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Eco-friendly travel guide to Xi'an advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Xi'an, China.

  • Air quality: 3 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 3.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2.5 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$20 - $500
  • Budget per day: US$40 - $700

Responsible Travel

Xi’an is known as the ancient capital of China. The city is renowned across the globe for its rich and illustrious past. The city is one of the major economic centres of the country and contributes a great deal to the development of the nation in various spheres. Additionally, the city of Xi’an has an extremely large population of almost 13 million people. This is one of the highest in the world and the ramifications of such a large number are often witnessed first on the pollution levels and the resources of the city. The pollution levels of the city without a doubt are quite high and all the resources are thinly stretched and extremely strained. In addition to this, the city is a very popular destination for tourists not just from China but across the world to visit during the local summer months. This further adds to the strain on resources and negatively impacts the existing pollution. Thus, as a tourist, it is your responsibility to minimise your impact on the city, and you can do so by travelling sustainably and imbibing the following measures.

To begin with, it is recommended that you make use of public transportation at all times. The city has a variety of options to choose from when it comes to local transportation right from the metro to the buses and even the railway. Most of these are extremely eco-friendly and run on renewable sources of energy. So, make sure that you are minimising your carbon footprint as much as possible by opting to explore the city via one of these means of transportation.

The people of Xi'an are known to be entirely practical in the manner they shop, because of the fast industrialisation, you will see major worldwide brands in the fields of retail including food, apparel and more, however, the nearby individuals are regularly known to depend on the new production of the neighbourhood market. They effectively uphold neighbourhood organisations and incline toward getting their meat and vegetables handpicked from the known sellers, correspondingly, they purchase a couple of garments things just from nearby brands and more modest stores. As a traveller, you also can do likewise and make an inquiry or two for such concealed gems to get a direct experience of neighbourhood shopping.

Essentially, at whatever point any traveller is made a beeline for Xi'an, he/she should attempt to delve into a decent meal at a nearby eatery or a renowned food truck. Without a doubt, in a city like Xi'an you will undoubtedly observe both, nearby food sellers and establishments from the whole way across the globe. On one hand, you have the alternative of appreciating a costly yet extravagant feast at a star-inn or you could delve into a modest yet rich neighbourhood dinner that will genuinely interface you with the local cooking, culture, and this will assist these neighbourhood organisations with providing food of true preference and great authenticity for a long time into the future.

Ultimately, for any eco-friendly trip to take place, a traveller must attempt to live in a moderate way. Yet, discovering convenience that is eco-accommodating is a slight test, fortunately, being such an unmistakable city universally, in Xi'an you will discover eco-accommodating/green lodgings to live in. Fret not, being dependable doesn't mean being without pleasantries and solaces, you will appreciate a significant number of the extravagances that different lodgings offer, the greater part of the manageability is accomplished by the way in which the assets are taken care of and utilised behind the scenes. You as an explorer must make a reservation at such lodgings, which are later depicted in detail in this article itself, so continue examining to know more.

Air Quality and Pollution

Xi’an as a city does have decent climatic conditions for the most part of the year, it experiences a temperate climate and the peak temperature reaches during the summer months is just above 30-degree centigrades, on the other hand, the lowest average temperature during the summer months ranges between 15 to 20-degree centigrades. During the winters, the average high temperature is between the 15 to 20-degree centigrades range and the average low temperature ranges between -4 and +5 degree centigrades. Between the months of July and October, the city receives the maximum amount of rainfall and this does help reduce the pollution in the city to some extent. Nonetheless, the temperatures are quite tolerable and you don’t need to prepare yourself extensively well in advance, just plan your journey well enough and pack your bags according to the weather.

The air pollution across China has been at record levels since the beginning of the last decade, major cities are all known to have extremely poor air quality and as a tourist, you will have to be wary of this. Xi'an started to pull in more consideration lately with its infamous air quality records. In the past half a decade the city has recorded immensely high levels of pollution. In fact, the presence of nitrogen oxides and particulate matter was so high that the city exceeded the "safe" levels recommended by the World Health Organisation by more than 10 times. The major reason behind the high levels of pollution were mainly industrial activities and the large volumes of vehicles commuting on roads on a daily basis.

