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Eco-friendly travel guide to Ankara advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Ankara, Turkey.

Ankara Skyline

  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$20 - $300
  • Budget per day: US$50 - $500

Responsible Travel

Ancyra or Angora are the historical names of this Turkish capital city, Ankara, that sits in Anatolia's heart. The city is the capital of Turkey and the political, cultural, historical, economic, commercial, and educational center of the country. You will find that the city is extremely famous for its historical and cultural significance in Europe and the entire world. Tourists worldwide come to visit this beautiful city and learn about the enriching Turkish civilization and their history. It comes after Istanbul as Turkey's largest city with 24,521 square kilometers of area and is home to about 5 million residents. While visiting such an iconic city, there are some measures that you need to follow so that your trip can become memorable and responsible.

  • As the capital city, the pollution levels are relatively high, and tourism is one of the major contributors to such catastrophic conditions. While visiting the city, you must try your best to keep your carbon footprint minimal. Carbon footprint is the amount of CO2 a person is associated with by their activities and lifestyle. By keeping your carbon footprint minimal, you will be able to have a better experience and save tons of money as well.
  • There are several options for accommodation available throughout the city that range from cheap motels to luxurious penthouses. You can choose any one of them, but you must put a little thought into your decision. Grand hotels and guesthouses are, no doubt, splendid places. Still, they are often overpriced, and the hotel's staff provides expensive items to their guests that are often not organic and harms the local environment. You should prefer opting for sustainable options like hostels, green hotels, Couchsurfing, camping, etc.
  • With massive pollution levels, your travel will only contribute to an increase in the ranks because tourists prefer using mineral water bottles, tissues, plastic containers, and whatnot. You must avoid such practices and opt for sustainable measures like using recycled and reusable items. These will save your money and help in not contributing to the increasing pollution rates.
  • You should also try your best to support the local communities by showing them your gratitude for their hospitality and help. You can do so by opting for buying from local shops, markets, and vendors or by indulging in some volunteering activities.

Air Quality and Pollution

The pollution levels in Ankara are not adequate. Water, air, noise, and light pollutions are at moderate levels. When it comes to air quality, it is relatively low, and a few residents experience respiratory issues. If you have any respiratory disease or illness, you should follow proper precautions while visiting the city. Drinking water quality is also not good because the water bodies and reservoirs are highly contaminated and not safe for drinking. The noise and light pollution rate is also relatively high because of everyday traffic and over-lighting of shops and streets.

  • PM10 – 68
  • PM2.5 – 19
  • PM10 Pollution Level – High
  • Pollution Index – 66.26
  • Pollution Exp. Scale – 114.63

