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Eco-friendly travel guide to Finland advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Finland, Europe.

Now lying within Helsinki, Suomenlinna is a UNESCO World Heritage Site consisting of an inhabited 18th-century sea fortress built on six islands. It is one of Finland's most popular tourist attractions.

  • Air quality: 4.5 / 5
  • Bus connections: 4 / 5
  • Train connections: 4 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: .4.1 / 5
  • National parks: 4.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4.7 / 5
  • Safety: 4.7 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$170 - $250
  • Budget per day: US$110 - $150

Responsible Travel

Finland is often known as the happiest country in the world. Located in Northern Europe, bordering Sweden, Norway and Russia, this Nordic country is a must visit. Finland is also amongst the top 10 eco friendly countries in the world. This goes to show that the Finnish government and the Finnish people take Eco friendliness very seriously. They believe in Green and Eco Friendly travel so when you are visiting Finland, there are some things that you need to practice in order to be a responsible tourist. This will entail a lot of things that will help reducing your carbon footprint and push you towards becoming a more eco friendly traveller. The pristine nature, as well as the beauty of the surroundings, will no doubt give you peace of mind. With sustainable traveling, you are not only respecting the land you are visiting but also giving back something positive. Besides, responsible- traveling also helps in reducing ecological footprints and supports the local culture too. Some of the things that you should do include:

  • Say no to plastic: One of the most effective ways of responsible travelling is not using any plastic bags. Plastic bags take more than 500 years to biodegrade and that should give you an idea of how harmful they are for the environment. Always carry a reusable bag when you are travelling so you can use it for groceries, shopping etc.
  • Road over air: If it is possible to get to your destination via road then do not take a flight. Not only will that help in a massive reduction of your carbon footprint but will also protect the environment from harmful carbon emissions caused by airplanes.
  • Eco friendly travel agent: There are plenty of eco friendly travel agents who are doing a wonderful job planning trips that are safer for the environment by booking green hotels, choosing the most eco friendly way of travelling and educating the travellers about the impact of their actions on the planet.
  • Travel in a more sustainable manner: This means adopting eco friendly habits like using metal straws and reusable cutlery, terminating the use of plastic be it shopping bags, cups, bottles etc. While this may come off as a very insignificant step but it makes a huge impact not only in reducing your carbon footprint but also helping the environment and specially the sea life. They are the ones that suffer the most from the use of plastic and it disrupts the entire eco system.
  • Keep the beaches clean: Picking up after yourself on the beach should go without saying, but just take a look around the sand the next time you're by the shore—obviously someone didn't get the memo. Stray bottles, cans, bags, and napkins can be ubiquitous along waterways, and even just one piece of litter can pose a problem. This garbage can be picked up by the wind, get stuck around the necks of birds and other animals, and carried back out to sea by the tides. Keep anyone in your party accountable for their messes, and if you encounter some trash that isn't yours, pick it up anyway and throw it away.
  • Try to ride bicycles more than rented cars: This will not only help in reducing noise and air pollution but it will also help keeping you fit and healthy. Rented cars and private vehicles only add to the problem of pollution but at the same time they also deprive you from truly experiencing the place and discovering the little nook and crannies.
  • Support the local economy: Shop local and eat local food. It will help the local people who usually have a very sustainable business model and organic things to sell and it will also help you in learning about the local culture.

Air Quality and Pollution

Finland is amongst the countries that have the cleanest air as per the data from the World Health Organization. The country has some of the most progressive and stringent environmental laws in place and as a result Finnish people enjoy clean and fresh air. They do not face the troubles and diseases that come with bad air quality. World Health Organization has already mentioned that every year almost seven million people die prematurely because of air pollution. Finland’s government emphasizes more on using renewable energy, protection of the lakes and forests. Besides, you will also notice that people here believe in driving electronic vehicles. By 2030, the country hopes to replace 10 percent of the total number of automobiles with electric cars. In addition to EV vehicles, they foresee a 30 percent increase in bicycle use and walking as modes of transport. Thus, you can relax about the fact that you can enjoy a trouble-free vacation in Finland. Once you come here, the greenery and the fresh air would no doubt uplift your mood. Even if you have any breathing issues, you will never face any such breathing trouble in the country. Smoke and pollution-free country Finland is among one of the most popular vacation destinations. Talking about the humidity levels, you will not face any uncomfortable climatic conditions.

