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Eco-friendly travel guide to Tajikistan advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Tajikistan, Asia.

City View of Dushanbe

  • Air quality: 2.5 / 5
  • Bus connections: 3.5 / 5
  • Train connections: 3 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 3.5 / 5
  • National parks: 2.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2.5 / 5
  • Safety: 3.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$80 - $150
  • Budget per day: US$200 - $300

Responsible Travel

Tajikistan is a country in Central Asia. It is surrounded by China, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, and Uzbekistan. The country is known for its mosques. If you are visiting Tajikistan or, for that matter, any other country in the world, as a tourist, you have certain responsibilities and moral obligations.

  • Try the local food: As a tourist, try heading to the local restaurants instead of global food chains. These small restaurants situated in the country will introduce you to the authentic cuisine of Tajikistan and perhaps even some of the choicest of ancient recipes. This, on the whole, shall be a lot cheaper, and it shall also elevate your dining experience on the whole. In addition to this, try and eat at organic cafes and indulge in some vegan and vegetarian cuisine as far as possible.
  • Public Transport: If one wishes to travel on public transport, the train is the best service. The train is a very affordable and reliable means of transport. But it is available only in some parts of the country. However, plans are at an advanced to improve on the existing lines and expand into other parts.
  • Shop Local: Whenever you travel to another country, you must purchase from local markets known to run for sustainability rather than profitability. Though the country as a whole might be extremely capitalist, you shall find some stores that shall cater to your every need without negatively impacting the environment. More so, these are known to house some true gems that give you an insight into the local culture and traditions. Similarly, this can be said about the food markets, where you get to purchase some fresh produce at great rates.
  • Green Hotel: It is recommended that you zero-in on a hotel that is certified as a green hotel. These shall provide you with a host of amenities in a possible sustainable manner. This includes minimized energy consumption, maximum use of natural lighting, efficient appliances, and eliminating single-use products. These shall help you have a relaxed stay without impacting the environment too much.

Air Quality and Pollution

The air quality in Tajikistan is moderately unsafe. People love to make inquiries before they visit any city in Tajikistan as they would not want to compromise their health despite wanting to have fun during the holiday. While traveling, you will have to follow various measures to save your body from pollution. If you have any health issues relating to respiration, you will need to follow extra caution to avoid getting sick during your trip. Make sure to pack your medicines and their prescription letter to take with you to the country. Air pollution is the major problem faced by the people living in Tajikistan. These could be gases like carbon monoxide and can come from various sources, such as fuels used for cooking and lighting. Indoor air pollution is not so visible, even though it’s estimated to cause premature deaths globally each year.

Respect the Culture

While exploring the city, make sure to keep your criticism to yourself as Tajikistan’s people can take it personally, resulting in ruining your experience. Part of a major Asian country, it is crucial that you show respectfully towards the local communities, landmarks, culture, and local environment. By indulging in cultural or recreational activities, you can learn a great deal about the city's culture and history. You can befriend a local Tajikistanian to learn about the culture and what you need to avoid to get the best experience. The local culture is one of the unique cultures around the world. Tajikistan people are some of the friendliest and welcoming ones in the country. While visiting and exploring the city, you need to respect the culture and the people. Only by doing this can you enhance your Tajikistan’s experience.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Rudaki Park: Rudaki Park is a park in the city of Dushanbe. It is located on Rudaki Avenue, Dushanbe, Tajikistan. It was named after the famous poet Rudaki.
  • Hauz-i-Sangin Mosque: Hauz-i-Sangin is a famous mosque in the city of Istaravshan. The mosque was tucked behind the site of a giant complex. It was established in the year 1910.
  • Nurek Reservior: Nurek Dam is an earth filled with embankment dam on the Vakhsh River. It was established in the year 1961. The height of the dam is about 304 meters.
  • Muzey: Muzey is a museum in the city of Hisor. It is one of the famous museums in the country.
  • Museum of National Antiquities: Museum of National Antiquities is a museum in the city of Dushanbe. It is located in Academics Rajabov Street 7, Dushanbe, Tajikistan.
  • Somoni Park: Somoni Park is a famous park in the city of Khujand. It is located in Ave Ismoili Somoni, Khujand, Tajikistan. It is Somoni Park is an iconic building in the city.
  • Hisor Fortress: Hisor Fortress is a famous tourist attraction in the city of Hisor. It is located in Khisor, Tajikistan. The city was the seat of the former Hisor District.
  • Puli Sangin: Puli Sangin is a hiking area in Nurak. It is located in Nurak, Tajikistan. It is one of the best suites of the resort in Tajikistan.
  • Bulunkul: Bulunkul is a lake in the country of Tajikistan. It has an area of 3900meters and a maximum depth of 6 meters.
  • Isfara Museum: Isfara Museum is a museum in the city of Isfara. It is located in Isfara, Tajikistan. It is one of the famous museums in the city.
Rudaki Park, Dushanbe