Respect the Culture

Turkish culture is one of the most enlightening ones in the world. Archaeologists and historians have found various civilizations' proof in their land and many years of history hidden in their culture and traditions. While visiting the capital of such a significant city, you have to pay proper respect to the locals and by no means disrespect them. The best way to learn about the local culture, history, and traditions is by indulging in activities that allow you to experience the true essence of their values and customs. You can visit various museums, historical landmarks, cultural festivals, theatres, live performances, traditional eateries, and many more. You can also just stroll on the streets of Ankara and observe the local's lifestyle. It will help you get in-depth knowledge of the local culture and feel respect arising from within you to the local communities.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • AnitKabir: The literal meaning of AnitKabir is a memorial tomb. It is a burial place or mausoleum of the Turkish leader who was their leader during the War of Independence. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was also Turkey's first president. It was designed by a renowned architect Prof. Emin Onat. The construction began in 1944, and it ended in 1953. It took a total of 9 years to be built. It was inaugurated on 1 September 1953. The second president of turkey is also buried here. There are also many sculptures to see. Some of the iconic ones are; the Road of the Lion, Turkish Men Sculpture, Turkish Women Sculpture, Mausoleum Guards, etc.
  • Anadolu Medeniyetleri Muzesi: It is also known as the museum of Anatolian civilizations. The museum is situated at the southern end of the castle of Ankara. It was established in the year 1921. This museum receives an average of 450,000 visitors per year. The place where the exhibits are kept presently was earlier an old bazaar. This museum's artifacts date back to the Anatolian age and are organized chronologically to represent Turkish history properly. Also, exhibits made from gold, silver, marble, glass, and bronze are as old as the first millennium. Some artifacts here are a woman on the pitcher, an Anatolian civilization pot, a Hittite Museum, and many others.
  • Rahmi M. Koc. Museum: It is also known as Cengelhan Rahmi M. Loc. Muzesi in Turkish. It a museum about Turkish technology and sits at the spot where a historic horse market known as Atpazari was present. It faces the Ankara Citadel and is a place of higher altitude than the city. It is located at a higher altitude of 950 meters. On the museum's lower floor, there is an exhibition of carpets and pharmaceuticals. On the ground floor, everyday items like machines, medicines, vehicles are exhibited. There is a cafe on the ground floor, and the upper floor is reserved for exhibits like toys, items of science and navigation, etc. There are many exhibitions held over here regularly.
  • Ulucanlar Prison Museum: It is also known as Ulucanlar Cezaevi Muzesi. As it is evident from its name, it is called so because there was a state prison where the museum is now present. After following specific restoration, the prison was converted into the Prison Museum. Altindag Municipality repaired and inaugurated it in 2011. The prison was set up in 1995 because it was declared a historical building; therefore, it could not be demolished, altered, or extended. Many things, like the Turkish bath and other well-preserved things, are still kept here. Among other notable exhibits are the wax sculpture in Ulucanlar, printing press Ulucanlar, and ward of Ulucanlar. One more exciting thing is that the visitors are allowed to remain in the cell for 15 minutes after being handcuffed. To make them feel like a prisoner if they want.
  • Eymir Lake: The name of the lake comes from a Turkmen tribe whose name was Eymur. The lake's maximum length is 4.2 kilometers, and the full width of the lake is 250 meters that are 820 feet. The lake's maximum depth is 5 meters, whereas the lake's average center is 3.80 meters. The length of the shore is 9-kilo meters. There are two entrances to the lake. Both the gates are open to the public, with parking areas near both doors. For the convenience of the visitors, both the parking areas are free to use. Two-wheeler vehicles of all types are accepted, but only specific cars and other four-wheeled vehicles are allowed on the lake's premises. It is done to control the traffic and keep the pollution in control.
  • Ankara Castle: It is also known as Ankara Kalesi in Turkish. It is one of the most historical fortifications in Ankara. Ankara Castle was discovered in the 8th century by Phrygians, and later on, it was reconstructed in 278 BC by Galatians. After this, it was renovated many times during many eras. If we go a bit in detail, the castle's inner walls are enclosed along with towers covering a total area of about 350m by 150m. On the outer, the buildings are apart by 40 meters. The exact date on which the Ankara Castle was made is still a mystery, but the archaeologists assume it was made during 622 BC. Therefore, the construction of many eras is visible in this monument.
  • Anfa Altin Park: It is a park which is open to the public. Its literal meaning is Golden Park. It is spread over 160 acres that is 64 hectares, and is situated at a place that connects Ankara Airport to Ankara. Earlier, it was a golf course till 1977, after which it was converted into a park by the municipality of Ankara. The park has a separate area reserved for the plants and greenery, which is about 211,160 meters square. The site is dedicated to flower beds, which are later on sale in a 9302 meters square. There is also an artificial lake present in the park, whose total area is 32,700-meter square. Some of the activities available in Anfa park are the swimming pool, horse carts, summer schools, theatres, restaurants, and many more.
  • Mogan Golu: It is also called Golbasi Golu in Turkish. The total surface area of Mogan Golu is 1390 acres that are 561 hectares, and the average depth of the lake is 5 meters that are 16 feet. The elevation of the surface is 972 meters that are 3,189 meters. The soil found at the banks of the river is alluvial. When the rain quality exceeds, the lake automatically flows the excess water into Lake Eyimir. In 1910, there was a flood that caused Lake Eyimir and Lake Morgan to merge temporarily.
  • TBMM Kurtulus Savasi Muzesi: The War of Independence Museum has an extensive collection. The museum showcases only the old state's building's work, but some of the congresses' memoirs are also part of the building. On the other hand, documents belonging to the Treaty of Lausanne and the Treaty of Sèvres, gifts from various politicians, correspondence, and communication tools describing the period's spirit are exhibited in the structure. Among the works in the War of Independence Museum that it naturally inherited from the building, pieces belonging to the office of the President of the Assembly of the period remains of the Prime Ministry office, are present here. In addition to these, the photography room and different artworks are exhibited on the lower floor. Above are the beautiful products of the congress periods, the minutes of the agreements, the interesting telegrams of the period, and the correspondence signed by Mustafa Kemal himself. On the other hand, the Great Offensive Memories in the War of Independence Museum attract visitors' attention.
  • Ethnography Museum: It is a Museum that is inspired by the cultures of the Turkish civilizations. The building of the museum was built by the very famous architect of that time, Arif Hikmet Koyunogly. The construction of the museum was started in 1925, and it ended in 1928. It is the final resting place of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. On 21 November 1938, his dead body was cremated in the Ethnography Museum. There was also a casket which was placed inside a white marble. It remained there for 15 years, but later, on 10 November 1953, his 15th death anniversary, the coffin was transferred to Anitkabir. There are many historical exhibits kept here which are worth watching.
The magnificent Eymir Lake


