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Eco-friendly travel guide to Morocco advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Morocco, Africa.

The Ouzoud falls in North/Central Morocco

  • Air quality: 2 / 5
  • Bus connections: 3 / 5
  • Train connections: 3 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 3.5 / 5
  • National parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 3.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$10 - $63
  • Budget per day: US$27 - $80

Responsible Travel

Morocco is a North African country with the Mediterranean Sea on the north side and the Atlantic Ocean on the west side. It is the few African countries in which the Sahara desert lies. The country shares its land border with Algeria. The capital city is Rabat, whereas the largest Moroccan city in the area is Casablanca. The official languages are Arabic and Berber because 99% of the ethnic groups are Arab-Berber. The most prominent religion is Islam, which 99% of the locals follow. The country holds a lot of significance culturally and historically as there are different ancient sites present. In an area of 710,850 square kilometers, about 37 million Moroccans live.

  • The pollution rates in Morocco are very high. The reason for such severe conditions is the lack of proper rules and prohibitions for controlling the pollution levels. You will find that motorized vehicles are more commonly used than electronic ones, which results in high emission of greenhouse gases and fast depletion of fossil fuels. While visiting Morocco, it becomes your responsibility to use public transports or electronic vehicles to move around.
  • Because of the high tourism rates, there are many international businesses set up that often overshadow the local businesses. The local businesses often get ignored and sometimes even closed because most tourists don't use their services. You must use these businesses' goods and services to support and create employment opportunities in the local communities. These businesses will also help you get better exposure to the local culture and traditions.

Apart from these basic pieces of advice, you should follow proper eco-friendly measures. These include opting for green hotels, hostels, apartments, guesthouses, campsites, and Couchsurfing. It would be best if you also opted for using recycled and reusable items at all costs as they are cheaper and don't cause much harm to the local environment. If you follow the advice, you will be able to lead a responsible and satisfactory Moroccan trip.

Air Quality and Pollution

The air pollution in Morocco is very high. Air pollution's main reason is the growing tourism rate, which has increased public transport, considerably growing traffic. There is a lot of traffic in many of the Morocco cities, which pollutes the air most. There are many ill-effects of air pollution, including global warming, as the smoke which comes out of the vehicle has carbon dioxide and methane, which affects the ozone layer and allows harmful radiations of the sun to enter, increasing Earth's temperature. Air pollution is another effect on humans as it creates difficulty in breathing. Too much air pollution can cause choking, asthma, and other respiratory problems. It not only affects us but also the natural environment consists of trees, plants, and animals. It is advised that you must not contribute to the growing air pollution and take a taxi or motorcycle on rent or move around only when needed in an emergency.

Noise pollution is at a moderate scale, but it has been increased in the last three years. Again the reason is tourism, traffic, and nightlife. Many travelers enjoy the nightlife by visiting overnight clubs and bars which support them in running it overnight. Another reason is traffic and the honking of vehicle horns. Most of Morocco's people use their vehicles, and tourists usually use taxis to move around. Noise pollution can cause disturbed sleep, headache, nausea, etc.

