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Eco-friendly travel guide to Ufa advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Ufa, Russia.

View of Ufa

Air quality: 2 / 5

Exploring by foot: 4 / 5

Exploring by bicycle: 5 / 5

Public transportation: 4 / 5

Parks: 4 / 5

Outdoor activities: 4.5 / 5

Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5

Safety: 4 / 5

Accommodation: US$30 - $100

Budget per day: US$50 - $200

Responsible Travel

Ufa or Bashkir is less known worldwide, but this beautiful city is a hub for chemistry, oil refining, petroleum, and mechanical engineering in Russia. The city sits on the Belaya and Ufa rivers of Russia's confluence, located in the central-northern region of the Republic of Bashkortostan. It also homes a diverse ethnic population that consists of Bashkirs and Tatars, ethnic Russian groups. Ufa is also home to many educational institutes that have their popularity in Russia and other neighboring countries along with such diverse ethnicity. When it comes to the total area of Ufa, you will find that it is a tiny city of only 707.93 square kilometers with an elevation of 150 meters. The city acts as the Republic of Bashkortostan's capital and largest city. You will find your trip to this quaint little city very enjoyable, but you must ensure that your actions during the trip don't cause any harm or ill to the local environment. You must also follow the Russian and local governments' laws and guidelines for the locals' and tourists' safety and well-being. If you want to try something worthwhile, you can also reduce your expenses by traveling eco-friendly. Doing so will help you cut down your trip expenses and help protect and support the local environment.

Air Quality and Pollution

The air quality of this city is inferior. It is because there are a lot of chemical and automobile industries. These industries are low at cleaning and maintaining their chimneys. Lather to this, there is traffic present in this city because most people living in this city prefer to use their vehicle to roam around. There is an open construction site where a lot of heavy types of machinery are used. Therefore these types of machinery release some and a lot of dust which pollutes the air. Breathing harmful air can cause a lot of problems and harm the respiratory system. Other than this, noise pollution is also at a high rate. The reason behind so much noise pollution is traffic. There is a lot of traffic, which includes the horns of each vehicle. Noise pollution can cause damage to ears and disturb sleep, causing migraine, anxiety, depression, and headaches.