Respect the Culture

Even though the climate throughout the year in the country remain quite chilly, but the locals here are quite warm and kind-hearted. Finns are also known to be very quiet and shy so if you feel like the locals are not mingling with you as much are not initiating conversation, do not take it personally. There is a local saying amongst the Finnish that Silence is Golden. They are also extremely honest and believe in having trust in other people and the larger community. You will not find people like local taxi drivers or vendors scamming tourists or engaging in any dishonest activity so this is a major part of Finnish culture. You have to extend the same courtesy towards the locals and be honest in all your dealings with them. Finnish people are mostly characterized by their never-ending love as well as the closeness towards nature. If you want to enjoy a retreat to stay away from the hustle of the city, you can come here to spend some vacay days with your friends. You will find that the locals here are quite creative and are into modern art as well as design. However, the beauty of nature inspires most of these. While these are some of the general points about the Finnish culture, some of the specifics are important so you do not offend or disrespect the locals in any way. These include:

  • No Shoes inside: Finnish people do not wear shoes inside the house. Granted that not every household practices this rule, but most do so if you are invited to a local's house, make sure you ask them if it is okay to wear shoes inside the house or you should remove them. You can walk around in socks or they will provide you with home slippers. Similarly if you are sharing accommodation like an apartment or couch surfing, ask your host about wearing shoes inside.
  • Be mindful of the environment: Finnish people are very conscious of the environment. They do not approve of extra waste and lead an eco friendly lifestyle. Things like finishing off all the food on your plate, using reusable bags and cutlery is something that is important to them. This means you should also be very mindful. Keep a check on your carbon footprint and do not litter. Most homes are separating at least regular trash, biodegradable, cans, and bottles. Now it’s very popular to collect plastic waste separately.
  • Be punctual: If you have a meeting or an appointment, always be on time. Finns are very punctual and it is considered to be rude if you are late and do not arrive at the given time.
  • No smoking: Smoking isn’t cool in Finland. You are allowed to smoke on the terrace of a restaurant, but all non-smokers secretly hope you wouldn’t. Recently, many terraces have become entirely non-smoking.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Finland is one of the best countries in the world where you would get to discover some places. You can always visit here during your holidays and choose your most favorite destination. But to make your trip more exciting here are the top 10 places in different cities which you should try at least once.

  • Temppeliaukio Church Helsinki - This church is located in the capital city of Helsinki and is known because of its unique architecture. A dome coated with copper covers the rock church, with a skylight open in a belt below it to make the dome appear to hover.
  • Turku Castle Turku - This medieval monument is a must visit if you are in the city of Turku. It is almost 700 years old. During its history it has been a defensive bastion, a majestic court, an administrative centre, a prison, a storehouse and a barracks.
  • Santa Claus Village Rovaniemi -This is a lovely amusement park in the heart of Rovaniemi, and it also has some fun-filled activities. The right time to visit this place is during Christmas as Santa Claus takes a tour of this place. You will definitely have a lot of fun here especially if you've children accompanying you on the trip.
  • Ranua Zoo Ranua - One of the best zoos in Ranua where you can find polar bears and some famous European wolves. This is unlike other zoos in the world. It is more of a sanctuary and arctic animals are provided with an authentic environment to live in. The zoo has done a lot for the protection of endangered species.
  • Snow Village (Kittila) - Within a space of a few weeks, the sculptors construct a 3,000 square meter village consisting of the Snow Hotel (igloos; each with a different design), the Ice Bar restaurant/bar, tunnels and a wedding chapel, made solely from snow and ice that lasts for several months until the spring thaw.
  • Sea Life Helsinki - A great place to see a fascinating range of sea creatures. It is situated in Helsinki, and everyone loves to visit here. The best thing about it is that it will give you a fair knowledge which can be shared among your beloved persons. If you miss it, then you will regret and curse yourself throughout life.
  • Tietomaa Science Centre Oulu - Science Centre Tietomaa has given unforgettable experiences to visitors since 1988. Finland’s first science centre is the perfect place for learning, enjoying yourself, putting your brain and body at test or simply spending some time engaging in entertaining exploration. Science Centre Tietomaa is a household name in Oulu and the entire Northern Finland.
  • Heureka Vantaa - This place was established in 1989 is known as an interactive science museum. It has done tremendous work in order to spread knowledge about science.
  • Hatanpää Park Arboretum Tampere - Breathe in the fresh air of Tampere while walking around this beautiful rose garden. Taking in the different plants and being close to the nature can be a very refreshing experience.
  • Näsiselkä Tampere - For all those who love boating activities, this is the perfect lake for you. Go boating in this lake and see the whole city of Tampere.
The ancient Turku castle in all its glory


