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Eco-friendly travel guide to Solomon Islands advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Solomon Islands, Oceania.

Aerial view of the capital of Solomon Islands, Honiara

  • Air quality: 2 / 5
  • Bus connections: 3 / 5
  • Train connections: 3 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 2 / 5
  • National parks: 2 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$10 - $40
  • Budget per day: US$40 - $90

Responsible Travel

This island comprises a total of 6 main islands and 900 smaller islands. The total area of Solomon island is 28,400 km2, and the total population, which was estimated in 2018, was 652,857. It creates a density of 18 people per kilometer2. The official language of this island is English. This island was under the UK's control till 1978, and after 1978 this island got its independence from the United Kingdom. The national currency of this island is called Solomon Islands Dollar. Different ethnic groups are present on this island, including 95.3% Melanesian, which forms the majority, and the rest are Polynesian and Micronesian. The religion followed by most people living here is Christianity; followed by 97.4 %, and out of these majorities are Protestants and the rest are Catholics. The capital of this island is Honiara. Some of the things you can do to play your part in being a responsible tourist include:

  • Choose green hotels over other accommodation options and if you cannot find a green hotel of your choice then opt for an apartment or hostel. This is because most of the five star hotels and resorts create tonnes of waste every day including 79,000 tonnes of food waste (9% total food waste from the sector) and they do not adhere to sustainable business practices. If you choose to stay in an apartment you can work on your carbon footprint and decide on things like using no plastic, minimum waste etc. This will not only help with reducing your carbon footprint but massively help help with improving the environment.
  • Eat Local food and buy the food from street food stalls or small restaurants. This is because most of the big restaurant chains or fast food conglomerates are guilty of producing so much waste and directly contributing the problem of pollution and climate change due to their harmful business models. Not only do the small business owners need the help of tourists to run their business and provide for their family but they also have ethical practices for example most of them do not use plastic.
  • Use local transportation or electronic vehicles to keep the city pollution-free and save a lot of money at the same time.
  • Shop local. In order to support local craftsmen and artisans always shop local. During your trip to the city, you will come across small shops and food stalls in almost every lane of the city. If you want to have an unforgettable experience in the city, then buy goods and handicrafts from these shops. This will not only help you to save a lot of money but you will be supporting a lot of local people who are dependent on their small businesses to earn a livelihood

Air Quality and Pollution

Air pollution on this island is high, which means that this island's air quality is not good enough for travelers. There are three main reasons for air pollution on this island. The first reason is vehicle emission. Many locals choose to move around in their car instead of using local buses or other public transport. It creates a lot of pollution and increases the consumption of non-renewable natural resources. The second reason is mining; Solomon Island has different minerals and metal ores present and are extracted from mining. This island has a rich source of metal ores; therefore, mining is required to remove these metal ores. Mining involves digging ground which also releases smoke and a lot of dust which causes pollution during mining. The third reason for air pollution is burning of waste. Due to less awareness of the harmful effect of burning of waste, many locals usually burn their waste to get rid of it, which creates a lot of pollution and smoke.

