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Eco-friendly travel guide to Tampere advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Tampere, Finland.

  • Air quality: 4.7/ 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.0 / 5
  • Parks: 3.7 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.7 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Safety: 4.0 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$55- $170
  • Budget per day: US$94 - $268

Responsible Travel

Tampere is among the largest city in Finland, placing it in number three. It holds more than 236,000 inhabitants, with 376,000 living in the metropolitan area as of 2019. the town lies between two lakes, namely lake Nasijarvi to the north and lake Pyhajarvi in the south. despite being an industrial center in the past, today Tampere is a central hub for research, education, culture, business, and information technology. Tampere also offers a scenic experience, cultural focus, and earth vitality, making it a favorite among visitors. For travelers looking for efficient and inexpensive options to get around Tampere, you can use several available means. One is that you can opt to walk. Tampere has much to offer, and the only way to experience that is by walking. It will also enable you to interact with the locals helping you learn more about their culture. Another popular way to get through many cities is by cycling. In Tampere, biking is challenging since the cycling lanes are very few. Cycling is very engaging since you will have a chance to interact with locals and access local shops and markets, placing an opportunity to buy from them, leading to promoting local businesses. Another eco-friendly means of getting around Tampere is by public transport. They include trains and buses. Buses and trains save not only cost but also the environment is a great plus. Using public transport prevents unnecessary road congestion, allowing quick movement and preventing air pollution from the petrol d diesel burn from many cabs. Other ways you can show responsible travel in Tampere include: (a) Supporting local businesses (b) Learn the local culture (c) Proper disposal of plastics

Air Quality and Pollution

Air quality is determined by the release amount of toxic gases in the air; these toxic gases destroy the ozone layer, allowing poisonous material to reach the earth. Oxides sulfur oxide and nitrogen oxide are very harmful. When it comes to the water bodies, nitrogen oxide harms the fish and aquatic life while Sulphur destroys the trees and crops. Tampere has a perfect regulation body to control air pollution around the city. This has shown promising results since the air quality here is outstanding. According to plume labs, the AQI of Tampere is 26. this AQI is very conducive for the inhabitants of the city. When in Tampere, feel free to engage in all sports activities and outdoor activities with no worries.

Respect the Culture

Tampere is central Finland's destination for tourists. There are numerous activities, soothing lake views, and fascinating cultural experiences. The city is very appealing and offers a relaxed atmosphere. While in this city you can visit temples, museums, theaters, and palaces. The Tampere city government encourages all new visitors to participate in events and activities to enhance cultural exchange among the residents. By playing a role in their cultural activities, visitors become attached to Finnish society and integrate into your local culture.

Top 10 Places to Visit

There are many exciting places to visit while in Tampere. They can range from museums, parks, beaches, and reserves. The following are but a few places to visit:

Särkänniemi. This is an amusement park located in Tampere, Finland, which features a children's zoo, an art museum, and an aquarium. It has been voted the best amusement park and best leisure center several times in the area. Many find it the most beautiful amusement park ever. It is worth a visit.

Näsinneula Observation Tower. This is an observation tower in Tampere overseeing lake Nasijarvi. The site was build between the years 1970 and 1971 and is said to be the tallest free-standing structure in the region. The tower is 160 meters tall and contains a restaurant 124 meters above the ground. To take one revolution, it takes 45 minutes, but there are elevators to speed this up. Don't worry in case of power cuts since the plant has a diesel emergency generator. The view is fantastic, and great food is offered in the restaurant—worth a visit.

Moomin Museum. This museum retells the entire story of the Moomins and cartoons containing a lot of interactivity, which the kids love. It is worth a family visit. It caters to many languages, including English.

Tampere Cathedral. This is a Lutheran church in Tampere, Finland. It was designed in the national romantic style and build between 1902 and 1907.it is famous for its paintings that brought controversies in 1905 and 1906.its a beautiful dome with some fascinating art pieces. If you love art, this is one place you should visit.

Coghill Fairytale Farm. Coghill farm is an excellent place for animal lovers. It attracts many visitors and mostly children and families. The site also offers places to eat and drink. its design is awe-inspiring, clean and the staff are amiable

Viikinsaari. This is an island located in the lake Pyhajarvi belonging to the city of Tampere. It is a popular nature resort and an outdoor recreation area that attracts visitors all year round. In winter, you can reach the island through skiing or walking whole. In summer, boats are operating and getting people to the island. There are also swimming shares, restaurants, playgrounds, and footpaths in the western part. This is also one of the best ways to spend a day during summer.

