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Eco-friendly travel guide to Torremolinos advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Torremolinos, Spain.

View over Torremolinos

  • Air quality: 3.2 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 2.8 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.0 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.3 / 5
  • Parks: 3.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4.0 / 5
  • Safety: 3.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$25 - $150
  • Budget per day: US$40 - $200

Responsible Travel

As a traveler, you need to satisfy a few obligations and duties to travel mindfully.

Incline toward visiting the city during the low season as the travel industry is a huge issue in Torremolinos. You won't get the best insight out of your movement in the pinnacle season. The fall, winter, and late-winter seasons are ideal for visiting the city as the travel industry is less, and you will appreciate it.

With high travel industry rates, the interest for convenience is generally high, which has brought about numerous unregistered convenience properties. To dodge such places, consistently make sure if the property is enrolled for the travel industry or not. Continuously lean toward remaining at green lodgings, inns, and guesthouses as they use eco-accommodating measures to limit their effect on the climate and are additionally very moderate.

While investigating the nearby culture and food in Torremolinos, lean toward neighborhood organizations over large business chains as they serve better quality dishes that are sourced locally. These neighborhood organizations offer similar administrations as the huge business chains at a lower rate and better quality. Doing so will assist you with keeping up your spending plan and backing these neighborhood organizations to develop.

Air Quality and Pollution

The country Spain is marked as one of the worst ozone polluters in the world. Spain's major cities like Madrid, Seville, Valencia, and Barcelona are the worst offenders that exceed the government's guidelines and limits of air pollution. The situation is not that bad in cities in Torremolinos. In the city of Torremolinos, the air quality is somewhat stable than in other parts of the country. The air there is acceptable for most parts, and people can live a sustainable life there. Still, it is very much advised that people with breathing and serious health issues should refrain from this region, and even if they visit, they should follow their safety measures that their doctor has prescribed.

Respect the Culture

During the principal half of the nineteenth century, the town was remade, and by 1849 there were 14 factories, a more full factory p Kraft paper, and 785 occupants. With the downfall of the plant, Torremolinos turned into a little fishing town until the 1950s, when it got one of the principal places of interest in the Costa del Sol. During the 1950s, numerous famous people visited Torremolinos like Grace Kelly, Ava Gardner, Marlon Brando, Orson Welles, and Frank Sinatra. The liberal and cosmopolitan cosmetics of the town proceeds with today, where crossdressers have the youngsters' ability shows, and nobody fluttered an eyelid at semi-stripped men swaggering about around evening time in the Nogalera clubs and bars.