  • Pollution Index – 79.81
  • Pollution Exp Scale – 143.41

Respect the Culture

We must respect the culture of the place we are visiting. It helps us to connect with the locals efficiently. A place's culture denotes many things, including history, empires, dynasties, preferences, traditions, faith, and belief. The city also has a law on defaming religion that involves fines or imprisonment or depends on the severity. The majority of the people in this city follow Orthodox Christianity, which states that Christianity follows most of this city's culture and tradition. There is a lot of towns that visit this city to enjoy its cultural festivals. It means that cultural festivals here are famous worldwide and are enjoyed by everyone.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Salavat Yulaev Monument: It is a historical monument situated in Ufa. It was built in the year 1967. It is a monument that is solely dedicated and inspired by Salavet Yulaev who is regarded as the national hero of Bashkir. He also served as a part of the rebellion led by Pugachev. He also served as a companion or right hand of Emilian Pugachev. The monument named Salavet Yulaev is as long as 33 feet or 10 meters. It is as heavy as around 40 tons. It is situated at the top of the hill, which gives a great view of the area while you reach near the monument. The designer of the monument was Soslanbek Tavasiev. It is represented by the national symbol of the Republic of Bashkortostan.
  • Chill out for an evening at Fountain Seven Girls: While strolling on the streets of Ufa, make sure you visit the Fountain Seven Girls, which is located at the center of the city. It is one of the most lovely places to visit and sit, with ice cream or a coffee. While visiting here, tourists often admire the seven girls. Statues of which are in different poses. There is a sound & light show where water splashes at night, enhancing the show's beauty. Khabibrakhmanov Hanif Mirzagitovich constructed the fountain. The seven sisters, a legend inspired the fountain; those seven sisters died tragically and went to the sky formed the seven new stars.
  • Ufa Botanical Garden: Constructed in 1932, Ufa Botanical Garden now has plants belonging from many different parts of the world, includes Eastern Asia, North America, the Mediterranean area, and even exotic plants that grow in the Himalayas. The Ufa botanical garden also consists of a greenhouse with many exotic plants belonging to different tropical countries. They also have a lemon garden. From their lemon garden, you can visit the place and also buy seedlings. The lemons from that garden weigh as much as a kilogram, which is 2.2 lbs. The Ufa Botanical Garden is also a host of various plant festivals. It basically depends on the season. There are many such examples like festivals of peonies, chrysanthemums, and irises. In these plant festivals, you can check many flowers. Moreover, you can also take part in workshops and competitions. Moreover, this garden also serves as a home to turtles, fishes, and birds.
  • National Museum of the Republic of Bashkortostan: The National Museum of the Republic was constructed in 1864. This museum is situated in Bashkortostan. The national museum of the republic shows the rich present and part of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Visitors come here to check out the native land's nature, along with its history, archaeology, ethnography, and many more. Visiting the National Museum of the Republic has an added advantage, and that is, you can learn a lot about Ufa in a concise duration of time. The museum consists of many things, including clothes and photos. Moreover, this museum also consists of animals who were present even during the prehistoric animals. For the convenience of the visitors, the museum also has the facility of guided tours. Currently, the museum consists of 34 exhibition halls and exposition. It is really one of the best places for fun and education, especially when traveling with your families.
  • Bashkir State Art Museum: It is a well-preserved place for contemporary paintings. Bashkir State Art Museum was constructed in 1920. It is probably one of the museums in Russia which is the oldest. The museum is solely dedicated and inspired by Mikhail Vasilyevich Nesterov. He was a renowned academician and artist of painting in Russia. His museum is constructed in Ufa because he was a native of this place. The collection here includes works by renowned artists such as Ivan Aivazovsky, David Burliuk, Mikhail Vrubel, Ilya Repin, Isaac Levitan, Valentin Serov, etc. Since this museum is dedicated to Mikhail Vasilyevich Nesterov, many of the artworks present here belong to him. Moreover, a major portion of the artwork belongs to him. Other than artworks of the famous artist here is a book store as well. From the bookstore, you can purchase art books at a very nominal price.
