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Eco-friendly travel guide to Yogyakarta advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Tugu Yogyakarta is an important historical landmark in the city of Yogyakarta, Indonesia

  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 2 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4.5 / 5
  • Parks: 2 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 2.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$70 - $100
  • Budget per day: US$150 - $300

Responsible Travel

The city of Yogyakarta is the capital of the Special Region, which is in Yogyakarta in Indonesia. This city is situated on the island of Java. While exploring Yogyakarta is a must-visit city, it is full of opportunities to learn about the local culture, history, and significance. You will want to get the best experience out of your travel so that your trip is worth all the money you spend. To have a fantastic trip, you need to travel responsibly. Responsible travel refers to traveling in such a way that your actions don't cause any harm to the local communities or the environment. In the current scenario, you must follow various eco-friendly measures and participate actively in protecting our earth.

  • Your responsible travel measures need to start way before you visit the country. After booking your flight, you need to do extensive research about the current country scenario, the culture, things you need to avoid, and the laws you have to follow as a tourist. If you ignore this vital step, you will be clueless about your environment and not get the best experience.
  • Suppose you want to get a close picture of the culture and livelihood of the local people. In that case, you need to avoid visiting international brands like H&M, K.F.C., McDonald's, Starbucks, 7-Eleven, Sephora, etc., as you can find them in your city. It would be best if you prefer visiting and buying from local businesses as they will give you deep insights into the lives of the people and their traditions and culture.
  • After landing in the city, you will want to stay at a 5-star hotel with a good reputation and luxury facilities. But, in reality, these hotels are not the best choice if you are a foreign tourist as they will provide you with world-class facilities but will fail to give you proper exposure to the local culture. Instead, it would be best if you preferred opting for eco-hotels, hostels, guest houses, and apartments to get the right amount of exposure to the local culture.

Air Quality and Pollution

As a tourist, you must keep this in mind when visiting the city and taking precautionary steps accordingly. The monsoon season is also relentless and could contribute to increased pollution levels because the suspended particles tend to hang on to the heavy atmosphere. However, one thing that should be kept in mind is that the city is infamous for its bad air quality. People love to make inquiries before they visit any city as they would not want to compromise their health despite having fun during the holiday.

Therefore, it would be better to visit the city during the summer months when the climate is good. The humidity levels are also low if you plan for a long trip or visit the city as a tourist, infamous for its unhealthy and poor air quality. It could lead to breathing problems, burning and itchy eyes, and other such complications. The air is fresh and crisp at this time of the year, and you will enjoy bike rides and walking in the city quite a lot. After all, health is wealth. Air quality and pollution play an important role while visiting a new city.

Respect the Culture

It is not out of place that one of the first things you would hear when visiting a new place is that you should respect the culture if you want to flow well with the locals. However, some people might be lost if they do not know the traditions of the city.

If you are having lunch with your local friends, then it is proffered if everyone pays for what they ordered or can offer to pay for everyone if you are hosting. Do not wait for others to pay your bill and always offer to pay for your own food.

If this city is your chosen city for a holiday, have no fear as we would give you some tips on respecting their culture. You should know that the people of this city love it when the atmosphere is relaxed. Thus, they would not jump into any business topic. Always talk about something simple and allow the host to start the conversation.