In 1959, the Art Deco-styled Pez Espada lodging was opened, the main lavish inn along the coast. Before very long, new lodgings, dance clubs, and other vacationer pointed foundations changed the essence of the town and its seashores. By 1965, Torremolinos was at that point united as a significant traveler objective. There are numerous store lodgings, and since the appointment of the current Mayor,[when?] more than 20 million euros has been put resources into inn restorations. Room rates are presently just about as high as 1000 euro each night.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • La Carihuela: This is Torremolinos' previous fishing region, and surprisingly, however, most hints of the old business are gone, the area hasn't lost any of its appeals. Only from the promenade, there's a little framework of calm roads where bougainvillea climbs low-ascent houses' dividers. You have a long walkway at the beachfront that interfaces with Benalmádena and has practically such a café and bar you can think about. Most foundations here are open-fronted so that you can look out at the twilight Mediterranean over a plate of pescaíto Frito.
  • The Old Town: The Old Town of Torremolinos is a genuine jewel among the seaside towns and urban communities. It's very petit and loose, with not very many swarmed squares or huge structures, making it a valid and quiet spot. The ideal approach to find the middle is by losing all sense of direction in the tight Andalusian roads, with a lot of little bars and bistros on their corners welcoming you to encounter some tasty and new threats as well as to impart to you the real and cordial environment.
  • Jardín Botánico Molino de Inca: After the radiant coastline, head down to this secret little diamond to end up in an awesome sprouting garden! Fabulous greeneries, aviaries, a labyrinth, a Japanese nursery, and a little exhibition hall are here to bring you into a unique landscape and climate. This tranquil and wild desert garden is something you'll unquestionably appreciate after the rushing about of the touristy ocean side.
  • Parque La Bateria: Simply back from La Carihuela is an extensive and very much-kept park close to Torremolinos' train station. Parque La Batería has new yards, palms, and topiaries close to wide and superb lanes, just as various shocks that will keep you and your family involved for a brief period. There's a lake where you can employ a dinghy for some time, a beautiful created iron structure, and a merry go round for little kids. Climb the "mirador" to look past Torremolinos' condo squares to the Mediterranean and back at the hinterland mountains. As the name would advise you, the recreation center is on the site of the city's previous battery, and its mid-eighteenth century weapon positions have been kept as remembrances.
  • Crocodile Park: At the passage, this creature fascination will resemble a Saharan fort, of the sort you'd hope to find in Timbuktu. Inside there are trails that twist through tropical vegetation close to pools slithering for certain 300 crocodiles. In one dwells Big Daddy, the biggest crocodile in Europe, weighing just about 600 kilograms. The crocodiles are quite latent until an overseer ventures into the nook, so it's a smart thought to hang tight for a live exhibit. Visitors who pay somewhat more at the entryway can have their photograph taken with a child crocodile in their arms.
  • Casa de los Navajas: In the mid-twentieth century, Spain's archaic Moorish-style design (Mudéjar) was back in design. For an extraordinary illustration of this neo-Mudéjar configuration, climb the means to this striking chateau, which sits close to the seashore at Playamar and was worked by the affluent neighborhood finance manager Antonio Navajas: It resembles the Great Gatsby meets the Alhambra. Presently, nearly a century after it was fabricated, the house has been redesigned and is available to general society. Get a decent gander at the mosaics on the exterior and the furnishings and fittings that meld the Spanish renaissance with workmanship deco. The house's second floor was planned as a porch and waterfront post with wonderful Mediterranean perspectives.
  • Calle San Miguel: Climbing strongly from the beachfront at Bajondillo is Torremolinos' vivacious shopping territory. Calle San Miguel is a person on foot road with eateries, bars, keepsake shops, and some Spanish high-road brands like Stradivarius and Pull and Bear. Likewise, there's a part of the Catalan pastry shop chain, Granier, to entice you inside for a croissant or doughnut. On the off chance that you cross Calle Casablanca and proceed with Calle Santos Arcángeles, you'll arrive at Plaza San Miguel, a beautiful square with created iron lamps and the little ornate Church of San Miguel that you can enter for a speedy look.
  • Andalusian Horse show: This exciting and lovely pony show is played out each Wednesday at 17:45 and has been coordinated persistently throughout the previous 22 years! You'll be welcome to look at stunning exhibitions of the best Andalusian riders and their ponies while appreciating an invigorating Tinto de Verano from the seats! The exact movement and music that goes with the exhibitions – a genuine magnum opus of human-creature execution and an energizing show you should see when going through the Andalusian coastline!
  • Benalmádena Pueblo: On certain days all the commotion and action of the ocean side may get somewhat overpowering, and this is the point at which you can get away to one of the customary ridge towns in the area. Benalmádena Pueblo is the nearest to Torremolinos and is a delight. The houses are on the whole white, save for the earthenware rooftop tiles, and the asphalts are laid in a bringing checkered example. Numerous homes enhance their dividers with mounted plant pots in which geraniums make eruptions of shading. For lunch or a beverage, advance toward Plaza de España, which is ringed with orange trees that conceal the cafés' outside tables.
  • Benalmádena Cable-Car: Only a couple of minutes away is the streetcar station that associates Benalmádena with the culmination of Mount Calamorro, 771 meters over the ocean. In transit and at the top, you'll be remunerated with the most sweeping perspectives on the Costa del Sol. On sunny mornings you can see right to North Africa from here. The organization that works the streetcar has additionally positioned a small bunch of attractions at the top. The Valley of the Eagles is remembered for your ticket and puts on exhibitions with hawks, birds of prey, and vultures. You're likewise allowed to meander aimlessly along just about three kilometers of trails, followed by wild spices like thyme, lavender, and marjoram.
Parque La Bateria


Torremolinos is a tremendously famous city among sightseers, and explorers from all over the globe are frequently kicking the bucket to visit the city and lose all sense of direction in every last bit of its superbness. Being perhaps the most visited and quite possibly the most sought-after objections every year, you can be guaranteed that there will be scores of sightseers and no lack of attractions to visit. Probably the most noticeable ones that you should visit are recorded underneath.

