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Eco-friendly travel guide to Voronezh advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Voronezh, Russia.

View of Annunciation Cathedral

  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.5 / 5
  • Parks: 3.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 3.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$50 - $100
  • Budget per day: US$150 - $300

Responsible Travel

Voronezh is the oldest city in Russia. People here follow the orthodox Christianity religion. Many sports, like football, volleyball, and ice hockey are famous here. Here you can enjoy your vacations, as here you will find seven theatres, twelve museums, and a circus. It is a major center of higher education in central Russia. Voronezh has many places to explore and gain knowledge about the city. The beautiful pristine waters, white-sand beaches, green forests, and historically significant areas make it one of European's most visited cities. It is a highly populated city in the country, with a small international airport. You can see many monuments, including the church, parks, museums, and many more ancient buildings. The shopping centers are also famous here, fine vodka's production is also very prominent in the town, local beer is not much favorite. Some local people here make small amounts of home wine. During your visit to Voronezh, try to make the best out of your trip. You can only do this by following the legalities, interacting and befriending the locals, adopting eco-friendly practices, and respecting the local environment. Doing all this will help you make your trip a memorable and responsible one.

Air Quality and Pollution

The air pollution of this city is at high risk. Therefore, the government of this city is paying adequate attention to it. Various policies state different norms to make their surroundings clean; also, you will be penalized if the police catch you, creating pollution. There is a high traffic rate in this city, which causes a lot of pollution as most people have their vehicles. Others are the automobiles industry, as everyone wants their cars, creating a high demand for cores. Therefore, the automobile industry has to boost its work, and due to this hurry, they start increasing waste. Also, construction sites create a lot of pollution as the smoke and dust emitted by machines. Another pollution which is at a high rate is noise and light pollution which are at 59%. These statistics show that more than half of the city is suffering from noise pollution. The reasons behind it are humans, because of which the environment and the wildlife have to suffer. The locals have increased vehicle consumption, which leads to more honking of horns, creating a lot of pollution. Therefore, you must not generate pollution by any means. You must make your tour of this city completely eco-friendly.

  • Pollution Index – 71.20
  • Pollution Exp Scale – 124.10

Respect the Culture

We must respect the culture of the place we are visiting. Respecting the culture helps us to understand a lot of details related to those cultures. Details can be about how the culture formed, the evidence of people who started this culture, its history, traditions, traditional dress, food and way of celebration. Russian law states that defaming any religion or culture will be counted under a horrendous crime, and the criminal has to bear the punishment. The main religion of Russia is Orthodox Christianity. Therefore, all the cultures are festivals connected with Christianity.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Airplane-Monument MiG-21: It is one of the best highlights you will get to see in Voronezh. Here planes are not in their real size, but it is very interesting to see them. You can visit this place to know more about aircraft, their history, and their uses. It is a must-visit the site during the tour of Voronezh.
  • House of Kapkanshhikov: The House of Kapkanshhikov is the most-visited place by tourists and local people. Local people plan their weekend to spend here with their loved ones. Christmas is the best occasion to visit this place, claims many local people and tourists. Nearby many restaurants are also present to relish awesome meals.
  • Annunciation Cathedral: The Annunciation Cathedral is a Russian Orthodox Church. The church is constructed with reinforced concrete and ornamented with cast stone. A ninety-two-foot belfry tower is present in the northeast corner. Entrance steps of the church are of limestone and have vaulted ceilings and terrazzo floors.
  • Voronezhskiy Okeanarium: It is an aquarium in Solnechnny, Russia. You will see so many varieties of fishes, and many species of water animals. It is a very cold place, and you will get to see penguins also. Take your children to such an amazing and stunning site.
  • Voronezhskiy Oblastnoy Khudozhestvenn: Voronezhskiy Oblastnoy exhibits fine arts. It is the most famous museum in Voronezh with so many beautiful skills. Many local people and tourists visit this place to see such amazing and stunning arts.
  • Chruch of the Holy Prince Peter and Fevronia of Murom: It is a beautiful and amazing church built in Voronezh. The life of saints and bishop here is a special genre. It would be best if you visited the place of Voronezh, with your friends and family. To make your trip more memorable and lovable, people must see such a beautiful and affordable site.
  • Kotonok S Ul. Lizyukova: Kotonok S Ul. Lizyukova is the most attractive tourist spot. Here you can see so many beautiful and unique sculptures. Bring your children here, and they will amaze after seeing this stunning place. Such an attractive, gorgeous, and beautifully sculptured place.
  • Pamyatnik Voinskoy Slavy: It is a historic place in the city of Voronezh. Visiting this place will help you to learn about the city in much more detail. Local people of Voronezh claims that it is the most famous place to visit by tourists. It is family-friendly and the most beautiful sight you will ever get to see.
  • House of Books: It is a six-story Art Nouveau building in Voronezh, Russia. The style used in making such an amazing building is very innovative. It is also known as Singer House, as it is the branch of the Singer Sewing Machine. It is also the historic landmark of the city.
  • Chizhovskiy Platsdram: It is one of the most historical landmarks of the city. Many people visit this beautiful monument because of its design and style. You should see this amazing place with your family member when you visit the city. Clean and beautiful sites attract many people.


