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Eco-friendly travel guide to Tbilisi advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Panoramic view of Tbilisi

  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$50 - $530
  • Budget per day: US$40 - $450

Responsible Travel

Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia. Since there are a lot of exciting tourist attractions in the city, you can always go there to explore and learn new things. As you travel around Tbilisi, you should play your part by travelling responsibly. You can do that in different ways like:

  • Make use of public transport when you’re traveling around Tbilisi. Apart from the fact that you’re contributing to the local economy, public transports are also safer and better managed. They are eco friendly so it reduces your carbon footprint.
  • Always purchase from the locals. By doing that, you’re helping the locals and local business owners will appreciate you for that. Instead of buying from MNCs and popular international chains which are not sustainable or eco friendly it is always ideal to buy local and support small businesses.
  • Make sure that you stay in green hotels. They are different kinds of accommodation options available. So you can just choose any one that you like.

Air Quality and Pollution

The air quality in Tbilisi is extremely toxic because of the increased number of factories and cars there. About 30 years ago, the 'Clean Air Act' started to make sure that clean fuels are used. That was to no avail and Tbilisi remains one of the top three cities in Europe with the most toxic air quality according to the World Health Organisation.

Since almost all vehicles contribute to air pollution, the problem remains unsolved. Scientists in Tbilisi have started working on alternatives to cars. The citizens and government have also emphasised on using public transport and bicycles. Even with the bad air quality in Tbilisi, you can still enjoy your trip but wear a mask if you have any respiratory issues.

Respect the Culture

Georgians in Tbilisi value their culture a lot. To explore the city responsibly, you have to respect their culture and traditions. Georgians greet by shaking hands or a kiss on the cheek and saying "ganarjoba" but since the global pandemic it is better to avoid that until they initiate it themselves but do say the greeting out loud because before you start a conversation with anyone, you have to greet them politely. Eye contact is also important, especially when you’re interacting with someone older than you.

The ways that you can respect the culture of Georgia is by reading up on their political system. The locals will really appreciate that. Learn a few phrases of the local language. Taking interest in the local cuisine, their lifestyle and they will definitely see how you are respecting their culture.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Narikala Fortress: It is one of the popular ancient places in Tbilisi. If you want how a Persian Citadel looks like in the past, you should go there.
  • Funicular: Apart from the nice view you will enjoy when you’re on top, there are a lot of fun activities available. When you’re on top of the building, you can always bring out your smartphone and take nice pictures.
  • Anchiskhati Basilica: it is the oldest church in the whole of Tbilisi. It has been built since the 6th century.
  • Cable Car: You can enjoy a nice ride on Tbilisi’s most exciting cable car and it will also make up for a great date idea.
  • Georgian National Museum: You will learn a lot about Tbilisi’s culture here. From gold to precious stonework, a lot of historical items are always available for people to see.
  • MOMA Tbilisi: It is a popular museum in Tbilisi. You can go here to view the great works of Zurab Tsereteli. He was the founder of the museum.
  • Project ArtBeat: If you’re into art, you should create time to here. Art shows are always hosted frequently. You won’t only be given a chance to show your work; you will also meet great Georgian artists.
  • National Gallery: You can go there to explore the paintings of Pirosmani. He was the greatest Georgian painter ever to live.
  • Presidential Palace: As the name implies, it is Georgia’s great palace. Recently, they started to open it for visitors to explore.
  • Mtatsminda Park: Even though the majority of the things there are for children to have fun, adults can also go there. If you’re bold enough, you can use the Ferris wheel and have a nice time.
The glorious Narikala Fortress


From beaches to national parks, there are a lot of exciting places that you can explore at Tbilisi. Some of them are listed below. You can also hire a tour guide who can show you around the city.