  • Bashkortostan Forester's Park: This park is situated very close to one of the bustling city of Bashkortostan. Bashkortostan Forester's Park is one of the most wonderful places to chill out and relax. You can go there anytime and explore or stroll around the place, along with your friends or members of your family. One walk-in or around this park is more than enough to rejuvenate yourself. If you love traveling alone, this is one of the places you are surely gonna love. The sounds of birds chirping here and the sounds of nature help you clear out your mind. The air here is fresh and thus acts as a contributor to clean the pollution. The park also consists of a small forest museum inside it. The staff is amicable, and they also teach you many facts related to the park and the world of animals. They also tell you a lot about the museum. This park also consists of a playground. Moreover, here you will also find open cages in which many wild and domestic animals live.
  • Dremel Ferris Wheel: We all love to travel on a Ferris wheel. One of the main reasons is that you can get an awesome bird's eye view of the whole city from the Ferris wheel's top. Moreover, while on top of the Ferris wheel, you get a unique adrenaline rush. The higher the Ferris wheel goes, the better feeling it gives. If you agree on this note, then Dremel Ferris Wheel is a must-visit place for you. Dremel Ferris wheel holds a position of being the third-highest Ferris wheel in the whole of Russia. It is also the highest Ferris wheel in the city of Ufa. The Dremel Ferris wheel is as tall as 197 feet or 60 meters. At this height, you will surely get an amazing view of the city and its neighboring cities. The Dremel Ferris wheel consists of 24 closed cabins. All of the cabins have really soft lighting as well as seating. One of the fascinating things about the Dremel Ferris wheel's cabins is that, for the visitors' convenience, the temperature inside the cabins can be cooled during the summer season and can be heated during the winter season. This amazing fact makes this place a must-visit place at any time of the season.
  • S. Aksakov Garden: Indeed, there are many wonderful and fascinating gardens in the city of Ufa. This garden is dedicated to and named after Sergey Timofeyevich Aksakov, who was a very famous writer of Russia. Sergey Timofeyevich Aksakov was famous for his books on fishing and hunting and his semi-autobiographical stories. This garden is not at all huge, but it is still prevalent amongst the tourists and locals. This garden is a very peaceful place and is also good for walking, jogging, relaxing, and if you don't want to come to this park along, you can also bring your pet along with you. This park also has a beautiful lake along with fishes, ducks, and gooses in it. This park also hosts various sports and cultural events. Recently, this place has become one of the favorite places to visit among the newly wedded couples.
  • Square of Two Fountains: Square of Two Fountains is situated in the heart of Ufa; Square of Two Fountains is usually opened during summer for everyone. This place is especially loved by the people who are always in seek of something to enjoy. This place has everything from some good theater performances and dance. Tourists can enjoy everything along with munching some good and tasty street food. There are four different sections prepared. They are European dishes, Asian dishes, drinks, and desserts. There is also a children's zone which is made especially for children. It has a lot of fun programs and fun games. Here is also a sign called 'I love UFA,' which is situated in this park. This sign has held the record of being the most photographed site in the whole of Ufa. You can also take your photo here if you love following the trend. It is a must-visit the place to enjoy live music along with munching on popular street snacks here.
  • Nightlife at Ufa Jazz Club: Ufa Jazz club was inaugurated in the year 2007. Ufa Jazz Club is one of the most popular places among the clubs in Ufa. This place is believed to be one of the places where many young musicians have started their careers. Moreover, many famous band groups continue to work here and to gain popularity. Here, you can get almost every music genre ranging from blues, jazz, folk, classical, vocal, instrumental, and avant-garde. Many performances also occur here, including the international bands, jazz bands that are local, and many artists. All these characteristic features make Ufa Jazz Club one of the perfect places where you can enjoy soulful music all through the night. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, everything is served here along with a varied collection of drinks and wines. So you won't have to worry even you are not carrying anything to eat with you. Along with lunch and dinner, this place also serves dishes mentioned in the Bashkir menu. Also, this place consists of a variety of tacos. And if you are diet conscious low-calorie food can also be found here. It is a fun-filled place with a lot of music and almost everything you wish to eat, all of this just for tourists' convenience.
Salavat Yulaev Monument