Voronezh is a city that offers many things to explore, other than historical and culturally renowned places. Here you can explore beaches where you can completely relax yourself, Gardens and parks where you can not take of your eyes from the beauty, museums that will teach you a lot about the history of the city, and many more such places where you can spend your vacations with your loved ones. There are many things to do in this city, so plan your holidays accordingly, schedule them in such a way so that activities will not be jumbled. Exploring will only help you to learn new things; you will become richer in knowing the city. It will also help you to make thousands of memories with your family. There are many eye-catching views in Voronezh that attract many tourists. While exploring, you will find many local restaurants with so many different regional cuisines, street stalls, local food stalls, and many other varieties of things on roads and big stores.

City Parks

The city has many big and amazing city parks, and it has big open spaces and greeneries where you can find such amazing relaxation, stunning views, and a refreshing environment. The city's clean and fresh parks attract many tourists, and many local people also plan their weekend evenings to spend some quality time with their loved ones. Children also love to play in big playgrounds, enjoy rides, which are present in the parks. The views of gardens are the one thing you cannot take away your eyes from. City parks of Voronezh are must-visit parks, and they are also family-friendly. City parks play an important role in economic benefits. Here is the list of amazing and lovely gardens you must see once you plan to visit Voronezh.

  • Petrovskiy Skver Park: Petrovskiy Skver is famous because of the monument of Peter. The remembrance of Peter the great pointing forwards with one hand and holding an anchor in another. It attracts many tourists and local people. You must this place with your family.
  • Park Dinamo: The specialty of Dinamo park is that it stores pictures in HD. The park is very cheap. It also has many spectacular and interesting sights. Park adds beauty to the city.
  • Eaglet Park: Eaglet is a children's park and welcomes children from every region of Russia and other countries. It has its history and traditions, such as respect for others, their work, and experience. It is the most visited place in Voronezh.
  • Alyye Parusa Park: The park is an impressive one. You can visit this park with friends and family to enjoy it with them. Many couples also visit this beautiful park to spend some quality time. Here parking is also free, that is why it is cheap.

National Parks

Voronezh is famous for its natural reserve, which is home to many flora and fauna. The city has a collection of so many lovely and eye-catchy national parks. National parks may be set aside for public recreation and enjoyment, and it also helps us know about species of animals and plants in much more detail. The national parks tell us about extinct species even by preserving them, and it makes us aware of nature also. These national parks have low prices; therefore, they can be termed as affordable and cheap. You can observe plants and animals and their lifestyles in detail. In addition to these wonderful national parks, the city also includes many natural resources, recreation areas, and historical parks and sites. We are listing a few of the stunning national parks of Voronezh you must visit.

  • Tanais National Park: Tanais is an ancient national park, which is home to many species of animals and plants. They are unique in preserving the flora and fauna of the city. The Most-visited park of Voronezh is Tanais. It would be best if you visited this gorgeous ecological park to see variants of species.
  • Voronezhskiy Zoo Im. A.s.popova National Park: This park has a unique and exotic tree plantation. Many tourists visit this place to relax from their busy schedule and noisiness of the city. It is a very lovely and gorgeous national park. You are recommended to visit this national park to explore more about species of animals and plants.
  • Voronezh State Nature Biosphere Sanctuary V.M. Peskova National Park: If you love hiking, you must visit this national park. It is one of the most attractive national parks of Voronezh. It is a must-visit the national park because of its special flora and fauna. Everyone should visit to see this exciting natural resource.
  • DonEco National Park: The state government constituted it as a National Park. It is a national resource because of its ecological, faunal, floral, geomorphological, or zoological importance. It is needed to protect & propagate or develop wildlife there in the environment. Human activity is strictly permitted inside the national park.


