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Eco-friendly travel guide to Algeria advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Algeria, Africa.

  • Air quality: 3.9 / 5
  • Bus connections: 4 / 5
  • Train connections: 3.9 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 3.8 / 5
  • National parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.8 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Safety: 3.8 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$900 - $1000
  • Budget per day: US$800 - $900

Responsible Travel

Algeria is undoubtedly one of the biggest African countries and is home to some of the stunning vacation spots. From snow-covered mountains to marvelous coastline, you will no doubt make some of the best vacation memories here. Cities like Algiers and Constantine have a lot to offer to travel enthusiasts. Magnificent Roman tourist attractions like Timgad and Djemila are the ones that attract millions of tourists from around the world. When it comes to responsible-traveling, make sure that you are following all the sustainable methods like not throwing litter everywhere, choosing eco-friendly vehicles, etc. The Saharan region is one of the biggest attractions when it comes to traveling to Algeria. Be it the glimpse of the beautiful sand seas enclosing Timimoun. Well, if you are not sure about the Timimoun, then it is a burnt-red mountain located in the far south. Algerians already love this place and keep visiting it. Apart from that, they even welcome other tourists with enough warmth as well as curiosity. This is something that makes Algeria one of the best holiday destinations. Make sure that you are opting for e-vehicles and other sustainable options so that you can enjoy your holidays without any issues and at the same time, you do not harm the environment. You will come across multiple tourist attractions that will no doubt make your vacation exciting. Sahara desert is Algeria’s most defining feature of the country. The desert covers almost four-fifths of the country. Besides, it is also the source of various myths and legends. If you are planning to travel to Algeria, it is better to make up your mind regarding some memorable and exciting travel memories.

Air Quality and Pollution

When traveling to an unknown place, apart from considering the travel attractions, it is necessary to judge the air quality. The reason behind this is it is difficult to find out any nearby healthcare units in case you or your close ones get sick. When it comes to Algeria, pollution or air quality is not quite impressive. As per the reports of the World Health Organization, the air quality of Algeria is not safe. Hence, if you are planning for a vacation, then make sure that you are taking extra precautions. For example, it is best if you carry facemasks whenever you are going out. If you want to avoid pollution. Throughout the year, the pollution levels remain high. Although the government has come up with various pollution control measures, it did not help in bringing any change. However, this did not stop anyone from traveling there. As a responsible traveler, make sure that you are not making any pollution wherever you are going. Besides, it is better if you avoid going out in the evening, especially if you are planning to explore the city. In case you face any breathing difficulties, then make sure that you are taking the help of locals to get medical help.

Respect the Culture

When it comes to the culture of Algeria, people mostly follow the African culture. Although the country is quite developed, locals still believe in maintaining their values. Action speaks louder than words in case there is a huge barrier between languages. The locals here are quite warm-hearted. Once you visit Algeria, you will be mesmerized by the unique traditions as well as the culture they follow. It is colonized as well as pillaged for over three hundred years; thus, making Algeria one of the rich as well as diverse place. Throughout the cities of Algeria, you will find over three thousand different tribes. Also, their traditions as well as languages are different. Thus, you can understand how exciting your vacation can turn out to be. You will also notice that festivals, as well as some dishes, vary as well. When it comes to art and craft, there is a huge diversity in it as well. No matter where you go, you will notice that the locals here give huge importance to the art and craft. Besides, many families use it for earning money. Similarly, superstition is something that locals are equally concerned about, and if you are in the cities, then make sure you are not disrespecting their beliefs.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Being one of the largest countries in the African continent Algeria offers plenty of unique places to explore for travel enthusiasts. Algeria features some mind-blowing cities, marvelous architecture as well as winding streets, lush green landscape. Roman cities and the Mediterranean coast. Although the main attraction of the city is the Saharan region and its never-ending sand, you will find other attractions as well. The sparkling cities will offer you never-ending imagination regarding traveling. Although most travel enthusiasts feel that the country is not safe for traveling, the locals always offer warm welcome gestures. The never-ending list of travel locations in the country is something that will blow your mind. However, one thing that you have to keep in mind is doing good research on the different places found in Algeria. This will help you to do a better exploration. Let’s check out some of the most popular places to visit in Algeria.