There are a lot of things in this city to explore. Exploring any of the places will help you in understanding and gaining knowledge about the city in detail. It also helps in getting rid of the boredom that you might feel. Other than this, there are a lot of different things to explore. Walking or bicycling to explore this city will help you save a lot of money and an eco-friendly way to travel around the city. There are city parks present in this city where you can go for a morning or evening walk. There is a national park in this city where you can see many plants along with their species and enjoy between the nature. There are different types of animals present in this park. The winds in the national park are pollution-free and fresh. There are street vendors; you can explore them and those healthy cafes so that you might not miss your favorite dishes. There are museums where you can learn about the city or the country's history, empires, contributions to wars, several revolutions, and many more. It will help you connect with the local people efficiently as you will start feeling a sense of belonging. Next are beaches, there are beaches in this city which can be visited to relax. There, you can try many different water sports. There are a lot of places you can explore in this city.

City Parks

  • Park Imeni Ivana Yakutova
  • Lesopark Akbuzat
  • Park Aksakova
  • Victory Park
  • Kashkadan Park
Kashkadan Park in winter

National Parks

  • Bashkiriya National Park
Bashkiriya National Park


  • Sipaylovskiy Plyazh
  • Plyazh "Zolotyye Peski"
  • Plyazh Ofitsial'nyy Besplatnyy
  • Plyazh Solnechnyy
  • Plyazhno-Razvlekatel'nyy Kompleks


  • Stella Ufa
  • Lenin V.i.
  • Pamyatnik S.yulayevu
  • Lenin Monument
  • Pamyatnik A.d. Tsyurupa
Lenin Monument


  • Museum of geology
  • National Museum of Republic of Bashkortostan
  • Archeology and Ethnography museum
  • Bashkirskiy Gosudarstvennyy Khudozhestvennyy Muzey Imeni M.v.Nesterova
  • House - Lenin Museum


Ufa's dishes are not just limited to meat; in fact, they have wide varieties of dough delicacies, drinks, and desserts. They have some urban influence as well as some of the traditional ways of cooking those meals. It makes them authentic from other meals as every other cuisine has its taste, so is the cuisine that comes from Ufa, Russia. Blend of spices, herbs, and the mouth watery desserts make it the perfect combo to savor.

[[File:Beshbarmak.jpg|center|900px|thumb|Beshbarmak is a very popular dish in meat that consists of boiled which is served with noodles]

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Duslyk
  • Schepka
  • Noisy Bar & Kitchen
  • MusicHall27
  • Rossinsky Restaurant

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Jamuma
  • Bud Zdorov Ne Esh Korov
  • Vegetarian Café Sattvik

Street Food

  • Chak-Chak: It is one of the national dishes of Bashkir. The national dishes of Bashkir is not just limited to meat. The cuisine of Bashkir includes enough delicacies made of dough, desserts, and many different types of drinks. Chak-chak is the most popular dish among all of them. After cooked, a small piece of dough is mixed with honey syrup while serving, and it is piled on a large flat plate. Later, when the dish has cooled down, it becomes slightly hard.
  • Yywasa : It is a traditional dessert of Bashkir. This dish resembles a doughnut, but the difference is that Yywasa is smaller and size, and therefore they are also called mini donuts. If we look at the texture, Yywasa is very tender and extremely soft. Yywasa is usually served as a side dish during the tea party, held traditionally in Bashkir. This dish is trendy among the locals, and they are extremely fond of this tender delicacy.
  • Gubaidia: It is another type of traditional pastry in the cuisine of Bashkir. This dish can be called an enormous and a large pie with really complex fillings. Gubadia is traditionally cooked when holidays are approaching. It is also a dish which you will find in almost every household. At weddings, this dish is always served or presented at the center of the table.
  • Bashkir Kystybyi: Bashkir Kystybyi is the national dish of Kystybyi. This is a unique dish and hence deserves a special place in our list. Basically, Bashkir Kystybyi is a normal flat cake, or it can also be called a pancake. But the unique thing is that it has a stuffing. The stuffing is made from mashed potatoes. For enhancing the taste, this dish is also mixed with a porridge made of millets.
  • Beshbarmak: It is one of the main dishes. Beshbarmak is the main course and a soup both at the same time. In this dish, there are large pieces of meat which are mixed with noodle and fat. This dish is garnished with broth, which is poured on top of the dish. Traditionally this dish is eaten with fingers. This dish's literal translation is "five fingers,” but it will be good to eat this dish with a knife, fork, and spoon because the meat pieces are large and the noodles are really slippery.


  • Vodka
  • Kvas
  • Mors
  • Ryazhenka
  • Cherry Varenya
  • Black Tea


The tap water of Ufa is not fit for drinking. The water purification plants are inefficient in cleaning the tap water and making it work for drinking. However, there are other tap water uses, including cleaning, washing, and other such services. It is because the water in this city is very much polluted. There are drinking water taps available in public places that supply drinking water through their water filters. Drinking tap water can cause some severe problems, including stomach ache, diarrhea, and other such. Therefore, those living in the apartment must install water filtration plants, but that will cost too much for them.