City Parks

  • Rike Park: It is one of the latest parks in Tbilisi. Everything there is built in a modern way. You will meet a lot of new people there during the summer. Musical shows are also held there in the evening.
  • Tbilisi Botanical Garden: There are more than 300 species of plants there. There are also waterfalls and mountains. It is the perfect definition of a botanical garden.
  • Vake Park: It is the largest park in the city. If you love sports, you can go there. You will meet people playing different kinds of sport. Board games like chess are also available there.
Rike Park

National Parks

  • Mziuri Park: If you’re looking for a park to chill and relax, you should visit Mziuri Park. There is also a car and a recreational center for children to have fun.
  • Kus Tba: You’re going to get fresh air whenever you visit Kus Tba. If you go there during summer, you’re going to meet a lot of people. They also have a nice coffee. So you can always purchase one cup and go hiking.
  • Mtatsminda Park: From water slides to carousels, people go there for different reasons. It is also a favorite among foreigners. So it is a must-see if you’re in Tbilisi for the first time.
View from Mtatsminda Park in winter


  • Tbilisi Sea: It is the only beach in the city. Even though it has been there since 1953, it is still popular among locals and foreigners in Tbilisi. The majority of the people go there on the hottest days of the summer. The entry is free. You should bring money if you want to purchase things there. If the place is far from you, you can get there with a public transport taxi. If you’re experienced, you can swim in the sea. There are also boats available for people to use.
The magnificent view of Tbilisi Sea will leave you awestruck


  • Bridge of Peace: If you want to know what a modern bridge looks like, visit the Bridge of peace. People are allowed to use boats to explore the place. Since a lot of people are always there, boats are used in turns.
  • Sculpture the Toaster: The sculpture here is of great historical importance. It was made with pure bronze. You can even take pictures with the statue. You should go there on weekdays. People are usually much on weekends. So you might not get close to the sculpture.
  • Freedom Monument: It was made of bronze and gold. The freedom monument is 35m tall. Zurab Tsereteli gave it to Georgia to celebrate the new era of independence that started in 2003.


  • Museum of Georgia: The Archaeological Treasury and other great exhibitions are in display here. Some of the goldsmith work there was made in the 3rd century. If you love history, you should create time to go there.
  • Art Palace: From music to choreography, you will learn a lot about Georgian art here. If you’re a writer, you can also go there to get inspired. There are writings of some popular Georgian authors there.
  • State Silk Museum: They don’t just keep Georgian silk collections here; they keep silk collections of more than 60 countries. No matter what country you are, you will find history books that you like there. Some of those books are written in English, Chinese, French, and so on.
State Silk Museum


There is a popular misconception that Georgian food is heavy. The fact is that there are a lot of Georgian foods. There are heavy and light meals. So it just depends on the one that you like. The most popular dish in Tbilisi is Khinkali. Khinkali can be eaten in different ways. You can either eat it with potato or with cheese. It is made of water, flour, meat, and other light things. It is not easy to learn how to prepare. So you should purchase it from restaurants in your first few months in Tbilisi.

Another popular Georgian meal is Badrijani nigvi. All over the world, it is referred to as eggplant with walnut. Badrijani nigvi is made by combining eggplant, vinegar, walnut, and other minor things. Other delicious meals in the city are Khachapuri, Pkhali, Lobio, and so on.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Salobie Bia: It is a popular restaurant in the city, so it gets busy in the evening. If you want to purchase a meal without any delay, you should go there before 7 pm. They only sell local Georgian meals. You can also purchase cold wines and beer there.
  • Chashnagiri: If you speak English, you should go there. The majority of their staff learn the language well so that they will serve you easily. Just like Salobie Bia, almost all local Georgian dishes are served at Chashnagiri.
  • Maspindzelo: The menu here consists of a lot of meals. Since the majority of their meals are affordable, you don’t have to spend much. If you love chebureki, you should go there. They are the best in preparing the meal.

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Hurma: In Hurma, you can select from 6 vegetarian dishes. Smoothies such as apple, ginger, and pumpkin are also available there. If you want a great value for a little amount, you should go there.
  • Sakhli 11: You don’t only eat here; you also listen to popular Georgian music. There is a DJ that plays music there every time. The place is neat, and they offer delicious local meals. They also have a lot of wines. So you can select anyone that you like.
  • Rustaveli Cafe: it is popular because of its great staff. As a foreigner, you will be given a menu and allowed you would be allowed to taste any food that you want. You will be served the one that you like the most.