Respect the Culture

We should respect the culture of the place we are visiting to connect with the locals very efficiently. A place's culture is emotionally connected with the locals; therefore, disrespecting them would hurt their religious sentiments. Most of the Morocco people are Islam followers, and some other religions are Roman Catholicism and Judaism. Thus, the culture of Morocco contains most of the Islamic civilization with different cultures. The main festivals which are celebrated in the country are Islamic festivals. However, Morocco is a secular country, and everyone has freedom of religion with them, which states that they can celebrate their cultural festivals and beliefs.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Meknes, Northern Morocco: It was found in the 11th century. This city also has a very rich history and culture. This city has also served as the capital city for many different eras during ancient times. The rich history can be experienced just by looking at the buildings. Many buildings can still be seen as they would have been in the ancient period. This city is also important as per the religion. Meknes is also called the medina of the ninth century. There are many historical monuments in Meknes. Some of them are the place-el-hedim, imperial palaces of Moulay Isma'ill like Place Lalla Aouda, Dar el- Kebira, Dar al-Makhzen, and many more. Museums such as the Dar Jamai Museum and Meknes museum are situated here. There are a lot number of mosques and madrasas here. Some of them are the Grand Mosque of Makes, Bab Berda in Mosque, Lalla Aouda Mosque, Zitouna Mosque, and many more.
  • Asilah, the North-West Tip of the Atlantic coast: It is a town which is situated in the north-west tip on the Atlantic coast in Morocco. This town is fully fortified, and the gate work is intact to date. As it is located on the seaside, there are long stretches of sandy beaches. The city is fortified. Therefore, it has prolonged city walls painted in colorful murals. All these things make Asilah the most visited town in Morocco. The town also organizes an art festival which is famous all over Morocco. Asilah is located between the rail line, which links Tangier to Rabat, Marrakesh, Casablanca, Fez, and Meknes. Paradise beach is one of the best places you can visit here. You can do other things shopping, and one of the places to do it is the little souk, visit the famous gallery of art Alpanos, and dine in the Oceano Casa Pepe Restaurant. It serves the fanciest lunch with almost all traditional and authentic dishes of Morocco.
  • High Atlas, Central Morocco: The other popular name for this mountain is Mountains of Mountains. This place is the highest mountain range in North Africa. From spring to autumn, many trekkers can be found here. This place can also be called a paradise for the people who love trekking. It has a breathtaking view as the scene, which includes the mountain, looks like a painting. The peak also helps in stopping the chilling winds from entering. It is a must-visit place for people who love and enjoy trekking. You can also visit one of the most visited places here, Jebel Toubkal. There are many other things to do here. Some of them are like: in Imlil, many shops and restaurants sell authentic and tasty food in Morocco. Finding traditional Morrocan food here can be a tedious task here. In Toubkal National Park, you can go on a hiking trail. From the Tizi test pass, you can enjoy the site seeing because this offers the best site.
  • Essaouira, Western Moroccan Region: It is also known as Mogador. This place is especially loved by people who love thrones' game because season three of Game of Thrones was shot here. So if you love Game of Thrones and visit Morocco, don't forget to visit this place. Apart from this, Essaouira's city is also famous because it is the best city for tourists. After all, they want to get away from the monotony and heat of the big cities' lifestyles. Apart from the reasons mentioned above, this is a seaside town. Therefore it is also famous among people who love beaches. During the '60s, many celebrities used to hang out here whenever they wanted a break from their busy schedule. Gnaoua is the world-famous beach festival and also the world music festival which is celebrated in Essaouira. You can also go horse riding, kitesurfing or windsurfing on the beaches. The ramparts are a must explore thing in this town. You can stroll on the open beaches for an amazing view of the Atlantic ocean.
  • Chefchaouen, North-West Morocco: This place is known all over the world for its painted ambiance. The city is located amidst the Mountains named Chefchaouen, which come under the category of Rif Mountains. This city is especially famous for solo traveling. Travelers often come here alone. The people or the natives living in the town are extremely friendly. One of the fascinating things about the city is that all the houses here are painted in either white or blue. This small town has a huge landscape. The hospitability you will receive will be of another class as already mentioned, the natives are friendly. The most secret and fascinating place to visit Morocco is Ras El Maa. This place is both secluded and quiet, making it the top on the list of must-visit places. You can enjoy a great waterfall in a quiet and serene environment. What else will a tourist want!
  • Rabat, Shores of the Bouregreg River and the Atlantic Ocean: It is the capital of Morocco. Being the capital, it is a must-visit place in Morocco. It also the place which attracts tourists most. The beaches here are filled with tranquillity, and there is good weather throughout the year. The city is a perfect blend of modern architecture and ancient history. The city has an old city also called as medina whose walls are fortified. The city also has wild boulevards. The fascinating thing is that this city has something to offer to the person of every age group. The best tourist attraction in the capital city is the Kasbah of the Udayas. There are a lot of palaces and beaches in this city. You can also visit the Hassan Tower. If you want to escape the crowd, you can also visit Chellah.
  • Tinghir, the Drâa-Tafilalet Region: It is also known as Morocco's Crown Jewel. This city has a rich and varied history. Tinghir was initially a french town. It was later converted into a great city welcoming tourists from all over the world. The city is situated between the vast Sahara Desert and the High Atlas Mountains. It is located in the central region of the Tondra valley. It can also be called one of the best places to visit in the country of Morocco. It is also one of the top places in Morocco. Therefore, it becomes one of the favorite places of hikers. There are ruins of a Glaoui Palace that is as old as the 18th century located at a considerable height, which provides an amazing city view. The city also has splendid flower gardens, rustic narrow streets, and Kasbahs. One more famous and popular thing over here is a camel ride—a fun-filled city with an amazing view.
  • Agadir, Morocco's southern Atlantic coast: It is a seaside town with splendid resorts. It was destroyed in 1960 due to a massive earthquake. Most of the city was destroyed, among the destroyed areas; most of them were heritage sites. But now, the town has emerged from its ashes and has the most chilled out vibes among all the cities of Morocco. It has a beautiful waterfront and a seaside resort. It can also be called one of the best places for couples because of the vibe present. The city has now turned into a port city and one of the most visited places in Morocco. You can do many things in this city, from strolling in the streets to sitting under the sun on many beaches to enjoy Moroccan dishes at many food stalls many things can be done.
  • Fez, Northeastern Moroccan City: It can also be called the old Maghreb city. This city of one of the fascinating attractions in Morocco and the city has a history. It is as old as 1200 years which is located in the middle eastern desert. It is one of the most exciting places you will find in the whole country. Fès el-Bali is also located here situated in Fez's city's historic heart with a mysterious and deep labyrinth of staircases and lanes set in the middle of colorful cottages tanneries. Another fascinating attraction in the city of Fez is Ville Nouvelle's elegant boulevards. France's people created fascinating palm-fringed avenues and fountains, along with lavish hotels and streets that were Parisian-flavoured.
  • Tangier, the Strait of Gibraltar: It is a European-looking city in Morocco. Many beautiful cities are looking like European cities in Morocco, but Tangier is the most beautiful one out of all the others. This beautiful looking city has played an important role in the history of Moroccan literature in the 20th-century and is responsible for enhancing this country the way we know it today. It is this history and culture which attracts tourists from all over the world here. Tangier is the city that has inspired some very famous works like Paul Bowle's The Sheltering Sky and William Burrough's Naked Lunch. Besides this historical vibe, you will also find some of the remaining cafes of bohemian and louche bars here to chill. The other fun-filled and various things you can do here are learning about the rich history, visiting ancient caves, and eating at the cafes.
A bazaar in Meknes


