into sausages that are served inside pita bread or flatbread, mixed with onions. Every bite is as delicious as you would hope for it to be, and you should not be missing out on this delicious treat.
  • Somun: not into the idea of meat but still want to have a bite of the national dish? Try out Somun, which is the bread that is used to make Cevapi. This flatbread is similar to Pita but is chewy and a great on the go snack. It pairs well with various dips, such as hummus or even falafels. You can munch on this snack while you tour through Old Town.
  • Burek: A kind of pie with minced meat filling, but you will find some other fillings such as spinach and cottage cheese as well. This treat is filling, delicious, and cheap; hence, it fits the bill to be a popular street snack. This delicious pastry is f9udn abundantly in the streets of Bosnia and is particularly famous among the Bosnian Muslims during the time of Ramadan.


There are several drink options to choose from when you visit Sarajevo, here are a few that we can name:

  • Bosnian Coffee: Take your time and savor the taste of Bosnian coffee, as you will not find anything quite like it. Coffee beans are roasted and ground and then cooked in a metal pot before it is served to you in a delicate cup. It is served with sugar cubes that you can either add to the drink or suck on in between sips. The Bosnian coffee is something that you should savor, and not drink in a hurry. Often served with Turkish delight, the coffee experience is unparalleled. You will also find a glass of water served to you along with the coffee to help cleanse your palette.
  • Beer: Like any place, you will find beer in abundance in Sarajevo. Overall. You will find good quality beer at low prices. So be prepared to indulge in a drink or two.
  • Wine: Wine is relatively expensive. Although you will find some cheaper options, they are not as good as the ones that you will find in upscale restaurants. Hence, you should be prepared to spend a little extra if you want to experience a good glass of wine along with your meal.
  • Rakija: You will certainly find this cake all over the Balkan region. It is the general term for brandy, so if you are asked if you would like a glass of Rakija, just say yes!


You can safely drink tap water in Sarajevo. However, depending on which part of Sarajevo you may be in, the tap water may be shut off at night during extended drought periods. Hence, make sure that you have got your fill beforehand.

Organic Cafés

Vegetarian and Vegan cuisine is slowly gaining popularity all over the world. As the world moves towards a more sustainable lifestyle, you are sure to find options for organic and vegan cafes throughout the world. Sarajevo is not far behind; the city appreciates and endorses the need for more organic cafes. Hence you are sure to find quite a few options to choose from. The more famous ones that you should visit are:

  • Mrvica Cafe & Bakery
  • Kod Broja 1
  • August Cafe


Most beer brands of Sarajevo were established in the 19th century. The main beer which is drunk in the Bosnia region is lager.

  • Sarajevo Brewery - Sarajevska pivara
  • Bihać Brewery - Bihaćka pivovara
  • Tuzla Brewery - Pivara Tuzla
  • Herzegovina brewery - Hercegovačka pivovara
  • Banja Luka brewery - Banjalučka pivara


Sarajevo loves tourists, and they have a lot of activities which are planned to help the tourists learn more about the city and enjoy their stay in Sarajevo. You can take part in guided tours and other walking tours which take you around the famous historical sites in the city and help you learn more about the significance of certain landmarks.

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga is quite a famous practice in Bosnia; hence in Sarajevo, which is its capital, you will find quite a few options for yoga classes as well as yoga retreats. You will need to research a few of the options available before you can find one which fits all of your needs perfectly.


When you visit Sarajevo, you are in for a treat when it comes to accommodations; the architecture of this city is breath-taking. Hence, you have some magical destination where you can stay.

Holiday Inn in Sarajevo

Green Hotels

Green hotels are still an up and coming feature in the city. But you will not be too hard-pressed to find options for a few hotels where you can stay. Sarajevo is working on reducing pollution and promoting more eco-friendly options to stay in, eat at, and appreciate.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Currently, 78% of hotels have available accommodations. Once you look around, you will find several great options from upscale hotels to local guest houses where you can mingle with the people easily. You have economic options, or you can indulge in some finer living while on vacation.


If you are planning on a long stay in Sarajevo, then you may want to opt to stay in an apartment, as staying in an expensive hotel may not be feasible for you. When you have the right permits and residence approval, it is easy to find apartments where you can stay.


If you have a friend or family in Sarajevo, then you may be able to couch surf easily. While the citizens of Bosnia are friendly, they are still a bit wary of strangers. Hence, you may not be able to find a friendly citizen who would easily offer up their couch to you, but you may surprise.


With several parks, national parks, and reserves, it is easy to go camping when you are in Sarajevo. You are never too far from greenery, and you can snag a camping spot easily. Enjoy the fresh air of the park or reserve with a few refreshing drinks.

How to Get There

No matter how you want to reach Sarajevo, you have quite a few options to choose from, whether it is by train, flight or hitchhiking, the final destination is worth the pain of travelling all the way.


