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Eco-friendly travel guide to Agadir advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Agadir, Morocco.

  • Air quality: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4.5 / 5
  • Parks: 5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 4.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$50 - $150
  • Budget per day: US$100 - $250

Responsible Travel

Have you ever been to Morocco? It may not be a country that stands at the top of the list when talking about countries to visit for a holiday, but it is worth visiting as it has many incredible cities to discover, including Agadir.

Since Agadir is not the capital city of Morocco, it is easy to overlook. However, it has fantastic sites of exploration for tourists, and you will not regret visiting it.

If you are travelling down there, you need to adequately prepare yourself as the climate may be different from what you have in your home city. It would be best if you also try to blend in with the locals as it would help you be freer while you are there.

Agadir has a lot to offer, and we want you to experience it fully.

Air Quality and Pollution

We would not say that the air quality is exceptional, but it supersedes some other cities in comparison. It is almost typical that you would see elements of air pollution across different cities, and Agadir is not an exception. However, the government has hands on deck to recognize these elements and put a stop to them.

If you are concerned about the air quality of Agadir, you should not have much worries, neither should it put a stop to your holiday plans. The air quality of the city is manageable and does not cause adverse health issues.

As a tourist, you will not encounter breathing difficulties in Agadir due to the air quality, but we recognize that more can be done to ensure that air pollution is entirely stopped.

Respect the Culture

You need to understand that these are rules and regulations guiding every city, and all tourists must comply if you want to have an exciting stay while there. Some of these rules stem from cultural and religious beliefs.

Islam is the significant religion in Agadir, and drinking in public is forbidden. Although there are some bars in the city, the number is little in comparison with some other places.

The people of this city are open-minded to an extent, but they believe that people should be moderate in whatever they do. Thus, it would help if you are mindful of your dressing as it is inappropriate to expose certain parts of your body in Agadir. You must dress decently as a sign of respect for their beliefs.

If you are someone who loves to engage in a public display of affection toward the opposite gender, you have to tone down on it in Agadir, or you will be seen as disrespectful.

Top 10 Places to Visit

There are so many exciting places you can visit in Agadir, and some of the top sites are:

• Agadir Birds Valley: There are different aspects of nature to love, and birds are inclusive. If you are looking for a mini zoo where you can see different types of birds, this place is your answer in Agadir. It is always refreshing to visit.

• Agadir Crocodile Park: The setting of this place makes it captivating to many, making it famous amongst tourists. It is a park with gardens and dining selection but built like a crocodile. It brings fantastic ideas to mind, so you should visit it.

• Seafront Promenade: It is one of the famous sites in Agadir, with an array of cafes. The serenity of this place makes it outstanding and unique.

• Saadien's Tombs: It is a historic royal necropolis, with art and stories that captivate any tourist. If you want to feed your eyes, you should join in any of the tours organized at this place.

• El Badii Palace: It is only the ruins of this place that still exists, but you will get an excellent view of the city if you can climb to the top of the walls. If you are observant, you will also notice the unique architectural nature of the building.

• Casino Le Mirage: We know that it is not out of place to play around in a new city, so you can visit this casino while in Agadir. It also allows mixing and relating with the locals.

• Ocean Golf: If you are a golf lover, there is no reason why you should not visit this place in Agadir. It allows you to add to the activities you can do in the city.

• Tayyu Hiking Taghazout: Some people love to connect with nature through hiking, but you cannot do this without a clear and mapped out hiking area. However, this place provides the opportunity to hikers in Agadir, so you should not sleep on it when you visit the city.

• Agadir Loisirs Quad: Have you ever gone quad biking? Visiting a new city allows you to experience things you have never done before and one of it in Agadir could be quad biking. It is always a pleasant experience, and the people there are readily available to help you with any challenge. You will also meet and connect with new people that will contribute to your stay in the city.

• Agdal Gardens: It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and you will have a remarkable experience there. It is a large area of botanical gardens where people visit to have a refreshing time, and the story that surrounds it is also captivating and gives more insights about the city.


We have helped to highlight some places you can visit when in Agadir, but we know that it is not enough for some tourist as they love to explore cities they visit thoroughly, and ten places would not be enough.

The energy of tourists is also admirable as there is the urge to always move around and discover new things about the city. There are many things and places you can find and explore in Agadir, so we urge that your zeal should not burn out.