Many people who want to take a break from their busy lives schedule plans for vacations on beaches. Beaches of Voronezh are perfect for your leisure and holidays, and they are family-friendly also. Most people love the idea of soaking up the sun on the beach, enjoying the peacefulness and calmness of the water, and meeting new people. You can also play volleyball, disc throw, and many water games on the beaches of Voronezh. Couples can also plan their vacations on romantic beaches and can spend their quality time there. Beaches can help you relax your mind and soul through the sound of the waves. You can walk on the beach as walking on the beach is much more efficient. Some of the excellent beaches of Voronezh city are;

  • Voronezhskoye Vodokhranilishche Beach: The famous beach of Voronezh attracts numerous tourists. Couples can also plan their vacations on this romantic beach and can spend their quality time there. Beaches can help you relax your mind and soul through the sound of the waves. It will help you to get more calm and peace from city's business.
  • Tsargrad Beach: Most people love the idea of soaking up the sun on the beach, enjoying the peacefulness and calmness of the water, and meeting new people. You can also play volleyball, disc throw, and many water games on this beach with your family and friends. You will feel refreshment on this beautiful beach.


Voronezh has many historic and ancient landmarks, which will help you explore the city in a much better way. Foreigners love to know landmarks in the city, as they try to keep them in mind as no one loves losing their way while exploring. Landmarks are the high or long structure that people can quickly locate, helping them keep track of places. Voronezh's milestones involve many monuments, police stations, ancient buildings, and many stunning national parks or city parks. These landmarks add revenue for the city and are also emotionally connected to the locals, as many cultural festivals and ceremonies also occur. Tourists visit these places in large amounts to see stunning, attractive, and eye-catchy monuments; here, you will find some of the most visited landmarks.

  • Pamyatnik Voinskoy: Tourists visit this place in large amounts to see stunning, attractive, and eye-catchy monuments. Here, you will find the best views of this ancient landmark. This old landmark will help you to find local areas easily and quickly. Apart from famous landmarks, it is also a museum which has a collection of many old things.
  • Pamyatnik Belomu Bimu: Pamyatnik Belomu Bimu is one of the world's most captivating travel destinations. The landmark adds revenue for the city and is also emotionally connected to the locals, as many cultural festivals and ceremonies also occur. This old landmark will help you to find local areas easily and quickly.
  • Admiralt: The Admiralt building was once the headquarters of the Russian Admiralty Board. The building was rebuilt in the nineteenth century to support the Tsar's maritime ambitions. Foreigners love to know landmarks in the city, and they claim that this is the most beautiful landmark. It would be best if you visited this attractive landmark.


Museums of Voronezh include many famous and attractive museums, a collection of historical artifacts of different categories. The museum is a building where there is a collection of various ancient items. There are many art museums, music museums, history museums, and science museums. Museums help us know a city in a much better way by telling about the town's history. People of Voronezh claims that sometimes it becomes impossible to keep count of the number of museums in Voronezh, as there are many. They also teach us critical thinking, creativity, and other important historical skills. The city's idea is to preserve adequate information about history for the upcoming generation and help foreigners know about the town. Some of Voronezh's museums are.

  • Forgotten Music Museum: It is the first music museum ever built. The Trinity of Carnatic music is honored in the music museum. Music lovers must visit this stunning music museum to know music in depth. Others also must see the beauty of the museum.
  • Arsenal Museum: To visit Arsenal Museum, you have to take a road trip. Many visitors love this museum because of its creativity. The museum's collection is awesome, and one will amaze after seeing the museum's beauty. Local people advise visiting this gorgeous museum.
  • Bobronarium Museum: Museums help us know a city in a much better way by telling about the town's history. Bobronarium Museum has an amazing collection of ancient arts, historical arts, and many cultural arts also. You will get help to know Vonorezh city in much detail by visiting this art museum. And you should and must-visit Bobronarium Museum.


There are a lot of things to eat in this city. There are many traditional and local dishes which are available in almost every corner of this city. You must try the local dishes of the place you are visiting as these tell something about the taste of locals there. There are traditional restaurants which can serve you a lot of traditional dishes. It is a myth that it is tough for vegetarians in Voronezh to find food items to eat. It is entirely wrong as there are vegetarian as well as local restaurants are present.