Most travelers only focus on getting the most out of their trip and often not getting the best experience. While traveling, you can get the most out of your trip only if you respect the culture. You can pay your respects by following the rules, not indulging in illegal activities, prefer local businesses, and avoiding any action that harms the local environment. By paying respect to the culture, you can make your trip more meaningful and memorable. While visiting the city and exploring it, you need to be respectful towards the local people, environment, and sites to be responsible tourists.

City Parks

Tajikistan is big, and it has a big collection of parks and other such places. It has big open spaces and greeneries where you can spend time with your children and other family members. We are listing down some of the major parks in and around the country for our customers' information.

  • Youth Park
  • Skver Korona
  • Rudaki Park
  • Capital Park
  • Amphitheater Park
  • Victory Park
Youth Park Dushanbe

National Parks

The country has always been famous for its beautiful and graceful natural resources, and so that this country has a beautiful collection of national parks and zoos. While most of them are spread across the country's length and breadth, many are also located in Tajikistan. We are listing down a few of them that may not exactly be found in and around the country.

  • Pamirsky National Park
  • Tajik National Park
  • Pamir National Park
  • Badakhshan National Park
Tajik National Park


The country of Tajikistan is famous for its beaches worldwide. The white sand beaches of this country are the gorgeous thing one can see around. It is blessed by one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole world. Here are some of the best beaches in the country:

  • City Beach
  • Qubodiyon
  • Khujand
  • Sarband
  • Danghara


In simple terms, we can say that a landmark is a high or long structure that people can quickly locate, helping them keep track of places. When there is a landmark around, it helps with directions and eliminates losing your way. Foreigners are usually happy and gleeful to know of landmarks in the country, and you would see them trying to keep it in mind as no one loves losing their way while exploring. Some of the landmarks that would help you in Tajikistan are:

  • Lenin Peak
  • Iskanderkul
  • Ismoil Somoni Peak
  • Bulunkul
  • Yashikul
  • Koulikalon Lakes
Iskanderkul lake is a prominent landmark


Tajikistan is home to several museums that commemorate and keep local culture and history alive. Numerous museums are worth a visit to ensure that you leave the country have learned about its history, amongst other things. Below is a list of some of the most prominent museums in the country.

  • Gurminj Museum of Musical Instruments
  • Historical Museum of Sughd
  • Tajikistan National Museum
  • Panjakent Museum
  • Tajikistan National Museum of Antiquities in Dushanbe
Historical Museum of Sughd


Exploring a country is incomplete without tasting the delicacies of the place. Likewise, Tajikistan is a place offering a fantastic combination of spices, and with the traditional preparation, the delicacies offered here are mouth-watering. A perfect metropolitan, the cuisine of Tajikistan is vibrant and delicious. In contrast, Central Asian, North Indian, and Middle Eastern cuisine in Tajikistan food is ubiquitous. So, if you are looking to have your meal and tickle your taste bud, then the vegetarian and the non-vegetarian dishes offered at the restaurants and on the streets will amaze you. With the perfect preparation and presentation, the food in Tajikistan is aromatic. It is a multicultural cuisine due to various ethnic groups from different parts of Tajikistan. There are many local restaurants and many street-side eateries also. Make sure to buy the foods from local street foods; as a traveler, you will be helping them and supporting them to keep up giving the taste of their culture to the tourist. You will get many street food shops on your way to different places, as many families are completely dependent on tourism. These foods are also just as good as any other restaurant and very close to the traditional local foods.