It may not seem like it initially, but Agadir is a promising city, and we know that it would soon be amongst the top on the list people would like to visit worldwide.

While exploring, ensure to cover all sectors that the city has to offer.

City Parks

If your idea of exploration is to visit parks, here are some of the available city parks in Agadir:

• Jardin d'Olhao: It is a public park, meaning that it is open to all. Thus, you should not be shocked at the number of persons you would see there. Although people always patronize this place, it does not tamper with the serenity. Entrance is usually free as there is no gate fee, and it is always pleasing to explore the gardens. People typically visit to unwind from the day or have personal moments. You should see it when in Agadir.

There are other parks in the city, and they all promise an excellent time when you visit it. The birds in Agadir are always there to sing soothing tunes as well.

National Parks

Since there are city parks in Agadir, it is not out of place to also have national parks in and around the city. Some of them are:

• Souss-Massa National Park: It has been in existence for a long time, and never fails to prove itself as one of the perfect places to explore. If you are concerned about safety, have no worries as it is safe to explore this park. Visiting this park helps you connect with nature as it has lush vegetation, and the sand always allows you to ride on camels and more.

• Tamri National Park: You should be adequately prepared when visiting this place as it is some distance, but it is always worth it. There is a lot you can do there, and it has the powerful effect of ever leaving tourists in awe. It should be a part of your list of places to explore.


The beach is another place that tourists always find themselves when in a new city. It would interest you to know that this option is also available in Agadir, and some of the options are:

• Agadir Beach: Although some people argue that this place comes alive at night, we assure that you would have a swell time at this beach irrespective of the time. The sandy beach paves the way for many activities, including volleyball, which is a way for many people to connect. It would be best if you do not fail to visit it when in Agadir.

• Plage d'Agadir: The view at this place is always pleasing, and there are no restrictions concerning swimming. However, ensure that you are an experienced swimmer before entering into the water. People also engage in different activities at this place, and it is an experience to remember.


Landmarks are essential in any city because they serve as a guide, helping people not to miss their way. Foreigners are always happy to find different landmarks as it assures them when navigating around the city.

Some of the landmarks in Agadir are:

• Lebanon Mosque: It is a tall building in the city, making it hard to miss. People also notice this place because of this architectural setup. It serves as a guide in navigating your way around Agadir.

• La Grande Roue d'Agadir: It is common knowledge that Ferris Wheels get the attention of many as it helps you cruise and have an excellent time. However, it also serves as a landmark as it is easy to see from different locations, and there is almost no one in the city that does not know about it.


Another way to explore a city is by visiting different museums. Everyone agrees that a museum assists in the preservation of information, so you know that you would get new knowledge about the city when you visit.

Some of the museums you can visit in Agadir are:

• Museum of Amazigh Culture: The tour guide at this museum always ensures that tourists get the full experience of the museum. Although this place is small, the exhibitions are excellent and eye-catching. They have a no picture-taking policy, so you can only feed your eyes but would not have evidence to take away. It is a fantastic place in Agadir.

• Memory Agadir Museum: As the name implies, this place serves as a memory gallery, display pictures of the before and after, effects of the earthquake on Agadir. It helps you understand certain parts of the city better.


It is almost impossible not to eat the local meal when in a new city. The traditional meals you would get at Agadir are the same as what you would get in any other Moroccan city. Understandably, you might have hesitations to try them at first, but you will realize that they are pleasing to your taste buds afterwards.

We always recommend that foreigners to eat local meals if you want to have full experience of your holiday city. Since almost everyone is used to sardines worldwide, you can start by trying the spicy sardines in Agadir. The difference is usually clear, and you would find yourself licking your lips. Brochette is also one of the local meals in the city, consisting of spiced up kebabs. The preparation makes it different from regular kebabs, and it is always enjoyable.

For snacks lovers, you need to taste Shebakia before leaving Agadir. We can say that it is a type of cookie dipped in honey, explaining by you would often see bees around it.

Traditional Local Restaurants

People prefer to eat from the best source when it concerns traditional meals, so we do our best to point foreigners to the best traditional local restaurants in their new city where they can get satisfying meals.