In order to combat these issues, the local and central government authorities sprung into action and implemented strict emission norms and penalised violators heavily. In spite of this, little has changed and yet pollution levels remain to be quite high. In the event that you are a vacationer visiting the city and have a past associated with breathing-related issues or ailments, it is suggested that you utilise a reasonable face cover while wandering around the city. On the off chance that you are anticipating leasing an apartment and living around for a significant stretch of time, it is recommended that you pick a condo with an air purifier/channel.

Respect the Culture

As a tourists you will find some hurdles in place when it comes to understanding the culture of Xi'an. On the off chance that you come from a similar district in Asia, you may have a slight possibility of mixing in -around well and you may even have a reasonable understanding of the nearby culture and the overall practices, these assistance in guaranteeing a smoother progress. If you are from Europe or other western parts of the world then you will need to understand a couple of things about the local culture. This will be a mark of respect for the local people.

Additionally, another issue that you will look in the city of Xi'an as a traveller is the language hindrance. In the event that you can communicate in Mandarin, it will function admirably for your potential benefit as local people love it when a traveler can communicate in their language or even endeavour to do as such. In any case, in the event that you are depending exclusively on English to get you through, you may confront issues as not all neighbourhood individuals know the language easily and those that are certain may enjoy a discussion to rehearse their abilities instead of structure a bond with you while the individuals who are unsure may maintain a strategic distance from a discussion out and out.

Chinese people love their lifestyle, so if you should become a close acquaintance with them, you should show an eagerness for Chinese culture and discover much about it. By then, you'll have a great deal to discuss. Additionally, typical redirections shimmer a friendship across social orders, so you ought to have comparative interests with your buddy. If you have to find Chinese sidekicks, head to places, where you can find people of comparable interests. Chinese people are friendly and they like craftsmanship, music, films, and sports. So attempt to bond over these by heading for a stumble towards the end of the week, watch a game together over beverages, go get the most recent film at a theatre, the alternatives are really unending.

In this part of the article, there are a couple of tips and deceives that you should remember to guarantee that you defeat these different impediments and figure out how to regard the neighbourhood individuals and their way of life to rise to be a decent traveller in the city of Xi'an.

Ultimately, the Chinese public are known to be enormously attached to their close family. At the point when they are companions with someone for long ranges of time or through dilemmas, they regularly esteem the friendship and believe the companion to be no lesser than family. Regularly welcoming such companions over for a feast to their home alongside their family. It is viewed as a definitive honour and on the off chance that you are blessed with it, ensure you don't be discourteous by declining or rescheduling, utilise the correct words to acknowledge the offer, be charitable, be timely, and ensure you take a couple of presents for your companion and his/her relatives. This is critical and particularly an aspect of the nearby culture.