You will find several flights which land at Sarajevo International Airport. Currently, due to the pandemic, only 30% of the usual flights are operational. Hence, if you are planning a trip, make sure to book your tickets ahead of time.

Sarajevo’s airport


There are numerous intercity and intracity buses that you can opt for when you want to travel from another city in Bosnia to Sarajevo. There are several direct bus routes from several European cities to Sarajevo.

Bus Station in Sarajevo


Although train travel in Bosnian is not popular not quite modernized, you will still be able to travel somewhat comfortably if you plan on reaching Sarajevo by train. You have a few options from different cities to travel to Sarajevo by train. Sarajevo is connected to the capital of Croatia Zagreb. From Zagreb, you will be connected to major European cities. Hence, you will need to change trains, but the journey is worth it.

A passenger train leaving Sarajevo


The highway is still on its way of being developed; however, you can travel to Sarajevo by car. You have to be mindful of the regional roads, where you should drive slowly and carefully.


Trains, flights, buses, or a mix of these are the only ways to get to Sarajevo safely.

Moving Around

Public transport is easily accessible in Sarajevo, and you can easily reach famous landmarks in Sarajevo with the help of public transport. Using public transport helps in reducing your carbon footprint and hence is a preferred way of getting around when you are traveling.


Want to experience the city intimately? Then why not take a walk to some of the famous landmarks so that your can take a closer look at the streets and the people that are around you.


The roads of Sarajevo are good enough for you to try cycling to different places. Not only is this an eco-friendly way to travel, but also helps you get in your daily dose of exercise.

Using a bicycle to travel around the city is a common practice

Electronic Vehicles

To combat pollution, Sarajevo has banned diesel vehicles. Hence, electronic vehicles are one of the only ways for you to travel through tout the city.

Public Bus

The city is interconnected well with the help of buses. You can purchase a ticket from the driver or the kiosk.

Tram, Train and Subway

Trams and Cable cars are also among the different ways in which you can travel to Sarajevo. Although the train infrastructure has not been modernized, traveling within the city on a train should not be too difficult.

Overall, the public transport in Sarajevo is excellent, and keep s you connected to every part of the city.

Sustainable Shopping

Second-hand clothes and thrifting are popular practices when you visit Sarajevo. While clothes shopping may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you are visiting Sarajevo, when you find the hidden wonders of thrifting and flea markets in Sarajevo, you will change your mind. There are quite a few options to choose from when you want sustainable shopping options in Sarajevo.

Food Markets

Street food is all the rage in Sarajevo; you will find a lot of stalls and outlets where you will find delectable snacks. Hence if you love to indulge in delicious snacks, you will not have to look far when you visit Sarajevo. There are plenty of food markets in Sarajevo and which includes farmers markets as well so you can get your hands on a lot of fresh produce.

Flea Markets

Flea markets are commonplace, and you will even find options such as Azel France where you will find first-hand options from famous brands at a lower price.

Second Hand Stores

Textile House is the most famous second-hand shopping store that you will find in Sarajevo. Try not to roam around too much as you will want to buy everything that you see!


You will find a few eco-fashion shopping options in Sarajevo and can spend your time browsing through the different styles that they have to offer.


Sarajevo is working on installing new stations where pre-sorted wastes can be sorted to get recycled. As tourists, you can incorporate recycling practices when you visit.


Sarajevo has incorporated new ways to manage waste and improve its existing waste management systems. This will help ensure an eco-friendly and greener life in the city.

Work and Study Abroad

If you have a job offer, then you will get a work permit that allows you to work and stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Generally, these permits are valid for 12 months, and you need to get them renewed. You have a few other options for securing a work permit or temporary residence in the country as well. You will need to research and find if you qualify for any of them.

Studying in Sarajevo is also easy once you secure a student visa. For this, you will need to qualify for the university where you seek admission.

Exchange Student

There are quite a few exchange programs in Bosnia, and especially in Sarajevo, you can become an exchange student in high School, and even in university. Coming to Sarajevo as an exchange student is a great opportunity as you will get to experience the culture up close. Bosnians are generally very friendly people; hence, you will have no fear of feeling like an outsider. They love to mingle with and learn about people. Hence, you will surely make a lot of new friends if you were to opt for an exchange student program.

Au Pair

There are quite a few au pair options available in Sarajevo. You can search for them online or even ask a trusted guide to help you direct you towards a few of them. While you may need to look around before you find a few, or will certainly be able to find some that suit your needs.


Quite a few organizations and NGOs have been established to ensure that communities and the youth have opportunities to volunteer and help the community of Sarajevo and Bosnia-Herzegovina as a whole. There are shelters for refugees, disabled, and homeless people where you can volunteer. When you look around, you will find a lot of ways in which you can give back to the community and thank them for welcoming you into their home.

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