Traditional Local Restaurants

These restaurants serve traditional dishes which can tell you about the taste which are preferred by locals. These restaurants offer many cuisines such as Mexican cuisine, Russian cuisine, Chinese, American; and high chances to find your favorite cuisine or dishes. Some of the words might confuse you; therefore, you should ask the waiter whether that dish is vegetarian or non-vegetarian. You must visit any of the traditional local restaurants once as it also helps in changing the taste and exploring new words.

  • Torro Grill Воронеж
  • Balagan City
  • Garmoshka
  • The CoVok
  • Varanasi

Vegetarian and Vegan

A vegetarian can easily survive here without any limitation of dishes. Vegan dishes are the dishes which involves the use of plant product and no animal product. These dishes are beneficial for a person, but the problem is that these dishes cost more. Not everyone loves vegan food; therefore, there is are vegetarian restaurants present.

  • HARVEY & Monica
  • Food-n-Wood
  • Kinto
  • L'еx osteria & bar
  • Timofeyev

Street Food

Many vendors sit nearby any tourist spot or on the streets. These are different from those cafes and restaurants as they do not have any permanent place. These stalls serve ready to eat food which is made on the spot in front of your eyes. These give quality and hygiene satisfaction to the customers. The food which they serve does not cost much and is usually fast food.

  • Cheburek (Meat Pastry)
  • Blini (Pancake)
  • Baked potato
  • Shawarma
  • Doughnuts
  • Pirozhki
  • Boiled corn


There are a lot of drinks or beverages available in this city. A lot of beverages provide refreshment to the body; some also give energy to the body. The ones which are mentioned below are alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic drinks. There is alcohol available in this city as this city is a freezing place; therefore, the locals and even the travelers need to warm their bodies. The most consumed alcoholic drink in this city is vodka, which helps in keeping the liver warm.

  • Coffee Raf
  • Yorsh
  • Sbiten
  • Starka
  • Samogon
  • Kvass
  • Kefir
  • Vodka


The tap water of Voronezh is not fit for drinking. The reason behind it is because it has a lot of pollution. The water purification plants or the desalination plants are inefficient in providing fresh water. It is advised that you must use bottled water as it is readily available in this city. Purchasing a water bottle can cause a lot of pollution as plastic is a non-biodegradable waste. You must buy a large water container, and from that, you can refill your bottle wherever you go. Seventy percent of the total water is polluted. The main reason is the industries and tourists because industries release the water, disposing of it untreated directly into the water body. Tourists dump their waste, especially on the beaches.

Organic Cafés

Organic cafes are the cafes that serve organic dishes. Organic dishes are dishes that are free from fertilizers and pesticides. These dishes benefit health as they do not have added preservatives, protecting the digestive system from damages. The cafes either have their farm or they deal with local farmers. Thus, it helps in supporting local businesses. However, dishes of organic eateries cost more than ordinary restaurants' words as they run organic farms.

  • Cinnabon
  • U Melnik
  • Dubl Dva
  • The CoVok
  • Varvara's Kulinarnaya Lavka


Breweries are the place where beers are made and sold. There are two types of breweries – micro and international brewery. Microbreweries are those who produced less amount of beer as they do not want to distribute the beer outside their nation. The international brewery is those who spread their beers to the global market. These breweries try to generate a lot of revenue to maintain their production and distribution. There is a wide variety of beers that any adult can enjoy.

  • Voronezhskiy Pivzavod
  • Pivovarnya
  • Brewlok
  • Artel, a private brewery
  • Tarkus
  • Chastnaya Pivovarnya "Artel'"
  • Pivovarennyy Zavod Ryugen


There are a lot of actions which you can perform. Since this city is cold, there are different sports which anyone can try. Ice-skating, in which a person slides on hard ice wearing shoes that contain a blade on which he has to balance. Ice Hockey is a winter sport and somewhat similar to hockey. In this, you get a disc and hit that striker with the help of a stick. Exploring parks is an exciting activity that involves exploring various things such as city parks, museums, national parks, cafes, and many others. Visit monuments. There are many monuments in some parks or near any landmark built to pay tribute to artists or historical leaders who have played a significant role in Russian history.

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga is an ancient practice in which one gets spiritual and mental peace. Yoga is also beneficial in remaining fit. It helps reduce stress, lowers the rate of depression, and creates many other beneficial impacts on the body. There are a lot of yoga studios which are available in this city. You can get a membership form there, and their experts can help you perform yoga the right way. Other than this, Voronezh has many city parks where you can perform yoga if you know the proper methods.

