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Eco-friendly travel guide to Yekaterinburg advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

Pond in the center of Yekaterinburg, Russia

  • Air quality: 3 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.5/ 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$70- $400
  • Budget per day: US$80- $300

Responsible Travel

Yekaterinburg is one of the most famous cities present in the country of Russia; this city is the fourth largest city of Russia and the second-largest city of Siberia. Earlier this city was known by the name Sverdlovsk, and this name was used between 1924-1991 after that it was named Yekaterinburg. This city is extremely populated with a population of more than 1.5 million. Yekaterinburg is a developing city, and its population is increasing at a very rapid rate. It is very important for the tourists to follow all the guidelines which have been made by the government of the city of Yekaterinburg. Tourists should strictly avoid throwing garbage in public, and they should throw it into the dustbin to keep the city clean. Tourists should avoid consumption of alcohol and avoid smoking in public places, as it is against the laws of this city.

Air Quality and Pollution

The air quality of Yekaterinburg is currently good. The air of this city is quite safe for the local residents of the city. Local people of the city are really conscious when it comes to the quality of air, and they know the basic ways through which they can improve the air quality of their city. Air pollution of this city is moderate. People and the Government of Yekaterinburg are trying hard to reduce the rate of pollution. Local people of the city are trying all possible measures that reduce the city's pollution.

Respect the Culture

Local people of this city are very devoted and extremely conscious when it comes to respecting their culture. It is important for the tourists also, to respect the culture of this city when they are paying a visit over this beautiful city of Yekaterinburg. Tourists should try not to say anything against the culture of this city and respect the culture of Yekaterinburg. Tourists should get involved in the cultural and traditional activities of this city to gain some information about the culture. Local people wear traditional dresses, do traditional dance, and eat traditional food during ceremonies and cultural events.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Yekaterinburg is a modern city and steeped in historical significance, and rich culture offers a feast of sights to discover. Yekaterinburg is like a piece of conceptual art with a captivating historical subtext. There are so many places in the amazing city where tourists should definitely pay a visit, enjoy their splendid vacation and make it a memorable one. So if people are planning to visit the amazing city of Yekaterinburg, then they should definitely not miss these places which are listed below-

  • Ganina Yama Monastery - This is one of the most famous and popular churches present in Yekaterinburg, and so many people pay a visit over here every day. This monastery is situated in the ganina, Yama tract, and Yekaterinburg, people, can reach this place very easily through public transportation like buses or taxis. This monastery is still in perfect shape and is maintained really nicely.
  • Visotsky Business Center Lookout - Visotsky Business Center Lookout is one of the favourite tourist spots, and it is also very popular amongst the local people of this city. It is as high as 186 metres, and views from the top are extremely fascinating, people can see the whole city from the top. It is present in the region Malysheva St in Yekaterinburg, and people can reach very easily here through public transportation.
  • Yekaterinburg State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre - Yekaterinburg State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre is a place where ballet artists from the whole Russia come and give their performance. This is a really good place for the people who love to watch theatre artists, and such people should definitely pay a visit to this place. It is present in Lenin Avenue in the city of Yekaterinburg, and tourists should definitely visit this place.
  • Iset River Dam - Iset river dam of this city is a wonderful place for the tourists where they can sit and relax themselves out. Nature-lovers should definitely pay a visit to this place as it is just so perfect for them. It is present in Prospekt Lenina of the City of Yekaterinburg and people won't find any difficulty to reach this place.
  • The Black Tulip War Memorial - The Black Tulip War Memorial is the perfect place for the people who love army related things, and such people should definitely pay a visit to this place. This war memorial is built for the soldiers who lost their lives for the Russian country during the war with Afghanistan and the Chechen war. This place describes the glory of this city, and tourists should definitely visit this place.
  • Kirillov’s House - Kirillov’s House is not so far from the city of Yekaterinburg, and it is located in one of the villages named Kanara near to Yekaterinburg. This beautiful house is very nicely decorated with fairytale and Soviet iconography and attracts so many tourists towards it. Sergey Kirillov constructed this house in the mid-century, he was a local blacksmith who made such a beautiful house in the village of Kanara.
  • Keyboard Monument - Keyboard Monument is one of the most exciting places to visit in Yekaterinburg, tourists should definitely pay a visit over this place. Local people of this city say that by typing their wish in this keyboard and if they press enter there is a chance that the wish may come true. This monument is present in gorkogo of the city of Yekaterinburg, and one should definitely come here.
  • Church upon the Blood - This is one of the most famous and one of the most visited churches in Yekaterinburg. This church was made in the year 2003 for the last royal family of this city the Romanov family. It is present in ulitsa tsarskaya of the city of Yekaterinburg, this Church is very nicely maintained and is in really good shape.
  • Boris Yeltsin Presidential Centre - In Boris Yeltsin Presidential Centre people can gain knowledge about the first federation's president, and this place has all the information regarding the first president. This place has a bookshop where book lovers can purchase books of their choice, a gallery where some good artwork is present, a library where people can read books and a museum where all the information is available.
  • Rastorguev Kharitonov's Palace - This palace is one of the most finest and fascinating palaces in Yekaterinburg. This place is really good for tourists and should definitely pay a visit to this place. This palace was built in the late 1700s, although it was constructed so many years ago but still is in really good shape. It is present in Karla libknekhta of the city Yekaterinburg and daily this palace is filled with visitors.
Kirillov's house in the village of Kunara, Sverdlovsk region, Russia


