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Eco-friendly travel guide to Surat advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Surat, India.

Aerial view of the city

  • Air quality: 2 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 2.25 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 2 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3 / 5
  • Parks: 3 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2 / 5
  • Safety: 3.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$11 - $80
  • Budget per day: US$22 - $100

Responsible Travel

Surat is one of the most popular cities in Gujarat. It is a rich and eminent economic and cultural trade centre of India. Surat is widely famous for its luxurious textiles and fine silk. There are a good number of ways to unravel the city in an eco-friendly manner. Some of the most affordable ways are listed below:

  • One of the best ways to unveil this charismatic city is by cycling. It is one of the best ways to explore because bicycles will be ideal to go around narrow streets of Surat. It is not just good for health but also for nature. Cosmopolitan cities are becoming prone to pollution and other fatal consequences because people neglect ecologically friendly transport modes. Do your part for the environment by resorting to cycles when visiting surat. Dumas beach is one of the unique places to stop by in surat. Cycling around this beach will be a rejuvenating experience.
  • The next way is to explore the marvels of surat on foot. It might sound hectic and monotonous, but it is not. If you are near to the destinations you wish to visit, then you can turn to walk to see these places. Tithal beach, Sadhana nature park, Surat castle, and Tuvalu beach are beautiful locations in surat. The best way to visit these places is by walking. A calm walk to these popular spots will help you discover more about them by increasing the duration of time spent with them. Walking around Surat’s city will allow you to know the town and its people in a little more personalised way. Surat is a prosperous city embellished with beautiful temples and parks. You can visit such temples and gardens on foot only. So, you can choose walking to visit the places which are in the vicinity of your accommodation.
  • One more eco-friendly way to travel surat is by using public transport. Nature is very dear to us, and without it, the human realm cannot sustain. Thus, it is essential to consider the good of the environment before doing any action. Public transports are way better than personal transportation. They help in saving energy resources and mince the level of pollution. So, whenever you wish to visit distant places in surat, you can go with public transports without a doubt. Bus and taxi facilities are easily accessible in surat. You can book them and make affordable visits.

These are some eco-friendly ways to explore the grand surat city. Switch to them and make the best of your travelling time. There are many other ways of contributing to the environment. Manage your garbage while travelling by throwing them into dustbins. Share your taxi or car with the other people so that you can serve nature during your travel. Don't waste water; use it wisely. Also, try your best to reduce the use of plastic bags. If you have no other alternative apart from using them, then reuse or recycle them. Eco-Friendly travel is not a very prominent move, but it is our responsibility to make it one. We must preserve the beauty and quality of nature by devoting small but meaningful efforts towards it. Our heart is our first and ultimate home. It is our prime duty to clean and maintain our home nature. Develop a passion for eco-friendly travel and enrich the spirit.

Air Quality and Pollution

Surat is a busy city because of its classical envelopes of trade and commerce. There does exist a moderate level of pollution in the city. The World Health organisation, the largest health body, dealing with international health and wellness norms, states that particulate matter (PM) level is the deciding factor in determining pollution. Due to overpopulation and the rapid economic activity and lack of sustainable ways of living leads leads to pollution. Air pollution of the town generally revolves around PM 53.22. The air quality in the city remains typically around 46.78. Although the city pollution levels are not that high, we must still take preventive measures to tackle it. Always try to switch to biodegradable and ecological friendly manners of living and travelling so that you don't contribute to the pollution.