You must show respect towards the local communities, landmarks, culture, and local environment. By indulging in cultural or recreational activities, you can learn a great deal about the city's culture and history.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Jalan Malioboro: It is one of the famous streets in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It is used lies between the north-south in the city. The street basically 2 km in length. It is one of the famous streets in the city of Yogyakarta.
  • Taman Sari: It is basically a water castle. It is known as the royal palace. It is also a former garden which is located 2km from the main city. It was built in the 18th century. The castle is styled in Javanese, a styled architecture.
  • The palace of Yogyakarta: It is located in the main city of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It is a center of Javanese culture. It is a royal museum that displays royal artifacts.
  • Tugu: It is basically located near Tugu. It is a historical Landmark of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It means a symbol or a mark of the monuments. It has its historical background; due to this, it has become the icon for Yogyakarta.
  • Fort Vredeburg Museum: The building Fort Vredenburg Museum in Yogyakarta and spend some fantastic time exploring Indonesia's history, culture, and art. The museum possesses extensive art collections of calligraphy, drawings, seals, furnishings of the Ming and Qing periods, coins, and jade.
  • Gembira Loka Zoo: It is the second biggest park in Yogyakarta that sits in the District. You will find that Gembira Loka Zoo welcomes a smaller number of visitors, unlike other parks, as it is located far from the city. A park is an ideal place for nature lovers where you can spot a wide variety of flora and fauna living and prospering in their natural habitats.
  • Taman Pintar: It is an amusement park in the city of Yogyakarta. It is Indonesia's oldest public park in the city of Yogyakarta. The park offers a peaceful and quiet environment for visitors. Because of its location, you can also get amazing views of the city, which will give you a sense of inner peace.
  • Pasar Brringharjo: It is basically a traditional market in the city of Yogyakarta. This the biggest market in the city of Yogyakarta. This market is also known as the economic center of the main city that is Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
  • Alun Kidul: It is the tourist attraction of the city of Yogyakarta. It has shopping, history, various things, and natural attractions that make it more attractive.
  • Prawirotaman street: It is basically located in a village named Brontokusuman. It belongs to the sub-district named Mergangsan. It is also one of the popular streets in the city of Yogyakarta.
Taman Sari


The city has many things to offer apart from the many historical and culturally renowned places packed with tourists. The various parks, beaches, museums, and landmarks will help you get deep insights into the local culture and its beauty. People say that all work and no play would make one dull. This city ensures that it has places that play roles in calming and relaxing the mind. Thus, it is not surprising that people always want to visit this city.

There is so much to do in this city, so tourists should have a schedule plan ready so that activities will not be jumbled.

City Parks

The city of Yogyakarta is big, and it has a big collection of parks and other such places. It has big open spaces and greeneries where you can spend time with your children and other family members. The views are one thing you cannot take away from parks.

Here are some famous city parks in the city:

  • Parks Valley Ugm
  • Rth Winongo Patangpuluhan
  • Taman Kearifan Ugm
  • Traffic Education Parks

National Parks

The country has always been famous for its beautiful and graceful natural resources, and so that this city has a wonderful collection of national parks and a zoo. We are listing down a few of them that may not exactly be located in and around the city but are not very far away from the city.

  • Taman Nasional Gunung Merapi
  • Becici Peak
  • 'Selfie Park Jogia
Becici Peak


Here are some famous beaches every tourist must visit:

  • Kretek Beach
  • Timing Beach
  • Wediombo Beach
  • Sunday Beach
  • Pantai Ngobaram
Wediombo Beach


The city of Yogyakarta also has its share of memorable landmarks and monuments. You must try and visit as many as you possibly can. While the list is quite long, we are mentioning a few of them for our readers' benefit.

  • Ganjuran Church
  • Plaosan Temple
  • Sewu Temple
Ganjuran Church


Visiting museums would be the icing on your holiday package, especially if you are in this city, as it shows that you have adequately explored the city.

Here are some of these museums given are as follows:

  • Affandi Museum
  • Fort Vredeburg Museum
  • Museum Ullen Sentalu
Fort Vredeburg Museum


You will find that the locals prefer to eat healthy and nutritious food with lots of vegetables and meats. Apart from these traditional and modern cuisines, the local street food is a must-try one that will leave your mouth lingering with their flavors. You will find that vegetarian, and non-vegetarian dishes are popular, and you will not find much trouble conveying your food preferences. Here are some famous local restaurants, vegetarian and vegan, and street foods are given below.

Traditional Local Restaurants

Here are some famous local restaurants which serve their authentic traditional foods are given below:


Vegetarian and Vegan

Sometimes the habits of two people are different. Thus, everyone does not have the same eating habit or love the same pattern when it concerns food choices.