  • Algiers- It is the capital city of Algeria and features an estimated population of 3,500,000. Founded by the Ottomans, the beautiful architecture and the rich history are something that will blow your mind. Streets flowing through old towns like streams as well as the ancient Casbah are undoubtedly beautiful. One of the worth exploring attractions of the city is the Dar Hassan Pacha. It is one of the most decadent mansions. Algiers provides visitors an intriguing glimpse of the past, present as well as future of the city. If you are planning to visit Algiers for the first time, do not forget to include Algiers in your list.
  • Atakor- Even though it is tough to reach Atakor if you do not have your own transport, it is a worth visiting place. It is located in the Ahaggar National Park, and the mesmerizing views are no doubt eye-soothing, it would blow your mind. The red-brown landscape dotted with sheer peaks looks picture perfect. The terrain seems more like straight out of sci-fi scenes. Honestly, the breathtaking views of the Ahaggar National Park will stay in your heart forever. One of the biggest highlights of the plateau is the Assekrem Peak, which means the ‘the end of the world’, the best way of describing ways of rugged harshness.
  • Oran- It is the second city of Algeria and is also a lively port city having thousands of characters and beauty. The city features some outstanding historical buildings, attractive mosques, and other architectures that attract thousands of people from around the world. The never-ending range of beautiful architecture is one of the best throughout Algeria. Apart from that, Oran is undoubtedly one of the best places for scuba diving. You will also get the opportunity to taste a wide range of Algerian cuisine and tap your feet to the lovely Rai music. Even though there are thousands of reason to visit the city, you will find many signs that show the political troubles happened back in 90s area in Oran.
  • Constantine- It is a symbol of pride for the north. The city is aroused from its natural surroundings and has been protected against a deep gorge around a rock outcrop, which formed a natural fortress. Constantine is famous for its cultural, political, and economic significance, and the still rife as well as the cosmopolitan movements have made the city popular. Today, Constantine spreads more than its natural fortress; however, it stays true to its origins. The Arab-Andalusian music scene is something that attracts thousands of tourists from around the world. Constantine is a must-add city on your bucket list if you are visiting Algeria for the first time.
  • Ghardaia- A significant part of pentapolis, Ghardaia is one of the five hilltops and was built almost thousands of years ago in M’Zab valley. It one of the significant cities of Algeria since the country’s major date production takes place here. Apart from that, various rugs and clothes are manufactured and served throughout the country. Overall, Ghardaia is no doubt an enchanting experience in every way. Separated into three walled sectors, it is a unique and charming town, which boasts a historic center. Besides, the intriguing pyramid-style mosque is one of the popular attractions in the city. Ghardaia will always top the list of one of the must-visit places in Algeria.
  • Timimoun- It is more like an oasis and is located in the vast Sahara desert. Characterized by shifting dunes, salt lake, and palm groves, Timimoun is yet another place popular amongst the tourists. The marvelous dunes make a perfect and spectacular backdrop for the enchanting town. Also known as Ksour, it boasts a similar architecture found in Taghit. You will find affluent French evidence in the new part of the town, but the original architecture of the French influence maintains continuity in this beautiful town. Maybe it is due to the abolition of slavery, the African influences are still active here, especially in the gobbas, buildings made for the marabout.
  • Djanet- It is a unique city that has whitewashed buildings as well as bright blue hue lining, especially in the main city. It is more reminiscent of an English seaside town. Djanet is quite charming since it is located in the beautiful surroundings of the majestic mountains overlooking the town. Here, you will find all the necessities important for having an easy lifestyle. From post office and banks to basic shops, you will get everything here. During the weekends, the city comes to life and attracts thousands of tourists from around the world. You will be mesmerized by the beautiful collection of rock paintings and national parks are marvelous and worth appreciating.
  • Batna- Close to Constantine, Batna is a beautiful continuation of the Moroccan Atlas mountains and lies north in the stunning Sahara. Today, it is considered the fifth-biggest city in Algeria. Batna initially began its life as a French military fortress, thus making it easy for the French to access the Atlas Mountains as well as the Sahara desert. Batna now is the agricultural spot and features the main market center for various regions. You will be mesmerized by the vibrant as well as the animated ambiance of the city and has its beauty.
  • Tlemcen- Proudly boasting the diverse culture as well as the rich history, Tlemcen has now turned out to be a melting pot for different artistic styles as well as music. Besides, you will find many textiles as well as handicrafts, which are the perfect examples of Arab-Andalusian heritage. With the mosques boating the architectural masterpiece, you will find Tlemcen to be one of the most beautiful cities in Algeria. Besides, it is also one of the oldest as well as the best-preserved Almoravid buildings throughout the country.
  • Annaba- Yet another popular city that features supreme architecture along with refreshing proximity to the fertile farmland as well as freshwater, Annaba is like a dream city in the country. Keeping aside the beauty, Annaba is a crucial city since it supports port handling as it supports the country’s huge mineral exports. The tranquility, as well as the picture-perfect surroundings of the city, seems like a heaven for most travel enthusiasts.