In any case, there is a gigantic food culture here, and this bodes well as there is a huge load of food and it is phenomenally delightful. The best occasion to experience a fun night with colleagues is in a fair bistro that offers a collection of mouth-watering dishes. Likewise, for Chinese, having lunch together is a custom. They eat for incredibly long ranges of time, they taste all dishes and even some colossally huge choices are made over lunch. All the more thus, hot pot, a Chinese rendition of fondue, and grills are unbelievably standard here. This development joins people as they cook food together, share a couple of tales, and hobnob. In this manner, attempt to be the ideal traveller to neighbourhood individuals by holding with them over food.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • City Walls: Some time ago all urban communities in China were walled. A large portion of these were pulled down in the Cultural Revolution, however, those of Xi'an were the most established of China's four antiquated capitals were left standing. The city dividers of Xi'an overflow history and recount legendary stories from the hour of their development in the fourteenth century until the current day. You can walk the fourteen kilometres of these walls or simply walk around a segment, and find out about its set of experiences while getting refreshing views out of the amazing vistas of the city beneath. The wall is available to the general population, you simply need to purchase a ticket and go on its head. Be that as it may, things can improve, one of the astonishing activities in Xi'an is to ride a bike on the head of the wall. You can find the set of experiences behind the Ming and Tang administrations while cycling and having a great time.
  • The Giant Wild Goose Pagoda: It is Xi'an's most settled Buddhist sanctuary. A pagoda is basically a tiered tower and The Giant Wild Goose Pagoda which was built during the reign of Emperor Gaozong of Tang is also declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is a must visit when in the city especially if you are a fan of traditional Chinese architecture. This pagoda is the perfect symbol of that!
  • Yuanjia Village: Yuanjia is located out of the city and is the site of Emperor Taizong's entombment. It's an extraordinary spot to catch a break from the huge city and try some unbelievable food, witness astounding architecture; ideal for an evening's visit! The minimalistic homes, the cobbled roads, rear entryways, food being prepared with wood fire and the fog noticeable all around makes everything look serene. The most pleasant part is that a large portion of individuals visiting the town are Chinese, it appears to be that Yuanjia Village is more a neighbourhood vacation spot that really a spot for outsiders. Thus making it an overly unique spot to visit in Xi'an.
  • Bell Tower: This venue denotes the focal point of Xi'an and is the biggest of its sort in China. From the pinnacle, streets range North, South, East and West, interfacing it with the city's four entryways. Visit the pinnacle to respect the design and trustworthiness that made this attraction the focal point of old Xi'an. Each city in China has these two pinnacles, one for the drums and another for the bell. What makes them so extraordinary is the engineering and what they look like mystical after dusk when the shaded lights begin to sparkle in the dark night.
  • Dafeng Gate: This is probably the best spot to visit in Xi'an and the fact that it isn't notable to visit for outsiders and is such a disgrace. Danfeng Gate was initially one of the entryways prompting the Daming Palace. Throughout the long term, it was wrecked and after some time it was lost. In 2008 excavation began at the site and the first establishments of the entryway were uncovered. The sight at present is the enormous earthy coloured door is a recreation of what the first entryway would have resembled. Under this structure currently are the establishments of the first door which you can go in and see. While there is a ton of information about the entryway and how it is being protected for people in the future it is the short video that you should remain to see. There are English captions so you can the entirety of the data on the entryway and what the set of experiences is behind it.
  • Banpo Village: It must be one of the most irregular activities in Xi'an in light of the fact that there are endless individuals who don't think about it Banpo Village is a chronicled site simply out if Xi'an city. Any individual who has an enthusiasm for old China times and how man created would cherish the spot. It has unearthed townsites from six millenniums ago and there are internment destinations there also. There isn't a ton of data in English however there is sufficient for you to comprehend what was found here and why it is being chipped away at to save the site. In the event that set of experiences is your thing, this must be one on your Xi'an agenda.
  • Daming Palace: After you have completed your visit to Danfeng Gate you can stroll over the huge square towards Daming Palace. It is a huge open space where the Royalty of the Tang Dynasty called home. Presently primarily in ruins yet with enormous shocking nurseries for you to meander, it is a delightful spot to see. There is a huge scope model of what the Palace would have resembled back before it was wrecked.
  • Grand Tang Mall: After you have had your time at the Wild Goose Pagoda head up to the Grand Tang Mall. It is an excellent walk and there are endless spots to sit and have a pleasant beverage on a hot day or frozen yoghurt. You will likewise discover numerous fine arts, immense landmarks and some astounding structures that are simply staggering. It is unquestionably the best position for Xi'an touring, particularly for touring families. You could even go watch a movie, indulge in some shopping and much more.
  • Xi’an Muslim Quarter: This was an epic spot to remain in Xi'an and you will have the best time here. It is a flat out central point of movement all day consistently with carts, business sectors, little tuk-tuks, food and beverages. Individuals shout and market their products and some recognise what they sell is acceptable and have no compelling reason to. Toward the beginning of the day, you will discover the butchers slicing the meat to sell directly in the city in their carts. As the day passes you will see the roads become more occupied with new food being prepared on the road right into the night. In the event that you locate a decent shop or cart that has great food, inquire till when they are open and return to get their food at whatever point you can. This must be probably the best spot to check into Xi'an only for the bustle.
  • Bell Tower: Around evening time you can pause and watch the sun go down from the overhang at the head of the pinnacle and afterwards stroll around it as the lights please and illuminate it. The Drum Tower in Xi'an is truly one spot you can't miss and is an unquestionable requirement on any Xi'an schedule. During the day you can watch the buzzing about of the square underneath and even stop for frozen yoghurt at the McDonalds there on the off chance that you are battling with food issues in the city.
Dafeng Gate


Xi’an is an extremely popular city and it attracts millions of tourists annually, the major reason behind this is the rich history, culture, and architecture preserved here from the ancient days of China. As a result of this, one certainly does not need to worry about a lack of attractions here.