If you are a vegetarian, you do not need to worry when you are in this city as there are many restaurants to attend to your needs. With these places, you will get to enjoy traditional meals properly with your regular choices. Some of these vegan restaurants are:

  • Fortunate Coffee Jogja
  • Bedhot Resto
  • Loving Hut Express Demangan Jogjakarta
  • Depot Veggie

Street Food

Different cities have various food they classify as street food. Suppose you are a street food enthusiast and would want to try some in this city. You know those foods you can easily get at the roadside without the need for a fancy restaurant—those classified as street food.

The preparation time for them does not take long, and it is something you can eat on the go. One thing about street food is that you can try out varieties at the same time.

  • Chicken Noodles
  • Bakso
  • Bakmi
  • Fresh Fruit Adorned With Ice
  • Gudeg


There is no doubt that the local people love to drink regularly, especially on special occasions with friends and family. There are many local alcoholics and non-alcoholic beverages that you can see in the local cafés, restaurants, bars, and pubs in the city.


Even the water that is available in hotels and street-side food joints may be unsafe to drink. Hence, carrying bottled water is a good suggestion. Unlike many Western countries, tap water may not be safe to drink, but the locals do drink after boiling it. Water is unstable even to the small majority who have a direct connection to tapped water. Different areas of the city receive water on specific days of the week, some for a few days and others for just a few hours.

Organic Cafés

The city has stood up to the task of catering for all segments of the population, including those with a preference for organic foods. Since some people would prefer to eat organic, it is not out of place to have organic cafes in different cities. While they are not as obvious as the mainstream restaurants, the city has several organic eateries:

  • Dayang Organic Café
  • Via Via Jogja
  • Wanderlust Coffee Division
  • Yam Yam Restaurant


If you love alcoholic drinks, you will have a swell time in the city as there are many fabulous options for you. Have a look at some of its breweries:

  • Punika Deli
  • Sakapatat Brewhouse & Retro
  • Taphouse Beer Garden
  • Liquid Bar And Kitchen


The museums and art exhibitions are always there for you to explore, making you appreciate art. Even if you are not a lover of artwork, something in you will be compelled when you see them.

The city is best known for its art and culture in tourism, and it has many places to explore. However, this is not the case for people who wish to visit Yogyakarta, as there is always something to do. Foreigners hate getting bored when in a new city, so you would see those seeking recommendations from the locals if there is not much to do in a city.

It would be best to make friends with the locals to have an epic experience in the city.

Yoga and Retreats

You will find that young people are the ones that like to participate in such fitness exercised. There are many yoga institutes in the city where you can train under a qualified and experienced yoga teacher. With increasing awareness of the need for a healthy and fit lifestyle, the local people are gaining interest in yoga, an ancient Indian practice for maintaining the health of mind and body.

Some of the renowned yoga centers are as follows:

  • Fit Box Gym Studio
  • Padi Yoga
  • Aura Yoga And Tari
  • Balance Mind Body Soul


We would not say that accommodation in this city is cheap, neither would we say that it is expensive. The price you would get depends on your accommodation option. It may not be as low as what you would get in some cities, but it is not the most expensive in the world. With this clear, we know that the next question concerns the pricing as people want to know to plan their budget.

The city has many options when it comes to accommodation, so foreigners are not stranded. These accommodation options range from hotels to apartments, and much more.

You can either make accommodation plans when you are in the city or before you arrive. It would be best to do whatever works best for you.

Green Hotels

Many foreigners fail to realize that they have a role to play in protecting the environment, and it does not matter if it is your place of origin or not. If you are an environmental enthusiast, we know that you would search for green hotels in Vienna to ensure that you have an eco-friendly stay in the city. You should play a role in any place you find yourself.