You will come across uncountable and famous tourist attraction places throughout Algeria that is worth visiting. From beaches to national parks and city parks, you will get everything here.

City Parks

City parks are yet another one of the best places for spending a great time. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Let us check out some of the popular city parks in the country.

  • Tifariti Garden- A suitable place for spending a great time, Tifariti Garden is undoubtedly the best place where you can spend some good time with your families or friends. A great place to escape from the noise of the city. Here you can enjoy the serenity.
  • Tikjda National Park- Yet another one of the best city parks where you can spend a day with your families or friends. The beautiful landscapes, as well as the peaceful surroundings, are something that attracts thousands of people from around the world.
  • Dounia Garden- Nothing can be better than spending some good time in gardens. Dounia Garden is one of the most popular attractions in the city. Make sure that you are visiting Dounia Garden in Algeria.

National Parks

You will come across many national parks in the country as well. National parks are one of the best places to come across, especially if you are planning for a holiday in Algiers. Let us check out some of the most popular national parks in the country.
  • El Kala National Park- It is one of the popular biosphere reserves in the country. Located in the extreme northeast of the country, you will find several lakes, and most importantly, the unique ecosystem, that attracts thousands of tourists. Various parts of the park have been named as protected Ramsar sites.
  • Taza National Park- It is yet another small National Parks in Algeria. Situated in the Jijel Province and has been named after Taza city. You will find some beautiful lakes as well as exotic bird species in the national park. Make sure that you are including Taza National Park in your bucket list if you are planning to visit Algeria.
  • Chrea National Park- Chrea is one of the biggest national parks in the country. If you are planning for a relaxing vacation, then Chrea National Park is one of the best choices.


Even though Algeria is considered as the ultra-low key country having down to an economy and it depends mostly on petrol as well as other natural resources. The stunning views, as well as the exotic locations, are something that attracts millions of tourists from around the world. The nation is already home to some of the stunning views and excluding the beaches would be an injustice. Here are some of the popular beach locations in the country.

  • Jijel- Situated in northeastern Algeria, Jijel is famous for the beautiful beaches and nothing else. The entire province is famous for some of the most beautiful beaches. The clear Mediterranean water, which surrounds the Jijel location, is mesmerizing. From Plage Kotama to the beautiful rocky cliff, Jijel will surely make you forget about Italy. Thus, if you are planning to visit Algeria, make sure to spend a day at Jijel.
  • Sidi Fredj- If you are in Algiers, make sure that you are visiting Sidi Fredj. It is almost thirty kilometers away from the Algerian capital. Sidi Fredj is undoubtedly one of the best getaway places. Being one of the sunny places having a historic escape, you will no doubt going to have the best holiday.
  • Ain Achir Beach- Located on the Annaba coast and less than a hundred kilometers from the Tunisia border, Ain Achir Beach is one of the most stunning and picturesque beaches. If you want to spend a good time, then nothing can be better than this place. Ain Achir is surrounded by mountains, and the massive rocks on the golden sands look amazing.
  • Zeralda- It is more like a low-key beach and the crystalline water is something, which is no doubt a charm. Besides, the beach is nearby since it takes almost thirty minutes to reach the city.


There are no such landmarks in the city. However, you can take the help of the top attractions in the country for assistance to reach any of the destinations. Make sure to research the top attractions so that it becomes easy for you to explore the country.