There are a lot of things to explore in Morocco. This country has many Islamic forts, mosques. It also has many national parks and city parks where one can closely observe nature. City parks can be used to gain freshness and activeness through walking, playing sports and many others.

City Parks

There are many city parks which are free for public access. You can use these parks for a morning walk as it helps a person to remain fit and healthy. Many city parks and gardens have many flower beds, plants, and trees that provide fresh wind away from the polluted air. You can even try sports in these gardens and parks like cricket, football, badminton, and other sports. These parks are suitable for a picnic spot to spend some time with friends, family, or partners.

  • Arab League Park, Casablanca: It is an urban-type park, spread over an area of 30 acres of land. It s located in Casablanca, and this is a central park. This park was closed till 2019 due to some renovation, which started in 2016. The lead designer of this park is Albert Laprade, and it was created in 1913. This park has many amusement rides which are famous in all Moroccan cities. It has many trees planted along both sides of walking tracks, which gives it a unique and memorable view while walking on the trails, and the fresh wind will relax your mind and body.
  • Parc Lalla Hasna, Marrakesh: This park is in Marrakesh. It is located near the city mosque and a large square. As this park is rich in flora, you can observe many songbirds in this park, which gives freshness to many people who visit this park for a morning walk. This park has a very long flower bed. The jogging or walking track lets you see the large fountain which is present in the center. The best seasons to visit this park and enjoy its flower bed are staying in the autumn and spring seasons. The main reason to visit this park is that the flower beds give it a stunning look.
  • Menara Gardens, Marrakesh: It is a botanical garden that dates back to the 12th century and is located in Marrakesh on the west side. The unique feature of this park is that it has a human-made artificial lake. Orchards and olive groves heavily surround the lake. It also has a large basin that gets water supply from mountains used to irrigate these plants and gardens. The water channel which provides water from the mountains is 30 km long. This park can be used as a morning walk, and for an evening walk, you must know that there is no lighthouse here; therefore, you must carry a torch or a flashlight. It has a building, and its roof is shaped into a pyramid.
  • Parc El Harti, Marrakesh: It is a park, and a beautiful garden and the land is entirely covered with green grass all over, including some tracks. The main aim of the ways covered with green grass is that walking on grass helps release stress, muscle tension, and better sleep more efficiently. In this park, there are a lot of activities which you can perform. There are benches where you can sit and observe its nature and trees. This park has a vast space to play sports, including badminton, cricket, football, and many others. It has a water basin with many fountains lined up in a row.
  • Agadir Crocodile park, Drarga: It is a crocodile park located in Agadir. Other than being a crocodile park, this is also a botanical garden. It has around 300 hundred crocodiles from which some of which are three-meter tall. There are more than 200 species of plants present in this park. On its botanical side, It is not a national park because it doesn't have many animals and its species, and even there aren't many species of plants to consider it under national park. You are required to pay some amount as entry fees. If you are lucky enough, you can even see some giant tortoise roaming around. You can even book a minibus full of air conditioning from this park to pick up and pick off from the hotel you are staying in. However, you must know that there is no canteen or any vendor to provide food or drinks.
Arab league park

National Parks

National parks are established to protect and conserve nature. This country's national parks are rich in flora, fauna, and different species of marine creatures. National parks can be used in gaining knowledge about other species of animals and plants. You can try different sports offered by various national parks such as hiking, trekking, rock climbing.