Here are some of the green hotels in the city given below:

  • Green Host Boutique Hotel
  • Green Hotel
  • Melia Purosani Hostel

Hostels and Guest Houses

Here are some comfortable and affordable guesthouses as well as hostels in the city. They are given below:

  • Snooze Yogyakarta
  • Oke Baik Hostel Yogyakarta
  • Jogja Backpacker Home


You will find that renting out an apartment can be relatively cheaper if you travel with your friends or family. Before you rent out an apartment, make sure to check the property properly and get some reviews of current residents in the apartment building.


The idea surrounding Couchsurfing is that locals of the city offer hospitality by opening their homes to foreigners. It is usually voluntary so that there will be no complaints. Thus, anyone who signs up to accommodate people through Couchsurfing is expected to treat them right as they were not forced to do it.

The perk of Couchsurfing is that it is free. As a foreigner, you do not need to pay your host. However, it is your responsibility to be respectful and abide by the laws of the city. It is a new concept but has taken off quite well in the city. There is an online community known as couchsurfing.com, and if you are a part of it, you will be able to come across dozens of CouchSurfing mates and companions.


Campers describe the experience as exciting, and it lures those who have never been camping before. It helps you meet new people, and you get to do things you have never done before. If you a lover of nature and the outdoors, we know that you would wish to experience camping in whatever form when you are in a new city.

The thing with camping is that there are particular areas for it; else, the whole purpose is defeated. Thus, it is right to know about camping sites.

  • Campgrounds Ambarbinangun
  • Base Camp Tkci Yogyakarta
  • Jogja Camping Trip
  • Camping Ground Jogja

How to Get There

If you are already in the country, you can choose various transport services like long-distance buses, trains, rental cars, etc. These are affordable and quite convenient modes of travel. You can also opt for hitchhiking, but you may face trouble getting to the city in time, and it isn't the most comfortable mode of travel. If you are in your home city and want to reach the city directly, then you can opt for airplanes as they are the fastest mode of traveling to another country.


Three international airports are Adisucipto International Airport and the Domestic departures Adi Sutjipto International Airport and Yogyakarta International airport. These three airports provide flights to various major cities of the World. If you want to reach Yogyakarta directly, you can opt for flights that land at one of these airports. These airports also provide domestic flights to other cities from Yogyakarta.

Adisucipto International Airport


This is because the intercity bus terminus is located around one hour from the city. The city has reasonably advanced local bus transport services, but intercity bus services are not very comfortable. The bus terminuses are chaotic, and you may have to take some local help to determine which bus to choose for your requirements.

Buses in Yogyakarta


Yogyakarta Railway Station is the well-known station as the Tugu railway station. The city of Yogyakarta has a well-connected railway system that is inexpensive and comfortable for long-distance travel. There are three primary railway stations in the country. These railway stations serve to connect to every small to a big town in the country.


Hitchhiking is very much in vogue in the city, but you have to be careful when choosing the right person. While the locals are quite friendly and hospitable and hitchhiking is a common practice in many parts of the world, it is not common to encounter hitchhikers in the city.

Most drivers are naturally wary of picking up strangers, fearing carrying robbers and carjackers. While there are exceptional cases of drivers who would be okay with offering one a lift, most of them would not, especially when driving at night.


These options are not eco-friendly as they harm the local environment by using non-renewable resources and emitting greenhouse gases. It would be best to avoid such modes of transports to travel in an eco-friendly manner and save lots of money.

Moving Around

These modes of transportations are efficient in helping you move around the city and discover the city's hidden gems. Walking is an alternative mode of moving around but is the healthiest and cheapest mode. If you wish to travel, then the best option at your disposal is public transports such as subway trains, available buses, and electronic vehicles.


Despite numerous attempts to decongest the city, including increasing the parking cost in town and banning public service vehicles from accessing certain parts of the town center, the streets have continued to be congested. Away from the city and into the residential suburbs boasts of many trees along many avenues that provide shade and fresh air as you stroll along.

Walking is the most eco-friendly means of transport but also because of the traffic jam. As the city has rapidly grown, Yogyakarta has become known for its unending traffic jams.