City Parks

  • Xingqinggong Park: This is a delightful park where you can participate in vigorous exercise, singing and moving or appreciate a stroll around the lake. Yet, Xingqinggong Park is additionally home to a little entertainment mecca that would satisfy any child following half a month without some good times. It is a splendid spot in Xi'an for families. While there are no extra tremendous and alarming rollercoasters there are some dodgem vehicles, a Ferris wheel, a spooky house and a couple of different rides that our children enjoyed. There were additionally a lot of rides for a lot more modest children and an in construct climbing course. On the off chance that you are visiting Xi'an with kids, this must be on your places to visit in Xi'an.
  • Tang Paradise: On the off chance that you need to see exactly how much the Chinese public love nature and how well they plan out a recreation centre then Tang Paradise is the spot for you. Tang Paradise is a recreation centre that is developed on how the conventional Chinese nurseries would have thought back in the time if the Tang Dynasty. You would not understand that many occupied streets run straight facing the sides of the recreation centre once you are inside it is only that delightful. From huge conventional structures, little customary gardens thus numerous loti you can get completely lost in the excellence here. In the event that you have to unwind during your Xi'an trip, this is it. On the off chance that you can, go check whether there is an exhibition on when you are visiting Xi'an and if yes do go. Regardless of whether it is in Chinese, it's actually believed that it would be a sight to see while you are visiting Xi'an.
Tang Paradise

National Parks

  • Taiping National Forest Park: Arranged in Taiping Valley of Qinling Mountains, around 27 miles southeast to Xi'an City, Taiping Forest Park is known as 'the Jiuzhaigou in the north China'. With a complete zone of over five thousand acres of land, it welcomes guests to revive themselves in its characteristic excellence. Taiping Valley is so named in light of the fact that the head of Sui Dynasty manufactured the Taiping Palace there. With a normal yearly temperature going somewhere in the range of 7 to 10 degrees Celsius, this park is flawless with its common landscape and served itself as a late spring retreat during the Tang Dynasty.


Xi’an is a city which is landlocked and it does not have aches to the sea or the ocean. Hence, those tourists who are looking forward to enjoy some time on the sandy beaches shall be completely disappointed here and will have to make do with swimming pools and water parks.


  • The Terracotta Warriors: These are the most well known Xi'an attractions and you totally should see them. Visiting the Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang and stroll by the colossal pit are an uncommon encounter, and is one of the most fascinating activities with regards to China overall. The Warriors are great, the size, the articulations, the ideal craftwork. Everything is staggering, particularly on the off chance that you begin assembling the pieces and understand that the Terracotta Warriors go back from 221 B.C. The Museum is stuffed, and you going to go through in any event 3 hours strolling around. In any case, the visit is absolutely justified, despite all the trouble, this is such an exceptional activity in Xi'an. In the event that you have saved time, visit one of the workshops around the gallery and have a nearby gander at how the heroes are made. Or on the other hand, far superior, you can make one of them, placed your hands in some neighbourhood mud and make your first ever Terracotta warrior.
  • The Great Mosque: It is an absolute necessity visit for any sightseers intrigued by Islam in China. The structure is a delightful combination of Western Mosques and Far-Eastern Temples and for me, this spoke to the agreeable blend of societies and religions in Xi'an.
The Great Mosque of Xi'an


  • Yangling Museum: To some degree creepy yet unfathomably intriguingly fascinating, the Han Yangling Museum is the burial place of Liu Qi, a Western Han Dynasty ruler and Empress Wang. It goes back from 153 AD and spreads out more than 20 square kilometers. Guests to the burial chamber will be awed at the exertion that went into its development, and these days it offers some significant experiences to Ancient China.
  • Shaanxi History Museum: An absolute must-visit for those intrigued by the district's set of experiences. The exhibition hall is overflowing with knowledge about Xi'an from ancient ages of 1840 AD. Here you can become familiar with about the city and region's significance as one of China's old capitals. The greater part of the shows are converted into English.
Shaanxi History Museum


Xi’an is the ancient capital of China, however, this also makes it an exceptional destination to taste the authentic dishes of China. Given below are a few dishes that you must try on your trip to the city:

  • Shaanxi Sandwich (La Zhi Rou Jia Mo): You ought to never pass up on the opportunity to appreciate the delicious Shaanxi Sandwich (Rou Jia Mo) while having Liang Pi. Shaanxi Sandwich is a sort of toasted wheat flour level bread stuffed by finely braised and hacked pork.
  • Honey Glutinous Rice (Feng Mi Zong Zi): In Shaanxi, it tends to be served in all year long on the grounds that local people are enamoured with it to such an extent. The honey glutinous rice is outstanding amongst other Xi'an street food that you should attempt in the blistering summer for its sweet and cold flavour.
  • Dumpling Stuffed with Hot Gravy (Guan Tang Bao Zi): Guan Tang Bao Zi is a sort of the little estimated steamed stuffed buns, containing stuff and the hot sauce together. It is one of the most notable specialities of Xi'an, particularly served by the Jia Brothers' Restaurant in the Muslim Quarter.
  • Liang Pi: The most mainstream Xi'an road food ought to be the Liang Pi, a sort of noodle-like dish made of steamed rice or wheat flour. This is a regular food of Shannan territory and furthermore profoundly preferred by Xi'aners for quite a while.
Liang Pi