Street Food

Georgian meals are known to be delicious and rich. The street food is no different. The majority of them are made with bread, yogurt, and skewers. No matter where you are, you will be able to purchase Georgian street foods. Khinkali is quite popular in Tbilisi. It is a delicious meal made with broth, meat, and spice. You can also eat it with black pepper. It depends on you.

MTsvadi, also known as the Georgian barbecue, is popular street food in the city. If you love onions, you can add it to improve the taste. Other street foods in Tbilisi are Qababi, Khachapuri, and likes.

Khachapuri which is a cheese filled bread is a street food staple in Georgia


They sell local drinks in almost all Georgian restaurants in Tbilisi. There are different kinds of alcoholic drinks. So you can always go with the one that you can handle. If you don’t like alcoholic drinks, you can also go for the local juices and drinks available at Tbilisi.

Some of the popular alcoholic drinks are chacha and Tsinandali. Tsinandali is more of a wine, and the percentage of alcohol inside is 10%. Other local wines available in the city are Akhasheni, Saperavi, and Tvishi. From mineral water to soft drinks, you can always purchase non-alcoholic drinks in Tbilisi. Some of them are Kbac and Lemonade.


Tbilisi’s tap water is safe for consumption. It meets the full requirements of the world health organization. Before tap water is supplied in Tbilisi, it passes through different stages of testing. Well-experienced microbiologists carry out those tests. During the summer, tests are improved. They do that to keep the population safe.

Even though the water in Tbilisi is safe, you shouldn’t drink it every time. You can purchase bottled water for that purpose. Tap-waters can be used to wash, bath, and do other things that you like. Tap-waters are almost in every place in Tbilisi. You will find them in every hotel, apartment, hostels, and even on the streets. There are also tap-waters in some restaurants.

Organic Cafés

  • Kiwi Café: Home-made pastries and soy milk are served here. If you’re searching for a great place to take coffee at any time of the day, you should go there.
  • Hurma Café: It is highly recommended for foreigners that are finding it difficult to adapt to the weather in Tbilisi. They serve both hot and cold coffees. So you can go there during winter or summer.
  • Erti Kava: Unlike other organic cafes, vegan cocoa is served here. Since they also serve plant milk, it is the best organic café to visit health-wise. The prices of coffee at Erti Kava is good for both natives and foreigners. Since there are a lot of options available, you just have to select the one that you can afford.


  • 9MTA: No matter the percentage of alcohol that you can handle, you will find a drink that suits you here. Since beers are produced there, the prices are lower than those you get in supermarkets. 9MTA is located at Galaktion.
  • Kazbegi Beer: If you’re searching for where to purchase cheap and quality beer, you should visit Kazbegi. You might be a little bit confused when you get there. Just know the beers are sold on the 2nd floor.
  • NaturAle: Even though NaturAle is small, great beers are served there. For as little as $2, you can get a cup of beer. If you want a bottle, you will have to spend more.


There are a lot of exciting places in Tbilisi. The more you go out, the more you enjoy the city. In a short time, you will become obsessed. If you love sewing, you can decide to visit Fabrica. Fabrica is a sewing factory known all over the world. Apart from that, you can also study other creative things that are on display there.

On weekends, music concerts are held in various places across Tbilisi. As international DJs perform there, people drink, dance, and have fun. Street art is popular in Tbilisi. A man popularly known as LAMB took street arts to another level. You can always trek across the city to view his incredible works. If you’re an artist, you can even get inspired by his works.

Yoga and Retreats

A lot of people do yoga nowadays. There are different ways yoga can be performed. One thing common to all of them is that they are done to improve the mental health of people. It started in India, and after some time, it was spread to other parts of the world. Recently, yoga is becoming more popular in Tbilisi. There are now yoga pop-ups and retreats, almost everywhere.