Finland has so many places to explore. From parks to museums, to beaches, you will run out of time but won't run out of places to visit. There are UNESCO world heritage sites that you can visit on top of these, perhaps the most well-known is the fortress island Suomenlinna in Helsinki. You can also go for hiking or camping to the National parks in Finland.

City Parks

  • Jyväskylän Joulukuusi Jyvaskyla - This is one of the best parks in Jyvaskyla. It has the longest Christmas tree which adds to its beauty. The greenery everywhere and the peaceful atmosphere adds to the beauty of this wonderful park.
  • Kaisaniemi Park Helsinki – It is one of the oldest and one of the most popular parks in Helsinki. Located next to a botanic garden plenty of concerts and festivals take place in this beautiful park.
View of Kaisaniemi Park from the east-south direction

National Parks

Finland is home to around 40 national parks so there will be a wide variety for you to choose from. Some of the most notable ones include:

  • Niemisjärven luontopolku Hämeenlinna
  • Repovesi National Park Kouvola
  • Pallas-Yllästunturi Lapland
  • Oulanka Lapland
  • Koli National Park (North Karelia)
  • Hossa National Park (Suomussalmi)
  • Riisitunturi Lapland
  • Archipelago
  • Teijo (Salo)
  • Torronsuo
Myllykoski, Pieni Karhunkierros Trail, Oulanka National Park, Finland


The beautiful Nallikari Beach Oulu 20150905.JPG


  • Helsinki Cathedral (Helsinki) - You will notice that this cathedral has 4.5 stars all over the internet. It is because of some famous sculptures and the architectures, which are based here. No one misses it as this is a place that is beyond your imaginations.
Helsinki Cathedral


  • Verla Mill (Kouvola) - This museum gives you information about the period of the industrial revolution and the mill workers of those days. You might not be a lover of history, but after exploring it, you would fall in love with it.
  • Aviation Museum (Vantaa) - If you are interested in seeing modern aircraft, then this museum is a must-visit for you. There is no other word except brilliant for this place because a place like this is nowhere in Finland.
The Verla groundwood and board mill is a museum area and an UNESCO world heritage site


The natural conditions of Finland helps with the production of good food. Finland's geographical location massively influences its food culture. Swedish bread, meatballs and soups are some of the staples. A lot of the food is prepared by smoking. Russia also has influenced the cuisine in Finland. Let us check out some of the most popular vegan dishes in the country. Chanterelle gravy is not a proper dish; however, you can always have it as a side dish. Chanterelle gravy is made with boiled potatoes as well as roasted vegetables. Chanterelle is mainly a mushroom and with these, you can easily make gravy just by stir-frying the mushrooms. Besides, butter, flour, water, cream, and spices are added. Although it is not a vegan dish, if you are vegan, you can ask to switch the cream or milk with oats milk or soymilk. Blueberry pie is yet another one of the most popular vegan dishes and is one of the most favorite dessert items among the Finns. Even though egg along with butter and milk is added to prepare the dish; however, you can use non-dairy products like soymilk and margarine. If you add more liquid to the batter, it would no doubt make a batter of a nice consistency. Although you will not come across many street food stalls throughout the country; however, if you visit the food markets, you can no doubt find out some of the best-rated street foods. One of the unique factors about the street foods, these are equally made with quality ingredients. Even if you feel that street foods are unhygienic, you will be surprised by the quality, maintained. Besides, you will get multiple options from vegetarian to non-vegetarian dishes you will get many options. Few travel enthusiasts are of the view that the local food in Finland is tasteless but once you taste the traditional cuisine, you will no doubt falling love with the dishes. Let us check out some of the most popular street foods that you must try in Finland. The Meat Pie is one of the most popular street foods in Finland and Finns call it Lihapiirakka. Although there are not many street vendors who sell meat pie thus, make sure that you are visiting small kiosks selling grilled foods like burgers and meats. The meat pie is infamously known as the party meal since mostly the bars and nightclubs in the city mostly offer this as an appetizer. Paistettu Muikku is another one of the most popular street foods that you must not skip in Finland. Paistettu Muikku is also known by the name, fried vendace. Helsinki is one of the popular cities where local vendors and street food sellers sell fried vendace. The dish is prepared by covering fish with rye flour and frying them in butter until it is turning golden and crispy.