There are many local alcoholics and non-alcoholic beverages that you can see in the local cafés, restaurants, bars, and pubs in the country of Tajikistan. These drinks will help you understand the significance and increasing popularity amongst the locals. You have dozens of big, small, and medium-sized bars to choose from. You can enjoy almost all types of drinks that you get in any good western restaurant and bar. People in the country love to drink, especially at gatherings and special occasions. If you get drunk, you might start to misbehave. The percentage of alcohol in the drink is around 0.5%. So you can drink much without getting drunk. Since it is produced in the country of Tajikistan, it goes for a low price. If you’re in a restaurant, you can ask the staff to serve you. If you want the packaged one, you should visit the nearest shopping mall or supermarket. The locals are simple and laid-back ones that prefer enjoying the time they have.


The source of water in the country is questionable as it is said to have high levels of metal, so it is unsafe for drinking and even brushing. You will not be extra or doing too much if you boil your water before using it to brush. After all, it is best to safe than to be sorry. If you think that the process of boiling is stressful, and you would not be able to keep up, you should buy bottled water while there; it will serve the purpose of drinking and brushing. In all that you do, please do not use the tap water in Tajikistan as it is also said to cause Giardiasis, a parasitic infection that affects the small intestines. The aim is to enjoy the country, not to get infections.


The museums and art exhibitions are always there for you to explore, making you appreciate art. Even if you are not a lover of artwork, something in you will be compelled when you see them. The country is best known for its art and culture in tourism, and it has many places to explore. These activities will not only help you create a memorable time in the city but will also make your heart race. These activities are the best way to experience the local culture and be a part of it. You may even come across hidden gems of the culture and make your trip even more fantastic than you planned. However, this is not the case for people who wish to visit the country as there is always something to do. Foreigners hate getting bored when in a new country, so you would see those seeking locals' recommendations. If there is not much to do in a country, then what is the point of visiting there. It would be best if you made friends with the locals to have an epic experience in Tajikistan.


Hotels are often the number one choice for tourists as they are usually cheaper and convenient, but tourists visiting the country for a longer time should always prefer renting out an apartment. There are many affordable apartment options for tourists. A lot of these places are located near the prime locations and are the best ones to rent. Before renting out an apartment, inspect the site properly and get reviews from the other residents. We would not say that accommodation in Tajikistan is cheap, neither would we say that it is expensive. The price you would get depends on your accommodation option. It may not be as low as what you would get in some cities, but it is not the most expensive in the world. You can either make accommodation plans when you are in the country or before you arrive. It would be best to do whatever works best for you. One factor that a foreigner cannot fail to consider when traveling to a new place is accommodation, as you would need a place to lodge during your stay. It is not about finding a place to sleep, but a comfort zone as you want your stay in the country to be memorable.

Green Hotels

Green hostels are one of the best accommodation options that help you to stay very well in the country with all the different benefits. They use eco-friendly facilities for the guests to make the environment better. Instead of using things that produce waste, they use recyclable ones to reduce waste production. You will be able to get fresh air from these hotels and keep your health safe. If you are an environmental enthusiast, we know that you would search for green hotels in Tajikistan to ensure that you have an eco-friendly stay in the country. You should play a role in any place you find yourself. Many foreigners fail to realize that they have a role to play in protecting the environment, and it does not matter if it is your place of origin or not. Tourists mostly prefer to stay here throughout their trip. Hotels are incredibly comfortable and have so many facilities for visitors. They can be booked online. They have their details on the site, and from there, tourists can book a room and make the payment. They have all the necessary facilities for every visitor. They give three meals a day, which contains breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Tourists can decide the menu themselves and ask them to send the dish they want to eat. They have cuisines in almost every country. They also have swimming pools where tourists can sit and relax. They have small gardens where tourists can go on a walk. They also have a play area where kids can play.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels and paying guests are quite cheap than hotels. They provide all the facilities. It is best for the students and the tourists coming from different cities and countries as well. If you plan to stay for weeks in this country and want to save some money, you can choose hostels and guest houses. There are plenty of guesthouses and hostels in the country that you can choose from. There are plenty of hostels available in the country that you can get in different price ranges. They offer some of the common benefits of hotels, along with all the basic benefits. There are some cities in Tajikistan where you might not find a lot of guesthouses. It is easier to take the help of online services to find them and book them. Sharable options are available in some of the hostels that further reduces the fare of the room.