  • Ifrane National Park, Ifran: This park is located in the Atlas Mountains. It is established in 2004 and is covered in 1,25,000 hectares. It was confirmed after the 1990 assembly meeting, which focused on conserving nature and biodiversity. Other than this, this park served as a prominent tourism spot at that time. You can even learn various methods to preserve and protect the environment. Its flora part has around 1015 different plants registered; these plants include Atlas Cedar, Algerian Oak, Maritime Pine. Its fauna is vibrant and mainly consists of many species of birds. This park claims that it has a total of 1/4th of the entire world's population of Barbary Maqaue.
  • Al Hoceima National Park, Dchar Maya: It is a national park present just outside the Al Hoceima, but Al Hoceima maintains this park; therefore, it is considered in Al Hoceima. The area of this park is 480 km2, including an area of 196 km2 of the sea. This park was established in 2004. Its flora consists of 110 species of plants. You can even see some health beneficial shrubs and herbs located at the cliff of the mountain. As it has a sea connected to it, therefore you can even see 264 species of seaweed. It is even associated with the Atlantic ocean.
  • Khenifiss National Park, El Khabta: This park is present near Tarfaya, which is in the southwest of the country. This park is connected with the Atlantic coast. This park was established in 2006, covering an area of 1850 km2. It was established with the main aim of protecting desert, wetland, and dunes. Earlier during 1960, this was just a natural reserve, later it was classified under the category of wetland, and finally, in 2006, this park was established and opened in 2006. This park is connected with the Atlantic ocean on one side, and on the north side joined with western Sahara. This park serves as a central spot for ecotourism. During winter, a total of 20,000 birds stay in the lagoon region of this park.
  • Haut Atlas National Park, Imlil: This national park is located in Morocco and covers an area of 49,000 hectares. It is present near the eastern Atlas mountains and was built in 2005. Other than flora and fauna, you can also find limestone and igneous rocks. This national park faces around 400 – 600 mm of rain every year on its northern slopes, and on the southern slopes, there are only 200 – 300 mm of rain every year. On the western side, this park is connected with twin lake those are Isli and Tilsit. This part was established with the primary aim to protect and conserve cultural values along with birds, amphibians, reptiles, and its rich vegetation. It also has cedar and pines on a denser range on the north side.
  • Talassemtane National Park, Adeldal: This park is present in the Rif region that is on the northern side of Morocco. This park was established in 2004 and is currently spread over an area of 589.5 km2. The main intention behind the establishment of this park was to protect the fir forests of Morocco. You can even see the bearded vulture along with around 100 birds. This park's elevation is quite different as it ranges from 350 meters on some sides and 1050 meters on some sides. You can hike in this national park, and the most famous park is the Bridge of God, which was formed naturally.
Khenifiss National Park


Beaches are generally made up of sand, which relaxes our mind and body. You can even make friends at beaches if you are traveling alone. Beaches are suitable for sunbathing, which can cure many skin infections. Too much sunbathing can cause sunburn. You can even enjoy sunset and sunrise on the beach. Beaches provide you better sleep as the fresh sea breeze relaxes your mind and body.

  • Playa Quemado, Al Hoceima: It is a beach located at Al Hoceima, which is a charming city with an elevation of 112 meters and was settled in 1925 for the first time. It is an immaculate beach with proper dustbins placed, and even the people visiting there are instructed and requested that they must not create pollution. You can try surfing there, and there are a lot of surfing boards available for rent. This beach is very much crowded in the summer season. It is a sandy beach which gives a beautiful view of the mountains. You can even try various water sports, including water jet, jet skiing, Kayaking, and many others. There are no entry fees for this park.
  • Legzira Beach, Legzira: It is a beautiful beach which is present near Sidi Ifni. It has a beautiful and famous huge rock arc, which makes this beach a unique one. Earlier, there were two rock arches, but one collapsed in 2006. However, the second arch is also at risk as the ocean waves are continuously eroding it. These arches are made up of red sandstone. When the sunlight hits the sand, it gives it a golden and elegant look. This beach is not crowded every time. It allows for kite surfing and water surfing. However, some crowds can be seen on weekends like Saturday or Sunday when the local people come here for sunbathing or for a picnic. This beach is a good to make friends.
  • Sidi Kaouki Beach, Sidi Kaoki: It is a beach present in a small town known as Sidi Kaoki. This beach often faces less crowd. Therefore, it is the best beach to spend some private time with your partner or friends. There are camels and horses on which you can ride. It would help if you were alerted by the jellyfish which are present all over the beach. It is a rocky beach and has huge rocks on which you can climb as an activity. You can even ride an ATV on the sand, and there are fewer chances of an accident as this beach has a low crowd often. There are relaxing benches and an umbrella-shaped dome covering it to enjoy the sun and beautiful sunset while not getting too much heat. This beach has a luxurious resort nearby.
  • Plage de Asilah, Asilah: It is a beautiful beach present on Asilah, a forfeited town in Morocco and used to preserve ancient architectures of the 15th century. This beach is famous for various sports, including Kayaking, snorkeling, kite surfing, etc. This beach is connected with the Atlantic ocean and therefore has rich marine life. You can visit this with your friends and family to enjoy and spend some time together. You can also find some vendors and small food stalls offering snacks and beverages. Near this beach, there is a bar to enjoy beer along with other drinks.
Playa Quemado


There are many landmarks in this country as this country has many ancient and historical monuments. You can enjoy and can learn about the ancient culture, art, incidents in these landmarks. Some palaces were built when there were no proper types of equipment. These landmarks serve as major tourist spots at a particular place.