The city of Yekaterinburg has so many places to explore, in one trip tourists cannot explore all the places present in this city. Tourists get a variety of places in this city, and each place has its own significance. You will come across wonderful parks, beaches and monuments that you should explore.

City Parks

There are so many city parks in the city of Yekaterinburg, names of some of the most famous city parks of this city are mentioned below.

  • Osnovinskiy Park - This city park is present in ulitsa sulimova of the city Yekaterinburg. This park is a perfect place for nature lovers as this place is extremely peaceful.
  • Dendrologicheskiy Park-Vystavka - This beautiful city park is situated in ulitsa 8 Marta of the city of Yekaterinburg, this place helps people to reduce stress and relax their mind.
  • Ekaterinburg Central Park of Culture and Recreation - This beautiful city park is good for spending some hours after work so as to relax the mind. This city park is located in Ulitsa Michurina of the city Yekaterinburg and tourists won't face difficulties to reach this place.

National Parks

There are so my national parks situated in Yekaterinburg, and names of some of the famous national parks are mentioned below.

  • Yekaterinburgskiy Zoo Park - This national park is situated in Ulitsa Mamina-Sibiryaka of the city Yekaterinburg and has more than 380 species of fauna.
  • Dendropark - Dendropark has so many varieties of plants and trees and is a good place for people to relax. This park is located on the intersection of 8th March Street and Kuibysheva street of the city Yekaterinburg.
  • Botanical garden - This botanical garden has wide varieties of species of plants and trees, this garden is situated in ulitsa 8 Marta of the city Yekaterinburg. This place is good for bird watching so people who love to see birds can visit here.


Some beaches are situated in the city of Yekaterinburg, and names of some of the beaches of this city are mentioned below.

  • Plyazh Viz - This beach is situated in Ulitsa Kirova of the city Yekaterinburg, this beach is always filled with visitors as people love to visit here.
  • Shartash - This is another magnificent beach present in ulitsa Opdyke of the city Yekaterinburg. This place is really good for a family outing as they spend a good time with each other on this beach.
  • Sundali - This beach is a really good place for the people who want peace and relax their mind, this place is really nicely maintained, and the water body of this beach is immaculate.


There are various landmarks present in Yekaterinburg, which attracts the attention of so many tourists, names of some of the landmarks are mentioned below.