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • The Tang Dynasty: It is one of Xi'an social fortunes, famous with local people and dignitaries visiting at the same. It was the primary organization to introduce movie and music exhibitions in the old Tang Dynasty style, and the main setting of its sort in the nation. The eatery offers a daily dinner theatre, which serves food close by the exhibitions, giving a sample of supreme royal residence extravagance. There is a different Cantonese café inside The Tang Dynasty complex, acclaimed by local people for the newness of its fish. It is suggested that you have your supper in the café to encounter a better taste of Tang magnificent food, before going to the show, which begins at 8.30 p.m. consistently.
  • Shang Palace: It is the exquisite principle café at the Shangri-la Golden Flower Hotel, offering a delightful scope of valid Cantonese, Sichuan and Shaanxi cooking. Exemplary dishes are given an imaginative wind, for example, the broiled duck with Shaanxi flavors, presented with honey melon, acrid cherry sauce, kiwi, wasabi and sweet flour sauces. The meat ribs with red wine and pine nuts additionally look, smell and taste very tempting. This is an inviting spot to test present-day Chinese top-notch food at its best.

Vegetarian and Vegan

In Xi’an finding vegan restaurants shall be a tough challenge, however, after extensive searching, given below are four of the best vegan/vegetarian restaurants for you to grab a meal at:

  • Xi'an Zhuo Chan Yu
  • Shangdao Vegetarian
  • Shàng Shàn SùShí Guǎn
  • Daxingshan Temple Vegetarian

Street Food

Street food is quite popular in Xi’an and some of the dishes that you must try on your trip to the city are:

  • Steamed meat and wheat powder/Fenzhengrou: This is made of some greasy meat such as pork or even beef which is marinated in a mix of Sichuanese hot bean glue, soy sauce, and rice wine, which is then covered in a thick layer of the toasted rice powder.
  • Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup/Paomo: A hot stew of cleaved up steamed raised bread, cooked in mutton stock and presented with lamb meat, here and there subbed with cow meat.
  • Pork Sandwiched Between Pita Brea/ Roujiamo: Bacon stuffed in prepared flapjack
  • Dumpling in Sour Soup/Suantang Shui jiao: Authentic dumplings made out of mutton saturated with sesame seeds, minced leek and cilantro stock.
A street food vendor selling Paomo


When the day reaches a conclusion and the stars begin sparkling splendidly in the sky, numerous people like to appreciate a steaming hot cup of tea after supper to help as a digestive and keep themselves warm before hitting the hay, they add different spices and flavours to the tea too. Be that as it may, this isn't the situation on throughout the days and on the ends of the week many like to loosen up with an alcoholic drink. The more youthful ages are unquestionably more regular with regards to the utilization of mixed drinks. A portion of the mainstream mixed beverages that you should take a stab at your excursion to the city of Xi'an are recorded beneath:

  • Tsingtao
  • Baijiu
  • Osmanthus Wine
  • Mijiu
  • Kvass
  • Maotai Baijiu
  • Gunner
  • Xifengjiu
  • Chivas

At the point when you visit the city of Xi'an you will be essentially very much aware of the way that the neighbourhood individuals are consistently enthused about tasting on something for the duration of the day. Contingent on where they are and the hour of the day, they settle upon reasonable refreshments. It is very nearly an easy decision that each Chinese individual enormously makes the most of their tea and this is genuine even in the city of Xi'an where the most mainstream non-mixed drink is undoubtedly the different sorts of tea at a bargain, a portion of the well-known ones are:

  • Yellow Tea
  • Green Tea
  • Bubble Tea
  • Pearl Milk Tea
  • Bai Mundan
  • Cheese Tea
  • Pu Erh
  • C100
  • Butter Tea
  • White Tea
  • Tieguanyin
Bubble Tea