Respect the Culture

Respecting the culture can help you connect with the locals more efficiently as you get to know their preferences, faiths, various beliefs, etc easily while mingling with them. Every place has its own culture, which denotes many things about the site, including history, preferences, faiths, ideas, and traditions. Religion also has an impact on culture. The majority of the people living on this island are Christian, which denotes that this island's culture has many references to Christianity.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Island Tiri Tiri Matangi: The island of Tiri Tiri Matangi, located 30 kilometers from Auckland, is home to Hauraki Bay birds. The island is home to rare species of birds, many of which are not found anywhere else in the world. In the late 80s of the last century, the New Zealand government granted the status of national reserve.
  • Tongariro National Park: One of the oldest national parks globally called Tongariro, was founded in 1887 when the Maori aborigines ceded land to the British crown to prevent Europeans from getting it. Tongariro covers approximately 800 square kilometers in the central part of the North Island. The park is essentially a volcanic desert, where the main tourist attractions are active and extinct volcanoes. On the slopes of the Ngauruhoe volcano, Peter Jackson filmed episodes of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
  • Honiara: Honiara is the most beautiful city. There are not only beautiful beaches and attractions but also great hotels, restaurants and much more. The city of Honiara has become a resort town due to its scorching climate that attracts tourists throughout the year. The entire year, the temperature in the capital of the Solomon Islands does not change and always stays above +25 degrees Celsius.
  • Malaita Region: The eastern province, named after the largest island in the group, is the second-largest and most densely populated area of the Solomon Islands. Melanesians inhabit the large islands of Malaita, and Polynesian tribes live on the atolls of Ontong Java, Ronkador, Tucuman, and Sikaiana. It was these islands that made the maximum contribution to the reputation of Solomon as inhospitable islands. For the same reason, it was here that ancient folk traditions and rituals were preserved as much as possible. Malaita Island's distinctive feature is a considerable number of artificial islands built by residents directly on the atolls or rocky islets of lagoons from ancient times.
  • Lake Taupo: The cascade of waterfalls stretches along the Waikato, New Zealand's largest river that flows out of the Taupo. The waterfall attract tourist by the amount of water that is 220,000 liters which fall from the cliff in a second.
  • The Franz Josef Glacier: The glacier moves at a speed of about 2 meters per hour, managing to cover a decent distance in a day. The glacier's best view is from the mountain peaks, where tourists are reach by helicopter from the nearby town of Franz Josef.
  • Waitomo Caves: People can “touch the stars with their hand” in Waitomo Caves, located on the North Island of New Zealand. Traveller gets the impression that the star gazing sky is near to its arm's length. It is due to a special kind of insect - mushroom mosquitoes. Both the insects themselves and their larvae have a bioluminescent effect; that is, they glow in the dark. Hordes of these insects populate the ceilings and walls of caves and stop emitting light only in one case - if they are frightened. Therefore, tourists who are brought here on excursions in boats are asked to be as quiet as possible.
  • Rennell: Rennell is the largest coral island in the world and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The area of the island is 660 km². Rennell is located in the south of the Solomon Islands; its main natural feature is Lake Tegano, the atoll's former lagoon. It is considered the largest inland water body in all of Oceania, covering 150 km². It contains salty water and many limestone rocky islets. It is home to several endemic species. The rest, the predominant part, is mainly covered with dense forests, forming a continuous canopy at the height of 20 meters.
  • Santa Isabel: Santa Isabel, the most extended island in the Solomon Islands archipelago, is of volcanic origin and is surrounded by coral reefs in places. Santa Isabel lies east of Malaita Island and west of Choiseul Island. The island area is almost 2,999 km², its length reaches 200 km, and its width ranges from 20 to 30 km. The climate here is hot, tropical; sometimes, there are earthquakes and intense storms. The atmosphere here is hot. The island of Santa Isabel is notable because it was the first of the archipelago islands on which a European invaded. It was done by the Spanish traveler Alvaro Mendanha in 1568.
  • Choiseul: Choiseul is a large volcanic island in the Pacific Ocean in the northwest of the Solomon Islands archipelago. The island's area is 2970.7 km², its highest point, Mount Maetamba, is 1067 meters above sea level and is a long-extinct volcano. Choiseul Island's surface is partially covered with sandy beaches, while the rest of the area is occupied by dense tropical thickets and valleys and mountain ranges. In some places, the shores are lined with vast coral reefs. The climate on Choiseul is humid tropical. The island was discovered in 1568 by the Spanish navigator Alvaro Mendanya de Neira, who named it San Marcos. The traveler, however, did not land on it. In 1768, Choiseul was rediscovered by the French navigator Louis Antoine de Bougainville, naming the island after French Foreign Minister Etienne François Choiseul.
Island Tiri Tiri Matangi


There are a lot of things and places to explore on this island. You can explore various cafes or restaurants that suit your requirements, such as your favorite dishes, cuisine, organic, and many other things. There are city parks and amusement parks where you can visit to enjoy your day with some amusement rides. Other than this, you can explore other things, such as the famous market where different types of things are sold. You can explore the local restaurant to taste the local dishes on this island. Other than this, there are beaches and museums.

City Parks

Many city parks are present on this island because many areas are covered with trees, forests, and jungle. Few city parks are established to pay tribute to various war heroes and leaders. These parks can be visited for morning or evening walks. You can even visit this park with your friends or family to enjoy some beautiful time in nature. These parks cover an excellent area even to play some sports but are careful not to hurt other people. These parks are beautiful and must be visited.

  • Solomon Peace Memorial Park
  • Americal War Memorial
Solomon Peace Memorial Park

National Parks

National parks are built to create awareness of the conservation of nature and animals. These parks help in protecting nature and animals that too in their natural habitat. You can visit any of these parks, which can help you learn many things about plants and animals, including plants and animals' lifecycle. There are different species of plants and animals which are present in these parks. There is a safari tour provided by these national parks in which you get a vehicle, driver, and guide to explore national parks.