  • Kamennyye Palatki - This beautiful landmark is located in ulitsa Vysotskogo of the city Yekaterinburg, stone monuments present in this place are really fascinating.
  • Church on Blood - This wonderful church is present in ulitsa tsarskaya of the city Yekaterinburg. It was opened in the year 2000 and is still in excellent shape and maintained very nicely.
  • Monument to a Keyboard - This keyboard monument is located in Ulitsa Gor'kogo of the city Yekaterinburg and one of the favourite spots for the tourists to visit. Every year, so many tourists visit this place.
Tourists gathered at the Monument to a Keyboard


There are various wonderful museums in the City of Yekaterinburg, names of some of the museums of this city are mentioned below.

  • Military Technology Museum - Military Technology Museum is present in 2 Ulitsa Aleksandra kositsyna, and this museum has more than 350 military vehicles, so it is a good place for army lovers.
  • Nevyansk Icon Museum- This beautiful museum is present in ulitsa engelsa 15 of the city Yekaterinburg, and this museum has a collection of religious iconography which attracts tourists.
Nevyansk Icon Museum


Food is the basic commodity of each, and everyone's life and people work extremely hard to get a proper 2-3 meals in a day. Tourists need to know about the foods that they can consume during their trip to this city. Stroganina is quite a common dish of this city made from frozen raw fish that is skinned and then cut into slices and served to the people. Paskha is one of the most consumed deserts of this city which consists of egg yolks, butter, vanilla, cream and sugar and tastes really good. Varenye is another dessert which is made from berries and fruits with some sugar, and people love to eat it.

Traditional Local Restaurants

There are some excellent local restaurants which serve quality food and good hospitality to their customers. Local people love to visit these local restaurants during off days and consume their meal over these restaurants. The restaurants' staff are very coordinating and humble, and they treat every customer entering the restaurant equally and pay equal attention to every one of their customers. The cost of the food is not so costly, and middle-class people can also afford a meal in these restaurants. Tourists should definitely visit traditional restaurants of the city so as to taste the traditional food of this City. Names of some of the traditional local restaurants of this city are mentioned below.

  • Restaurant Podkova
  • Pelmeni Club, Restaurant
  • Pashtet. Restaurant

Vegetarian and Vegan

For vegetarians and vegan people, many restaurants serve only vegetarian and vegan for their customers. For vegetarian people, separate restaurants are present where they can consume pure veg food without any second thought. People who are vegan do not consume any of the food derived from animals; for them, separate restaurants are made where they can consume food that is totally vegan and free from any animal derivative. Tourists who are vegan or vegetarian can easily get food as per their needs in separate restaurants at affordable prices. Names of some of these restaurants are mentioned below

  • Khmeli suneli
  • Gastroli
  • Osteria bar sorriso

Street Food

Tourists who are paying a visit to this city should definitely consume food sold by street vendors as they are extremely cheap and the taste of the food is also quite good. Many local people are making their living by selling food on the streets, and everyone should support them. Traditional food is also available on these stalls so anyone who cannot afford to eat it in restaurants can eat over these stalls at much lower prices. However, the quality of food being served over these stalls is not good, so one must be very careful while consuming the food from here.


Drinks are an important part of life in every person living in Yekaterinburg, and they prefer to consume them with or after their meals. Alcoholic drinks are the most consumed drinks in this city, and the local people consume alcohol every day. Age to consume alcohol in this city is 18, and anyone below this age is strictly not allowed to consume alcoholic drinks. Vodka is the most consumed drink of this city, and people consume it mostly on special occasions like weddings, ceremonies and some other events. Beer is the second most-consumed drink of this city, and people consume it every day with their meals as it contains less percentage of alcohol.


Tap water of this city is extremely unfit to consume, and it has so many harmful chemicals and microorganisms which can adversely affect the human body. Tap water should only be used to shower and wash utensils as it is safe to use in such daily activities. People should boil the tap water properly to become fit for the drinking purpose and get free from any harmful microorganism. Local people have opted for a water purifier which cleans the water completely by removing all the toxic chemicals and microorganisms and making it suitable for consumption. People can also opt for packaged drinking water which is available in bottles, and the prices are also very affordable.