Ankara might come after Istanbul as a tourist place in Turkey, but it is unique and beautiful in its way. The city homes various historical and cultural sites that attract everyone from history geeks to food bloggers. There are endless activities available in Ankara that can satisfy every tourist's need. For people who want to spend more time exploring the Turkish community's history and culture, museums and landmarks present in the city are the places for them. Whereas, for those who want to take a break from all the touristic activities and take a refreshing breath in the lap of nature, the various city parks and a few national parks are also present in Ankara.

City Parks

There are many city parks present in Ankara that are spread all over the city. Most tourists expect city parks to be small areas of land explicitly made for children when, in reality, these city parks are for people of all ages. The gardens in Ankara are such that you can spend a whole day relaxing, having fun, and exploring them. They are not as large as the national parks but possess fantastic amenities like ponds, food stalls, fountains, gardens, picnic spots, playgrounds, game courts, etc.

  • Parks and Playgrounds
  • Seğmenler Park
  • Independence Park
  • Ankara Botanic Park
  • 50th Year Park
  • Botanical Park
  • Kuğulu Park
Kuğulu Park in Ankara

National Parks

There are only a handful of national parks in Turkey, out of which three major national parks are present in Ankara province. These national parks are great for both exploring the wildlife and the history and culture of Ankara. Two of the following national parks are dedicated to some significant and iconic Turkish history battles or events. In contrast, the third national park is a nature park filled with dense forest, mountains, hiking trails, flora and fauna species, and panoramic viewpoints. These national parks are great places to get away from the city's hustle-bustle and get some refreshing time.

  • Independence Path National Historical Park
  • Battle of Sakarya National Historical Park
  • Soğuksu National Park
Soğuksu National Park


Ankora is a landlocked city, and only two rivers flow in the area. It is the reason why there is only one beach present in the town; the Mogan Beach. If you want to visit the Mogan beach, then the best time would be before or after the peak season because the beach often gets packed with locals and tourists, and you will not get a good experience in such large crowds of the beach. Another beach is the Evren Hirfanlı Plajı beach outside the city but comes under the Ankara province. You can visit the beach by taking a bus ride or rent a car for a day. It is a great place where you can get some peaceful time away from the city.