Here are some of the traditional local restaurants in Agadir to check out:

• Bab Agadir: If you are looking for a conducive environment to eat local cuisines, this restaurant is one of the best in Agadir. Their services are exceptional, leaving a happy face on customers. You will notice that people always want to pay a return visit because of the enjoyable meals.

• L'étoile d'Agadir: The location of this restaurant is lovely as it is easily accessible. Their prices are also reasonable as you do not need to break your bank account, and the meals always stay unique and mouthwatering. It ticks check for all boxes concerning best local restaurants in Agadir.

Vegetarian and Vegan

Asides from the typical restaurants you would see, some places are focused on the needs of vegans. Understandably, people have different preferences in food taste and preparation.

Some of the vegan restaurants in Agadir are:

• Pure Passion: The menu of this restaurant is a clear giveaway that they have vegans in mind, and the meals are always delicious. The place is usually clean, giving customers a satisfying feeling and the urge to return. It is located within a hotel, which sometimes satisfies accommodation issues.

• Le Jardin d'Eau: The exceptional services of the staff at this restaurant is always endearing and commendable. Their goal is to ensure the total satisfaction of customers, and their meals do justice to it. The atmosphere is usually soothing, making people lose track of time sometimes.

Street Food

It is not every time that one desires to eat heavy meals, so you can go for the street food option. It is easy to get street food as you do not need the hassle of entering a restaurant. They are simple meals that you can get at the roadside.

The equivalent of pancake in Agadir is Msemmen, and it is one of the enjoyable street foods. People are always rushing to buy it, and there is no reason why you should not taste it before leaving Agadir.

Merguez is almost similar to sausages but stands out exceptionally, and they would leave your taste buds longing for more.

Sfenj is a favourite street food of both tourists and locals, especially as it is almost similar to doughnuts. It is simple, refreshing, and easy to eat.


There is a certain buzz that surrounds drinks, and people are eager to know their available options when visiting a new place.

Agadir may seem a bit different as people are not expected to drink alcohol in public. Thus, you would have to deal with other options. It does not mean that you would not see beer in the city, but you are limited to places where you can drink it.

One of the top drinks in Agadir is mint tea, and the people do not joke with it. It goes well with many of their local meals, so you should try it when in the city.

There is also the option of orange juice and coffee as other non-alcoholic drinks, but they do not pull enough weight as the mint tea.


People engage in different purification methods for water, hoping that they only drink what is safe. Some foreigners are curious about the state of water in the city they are visiting so that they would know how to prepare effectively.

If you visit Agadir, you will notice that the tap water is highly chlorinated. This assures some people to drink it, but others are usually skeptical.

We can assure that the tap water in Agadir is not harmful for brushing, and it may not be dangerous to drink. However, some people may react to it, so we advise that you should drink bottled water while there.

Some of the hotels go the extra mile to filter their water, which is a plus to the lodgers.

Organic Cafés

Some of the organic cafes in Agadir are:

• Restaurant Rafiq: It is a spacious restaurant that is readily available to attend to the needs of customers. There are no alcoholic drinks sold here, but they have an array of non-alcoholic drinks. Their food is of high quality, and you would get different options. Their prices are also affordable, and they give free Wi-Fi to customers.

• 116 Créperie & Salade Bar: It is a restaurant that is suitable for everyone, inclusive of vegans due to their organic options. The best part about this restaurant for many is that it allows customers make their salad. The food is always delicious, and people find themselves requesting for more portions or making a return visit. It is one of the bets in Agadir.


When people want to enjoy a beer in a city, they would prefer to go to a brewery. To them, it is best to get the drink from the source.

This ideology might work in some other cities and countries, but it is not feasible in Agadir as people are not expected to drink alcohol in public. Thus, it is hard to see a brewery.

You may see a bar that sells beer, as it may have come into the country through one means or the other; but that does not give you the right or freedom to drink in public as you would stand the risk of dire consequences.

Typically, people would buy beers and take it back to their room to drink or make merry.


Suppose you desire to engage in more activities while in a new city, it would be best to consider kayaking and fishing. Such activities would typically work in a city with water bodies, so you know that you can do them in Agadir.

Of course, it would not be wise to engage in these activities without the watch of a local to show the ropes. Thus, you know that you need to associate and be friendly.

It may be that there are particular times for fishing, or the people engage in groups for kayaking. Whatever the case may be, ensure that you are close to the locals so that you will be carried along.