  • Museum of Fine Arts- The National Museums of Fine Arts of Algiers is one of the most popular museums in the country. If you take a great interest in fine arts, then this museum would be the best place for you. You will come to know about various historic works of fine arts.
  • Cirta Museum- It is an archeological museum in Constantine, from where you can find some of the best and traditional architectural work. Make sure to visit Cirta Museum in Algeria


Exploring countries remain incomplete without exploring the food culture. Thus, if you are planning for a vacation in Algeria, do not forget to explore the food culture. Traditionally, African cuisine combines local grains and cereals, various fruits and vegetables, along meat products. Many parts of Algeria follow a traditional diet that includes curd, milk products, and other essential food items. Based on various regions, you will notice many differences in terms of drinking as well as eating habits. Right from the ingredients to the preparing process, everything varies. When it comes to agriculture, then crops like yellow onion, yam, spinach, palm oil, and other items are cultivated. Grains is one of the most popular and staple food when it comes to African cuisine. You will come across multiple unique dishes that will blow your mind. From delicious non-veg dishes to tasty vegan dishes, you can get everything. Apart from that, you will also get various delicious drinks as well. If you are visiting Algeria, make sure that you are researching about various foods and drinks available so that you can taste almost every delicious dish and drink available. Locals also love enjoying different types of bread along with their food as it helps in enhancing taste. Algerian dishes gave couscous to the world, and the myriad dishes available in the country are no doubt exciting. You will come across multiple traditional as well as local restaurants that sell the staple dishes. From grain porridges to scrumptious root vegetables, you will get multiple dishes that will lift your taste buds. Next comes the feasting dishes like breyanis, stews, aromatic curries as well as tagines, you will definitely get something that will top your list of African as well as Algerian food favorites. First on the list comes Couscous, which tops the mains and starters list. It is arguably one of the most popular Algerian dishes and is mostly eaten on Fridays as a part of the old tradition. Centuries ago, this dish was offered to the poor. Normally, it is made out of semolina and takes about ten to fifteen minutes to cook. Along with meat stew as well as vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, and zucchini, the dish is served. To make the dish more delicious, various other ingredients are also used. Kabyle region uses black-eyes peas to Couscous as it adds extra texture and flavor to the dish. The best part is you can eat Couscous in different ways like; you can add steamed beans and even consume it with Iben, which is delicious buttermilk. Tajin Zitoun is yet another popular dish, which you will get in Algeria and locals mostly enjoy these dishes during Ramadan. The dish is made out of Kefta, minced beef, fish, or chicken, which no doubt makes the dish delicious. Along with that, potatoes, mushrooms, as well as white sauce. You can understand how delicious it can be. Although it is made in a Tagine, a terracotta dish. Tajin Zitoun is offered scrumptious homemade bread. If you are interested in tasting some of the best local dishes, then Algeria is the best place. Kesra, which is a simple flatbread made with olive oil. It is a traditional Algerian bread and based on different regions, people name it. Algiers call it Khobz Ftir whereas people in Constantine call it Kesra. Once you taste the bread, you will understand how delicious it is. Made with baker’s yeast. Thus, you can call it a perfect side dish with every starter. You can eat with both veg as well as non-veg dishes. If you taste the bread, you will find an authentic and strong taste of cold-pressed virgin olive oil. Another most popular that you must try is Mhajeb, a delicious flatbread having tomato and onion stuffing. Locals consider it a special dish and are more like a puff pastry. However, the only difference is based on the regions, the stuffing is made. It is quite renowned and locals love having it. Although mostly Maghreb countries eat Mhajeb. Besides, many fast-food vendors, as well as restaurants, sell it since it always stays in high demand. Coming to the vegan dishes, you might face difficulties, especially if you are a vegan. The reason behind this is you will not get many varieties. Although you will get many options in burgers, sandwiches, and soups; however, they are good for starters. When it comes to meals, you will not get enough options to choose from. Chititha Batata is one of the famous vegan dishes, which locals love having at times for a change. It is an authentic Algerian potato stew made with dersa. It is a spicy chili as well as garlic paste. The best part is, you can have it as a main veg dish and is quite delicious. If you are interested in enjoying North African cuisine using simple ingredients, then nothing can be better than trying out Chititha Batata. Algerian chickpea is another popular vegan dish that is a must-try when it comes to vegan dishes in Algeria. It is quite delicious and packed with protein and fiber. Along with it, other vegetables like tomato, peas, potato are added for extra taste and oomph. If you want something good in taste and healthy as well, then nothing can be better than trying out Algerian chickpea. Coming to the street foods, you will get some toothsome dishes that will blow your mind for sure. Maakouda tops the list of street foods. These are traditional potato fritters that are popular in the Maghreb. Locals in Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria love having Maakouda. Want to know the specialty of the dish, the fritters are prepared plain; however, if you want you can ask to add meat for extra taste. Apart from that, other options are there for fillings like tuna or cheese. Made with potatoes, garlic, flour, parsley, both locals tourists love enjoying in various regions of Algeria.