Helvetinjärvi National Park. This park is located in Ruovesi municipality and covers an area of 49.8square kilometers. It is a lovely forest to visit during the day. It has many lakes and campsites to spend your evenings too.

Hatanpää Park Arboretum. This is a lovely park to experience nature. It has a lot of different plants and flowers. The park is well maintained, with paths ideal for walking or jogging, and has benches to relax and enjoy the environment. Finlayson Factory Area. The place is rich in history, holding culturally essential memories. It contains cafes, a movie theater, many restaurants, and a cool little candy shop in a historic factory setting.

Tornado. It is an amusement park and a roller coaster. It is fun but a little scary and great for all ages. The roller coater speed is about 75km/ hr, and you should aim for the first bench to get the full taste. It is worth a family visit.


Tampere is a compact city hence can access the main sites by foot. One day can be perfectly enough to navigate around and get a clear picture of Tampere. To get this as first as possible, follow the east towards west direction.

City Parks

Nasi Park. This is a beautiful park located on top of the hill hence giving a clear view of Sarkanniemi. It also has an excellent playground for kids. The park is also clean and well maintained. It's a nice place worth spending time. Its very ideal for a family visit or a group of friends.

Koskipuisto park. The city park is located in Tampere, Finland. It's a charming park where city dwellers come to play and chat. It is located next to a river, peaceful and clean. The place has a playground for kids to play and jog.

Sorsapuisto. The park is also located in Tampere city near the Moomin museum. It's an ideal place for a short walk. They also have many roosters and hens of different brudes. There is also a fountain playground where kids can play.

Southern park. It is well maintained public park located in Tampere city's heart .during summers it is commonly used for musical concerts. It can also be an excellent place for picnics and sunbathing during summer. Lother activities in the area include swimming, minigolf, and sup boarding.

National Parks

Hatanpää Park Arboretum. This is a very calm relaxing place with impressive buildings and less crowded. It's a perfect place for a family hangout. The area is stocked with gorgeous flowers, nice pathways, lush trees, and pretty birds. Highly recommended for anyone looking for outdoor activities.it's arguably the most beautiful place in Tampere

Härmälä Island recreational park. It is a small island next to the lake very nice for relaxing and enjoying nature. It's an enjoyable place and worth visiting, especially with friends during the summers.

Pyynikki Pispalaridge. It is located close to the city center and attracts many people, especially during holidays. The place got clean air and vibrant nature and therefore worth a visit. Nearby are also well-maintained jogging paths.

Tampereen Metsäopetuspolku. This is also a lovely park located in Tampere city. It is a place worth visiting with family or a group of friends. Around you will find people selling food staffs, so you cant starve while here.


Pyynikin Uimaranta. The beach is located in Tampere city and attracts many people, especially during summers. It has beautiful views and a clean environment. While here, you can engage in various activities, including playing tennis, swimming, and playing beach volley. Here you can spend quality time with family.

Elianderin Uimaranta. This beach contains the best public transportation. It is located in a reasonably peaceful location where you can have a very relaxed moment after a tiring week. The beach is relatively small compared to others but equally better for it. The waters here are clean and in a well-maintained surrounding.

Mältinranta. This is a lovely place to relax and chill. There is also a perfect and relaxing breeze from the lake. It is even a very significant place for swimming with beautiful changing rooms available. you could also see some unique birds on a good day accompanied by ducks

Hervantajärvi Beach. It's a great place to swim and relax during the summer. Here the grass is a little closer to the lake than other beaches in the region, making it even better. The waters on this beach are surprisingly clean and clear. It is very suitable for families with little kids.


Tempon Talo. It is a great view located in the heart of Tampere. It is a quiet and relaxing place with excellent and friendly staff. The preserved samples of the countries history and people are fascinating. The site is cozy and worth a visit.

Sumelius Building. It's a gorgeous old building located in the heart of Tampere. They also offer delightful coffee and donut. It's a very great spot and worth a visit.

Monument to Minna Cantin. This is one piece of evidence that you were ever to Tampere. Without a pic near this monument, you were never there. The place is always crowded, especially during weekends and in case there are other events.

Pirunvuori. It is located on a high and lovely hill. There are also several places to sit down to rest after climbing. It's incredible scenery with decent ups and downs.