Karelian pasty (karjalanpiirakka) is a traditional Finnish dish made from a thin rye crust with a filling of barley, or rice. Butter, often mixed with boiled egg (egg butter or munavoi), is spread over the hot pastries before eating.


Just like endless varieties in the dishes be it vegan or non-vegan dishes, you will get multiple options when it comes to drinks. From local soft drinks and traditional drinks to alcohols, there will be plenty to choose from. When it comes to the local drinks, people love drinking milk and at times in a curdled form. When it comes to alcoholic beverages, you will come across some of the best-rated craft beer outlets as well as bars across Finland. Be it normal days or any event, they always love indulging in drinking cocktails, beer, and other popular drinks. Some of the Finnish liquors include Lakka, which is made with saffron coloured wild cloudberry, mesmarja, and Arctic brambleberry. Sima is yet another one of the most popular fermented Finnish drinks and the locals classify it as a low alcoholic variety of mead. Sima is a fizzy drink that has a distinct citrusy flavor. If you want to taste the alcoholic form, then you also have that option available. Made with lemon, yeast, brown sugar, yeast, and raisins, it is one of the most popular fermented drinks.


As mentioned, the air quality in the country is quite good and does not have many pollution issues be it water, land, or air. Hence, you can understand that you can always consume tap water in the country. However, in case you are planning to go on hiking trails, make sure that you are staying cautious near the natural streams and rivers. Burbling streams might look clear and inviting, but you might get pulp factories, people, or livestock upstream. Keeping these things aside, people who come here to trek claim that the springs amidst the hills and the forests have safe and clean water to consume. Thus, you can always choose to drink tap water when feeling thirsty. If you want to be on the safe side, make sure that you are carrying your water bottle. The reason behind this is that at times things can be risky. Besides, the locals here always use water filters for drinking water. Fruit juices are also one of the best options if you want to quench your thirst. From delicious orange juices as well as mango juice, you can drink anyone of your choice.


Finland is a paradise where you can try thousands of activities. From trekking to bicycle trails, you can try almost everything. Even though it is not one of the most visited countries in Europe, but you will get plenty of activities to try here. When thinking about Finland, the only thing that comes to mind are beautiful forests, picturesque landscapes, and much more. If you love indulging in some enthralling activities, then nothing can be better than planning for a vacation in Finland. The marvelous beauty and the greenery around will no doubt soothe your eyes. Let us check out some of the activities that you must try here.

  • Visit Mr. and Mrs. Claus at Santa Park - If you are not interested in visiting the North Pole, make sure that you are visiting Rovaniemi located on the northern side of Finland. From Christmas delights to attractive sights, you will get to see everything here. Elf School is one of the most popular here since Mr. and Mrs. Claus here teaches gingerbread treats. Apart from that, you will also get a Calligraphy School and you can write a letter to Santa. The elves will show you the number of letters, which they get throughout the year.
  • Know about the history at Siida Museum - Situated on the beautiful Lake of Inari, Siida Museum is one of the most visited museums. Once you visit here, you will know about the story Sami or the Laplanders of Finland, a semi-nomadic tribe. Apart from that, Siida Museum features various nature exhibits along with photographic galleries. If you enjoy digging out the history of any place, then you will no doubt fall in love with the place.
  • Skiing in Levi- If you love snow skiing, you can visit Levi, as it is one of the most loved skiing resorts throughout Finland. Besides, Alpine World Cup Race is held here every year. About 124 miles of snow trails are present here that includes cross-country skiing sections. Along with that, black runs for downhill skiers are also present. Alternatively, if you are interested in snowboarding, then you can visit the snowboard park present here.