  • The Sahara Desert: This desert is spread over an area of 92,00,000 km2. It is present in Africa's continent, wherein it is connected with seven countries listing Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, and Morocco. It is the largest desert in the world with hot sand. It has Savana green land on its one part. This desert is divided into three zones on the flora portion according to the amount of rainfall they receive – the northern zone, the central zone, and the southern zone. It has 2800 species of vascular plants. There are a lot of species of fox present in this desert. You can take a guided tour which will help you to know this desert and its vegetation deeply.
  • Hasan II Mosque, Casablanca: It is a mosque present which was built in Casablance under the leadership of King Hassan II. This mosque is the 7th largest mosque in the world and was established in 1993. Another key feature includes its second-largest minaret of height 210 meters. This mosque's total capacity is 1,05,000, out of which indoor power is 25,000 and outdoor on the mosque's ground is 80,000. Restoration work was held in 2005, which involved steel, which is resistant to chloride attacks. The reason for restoration was given that the mosque was exposed to the saltwater of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Bahia Palace, Marrakesh: It is an ancient palace of the 19th century located in Marrakesh. It took 40 years to complete this palace. Its construction was started in 1860 and ended in 1900. It has a hybrid and diverse architectural style of Moroccan and Islamic style. It is a prominent tourist spot located in Marrakesh, as when counted in 2019, the total visitors were 4,10,141 from January to April. However, this palace is used by the king of Morocco to host some festivals or welcome any foreign diplomats.
  • Blue Gate, Fes: It is a large gate in the city of Fes. It was established in 1913. Focusing on its structure, this is a gate with triple arcs. This gate has blue glass giving it the title of Blue gate. The original name of this gate is Bab Bou Jilod. Many visitors are visiting this gate as this is present at the entrance of this city. Entering this gate, some vendors are selling local stuff generally handcrafted. Therefore, you must support them.
Caravan in the Sahara desert


Museums exhibit various past elements, including history, art, culture, science, and many others. These museums are an excellent place to learn about different businesses' ancient history as visual speaks louder than words. One can enjoy these museums as some of them belong to ancient architecture.

  • Funduq al-Najjarin, Fes: It was earlier an ancient accommodation which is now converted into a private museum. This museum is present in Fes and is a three-story building. It is built as a symmetrical rectangular pattern. At the entrance of this gate, some flowers provide an elegant look to this gate. There are inscriptions on the toles and walls of this museum. A fountain present in this museum generally supplies drinking water and a wooden carved canopy of ancient times.
  • Museum of Arms (Borj Nord), Fes: This museum is built inside a fort which was built in 1582 used as a military fort. This museum was founded in 1963, which made it the earliest of all museums in Morocco. This museum displays around 5,000 different arms and armors used by other people in 35 different countries. The oldest cannon is dated 1578, which is around 5 meters long and 12 tons heavy. This museum charges an entrance fee used in maintaining the museum as this museum was restored in 2003.
  • Forbes Museum of Tangier, Tangier: It is a museum located in Tangier and is spread over an area of 10 acres. The publisher of this museum was an American named Malcolm Forbes. It has a total model of 115000 soldiers. It is maintained and is under the government of Morocco as after Forbes's death, and it was sold to them by their children.
  • Yves Saint Laurent Museum, Marrakesh: It is a museum that was built and is dedicated to a fashion designer. This museum is built in Marrakesh and is spread over an area of 400m2. This museum has an auditorium with only 13 seats. There is a library in this park with 5,000 volumes of art, botany, and various other books of the 12th century. The building is an earth-colored building. Inside it, there are some cafes, book stores, and gift shops. There are two museums dedicated to this fashion designer, and both were inaugurated in 2007. This museum has an annual visitors of 7,00,000 visitors. It is an excellent museum for those who love artwork o ancient times.


Traditional Couscous
  • Couscous: It is a local dish which is prepared in almost all the houses every week. Traditionally couscous is prepared using seven vegetables. Lamb, chicken, or beef are first stewed along with several vegetables. After this, they are arranged on a glorious heap of steamed and tender grains of couscous. While eating, everyone gathers around to eat from one large plate.
  • Moroccan Chicken Bastilla: Moroccan Chicken Bastilla is a famous dish traditionally prepared in Morocco. Earlier or traditionally, this dish was prepared using pigeons, but now in many restaurants and houses, chicken is used instead of pigeons. First, chicken is cooked with ginger, saffron, cinnamon, and pepper. It is layered within pastry, also known as Warqa pastry, crispy, and an omelet was laden with herbs and fried almonds scented with orange flowers and water. It is indeed an amazing fusion of textures and flavors.
  • Chicken with Preserved Lemon and Olives: This classical and versatile dish is one of Morocco's most famous dishes. It's very delicious and fits beautifully on any occasion, from casual dinners to banquets. You can find it in restaurants, homes, and on the street in outdoor dining venues. It is made with roasted chicken and preserved lemons and olives, but traditionally, it is also prepared in a tagine or pots. Many onions are cooked to make a consistency like a puree with ginger and saffron.
  • Lamb or Beef with Prunes: This dish is a classic savory from Morocco's delicacy traditional cookbook. The ingredients used in the dish are meat and dried prunes with the saffron, pepper, cinnamon, and fragrant spices of ginger. It is a quite popular dish served during a special occasion or holiday gathering and wedding also.