  • Barana Nature and Heritage Park
  • Queen Elizabeth National Park (Honiara)
  • Bloody Ridge (Guadalcanal)
Queen Elizabeth National Park


Beaches are one of the best places to relax because the waves' sound helps to get calm. There are different benefits of beaches, including that you can enjoy food or various drinks while you are on these beaches. These are the best beaches which can be found on the Solomon Islands. You can even try multiple types of water sports on this island. Even if you are traveling alone, you can meet a lot of new people on these beaches. Moreover, there are other things which you can do on these beaches.

  • Lela Beach
  • Turtle Beach
  • Gazalata Beach


Landmarks are most popular in that particular area and can be used as a substitute to get to that area. Landmark can be of any type but has to be famous among the locals of that place. These landmarks are very famous among tourists. Therefore, they catch the majority of tourists' eyes and are responsible for generating revenue in tourism. There are different landmarks present on this island, including some famous lakes, islands, and caves. These types of landmarks can help you to make your journey memorable.

  • Lake Tegano
  • Mborokua Island
  • 'Riba Cave
Lake Tegano


Museums are places where different artifacts, evidence, and many other things about the past are exhibited. There are different types of museums which include those of wart museums. As this place was used during World War II, museums can help you learn evidence of that war. You can even see some of the weapons which were used in those wars. A national museum on this island can help you learn many things about this island, including its history and art.

  • Vilu Military Museum
  • Wilie Besi War Museum
  • National Museum
Some war ruins displayed at Vilu Military Museum


There are cafes and restaurants which are present on this island where you can enjoy food. Some restaurants and cafes are near the beaches or water bodies, providing you beautiful scenery while enjoying your food. More to this, some organic cafes also present, which offers healthier dishes than other restaurants. There are local food stalls where ready-to-eat food is served, which local people prepare. Other than this, there are different cafes which have various facilities, cuisines. Therefore, they charge accordingly. Many restaurants provide a takeaway facility.


There are different types of drinks and drinks present on this island which can be enjoyed during your trip to this island. There are beer bars current where you can enjoy various types and flavors of beers. More to this, there are other alcoholic drinks which can be enjoyed on this island. There are non-alcoholic beverages that can also be enjoyed on this island, including coffee, tea, and other local drinks.


The Solomon Islands face a lot of problems in the context of drinking tap water. It is advisable by many locals and the legal authorities not to drink water from the taps. You can purchase bottled water from general stores or the tourist information center. Apart from this, you can boil tap-water in your respective accommodation and store it in your steel bottles for later consumption. Solomon Islands' water management system is not as advanced as other areas of the country, therefore try to avoid tap water and stick to sealed water bottles for drinking. Melanesia lacks water sanitation and purification facilities that leads to less awareness among the public. However, the local government and some legal communities of the Solomon Islands take the initiative to supply purified water to most of the households. Still, there are many residents left without a proper water supply.


The Solomon Islands is a unique and fascinating tourist destination in the book of tourism. To experience truly unique and authentic cultures, Solomon Islands offer plenty of such tourist destinations to amaze you in every way. Such as discovering ancient ceremonial sites, knowing about Solomon's remarkable cultural heritage, relics from WWII buried in fathoms of blue-green water, and many other places with tons of history and beautiful landscapes on their way. Apart from these, natural wonders like national parks and conservatories protect the natural environment and conserve rare flora and faunas species. The Solomon Islands is a paradise for people who fascinates nature's beauty and marine wildlife. The entire island is filled with beautiful sights and hidden landmarks. Do not forget to do the following things while in Solomon:

  • Kavachi's underwater volcano in the south of Ngatokae, Western Province, is a must-visit site on the whole island. Must watch the spectacular displays of the volcano.
  • Wild antics of frocking dolphins out of a cove on Savo Island is a treat to watch
  • Visit Honiara's cosmopolitan and colorful food market in downtown Honiara is one of Solomon's main attraction points
  • In the Western Province, there's the largest seawater lagoon globally – Marovo lagoon, home to an array of teeming marine life
  • You can enjoy the diving experience in many fascinating spots


The Solomon Islands offers accommodation facilities that are affordable and nearest to the region's most important landmarks. They are clean, neat, and, most important, environment-friendly. The accommodation types available in the islands are eco-friendly hotels and apartments, hostels, guesthouses, luxury villas/resorts, and many others, including Couchsurfing. As it's an island, you can find sea-facing or mountain view accommodations in almost every place you choose to stay in. Not only in scenic views or incredible locations, but you can also enjoy delicious delicacies and traditional foods in most areas. Solomon's accommodation opportunities are mostly expensive than other Melanesia regions; therefore, prepare the budget for accommodation accordingly.