City Parks

Torremolinos is a city that is surrounded by nature. The city is a heavily populated part of the country, and it is quite common to see the majority of the population going to a number of parks within the city to be on with nature. Here is the list of all the city parks that is present in the city of Torremolinos.

  • Parque de la Batería
  • Molino de Inca Botanical Garden
  • Crocodile Park
  • Pinar de los Manantiales
  • Aqualand Torremolinos
  • Parque de la Paloma
  • Mini Golf Park
  • Tivoli World
  • Jardín Oriental Bienquerido
  • Rústico Casablanca Park
Molino de Inca Botanical Garden

National Parks

As of now, there are no national parks present in the city of Torremolinos. In the future, the situation might change.


  • La Carihuela Beach: La Carihuela Beach is the longest, most notorious seashore in Torremolinos. Only 18 kilometers outside the focal point of Malaga capital, this seashore traverses 2,100 meters long and 40 meters in normal width—from Bajondillo Beach right to Benalmádena Marina. Hang around here, and you'll track down a quiet tide, huge loads of eateries, and seashore bars close by (so you can attempt the zone's renowned seared fish!), loosening up territories canvassed in palm trees and places to lease loungers and water athletic gear. La Carihuela Beach is an incredible spot for grown-ups and youngsters the same.
  • Bajondillo Beach: All the more halfway situated in Torremolinos, between La Carihuela and Playamar seashores, Bajondillo Beach is without a doubt the busiest seashore in Torremolinos. Spreading over 1,000 meters in length and 40 meters wide, it's known for its great area, simple access, dull sand, and moderate tide. Go throughout the late spring and exploit its eateries, water sports stands (like pedal boat sellers!), and lounger rental administrations. El Paseo Marítimo del Bajondillo, a best position for family fun, is likewise close by.
  • Los Alamos Beach: Los Álamos Beach borders Malaga's capital and is perhaps the liveliest seashore in Costa del Sol. Spreading over 1,500 meters long and 60 meters in normal width, it has brilliant sand, moderate waves, and extraordinary conditions to exploit sports like kitesurfing and windsurfing with your family. In 2004, another cutting-edge promenade was added to Los Álamos Beach with many seating zones and manicured gardens. In case you're there with kids, you can lease pedal boats, stream skis, or banana skims! Need to unwind while your children play? Sign your little ones up for educator drove water exercises. At the same time, you snatch a beverage at one of the region's various seashore clubs, as Kokun Ocean Club, La Playa Summer Club, Palapa Beach Club, or Nuevo and Sur Beach Club.
  • Playamar Beach: Around 18 kilometers from Malaga's downtown area, between Los Álamos and Bajondillo seashores, Playamar Beach traverses 1,000 meters in length and 50 meters wide. Otherwise called "Retiro Beach," it has dull sand, moderate waves, and extraordinary conditions for appreciating water sports like cruising, paddle surfing, and scuba jumping. On the off chance that you'd prefer to stay ashore, there's a lot to do there—we suggest playing seashore volleyball at one of its public courts or leasing a lounger and influencing the day away. At the point when it's truly hot outside, the territory is loaded with covered shows and indoor exercises that are ideal for little ones.
La Carihuela Beach


