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Eco-friendly travel guide to Saratov advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Saratov, Russia.

Saratov skyline

  • Air quality: 3 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 2 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3 / 5
  • Public transportation: 2 / 5
  • Parks: 2.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$20 - $50
  • Budget per day: US$40 - $100

Responsible Travel

This is a city present in Russia and a majority of the port of Volga River. This city's total population is 837900, making it the 17th largest city of this year in terms of population. There are a lot of traditional and cultural institutions that provide the richness of Russian culture. Focusing on the climate, July is the warmest month, with the temperature around 23 degrees Celsius. February is the coldest month, with temperature going around minus 8 degrees Celsius. The transportation of this country has an airport, Trolleybuses, and Trams. As mentioned, there are many colleges and universities in this country; however, the oldest University in Saratov State University. It was established in 1909. Many sports guitar played in this city, including ice hockey, volleyball, football, basketball, and bandy. This city is already dealing with a lot of pollution and tourists play an important to cause this increasing rate of pollution. Therefore you must not contribute to this pollution by any means and should try to make your trip eco friendly as much as possible. It is a very industrialized city as it has a lot of industry and natural resources available.

Air Quality and Pollution

Saratov has less pollution than any other city in Russia. You can visit Saratov anytime, any month, any year you will find this place amazing air quality-wise. Many people here prefer local buses over their own vehicles to move around the city to maintain the air quality. Air quality is somewhat good in Saratov, but it may create minor breathing problems for sensitive people. Pollution needs to be controlled as soon as possible; otherwise, it will create serious problems like budgetary strains, which reduces labor productivity through illness and absenteeism. You should follow all the rules and regulations of the city to maintain good air quality and low pollution levels.

Respect the Culture

Saratov is the city of culture and education. People who visit here should respect every culture and all religions, helping them collaborate with local people. It is a slow-moving, traditional provincial city. You will find so many art museums that hold a place for art pieces created by local artists that show the culture and its importance. In Saratov, many people follow Christianity, and here you will also find that 1% are orthodox Christians who believe but are not members of any church. It is a beautiful city with beautiful culture and religion that attracts many people. You should follow their culture and religion that will help explore the city in a much better way.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Cosmonauts embankment: A street that stretches for 2 km along the Volga to the Saratov bridge. At the beginning of the 20th century, there were docks surrounded by narrow streets on the coast, where you can dump the cargo Landscaping began only with the advent of Soviet power and ended in the 1950s. The embankment was designed in the monumental style of the Stalinist Empire. There are several monuments and a river station here.
  • Saratov bridge: Reinforced concrete road bridge over the Volgograd reservoir. It connects the cities of Engels and Saratov. The structure's length is more than 2.8 km, and it consists of massive arches fortified on supports. The structure was erected in 1965, in 2005 - 2013, the carried out work was to replace some parts and restore the destroyed elements. Saratov Bridge is one of the symbols of the city. The beautiful symbol of the beautiful city many local people and those who visit here claim this about the Saratov Bridge.
  • Kirov Avenue: Unofficially, the street is called "Saratov Arbat." The construction of the avenue began in the 19th century. At this time, Germans and French prisoners who had moved at Catherine II's invitation lived there. Today the street is one of the main tourist attractions in Saratov. The street is not any common city, and it holds something beautiful in its nature that attracts many people there and travelers.
  • Monument to the Saratov accordion: Another city symbol - the Saratov accordion - was awarded a separate monument on Kirov Avenue. The sculpture in the shape of a merry accordion player sitting on a bench under a lantern, performing perky melodies, became a present from Express-Volga Bank for City Day in 2009. Passers-by are often photographed next to the musician, as he has already become a local landmark. The beautiful art symbol in the city attracts thousands of people every year.
  • National village of the peoples of the Saratov region: Open-air museum and ethnographic complex, which is located in Victory Park. Here you can learn about the Saratov region's peoples' traditions, culture, and life, try national cuisine. The village also hosts educational events, festivals, concerts, various national holidays, and other interesting events. The best place in the city to learn some cultural ethics if you know nothing about the culture of Saratov. You should visit this place once if you visit the city of Saratov.
  • Church "Soothe My Sorrows: The temple, named after the icon, "Quench my sorrows," with the Mother of God's image. The building was erected at the beginning of the 20th century, according to the project of P.M. Zyban. It is a tent-roofed church. In Soviet times, the building served as a city planetarium, so it has been fairly well preserved. In 2006-2008, restoration work was carried out, after which the facade again shone with bright colors. The church is the best place to calm your mind from any sorrow or tension because its environment is soothing.
  • Holy Trinity Cathedral: The first village church appeared on the cathedral site in 1675 in the city's only square. In 1684 it burned down, a new building of stone was built in 1695 by "the whole world" - the inhabitants of Saratov took part in the work. This building also did not survive, as it died in the fire of a fire in 1712. The structure that has survived to this day was built in Moscow's style (Naryshkin) Baroque. Many people here follow the Christianity religion, but 1 % of people who are not church members also regularly visit this church to see its beauty.
  • Saratov Conservatory Sobinova: The Conservatory was founded in 1912, and it is one of the first higher education institutions in Russia, where they taught the art of music. Initially, the institution was named in honor of Tsarevich Alexei. Still, in Soviet times it was renamed in honor of L.V. Sobinov, a famous opera singer, one of the classical school's best representatives. The building of the conservatory was built in 1902 by the architect A. Yu. Young.
  • Lemonarium: Lemonarium is a botanical garden where dozens of exotic plant species grow. On its territory, special climatic conditions have been created that allow tropical plants to feel quite comfortable. In gloomy and dull weather, a visit to this place will bring a lot of positive emotions, as it will allow you to at least briefly travel to the country of summer and sun. Many travelers and local people also visit this place regularly to see the beauty of nature.
  • City Beach: The beach is located on the island of Pokrovskie sands. Here you can swim in the Volga, take a break from the hustle and bustle and recuperate. There are sports grounds on the shore, drinking water, benches, changing cabins, a bathroom, swings, and slides for children. On fine summer days, it can be crowded here on weekends, as Saratov residents go to the beach with whole families and large companies. Local people of Saratov say that you must visit this place to enjoy your vacations to the fullest.
The Saratov Bridge