Green Hotels

No matter what place or country, people are very conscious of the environment. Tourists, however, demand an eco-friendly platform to stay wherever they go. Green hotels play a significant role in maintaining the superior level of the environment and keeping their surroundings clean; also, these hotels try to dispose of waste items in a way that causes as little harm to the environment as possible. The government has installed several eco-friendly hotels for tourists due to the rise in tourism in the Solomons. Here is a list of some great places to stay in the Solomon Islands:

  • Seafly Green Hotel: Located on Solo Plaza, Honiara, Seafly Green Hotel offer visitors/tourists big rooms, excellent views front and back, compound area, security, friendly staff, and many other amenities. This hotel uses ecological friendly means to run the hotel in every way possible. Seafly Green offers you a great chance to stay in a neat and clean environment with 24 hours room service from disposable products to hygiene.
  • King Solomon Hotel: King Solomon offers tourists and visitors bright accommodations in an environment-friendly hotel along with bar facilities. This hotel provides air-conditioned and spacious rooms, and the restaurant here serves its customers with delectable means prepared with healthy and nutrient-based ingredients. You can find this hotel in the heart of Honiara's Central Business District, opposite the Australian Embassy and the Police/Fire Station.
  • Raiders Hotel & Dive: Raiders' place is a two-star hotel in the Tulagi region of Solomon Islands, offering you a beautiful place to rest and spend quality time with family or close ones. The nearby area is famous for its World War II wrecked diving, and the biodiversity of its marine life on the nearby reefs is a pleasure to watch. This hotel has several rooms with all necessary amenities in addition to all-day room services are available for your convenience.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels and guesthouses provide you plenty of advantages if you are traveling solo or with a group of one or two. These are the best kind of accommodation a tourist can ask for. Not only sufficient rooms but these places also allow you to connect with new people and engage in several activities altogether. Hostels and guesthouses have proven themselves for a long time that it is the best accommodation for outsiders due to never-ending amenities. Here is the list of some of the best hostels and guesthouses in the Solomon Islands that one can stay in:

  • Rekona Lodge: Located 3 minutes' walk from the primary shopping market, Rekona Lodge offers guests big rooms with attached bathrooms, a communal kitchen. It has a tour desk that arranges various tour trips, including snorkeling/diving/hiking and visiting the surrounding beaches, islands, lagoons, and landmarks. Rekona Lodge provides you with a laundry facility and boasts private verandas, some with a lovely garden and scenic views.
  • Noguna Homestay: It is a locally owned homestay in Kia, approximately a two-hour ride from Suavanao – Santa Isabel's most northern airstrip. This place offers excellent hospitality and room services. Nearby the homestay, the destination has some of the most pristine waters perfect for swimming and snorkeling and also beautiful jungles to explore. Large rooms and suites are provided with all the necessary amenities required by a tourist/outsider.
  • Ibibu Transit Lodge: Ibibu Transit Lodge in Munda has six guestrooms with 24 hours room service. Communal kitchen and attached bathrooms are given in each room in addition to verandas with beautiful scenic views. The staff here is friendly and speaks English for the convenience of most visitors. It is a small guesthouse but provides you with all the necessary items you require.


Due to the rise in tourism, many people prefer to live in the Solomons regarding jobs or setting up the business. For such reasons, people can rent apartments for a more extended stay on the island. People visiting for tourism can also stay in rented apartments as for tourists, the rate for renting an apartment is cheaper than most other cities of the country. Apartments provide privacy and give you the responsibility to maintain the place as it is. However, you get a whole apartment giving you complete privacy and amenities, but it can be expensive for most people who suppose to stay here for few days. Here in the Solomon Islands, you are most likely to get sea-facing apartments or from where you can view beautiful mountain landscapes. Some best places for such accommodations are:

  • Sanalae Apartment: Located in Honiara, Sanalae Apartment is an excellent choice for accommodation in the Solomon Islands. This apartment is family-friendly and nearby great restaurants, making it easy to enjoy the best of Honiara. Air-conditioned rooms, a kitchenette, refrigerator, and free WiFi connectivity in addition to access in-room services, Sanalae Apartments are the first choice of tourists in this kind of accommodation.
  • Prestige Apartments – Solomon Islands: Located in Honiara, Prestige Apartments is closer to many important landmarks and tourist spots, making it easy for most visitors to visit most of Solomon's essential places, saving time and money. The apartment has mountain views, attached bathrooms, a kitchenette with equipped microwave and a toaster, bed facilities, and many other necessities one wishes for.