  • Yoga & Sun
  • Yoga Room
  • Studiya Yogi Myata Voronezh
  • Shakti
  • Yoga indigo
  • Yoga studio


There are various accommodation options present in Voronezh. The best accommodation options are the resort that provides many facilities, the main problem with the alternative is that not everyone can afford it. Other than other options, there are a lot of accommodation options available. These accommodation options depending on the facilities you want, the budget you have, and your situation. If you have a big budget, then you can afford a resort. If you have a lesser account, then there are several hotels present in this city. If you are a solo traveler, then there are hostel rooms. If you are traveling in a huge group, then there is a guest house. If you want privacy, then there are apartments. If you want to learn in-depth knowledge about society, there is Couchsurfing available. If you're going to sleep between natures, then you can camp.

Green Hotels

Green hotels are best in conserving nature and providing comfort to their customers. This city has many green hotels because a lot of tourists visit them. Even this city has a lot of pollution. Therefore, there was a need for green hotels. These hotels use many eco-friendly solar panels and windmills to generate electricity. Herbal cosmetics, recycled furniture, and many different things are also used.

  • Voronezh hotel
  • Hampton by Hilton Voronezh
  • Voronezh Marriott
  • Art Hotel

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels are buildings with rooms shared by two people; therefore, it is best for solo travelers. You can make many friends here, helping you learn various things about their country or nation. A hostel room comes with necessary facilities such as water and electricity and a complimentary meal. However, you must be careful with your belongings as sometimes you might not know who and how your roommate is; he can be a thief or a robber. Guesthouses are those houses that are available for rent and provide more security and privacy as compared to hostel rooms.

  • Bon Son Hotel and Hoste
  • Geek Hostel&Hotel
  • Luks Na Gorodskom
  • Hostel Voronezh Dom
  • Hostels Rus - Voronezh Central


There are apartments which are semi-furnished with a lot of other facilities. Some apartments have a sea-facing view. These apartments allow the resident to enjoy sunset and sunrise view along with the cool and fresh breeze. These apartments are best if you travel with your family, friends, or partner for a longer time.

  • Apartments for rent in Voronezh - Metropoles
  • KvartLayn. Apartments for rent in Voronezh
  • Voronezh Home
  • Galereya Chizhova
  • Mnogokvartirnyy Dom


Couchsurfing is possible here as the locals are helpful and kind towards the locals. There is a total of 7,000 hosts available in these cities which are accepting foreigners. Some of the hosts have canceled the meeting at the very end of time, which created a lot of trouble for the foreigner as he didn't have any other backup option. Therefore, this accommodation option is not reliable. Other than this, the crime rate is also low, which supports Couchsurfing.


Camping is an adventurous way of accommodation. There are not many camping areas available in this city because only a few people try it. The annual average temperature is shallow; therefore, camping is not an easy task because sometimes there can be hailstorm. Camping is a temporary means of accommodation. After some time, you will start getting bored, and even the nights and days are not always similar; the situation might get worse sometimes.

  • Plyazh Koleno
  • Krivobor'ye, Bereg R.don
  • Zholtyye Peski Obryvy
  • Canyon of the Eagles

How to Get There

There is a small international airport in this city which has connections with many other countries. Otherwise, there are a lot of options to reach here if you are a resident of Russia. You can get to this city through intercity buses, trains, and even cabs. These means of transport do not cost much and are good to travel intercity.


There is an international airport in this country. Voronezh International Airport was opened to the public in 1933. The elevation of this airport is 515 feet. It is a small airport with necessary facilities and some other facilities like a restaurant, a help desk, etc. This airport also provides travelers with parking space.

Voronezh International Airport


There is no international bus facility, but yes, you can travel intercity by bus. Buses are comfortable and spacious, as you can also sleep on your seat if you are traveling at night. These buses do not cost much; there is a bus station in every city from where you can inquire about the bus and the destination you want to reach. While traveling by bus you can meet many people, and from them, you can learn various things about this city or the history.

Bus in Voronezh


There are intercity trains present which help people to reach this city. There are a lot of trains which are connected with almost all the neighboring towns. Therefore, there won't be any trouble to get here. These trains have comfortable seats with a clean washroom and a canteen. There are superfast trains that are usable for traveling when you are in an emergency or running short of time.