Hotels are often the number one choice for tourists as they are usually cheaper and convenient, but tourists visiting the country for a longer time should always prefer renting out an apartment. There are many affordable apartment options for tourists. A lot of these places are located near the prime locations and are the best ones to rent. Before renting out an apartment, inspect the site properly and get reviews from the other residents. We would not say that accommodation in Tajikistan is cheap, neither would we say that it is expensive. The price you would get depends on your accommodation option. It may not be as low as what you would get in some cities, but it is not the most expensive in the world. You can either make accommodation plans when you are in the country or before you arrive. It would be best to do whatever works best for you. One factor that a foreigner cannot fail to consider when traveling to a new place is accommodation, as you would need a place to lodge during your stay. It is not about finding a place to sleep, but a place of comfort as you want your stay in the city to be memorable. The country of Tajikistan has many options when it comes to accommodation, so foreigners are not stranded. These accommodation options range from hotels to apartments, and much more. With this clear, we know that the next question concerns the pricing as people want to know to plan their budget.


It is a regular thing to see people indicate interest in Couchsurfing in the country of Tajikistan, and there is a website that assists in getting localhost. Willing locals sign up on it, while foreigners check through and follow steps and instructions on how to get paired. Couchsurfing is a system that pairs you with a local willing host during the duration of your holiday. If you do not have the means to pay for accommodation and you desire to travel, you can check if they do Couchsurfing in the desired country. The comfort you will feel during Couchsurfing might not be compared to what you can get from your house, but you should remember that it is only for some time, and it is better than being stranded. It is easier to discover the hosts before going to the country, and it will help you save time. You will be able to enjoy the country and its culture like the local people. To find the hosts in Tajikistan, you can take the help of different services. Travelers like to find Couch surfing in different cities, which helps them stay in the country for a long time and save a lot of money.


Some people do not understand why anyone will leave the luxury of their homes and decide to camp. However, those who have ever had a camping experience can explain that the feeling is different and fulfilling. By camping, you are leaving your immediate environment's comfort and going to a place that is in tune with nature. These places often do not have the luxury of beds, and campers end up sleeping in tents. Although camping is not an actual form of accommodation as it cannot serve long-term, it still falls under accommodation as it helps for days that anyone would engage in it. People share jokes and stories while camping, and it is a way of establishing new friendships. The stories will always keep you company, and some of them may be based on historical facts concerning the city. Camping is an activity that is common amongst the locals of the country of Tajikistan so that you can join them on it. Campers describe the experience as exciting, and it lures those who have never been camping before. It helps you meet new people, and you get to do things you have never done before. If you a lover of nature and the outdoors, we know that you would wish to experience camping in whatever form when you are in a new country.


Tajikistan regions map.png
Ferghana Valley
Central Asia's notoriously unstable, but fascinating, culturally vibrant region spans three countries in one of the world's most convoluted political geographical jumbles.
The Tajik heartland, home to the capital, Dushanbe.
Tajikistan's diverse southwestern province, and the centre of the rebellion that led to Tajikistan's disastrous post-Soviet civil war.
One of the world's highest mountain regions, with soaring landscapes, trekking, climbing and an incredible drive down the Pamir Highway.
Beautiful valleys amidst the majestic Fann Mountains, and ancient ruins by Panjakent.