Organic Cafés

Cafes are one of the best places for starting the day, people of this city can be seen visiting cafes to drink tea and coffee, which keeps them energetic and awake throughout the day. The organic cafes of this city are always full of people as it is a really good place for relaxing and reducing stress. Tea and coffee are one of the most consumed drinks of this city, and that's why many people visit these cafes daily to consume them. Names of some of the most famous organic cafes present in this city are mentioned below.

  • Cafe Kuznya
  • Demidov Cafe Museum
  • Shoko


There are so many brewery companies and agencies in this city which make quality beer for the people, beer is one of the most consumed drinks of this city, and that's why there are so many breweries in this city. Through these breweries, beer for the people of the whole city is manufactured and daily more than 100 litres of beer are consumed by Yekaterinburg. Beer is preferred over other alcoholic drinks as it has less alcohol and is safe for consumption. Names of some the most popular breweries present in the city of Yekaterinburg are mentioned below.

  • Jaws Spot
  • Red Cooper
  • Royal Brewery


There are so many activities that tourists and local people of this city can do mainly adventurous activities. The city of Yekaterinburg is one of the best cities in Russia to visit, and so many tourists pay a visit to this city every year to explore and experience its beauty. There are some good bars and clubs where people and tourists can go and enjoy and relax themselves out. This city has some good water parks where people can spend some good time with their family during the summer. Cinema halls are also present in this city where people can and watch the latest movies, the price of seats are also very affordable.

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga in recent times is helping so many people in reducing stress, and it also keeps the body fit and healthy. In the city of Yekaterinburg, the number of people practising yoga is increasing day by day as they are finding it extremely useful for their body. There are some perfect retreats in this city where people can practice yoga under trained professionals to do it properly. Tourists who want to do yoga can visit these retreats, some hotels in this city also have the facilities for practising yoga for their residents. Names of some of the retreats which are present in the city of Yekaterinburg are mentioned below.

  • Pension Seven Keys
  • Center Yogi Grani


It is extremely important for the tourists who are visiting Yekaterinburg to find accommodation which has all the necessary facilities which they require. There are so many modes of accommodation present in the city of Yekaterinburg, and tourists can choose any of them as per their needs and requirements. Tourists can easily book their accommodation online, all the details of the accommodation are available on the sites and tourists also get the facilities of making the payment online. Some of the most common modes of accommodation that most people opt-in the city are mentioned below.

Green Hotels

The concept of green hotels has made such a positive impact on the environment by reducing the rates of environmental degradation and pollution. The electricity in these green hotels is generated through eco-friendly ways which reduce the rates of environmental degradation. The cosmetics available in such hotels for the usage of the residents are also organic and are extremely harmless for the human skin. The city of Yekaterinburg also has many green hotels and many other hotels are also trying their best to switch their hotels into green hotels by opting eco-friendly measures. Names of some green hotels which are present in the city of Yekaterinburg are mentioned below.

  • Green Park hotel
  • Marins park hotel Yekaterinburg
  • Novotel Yekaterinburg centre

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels are another mode of accommodation which is mostly opted by students who are studying in this city. The staff of every hostel provide 3 meals in a day to their residents; residents do not have the facility to change the menu as the hostel's staff members totally decide it. Names of some hostels present in the city of Yekaterinburg are mentioned below.

  • Roomy hostel
  • Story hostel
  • Like Hostel Yekaterinburg

Guests houses are another accommodation mode that is mostly opted by the tourists as they find it extremely comfortable and convenient. Guests houses provide their residents with 3-4 meals in a day and residents can ask for changes in the menu if they don't find it appropriate.

  • Guesthouse grand villa
  • Guest house aleksandrovskiy


This mode of accommodation is mostly chosen by the local middle-class people of the city of Yekaterinburg. Middle-class people find it extremely affordable and convenient as they are getting accommodation with all the necessary facilities they require in their day-to-day lifestyle. There are so many agencies and companies from where people can rent an apartment very easily. People who are on a very long office trip can also be seen opting for this mode of accommodation as it is very affordable and cheap. Names of some of the apartments which are present in the city of Yekaterinburg are mentioned below.