Exploring Saratov includes many adventures, places, and activities. You can see the magnificent Volga River, the longest with most attractive views, the most popular spot in Saratov is a Russian circus established in its own dedicated building. You can also enjoy a classical concert in the pseudogothic Conservatory on Prospekt Kirova or an opera in the nearby theatre. The markets in Saratov are very colorful and useful spots to pick up winter clothes, including coats, boots, leather gloves, and of course, most famous hats. The beautiful city with so many beautiful places will help you know more about the city, and it will also help you create so many memories with your friends and family members.

City Parks

  • Park Lipki
  • Park Pobedy
  • Lukomorie Park
  • Lukomorye City Park
Park Lipki

National Parks

  • National Khvalynsk Park
  • Kuibyshev National Park
  • Botanical Garden
  • Saratov Limonar
National Khvalynsk Park


  • Sar Beach
  • Plyazh Pcholka Beach
  • Veselyy Rodzher Beach
  • Engel'sskiy Plyazh Beach
Sar Beach


  • Memorial Complex Shadoof
  • Sokolovaya Gora
  • Memorial Cranes
  • Spacemen Embankment


  • Saratov State Radischev Museum
  • Museum of Einstein's Interesting Sciences
  • Saratov Ethnographic Museum
  • Eksperimentanium Museum of Entertaining Sciences
  • Glass Museum
Saratov Ethnographic Museum


There are so many cuisines, dishes, traditional dishes, and street foods to try in Saratov. Donna pizza is the most famous pizza in Saratov that you must try while in street food, including shwarma and hot pirogi, which is very famous among local people. The city is also home to a locally-owned chain of coffee shops that serves the best coffee and a pleasant place to hang out with your friends. You can also enjoy sushi with cooked fish because people avoid eating uncooked fish due to health issues. It would help if you tried local and traditional dishes here because they are really mouth-watering and amazing.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Restaurant Odessa
  • Restaurant Moskva
  • Cidreria Tut Pyut Cider
  • Kashevarnya