Respect the Culture

The culture of Surat is quite rich and intensified with traditional values and morals. Generally, Gujarati people reside in the city, and the most popular language is also Gujarati, specifically surti Gujarati. Hindi and English is also spoken by people. Surat is a centre of skilled craft workers, designers, textile producers, and business people. Tribal communities like the Bhil tribe, Konkani, and Adivasis are also a distinct part of surat. Adivasis in Surat descend from Rathod, Chauhan, Parmar families. The tribal people of Gujarat are eminent for their animistic nature concerning religion. They add more grace to the cultural heritage of the city. These communities enhance the beauty of the town by making it religiously and culturally more diverse.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Dumas Beach: It is a calm and beautiful beach in south Gujarat. Tourists throng this scenic beach throughout the year. A very relaxing place to visit and just spend your day. Make sure not to litter the beach and do not take any thing made of plastic with you (bags, cups, straws etc).
  • Surat castle: It is a wonder of Surat city. An ancient castle constructed in the early 16th century. This rich archeological site is worth visiting. This beguiling structure expands the cultural and ancient diversity of surat. This castle is also quite famous as the old fort of surat and surat fort.
  • Ambika Niketan temple: The temple is located on the Tapi river Bank and is a place for pilgrimage. You will see scores of people carrying out different ritualistic practices that will be very interesting to witness especially if you have a keen interest in the Indian culture and Hindu religion.
  • Dutch garden: Dutch garden in Surat holds tremendous historical value. It depicts the archaeological style of English and Dutch. Dutch garden takes us into the canvas of medieval Indian history. This ethereal place is a must visit.
  • Iskcon surat: It is one of the most beautiful places to explore. Here, you can discover seamless tranquillity and calm. It is quite popular among devotees of Lord Krishna and Radha. Iskcon Surat is in close vicinity with bus and railway facilities. This temple also holds vitality in historical context.
  • Sardar Patel museum: Sardar Patel Museum is a renowned museum located in surat. Hitherto, it was known as the Winchester museum. This museum consists of ancient evidence in art and cultural gallery, science emporium, relics, paintings, etc.
  • Gopi talaq : Gopi talaq is one of the most enthralling lakes in surat. It derives its name from Malik Gopi, an ancient merchant who contributed to the development of Surat city. Gopura is the region where this beautiful lake finds its root. One can explore the calm and beauty of nature near this lake.
  • Hajira village: Hajira village is a famous village in the Chorasi tehsil area of surat. This village finds excellent value because it is one of the primary ports of Gujarat. Hajira village is just a few kilometres from the great Arabian sea. This beautiful village is on the traps river banks, making it even more enchanting and commercially important.
  • Dandi beach: Dandi beach is a famous beach in the Arabian sea. This beach discovers tremendous historical importance as it is the beach where the popular satyagraha movement by Mahatma Gandhi took place. This beach is not just a historical splendour, but its cleanliness and purity make it a rich place to tour.
  • Swaminarayan temple: Swaminarayan temple is a famous spot to visit in surat. The temple portrays the beauty of Indian architecture. It is a live splendour which glorifies Indian ethnicity and devotion towards deities.
The beautiful Dumas beach in Surat


Surat is a beautiful town enriched with the buzz of trade and commerce. It embarks traditional importance by being the most ancient textile centre of India. It is famous for the production of fine cotton, silk, and other fabrics. The national parks and conventional architectural structures adore the beauty of the city. The food, people, and lifestyle of Surat enchant positive vibes. Exploring these places can be a fulfilling experience as Surat is the sheer epitome of ancient beauty and new modifications. This place is also a hub of national parks and wildlife centres too. The temples and the rivers are also something you must explore during your trip to Surat.

City Parks

A good number of city parks are there in surat. One can enjoy moments of peace and joy in these parks. Some of the city’s most famous city parks are children parks, Sai Krupa parks, and the linear park- joggers park adajan pal. These parks are well maintained, and they are the central hub for the assembly of people. These city parks are suitable for children, adults as well as senior citizens.

National Parks

Surat is an embodiment of natural wonders. One can discover magnificent parks here. Following are some of the most popular national parks in surat-

  • Sarthana national park: It is a popular zoological park in surat. A good flock of tourists and natives gather here to enjoy the scenic beauty of this charismatic park. A wide diversity of fauna increases the charm of this park to a great extent.
  • Vansda national park: This park is near the Satpura region. It is a marvellous location having incredible sights to witness. Adventurous hills, beautiful valley, and Ambika river flow add more integrity to this national park’s beauty.
  • Bharthana national park: This park is also a great wonder present in the city. It's natural beauty and divine grace are worth seeing.
The luscious Vansda National Park


Beaches are a pivotal part of the city. The three most popular beaches are:

  • Bharat beach: Bharat beach is an exceptionally vast and pristine beach. It is on the priority list of beach lovers wandering in surat.
  • Suvari beach: Suvari beach in the Hazira area of Gujarat is an eloquent beach. Its natural beauty and cleanliness attract visitors towards it.
  • Dumas beach: Dumas beach discovers its name among the most popular beaches because of its paranormal story link. It increases the interest of tourists, which makes it the most visited beach in Surat. The beach is sheer beauty, and one can discover immense peace here.