You will get multiple options when it comes to drinks. You might know that every country comes with its traditional drinks that are unique in taste. The best part is the hotels in which you will stay might offer you popular drinks. However, it is always the best idea to go out and try them out in restaurants. From wines and cocktails to non-alcoholic drinks, you can get everything. Make sure that you are researching various drinks since you will come across unique names. You will come across multiple options in fruit juices. If you are a vegan, especially it will be beneficial for you. Algerians love enjoying mint tea, which is considered the go-to drink for the locals. People in North Africa as well as the Middle East. Apart from that, they also love enjoying strong coffee. Also known as Turkish coffee, people mostly love having it when they gather for talking and relaxation. If you visit Algeria, you will understand how locals here love enjoying coffee. Moreover, Algeria grows delicious fruits since locals love having fruit juices. Coming to alcoholic drinks, you will get endless varieties here. From craft beer to cocktails, wines, and other drinks, the list is never-ending. The legal age for drinking in Algeria is eighteen. If you love having wine, then you will get myriad options. You can visit the breweries in the cities where you will get the opportunity to taste some of the best craft beer. The best part of craft beer is these are carefully crafted. Made with the best quality malt and wheat, you will get the best possible taste. Cocktails are quite popular and the locals enjoy them only on special occasions. However, if you visit bars or pubs, then you will get the opportunity to taste exotic cocktails. Apart from that, the breweries and pubs offer some delicious appetizers, which are no doubt delicious. Organic cafeterias are not very popular in the country. Thus, if you want to taste some of the best quality coffee, then you have to visit the usual cafeterias. In case you are not sure about the drinks that you must try out, then you can take the help of the staff who will assist you. Their suggestion might help you to try out the best options. No matter what you do, make sure that you are trying out the popular local drinks.


Alternatively, when it comes to tap-water, you can drink it too. The reason behind this is the tap water is quite clean. Even though the pollution levels are not under control, the government successfully maintained the quality of water. Thus, if you are not interested in spending money on juices or alcoholic drinks, then you can always choose tap water for drinking. You will also come across various outlets as well as shops that sell packaged drinking water. Although tap water is safe to drink, it is always a good idea to take care of health. Even if you feel thirsty while you are out on the roads, then make sure that you are buying packaged drinking water. Apart from that, soft drinks are also a good idea if you want to quench your thirst.


Vacation only becomes successful if you get the opportunity to explore some of the best places in that area. Being one of the popular holiday destinations; Algeria features some of the most popular attractions and destinations where you can visit to spend a great time. However, the only thing that you have to keep in mind is, you have to bring your friends or even family members if you want to enjoy every moment. The marvelous beauty of the country along with eye-soothing views of the cities will no doubt mesmerize you. Besides enjoying delicious food and drinks, you will come across other activities. Even if you do not want to experience some adrenaline rush or adventure, you can simply enjoy and cherish the views. No matter what you do, you will enjoy the vacation and even take along unforgettable memories with you to your home. From exploring the tourist attractions to going on shopping, you will get various options. Rest assured, the memories that you will take with you are no doubt memorable. Let us check out some of the popular activities that you must try if you are traveling to Algeria.