Epilän kylpylä. This is a lovely place to visit if you happen to love urban exploration. It is hidden in the woods; hence can experience nature on your way. Here you should probably carry your food and refreshments in case you will need some.


Museum Centre Vapriikki. It is a great museum and very cheap, attracting many locals and visitors. There is a lot to see, which will take quite some hours to see all of it entirely. It covers a wide range of things, including biology, video games, and even geology. The place is spacious, clean, and bright. It is also a great place to get cultural knowledge of known artists in Helsinki. It is well worth a visit.

The Finnish Labor Museum Werstas. This museum offers exhibits on labor and workers' history, steam engines, and Finland's independence. While here, visitors can catch a glimpse of Finland's history and industrialization. This museum is excellent and worth a visit when in this region. The museum is free of charge, so you can also cut costs as you know more about the community. Here history can give you valuable lessons if you are ready to learn.

Emil Aaltonen Museum. This was a heritage house that turned museum. It hosts the history of a famous Finnish shoemaker and his legacy plus other history-rich stories. The museum also often hosts jazz evenings plus few other events. You can visit this place if you are interested in industrialization.

Museum Milavida. This is a restored 19th-century mansion that offers exhibits on the Finnish heritage. It is located on top of a hill hence giving a great view to visitors. It has excellent audio support describing the events as they occurred. Inside is also a small café and gift shop. The place is worth a visit if you are interested in understanding the history of Tampere.

Lenin Museum. Lenin museum was established in early 1945 by the Finland soviet union society and is run by the Finnish labor museum today. This museum is small but compact with fascinating information and facts about Finland. The place is truly unique.


While in Tampere, the locals can't get you hungry. You will always find a restaurant that suits your taste and from a wide selection of places. Tampere has foods suited to your budget and taste, so don't worry since all are catered. You can get food from traditional and local restaurants, street foods, or even vegan restaurants.

Traditional Local Restaurants

Traditional local restaurants are the hidden gem of Tampere people. The delicacies offered in these restaurants are worth giving a try.

Japanese Restaurant Fujimi. It is a Japanese eatery that offers sushi, sashimi alongside wine and beer. It has a cozy interior with a relaxing atmosphere. They also have a very knowledgeable and super friendly staff. The restaurant I worth a visit.

Classic American Diner in. This restaurant, you can opt to dine-in or carry takeaway foods. Their delicacies are superb and rage from bacon, hamburger, and chicken wings. The place is fun with friendly staff offering excellent services. The restaurant also offers an entire vegan menu. It's ideal for a family visit or as a group of friends.

Restaurant Harald. The restaurant offers both takeaways and also can opt to dine in but no deliveries. The place is excellent with great food, friendly service and a relaxing atmosphere food cost in this place are relatively cheaper and are worth it. It's suitable for couples or even larger groups.

Ravintola Coussicca. It's a laid-back, warm eatery offering Finnish and European dishes alongside beer and wine. It's a lovely traditional restaurant that pays attention to the Finnish group's cultural details. The place is authentic, with a pleasant atmosphere and friendly staff, and superb delicacies. It's suitable for couples or even a group of few friends.

Restaurant Tampella. The restaurant only offers to dine services, no take away, and no delivery. It is an ideal place to relax and enjoy some food. They provide sumptuous delicacies, the staff are friendly, and the area is clean and authentic. It is a lovely gem.

Baba's Kitchen. The restaurant offers both dine-in and takes away but no delivery. They provide great falafel rolls, tay, and quality foods at a reasonable price. Go here for the real Turkish taste and fast service. The staff are friendly and always ready to help.

Brewery Restaurant Plevna. They don't offer delivery nor takeaway. The hotel is located in the Finlayson factory area Tampere Finland. It is an excellent place to relax with great food and drinks. The site is well designed and with a clean atmosphere. The well-dressed staff is very generous and ready to help.

Vegetarian and Vegan

Vegetarian and vegan diets are said to offer significant health benefits. Studies show that vegetarian or vegan diets may reduce cardiovascular disease and other various types of cancer. Veggies also keep our blood clean and promote overall body health. Some vegan restaurants in Tampere include

Kasvisravintola Gopal. The hotels include both take away and dine in, but no delivery. Foods are excellent and of great and of high quality with many options to choose from. Here fare is paid by weight; the more you take, the more cost you spend, the more you offer excellent customer service and make you feel welcome.