  • Mogan Beach
  • Evren Hirfanlı Plajı


There are many landmarks present in Ankara that are enriched with Turkish history and culture, that you will be able to understand the local culture. These places are also surrounded by various restaurants, museums, parks, and many more places that will help you spend a great day’s worth. You must visit one of these culturally and historically significant places in Ankara to make your trip complete.

  • Column of Julian
  • Büyük Tümülüs
  • Zağar Köprüsü
  • Ancient theatre of Ankara
  • Esztergom Castle Turkish Cultural Center
  • Historical Pilavoğlu Han Bazaar


The museums in Ankara are the best places to learn about the history and culture of Turkey. These museums are spread worldwide and showcase different art pieces, sculptors, and artifacts that will help you gain a lot of knowledge. These places are unique in their way, and many of them can give you enchanting feelings because their exhibitions are so excellent.

  • Republic Museum
  • Ankara Painting and Sculpture Museum
  • Museum of Anatolian Civilizations
  • Toy Museum
  • Rahmi M. Koc Museum
  • Ulucanlar Prison Museum
Museum of Anatolian Civilizations


Turkish cuisine is one of the most famous cuisines in Europe. Almost everyone has heard about Turkish candies that went viral from the movie series; The Chronicles of Narnia. Another presently popular food item is the Turkish icecream that has taken over the world and attracted several tourists. Turkish food items are so delicious that you will get addicted. While visiting Ankara, you must visit the restaurants, cafes, and food stalls to explore the food culture and let your tastebuds dance in flavor.

Desserts of Turkey and other Turkish food like "oruk" and "mantı" sold by a young saleswoman at a food market in Çankaya, Ankara

Traditional Local Restaurants

There are many traditional Turkish restaurants present in Ankara that are serving for decades. These restaurants are so old that they are run by the family owners' third or fourth generation. These restaurants serve mouthwatering Turkish dishes that are made in the most conventional but straightforward methods. You must visit at least one of these restaurants and try out their specialties.

  • Günaydın Kebap & Steakhouse Çankaya
  • Bi Çörek Hamur Evi
  • Vesperna
  • Meşhur Tavacı Recep Usta
  • Hattena Hatay Sofrası
  • Salus Restaurant

Vegetarian and Vegan

You will find that the prevalence of vegan or vegetarian food items isn't as famous as it is for non-vegetarian items. The trend of healthier lifestyle choices has only started in the last decade, and presently only a few restaurants serve pure vegetarian or vegan dishes. Nevertheless, these restaurants serve some of the most fantastic Turkish inspired vegetarian dishes. Many of these restaurants also do non-vegetarian items, so ensure that you explain your preference to the waiter properly while ordering.

  • VegAnka
  • Ankara Falafelcisi
  • Fige Restaurant
  • Gaia Vegan Vejeteryan Meze Zeytinyağlı
  • Terra Kafe & Mutfak
  • Trilye Restaurant

Street Food

  • Turkish Candy: There is a shop in Ankara named Ali Un, which is opened in 1935. The shop sells classic Turkish Candy. This Candy is filled with hazelnut, lemon, strawberry, or cinnamon and is popular street food in Ankara that both the locals and the tourists love to eat.
  • Lokum: Lokum, it is also sold in Ali Un shop. It is a floss candy that is made with almond paste. It is a traditional Turkish candy sold exclusively in Turkey and attracts thousands of food bloggers and lovers from all over the world to get a taste of it.
  • Doner Kebab: It is a dish made of meat. When the meat is cooked over the wood fire, it gives a unique taste and preserves the necessary nutrition. One of the best places to eat this fantastic street food item in Ankara is at Süha’nın Yeri.
  • Baklava: It is a pastry filled with nuts. It was originated from the Ottoman Empire and is one of the famous street food dishes in Ankara. Hacibaba is a place where you can get one of the best Baklava in Ankara. The shop was established in 1949 and is currently run by the family's third generation.
  • Meze: In Turkey, meze consists of white cheese, sliced melon, eggplant salad, hot pepper paste with walnuts, thick strained yogurt with herbs, yogurt with cucumber salad, and seafood. In Ankara, you can get one of the best mezes in a shop named Kalber.
Baklava and other desserts at a shop within a food market iç Çankaya, Ankara