  • Harrira: There are many soups worldwide, but this one is uniquely Morrocan and is loved by all from all over the world. There are many variations available, but traditionally, the soup base is tomato filled with chickpeas and tomatoes. For enhancing the taste, broken noodles or rice are also added, whereas the stock is made with lamb or beef. It isn't easy to prepare but worth your efforts.
  • Moroccan Almond Milkshake: It is a creamy, refreshing beverage with a subtle fragrance and charm. This drink is one of the most loved beverages among the people of Morocco. It is a non-alcoholic drink. Almonds are grown in a varied variety in Morocco, resulting in variation in taste. It is easy to make the dish.
  • Morrocan Mint Tea: Morrocan Mint Tea is the national drink of Morocco. It has many qualities, like soothing and refreshing. It also helps in digestion, so when you have eaten too much with Moroccan delights, make sure to try this drink slowly. Moroccans have a unique way to serve tea. They pour tea from some height, which helps in aeration and to accentuate mint flavors.
  • Morrocan Spritzer: It is an alcoholic beverage, basically a cocktail that you can have in bars around any morocco cities. It is mixed with different alcohol varieties. Its ingredients are; gin, mandarin, or orange flavor liquor, mixed in a cocktail mixer and served in a cocktail glass with ice.


Most cities in this country provide tap water that is fit for drinking, and many locals consume it daily. However, some towns must be where the water purification plant or the pipelines would not be efficient enough to provide clean and potable tap water; therefore, you must consult the locals. As the water is fit for drinking, you must not use bottled water as it is made of plastic, which is very harmful to the environment. The primary source of water in this country is its water basins.


Activities are best to create memories during your trip. There are a lot of activities you can perform in this country. Actions help you in gaining experience in a different category and also help in removing boredom. Activities can also provide us freshness and activeness. The activities that are mostly available and preferred by locals and tourists are listed below.

  • Visit a Museum
  • Jungle Safari
  • Snorkeling

  • Kite Surfing
  • Wind Surfing
  • Kayaking
  • Relax on the beach
  • Visit Cultural sites


In a developing country like Morocco, tourism is increasing annually. Because of such an increase in tourism rates, the infrastructural facilities are also developing. While visiting Morocco, you will find that there are endless options for accommodation. From five-star hotels to cheap hostel rooms, all are available at different price ranges. You can choose whichever you find within your budget and satisfactory for your requirements. As a tourist, you would want to stay in the best place that offers the best facilities and amenities. Still, before you get blinded by all the luxurious exterior of such places, you need to evaluate if they are the right choice. If you do some research before booking a place, you will find that many hotels and other accommodation places often exploit the local environment. These places often use many unsafe practices just to provide their guests with the best facilities. You must avoid such places as they are not friendly to the environment. Instead, you should search for sustainable options. The best accommodation options include green hotels, hostels, apartments, guesthouses, campsites, and Couchsurfing. These options are not only eco-friendly but very reasonable as well.

Green Hotels

Green hotels commonly go by the name eco-hotels. As the name suggests, these hotels are eco-friendly. These are not much different from typical hotels; the only difference is that these hotels use various sustainable measures like rainwater harvesting, localized staff, organic food items, renewable energy, etc. When considering the right place to stay in Morocco, you should prefer staying at a green hotel instead of a five-star one. The five-star hotels are not the best choice because they are not friendly to the environment and your budget. Most five-star hotels often overcharge their guests and try to exploit them in different ways without them even noticing. These green hotels will help you adopt eco-friendly practices and help you keep your budget within the limit.

Hostels and Guest Houses

While green hotels are great alternatives to standard hotels, you will find that you can avoid the hotel experience and select an option that provides similar amenities and a lot more. You will find that apart from hotels, there are two prominent types of accommodation. These include hostels and guesthouses. Hostels are for solo travelers or for those who want a more raw experience. These types of adventure seekers can find different hostels in different cities and areas of Morocco. These hostels range in prices, and in some, you can opt for a shared room or private room. Hostels help you interact with other travelers and are very cheap as compared to hotels.

Guesthouses, on the other hand, are not always budget-friendly—these range from reasonable to luxurious ones. The affordability of such houses depends on the amenities you want to avail of and in which area of the city it is. Usually, tourists who are traveling with their loved ones or friends prefer renting out a guesthouse. The reason for guesthouses being a preferred option for a large group of people is that they provide security and privacy that hostels lack.


Apart from temporary rooms, different apartment buildings and complexes are available for rent for locals and tourists. You will find that these apartments are a better choice than hotels, hostels, and even guesthouses. They are more beneficial during your stay in Morocco because they are very reasonable in pricing and will provide you with the privacy you need. Apartments are ideal for all types of tourists, whether you are traveling alone or with a group of people. There are different apartment types in all Moroccan cities. You can opt for whichever is more affordable to you and one that fulfills all your requirements. If you are in Morocco for less than a month, you should not go for apartments, but if you stay in Morocco for more than a month, you should opt for apartments. Apartments are an ideal accommodation option for a long stay because hotels often overcharge their guests, and you will have limited access to the facilities and places nearby. On the other hand, living in an apartment will enable you to become independent and live how you want.