Tap water in China is undrinkable, anyway it is shielded to use it for washing and for brushing your teeth. The tap water in China isn't secured to drink. Not in any manner like most western nations where there is straightforward induction to safe tap water, in numerous spots in China the tap water, disregarding the way that it looks clear, isn't okay for drinking aside from on the off chance that it has been boiled. Surely, even in enormous metropolitan cities such as Xi'an, water from the tap isn't generally purified, cleaned, or cleansed, and may pass on hazardous toxins like leftovers, rusts, microorganisms, contamination, chlorines, or other profound metals. Difficulties like stomach bugs are achieved by drinking impure water may destroy your outing. For drinking, one can without a doubt buy humble and safe bundled mineral water for as pitiful as 30 cents.

Organic Cafés

Organic cafes are quite popular across the globe, they make sustainable dining a real option for those who actually want to live without exploiting the environment and while there are a few such cafes in the bigger cities in China, you won’t find an organic cafe here in Xi’an, the best options are the above listed vegan and vegetarian restaurants.


China is an interesting country when it comes to exploring some off-beat brews. Xi’an shall also live up to this reputation and not disappoint you with some fresh ciders and lagers at some of the most popular breweries in town, these are:

  • Xi'anmai Xi'anniang Beer
  • Xi'an Brewing Company
  • Yanjing Beer Garden


Two or three hours outside the city lays the impressive Mount Huashan. Huashan Mountain isn't just one of the most excellent spots to visit in Xi'an, but at the same time it's one of the most provoking activities in Xi'an. It's an excellent mountain, enhanced in red strip and bolts and with a territory dissimilar to any ever observed. Go through a day investigating this unbelievable mountain on a tour. Huashan isn't simple to climb, yet it's possible. A road trip to the mountain is an absolute necessity and you will be cleared away by the characteristic magnificence of this spot.

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga may have originated in India but meditation has been practised since forever in China and the local people aren’t alien to yoga because of this very fact. Hence, if you wish to practice yoga on your trip here, given below are some of the most reputed yoga retreats and centres to meet like-minded individuals and possibly even yoga gurus:

  • Chanjing Yoga
  • Qianshuilian Yoga
  • Jiamei Yoga
  • Chanyuan Yoga


Being a major city in China, you don’t need to worry too much about finding accommodation as a tourist here, there are plenty of options and you shall find suitable amenities and facilities as per your budget.

Green Hotels

As odd as it may sound, some of the greenest hotels in the city of Xi’an are the most luxurious ones. Green stays aren’t offered by many hotels but the 5 stars incorporate minimal use of disposable items, plastics, and use energy-efficient appliances along with good use of water conservation and recycling methods. They also maximise natural lighting in rooms and use LEDs for minimum electricity consumption. Thus, some of the best options in Xi’an are:

  • Golden Flower Hotel Xi'an
  • Jin Jiang International Hotel
  • Shangri-La Hotel Xi'an
  • Sofitel Xi'an on Renmin Square

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels are a great option for solo travellers on a tight budget looking to find some friends and have a good time in shared living spaces. Given below are some of the popular options:

  • Han Tang Inn Hostel
  • Xi'an See Tang Hostel
  • Shuyuan International Party Hostel


Renting apartments on your excursion to the city of Xi'an is a choice in the event that you favour them over lodgings or worth your privacy and have a couple of companions going with you. Doubtlessly enough, Airbnb is very well known here alongside a couple of other comparable entryways yet the strategies are somewhat stricter and you should peruse the fine print before making a booking.


In a city, with a population of 12 million, you will discover numerous hosts who are offering Couchsurfing openings. While the safeness of this might be begging to be proven wrong however on the off chance that you have confirmed contacts as hosts and proposals from known travellers, at that point you could take the risk.


Numerous people in and around the city of Xi'an are known to be incredibly energetic about camping, you could join a couple of adventure-lovers on their campaign by interfacing over web-based media applications. A couple of mainstream campgrounds are recorded underneath:

  • Qinling Scenic Spot
  • Cuihua Mountain
  • Huanbaiyuan

How to Get There

Prior to you even consider purchasing your tickets to Xi'an, first, you have to check the visa necessities. Contingent upon where you are from, your identification or where you are living, you should observe a few standards and set up certain records. But other than this, the city is well connected from most of the major international destinations.


The city is well served by the Xi'an Xi'anyang International Airport which handles flights from domestic and international destinations. The city is well connected to the airport even though it is 41 kilometres away.