Accommodation is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to traveling to an unknown place. To enjoy a good and relaxing vacation, it is best to opt for some of the best-rated accommodations. Finland is no doubt filled with some amazing accommodations. From five star hotels to guesthouses and apartments, you will get everything. Besides, you will get good options as per your budget. Travel enthusiasts and tourists from around the world come here to indulge in the beauty of nature. Being enveloped by nature and greenery all around, people come here to unwind and relax from work stress. From dense forest to lakes, Finland is no doubt one of the best locations to plan for holidays. If you are not interested in spending huge accommodations, then opting for apartments or hostels is one of the best ideas. As already mentioned, locals here are quite friendly, they will always offer you to stay with them. Staying with locals will let you know about their cultures as well as traditions. If you want to stay in verified rooms, then make sure that you are booking online. For example, Airbnb is one of the best sites to book comfortable and clean rooms. Besides, if you are planning to visit Finland with your friends, then it is always a great idea to book apartments.

Green Hotels

Green hotels are no doubt one of the best choices when it comes to responsible for traveling. The reason behind this is that the demand for green hotels is becoming a trend these days because they are different from that of the normal ones. Consumers these days are gradually becoming sensitive to the environment. Green hotels utilize solar energy as well as other initiatives these days. The millennials these days are quite concerned about the environment and therefore, they expect to get all the amenities that are eco-friendly. On top of that, if you think that they are quite pricey, then you are probably mistaking. For years, the initiative of green hotels has been a prime motive for many countries. Finally, the initiative received support from people. Also, green hotels utilize greywater treatment plans, which means water conservation becomes the primary concern. Unlike other hotels, green hotels believe in reusing towels and linen. Besides, green hotels believe in energy consumption. Most commercial buildings take up about forty percent of the energy demand as well as greenhouse emissions. Hence, you can understand that the green hotel initiative is no doubt useful and you can book green hotels if you do not support energy resource misuse.

Hostels and Guest Houses

If you are traveling in groups, then it is always a good idea to opt for the hostels and guesthouses. Apart from that, if you are not ready to spend huge on fancy hotels, then nothing can be better than the hostels and guesthouses. Hostels always put many additional costs as well as expenses on the fancy amenities. Backpackers always searching for affordable accommodation options opt for the hostels and guesthouses. The only difference is you will never get fancy amenities, unlike the hotels. However, if your concern is a comfortable stay and getting fellow travelers, then the hostels will serve your purpose. Few basic amenities that you will get here include free WiFi, breakfast options, separate bathroom. Above all, if you want to increase your travel experience with the local travelers, then make sure that you are booking your stay at any hostel or guesthouse. Finland is one such country where you will uncountable spots, museums, and locations that will no doubt make your vacation memorable. Be it adventure, thrill, or just strolling around, you will enjoy everything. Just like the green hotels, the hostels and the guesthouses are quite concerned about the environment; therefore, you will notice that they always follow sustainable steps for providing amenities. However, if you want free parking, you might not get such things.


Next comes the apartments and just like the hostels and guesthouses, the apartments are indeed one of the best options if you want to enjoy a comfortable stay with your friends and family. Finns are quite happy and friendly people and if you ask for apartments, they will let you stay with them for as long as you want. However, make sure that you are showing all the necessary documents necessary. Otherwise, they might not give rooms to you. If you are interested to know about the cultures and traditions of the country, then staying with the locals will be the best idea. However, if you are not comfortable and want to explore Finland with your friends, then you can book apartments online. Along with verified and clean rooms, you will get plenty of other benefits such as free WiFi and parking facilities, which you might get from the locals. Airbnb is one such best website from where you can book verified apartments. You will also get heavy discounts if you use coupon codes. Make sure that you are booking the rooms in advance since their demand remains quite high throughout the year. Finland is one of the most visited countries due to its picturesque beauty and marvelous local culture. It is no doubt one of the best places when it comes to unwinding and spending some quiet time away from daily stress.