Couchsurfing is a method where tourists can opt for staying at a local's house. This method is generally available in almost all world cities, but various factors such as the culture, economy, crime rates, etc., affect its availability. You will find that in Morocco, the chances of finding Couchsurfing hosts are quite good. The reason for such suitable conditions is because of the high tourism rates. The locals also enjoy interacting and helping out the tourists. Before you leave for Morocco, you must find Couchsurfing hosts in the city you are visiting. Try to keep 2-3 hosts in mind as the chances of one backing out at the last moment are quite high. Therefore, you must make it clear to the host about the time of your stay and if there would be any payment. Most hosts let tourists stay free of charge, but some ask for some small amount of money. As a tourist, you must stay vigilant at all times as the chances of getting robbed or getting involved in illegal activities are always there in foreign countries with foreign tourists. You must interact with past Couchsurfers and present Couchsurfers to avoid any troublesome situation.


Morocco has some excellent camping grounds and sites where you can get a real outdoorsy experience. Most of these sites go extreme and provide no human-made items other than the tent and sleeping bag. Camping is for those tourists that want an adventure. You will find that camping is cheaper than any other accommodation option. It is cheap because you will have to manage everything from preparing food to staying alert at night. Camping is not for everyone as a camper needs to have enough camping experience to live a week for more in nature. There are different national parks, city parks, beaches, reserved forests, and many more camping areas. The hunting of animals is strictly prohibited, and you must not participate in any activity that harms the local environment. The main focus of camping is to explore nature and enlighten your mind and body with its beauty and richness. Camping is for both solo travelers and travelers with a group.


Map of Morocco
Mediterranean Morocco
hosts all sorts of towns and cities, several Spanish enclaves and some important ports
North Atlantic Coast
the northern half of Morocco's coast is home to the capital and Casablanca, interspersed with more laid back beach towns
South Atlantic Coast
the southern coast is more laid back, home to gorgeous beach towns like Essaouira and Agadir
High Atlas
covering the High Atlas mountains and the surrounding areas including Marrakech
Middle Atlas
covering the Middle Atlas mountains and the surrounding areas including Fez and Meknes
Saharan Morocco
the vast desert region of Morocco runs along the border with Algeria; camel safaris and sand dunes are the name of the game here
Anti Atlas
the southern portion, covering Tarouddant down to the Western Sahara border


  • Rabat – The capital of Morocco; very relaxed and hassle-free, highlights include a 12th-century tower and minaret.
Pedestrians and Kasbah Walls
  • Agadir – is a major modern city in the southern part of Morocco.
  • Casablanca – This modern city by the sea is a starting point for visitors flying into the country. If you have the time, both the historical medina and the contemporary mosque (the third largest in the world) are well worth an afternoon
  • Fez – Fez is the former capital of Morocco and one of the oldest and largest medieval cities in the world.
Entrance to Fez el-Jdid - Old Jewish Quarter
  • Marrakesh (Marrakech) – Marrakech is a perfect combination of old and new Morocco. Plan to spend at least a few days wandering the huge maze of souks and ruins in the medina. The great plaza of Djeema El Fna at dusk is not to be missed.
Inside the beautiful Bahia palace in Marrakesh
  • Meknes – A modern, laid back city that offers a welcome break from the tourist crush of neighbouring Fez.
  • Tangier –Tangier is the starting point for most visitors arriving by ferry from Spain. An enigmatic charm which has historically attracted numerous artists (Matisse), musicians (Hendrix), politicians (Churchill), writers (Burroughs, Twain) and others (Malcolm Forbes).
Forest in Tangier
  • Tetouan – Nice beaches and is the gateway to the Rif Mountains.
Palace in Tetouan

Getting There and Moving Around

There are many ways of reaching Morocco, but the ideal one is through the airways. You will find that almost all airlines have routes to any major Moroccan city. Because of such wide options, you can choose an airline that is more affordable and convenient for you. Apart from airways, roadways, railways, and waterways are not available for international travel. These three modes are only available if you want to move inside the country. While traveling to Morocco and moving within its boundaries, you must think like a responsible traveler and make your trip sustainable. You can do so by opting for public transports, electronic vehicles, or bicycles and walking.


Airways are the best way to reach Morocco. You will find that the main international airport in Morocco is Marrakesh-Menara Airport. The airport is present near the city center and receives different flights from European and Arab Airlines. Traveling via air is the most common method of travel in Morocco. You will find that even domestic flights are available. Although you should only prefer using roadways, waterways, and railways for moving inside the country as a single aircraft causes more pollution in one trip than the combined pollution by motorized cars. Also, you should always prefer booking a direct flight and avoid transfer flights at most.