The Solomon Islands offers you plenty of opportunities when accommodations come in Couchsurfing as it helps discover unique places and meet new people. The island's locals are welcoming and kind; they treat everyone as equals, whether they be outsiders or other locals. Locals willingly help others and share their culture with interested visitors/tourists. For further queries about the Couchsurfing accommodation options, visit Couchsurfing sites or contact locals during walking alongside coastlines, or in events or festivals, or even social media platform is effective for particulars regarding Couchsurfing. Less than 1000 hosts are willing to provide their place for others; also, they interrogate the interested party before letting them in their houses for their safety and nobility. You must know that in Couchsurfing, you are not only allowed to stay free of cost, but you also have to lend a hand to the owner's family in every way possible.


Campsites are usually in a better shape in the Solomon Islands than most Melanesia places. The camps provide beautiful landscapes, beautiful beaches, fantastic wildlife; the concerned party provides facilities like playgrounds, picnic spots, parking spaces, washroom facilities, and many others. Most places offer no fee charge for setting camps; although setting camp requires less fee in general, the cost of maintenance and necessary items cost way too much. With camping comes several disadvantages, such as inadequate washroom facilities, bug-bites, and many other things. If not set correctly, you might find several inconveniences throughout the day, so make sure you have everything necessary for the camp. However, camping also allows you to spend time among the natural wildlife and use natural means that causes no harm to the environment.


Solomon Islands Regions map.png
the northernmost area; includes the Treasury Islands and Shortland Islands as well as Choiseul itself
Florida and Russell Islands (Yandina)
Guadalcanal (Honiara , Aola Bay)
the major island with the capital city and main airport
New Georgia Islands (Noro)
New Georgia itself plus myriad tiny islands and atolls. Viru Harbor
Rennell and Bellona
this island was previously known as San Cristóbal
Santa Cruz Islands
tiny remote islands in the south east, closer to Vanuatu than to anywhere else in the Solomons
Santa Isabel
where the first European contact was made with the Solomon Islands



  • Honiara - capital
  • Aola Bay
  • Lofung
  • Noro
  • Viru Harbor
  • Yandina

Getting There and Moving Around

To get to the Solomon Islands, you can use both airways or waterways, depending on which area/region/nation you are in. The country has several transportation systems available for worldwide tourists to see and explore the Solomon Islands' remarkable wonders. Both international and domestic travel connections are excellent and affordable. On the island of Guadalcanal, Honiara International Airport is the main port of arrival, whereas Munda in Western Province provides weekly international and domestic flights from Brisbane, [[Australia[[. Tourists usually prefer taxis and rental cars to move around on the island. Walking to your desired destination or renting a car is advisable for tourists to explore every bit of the island.


Five airlines provide regular services to Honiara – Solomon Airlines, Fiji Airways, Virgin Australia, Air Vanuatu, and Air Niugini; they all offer international flights to the Solomon Islands. The island's airline is the national carrier and regularly flies to Honiara from Brisbane and provides weekly flights from few other ports, including Nadi, Port Moresby, and Port Vila. Must check the airlines for the most current and budget-friendly flight information.

Honiara International Airport


The Solomon Islands offer you a minimal bus network; only the capital city has the main bus services routes, including minibuses running throughout the capital. These buses provide a flat fare rate for all passengers of $3 a day and travel through various tourist destinations on the island. Buses are the best option if you want to go shopping or sightseeing around the island's capital city. Though bus routes do not take you to several important places, there are several stoppages from where you can either walk or hitchhike to reach your destination.


There are no railway services in the Solomon Islands; however, there are rail networks on the island, but they are used to transport soils or scraps. During WWII, these rail networks were a part of carrying passengers to another part of the countries; now, they are abandoned and stopped. Therefore, no railway facility is provided by the local government of the Solomons.


There is not much option for hitchhiking on the islands. The only shortest, easiest, and fastest routes are usually between two significant cities where trucks and heavy vehicles run on the highways. However, hitchhiking is never the safest option regarding travel; therefore, one must avoid hitchhiking until necessary. Although Solomons, the people are generous and kind, hitchhiking comes with many risks, hence choosing another mode of transportation for traveling purposes is safe.