No matter how experienced you are, you will find a yoga class that suits you. There are a lot of yoga teachers. Almost all of them are good. So you should just choose the one that you understand easily. The reason is that ineffective communication can be a barrier. Popular yoga places in Tbilisi are:

  • Sam Raan Spa
  • LUMOS Yoga Studio
  • Yoga Studio 9


When people visit Georgia, they prefer to stay at Tbilisi. The reason is that the Wi-Fi is fast, and the cost of living is low. You don’t need much to survive in the city. Even though there are a lot of accommodations available, finding the one that fits, you can be a little bit difficult.

Any accommodation can have big and convenient rooms but far from the hospital. That is why you should reach the city before deciding where to stay. If you search for accommodations online, you might get scammed. Some of the places that you can stay will be discussed below.

Marriott Hotel, Tbilisi

Green Hotels

Even though there are no green hotels in the city, you can still stay in other eco-friendly places. Some of them are hostels and guest houses. They will be discussed as we go further. If you don’t want to spend much on accommodation, you can get a host. That will be discussed better in the couch surfing section.

Hostels and Guest Houses

  • M42 Hostel: It was established by the soviet lens. The soviet lens is a popular group of photographers in Tbilisi. It is easy to get there. All you have to do is board a public transport vehicle to Rustaveli. From Rustaveli street, a 10 minutes’ walk would land you in the beautiful hostel. There is a good Wi-Fi, heater, and air conditioning system. So you can go during winter or summer.
  • Mr. Alex Hostel: It is located in the center of Tbilisi. So no matter where you go, you won’t spend much to return there. The rooms are also well-spaced and packaged. From rechargeable lamps to towels, you will find almost everything you need inside.
  • Novyy Hostel: If you don’t want to spend much on accommodation, Novvy hostel is the right place for you. With a little amount, you will enjoy the comfort of a quality bed, good staff, and a neat environment.
  • Moosica Hostel: It is one of the latest hostels in Tbilisi. Different fun activities are always held there. So you can stay all day without getting bored. In the night, the bar is usually opened. You can drink there and meet new people.


When you’re searching for where to stay in Tbilisi, you have to be careful. Some places are beautiful and exciting, but they lack water. So you’ve to go into details if you want to get the best value for your money. If you’re someone that likes swimming, you should look for an apartment with a pool. The reason is that all Tbilisi apartments don’t have pools. It is not advisable to book apartments online. The best way is to meet your landlord and discuss the necessary terms.

The majority of the apartments in Tbilisi are not expensive. The reason is that almost all bills are shared. Those bills include payments for electricity, Wi-Fi, and the likes.


Couchsurfing has been in practice in Tbilisi for a long time. Some people now see it as part of their culture. Some Georgians in Tbilisi are lonely and willing to accommodate people to live with them. So they register on various websites and offer free lodgings. If you’re interested, all you have to do is visit the site and apply. If you are offered, you will live with your host. So you won’t spend a dime on accommodation.

Your Couchsurfing experience depends on your host. If you have a friendly and generous host, you’re going to have a nice time. Couchsurfing is easier among students. If you’re an international student that can’t afford the regular hostel fee, you can stay with a friend. He can either accommodate you for free or collect a small amount of money.


  • DATA house: Even though space here is quite small, you can manage there for a few days. One advantage of staying there is that it isn’t far from the main places in the city. It is quite close to freedom square. If you’re going to Rustaveli or the nearest airport, you will have to board a public transport vehicle. It is 800 meters and 14 kilometers far from those places, respectively.
  • Green Cottages: You won’t only get where to sleep here; you will also get a parking space. Since it is about 20 kilometers from the airport, it is not a bad place to camp.
  • Guest house: Unlike the other campsites, you will be offered breakfast here. The car park is also free to use, and you will enjoy the fast Wi-Fi.