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Taryn-Bary Restaurant
  • Veranda
  • Chaikhana Uzbechka
  • CHAPLIN's Gastrobar

Street Food

  • Uzbechka
  • 33 Potatoes
  • Sbarro
  • Panorama


In Saratov, you will get numerous wine bars where you can enjoy sampled wines also. Saratov's main nightclubs include Jumanji and Ars, and both operate rigorous security checks and face control policies. Drinking is allowed here on streets, and it is advisable to carry required identification in case of a stop by the police. Prices here for alcoholic drinks are inexpensive at grocery stores. Drinks are very famous here; if you love drinking, you will not get bored of drinking the same wine or beer as here you will get a variety of drinks to enjoy.


Tap-water in Saratov is safe for drinking purposes. You can directly drink tap water since the water comes from controlled collection basins, analyzed, filter it, and proceeds to the water network. The entire water purification process follows the health organization standards. Local people claim that they love to drink tap-water directly; there is no need for further filtration. Travelers and residents in Saratov marked tap-water as the best for drinking and also for cooking purposes.

Organic Cafés

In Saratov, you will get to see so many organic cafes that attract many local people and travelers either because of their interior or because of its food that they serve. Everyone should try to eat organic foods and drinks because it is very healthy due to fewer pesticides, which is very beneficial. Some of the restaurants in Saratov serves really amazing and mouth-watering dishes you should try once if you visit this city. Some of the best restaurants are given below for you to visit during your vacation tour to Saratov.

  • Arabella
  • Buratino
  • Coffee I Shokolad
  • Slivki


  • Vodolaz Brewery
  • Dekabrist Brewery
  • Strahov Monastery Brewery
  • Strangeways Brewing


You can do many things in Saratov from enjoying classical concerts to enjoying late in clubs and bars. It offers so much to enjoy, and you can visit theatres to enjoy drama and concerts; some theatres feature a rotating list of light plays. If you are not interested in such quaint movie-watching experiences, check out Pioneer, Pobeda, or Illuminator. You can also visit art galleries here to see Russian pieces of art that are gathered here. The city includes many art galleries, city parks, and museums to visit and make memories, and it also helps gather information about the city and country.

Yoga and Retreats

You can join so many yoga classes and gyms in Saratov to maintain your health. Doing yoga will help you lose weight, but it also helps you in calming your mind. Every person should do at least 30 minutes of yoga daily to calm and relax your mind from their stressful schedule. There are so many gyms and yoga classes in Saratov that provide you luxurious and healthy environment at a very reasonable price. It would help if you tried some of the best yoga classes and gyms in Saratov as here you will get the best yoga classes and gyms.

  • Forte Club
  • Strong Gym
  • Challenge Saratov
  • First Gym
  • Kosmo Gym


The area of this city is 394 Km2, which makes possible the availability of different accommodation options'. Other than this, the accommodation also depends on the number of visitors to generate a lot of revenue or profits from tourism. The rate of tourism is very high in this city for various purposes. These are the two reasons there why there is a lot of tourism in this city. Along with this, the category which has the most tourist for accommodation are hotels. There are different types of hotels which are available in this city with different prices and facilities. You can check for various kinds of hotels which suit your lifestyle and comfort. Along with this, other accommodation options are also available, which will suit your plan or budget you have planned for the accommodation.

Green Hotels

Green hotels are different from regular hotels as they operate under the city's government and have a separate green certificate. This green certificate can help them to achieve a lot of customers. These hotels are slightly higher than regular hotels, but many tourists prefer their health and nature above money. It would be best if you tried to accommodate these hotels as they always need support, and it will help you make your trip eco-friendly. More this, the dishes they use are completely organic and free from harmful chemicals. Organic words are suitable for the health and digestive system.