  • Dushanbe — the capital and largest city by far.
  • Isfara — an ancient Silk Road town in the center of the Ferhghana Valley on the Kyrgyzstani border.
  • Istaravshan — an old city home to the well known and beautiful Abdullatif Madrassah and Mosque.
  • Khorugh — largest city of and gateway to the Pamirs.
  • Khujand — the center of Tajikistan's Ferghana Valley region, and the nation's second largest city.
  • Konibodom — in the heart of the Ferghana Valley, on the Uzbekistani border.
  • Kulob — the country's third largest city.
  • Qurghonteppa — the largest city in Khatlon, and the political heart of the rebellion in Tajikistan's last civil war.
  • Tursunzoda — an aluminium town west of Dushanbe on the road and railroad to Uzbekistan.

Getting There and Moving Around

Based on your location or country, you will need to choose the mode of transportation. In most countries, air is the most convenient way to travel to the country. You will get many other transportations to travel to the country and railway, water, road, and others. Upon reaching the country, there are plenty of local transportations that are available to move around. From fueled cars to eco-friendly ways, you can choose any of them in the different price ranges. However, try to use eco-friendly transportation as much as you can to keep the country safe from pollution.


This country has numerous international airports, and the largest one among them is the Dushanbe International Airport. If you do not have much time on your hand, then the flight is the best way to move around different countries. In addition to this, the country is well connected to the airport via trains, buses, taxis. Many people would agree that using air is the fastest means of transportation to anywhere, so we know that this would be the top option on the mind of some people when they want to visit the country.

Dushanbe International Airport


Many public buses and airport shuttle buses run inside the country areas to help the locals and the tourists get to different locations with ease. The bus journey from different countries might be too hectic for the travelers as they have to change many buses on their way to the country. It is best to avoid the option of a bus if you are traveling from different countries. The bus is always a perfect option to travel to different cities and also it comes with a cheap fare that helps to save a lot of money. If you travel from the other cities in the country, you will get many options to reach the cities as it is very well connected with another country.

Local Bus



You will find that some commuter rails can be found in some towns. Traveling through trains will help you explore and learn about the country in a better way. These trains are ideal for tourists who want to explore the country and neighboring areas. You can opt for a train tour through various prominent towns and provide an excellent tourist time. These might not be the most affordable transportation mode, but they cause less harm to the environment and convenient use.


Some drivers might not want to stop for strangers, but you would get a ride as someone would be compelled to stop. It may be that you can hitchhike for free in some other places, but it does not work that way in Asian cities. If a driver stops for you and agrees to carry you, they will ask you for payments. So, your money should be ready, or you will be stranded on the road. Hitchhiking is also amongst the means of transportation you can get to the country. However, the clause of it happening is if you are within surrounding cities.


You should avoid taxis and rented car services as they harm the environment, and tourists are often overcharged. Therefore, they prefer the public and efficient ways of transportation rather than cars and taxis. Besides these basic transportations, you can opt for boats, ships, etc., for areas where you can't use airlines, buses, or trains. Yachts and cruise ships can be used to get to the many Islands off the mainland's shore. They are more straightforward and can be cost-effective ones as well.

Sustainable Shopping

Most tourists visiting the city of Tajikistan, in particular, will often go for souvenirs, while the locals will be spotted shopping for everything from clothes to toys to artifacts. Most local vendors are known to struggle to ensure a thriving business; cut-throat competition and low margins make it a sell to survive market for them. Hence, it is suggested that you always indulge in sustainable shopping and purchase local goods that are made using eco-friendly practices. Sustainable shopping refers to buying products that have less impact on the environment and society. This type of shopping is done to promote eco-friendly and recyclable products while emphasizing local businesses' use. These businesses sell a wide range of everyday items that are cheaper and environmentally friendly.


The municipalities have allotted multiple containers for different types of garbage items, such as the yellow boxes are used for plastic, cans, milk cartons, metal lids, and other recyclable items. With various programs and movements, it has successfully implemented efficient and self-dependent recycling and waste distribution system. You will find many second-hand stores and recycling stores in the country of Tajikistan where you can give your reusable waste. Tajikistan's government has adopted various measures for the proper disposal of trash, and about 60% of the population follows these measures. Choosing to give away or donate items that are of no use to you can support people who cannot buy these items at their original prices. The green containers are used to dispose of glass items because of such extensive measures for proper recycling.