How to Get There

As Tbilisi continues to grow as an exciting place for tourism, more people go there yearly. You can access the beautiful city in several ways. It depends on how far it is to you. You can go there by bus, air, or train. If you’re coming from a different country, you have no choice but to travel by air. On the other hand, you can get there by bus or train if you’re traveling in Georgia. In the following sections, you will learn how to get there through those various means.


Tbilisi Airport, the main airport in the city, is easily accessible through public transport. Only one terminal is used for local and international travel. Since the airport is quite small, it is easy to know every place there.

If you want to leave Tbilisi and go to another place in Georgia, you can pre-book a flight. Since you might be tired immediately you arrive in the city, you can spend a few days in the hotels close to Tbilisi airport. Some of the hotels are Hotel Lilo and Marcos. With as little as $25, you can book a room there.

Departure Hall at Shota Rustaveli Tbilisi International Airport


The majority of the buses in Tbilisi are painted blue or yellow. All of them are also registered, and you will see their route number barely displayed on them. It is easy to board one. In Tbilisi bus stops, there is an electronic board that displays information about the next bus and where it is going. It will also state how long it would take passengers to arrive there.

Unlike Tbilisi flights, you can pre-book a space on the bus. You will have to pay upon entry. The payments can be paid in two methods. You can pay with a Metromani card or Express pay. Tbilisi buses have specific places where they stop and allow passengers to get down. Make sure you stop at the bus stop closest to where you’re going.

Bus Stop


Out of all means of transport in Tbilisi, the train is the cheapest. It even has a connection with the main airport in Tbilisi. The distance between the railway station and the airport is about 70 meters. So you won’t find it difficult to get there.

Tbilisi trains can accommodate up to 100 passengers at once. So it is effective since it is fast too. Unlike before, it is now easier to book trains. At most, you will get a train within 40 minutes of getting to the railway station. Tbilisi train works in the morning and afternoon. If you want to go with the first batch, you should go there as early as 7 am.

Subway Tbilisi


Since the condition of roads in Tbilisi is good, hitchhiking is quite easy there. In a short time, you will meet people who have been hitchhiking in Tbilisi. They will teach you how to find spots easily. If you’re experienced, you can even hitchhike on highways. No one will stop you. Vehicles pass almost every time. So you don’t have to wait for long.

To find spots easily, you should learn a few words in the Georgian language. Responsible locals will be open to teaching you that. If you are hitchhiking with your partner, you shouldn’t get too intimate in public. That is a huge turn off to some Georgians in Tbilisi.


Apart from buses, trains, and airplanes, there are other means by which you can travel within Tbilisi. They include cable cars, metro, and minibusses. The cable car in Tbilisi was opened in the year 1905. With a little amount, you can move with a cable car. It is important to know that the Metromani card is not an acceptable means of paying for cable cars.

Unlike trains, the metro in Tbilisi can be used from morning till evening. As stated earlier, mini-buses are also used in the city. Unlike big buses, all minibusses are painted yellow. You can also stop anywhere you want. You just have to inform the driver. Payment in minibusses is also easier. Cash payments are accepted.

Moving Around

As stated earlier, you can move around Tbilisi with metro, taxi, cars, and the likes. Taxis are very reliable as they are available everywhere. With a few USD, you can take taxis to almost every place in the city. You can even take a taxi immediately after you reach the city.

There are taxis in front of hotels, airports, and different stations. The stations include bus and train stations. With the train networks in Tbilisi, you can access almost all the major places in the city. If you’re able to get a good vehicle, it is the easiest way to move within the city. You will have the freedom to move anywhere you like in the city.


The major way of going around the city is by trekking. There are some tourist attractions that are situated on the same street. If you live in those streets, you can easily visit the tourist attractions by trekking. Since trekking doesn’t involve the use of cars that cause air pollution, it is eco-friendly.

There are also many plants and trees in the city. They serve as a shade and provide you with fresh air as you explore the beautiful city by trekking. Tbilisi is also trying to reduce traffic by restricting public transport vehicles from accessing certain places. That move shows that they encourage more people to trek when they are going to places that are not far.