The silk city is also home to glorious landmarks. A few of the most critical milestones in Surat are-

  • Rang Upvan: Rang van is a glorious spot in Surat. Its magnificence attracts thousands of tourists, making it a renowned landmark in surat.
  • Surat castle: The old fort is one of the historical monuments. The ancient nature adds more grace to the ethnicity and culture of surat. This archaeological history of Surat is associated with this beautiful castle. Tourists love visiting this castle to know more about the history of Surat.
  • Kedareshwar Temple: Kedareshwar temple is a famous spot in Surat. It is an essential landmark in the city as it is the primary hub of pilgrims in Surat. This temple is extraordinarily beautiful and conveys a tremendous religious legacy of Surat city.


Museums are one of the top sightseeing places in surat. Here, one can discover a good number of museums. The museums in Surat are a prosperous emporium of knowledge, traditional values, and new experience.

  • Sardar Patel Museum
  • Science center and science museum
  • J J Art Gallery
  • Gravity Fashion Surat
  • Haveli

A visit to these museums can expand traveller’s knowledge base about science expeditions and Surat heritage.


The food of Surat city is an excellent amalgam of taste, spices, and innovations. This city is a perfect treat for all the foodies. The Gujarati flavours can win anyone’s heart. Khandvi, dhokla, Bardoli ki khichdi, Gujarati samosa, and the series is endless.

Dhokla which is a steamed dish made out of lentil flour & semolina is a popular breakfast dish in Surat

Traditional Local Restaurants

Surat is one of the most famous ancient cities. Here, one can explore great food and great varieties. The spices of Gujarat and the cooking methods of surat are quite eminent. Many local restaurants in the city keep the charisma of Surat’s traditional food alive.

Here is the list of traditional local restaurants in surat :

  • Sasumaa Gujarati thali
  • Spice Villa restaurant
  • Lukman multi-cuisine restaurant

Vegetarian and Vegan

Vegetarian and vegan food is quite popular and loved in Surat. One can discover a great variety of vegetarian dishes here. There are many restaurants in the city which serves vegetarian quality food-

  • Navjivan restaurant
  • Leonardo Italian Mediterranean Dining
  • Dil se re restaurant
  • Glorious restaurant

Street Food

Surat is a culturally rich city. Here, one can find a fantastic variety of tasty traditional dishes.

  • Sev tameta - It is one of the most loved street foods. Filled with the goodness of tomato and crispy sev, it can be a prosperous treat for taste buds.
  • Locho - Locho is a typical steamed Gujarati farsan. It is so yummy that you will revive its taste again and again after eating it.
  • Dabeli - It is a famous street food of Surat. It mainly consists of double roti, spicy filling, and garnishing of nuts and fruits.
  • Chana chaat - This chat is exceptionally delicious and nourished with the goodness of chana (chickpeas). Gujarati spices and modes of cooking make this chaat even more special.
Sev Tameta which is a popular street food in Surat is tomato curry with fried gram flour vermicelli


Surat is a central dry state, and here you can unravel a good number of spots for purchasing alcoholic drinks. Many local vendors and large shops are engaged in the business of selling alcohol in Surat. There are other refreshing drinks like Nimbu Paani (lemonade), fresh juices etc are readily available.


Tap water is readily available in Surat. It is clean and hygienic enough to consume by boiling it or using it for cooking purposes. No major water problems exist in the city. However, the tap water in Surat is not safe to drink directly. If you wish to not waste plastic by buying watered bottle, you can boil the water and carry your own water. bottle around.