  • Turkish tea: Turkish tea is prepared using two kettles stacked on top of each other. It is called 'Caydanlik.' It is served as dark tea and weak tea, where the dark tea has less water and more tea leaves. The second tea is just the opposite; it is filled with beet sugar cubes and no milk.
  • Raki: It is an alcoholic drink which is famous all over Turkey. It is usually preferred with seafood or meze. The alcoholic volume in this drink is 40% to 50%. It’s among the national beverages of Turkey. It is mixed with ice cubes and very rarely mixed with water.
  • Turkish Coffee: It is a coffee style prepared by using finely ground beans of Coffee and that too without filtering. The Coffee is usually ground at home in a manual grinder. It is boiled in a unique pot, which is called a cezve. It is also served in a special cup called Kahve Finjani in Turkey.
  • Salep: It is a winter beverage that is made with hot milk using salep flour. Salep flour is usually made from tubers of Orchis. It contains glucomannan, which is highly nutritious and starchy.
  • Ayran: It is a Turkish yogurt drink. Ayran has a slightly sour taste and is a bit salty. It is popularly drunk in summer for its refreshing taste. It can be called Turkish buttermilk, but its taste differs from your regular buttermilk.
Turkish tea


The primary sources of tap water supply in Ankara are dams. The water quality is not at all right as it is very chlorinated. Although the local authorities always insist that there is no harm in drinking the water, you must avoid it as you are not accustomed to its taste or smell and may get ill after drinking it. You will find that most Turkish families prefer bottled water over tap water. You can buy mineral water bottles, but they are not suitable for the environment or body. Many local families have filtration systems that clean the tap water and the whole house's water supply. You can opt for the design, but it is quite expensive, and as a tourist, you should avoid doing so. You can prefer the water distribution cats that sell 19-liter bottles locally called 'damacana' and are shared all over Turkey.

Organic Cafés

Organic Cafés serve vegetarian and vegan food items, but they also do organic and healthy meat and dairy food items. These cafés serve their customers with dishes that have locally sourced and organically produced ingredients. These cafés support local communities of farmers, producers, and fishers in the best way and often employ them as their staff. You will find mouthwatering and fresh food items with indigenous ingredients in these organic cafés.

  • Cafe des Cafes
  • Kantin Organic
  • Mayaköy Organic Bakery Café
  • Ünlü Mamüller Organik Ürünler
  • Amelie's Garden


Presently there is only one brewery present in Ankara, the Efes Pilsen Ankara Fabrikası, which is one of the prominent breweries all over Turkey. The local communities in turkey follow Islam as their only religion. They follow Islamic laws and customs religiously, which is why alcohol consumption in Turkey is meager. You will find that the locals don't drink regularly; instead, they occasionally drink too, with a specific limit. You can find some unique craft beers in Ankara that come from the brewery.


Ankara is a city where you can take part in many activities, including visiting museums, beaches, artistic monuments, and various other sports activities. There are two sports activities, including ground activities and water activities. Water activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, or water surfing. Other activities, including visiting museums, artistic monuments, beaches, and gardens, involve fitness and knowledge. Visiting various museums and cultural monuments provides you knowledge about the ancient people and their lifestyle, which will help you understand this city's culture and traditions. You can very well connect with local peoples if you know the culture and traditions of that city.

  • Visit Museums
  • Visit Beaches
  • Snorkeling
  • Windsurfing
  • Visit historic monuments

Yoga and Retreats

There are many Yoga and retreat centers available in Ankara. You can take membership from them. The increase in yoga and retreat studios rose due to an increase in people considering their health. You can join a yoga retreat studio to get a fitness trainer who will help you with his expertise and different methods. There are particular public gardens and parks where you can perform yoga all by yourself. The fresh air and nature will provide you with the right environment. Yoga will help you reduce stress, resulting in better sleep and activeness to your body.