Fishing and kayaking are activities that aid in relaxation and cooling the mind.

Yoga and Retreats

We have come across many yogis, and they are usually eager to enquire if they would be able to do yoga when visiting Agadir.

We do not know if there is a city that restricts people from engaging in yoga, but we know that Agadir is not one of such. Understandably, stress factors are common, and a foreigner may get triggered when in a new place. Thus, they would use yoga to calm their nerves.

It could be that you prefer to do yoga in private, or you do not mind doing it in public. Whatever the case may be, there are many equipped yoga studios in Agadir awaiting your usage. The trainers and instructors are usually friendly and eager to help in any way you need assistance.


The comfort of any foreigner is paramount in a new city, and this cannot happen if you do not have adequate plans and preparation for accommodation. When we see people preparing to embark on a journey to a new city, we always hammer on making accommodation plans.

It would not make sense to arrive in a place and not know where you would stay or to discover that your budget would not cover accommodation. Thus, you become stranded, and many things would go wrong.

Before you go to any city, you should research their different types of accommodation so that you can plan your budget as it determines where you should stay. Asides money, the number of persons travelling is also a factor in the type of accommodation to get when travelling.

Green Hotels

Staying at a green hotel has its advantages as it is not too expensive, and it also has facilities in place to contribute to sustainability and the eco world.

Some of the green hotels in Agadir are:

• Timoulay Hotel & Spa: There are many facilities at this hotel that makes it comfortable for lodging. There is a pool where people can lounge around, and there is also a garden for relaxation. It has a spa and restaurant, with its rooms staying clean always. Lodging at this hotel would always give you value for your money.

• Riad Dar Haven: It has different room varieties ranging with different prices, but it is not aimed to break your bank account. The rooms are up to the latest standard, and the hotel is at a strategic location as it is close to many important places. It also offers free Wi-Fi to its customers.

Hostels and Guest Houses

If your choice is to stay at a hostel or guesthouse when in Agadir, there are also available options. Some of them are:

• Dar Maktoub: People love staying in a place that offers them free breakfast, and you would get it here. The ambience of this place is everything you need to get you comfortable in a new city, and its gardens are perfect for relaxation. It also has a pool for relaxation, and we know that you would enjoy your stay.

• Anza Surf House: As a tourist, you will enjoy your stay at this place as it is close to places that offer you the chance to engage in fun activities. Its rooms might not be big, but they are clean and comfortable. It also provides free Wi-Fi to lodgers.


We see people who choose apartments as their preferred accommodation option when in a new city, and the good news is that there are many available apartments to lodge when in Agadir. Some of them are:

• Résidence Yasmina: Some of the perks of this place includes its pool and rooftop terrace which ensure maximum comfort if you lodge there. You will get an excellent view of the ocean from the balcony, so it also serves as a plus. Staying at this apartment is affordable, and it is also at a strategic location.

• Résidence Islane: The cleanliness of this apartment attracts many people, and it has some standard facilities. It has a private pool to ensure that its lodgers do not go out to look for a pool, and the security is top-notch. It is an excellent place to stay in Agadir.


When some people cannot find affordable accommodation to stay as they arrive in a new city, or they do not like any of the available places, they decide to Couchsurfing.

The idea of Couchsurfing allows you to mingle with the locals better as you would be putting up with one of them for the duration of your stay. Some locals are friendly and welcoming and do not mind opening up their home to a foreigner.

The next issue is how you would connect with such locals. There is a Couchsurfing website in Agadir which allows foreigners and local host to signup, creating profiles that enable both parties link up.

People say that Couchsurfing is an exciting experience, and you may want to verify these claims.


Camping is almost like any other regular activity in Agadir, and you can embark on it if you desire. Typically, it is not advisable for only one person to go on camping as it defeats the aim.

When you mention camping, the idea is to connect with people in a unique environment that helps you connect better with nature. It is also best to be in a group because of safety issues and the need to have an exciting time.

There are many campsites in Agadir, and the locals organize camps regularly. As a tourist interested in camping, mingling with the locals would help you get firsthand information on such activities.

We know that you would make new connections after any camping experience, so you should not dull on it.

How to Get There

If you decide to travel, one of the questions you need to solve is how you would leave your current location and get to your desired destination. There are many means of transportation, and it may seem easy to pick any of them and use. However, are these means of transport also available at your desired destination?