Hitchhiking is a free method to reach this city. You do not have too many things, the only thing you have to do is attract any car going towards this city and ask for a free ride. There are highways from which you can find any traveler going in the same direction. Other than this, hitchhiking sometimes takes a lot of time because it happens that sometimes any traveler won't stop for you or traffic will be less, or the local who stopped might be a thief or a robber. Therefore, you must be careful.


Other ways involve a taxi or renting a vehicle. These are the only ways to reach here but only when you live in Russia in which this city is present as certain highways connect this city with others. It is advised that you must not use a taxi as hiring a cab will be costlier for you. Also, there might be some chances of the driver overcharging you or frauding you.

Moving Around

There are a lot of options to move around in this city. As this is not a small city and this city, there are different types of people, and for those different types of people, there are various means of transport. The best and most economical ways to move around the city are walking or cycling. Others might cost you money according to your distance.


Walking in this city is safer than many of the other Russian cities. Though there are crimes that happen, you must not walk in the night as robbers roam around in small groups. There are city parks best for walking as a morning walk as many of the parks have jogging or walking tracks. It is not a small city; therefore, you cannot cover every tourist spot by walking.


There are bicycle rentals available in this city who rents a bicycle for a specific time. You can also rent other cycling gear for your safety. The only problem is that you can meet with an accident due to a lot of traffic. Therefore, you must be careful. Also, carry your Smartphone with you to reach your home safely in case you get lost.

Electronic Vehicles

There are electronic vehicles present in this country. The main reason for introducing electronic vehicles is the growing air pollution. However, there are special privileges given to the owners of electric cars. You can also see some electric taxis which do not create any sound present in the city.

Public Bus

There are public buses available to move around the city. These buses cover all the main spots of this city. However, buses might take a lot of time as they have their fixed-route, which does not change. You can pay the conductor directly in cash but do remember to have exact change with you.

Tram, Train and Subway

There are significantly fewer trains that can help you move around; they might be stopped because we didn't find much data about the trains moving around. There were trams in the earlier period which used electricity to run; they were present in this city till 2009. There are metros which might help you to move around. Metros are known for their speed; therefore, they are the best when you are in an emergency.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping is the best shopping as hands rather than machines make the products. These products do not cost much as they do not involve machinery, so there are no maintenance charges. Sustainable shopping also creates a lot of employment, which is beneficial for society. They do not harm nature by using natural fuel or by any other way.

Food Markets

  • Central Market
  • Alkobrend
  • Iva, Gastronom
  • Papina Lavka
  • Agricultural Fair

Flea Markets

There is no flea market available in this area. Even if there are some, those markets do not have any traces of the internet. The fruits and vegetables which are sold at a flea market does not cost much and are hygienic. The problem with the flea market is that it takes a lot of time.

Second Hand Stores

  • Second hand
  • Second story
  • Komodo


  • Max Mara
  • Cropp
  • Calvin Klein Jeans
  • Bershka


There are recycling plants available in this city. The item which is recycled the most is paper and iron. These items are recast into a new shape, such as iron. Recycling means reusing products by giving them a new form. Recycled products cost less than the new creation because there is no raw material in recycling a product.

  • Khetek Voronezh
  • Ooo Aleks
  • Voronezhvtorsyr'yo
  • Avtoprivoz


We cannot utilize waste, or we can say that it has been used to the maximum limit. The waste management of this city is not efficient enough as many tourists have given the review. Therefore, many of the NGOs do the work of cleaning the beaches or water bodies. Many open landfills are untreated, and thus it creates a lot of pollution.

Work and Study Abroad

There are a lot of jobs available in this city of different kinds. If you know English, then you can be a guide or a teacher in school. The education of the institution here is well efficient in making a student well educated and well-disciplined. Overall there is a lot of job opportunity available in this city along with a suitable educational qualification.

Exchange Student

The exchange student program is a program in which a student is sent for further studies. There is a university that has connections with a few of the countries. It is a good and famous university in this city, and not everyone gets a chance to study at this university. This university has a group of excellent teachers for each subject; they offer a variety of courses.

  • Voronezh State University

Au Pair

An au pair is a person who stays with the local without any charge and, in exchange, helps the family by taking care of the child. You can find some good opportunities in the city. Most of the families look for a full-time house servant to not only take care of their children but also do the chores. You must be humble towards the parents and the child always to help you create a good impression.


Volunteering means to help a person or to perform a task out of their hobby. Several NGOs are always open for new members as they require many people to do their activities and impact society. You can directly contact these organizations. Volunteering will help you befriend the locals and learn more about their daily life troubles and other societal problems.

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