  • Slovakia Hotel
  • Avantazh Hotel
  • Saratov Hotel
  • Hotel Address
  • Pioneer Luxe Hotel Bohemia

Hostels and Guest Houses

If you are traveling solo and want an accommodation option that does not cost much, then there are hostels and guesthouses. It does not costs much and offers facilities. You can make a lot of friends here as many of the tourists chooses these options. Mostly there are backpackers’ available hostels. You will get a kitchen in the room itself. Other than this, it would be best if you were alerted about your belongings because you may not know your roommate fully. Sometimes there is a hygiene concern because the washroom which you get is always shared by many people. There are not many guesthouses present in this city because many travelers avoid that accommodation option.

  • Hoste Bulvar
  • Saratov House
  • Hostel Dostoevskiy
  • Sarkhaus
  • Hotel Sokurskiye Dali


Apartments are flats that are available on rent. There are flats available in this city and must be chosen if you travel for a longer time. The apartments are fully furnished and have a modular kitchen also. Apartments are known for their privacy, so you do not need to worry about privacy. Another thing which you should not worry about is security. You can make your food or the favorite dish if it's not available easily. It will help you to remain fit as there will be no issue of hygiene. It will also help you to save a lot of money.

  • Saratov Light Apartments
  • Spring House Saratov
  • Apartments on Chapel
  • Nasutki Saratov
  • Sarkvartira


A total of 5600 hosts are present in this city, which is ready to welcome any traveler. Couchsurfing is a free accommodation option as the host does not charge any amount. You can learn a lot of things from the host because he is a local. He can help you to visit the city and also he can inform you about scams. You can also learn about some money-saving tips from them. In this accommodation option, you must be careful because sometimes the host cancels the meeting at the very end of time. Therefore you must have a backup of accommodation options always.


There are a lot of benefits to camping. It helps a person to study the night sky in detail as well as nature. It involves sleeping in a tent on an open ground between nature. There are several camping tours which are available in this city. You can enjoy camping with a group of other people, and you can also make a lot of friends there. Some beaches allow camping without any charge; however, the essential items have to be purchased. It is a temporary accommodation option.

  • Sulfur Springs
  • Eco Camping Forest Fairy Tale
  • Openostrov

How to Get There

There is an international airport in these cities which have access to a lot of countries. There are no possible ways to reach here; therefore, you only have the option of airways. You can use other methods to travel from one city to another. You can contact other cities and travel to this city through buses. There are metros and cab services also available. Other than this, hitchhiking is also an option known as a travel option. It would be best to have Russia's local currency because many buses do not have other cash or US dollars.


There is an international airport in these cities with many flights connecting this city to other different cities of other countries. The name of the airport is Gagarin International Airport, whose elevation is 103 feet. You can get a bus from this airport as it has its bus station where buses are ready to leave you at your accommodation. Other than this there are trains which are also available and have a fixed stoppage therefore if you are in a hurry you must use that to reach your booked hotel. There are even water buses which will help you to travel through water.

Inside the Gagarin International Airport


There are no international bus facilities. Therefore, you cannot reach here by other countries directly by bus. Other than this there are many buses which can help you travel from one city to another. These buses are very much comfortable and cleaned. There are canteen and washrooms available for those who have a very long journey. Other than this, you must have cash in hand to pay because these buses do not accept credit cards. You can pre-book the buses online through an app, and even you can ask for the ticket online to save nature. You can also check the availability of buses on this application.

A bus in Saratov


There are trains in this city and other cities. These trains are intercity which can help you to reach this city from within Russia. These are intercity trains. You can enquire about the train timings and the ticket price from the railway station in that city. They can tell you about different trains which visit this city and their timings. There are only some of the railway stations which accept credit card. Therefore, it is advised that you must have cash, which needs to be in Rubbles. The trains are comfortable, and their washrooms are highly maintained.

Train in Saratov


Hitchhiking involves traveling without any charge by asking for a traveler's lift going to the same city. There are highways which can help you to reach this city. You must be present on these highways so that you can get a vehicle going in the same direction. The locals are accommodating and humble towards the tourist, so there are high chances that they can help you. Besides this, hitchhiking is not a reliable travel option as it might involve time; therefore, you must not use it as a travel option when running short of time.