Organic Cafés

Cafes are different from ordinary restaurants because these cafes serve organic dishes. Organic dishes are those dishes that are made of organic ingredients. These dishes are best for health as the fruits and vegetables required to prepare these dishes are untouched by fertilizers and pesticides. The dishes that have fertilizers or pesticides in them can harm a person's digestive and immune system. There are a lot of cafes that serve organic dishes in this city. The dishes served in organic cafes cost slightly higher than normal dishes because the cafe owners have to maintain their farm or deal with the local farmers For a regular supply of fruits and vegetables.

  • Organic
  • Coffee Time
  • Organik
  • Kumpan Cafe


There are breweries present in this city. A brewery is a place where beers are made and sold. There are two types of breweries: the microbrewery and the second one is the customary, ordinary brewery. Microbreweries are the breweries that produce less than 25 gallons of beer, and their sale is limited to the city or to the country where it is present. There are a large variety of beers available in this city. Beer is set to be the most nutritious alcoholic drink. Some of the clubs and bars which serve different type of beer are present near the beach so that you can enjoy the night view of the beaches and water along with a glass of beer in your hand.

  • San Inbev
  • Baltika, Pivovarennaya
  • The German quarreled
  • Brewery Ostrovica


There are different activities which can be performed in this city. There are beaches present in this city which enables visitors to perform water sports. You can perform snorkeling, which involves diving into deep waters enjoying the marine creatures; some gears and an oxygen tank accompany you. You can also enjoy windsurfing here, which consists of balancing yourself on waves. There are trainers available who can teach you this. The water surfing board is available for rent along with other gears. Some air-related activities involve parachuting and hot air balloon ride. These are adventurous activities. Parachuting consists of releasing into the air where you will be accompanied by a parachute and exploring the city from a height. In a hot air balloon ride, you are present on a hot air balloon with a basket attached to it so that you can stand there, and the balloon rises in the air.

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga is an ancient practice that has been running for a long time. Yoga helps a person remain fit and also helps in reducing stress, depression, and anxiety. Yoga is not only good for flexibility but also helps to calm the mind and the spirit. There are different methods of performing yoga that affect other body parts. There are many yoga studios where you can take the membership for the number of days you stay and get their expertise. If you know yoga very well, you can even visit the nearby City Park and perform yoga there. Other retreat options include Gym and meditation centers. A gymnasium is a place where you can perform different exercises to remain fit and healthy. Different machines help in achieving the practice efficiently.

  • Shafali
  • 108 Praktik
  • Yoga-Klub
  • Sanskriti
  • Ganesha


As this city is present in Russia, which experiences many tourists, this city also shares a considerable part of Russia's tourism. There are a lot of things in this city to visit, which attract a lot of tourists. These are the reasons why there are many accommodation options available in this city. Some private villas and resorts can be pre-booked online for those who love the luxurious lifestyle by providing an advanced booking charge. These villas and resorts are best for experiencing a premium lifestyle in this city. These premium facilities include a private pool, large rooms, 24 hours room service, customized and selected dishes for meals, and other such facilities.

Green Hotels

Other accommodation options are available for those who do not want to spend too much on the accommodation. These include green hotels or standard hotels. Green hotels are far better than ordinary hotels because they adopt eco-friendly ways to comfort their customers. These measures include recycled products such as recycled plastic bottles and other items used as cutleries. The electricity which they use is cells generated by their power plants, which consume solar energy. The bedsheets and the towels present in each room are made up of cotton, a natural fabric.

  • Green Home
  • Hilton Garden Inn Ufa Riverside
  • Hampton by Hilton Ufa
  • Ural Tau
  • Crowne Plaza Ufa - Congress Hotel

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels are generally shared rooms, but you can choose a private room or a shared space in this city. These rooms are best when you are traveling alone in this city, and it is useful if you choose a shared room option. You will get a partner or your roommate who might be from a different country. You can make your roommate your friend so that we won't feel alone during your visit. It will also help you to understand a lot of things about different countries. Guesthouses are whole houses that are available for rent. It is the best accommodation option when you travel with a large group and want your own home. Here in this city, the guest houses are available with fully furnished conditions and a modular kitchen.