You can easily find bike renting stores in almost every district of Yogyakarta. If you cannot travel long distances by walking, you can use an electronic or mechanical bicycle to cover up distances faster. Bicycles are friendly to the environment and your travel budget.

Electronic Vehicles

The government promotes electronic vehicles by setting up various charging stations and parking areas for such cars. The users of electronic cars and bikes also receive relaxation for taxes. You can easily find many electronic vehicle stores in the city, but you may need to make a booking to ensure that you can get a vehicle on the day of your travel.

Public Bus

These buses are a standard mode of transportation for the locals and are entirely safe for tourists. You can use public buses to travel to different city areas and gain some useful information from the locals on the bus.

Tram, Train and Subway

There is only one tram network in the city that covers an area of 10 kilometers in the distance. It is an excellent way of moving around the city and exploring the local culture, heritages, and landmarks.

The railway stations in Yogyakarta serve the locals and tourists for moving around the city. These railway networks are some of the fastest ways to move around the town and get some beautiful views of the urban jungle.

The metro system in the city is the second biggest network for metro trains in the World. It is the fastest mode of moving around the city and is the most popular public transport for working-class people and students. The metro trains can help you reach any part of the city with ease and safety.

Sustainable Shopping

You will find many local models and actors promoting the use of such items. These items are sourced from locally available resources and consider all environmental aspects to avoid any negative impact. There are many places where you can shop sustainably and act as a responsible person. These places are the local food markets, flea markets, second-hand stores, and eco-fashion stores.

Food Markets

You will find that these markets home local businesses and people that sell high-quality products at a reasonable rate. These markets are better options as they are relatively cheaper and better sources than the frozen and preserved food in the supermarkets and departmental stores.

  • Pasar Beringharjo
  • Susu Murni
  • Sikaya Yk Tamansiswa

Flea Markets

These markets are run by local people and the best places to find local art and craft items. You can find these markets fill with handmade products and represent the local culture and people. These are some shops every tourist must visit:

  • Klithikan Oakuncen Market
  • Pasar Sore Malioboro
  • Pasar Klitikan Sentir

Second Hand Stores

These stores are some of the most common places for shopping for lower-income groups and budgeted travelers. These stores sell second-hand products that possess the potential for reuse. You can find many antique items at low rates as well.


You will find that eco-fashion is a viral trend among local people. Many models and brands serve such clothing items, which is why it is gaining a lot of popularity. While looking for eco-fashion stores, prefer local businesses as they sell products sourced from the local environment.


You will find many recycling stores in various districts where you can take your recyclable waste and get it appropriately recycled. The government has also provided multiple incentives to people following various recycling waste measures and saving natural resources. These stores offer various monetary or store voucher services that you can use for buying other recyclable items and services.


Pollution is a severe problem in Yogyakarta, and there are many measures that the government has put into action to control it. While exploring and traveling, make sure to use these containers and vehicles to dispose of the waste properly, or you can get into trouble for violating the laws and environment. You will find dumpsters and garbage disposal trucks in every street of the districts in Yogyakarta.

Work and Study Abroad

As the financial hub, you will find that the educational and career opportunities in the city are the best. All you need to do to get admission is to apply to the various institutions and meet their requirements. The education system is one of the best, and you will be able to learn a lot about local culture, history, heritage, and people.

Exchange Student

You will find that many city institutions are part of the program and offer various scholarships to such students.

The student exchange program is a worldwide program that enables students from different countries to study in another country and learn about local culture and traditions.

Au Pair

The couple helps the family members in education and career to help them build a better life with lots of potentials. You will hardly find an Au Pair or a family participating in such activities as they are accustomed to managing by themselves or with the help of their close relatives or neighbors. Au pairing is a relatively new concept in some countries where a foreign couple helps out a family meet their responsibilities and manage a household.


Many volunteering organizations in the city are fighting to resolve various cultural, environmental, and social problems such as violence against women and children, child labor, animal protection, environmental protection, humanitarian rights, etc. By participating in these organizations' activities, you can play your vital role as a responsible tourist and help out someone who needs your help.

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