  • SCS Maha Mantra Yoga Natural Living Center
  • Feryoga
  • Yoga Alliance
  • Ankara Yoga
  • Atölye Yoga
  • Yoga Federasyonu Ankara Şubesi
  • Yogainn
  • Kibele Akademi
  • Atölye Yoga Koza
  • Kibele Akademi
  • YogaHara Ankara


There are different accommodation options available in this city, depending on the facilities and luxury you need. There are many budget-friendly options available. Green hotels, hostels and guest houses, apartments, and camping are the four categories into which this city's accommodation is divided. Other than this, places that use solar or wind energy to generate electricity are more eco-friendly and better options.

Green Hotels

Green hotels are different from typical hotels as they get a certificate of green hotels from the state government. These hotels adopt eco-friendly methods in the hotel premises as much as possible. Eco-friendly methods include the usage of dustbins at every corner of the hotel. The soaps and shampoos are sourced from the local environment and are organic.

  • Divan Pastanesi Köroğlu
  • The Green Park Hotel Ankara
  • Q Hotel
  • Grand Si̇lay Hotel
  • Hotel İçkale Ankara
  • İsmi̇ra Otel Ankara
  • Hotel Ayma
  • ZZ Otel Ankara
  • The Ankara Hotel
  • Hotel Gurkent

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels and Guesthouses are best for those traveling alone because hostel rooms and guest houses are less costlier than hotel rooms. These rooms cost less than hotel rooms because hostel rooms have only necessary facilities such as electricity, water, etc. Hostels help you make friends as many of the hostel rooms present in this city provide a shared space. Some of the hostels also offer complimentary breakfast in the morning.

  • Deeps Hostel
  • Aden Apart
  • Ankara Apart Colorful Otel
  • Konukevim
  • Türkiye Emekliler Derneği Misafirhanesi
  • Afyonlular Konuk Evi
  • Ikta Hostel
  • Guven Hostel
  • Başkent Öğretmenevi
  • Concept Cankaya
  • Mg Hostel


If you plan to stay in the city for a more extended period, you can live in an apartment on rent. This type of accommodation only fits when the visiting period is more than 30 days. Living in an apartment makes us independent in various aspects like all the work, including cleaning, dusting, washing, and other such works must be done by you, which results in making a person independent. Also, the privacy which is given in apartments is very high.

  • Çankaya Nevada Apartment
  • Private room on sharing an apartment
  • Balgat Günlük Kiralık Evler / EVODAK APARTMENT
  • Monthly Furnished Apartments for Rent
  • Vadi Apartmanı
  • Vişnelik Apartments
  • Yağmur Apartmanı
  • Yalı Apartmanı
  • Armada Apartmanı
  • Ece Apartmanı
  • Uyum Apartmanı


Couchsurfing is available in this city as an efficient and cheap accommodation option. The crime rates of this city are low; therefore, you can travel anywhere in Ankara. Also, the locals are amiable and supportive of foreign tourists.


  • Big Camps
  • Poseidon Work and Travel
  • Güney Kamping Kayaş
  • Güney Karavan
  • METU Forest
  • Buzul Kamp

How to Get There

There is no direct transportation route available to reach Ankara unless you are present in Europe and Turkey's major cities. The Airport in Ankara serves only a few cities in the world, and if you are not in one of them, you will have to reach such a town first and then take a flight to Ankara.


There is an international airport in this city, which is operational since 1955 and is located 28 km in the North East of Ankara's city center. There is a single terminal in the Airport that results in 15,84,5878 passengers on an annual basis. The Airport is ranked first among the airports of Europe in 2009. The elevation of the Airport is 3125 feet. This city's air network is not well connected; therefore, you have to be prepared for an indirect flight from Asian countries to reach this city.