  • WikiHostel
  • Origin Hostel
  • Hostel Main room
  • Iranian
  • Guest House Ufa
  • Guest House Edem
  • Guest House House in Dema.


Apartments are flats available for rent at a particular cost, and the charges depend on the number of days you want to stay. There are two types of apartments present in this city: short-term apartments and long term apartments. Long term apartments are also known as standard apartments. The difference between these two is the number of days you can take the apartment on rent. You can book short term apartments for a short period like 15 to 30 days. Flats are best when you want to visit this city for a longer time and want some privacy. Secured with the staff of security guards and cameras, there is no doubt about these apartments' security. Some of the apartments have an amusement park with few rides for children. There is a large park in these apartments where you can meet a lot of other locals relaxing.

  • Home-Hotel-Ufa, apartment bureau
  • Home Apartment-Ufa
  • Azbuka apartment on Gostinyi dvor
  • Apartments Magic Land
  • Upper Shopping Residence


Couchsurfing is a type of accommodation in which a foreign person stays with the locals without any charge. There is an online site that helps in connecting the locals and foreigners. This accommodation option is not a permanent type. You cannot rely on this accommodation option because some hosts might cancel the meeting at the very end of time. Even you cannot expect from the host, some of the hosts have small houses, so you can even get a mattress or a sofa to sleep.


There are a lot of camping grounds available in this city. Other than camping grounds, there are beaches where camping is allowed. Camping on the beach is better than camping in an open environment because the sand present on the beach relaxes the body and the cool and fresh sea breeze helps in getting a night of better sleep. Camping is an adventurous activity in which one sleeps in a tent on open ground. The best season to camp here is summer, but the summer problem is that this city has mosquitoes.

  • Cafe M5, Camping
  • Kemping
  • English camp
  • Kemping Park Lesovodov
  • Gorizont

How to Get There

There is an airport in this city which enables flights from all over the country. Other than flights, there are no different ways to travel to this city. Along with it, you can travel intercity if you are present in Russia. There are intercity trains which run to this city. Even there are buses which run from one town to another.


There is an International airport which is named Ufa International Airport. The elevation of this airport is 449 feet. You can book or enquire about the flights online by visiting an online site. The maximum number of passengers this airport has faced is around 28,10,000 passengers. The first building of this airport was built in 1924.

Ufa International Airport


There is no international bus facility which is available in this city. There are buses which can help you in reaching from one town to another. These buses can be booked online, and the tickets can be sent through the mail. It is an excellent movement towards conserving nature. These buses can be used to sleep if you are traveling at night.

A bus in Ufa


There is no international train in this city. Several railway lines connect towards this city from the neighboring town. These trains are very much comfortable and help you to travel inter-city. Different trains cost differently and help you to reach this city in another city. You can pre-book trains online.


Hitchhiking is very much possible in this city. Hitchhiking is a free type of travel option where you can attract a local or vehicle and ask them for a lift. Some highways connect this city from one city to another. You can be present on these highways, which can help you to get a vehicle for a free lift. Hitchhiking is not a reliable option because sometimes it might take a lot of time.


There are private taxis that are available to travel intercity. There is no way to travel to this city directly. Using private taxis can be very costly. There are high chances of scams which might happen because you are new to this city. The only way is the airways.

Moving Around

Moving around in this city is safe, as there are not many crimes. There are a lot of options in this city to move around. The best ways of moving around the town are walking and bicycling. These will help you to save a lot of funds. Different mode of transport charges differently and differ in speed.


Walking around the city is safe so you can also walk here at night. There are different parks where you can walk. You can even walk and explore the city in detail. Hiking and exploring various tourist spots in this city will help you save a lot of money; otherwise, you would have to spend on travel options. It is also an eco-friendly way to travel.