  • Apartments Ieropolis
  • Apartment Komsomolskaya 78
  • Kvartiry Posutochno Yekaterinburg


Couch surfing is a widespread practice in the city of Yekaterinburg as the local residents are very humble and welcome all their guests with an open heart. Couch surfing can also be considered under the category of accommodation, but here people do not require to spend money. Couch surfing is a very budget-friendly mode of accommodation as the residents don't need to pay for residing and eating as they are staying in their relative or friend's house. This accommodation is mainly opted by the tourists who have local residents in the city of Yekaterinburg, and they will help them in every possible way to make their trip a good one.


Camping comes under the category of adventurous activity, and it requires an expert professional so as to practice it. Doing camping requires a lot of hard work and a little bit of experience so as to practice it properly. There are some centres for the people in the city of Yekaterinburg where they can practice camping without any fear of wild animals. These centres provide their residents with all the equipment and commodities which are used for practising camping. Camping gives a whole new experience to the people where they have to live without any electronic device and cook their own food.

How to Get There

Getting to Yekaterinburg is not so difficult, one can easily get to this city through air transportation. The number of Direct flights available to reach the city are less so passengers need to change some flights so as to reach Yekaterinburg. Tourists opt for air transportation as it is very rapid and helps them cover a longer distance in a very short period of time. People can also opt for trains to reach this city if they don't have to cover a long distance to reach this city.


Air transportation is one of the most used modes of transportation in the city of Yekaterinburg as it is extremely comfortable and convenient to travel. Passengers can very easily book the tickets online and choose their seats as per their needs and requirements, all the details of the flights are available on the websites. There are some international airports which are present in the city of Yekaterinburg, flights from all over the world land and take off from these international airports. Domestic airports are also available in this city from where flights for most of the cities and regions of Russia can be boarded. Names of international airports present in this city are mentioned below.

  • Koltsovo Airport
  • Gruzovoy Kompleks Kol'tsovo
Koltsovo Airport


The city of Yekaterinburg has a very well connected road network and the road transportation of this city is also really good. Buses are a really good option if anyone has to cover a shorter distance, so many local people travel through buses daily. People can book their seats online and choose the seat of their choice, the schedule of all the buses running in this city are available on the website. The passengers don't need to wait for so long as these buses are always on time. Names of some of the bus stations which are present in the city of Yekaterinburg are mentioned below.

  • Yekaterinburg Transagentstvo
  • South Bus Station
A bus in Yekaterinburg


Railway network of this city if really nicely connected to other urban cities and regions, train transportation is the most used transportation of this city. Trains for all the regions of Russia arrive at the railway stations of Yekaterinburg, daily thousands of people travel in trains of this city. Train transportation is a really good option when anyone has to travel to another city, trains will make passengers reach their destination at much lesser time than the buses. Yekaterinburg railway station is the station where most of the trains arrive and is the only railway station of this city.


Hitchhiking is a very common practice which is done in every country, in the city of Yekaterinburg hitchhiking is done very often and people are humble enough to help other people on the way. Hitchhiking is mostly done when there is an emergency situation like accidents or someone has to reach the destination as soon as possible. But the people should be careful to choose people to hitchhike as there is a very high risk of getting robbed in this practice. Tourists can also ask help on the way as they are unaware of the routes and also they are not aware about the public transportation.


Travelling through taxis is another very good mode of transportation for the people who are unaware of any other mode of transportation in this city. There are many companies and taxi hiring agencies in the city of Yekaterinburg which provide really good services to their passengers. People can easily hire a taxi online, and people also have the option of not hiring a driver if they are aware of the routes in this city as the roads are really well maintained and nicely connected to all the regions of the city. Hence, the taxi is a really good option to travel.

Moving Around

Moving around in this country is extremely easy as it has so many modes of transportation, and passengers can choose any of them according to their requirements. People can travel through public buses if they want to travel at very affordable rates and these buses are also very punctual and always on time. If anyone wants to travel to another city, then he/she can travel through trains by booking tickets online. People can hire a cab and move around in this city very conveniently, although this transportation mode is a bit costly but very effective.