  • Visit the Casbah area- Casbah is one of the popular areas that you must visit if you are traveling to Algeria. It was once a long maze of streets across the Mediterranean Sea. Built during the sixteenth to the eighteenth century and protected by wall surroundings was one of the crucial parts of the country. Now, it has turned out to be a historical as well as a traditional area for Algiers. Once you visit the area, you will find many handicraft shops, as well as local artist outlets, are here. Although you will not need a tour guide to explore the cities; however, if you are traveling to the Casbah area, then make sure to hire a tour guide. In 1992, the Casbah area became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The place is extremely beautiful; especially the views and you can spend a full day here.
  • Explore the Martyr’s Memorial- Martyr’s Memorial Monument located on the hills overlooking Algiers. Locals consider as one of the best and renowned landmarks of Algeria. The memorial was built to commemorate the Algerians, who died in the Algerian War for independence against the French. The war continued from 1954 to 1952. If you visit inside the monument, you will find a complete museum filled with all the details and memories of the war. You will find some interesting artifacts hailing from the war. Some parts of the museum are quite gruesome since it shows how the French tortured the local freedom fighters. The only downside of the museum is descriptions inside the museum are written in French or Arabic.
  • Spend a day at the National Museum of Fine Arts- Another one of the most popular tourist attractions that you must visit. If you are planning for a vacation in Algeria, then make sure to include this in your list. Located between Botanical Garden as well as the Martyr’s Memorial. In case you are an art enthusiast, then this place can be a blessing for you. Alternatively, the rooftop view of the Museum is no doubt breathtaking. It has uncountable floors and the first two floors are filled with beautiful sculptures as well as statues. The top floor is stuffed with old art and paintings. Overall, it is a paradise for art lovers.
  • Shop at Ghardaia- Build with three different walled towns along with Saharan sands Ghardaia is no doubt one of the shoppers’ paradise. Although Ghardaia is quite religious and you can only visit with an official guide, but it is a worth visiting place for sure. The best part of the town is the carpets. Yes, you can find many sellers who sell both handmade and machine-made carpets. These can the best souvenirs that you can gift to your friends or family. One thing that you have to keep in mind is you have to bargain if you want them at a good price.
  • Live the ancient days of Constantine- Located in the east of Algeria, Constantine is mainly a citadel that runs across River Rhumnel. Carthaginians founded Constantine and they named it Cirta. Constantine is one of the oldest cities in Algeria and is an inhabited city. One of the popular places you must visit is the Ahmed Bey Palace, one of the picturesque locations in the city. The next one is the Djamma el-Kebir Mosque.


The accommodation comes on the priority list since, without a comfortable accommodation option, it is impossible to enjoy a vacation. Be it for a short trip or a long one; make sure that you are booking a good accommodation option. For this, you will have to search for some of the best hotels, hostels, or guesthouses in the country. Apart from that, you have to make sure that the hotel that you are choosing is offering good amenities that will make your vacation comfortable. You will get various options when it comes to accommodation like hotels, hostels, guesthouses, and apartments. No matter what you want, you will get everything in Algeria. If you are a travel enthusiast, then nothing can be better than going to Algeria. From beachfront resorts, five-star hotels to pocket-friendly hostels, you will get everything here. In case you have a budget crunch, then nothing can be better than opting for budget-friendly guesthouses and hostels. Algeria these days faces a massive influx of tourists and due to this reason, many hotels and guesthouses are growing up. Many travel enthusiasts, as well as tourists, come here to get away from stress. The deeply embedded history, as well as the rich culture, is something that will surely mesmerize you. Even though the hotel rates vary; however, the rates vary. The outstanding amenities that you will get are something that will no doubt make your holidays amazing. Hostels and guesthouses are equally comfortable. Besides, if you want to meet some fellow travelers, then opting for the hostels is the best choice. Unlike the hotels, you will not have to worry about high rates. On top of that, you will get free parking, breakfast option, which is no doubt a plus point. In case you are interested in knowing about the local culture, make sure that you are booking apartments. Yes, it is one of the best ways to explore the rich Algerian culture. As already mentioned, the locals in the country are quote war, hearted, and this is something that makes Algerians unique and friendly. They will let you stay with them and offer great hospitability. However, the only thing that you have to keep in mind is to show them valid documents; otherwise, they might not allow you. Alternatively, if you are not comfortable staying with the locals, then it is best to book apartments online. The reason behind this is locals will not offer you comfortable amenities. Airbnb, for example, the best place from where you can book apartments. Make sure that you are researching about different rooms available as well as rates. Moreover, if you have discount coupons, you can get extra discounts and benefits. Thus, you can understand how beneficial it can be if you book apartments.