XianYang International Airport


Xi’an is well connected to major cities in China via bus and you could either travel via the government run buses or opt for private operators, nonetheless, both options are comfortable and affordable.

Local Bus


The railway network in China is magnificent and covers all corners of the country. Xi’an has six passenger railway stations and depending upon your train and booking you shall reach the city at any one of these.

Local Train


Hitchhiking is not new to the city of Xi’an, if you wish to reach here from cities nearby you can hitch a ride on the highways, while only a few people are trusting and friendly, you could try your luck.


Beyond these, there aren’t any other ways by which you can reach Xi’an.

Moving Around

Exploring the city of Xi’an is quite an interesting experience and coming to your aide are the various modes of transportation, these are described in brief in the sections below.


Strolling around the city of Xi'an is a sheltered undertaking, particularly during the daytime. You won't have any issues with committed pathways and supportive individuals to guide you.


Cycling is a famous means of transportation in the city. It is very protected and you have devoted bike paths all finished. You can lease a bike at different areas and there are alternatives of utilizing bikes made out of bamboo and wood also.

Electronic Vehicles

In the event that you have a substantial permit renting any vehicle in Xi'an is simple, it tends to be done through a versatile application too, in any case, discovering EVs is somewhat harder however on the off chance that you settle on the correct vehicle rental help, things won't be excessively troublesome.

Public Bus

The public transport framework in the city of Xi'an is sublime, in addition to the fact that it connects the whole town very well having almost 7000 buses in the fleet, all the more in this way, these transports generally run on electric motors subsequently making them a decent eco-accommodating choice to consider.

Tram, Train and Subway

The metro network in the city of Xi'an is wonderful interfacing most landmarks of the city and is a green alternative. About 8 lines should be operational by the next year (2021).

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping is very basic in the event that you wish to be an eco-accommodating traveller. Every thing of apparel or frill you buy builds your carbon footprint extensively, more so supporting neighbourhood organisations will assist you with adding to the fight against combinations that abuse the planet and its characteristic assets for avarice.

Food Markets

This is one of the most fascinating and flavorful activities in Xi'an, and you should spend at any rate one night at the Huimin Muslim Quarter in the old town. Muslim Street is the physical characteristic of the Silk Road, where everything began and where you can see the Arab impact in China. An unquestionable requirement experience on the Xi'an, China map! The blend of culture brought about a tasty and delicious road where you can discover neighbourhood Chinese dishes presented with nuts and conventional flavours from the Middle East. Go fasting and eat all that you can.

Flea Markets

The following are the best flea markets in Xi’an:

  • Northwest Antique Market
  • BaXi'angong Antique Market
  • Xi'an Antique Market
  • Xi'an Wuji Antique Market

Second Hand Stores

In a country such as China where there is a major parity is wealth distribution, a large percentage of the population certainly relies on cheap chopping and second hand stores are an excellent option for those who want quality used products at a fraction of the price. Though you may have to hunt for a few stores, they are available at key locations and often deal in used books, electronics, and clothing mostly.


At present the Chinese garment business is worth over a trillion USD but it takes a major toll on the environment and brands such as Fake Natoo and NEEMIC are providing sustainable fashion options for you to explore.


The city of Xi'an has a magnificent recycling strategy including cans to bottles to even batteries and toys being deliberately recycled. There are classes for each sort of waste and productivity is very acceptable.


The waste isolation strategy utilized here depends on the previously mentioned class framework. Furthermore, individuals recycling are given motivators, for example, free tickets at metro stations for reusing plastic containers and jars. You will discover tidiness in like manner spots to be glorious and garbage bins are found all over the place.

Work and Study Abroad

Xi'an may not be the biggest city in China while offering employment but it is a key education centre for many in the country and neighbouring nations, hence, you shall see many migrating here to achieve their goals and fulfil their dreams.

Exchange Student

The trade programs that China has with many neighbouring nations in the South East Asian district is powerful and you will discover a lot of understudies learning at colleges in Xi'an by means of intercontinental awards and grants.

Au Pair

Being an Au Pair isn't excessively regular here however in the event that you have the correct contacts and can persuade people for the equivalent, you could get yourself an overall quite sumptuous home to live in as the idea is just well known among the wealthy who have a space to save in this thickly pressed city.


Clearly in a city of this size there are a lot of issues to handle and you can do your spot for society by chipping in for different undertakings being embraced particularly by NGOs and administration gatherings.

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