Walking around the nearby areas enhances the exploration and helps the people know about various things that they can do and places they can visit nearby. Walking gives so many benefits to the people, and it helps people remain healthy by keeping the heart-healthy. Walking relaxes the mind and reduces stress so people should definitely go on a walk whenever they are free. Local people of Yekaterinburg are seen going on a walk daily in the nearby city parks alone or with friends or relatives.


Bicycling is an excellent way to stay fit and explore the nearby areas, bicycling daily for 3-4 kilometres is extremely good for health. In the City of Yekaterinburg, there are many such places where special tracks are being made where people can do bicycling very conveniently. People should not use vehicles if they want to go nearby; they should opt for cycles to reduce pollution and contribute to the environment. Some agencies and companies hire their bicycles to the people if they don't have their own. Tourists can use cycles if they want to explore the area near their accommodation so as to make their trip more exciting.

Electronic Vehicles

The vehicles which are currently running in every country use petrol or diesel, which is extremely harmful to the environment. In the near future, the usage of these vehicles will definitely decrease as they are causing a lot of pollution. It takes hundreds of years to make petrol and diesel, and after some years people will not get petrol and Diesel due to lack of resources. In the city of Yekaterinburg, the local people have started using vehicles which run with electricity, and they are extremely safe for the environment.

Public Bus

Public buses of Yekaterinburg are really convenient, and daily thousands of people travel in them. These public buses cover the regions of the whole city of Yekaterinburg and help the local people to reach their respective destinations. The price of the tickets are also very affordable, and anyone can travel on these buses, whether it be poor people. The public buses are very punctual and are always on time, and the passengers never need to wait for the buses. There are different buses for different regions in this city, so one must be careful while travelling.

Tram, Train and Subway

There are no trams in this city, earlier they were there, but they were removed due to enhancement in the technology. Metro trains are available in this city, and they are extremely cheap and efficient for travelling. Yekaterinburg's government is planning to start metro trains on some more routes and work on some of the routes have started also. Metro trains are always on time, and they run according to the time table so that passengers don't need to wait for too long. Passengers can very easily purchase the tickets on the stations, and they are very affordable.

Sustainable Shopping

The City of Yekaterinburg is a perfect place for sustainable shopping as there are so many stores from where people can buy antique items. These shops are perfect for tourists as they will not find these antique items anywhere in this world except in Yekaterinburg. Tourists can purchase items like artworks, sceneries, things made from stone and many more. There are so many sustainable stores present in the city of Yekaterinburg, names of some of them are mentioned below.

  • Vinoteka Solovyova
  • Green Gallery
  • Vargan EKB jew's harp shop
  • Ural souvenir

Food Markets

There are so many food markets in Yekaterinburg, the local people of this city purchase every food commodity from these markets. People can purchase commodities at very affordable rates, and the quality of the products is also really good. People who are unaware of the routes can easily reach these markets either by public transportation or by hiring a taxi. People also get the facility of home delivery, and they can order all the required commodities and then they can ask for home delivery. Names of food markets present in this city are mentioned below.

  • Street Market Food & Buffet
  • Grocery stall
  • Minutamarket, Minimarket

Flea Markets

Flea markets are one of those markets where every kind of commodity can be purchased from clothes to food items. The commodities available here are very cheap and of really good quality. Local people love to visit these markets as they purchase so many things from here. If any of the tourist wants to get to these markets then they can ask from any of the local people of this city. Names of some of the popular flea markets present in the city of Yekaterinburg are mentioned below.

  • Rynok Suvenirov
  • Grinvich

Second Hand Stores

Second-hand stores are one of the most visited stores by the middle-class people in the city of Yekaterinburg, and they get to purchase commodities at very affordable prices on these second-hand stores. The number of these stores is increasing day by day as the number of people purchasing second-hand commodities increases. People who can't afford to purchase certain new commodities visit second-hand stores to purchase it. There are many second-hand stores in the city of Yekaterinburg names of some of them are mentioned below.