  • Pimentel Tower: Known all through the territory, Pimentel Tower is perhaps the most acclaimed tourist spot in Torremolinos and stands close by the principal beachfront. Additionally referred to locally as the 'Torre Vigia,' the pinnacle is the town's namesake and was implicit the fourteenth century as a feature of the zone's protection methodology, being a remarkable post point. Today the pinnacle has become a well-known vacation spot by its own doing, and the flight of stairs can be climbed, offering sublime all-encompassing perspectives on the coastline from the top.
  • House of Navajas: Without question, perhaps the most cherished structures in Torremolinos, the Casa de Los Navajas, traces all the way back to 1925, when Antonio Navajas Ruiz worked it. Remaining in the High Bajondillo region, the house offered Mudejar-style engineering and was once claimed by the rich Luque Navajas family. The nearby chamber presently oversees the Casa de los Navajas.
  • San Miguel Hermitage: A notable and ancient white-washed structure, one of the zone's most notable human-made tourist spots, the San Miguel Hermitage is generally renowned for facilitating San Miguel's festivals, which are quite possibly the most famous occasions on the Torremolinos schedule, drawing in gigantic groups.
  • Ayuntamiento de Torremolinos: The Ayuntamiento de Torremolinos is the fabulous Town Hall and is home to various significant divisions and officials, liable for the zone's flourishing travel industry. With present-day white engineering and little wellsprings outside, the Torremolinos Town Hall coordinates large numbers of the territory's most prominent occasions.
San Miguel Hermitage


  • Galeria Gea
  • La Carihuela
  • El Molino Del Inca
  • Francisco Lopez Dibujante
  • Edificio Castillo San Carlos
  • Centro de Exposiciones de Benalmadena
  • Malaga Museum
  • Campo Alhaurin 1
  • Benalmadena Museum
  • Cabelbane
  • Museo Aeronautico de Malaga
  • Centrol Cultural Museo Taurino
  • Museo Jorge Rando
  • Museo Automovilistico de Malaga
  • Torre Mirador
  • Centro Cultural Pablo Ruiz Picasso
  • Interactive Music Museum

These are all the museums that are present in the city of Torremolinos.


Torremolinos is a center point for all food sweethearts. The ethnic style food things accessible everywhere on the city roads are known for their classiness and delicacy. In the event that you intend to visit Torremolinos at any point in the near future, you can make certain to fulfill the entirety of your food longings with its delectable dishes.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Caliu: This comfortable café in La Carihuela offers an extraordinary, quiet and agreeable air. Simply the ideal spot for a casual night out. Great wine and an incredible area to get a bona fide taste of Spanish food.
  • Vinicious: If you are that type of person searching for a genuine vibe of the "tapas way," this is the spot for you. Home-made tapas, excellent wine determination, and specialties that will take your breath away.
  • Secretos Ibericos: This is a restaurant that offers conventional "Pintxos" from the Basque Country and an incredible assortment of good ham and cheddar. Incredible eatery again for a genuine vibe of the "tapas way" will leave you with the taste of Torremolinos authenticity.
  • Taberna K Pasa: This customary Spanish bar offers home-prepared quality food in a comfortable air. It is an incredible spot for tapas or even full dish dinners.
  • Mejor Con Reserva: Little and comfortable café in Torremolinos opened its entryways in 2014 and has effectively become well known between the works of art. This moderate bistro offers a youthful and energizing kitchen that incorporates customary dishes with a curve.

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • The Wala Room
  • Restaurante Espiga
  • El Gato Lounge
  • Spice Grill Torremolinos
  • Kathmandu Restaurant
  • Restaurante italiano Il Pescatore
  • Spanish Garden
  • Restaurante Palette
  • The Royal Indian Restaurant
  • Mini India Torremolinos
  • The Carvery Company - Montemar
  • Bombay Grill
  • Chiringuito Los Bandoleros
  • Casero La comida
  • The Seaside
  • Othala's dream
  • Restaurante Colonia
  • Restaurant & Lounge

These are all the vegan restaurants that are present in the city of Torremolinos.

Street Food

Street food is a common thing in Torremolinos, and here are a few famous street foods of Torremolinos.

  • Bocadillo: It is a Spanish lunch sandwich that is made with Spanish bread, which is sweet to taste. It is a far-reaching road food among local people for lunch. You can pick the flavoring to place in your sandwiches like mustard, pureed tomatoes, or just mayonnaise.
  • Patatas Bravas: It is a Spanish adaptation of potato fries that is a very southern style and sporadically cut potato. It is prepared with zesty sauces and spices and is generally served in bars. It is a modest and basic road food that goes extraordinarily well with liquor.
  • Churros: Very few individuals realize that churros are Spanish started. You will find that churros are accessible on practically every road, bistro, and café in Spain as a result of the overall prominence.
  • Chorizo: It is perhaps the most acclaimed road food source in Spain and is a significant fascination for local people and vacationers. An exceptional sort of wiener matured, smoked, and restored, which gives it an unmistakable red tone from paprika. It is utilized in sandwiches as fillings and eaten alone with stewed fluids.