You can explore Tbilisi by bicycle. You just have to know the right places to visit. There are people that rent out bicycles at a small fee. Since bicycles are eco-friendly, you can use them in almost every place in Tbilisi. Another advantage of bicycles is that you can access some places that public transport vehicles can’t access. Bicycles are built to be small. So they can pass through tiny places easily.

Whenever you rent a bicycle in Tbilisi, you have to make sure that it is in good condition. If you damage the bicycle in any way, you’re going to pay for repairs. You can research where to rent bicycles in the city. When you consider location and prices, you should decide on the right one for you. After paying, you can get your bicycle from the nearest store.

Electronic Vehicles

Recently, the number of electronic vehicles in Tbilisi has started to increase. Electronic vehicles are best used for moving within short distances. Since Tbilisi is not too big, the majority of the people cover a few meters in a day. So electronic vehicles can be used effectively in the city. The electricity used in powering electronic vehicles is generated from power plants.

Since power-plants don’t release emissions, the use of electronic vehicles is eco-friendly. Even though electronic vehicles are not much as at now, a lot would be produced in the nearest future. The cost of petrol in Tbilisi and the rest of Georgia is high. So the use of electronic vehicles will help improve the standard of living of the people.

Public Bus

Since public buses are fast and affordable, they are widely used in the city. Before you decide to take a bus, you have to be aware of their operating time. Get there on time and get a space. Public transport buses can be stopped anywhere. So you can decide to stop exactly where you want to visit.

The more you use public buses, the more you help to improve the economy of Tbilisi. The majority of public buses are operated by Georgian locals. So you will get the best service possible. The majority of the public bus fees are also fixed. So you will know the amount of money to take with you when you’re going.

Tram, Train and Subway

The railways in Tbilisi were established a long time ago, they are widespread and you can use them easily. However, the railways don’t cover all places in Tbilisi. .

Recently, the Georgian government has started to make new plans to extend the railway to other popular places in the city. So more people will start to use it. Since fewer emissions are generated from trains, it is eco-friendlier than buses and cars.

Subway Tbilisi

Sustainable Shopping

Shopping has improved in Tbilisi greatly. Unlike before, you can now purchase things as soon as you identify them. You don’t have to join a queue before someone attends to you. There are stores that specialize in different products. If you want to purchase clothes, you will go to where only clothes are sold. So you will be able to select from a lot of options.

For people that love to purchase artworks, there are places where art exhibitions are done frequently. You can always go there to purchase. If you’re an artist that wants to sell his works, you can also visit those places. There are also eco-friendly shopping malls where different local products are sold. If you want to purchase a lot of things at once, you can visit such places.

Food Markets

  • Dinamo Market: it is opened every day of the week. After 6 pm, the place is closed for business. As you can purchase ingredients here, already prepared meals are also available. The majority of the things sold there were brought directly from the farm. So the more you purchase there, the more you support the local farmers
  • Dezerter Bazaar: If you want to purchase souvenirs, Dezerter Bazaar is the perfect place for you. The prices are good. You are going to get the right value for everything you purchase there. You should also support the local people by purchasing your meals there. They offer different kinds of dishes. If you glance through their menu, you will see one that you like.
  • Meidan Bazar: If you’re looking for a fancier place, you should visit Meidan Bazar. Some of the things you can purchase there are alcohol, sweets, teas, and the likes.

Flea Markets

  • Street Market: Everything sold here is of high quality. Since they sell only locally made products, you are indirectly improving Tbilisi economy by purchasing there. Some of the things that are sold there are accessories, tea delights, and the likes.
  • Dry Bridge Market: From old pins to housewares, there are a lot of old things that you can purchase here. It is popular because all their items go at a low price.
  • Antique Bazaar: There is no time that you won’t find interesting things here. Some of the items available for sale there are chandeliers, accessories, and utensils.