While exploring and traveling, make sure to use these containers and vehicles to dispose of the waste properly, or you can get into trouble for violating the laws and environment. Additionally, people on the move are given free tickets at subway platforms for recycling plastic bottles and cans. You shall find cleanliness in common places to be marvelous, and trash cans are found everywhere. Pollution is a severe problem in the country, and there are many measures that the government has put into action to control it. You will find that there are dumpsters and garbage disposal trucks in every street of the district. In the past free years, the locals are also trying to cope with the changes and adopt recycled products. As the pollution index is inferior in some cities, improving the environment is very important. They understand that it is their responsibility to keep their environment clean, and whatever they do can either make or mar their atmosphere. These people strive to have a country conducive to living and know that it is impossible without an adequate waste management organization. According to the different reports, the waste accretion of the country is tons per year. But the country is trying to lower the waste produced by different things.

Work and Study Abroad

Many wastes are polluting the sea and making it hard for sea creatures to survive. Also, these wastes are slowly polluting the whole earth. So, many countries and different cities have started to take care of the environment by recycling things. Tajikistan is one of the countries that have many different recycling shops and markets with eco-friendly products. But people still need to be concerned about this situation and adapt to recycling products. You will find many shops around the city that have a huge collection of recycled products like bags, clothes, blankets, bedsheets, and others. Changing the behavioral habits of these groups will be instrumental in the success of recycling efforts. Residents pay handsomely without really knowing where the waste will end up. While exploring and traveling, make sure to use these containers and vehicles to dispose of the waste properly, or you can get into trouble for violating the laws and environment. Many wastes are polluting the sea and making it hard for sea creatures to survive. Also, these wastes are slowly polluting the whole earth.

Exchange Student

The student exchange program is a worldwide program that enables students from different countries to study in another country and learn about local culture and traditions. The exchange programs in Tajikistan's country have with many neighboring countries in the Asian region are robust. You shall find plenty of students learning at universities in the country of Tajikistan via intercontinental grants and scholarships. You will find that many institutions in Tajikistan are part of the program and offer various scholarships to such students. However, most exchange students that come to Tajikistan are from neighboring countries. But some students who take part in other faraway countries. Exchange student study is getting more and more popular in the country as many students decide to go for higher study. Many other countries do not have this opportunity and study options like this one. Shortly, the exchange student concept is set to grow more and positively impact the educational system. There are many exchange student opportunities that are there in the country for students to choose from. There is a specific semester in the country that is getting famous and inviting students from other countries.

Au Pair

We also understand that it is not always easy to find these jobs, and this is where the idea of au pair comes to play. For cities that subscribe to the au pair idea, there is usually a website or forum where people can register and get paired with localhost whom they can work for. This exists in Tajikistan, so you should jump on the opportunity. Au pairing is a relatively new concept in Asian countries where a foreign couple helps out a family in meeting their responsibilities and managing a household. You will hardly find an Au Pair or a family participating in such activities as they are accustomed to managing by themselves or with the help of their close relatives or neighbors. The couple helps the family members in education and career to help them build a better life with lots of potentials. You will get a luxurious home to live in as the concept is only popular amongst the rich who have room to spare in this densely packed country.


You will find many volunteering organization in the country that provide awareness and help for various societal problems like unemployment, drugs, social security, environment protection, etc. Tajikistan organizations urge people to participate in volunteering organizations and let the language barrier not be a difference anymore. It can be a wonderful experience to volunteer to help the needy on your trip to a foreign country. In the country of Tajikistan, that would probably welcome the help and would probably not ask questions about your immigration status, especially for unpaid work. Still, it is important to be aware of the legal aspects. Volunteering is one of the best ways to keep the city clean and get to know the local people very well. You will also get help to get your language skill up one notch. Many volunteering organizations in the country are fighting to resolve various cultural, environmental, and social problems such as violence against women and children, child labor, animal protection, environmental protection, humanitarian rights, etc.

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