In the city of Torremolinos, you can find varieties of drinks from alcoholic to non-alcoholic. Some are served as refreshments during summer, and some are available during the winter. Some of these drinks can help you to keep your body warm. There are different beverages in Spain or, more specifically, in Torremolinos, some of the top-notch drinks served in Spain's cities, from restaurants to bars.


The tap water of this nation is good for drinking. The water filtration plants set up in numerous states are adequately proficient in giving clean water. Indeed, even the water supply pipes are cleaned so that there is no microorganisms present there. There is no compelling reason to purchase filtered water as it will make a great deal of contamination and increment your carbon impressions. The same is in one city in Spain that is Torremolinos. Around 63% of the water comes from surface water. These waterways supply water to the vast majority of the pieces of Torremolinos. Around 33% of the water comes from the earliest stage; the rest comes from different sources, such as desalination plants. Spain has severe laws identified with contamination; along these lines, dirtying waterways or other water bodies can cause genuine criminal offenses.

Organic Cafés

  • AVO coffee & bar
  • 40sillas
  • Panaderia Naranjito Confiteria
  • playa de torremolinos
  • Love Organic Ecomarket
  • Jazba
  • Asako Bistro
  • Häagen-Dazs

These are all the organic cafes that are present in Torremolinos.


  • La Cervezateca - Torremolinos
  • Attik Brewing
  • Cervecería Twister
  • Bonvivant Beer
  • Cerveceria Torremolinos
  • San Miguel Fábrica de Cerveza
  • BREWERY "SAVIS" - Fabrica de Cerveza "SAVIS"
  • Cervecería 100 Montaditos
  • The All Blacks Irish Pub
  • La Ola Brewing
  • Cerveza Artesana La Farola
  • La Fábrica - Craft Brewery and Tap Room by Cruzcampo
  • Cervezas Victoria
  • Pub Branigans
  • Stone Brewing
  • Toms Tavern
  • Exploring The World
  • Central Beers Craft Beer
  • Colors Irish Bar
  • Jarana Beer


There are huge loads of exercises that you can seek after while making the most of your visit to Torremolinos, Spain. Trekking is perhaps the most famous and adored game in the city. In any case, a few different excursions in this city will entrance as extinguish your hunger for experience.

Yoga and Retreats

There are not many yoga retreats present in the city of Torremolinos. Here is the list of some of them.

  • Free International Yoga Center
  • Yuktah Yoga
  • Yoga Instructor in Benalmadena
  • The Palms Spain
  • Centro Santillan


There are huge loads of great lodgings and visitor houses in the city of Torremolinos, Spain. Subsequently, being a traveler in this city would not present to you any difficulty. You can easily discover the absolute best inns to spend your excursion, and the majority of these lodgings have dazzling sights of normal excellence. This not just makes your time in this city more open yet additionally makes your visit beneficial and energizing. Given underneath are probably the most prestigious inns and visitor houses in the city of Torremolinos, Spain, and you can look at them in the event that you are anticipating visiting the spot later on.

Green Hotels

There are several green hotels present in the city of Torremolinos. Here is the list of some of the most famous green hotels within the city.

  • Melia Costa del Sol
  • Sol Don Marco by Melia
  • Sol Don Pablo
  • Sol Don Pedro

Hostels and Guest Houses

  • Beatriz

Hostal Beatriz is found only 50 m from Torremolinos' Bajondillo Beach. It offers cooled rooms with a gallery and ocean sees, some of which have a kitchenette. The rooms at the Beatriz include tiled floors and a basic stylistic layout. Everyone accompanies a TV, free Wi-Fi, and a private washroom. Staff at a gathering can give data about what the Costa del Sol has to bring to the table. With great admittance to the A-7 Motorway, the visitor house is a 15-minute drive from Málaga Airport and a little ways from the downtown area. This is our visitors' main thing from Torremolinos, as per free audits.