The trend of Couchsurfing is no doubt popular throughout the country and the reason behind this is you can stay with the local hosts. If you want to explore any country inside out, then nothing can be better than exploring the Couchsurfing community. Exploring a completely new place away from your own country is quite tough; therefore, people register for the Couchsurfing communities. Besides, if you want to meet fellow travelers who are equally interested in exploring Finland, then you can send requests to all the local communities hosting Couchsurfing events. Once your request is accepted, you will be able to explore Finland and know everything about the country. Above everything, staying away from home for long can turn out to be difficult at times and if you meet fellow travelers, you will feel like you are home. Uncountable Couchsurfing communities are there you can enroll yourself so that you can join. With fellow travelers in the country, you will come across many knowledgeable travelers who know everything about the country.


Camping is no doubt one of the best ideas if you want to spend some good time amidst nature and greenery. As already mentioned Finland is a Happy Country, people come here to take a break from daily stress. If you want to plan something unique for your vacation, then nothing can be better than spending vacations in nature. Due to this reason, camping is the best idea. Finland is filled with national parks, camping grounds where you can simply book tent houses and experience the fun and thrill of camping. The camping grounds are the best options where you can spend some memorable vacation days with your friends or family. Imagine, how you will feel waking up to the beautiful scenery, gushing streams of the waterfalls, and chirping sound of the birds. It is better if you avoid staying in hotels in Finland and spend most of the days on camping grounds. Nothing can beat the feeling of spending mornings and evenings amidst nature. If you want more fun, you can arrange for a bonfire and barbeque. Some of the most popular camping grounds in Finland are Rastila Camping Helsinki, Uruniemi Camping Ky, Ounaskoski Camping Rovaniemi, etc.


Regions of Finland
Southern Finland
The southern stretch of coastline up to the Russian border, including the capital Helsinki and the historical province of Uusimaa (Nyland)
Western Finland
The Southwest coastal areas, the old capital Turku, the historical province of Central Finland with its capital Jyväskylä, inland hub city Tampere, the southern parts of the historical province of Ostrobothnia (Pohjanmaa, Österbotten) and Seinäjoki, the fastest growing city of Finland
Eastern Finland
Forests and lakes by the Russian border, including Savonia (Savo) and the Finnish side of Karelia (Karjala)
Oulu (Northern Finland)
Kajanaland (Kainuu) and northern Ostrobothnia, named after the technology city of Oulu.
Finnish Lapland
Tundra and reindeer above the Arctic Circle.
an autonomous and monolingually Swedish group of islands off the southwestern coast of Finland


  • Helsinki — The Capital city and many girls looking for fun.
  • Turku — Harbor city.
  • Tampere — Third biggest city.
  • Espoo — The second largest city and municipality in Finland next to Helsinki.
  • Vantaa — The fourth most populated city of Finland.
  • Hämeenlinna - the birthplace of composer Jean Sibelius.
  • Kemi — situated by the Bothnian Bay, at the mouth of river Kemijoki, and it is part of Lapland region.
  • Kokkola — located in the province of Western Finland and is part of the Central Ostrobothnia region.
  • Joensuu — is a city and municipality in North Karelia in eastern Finland.
  • Jyväskylä — a university town located in Central Finland.
  • Kuopio — a university town in central Finland, lakeland area.
  • Lahti — a town in southern Finland, which lies on the shore of Vesijärvi.
  • Lappeenranta — a university town near the Russian border in South East Finland, by lake Saimaa.
  • Mariehamn — a capital of Åland.
  • Oulu — a technology city at the end of the Gulf of Bothnia.
  • Pori — a city and municipality on the west coast of Finland.
  • Rovaniemi — gateway to Lapland, largest town in Europe measured from the surface area.
  • Savonlinna — a small lakeside town with a big castle and a popular opera festival.
  • Seinäjoki — Finland's fastest growing city, host of many important festivals every year.
  • Vaasa — is a city on the west coast of Finland. It received its charter in 1606, during the reign of Charles IX of Sweden and is named after the Royal House of Vasa.