Fafa's. It is a vegetarian restaurant in Tampere, Finland, located in a very peaceful area with a friendly and relaxing atmosphere. The restaurant offers fantastic fast food with excellent customer service and on-time delivery. It presents a wide range of delicacies that are worth giving a try.

HOAX. This vegan restaurant locates in Tampere, Finland, offers both dine-in and takeaways to its customers. The restaurant is charming, with a great variety of delicacies. The value for money here is lovely; hence people prefer to go with large groups. The staff is outstanding and friendly, making the place more favorable.

Guru's Kitchen & Bar. Gurus is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant that offers super tatty foods to its customers. The restaurant also offers a great selection of cocktails on offer. They offer quick and friendly services with delicacies reasonably priced. The environment is very cozy and with a relaxing atmosphere. Return This is a Lebanese restaurant offering a wide variety of Lebanese foods. They have professional workers providing excellent service. The restaurant is small but equally clean and authentic.

Street Food

Street food in Tampere is trendy, especially in the city streets. It is an excellent solution to money problems experienced by low-income earners. Street foods also are a significant income source for many families who cant keep large restaurants. The main reasons why street foods are so popular is due to their low price and easy accessibility. Primary street foods in Tampere include:

Korvapuusti (Cinnamon Rolls). It's easy to find these foods in Tampere's streets, the main reason being that the Finns love them much. They are snacked with a cup of coffee at any time of the day.

Leipäjuusto ja lakkahilloa (Bread cheese with Cloudberry Jam). This might be probably the odd one on the list, but it is worth a try. it is common in Tampere's streets, and the locals love it much. The delicacy is served when warm and is cost conducive.

Karelianpiirakka (Carelian Pie). It is a typical breakfast delicacy and more traditional. The treat is eaten with egg butter and often served as a snack. You can find it in local food stores, and they are a bit pricy due to their labor intensity.

Lihapiirakka (Meat Pie). It's the most iconic food in Tampere's streets. Many street vendors are offering these foods. It is made of a savory doughnut packed with rice and minced meat and shared among the party-goers.

Paistettu Muikku (Fried Vendace). The snack is often available during summer. The meal is simple but delicious. It is made by covering fish with rye flour and frying them in butter until it's crispy. The fish is later served with aioli.t is worth a try.


Tampere is a city rich in drinks ranging from tap water, beers, and cocktail. A large portion of Tampere people is happy with their tap water making mineral-packed water unprofitable.


The majority of water supplied by the city government to the resident is soft, meaning water hardness in this region is less than 5 degrees DH. Before water reaches the end consumer, it is passed through the disinfection process with chlorine or sodium hypochlorite. The tap water here is considered safe, so you don't have to worry much. The main benefit f this tap water is that you can get an unlimited freshwater supply for cooking, drinking, and hydrating your pets.

Organic Cafés

Foods from organic cafes are grown without artificial nutrients, chemicals, and pesticides. The fruit juices served here are vegetables that are organically grown. There several organic restaurants in Tampere that satisfy this category; they include:

Cafe & Bakery Mimosa. This is a welcoming café located in a quiet, relaxed place with a friendly atmosphere. They offer tasty foods and drinks foods at reasonable prices. They also have some books and games for visitors to use. They also provide excellent coffee for coffee lovers.

Pella's cafe. This café can create vegan brunch if needed provided you give on-time notice .the café is located in a very peaceful place and also have a great selection of teas and coffees. The staff here are very professional and friendly.

Fazer Café Hämeenkatu. The place is trendy with a calm atmosphere. Their foods have a reasonable price, friendly staff, and worth a visit.

Bistro Naapuri. It is a lovely and comfortable café for a salad and a few drinks. It is located in a great and peaceful location with a friendly atmosphere. They have an excellent selection of salads, smoothies, and coffees. They also have a wide range of gluten-free choices.


Pyynikin käsityöläispanimo This is one of the local breweries in Tampere that offers exemptional service and amiable staff. They offer a wide selection of long drinks, soda, Vichy, and tasty beer. This place is worth a visit for beer lovers.

Nordic Brewery. This is an incredible brewery and a shop. The place attracts a massive number of both locals and visitors, especially during weekends. The staff is friendly and ready to serve you.

Pyynikin Brewhouse.

They offer a great selection of local beers and decent fish and chips. They also provide excellent service and timely services, making it ideal for visiting with friends.


While in Tampere city, you can engage in a few fun activities, including outdoor fitness, take a sailing lesson, or jog in the city parks. These outdoor activities help improve physique, improved bonding, and the feel-good factor.