Esenboğa International Airport


There are many air-conditioned and luxury intercity buses which run from other cities nearest to Ankara. Buses are equipped with modern technology, and you can get these buses from the neighboring towns of Ankara. You can get a bus from the cities at a low cost. The problem with buses is that they are slower as compared to airways or railways. You will love to visit this city on intercity buses. Many routes include trees, jungles, beaches, and rivers that will provide you with a satisfactory visit and experience. The journey might also involve traveling several hours; therefore, these buses have a broader area than local buses kept moving around the city only.

Ankara bus


Ankara railway station, the primary transportation hub of this city, is a railway station with a high-speed train for which separate customized platforms are built. There are a total of 13 tracks and six platforms. This railway station's history is divided into two sections: the Ottoman Empire period and the Turkish Republic period. In the Ottoman Empire period, the station was used for flight services and to deliver war materials. During the Turkish Republic period, a passenger train from Istanbul to Ankara, which was stopped during the Ottoman period, resumed.

Train in Ankara


Hitchhiking is a way of traveling where you ask a passerby vehicle to give you a lift to any city or place that might be on his or her way. Hitchhiking is possible in this city as many drivers are friendly and helpful, so you will be lucky to stop a car or a motorcycle. The best place where you can successfully hitchhike is the highway because many vehicles run on it, and someone will stop to help you. You have to stand in one corner and raise your arm to grab the attention of upcoming drivers.


The other ways to reach Ankara are either hiring a taxi or a motorcycle. The air pollution scale of this city is at 61%, which is considered high; therefore, you must be responsible and not contribute to its rise. Hiring a taxi might be budget-friendly, but the amount of carbon emission it will release will pollute the air, and high traffic will increase noise pollution. So it is advised that you must use taxis or motorcycle ride only when all other means of transport are not available.

Moving Around

Ankara is a large city; therefore, many options are available to move around and explore various places, culture, and beauty.


Walking in Ankara is considered safe because many tourists have reviewed that it is very safe even at night. The crime rates of this city are meager. However, this is a small city that might be covered by walking, but it will require some days. There are walking tours available in this city, accompanied by a guide, who will help you visit all places you must-visit rather than simply roaming without any knowledge or direction.


There are several bike rentals available in this city. The steep slopes and hills make it challenging to cycle; however, you can choose the simple and easy routes if you do not want to play these challenges. It would be best if you carried a GPS or mobile phone not to get lost. If you visit Ankara in summer, you must bring your water bottle to keep your body hydrated.

Electronic Vehicles

Electric vehicles are present in this city in the form of taxis. These electric vehicles are also available for rent for the time you want. The main problem is that you have to pay a lot to enjoy a rented electric vehicle. Other than this, EV taxis or cars are the best choices to move around the city as they don't emit harmful gases or noises. They are eco-friendly and are also very comfortable and efficient to travel.

Public Bus

Public buses are painted yellow in this city to give them a unique identity. The bus network of this city is widespread, covering almost every tourist attraction. You can pay cash for the bus fare directly to the conductor or buy a card for a one-time deposit of $10 to $20, which will offer you free complimentary rides on your trip to Ankara.

Tram, Train and Subway

There are two metros in this city with five lines and 56 stations. The metro's annual passengers are 37.1 million for the first metro, and for the second metro, it is 67.0 million that totals 104 million passengers. Metro is considered as a fast means of transport which runs on electricity, therefore create less pollution. The fare is also not so high that a common man won't be able to afford it. It is easy to afford and will give you an experience of the Turkish metro.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping includes products that do not harm the nature and health of the person buying. These products involve eco-friendly production measures by using solar energy or wind energy to create their electricity. Also, products like food are made up of organic ingredients, making them void of pesticides or fertilizers; therefore, it positively affects health. Sustainable shopping includes flea markets, second-hand stores, and eco-fashion store.

Food Markets

These markets are the best places in Ankara to get fresh and organic produce from local farmers, gardeners, bakers, and fishers. These markets operate only on specific days to promote the proper use of organic food supply and growth. You must visit one of these food markets in Ankara and devour in the fantastic spices, and baked goods smell while strolling down the streets.