Getting There and Moving Around

If you are traveling to Finland, then make sure that you are researching the different ways of reaching the country. However, one of the best ways to reach Finland will be through the capital city Helsinki. You will get direct flights from Finnair. Helsinki is connected to some of the biggest cities and countries and you will get direct flights as well. Major European countries are well connected with Finland and this is something that makes traveling to Finland quite easy. Besides, if you are traveling from Estonia or Sweden, you can even opt for the ferry rides. Make sure that you are carrying all the essential travel documents before starting your tour.


Helsinki Airport is the largest airport in the country. It provides domestic flights, as well as international flights to many major cities across the world. Almost every country has direct flights to Finland. However, if you are traveling from India, then the only option that you will get is Finnair. It runs from Delhi to Helsinki. It takes about seven hours to reach. Overall, traveling from other countries to Finland is not that difficult; however, make sure that you are checking all the small details while booking the flights.

Helsinki Airport


The buses are also quite useful when it comes to traveling to Finland. However, you can opt for the bus route if you are traveling to Finland from any nearby city. If you are traveling from other countries, the best possible method is either to opt for the flight route or the bus route. If you are traveling from the Russian border, then you can opt for the train route. If your location is Sweden or Norway, then the bus route will be a hassle-free and economic way of traveling.

A bus in Finland


The train route is quite developed in the country and the Finnish trains are quite posh and are comfortable to travel. As already mentioned, when traveling from Sweden or Norway it is best to opt for the train route. You can check for the train routes, ticket rates, and the schedule online. Besides, from the websites, you will also get information like whether there are any deals on the tickets. Also, the train route never remains crowded. Hence, you can always opt for them if you want to travel from one city to another.

A train waiting at a railway station in Oulu, Finland


While hitchhiking is not too common in Finland, it is still not difficult to hitch a ride especially during the summer time. It might be difficult to do it in winter because of lack of daylight and the general gloominess of the weather affecting people's mood and making them more hesitant to pick up strangers. It is also illegal to hitchhike on the freeways so make sure you do not do that or it could land you in trouble with the authorities.


Apart from the trains, flights, or buses, you can always opt for other options to explore the country. . Since the government here is quite concerned about the environment, thus they have started opting for electronic vehicles. Most electronic vehicles are quite cheap and you can explore the country in these vehicles.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping is the need of the hour. The amount of pollution and waste that the fast fashion industry produces amounts to 2.1 billion tonnes CO2eq. There needs to be significant shift towards buying sustainable products that last longer and are made of ethically sourced material. There is a great market in Finland for sustainable fashion. Many brands have adopted this philosophy and are becoming more eco friendly.


Finns believe that recycling is the only way by which the environmental conditions will stay in a good condition forever. The government has come up with various recycling management programs. Being a responsible traveler, you can always support recycling to support environmental conditions.


Eco-friendly conditions matter a great deal for every country. Due to this reason, waste management is a major concern for every country. Hence, the locals here give importance to waste management programs. The reason behind the greenery around the country is only due to proper waste management programs.

Work and Study Abroad

In addition to some useful extra cash, having a part-time job can be a good way of gaining valuable work experience and networks alongside your studies. If you are non-EU student, you can work within certain limits on a student residence permit.

Finding a job in Finland can sometimes be challenging as not all fields of study offer opportunities for employment before graduation. Job applicants may also be required to have Finnish or Swedish language skills. The career services of your hosting Finnish university can get you started when looking for the local employment options, but your own initiative is also very important.

Exchange Student

As already mentioned the country features the best-rated colleges and universities, foreign students come here to opt for the student scholarship. The education system of the country is quite developed and the teaching faculty is good too. Teachers here give importance to excellence and hard work, and never neglect the students. Hence, you can understand how the education system works here. Besides, the students who are interested in further studies can enroll here due to the scholarship programs.

Au Pair

You can live under an Au Pair status in Finland for one year maximum. The host family will help you get accustomed to the local language and culture in exchange for performing some housework or babysitting. There are plenty of opportunities available but most of them might require you to have some basic knowledge of the local language.


There can be many reasons to do volunteering work in Finland. Not only is it a way to give back to the community and help marginalised groups but it is also a way to gain some work experience and polish your Finnish speaking skills. Some of the organisations where you can volunteer in Finland include:

  • Finnish Red-cross
  • Go Eco
  • ICYE Finland

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