If you want to reach Agadir, you need to consider the means of transportation that goes from your current city down there. It is easier to use a means that goes directly, but you need to check if any of them are available.

The available means of transportation may not be your typical preferred choice, but you would have no option than to use it, else you would not reach your destination.


Since there is an international airport in Agadir, you know that you can use air to arrive in the city. It also eases the stress that would have happened if the airport was in another city and you have to use a taxi from there to Agadir.

The international airport in Agadir receives direct flights from Europe and fellow African countries. If you are entering from the US or Asia, you may need to get a connecting flight as there are no direct flights from there.

The hassle of getting connecting flights is something that some people do not like to experience, but it needs to happen if Agadir is your destination city.

Flying down to a place has proven to be the fastest means of transportation, so there should be no complaints.


The idea of using a bus to travel is usually welcome by those who do not mind spending long hours on the road, and those involved in documentation. You will notice that such people have either their book and pen or any recording device handy on their way there as they wish to soak in as much memories as possible.

However, we cannot fail to answer the big question. Is there a bus from your current location that can get you to Agadir? We doubt you would find any, except you are within Morocco or a close.

If you are visiting Agadir from another continent, it is impossible to use a bus, so you should not conceive such thoughts. If you want to use a bus, you need to be close to the city.


Another popular means of travelling to a new place is with a train. But, you have to check if that city has railways as that is the only way a train can operate.

Unfortunately, there is no train connection in Agadir, so it is impossible to use a train down there. We know that this news may be heartbreaking for train lovers, but you should consider the distance it would take to use a train from your current location down to the destination city.

You will spend weeks that could turn into months on the road, and we can call agree that time is of deep essence. If you are visiting Agadir, do not beat yourself up about using a train. Instead, stick to other available means of travelling.


The concept of hitchhiking involves getting a free ride to your desired city. Of course, you know that it would not work except you are close to that city.

If you want to hitchhike to Agadir, it works in two ways. You can either hitchhike by road or by water.

If you wish to use land transportation, you need to stand at the side of the road and flag down a car. If you are lucky and a willing driver stops, you will get a free ride to the city.

You can also go to the harbour near you, looking for a ship going to Agadir and plead for a free ride.

It is essential to know that not everyone gets lucky with hitchhiking, so you need to pray for the stars to favour you.


We see that some people may consider using water bodies to reach Agadir. We would not say that it is out of place, but we know that you cannot do this if you are far from the city.

It is impossible to get a ship ride from another continent to Agadir. Even if you are within Africa, we cannot guarantee that it is possible, except your location is close.

It is important to note that it is not easy to get a ship going to Agadir, and some people have to wait for weeks before getting one. Thus, you should only consider this option if the wait is something that you do not mind. However, it does not work for those who are in a hurry.

Moving Around

Transportation does not stop at getting a way to reach your desired location as you also need to think or figure out how you would move around while there. Understandably, you might have a bit of difficulty trying to know your way around as it is a new city and you are not a local. However, we are here to highlight some ways that would make life easier while there.

The locals of Agadir are known for their hospitality, so we urge all foreigners to interact and make friends as they can help you understand how to move around.

Asides the locals, you will see some means of transportation, and you have to choose a comfortable one as your means of moving around while there. After all, it is impossible to remain in one place throughout your stay.


If you do not mind walking around, you can use your foot to explore Agadir. It should not be much of a hassle as most of the exciting parts in the city are interconnected, and the distances are not far apart. Thus, the distance you need to cover is small, and you can view most of what you want.

Walking around this city is exciting as it allows you to talk to different people and sometimes take pictures. You can also have unplanned activities if you decide to move around on foot as you can join in some games with the locals.

We can say that it is safe to walk around this city as the locals look out for people, and there are landmarks to help if you lose your way.


We know that this is not a conventional means of moving around in some cities, but you would notice that it is common in Agadir, so you may as well get one for yourself during your stay.

Foreigners usually have an exciting time while cycling around to different places, and some people describe it as refreshing. Thus, there is always a rush and increase in the number of tourists who wishes to rent a bike, otherwise known as a moped in Agadir.

With the rush in rental, it is not surprising that the fee is on the high side as they have seen that it is essential to tourists. If you are comfortable with the price, you should not hold back from renting as there are clear out routes for cyclers.