You can reach here via boats and ferries after clearance from an official Port of Entry before going ashore at any island of the country. Yachts are an essential mode of transport via sea to enter Solomons. Taxis are another best option to move around the islands' most critical places. These are the fastest, cheapest, and easiest mode of transportation if you have one specific place in mind to go. Apart from these, rental vehicle services are also available to travel in and around the island.

Sustainable Shopping

In Honiara, Museum Handicraft Shop and King Solomon Arts & Craft Centre offer you several products for taking home. There are several other shops also which you might discover while exploring the Solomon Islands; these shops or stores are an economically vibrant and ethical business network concerning sustainable development in the Solomon Islands. From clothing items to ancient antiques and artworks, you can even get souvenirs to keep as a memory of your trip to Solomons. Sustainable shopping promotes environment-friendly means to make clothes or souvenirs, creating an eco-friendly atmosphere wherever you go. These items are perishable, causing no harm to the environment. As a responsible tourist, you must shop from local markets for such eco-friendly products, resulting in society's growth. Shop from local markets for starters to have varieties in categories you want to buy.


Recycling is an important and noble cause for the cleanliness of the region. It prevents air and water bodies' pollution, leading to more significant life expectancies of both the species, for humankind, and flora and fauna species. The government has issued major recyclable items in the Solomons, including plastic bottles/bags, deodorant bottles, old clothing, batteries, and many other things. Recycling plants on the island make sure the work is done correctly, causing no harm to anyone. The idea of sustainability, however, reduces the burden of recycling plastic wastes. Still, as a tourist or a resident, you mustn't litter anywhere and must adopt every necessary means to promote an eco-friendly environment where you reside.


There are no sanitary landfills in the Solomon Islands; the only main waste-dump is located in Honiara. Apart from this, the Solomon government's primary concern is the rising problems of environmental, social, and economic risks concerning waste products. The waste management systems are still not advanced yet to recover the island from such a pandemic fully. However, the government is very active in spreading awareness about unnecessary littering around the island. Being a tourist destination, the Solomon government ensures that the tourist places are in sound condition so that tourism is not affected. There are bins set up in every locality for residential people to dump wet and dry garbage in respective bins for easy separation of waste materials in dump yards.

Work and Study Abroad

The Solomon Islands offer you beautiful beaches and essential landmarks and give you plenty of jobs and education opportunities. The island is home to both major and minor companies in this region that seek job applicants worldwide. These companies or organizations end up being a significant source for locals' lifestyles and living. Essential places where you can find various vacancies are banks, hotels, industries, credit unions, and many more. Education institutions are available in numerous places in the Solomon Islands. These institutions provide the young generation with every kind of course, including history, technology, finance, commerce, journalism, tourism, and many more. Education facilities in teachings, activities, education tours, functions, and other activities are practiced to improve individuals from higher secondary to college universities.

Exchange Student

Solomon Island's universities provide a wide range of programs concerning student exchange programs. Several major universities in the region offer finance and technology courses due to the rising demand for mining and financial and technological professionals. Students worldwide are allowed to study in the islands' universities after complete verification and applicability of the individual. One such university that provides such a facility is the Solomon Islands National University in Honiara. For such information regarding student exchange, one must know in advance whether or not the desired institution adopts a similar program or not. Students coming here to study are given opportunities to build a good overall personality and the Solomon Islands' fantastic surroundings.

Au Pair

The residents of the Solomon Islands mainly choose au pairs from their localities or families and friends. The main reason being is the lack of trust among new faces. However, there are many websites where locals register themselves for the need of a caretaker. Research shows that not much opportunity is available for outsiders regarding au pairing. You are most likely to get a job in au pairing through mutual connections; you must have good communication skills and know English and French to get a job in the Solomons. Most people get jobs in caretaking the young ones, including everything, from tuitions to maintain discipline and cleanliness in the house. Au pairing does not come with an excellent salary, but it increases with the result you give to the people who hire you. Successful au pairing allows an individual to gain confidence and build a good personality.


There are numerous volunteering activities in the Solomon Islands to engage in social and noble causes run by various organizations and communities. You can also volunteer in day-to-day events with the locals of the island. It helps deepen your relationship with the community and learn about their culture, customs, lifestyles of the society. Usually, volunteering programs includes charity events, assistance, youth encouragement, non-profit organizations, festivals, and many other activities.

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