There are bicycle rental shops available in this city. If you are planning to stay for a longer time, then you can purchase a second-hand bicycle. Cycling will help you to save a lot of money. It will also help you in remaining fit. There are tracks built on parks where you can cycle.

Electronic Vehicles

There are electronic vehicles present in this city. Electric cars help in controlling a lot of pollution. These vehicles do not emit smoke and noise from their engine. There are electric taxis which are present in this city for public transport. These taxis cost lesser than regular taxis.

Public Bus

There are public buses available in this city to move around the city. These buses do not cost much. You must have the exact change to pay the bus fare. The seats are very much comfortable, and it also has a washroom in it. The bus fare depends on the different spots where you want to reach.

Tram, Train and Subway

Some trains are available for the public to move around. The trains are comfortable. These trains are best when you are running short of time. You can book the local trains online to save your time and seat. There are metros present in this city which runs faster than regular trains.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping includes shopping for those products which beneficial for human health. There are different categories of sustainable products. Sustainable products do not cost much and always cost lesser than standard products. The production of these products does not harm nature by any means. There are second-hand products that help and save a lot of money and help eliminate waste. There are many second-hand stores in different categories: furniture, automobiles, bicycles, mobile phones, etc. However, second-hand products do not come with a guarantee; therefore, you must always check them before buying them. Flea markets sell fruits and vegetables in bulk, so if you live somewhere where you can cook your food, this is the best option to buy vegetables at a low cost.

Food Markets

  • The old Ufa
  • Bayram
  • Staraya Ufa
  • Food Store Sibay Delicatessen
  • Fresh Market

Flea Markets

  • Druzhba
  • Yurmaty
  • Tsk Sverdlovskiy
  • Bazaar № 1
  • Ordzhonikidze Market

Second Hand Stores

  • GlobalHand, second hand & stock wholesale company
  • Myunkhen
  • Ekonom
  • LLC Automobile Company Mezon.
  • re Store


  • Levi's® MEGA Ufa
  • Tommy Hilfiger Store - Planeta Mall Ufa
  • Levi's® Planeta Ufa
  • Emporio Armani Uomo Ufa Kos Collection


Recycling is a good activity which helps in protecting nature. There are many recycling centers present in this city. Recycling helps in eliminating waste as some of the waste is sent to recycling centers. The papers that are recycled for the production of newspapers help save many trees from cutting down. Recycling something means you are reusing it differently.


Wastes are those products that are of no use and need to be dumped. There are a lot of landfills where garbage is dumped collectively. Later, these are sent to incineration centers. The waste management team and policies of this city are not efficient enough to maintain society's cleanliness. As a responsible traveler, you must not pollute this city by any means, and you should dump the waste in the dustbin.

Work and Study Abroad

Education in this city is well efficient. There are a lot of works in this city which you can get. There are many local agencies where the companies and organizations send their requirements. You can contact one of them, and after charging a special commission, they can help you find the job. Other than this, there are different jobs that these job finding agencies cannot see.

Exchange Student

There are universities in this city that enable this program or which have access to this program. The student exchange program is a program in which students from the local colleges are sent to foreign countries in those universities where they have partnerships to complete their remaining degree. Not everyone gets the chance to be a part of this program. You have to be excellent in your education to qualify for this program. This program boosts the student's self-confidence and helps in having a fresh start.

Au Pair

An au pair is a person who stays with the local and helps them by taking care of their child. The au pair is responsible for work. In exchange for the work, the local family gives shelter and meals. These types of work are available in this city. There are a lot of families in this city which has both the parents working. Therefore, they always need an au pair.


Many volunteering organizations are present in this city. These organizations are open for volunteers, so there will not be much problem in any organization. Different organizations have different work. Some organizations clean the beaches on a specific day every week, while others create awareness about the increasing pollution. You can contact these organizations as they have their contact number online.

  • Project Green Bashkiria
  • Shtab Alekseya Naval'nogo
  • Anonimnyye Alkogoliki, Gruppa Feniks
  • Alcoholics Anonymous Dema Group

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