Yoga and Retreats

This activity involves traveling to a place that is surrounded by nature and beauty. Here you relax your body, mind, and soul by taking yoga and meditation practice. This exercise will help connect closely with nature and create a feeling of rejuvenation, happiness, and improved health.

Om Yoga . Om yoga got many classes with a variety of yoga techniques. It's located in a great peaceful place with a calming atmosphere. It is an excellent school with great instructors that are really helpful and always in a good mood.

Auki Joogakoulu. It is a top-notch yoga studio with warm and quality teaching. The experience is just pleasant, rejuvenating, and stress relieving.


Accommodations in Tampere are clean and affordable, which is an excellent plus for visitors and local tourists. They range from motels, apartments, luxury lodges, and holiday parks, among many other varieties.

Green Hotels

Green hotels follow some strict green guidelines to ensure their visitors are safe, non-toxic, and energy-efficient.

Dream Hostel & Hotel. This hotel offers family rooms that are comfortable and clean. Their prices are reasonable, and it is worth a visit if you are around the city and need space. It is also located in a pleasant environment and with excellent staff service.

Radisson Blu Grand Hotel Tammer. It is a friendly, classy and elegant hotel. The rooms and common spaces are equally large and super clean. They don't have enough parking so you can request space elsewhere in case you need one. The place is generally comfortable, and the restaurant on the ground floor is also excellent. Hotel Torni Tampere It is a very nice hotel with quality foods and at affordable prices. The rooms are modern and in excellent condition. They also offer a fantastic breakfast with great vegan options. This hotel is perfect for a romantic weekend.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels in Tampere are mostly used and shared by students and low-income earners due to their low economic status. Guest rooms here are expensive since they are private compared to hostels. Good examples of these accommodations include:

B&B Käpylän Helmi. This is a great and hospitable place, and the distance from the city center is very short hence very convenient. The site got stylish interiors, clean rooms, and flexible service.

Summer Hostel Joutsen Tampere. This is a perfect space for students and very close to the town center and the university. They have amiable staff and top-notch services.


Apartment Hotel Tampere MN This is a very comfortable and affordable apartment. It's in a perfect location in the middle of downtown and an ideal place to walk everywhere. It is comfortable, and the staffs are amicable and helpful.

Finn Apartments - Tampere. It is located in the right area near the town center. They offer excellent and affordable services. The staffs are friendly and ready to help if the need arises.

Forenom Tampere. It is a popular serviced apartment in Tampere chosen by cooperating companies for their international visitors. Room service is offered every two weeks, and also you need to be out for two to three hours to replace towels and bedsheets. The view is also charming, and the place is cozy and quiet. It also has air-cooling facilities that keep the rooms cool during summers.


Couchsurfing is probably the best way to experience Tampere like a local. It will help you discover unique places to live, which you could not have got to know. The Tampere people share their homes and lives in profound and meaningful ways, making traveling here a truly social experience.


Camping in Tampere comes in different forms. You can opt for car camping, glamping, bike camping, or even tent camping. Camping here is most common during summers due to the warm and dry weather. Various camping sites include:

Tampere Camping Härmälä. It's an excellent camping site in a beautiful and relatively calm area. It's not much expensive and offers enough space to place a tent. It's a great place to enjoy nature.

Nokia Camping Viinikanniemi. This is an old place but in a good location and a very peaceful and quiet atmosphere.

How to Get There

To get to Tampere, you can travel by air, road, water or train. Both international and domestic travel connections are excellent.


This is the easiest, fastest, and most convenient way to get to Tampere, especially when coming far way countries. Tampere is serviced by Tampere-Pirkkala airport, which connects Helsinki to the capital city. The airline also connects to Budapest and Bremen. Though expensive than other means of transport, the air is far much convenient and worth the price.


While in Finland you can opt to pick a public transport and head to Tampere by bus. Before traveling, you can get the timetables, tickets, and bus stops. Tampere city public transport offers an extensive and useful route network. It is even possible to buy a day ticket for 24 hours or more. To get more on these services, you can visit the public transportation customer service and place their requests. Traveling by bus is far better than using private means since it saves on cost and the environment.


While in Finland, you can access Tampere easily by train. The train connections are very convenient and timely. Traveling by train is environmentally friendly since it reduces road congestions. Also, it helps interact with locals and get to know their culture more. Traveling by train is also cost-effective compared to other available means of transport.