Green Hotels

The trend of green hotels is not very popular in the country. The reason behind this is Algeria is gradually becoming accustomed to tourism. At this stage, it is impossible to come up with the idea of green hotels. Yes, the demand for green hotels is gradually increasing. The reason behind this is people are becoming concerned about the environment. Various sustainable steps are being introduced that will help in saving the environment. Green hotels are one of those steps that are eco-friendly. These are normal hotels; however, few changes are there in terms of its working. For example, green hotels use solar energy for generating electricity. Besides, the green hotels are located far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Thus making it one of the best options, when it comes to spending a vacation. Also, they have greywater treatment plants that help in saving water. Energy consumption levels are yet another one of the most important factors when it comes to taking sustainable steps towards the environment. Green hotels come with in-house renewable energy resources. At times, they even purchase energy from others as well. Room occupancy is yet another one of the revolutionary steps towards the environment. To save energy, green hotels always the room temperature at normal levels. As a result, many kilowatts are saved. Besides, the waste management process is unique in green hotels, unlike normal hotels. Also, they do not support unwanted food wastage. Due to this reason, instead of throwing away food, they give away the food to organizations that help the poor. All these reasons have made it compulsory to come up with green hotel plans.

Hostels and Guest Houses

In case you are not interested in spending huge on accommodation like hotels and resorts, then you can opt for hostels and guesthouses. Besides, if you are traveling with friends, then hostels are the best option since you will get multiple beds. The reason behind this is hotels can turn out to be a pricey affair. Besides, the hotels always end up adding extra money. Thus, most travel enthusiasts always choose hostels and guesthouses. If you think that hostels do not give amenities, then you are probably mistaking, Local travelers, as well as travel enthusiasts, always choose guesthouses. As the country is filled with outstanding tourist attractions as well as locations, people from around the world come here to explore more about these tourist attractions. If you are worried about the amenities, then you will be blown away by the facilities, starting from free WiFi to delicious breakfast. Now, you can understand how fascinating it can be. Moreover, the hostels and guesthouses are located in the heart of the city, which makes it just the right option since you can access the transport easily. Besides, you can go out whenever you feel like without any issues. Hostels and guesthouses have come up with sustainable measures that have made them one of the best choices if you want to opt for sustainable traveling. Algeria is filled with some of the best properties when it comes to hostels and guesthouses. Thus, you can be assured of the fact that you will get the best places to stay in. However, make sure that you are booking the hotels or guesthouses in advance to avoid any hassle. The reason behind this is Algeria these days suffer a huge tourist influx every year. Hence, you can face a lack of accommodation issues when planning for the last time booking.


When it comes to vacation, it does not always mean that you have to end up wasting tons of money on fancy hotels. You can always choose over hotels are apartments. Besides, if you are interested in knowing about the local culture and traditions, then make sure that you are planning for staying with locals. Algerians as already mentioned are quite warm-hearted and always accept the tourists with wide-open arms. Since they support tourism, they allow tourists to stay with them. Hence, staying with them will be easy for you to know about the foods they eat to the cultures they follow. Alternatively, if you are not interested in staying with them, you can book apartments online. It will allow you to stay free without any comfortability issues. Airbnb, for example, is one of the best places when it comes to booking quality apartments. You will get verified rooms with plenty of space and clean rooms. Besides, if you are traveling with your friends, then it is always a good idea to book apartments. Moreover, you can get extra discounts, if you have coupons on booking. Just like hotels, you will get complimentary breakfast; free WiFi, and a parking area. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is to make sure that you are booking the apartments in advance. If you are planning to visit during the season, then you might face availability issues. Thus, it is always a good idea to book them in advance to avoid overcrowding or overbooking.


Couchsurfing is one of the common trends, which is gradually rising in demand. If you are not aware of it, then Couchsurfing is one of the most popular forms of travel. It is not easy to stay away from home for long. Due to this reason, countries are giving importance to the trend of Couchsurfing. Once you opt for this traveling method, you will be blown away by the benefits you will get. Among the other benefits, you will be able to enjoy every city just like the local travelers. Even if you want to explore every nooks and corner of the city, you will be able to do that with the Couchsurfing communities. If you want to join, then you have to send a request there. Once it gets accepted, you will be able to join them after arriving in Algeria. It is important to understand that the tourism industry is gradually developing in the country. Although you might not get many Couchsurfing communities, you will be able to find a few with whom you will be able to enjoy the trip without any issues. However, make sure that the communities are having good reviews. Otherwise, you will end up with such a group where you will not be able to find fellow travelers. Also, try to send a personalized message and let the host of the community know why you want to meet them. Finally, set the couch status under the Couch Information, which is necessary.