Second Hand Stores

  • Them and Theirs: They sell unisex clothes here. Even though the clothes are second hand, they are still in good condition. It is situated in Niagvris street.
  • Vintylator: Even though the size is amall, a lot of clothing items are always available there. Some of them are jackets, coats, and dresses. All the clothes sold there are quality, and they last for a long time. It is situated in Marjanishvili street.
  • Day Off Store: If you love jewelry, you should visit the Day Off store. You might even be lucky enough to find original ones that are made of pure gold. The day off store is located at Vertskhli street.


There are a lot of creative people in Tbilisi and the rest of Georgia. The majority of those people specialize in art and fashion. So they make amazing designers. To support the local people, almost make sure you purchase your clothes from the local stores in town. Some of the popular Tbilisi designers are listed below

  • Ingorokva: It is a designer that specializes in producing clothes that help publicize the great culture at Tbilisi. Since they prioritize quality over quantity, you will get the value for your money.
  • George Keburia: It specializes in making bright color clothes with different fabrics. From miniskirts to leather bags, almost all female wears are available for sale there.


Since the waste management company in Tbilisi can’t access every place, some wastes are left uncollected. That is what applies to almost all places that can’t be accessed by vehicles. On the other hand, the waste management company collects every waste in urban areas. They do it once or twice a week.

Apart from the money waste management companies collect from residents, they also earn a lot by recycling the wastes that they collected. More efforts are being made to collect waste from rural areas. The Georgian government is also trying to improve their recycling methods. The aim is to generate more useful products from all wastes collected. Whenever you’re in the city, make sure the waste management systems collect your waste. It is eco-friendly.


A lot of wastes in Georgia are dumping in landfill sites yearly. Even though it is not a good way of dumping waste, it is common in Tbilisi. Another issue is that majority of those landfills are not properly registered. Only above 4 of them have been properly tested and registered by the waste management system in the city. As a foreigner, you shouldn’t join them in doing such things. It is harmful to public health.

As a result of those things, the Georgian government has made a lot of moves. You will now find recycle bins in almost every place in Tbilisi. Locals are also encouraged to make use of waste management systems. You just need to know when they are coming to your streets. Pack everything well and dump them off once they get to you. By doing that, you’re contributing to the better health of the public.

Work and Study Abroad

As an international student in Tbilisi, you can work as you study. There are several part-time jobs students can do while on the campus. The amount of hours you can work depends on the course you’re studying. While medical students barely have time for other things, students in other departments can work for as long as 5 hours daily. The only issue you might face is the language barrier. To have a better chance of landing good jobs, you should learn the Georgian language.

Exchange Student

Exchange programs are popular in Tbilisi. Some Tbilisi schools are partners with a lot of schools abroad. Once in a while, they send some of their students to study in those partner schools. Students from those partner schools also come to Tbilisi to study. So they gain from each other. The majority of exchange programs last for a semester or a whole academic session.

Exchange programs are one of the cheapest methods of studying abroad. Since it is a partnership, the school fees you are going to pay will reduce drastically. It also helps produce better students in Tbilisi. If you’re an exchange student, your certificate will contain two schools. When you graduate, you will have a better chance of securing jobs than others.

Au Pair

Au pair services are available in Tbilisi. If you can’t afford accommodation, you can choose to stay with someone. Since your host is accommodating you for free, you will have to do minor things for him in return. You can choose to be doing the chores in the house. If your host as a baby, you can assist him/her by taking care of the child.

In Au pair, there are age restrictions. Apart from teenagers and young adults, they don’t allow other people to do such things. Au pairs focus on two things while staying with their host. They work for their host, and they also learn the Georgian language. Au pairs are treated in different ways. If your host likes you, he might even consider you as part of the family.


Volunteering is one of the eco-friendliest things that you can do while at Tbilisi. Whenever you are free, you can labor for the growth of the city. In some volunteering services, you have to go through some training. For instance, special skills are required to volunteer in education.

Some sub-standard schools don’t have enough to run on their own. The government and volunteers can help such schools to get on track. Everyone cant volunteer in medicine. If you’re not medical personnel, you will have to go through several pieces of training to volunteer in that area. You don’t only improve Tbilisi when you volunteer; you are improving yourself as a team player.

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