Tampere has an excellent taste for hitchhiking. The ideal place people go for hitchhiking is a deserted bus stop on their way to Helsinki. Hitchhiking is a common practice in this part of the region, especially with young people. The main problem with hitchhiking is that it is not convenient since there are very few places to do it. The majority of the main road are freeways.


Other modes of transport that get you to Tampere include: (a)Personal cars (b) by tram (c) ferry

Moving Around

Moving around, Tampere could be the most exciting thing to do since you interact with the locals and learn to appreciate their culture. there are several methods you can use to move around, including:


Tampere is not a vast city; hence you can opt to walk and grab a few items in the streets promoting local businesses. Tampere has charming and safe walking lanes that can get you to every corner of the city. Walking can also improve your overall physical health.


Cycling is probably the best way to get around Tampere fast. You can quickly get from one place to another as you interact with the city people. Cycling lanes and services in Tampere are continually being developed to move around the best option.

Electronic Vehicles

Electric cars are on the rise in popularity in many developed countries like Finland. Tesla electric cars are over two thousand on Finland roads as of 2019. electric vehicles are very environmentally friendly and could be the game-changer in the coming years. Tampere has 49 charging stations to feed the growing demand for electric cars. Here you can also specify whether you require a regular charging station or a fast, accelerated charging station.

Public Bus

Public transport in Tampere is very convenient and cost-effective. The city government has created an excellent route connection with other major cities in the region, making movement very easy. Public bus is environmentally friendly since it reduces car traffic caused by private cars.

Tram, Train and Subway

This is the cheapest means of transport in Tampere compare to the public bus and private means. Train routes are very extensive and convenient, connecting to all major cities and airports in the region.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping makes sure that everything we buy has environmental, health, and social impact on the Tampere people. It gives visitors a chance to support what is important to you and the environment and avoid products and services that do not align with the right climate and cultural growth quest.

Food Markets

Tampere has many great food markets, which include:

Tampere market hall. It is the biggest indoor market in Nordic countries with more than 30 vendors. It is mostly the primary market for local producers packed with fresh meat, fish, vegetables, and pastries.

Food Market Herkku Tampere. This is a high-end grocery store with a large selection of items and ready-made meals. They have excellent customer service, and facilities are easy to navigate and cozy.

Flea Markets

Flea markets in Tampere city include

Kyttälä Flea market. The place has a wide selection of exciting stuff, including electronics, furniture, and muminmugs.

Flea market Silinteri. The market has lots of incredible treasures, including jewels at low prices. The place is also spotless and organized.

Second Hand Stores

Tampere has many second-hand stores that offer quality products to both locals and visitors. They include:

Helga-Neiti Second Hand Shop. It is a used clothing store in Tampere, offering cheap and durable clothing. Here you can find quality clothes and accessories at very reasonable prices. They offer excellent and friendly services.

Fida Lähetystori. This thrift store has a massive collection of products and good quality at a low price. You can find items such as shoes, dinner plates, and kitchenware.


Tampere people try to promote brands that are eco friendly, which encourage visitors to do the same. These brands try to minimize the negative impact on the environment, consumers' health, and workers' working conditions.


Recycling is a vital way of keeping the environment clean. It prevents the pollution of water and air. Recyclable items in Tampere include metals like tin and aluminum and plastics.


Tampere city has trash collection areas to keep the town area clean and conducive for business activities. While here, make sure to drop your plastic cans in these designated areas to support the city government's plan of keeping the place tidy.

Work and Study Abroad

Tampere is home to thousands of businesses and over 60 major international companies. There are also a vast number of startups in this part of the region. Significant companies are tech-based, including Microsoft and Nokia, thus attracting many foreign tech professionals.

Exchange Student

Tampere hosts several major universities in the region. The central university is majoring in tech courses due to the rising demand for tech professionals in the area. Universities and colleges in the city include:

(a) Tampere university of technology

(b) University of Tampere (c)Tampere university of applied sciences.

Au Pair

Tampere residents do not find it a problem to have au pairs from other countries. They are very friendly and treat them as family members. Most people who need au pairs are those held up by jobs and need someone to look after their kids. Tampere is a perfect place to work due to the conducive weather and friendly people.


Tampere has several organizations that can help you start your volunteer practice. Here you will be able to travel the city trees as you help the less fortunate families with both food and shelter. Volunteer groups you can join include: a. YLI Center Tampere. b. Mammon Kamari. c. Roman Skeittiparkki.

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