Adventure brings a gush of fresh air to your lungs and this is something that plays a significant role. Everyone must travel every year to take a break from daily stress. Since tourism is gradually growing in the country, locals are becoming accustomed to the concept of camping. Before traveling to Algeria, make sure to find out about various free lands as well as camping grounds. Free spaces are just the right option when it comes to camping. If you want. You can also confirm in the hotels whether they are offering camping grounds for the travelers. If you are your friends, then make sure that you are booking at least two to three days for camping. If you want to make things interesting, then you can opt for barbeque and bonfire. After all, when traveling to a new place, waking up to mountains and a splendid view of the country. Some of the popular camping grounds that you must book for some fun are Transcamping, Camping Zaidi Mohamed (Tichy, Algeria), and Camp Staoueli Laghouat (Staoueli, Algeria).



Getting There and Moving Around

One of the best and the easiest way of reaching Algeria is by either train or flight. The flight route is considered one of the easiest since you do not have to opt for multiple break journeys. Besides, the flight route cost is also quite low. Almost every country has either direct flight or connecting flights to Algeria. Thus, you can understand how fun-filled and interesting it can be. However, before beginning with your journey, make sure that you are researching the different routes. This will help you to explore the cities properly.


Almost every European Airlines fly directly to Algeria. Even if you want to opt for a halting journey, you will get the option as well. You will come across multiple international airports in the cities of Algeria. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is to book tickets in advance; otherwise, you might have to face issues.


Almost every European Airlines fly directly to Algeria. Even if you want to opt for a halting journey, you will get the option as well. You will come across multiple international airports in the cities of Algeria. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is to book tickets in advance; otherwise, you might have to face issues.


Trains are also one of the best options when it comes to reaching Algeria. Although the train route is not very popular yet if you want a cost-effective method of traveling, then opting for the train route is the best idea.


The concept of hitchhiking is quite popular as the locals here are getting accustomed to the tourism industry. Here, if you want a lift, the locals will pick you and drop you at your destination. However, make sure that you are researching various locations from where the locals generally pick up the travelers. Make sure to stay alert with your luggage, when opting for hitchhiking.


Besides opting for the flights or the buses, you will get other options as well. Although the trend of e-vehicles is not very popular in the country. Yet, one of the best options is to opt for the cabs, especially if you are planning to go for site seeing or some shopping. If you are comfortable enough, then you can always choose to walk, which can be quite exciting. Bicycles are also available if you want to switch to the eco-friendly method of traveling. However, opting for a cab is the best idea when traveling to faraway destinations.

Sustainable Shopping

People here are not very accustomed to the concept of sustainable shopping. Hence, you might face issues with it, especially if you want any handmade or organic clothing or home decorating items. Locals do make handmade items but they just make them for self-usage purposes.


The recycling rate in the city is not very high or low in the country. As the government here focuses more on recycling, locals are gradually coming forward to take part in the recycling processes since it will help in keeping the environment clean and pollution-free.


The rate of waste generation once again is gradually increasing since earlier, the amount of tourist in the cities was not very high. Travel enthusiasts have found some amazing places to visit in the Algerian cities. As a result, they are looking forward to visiting Algeria.

Work and Study Abroad

Many students, as well as eligible candidates, come here the search for good job opportunities as well as reputed colleges and universities. Some prestigious MNCs search for eligible candidates who can work with them. Students from around the globe come here to take admission in the universities to continue with their studies.

Exchange Student

Since Algeria features some of the prestigious universities and colleges, eligible students who are interested to continue their further studies come here to enroll themselves. Besides, many scholarship programs are offered to star students as well.

Au Pair

You will not find the popularity of the Au Pair service throughout the cities since women here believe in taking care of the family, while men are responsible to earn. Women are responsible to look after the kids as well as other family members.


As the country features some of the popular tourist attractions, old architectural buildings, which are necessary to maintain and preserve the cultural heritage of the country.

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