Organic Cafés

Surat has many organic cafes, where one can devour healthy and organic beverages. Some of them are:

  • Coffee culture- The Ristorante Lounge
  • Sargam
  • The Hog Spot
  • Level 5 Terrace Restro and Cafe


If one is crazy about beer, then one can also explore amazing breweries in Surat. Some of the top-rated breweries in the city are:

  • The sosyo cult
  • Euro India fresh foods limited
  • Blossom industries
  • Royal oak brewery


One can do numerous things in Surat. The city is a real hub of silk production. Interested travellers can visit the textile industries. Streets of Surat owns fantastic goods and commodities. It is a perfect place for all the shopping lovers out there. The education centers and museums in Surat are worth exploring. Surat is also a culturally prominent city, and one can have loads of fun enjoying the incredible sculptures and monuments there.

Yoga and Retreats

With the changing lifestyle patterns, chronic diseases are protruding in the lifestyle of people. Yoga is coming as the rescuer of the human tribe from fatal diseases. There are many yoga retreats in surat city such as-

  • Yoga Arogya Center- new city light road
  • Kaivalya yogpeeth, Surat
  • Om yoga pith
  • Yogi yog Center
  • Happiness centre
  • Patanjali yoga centre
  • Art of living center


Accommodation in surat is not an issue. The city enwraps a good number of affordable and convenient hotels, guest houses, apartments, etc.

Green Hotels

Surat also acquires quality and convenient green hotels. Green hotels are attaining a great momentum in the city. Some most preferable ones are-

  • Green resort
  • Hotel bhagyashree
  • Green paradise
  • Green hotel rooms

Hostels and Guest Houses

Some of the prominent and affordable hotels and guest houses in Surat are:

  • Surat Marriott hotel: This hotel is near the beautiful Tapi river. The services are excellent at this hotel. One can unravel good food and hospitality here.
  • Hotel royal treat: It is an eminent hotel in Surat which provides excellent services to the customers. Parking, food, wifi, and other facilities available are impeccable here.
  • Hotel le grand: This hotel is near torrent power cinema road, station road Surat. The hospitality at this hotel is extraordinary, and all the facilities are of top-notch quality.
  • Courtyard by Marriott surat: This hotel is also quite a popular choice among visitors. It is a beautiful and surreal hotel catering to all the services in an affordable price range.


Apartments are also readily available in surat. One can find good and comfortable apartments in an acceptable price range.


Couchsurfing is not a notable trend in surat. People barely trust strangers and give them shelter in their home. This trend is yet to be adopted by the natives of surat.


Camping is also a prevalent activity in surat. Police parade grounds and eco-farm are two major hubs for camping in the city.

How to Get There

Surat is a populous city, and it is connected to all the major routes. All distinct modes of transport are available in the city, including air , bus and trains


Surat city has airports for facilitating the air movement of people. One can easily travel to this city via air. Surat international airport Gujarat is the most celebrated airport in the city.

Surat Airport arrival area


Bus facilities are readily available in the city. You can travel around the city via buses and going to other cities is also possible by taking a bus. Volvo and DTC bus services are also present in Surat.

Bus in Surat


Trains are one of the most opted mediums of transport in Surat. The city majorly deals with all kinds of caravan related services. If one wants to travel to Surat via train, then it is relatively easy. Surat’s significant trains are 22953 Gujarat express, 12935 BDTS Surat express, 22996 All BDTS superfast express, Dadar Bhuj Express.

Surat Thani railway station


Surat is a famous city that attracts a good bunch of tourists and traders to the town. Movement of people is a viable activity in the town throughout the year. There are many people who will let you hitchhike with you but you have to be careful if you are carrying any valuable with you because there is always a fear of getting robbed.


Surat is an established city and links to all the major routes and roads. One can travel to this grand city in their vehicle too. The townsite is well laid and linked with all the transports.

Moving Around

Moving around Surat is easy. You can take any preferable mode of transport and you will be able to discover all the nooks and crannies. You will have a grand time exploring this beautiful city full of temples, cloth shops, museums etc.


Walking around the city is one of the best ways to enjoy the calm air of Surat. The city is the hub of natural wonders and settlements. Walking is an eco-friendly way of travelling. It provides dual benefits- it preserves nature’s quality and beauty and bolsters one’s health.