There are no other ways to reach here directly. The only way to get here is the airways. Other than this, there are many ways to travel from the neighboring cities to this city. Different methods include trains, buses, or hiring a cab. Hiring a cab can be very costly, and it also creates a lot of pollution. Some taxi drivers can charge you a higher rate as you will be new to that country. Different travel options charges differently.

Moving Around

Moving around in this city is very safe. You do not have to worry about being robbed even if you are walking alone at night. There are many options to move around in this city, including walking, cycling, hiring a cab or a driver, hiring a motorcycle, local buses, and metros. Different types of transport take extra time and also charges differently. Out of these travel options, cycling and walking are the most eco-friendly and healthy way to travel. If you are in a hurry, then there are E taxis and metros also available, which can help you save your time.


This city's crime rates are meager; therefore, it enables anyone to roam around the city even at night. Besides this, walking and roaming around the city have its benefits on your body as it helps you remain healthy. More to this, walking will help you explore many things inside the city and save a lot of money. There are different parks where you can perform morning or evening walk. There are several walking tours in which you can enjoy walking and roaming around the city with a guide and many other people.


Some cycles are available for rent by different shops. Other than this, if you stay for a longer time, you can even purchase a second-hand bicycle. Cycling can help you to remain fit while moving around the city. There are many cycling tracks which are present in various city parks where you can roam around. While cycling, you must be alerted on different roads because there is much traffic, so there are high chances of an accident. You can even get confused as there are similar streets present in this city. Therefore, you must carry your Smartphone with you.

Electronic Vehicles

There are electronic vehicles present in this city which are owned by a lot of local people. These electronic vehicles enjoy special privileges, such as they do not have to pay parking charges. There are electric taxis available in this city, which can be used to roam around. Other than this, electric vehicles help in cutting down air and noise pollution. It also eliminates fossil fuels as electric vehicles d not need fossil fuels to run themselves.

Public Bus

Many public buses roam around the city, carrying a lot of passengers in it. There are two different types of buses classified according to the time they operate, one is the day time, and the other is the night time. These two types of buses operate under different timings and shifts. You must have the exact change of the fare as there is no returning of money. More to this, there are buses which are very much comfortable and are designed according to the weather conditions of this city.

Tram, Train and Subway

There are trains which are present in this city, but you cannot move around on them. They are only present to travel intercity. Several trams and metros are current for traveling or moving around the city, which runs on electricity. These trains are high-speed and can help you reach your destinations in a brief period. These trams and trains do not cost much and can be used when you do not have much time.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping involves shopping for those products which are environmentally sustainable and helps in the protection of it. These products' production does not include any chemicals or heavy machinery that uses fossil fuels to run. These products are very beneficial for society because most of the show requires a high labor use than machine work. So the unskilled or uneducated people can also be an employee. Other than this the sustainable food products are healthy for the body because they are grown organically. More this, eco clothes are made of natural materials. Therefore, they cannot be allergic to the skin by any means.

Food Markets

There are many reasons for choosing a sustainable food market. As this food market or sustainable means they are grown with less use of fertilizers, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals, it supports health. These products do not have preservatives, which helps fruits and vegetables be preserved for a longer time. Preservatives are not suitable for our health as well As for fruits and vegetables. It has it is why food products are locally grown because they cannot be preserved for a longer time and need to be consumed within a week. By purchasing these sustainable products, you will help the local farmers as there are many difficulties why growing fruits and vegetables. Also, the local farmers, if compared to the corporate farmers, the local farmers grow a variety of vegetables. Those who are corporate farmers focus on monoculture to earn from the crops. Sometimes, the one widely available vegetable does not suit us, or we might have any allergy. Therefore, we must choose local farmers who have a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. The next benefit is for us which means the buyers as the food which are imported includes a different kind of travel options such as cargo ship or cargo airplanes which takes a lot of money therefore by purchasing from sustainable and local farmers you will not have to pay for these additional taxes and transportation charges.