  • Escandinavia

Highlighting cooled rooms with private restrooms, Escandinavia visitor house is set under 200 m from Torremolinos' Carihuela Beach. It offers free WiFi and a 24-hour gathering. Rooms at Escandinavia visitor house are basically adorned and have tiled ground surfaces. Each room has a TV. Visitors can appreciate a beverage at the visitor's house's bar. There is a determination of bistros and cafés on the seafront promenade, a 5-minute leave. The focal point of Torremolinos is a 5-minute stroll from the property. Torremolinos Railway Station is under 200 m from Escandinavia and interfaces visitors to Málaga shortly. Málaga Airport is simply 3.7 mi away.

  • Hostal Guadalupe

This comfortable and beguiling spot is situated close to Bajondillo seashore in the focal point of Torremolinos. All rooms have been exceptionally beautified, and some brag a patio or gallery. On the ground floor, the café offers lunch and supper administrations from a fluctuated menu. You can unwind close to the ocean here and appreciate the cosmopolitan and exuberant environment of the Costa del Sol.

  • Hostal Botique Los Geranios del Pinar

This trademark Andalusian estate is encircled by natural product trees and a delightful nursery. It lies on the edge of Torremolinos, a 3-minute drive from the seashore. There is free WiFi all through the guest house. Hostal Boutique Los Geranios del Pinar gives a quiet, agreeable setting for your excursion to the Costa del Sol. It is found simply a brief separation from the great seashores of Los Alamos, Playamar, and Bajondillo. After some time on the seashore, you can appreciate a beverage in the inn's 24-hour bar or out in the nursery. Every one of the inn rooms includes direct admittance to this conventional style garden, permitting you to sit outside while concealed from the warm daylight.

  • Hostal Guillot

Situated in a calm yet focal zone of Torremolinos, Hostal Guillot is not exactly a brief stroll from Bajondillo Beach. It offers a free Wi-Fi zone and rooms with sees. The straightforward rooms incorporate a level screen TV, fan, and work area. All rooms include a sink, and visitors approach a common washroom. Hostal Guillot works a 24-hour front work area, permitting visitors adaptability during their visit. The visit work area can give helpful data on the encompassing territory. The guesthouse is around 6.4 km from Malaga Airport. Torremolinos Train Station is a brief leave and offers direct administrations to Malaga.


On the off chance that you anticipate appreciating a long visit to Torremolinos, Spain, it is recommended that you pick a condo to lease. This won't just eliminate your living charges definitely yet; in addition, it allows you to live without anyone else and make the most of your get-away however long you wish.


Intrigued sightseers or guests to Torremolinos and in any case pick remaining or leasing a spot with a neighborhood resident over This site is made for individuals who will comprehend and make the most of their visit with an individual who can control them around the city.


  • Malaga Monte Parc
  • Finca Fahala
  • Camping Cabopino
  • Camping and Bungalow La Buganvilla
  • Camping Valle Niza Plays

How to Get There

Torremolinos is a major city in Spain and is heavily populated. But this city lacks in modes of transportation one can take. Let us talk about some of the ways one can enter the city of Torremolinos.


There are no airports or air terminals for flights to the land of Torremolinos. Therefore, it becomes impossible to enter the city via flight.


There are bus services that one can take to reach the city of Torremolinos. These buses start from neighboring cities and end there.


There are several trains that come and go from Torremolinos. This is the quickest travel mode while visiting Torremolinos as it takes about 30 minutes to enter the city via train.


Hitchhiking is a dangerous mode of travel. Though people offer you to take a lift, it is unwise to do so.


One can reach the city of Torremolinos via car. In such cases, they would have to take the highways of the city.

Moving Around

The city of Torremolinos is a major metropolitan city in Spain. The city is filled with residents and people from all across the globe. The city is tentatively small than other cities in the country, but that doesn’t mean there are not many traveling options available.


Torremolinos is a small city that is highly populated. Most locations in the city are close by, and people mostly travel via walking. Residents and tourists travel around the city by walking and interacting with the locals and be one with the culture.