Marrakesh-Menara Airport


Buses are the best roadway transport in Morocco for traveling within the country. You will find that both public and private buses run in almost every city and town in Morocco. If you want to explore the whole country then traveling via buses is the best way. These buses travel through the cities and villages, which enable you to explore the different cultural and historical sites present. Many buses are designated for tourists and come with a multi-lingual guide explaining the different places you visit during your bus tour.

Tourist bus in Marrakesh


Trains are the second most convenient mode of transportation in Morocco. You will find no tramway as it is still considered, and the country cannot afford a metro train system. Therefore, railways have become the common transport means in Morocco for both locals and tourists. You will find that the Marrakesh Railways Station is the primary railway station that connects to almost all cities and villages like Casablanca, Rabat, and Fez. Trains are available for traveling to different cities, as well as moving inside a city.

Daytime train from Casablanca to Oujda


Hitchhiking is quite possible in Morocco because the locals like to help foreign tourists and interact with them. You will find that hitchhiking can be challenging as there are times that the drivers won't stop or are unable to help you out. Therefore, you must be present at a good spot on the highway or the road so that the coming-up drivers can spot you. You also need to show a good image to the driver as the locals often get skeptical about strangers. It is because there are many happenings of crimes on roads and highways. Also, you should learn some common Arabic phrases, as many locals don't know any English.


Apart from railways, airways, and public transports, there are other means of transport available. You will find that not all of them are good for traveling. Other means are electronic vehicles, rental cars, boats, cycling, and walking. Rental cars like taxis and other vehicles available for rent are not a good choice. Most of these vehicles run on fossil fuel, emitting harmful greenhouse gases that cause severe harm to the environment. Electronic cars are the best substitute for these motorized cars as they use electricity to run and don't cause any type of pollution. Boats are also not good for traveling as they too run on fossil fuels. Bicycles and walking are good options only if you want to move around a particular area or city.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping refers to a type of shopping where you buy items that are friendly to the environment. These items include organic food, recycled objects, organic materials, reusable products, and second-hand objects. You will find that there are different places to find such items in Morocco. The craze of using sustainable items in daily life is increasing in Morocco. It is becoming popular because these items are cheaper and of better quality than branded international items. You can find such items in the local flea markets, food markets, second-hand shops, and eco-fashion shops in different Morocco cities. Locals run these places; therefore, you will support them and help them earn a living.


Recycling is a good option for making your trip budget-friendly. Recycling is a process where used items are converted into usable ones. The process doesn't require much fuel or resources; thus, making it eco-friendly. It also helps in making the best out of your waste and avoids piling up of landfills. There are different agencies and recycling units present in different areas in Morocco. Some of them are private, and the rest is public-owned. As a tourist, recycled items are the better choice for you than buying brand new items.


The waste disposal management in Morocco is not as efficient as the country is still developing. Many ethnic and tribal groups present that don't understand the need for proper disposal of waste. Because of the ignorance of the locals, the pollution levels are very high. You will find that even the government doesn't put much emphasis on proper garbage disposal techniques. You will find that the landfills are piling up, and the untreated waste cause soil and air pollution. Therefore, as a tourist, it is your job to dispose of your garbage properly.

Work and Study Abroad

Educational and career opportunities are not the best in Morocco. The reason for them being of such conditions is because the country is a developing one and is yet to implement good educational policies. You will find that in science-related fields, the opportunities are good. Such good opportunities in both education and career areas are because Morocco has many historical and cultural sites that date back to several centuries. These sites provide archaeologists and scientists deep insights into the history and culture of Morocco. You can easily find job and career opportunities in these fields, and they will be worth it.

Exchange Student

A student exchange program is a great option for students to broaden their knowledge about different cultures, history, and world people. This program promotes a global education where the program members study in different educational institutes of the world. The students can pursue the course they want if they are eligible and broaden their knowledge. Different universities and educational boards have partnerships with each other, exchanging students, and promoting their institutes. You can register for the program online or contact any Moroccan institute and ask for the requirements.

Au Pair

Au pairing is a great option for tourists in Morocco for a long time and who want to earn a living. Au pairing is a job where you take care of a family's household and children, and in return, you get monetary benefits and a place to stay. It is not very common in Morocco, as most families are from middle or low-income groups. Also, Moroccan women are accustomed to taking care of the whole household and their children all by themselves. Nevertheless, there are chances of finding an au pairing job, but you need to present a genuine and friendly behavior as most families don't let strangers inside their homes.


Volunteering is a great option for tourists as it helps in showing your gratitude to the locals for their hospitality and help. Volunteering is an action where you help out the locals solve different issues or problems on your own. You can opt for volunteering by yourself, or you can participate in an organization's activities. Both ways are efficient in practicing volunteering work. Most tourists often ignore volunteering and exploit the local environment to limit the locals to consider tourism bad. As a tourist, you must try to help the local communities create a better standard of living. By doing so, you will feel that your Moroccan trip is satisfactory.

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