Bicycles are also a great mode of wandering around the city. They are ecologically compatible and suitable for maintaining health too.

Electronic Vehicles

Electronic tempos, cars, scooters are also one of the most preferred modes used to travel around the city. You can go for them as per your convenience and requirements.

Public Bus

Public buses are easy to access in Surat, and they can be a great alternative over personal vehicles. By choosing available buses, you can also do your part for conserving the environment.

Tram, Train and Subway

Trains, trams, and subways are eminent modes of transport in the city. You will love to travel in the town using these modes. Choosing these vehicles is excellent for wanderers, as they are quite accessible and feasible.

Sustainable Shopping

If you are nature and shopping lover both, then Surat is the best option to travel for you. It is a hub of natural and organic accessories and goods. Sustainable shopping is quite a prominent trend in the city. One can unveil great organic and sustainable brands here.

Food Markets

Surat is also quite prevalent for delicious foods. Markets of food are quite famous here. Food lovers can enjoy delicacies here. Popular foods that throng surat food markets are local, nan khatai, ghari, undhiyu, bhajiya, etc. The most popular dish to savour in Surat’s food market is surti sev khaman.

Flea Markets

Surat is a renowned place for thrilling and fantastic flea markets. Lamai Sunday night market and Night market are two of the most popular flea markets in Surat. Here, you can discover terrific commodities as per your requirements. Flea markets also encompass traditional products so that one can enjoy the ethnicity of town to the best.

Some very famous flea market in Surat are-

  • Raina- the flea
  • Textile InfoMedia
  • Shanivari Bazar
  • City Tadka
  • VR Surat

Second Hand Stores

Shopping is a popular activity in surat. The trend of second-hand stores is also emerging quite dominantly in Surat markets. There is a diverse number of stores where you can get second-hand products in an affordable price range. From old vehicles to clothing, you can purchase terrific products.


Surat is a modest place for exploring eco-friendly products. Khadi culture (handwoven natural fabric) is the most prevalent in Gujarat city, especially in regions like surat, Gandhinagar, and Ahmedabad. Khadi culture is intriguing as it gives rise to sustainable fashion. A fantastic variety of quantity and quality is present in the trendy products exclusively made out of khadi fabric. Surat embraces the importance of eco-friendly manners by keeping the trend of khadi culture alive. The contemporary outfits and accessories made out of khadi also follow new styles and elegance.


Recycling is a very crucial practice as it helps human beings in preserving and maintaining nature. This practice is given sheer importance in Surat. There are several recycling centers where; biodegradable and non-biodegradable products are disposed of by following a sustainable mechanism. Later on, the recycling of the products takes place.


We must implement corrective procedures for executing the waste. Surat follows a strict and stringent pathway for maintaining garbage. Surat employs both conventional and technical mediums for handling the waste generated daily, weekly, monthly, and annually in the city. Tourists and travellers should also make sure that they manage their waste while travelling so that the cleanliness sustains in the nook and corners of the city.

Work and Study Abroad

Work culture and education are entirely modernised and stable in surat. Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology is one of the most prevalent national institutes of technology that receives government recognition. A vast population of national and international students chooses surat for pursuing their higher studies.

The following are few popular colleges in Surat-

  • Gujarat technological university
  • Surat Municipal Institute of Medical Education and Research
  • Auro University, Surat
  • Indian Institute of Information Technology

Exchange Student

Surat does not get a lot of exchange students.

Au Pair

Surprisingly the concept of Au Pair is very popular in Surat and Indian families love to host foreigners in their homes. You will be a fan of their hospitality and you will have an amazing experience if you choose to stay with a host family.


Volunteering is one of the most significant avenues by which one can redefine the progress chart of surat. There are many ways in which one can resort to volunteering. You can individually start helping the poor and unprivileged families. Poverty is an issue in the city; one can volunteer in mincing it by helping the poor children in the provision of food and quality education. The best way of volunteering is by joining hands with NGOs. They can provide a more comfortable and sorted platform from where you can help the needy ones. If any person is interested in volunteering for Surat’s upliftment, they can do the same by engaging with the NGOs.

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