  • Privoz
  • Choco & Chili
  • Magazin
  • Produkty
  • Sputnik Produkty

Flea Markets

Flea Market is a large ground where all the vendors sell their products collectively. These are best for those who have apartments or kitchen where they are staying. The vegetables and fruits available here are in a bulk quantity, which means more than a kilogram at lesser rates. These are generally organized by local farmers who want to sell their products. These markets do not happen regularly but on a fixed day in a week. The fruits and vegetables which are sold here are freshly brought from the farm after washing them. These fruits and vegetables might not look attractive because of their color, but their taste is often useful and better suited to health.

  • Sunny Rynok
  • Rynok
  • Privoz
  • Elvis
  • Nordex, Rynok

Second Hand Stores

Second-hand stores are those stores that have second-hand products for resale. There are many benefits of purchasing a second-hand product, including eliminating the space required in a landfill. Their products or waste are dumped. More to this, it stops the use of resources, and it's wastages. As a new product made, it requires various resources that are sometimes wasted while producing it. Second-hand products cost lesser than everyday products because they have been used in the past.

  • Second-Hand Planet
  • Centro Moda
  • Planeta Sekond Khand
  • Centro Moda
  • Centro Moda


Any eco-fashion product is a product that is made sustainably and does not harm nature at any cost. It has less wastage of resources during its production. These products require a lot of human work rather than using machines that consume a lot of energy to run themselves. These products are clothes that generate a lot of employment as a lot of Labour work is required. Generally, these clothes are made of cotton, which is a natural fabric.


Recycling involves the use of those materials which can be reused by specific methods. There are a lot of things which can be recycled. Recycling not only eliminates the waste but also cuts down pollution at a high rate. Other than this, recycling saves a lot of energy, required decomposing the waste. It also saves the increased need for raw materials needed to produce new products: more this, recycling items such as paper save the need for paper and the trees. Many of the newspaper is made from recycled paper. Others are tin and metal, which saves metal ore, a non-renewable energy source.


Waste is something that we cannot use and have to dump. Some wastes are dumped on large landfills. Trash, if not treated properly, can cause a lot of pollution. When the waste reaches the landfill, some of the debris gets eliminated through recycling. The leftover is sent to incineration centers for decomposing. Some of the trash is used to make fertilizers and manure for farming. It is a much-polluted city, and this city's waste management is not efficient enough to make this city neat and tidy. Even the citizens and tourists are responsible for the city’s condition.

Work and Study Abroad

The education system of this city lies under the Ministry of education and Sciences. The education pattern is divided into two forms, which include general and professional. General education is further divided into different classes, including preschool education, primary general education, basic general education, and secondary public education. Preschool education is fixed for one year. Primary education involves four years. Basic general education is improved in the study of five years. Secondary general education is enhanced over two years. After this, the student chooses the professional and is sent to professional colleges and universities. More this, professional education is divided into three levels: training of professional, Vocational education and Higher education and postgraduate education. Higher education has three levels: bachelor’s degree, specialists’ degree, and Master's degrees.

Exchange Student

An exchange student program is a program in which a student is sent, so another college country to complete his degree. There is a University in this city which have relations with international universities present another different country. This program is programmed for the one who gets selected. Getting selected for this program is not an easy task because many students visit this University to participate. You must be excellent in studies and have to clear the entrance exam taken by the University council of examination. If you get good grades in this program, they will consider you a part of this program after some formalities. It is a good program for those ready to adopt a different environment and climate because this city would experience cold and chilly winters.

Au Pair

Most of the families in this city have bought the mother and father working; therefore, they are always in need of someone who can take care of their child. You can get the work often au pair very quickly without putting in many efforts. And then you pay the person who stays with the local and has a result of taking care of their child. It is work that comes with great responsibility. Therefore, you must be with the child always. In exchange for your work, you will get your room or our shelter for sure. It is a good source of accommodation.


Volunteering involves any work which you do out of your own will and hobby for the stroke. Many organizations are ready to accept volunteers because they require a lot of questions Expanded team. However, you cannot charge forward to your volunteering because it becomes your job if you’re setting for what you are doing. Many organizations help not only humans But also stray animals by providing them food and shelter. Other than this, many help homeless people. As this city faces a lot of pollution, many organizations help the government clean many tourist spots.

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