Another key mode of traveling in Torremolinos is via bicycle. There are several bicycle rental companies present that allow people to rent bicycles at a cheap rate.

Electronic Vehicles

There is no electronic vehicle that offers public transportation in the city of Torremolinos.

Public Bus

There are several buses that travel around the city 24*7 taking passengers to different parts of the city. This is the cheapest mode of traveling while visiting Torremolinos.

Tram, Train and Subway

There are no intercity train, tram, or a subway line that operates in Torremolinos.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping is incredibly principal if you wish to be an eco-obliging explorer. Everything of clothing or additional you purchase fabricates your carbon impression fundamentally. More so, supporting close-by associations will help you add to the battle against mixes that misuse the planet and its basic resources for all.

Food Markets

  • Frutas Y Verduras Las Alhaurinas
  • Street Market
  • Super Market
  • Carrefour
  • La Tienda Holandesa S.C.
  • supermercado
  • Supermercados Dia
  • Supermercado Kaisar
  • Tienda de Alimentación
  • Supermercados Dia
  • SuperSol supermercados
  • Supermarket Bulto
  • Mercadona
  • Sabores Shop
  • Maskomo S L
  • La Granja De San Martín
  • Supermercado Blue Market Express
  • La Trastienda de Juan
  • TorreMercado

Flea Markets

  • Rastro Torremolinos
  • Rastro de Benalmádena
  • brittiläinen kirpputori
  • Mercadillo Miércoles
  • Mercadillo El Ferial
  • Loppemarked
  • Asociacion De Benalmadena Para La Atencion A La Discapacidad
  • Rastro Domingo
  • Mercadillo de Fuengirola
  • El Paseo Market
  • Mercadillo de Huelin
  • Sunday Street Market
  • Baratillo
  • Rastrillo de Las LAgunas
  • Recinto Ferial Fuengirola
  • MERCADILLO (Jueves) Riviera
  • puesto ropa de hogar Inma
  • Mercadillo Av. De Jacinto

Second Hand Stores

  • Segunda Mano Torremolinos
  • amonzalia
  • El gigante de los empeños
  • Sra.Fankenstein
  • Second-hand cars Malaga
  • Detailcar
  • El Trueque
  • OcasionPlus Málaga
  • Martinsa Motor: Used cars - second-hand vehicles
  • Idealcar
  • Los Buhoneros


  • Cortefiel
  • Veganized - non-toxic fashion
  • Levi's® Factory Outlet Malaga Designer Outlet
  • C&A
  • Swarovski Torremolinos
  • Springfield
  • Desigual
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Trussardi Malaga
  • Springfield
  • Cortefiel


Reusing and Recycling in Torremolinos is profoundly effective, with practically 30% of family wastes are being reused deliberately. This number is near the half imprint around 2020; however, it is yet to be authoritatively pronounced, all materials from metals to glass are reused.


The waste management system is very productive in Torremolinos. What helps make the framework exact and less complex is receptacles of different tones to isolate distinctive waste materials.

Work and Study Abroad

Torremolinos is a gigantically notable city where people from everywhere the globe come to study and work at presumably the most eminent organizations and firms.

Exchange Student

As a result of the city's social and authentic importance, numerous exchange students from abroad come to Torremolinos's public and global colleges. These organizations give different grant freedoms to numerous understudies joined up with the understudy trade program.

Au Pair

Au Pairing is a far-reaching practice in Torremolinos where an unfamiliar individual assists a family deal with their youngsters' schooling or helps out in the accounts. Consequently, the live-in housekeeper gets some financial recompenses that they can use for their own utilization. This kind of training is basic in Torremolinos with low-pay families as they can't give appropriate schooling offices to their kids.


  • Skål International
  • Asociación Sociedad Fidelio
  • Málaga Acoge
  • APDHA. Pro Derechos Humanos. Málaga
  • Ángeles Malagueños de la Noche
  • Integración para la Vida - INPAVI Málaga
  • Asociación Adintre
  • Manos Unidas Campaña Contra El Hambre
  • Accem

These are all the non-profitable organizations that are present in Torremolinos that provide volunteering work within the city.

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