  • Second hand
  • Basco pati
  • Studiya 54
  • Mekhovoy Stok


The city has many eco-fashion shops, which promote the use and purchase of eco-friendly products. This involves buying products like recyclable fabric, jute bags and organic food.


It is very rightly said by Sir Mckenzie Jones - "While recycling is great in a lot of ways, the ultimate goal is to get people to prevent waste in the first place". Creative waste management strategies play a critical role in helping Yekaterinburg, to improve its energy efficiency and become more sustainable in the long term. Yekaterinburg came up with a recycling event, a 3-day event being held from 20th September to 22nd September 2016. This event showcased many useful recycling products like wheel loaders, containers for separate waste collection, dumper trucks and much more in the Environment and Waste Management industry. Some of the most famous recycling centres in Yekaterinburg are-

  • Yekaterinburg-Vtormet, Predpriyatiye
  • Punkt Priyema Makulatury
  • Etilamin-Yek
  • Punkt Priyema
  • Gromtsvetmet


The process of waste management involves treating solid and liquid waste which this city is doing very correctly. Waste management is an important element of environmental protection. If it is not managed properly, it can affect the environment, degrading its purpose is to provide hygienic, efficient and economical solid waste storage, collection, transportation and treatment or disposal of waste without polluting the environment. Yekaterinburg, as the capital of the Urals and one of the largest cities in Russia, is performing very well in collection and recycling of waste into secondary raw material. Waste management services in Yekaterinburg are-

  • Punkt Priyema Metalloloma
  • Bmv
  • Region Dragmet
  • Radon-S

Work and Study Abroad

Yekaterinburg is known to be an industrial and research hub. It has various job opportunities for highly qualified professionals. The city hosts many international and local firms, where people can apply for a job. Yekaterinburg hosts 38 universities and highest institutes which welcomes international students to work while studying, apart from being an industrial centre. Foreigner student requires a work permit, to work in Yekaterinburg in the same University, as it would be beneficial for them. Some posts are teaching assistant, research assistant, language tutor and freelance writing.

Exchange Student

Student exchange is a high school- or college-aged person, who travels abroad to live in a new country as part of a scholarly exchange program. International students looking to get a degree in Yekaterinburg, can choose from a diverse range of diplomas and programs and obtain bachelor’s, master’s, PHD’s, MBA’s from the top most rated institutions. Yekaterinburg also offers an online program through which student can get into a distant learning program and get an online degree at their ease. The most popular programs in Yekaterinburg are-

For economics-

  • Platov South-Russian Polytechnique
  • Institute of International Relations
  • Penknives Russian University of Economics

For IT-

  • Ural State Mining University
  • Ural Federal University Web-Site Route
  • Siberian State University of Telecommunication

For medical-

  • Ural State Medical University
  • I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical
  • Saratov State Medical University

For management-

  • North Caucasus Federal University
  • Saint Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation
  • Yekaterinburg State Theatre Institute

Au Pair

Young foreigners that are typically women who help with housework or childcare in exchange for food, a room, and some pocket money are basically AU pairs. Hosting an AU pair is a good idea, especially if people need flexibility, have at least one child, care about their money and are concerned with preparing their child for a global society.AU pair companies has given a lot of career opportunity for young people, who are willing to do a job for a living and want to be independent. Yekaterinburg is a city where students can earn a living and do jobs like au pairs, nannies, housekeeper etc. to get employed and get accommodation. One thing people should consider is that AU pair jobs require so much work, but when it comes to money, it is very less.


Volunteering is a widespread practice in the city of Yekaterinburg. Many people practice it to get a decent job. Volunteering aims to improve social inclusions and create collective learning processes. The spirit of volunteerism promotes a strong sense of solidarity and coherence to a group and as a consequence, a sense of belonging to well-functioned community contexts. A good example is the Great Baikal Trail helping to construct a hiking trail around Lake Baikal.

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