Electronic Vehicles

You can also use electronic vehicles to move around in Agadir, and one of the commonest is a scooter. You can rent it from shops the same way you would rent a bicycle. However, be sure that you know how to operate it before using it to move around to avoid heartbreaking stories.

You should also ensure that you have your helmet when using a scooter to move around.

Public Bus

Almost every city has a public bus system that helps in movement around the city, and Agadir is no different. In this city, the bus fare is affordable, and you will pay directly to the driver who will give you a ticket. It will help if you keep the ticket safe until you highlight from the bus.

You will see many public buses in Agadir.

Tram, Train and Subway

It may seem that a train helps in moving around, but that is feasible when there is a railway. Since there are no railways in Agadir, you can be sure that you cannot use a train to move around.

If you have wishes to use a railway, you should wait until you visit another city or go back to your home city as it cannot happen in Agadir.

Sustainable Shopping

People usually enquire on how they can be responsible tourists when visiting a new city, and one of such ways is to engage in sustainable shopping.

If you do sustainable shopping, you are positively contributing to the environment, and you are helping to grow small businesses in the city. It will secure you a place in the hearts of the locals as they love and appreciate people who patronize them.

Food Markets

Since eating is inevitable, you may have to visit the food market while in Agadir. Some of them are:

• Souk El Had: You can shop at this market on any day of the week, except on Mondays. There is almost nothing you want that you cannot desire, and you would see it in different varieties; all that is needed is for you to make a choice.

Flea Markets

Some of the flea markets in Agadir are:

• Uniprix: The best part about this place is that it is not gendered. Anyone can shop here and find something desirable. The location is strategic, and the prices are affordable. Some people say that they get carried away while shopping due to the prices and different varieties. You will not regret visiting and shopping at this place while in Agadir.

Second Hand Stores

If you desire to shop at a second-hand store while in Agadir, here are some of your options:

• مكتبة الفقراء اكادير: Book lovers would enjoy this place better as it has many options for a reasonable price. If there is a book you’ve been thinking about, you should visit this place to check if they have it.

• Almassira Auto Agadir: They sell used but presentable cars at this place, making it cheaper for people to own vehicles.


One can say that the dressing style in Agadir is conservative as you are not supposed to expose some parts of your body. However, it does not make them less fashionable.

Some designers have embraced the eco-fashion style, and we now see exquisite fashion wears that are irresistible. Who would have thought that what you wear can contribute to sustaining the ecosystem?


The people of Agadir do not have the habit of recycling, and it contributes to the piled up waste you will see around the city. Typically, people are advised to cut down on buying bottled water so that the streets will not be littered with plastic bottles, but that cannot happen when the tap water in the city cannot be trusted.

Only a few people in the city engage in recycling.


Waste management is something that the government of Agadir has not been able to find a permanent solution to resolve. They have put out some rules over the years, but the people keep flouting them.

The inefficient waste management system gets bad during the rainy season when the rain washes the waste into the rivers. It is always a sore sight, and not something that should keep happening.

Work and Study Abroad

Before you think about going to study abroad in another city, you need to ensure that it is a safe space. If it is Agadir you have in mind, there are no issues as it is a safe city, so international students do not have to worry.

The welcoming nature of the locals will always stand out as they would embrace you without delays and assist you.

Exchange Student

If you wish to experience another city while in school, you can do that through an exchange program. It allows students to do some semesters or years in another university that is in a different location.

Agadir is a part of those cities with universities that do exchange programs, so you can be an exchange student without hassle at any of the universities. It allows you to enjoy the culture and have a worthwhile experience.

Au Pair

The need to get extra cash even as a foreigner in a new city is inevitable, especially if you are staying for a while. One of the best ways to navigate such a situation is through au pair.

By creating a profile on an au pair website, you are linked with locals who have jobs. Thus, your issue is saved. Sometimes, these locals will also offer accommodation.


People visit a city for different reasons, one of which is volunteering.

Agadir attracts many volunteers who wish to skyrocket the city to its potentials, and they can do that through various volunteering jobs. Since the locals are welcoming to foreigners, a volunteer would have a smooth and comfortable stay there.

It will come in handy if you can learn some phrases from the local language as it would make your volunteering job easier.

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