  • Hamamonu Food Market
  • MU food
  • Soykan Market
  • Majid's Food Market
  • Malatya Food Market
  • Kismet Food Market
  • Ankara Market
  • Aydin Market
  • Mini Market
  • Çağdaş Market

Flea Markets

Flea markets are traditional markets in Turkey that sell second-hand and recycled goods. These markets are very prevalent amongst the local Turkish communities as they always prefer such places. These markets are also run by local sellers and are a great way to save your travel money from the branded items.

  • Ankara Old Furniture Market / Bitpazarı
  • Denizciler Bit pazarı
  • Irmak Ticaret Ahmet KARATAŞ
  • Elvankent ikinci el eşya
  • İtfaiye Meydanı 2.El eşya pazarı
  • Ankara Mobilya Alanlar
  • Mardin Çarşi Pazari
  • 2nd Hand Markets Shelf
  • TANER SPOT-ikinci-el-eşya-ankara
  • Eski eşya alanlar

Second Hand Stores

Second-hand shops are very trendy in European countries. You will find that the people in Europe love making full use of the things they produce until they no longer hold the potential to be used again. You can find some unique items such as artistic works, paintings, antiques, and everyday use items.

  • Akan Spot
  • Nana İkinci El Her şey
  • Batikent Second Hand Furniture
  • Sputnik Vintage
  • Second-hand goods trading place
  • Kiraz - ikinci el eșya
  • Karadaş Mobilya
  • Ankara 2.el eşyacım
  • Kumbara Yaşam
  • Şevket Spot


European countries are some of the countries where you will find a high prevalence of eco-friendly measures. There are many sustainable stores in Ankara that sell clothing items made entirely with organic and locally-sourced materials when it comes to fashion. Many of these stores hire locals to support the local communities and earn enough money to afford a proper meal. You can find unique clothing items at such stores.

  • Bershka
  • Levi's® Store Ankara Antares
  • Nehir Butik
  • The North Face
  • Benetton


Recycling means reusing; it can be in any form, like recycling tin into soda cans, plastic bottles into utensils, or other such things. It protects the environment in many ways like it saves the energy and resources required to produce new products. The recycling policies in Ankara are at a moderate level.


Waste is a product that is of no further use and is required to be dumped. Dumping waste requires extensive dumping grounds and a lot of energy to decompose it manually. Checking the stats shows that the people in Ankara are dissatisfied with garbage management because of the absence of a regulatory body.

Work and Study Abroad

There are different jobs available in this city, depending upon your skills and educational qualification. The education here is well known in entire Turkey because of the excellent education quality and variety in the courses available to domestic and international students.

Exchange Student

The exchange student is a program in which the college's best scholars are sent to foreign colleges to complete their remaining semesters. The Social Science University of Ankara is the university in the city that facilitates this program. It is a great way to make our generation aware of different cultures, traditions, ethnic groups, and historical significance.

Au Pair

Au pairs are available in Ankara but only in a limited quantity because most of the locals do not like taking the help of a foreign individual. It can be challenging to search for an au pair in Ankara, but you can still try out your luck. Ankara's families are conservative and prefer to manage their household by themselves without asking for an outsider's help.


Volunteering is a great way to show the local communities that you are thankful for their hospitality. As a tourist, there are many options available for you to indulge in volunteering activities. You can opt for solo volunteering, where you can help out any person you meet on your trip or participate in the various non-profit organizations' activities.

  • AlNasri Dernegi
  • Ankara Chamber of Industry
  • SGDD Al-Farah Çocuk ve Aile Destek Merkezi
  • International Labor Organization ILO
  • Sığınmacılar ve Göçmenlerle Dayanışma De
  • Turkiye Ziraatcilar Dernegi
  • Unice
  • Çankaya Rotaract Kulübü

As a tourist, you must indulge in helping out the local communities build a better life and become aware of the various societal and global issues.

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