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Eco-friendly travel guide to Arusha advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Arusha, Tanzania.

  • Air quality: 3.3 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4.0 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4.4 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.8 / 5
  • Parks: 4.4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4.3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4.6 / 5
  • Safety: 3,2 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$36 - $350
  • Budget per day: US$171 - $600

Responsible Travel

Arusha is one of the great cities in Tanzania. It continues to grow and expand to be one of the great cities on the continent. For any city to continue to grow and maintain development, various aspects have to be considered, and in this scenario, we look at the environmental impact. Traveling in an Eco-friendly way will promote and sustain the growth of any city. Walking is the best eco-friendly way to travel. When you walk, you will be doing justice to yourself and the environment. You will be exercising and omitting the risk of release of toxic exhaust fumes by the vehicles. Other ways in which we can continue to uphold eco-friendliness in Arusha include:

• Use public transport while moving around the city.

• Dumping waste at designated disposal points.

• Promoting the local economy.

Air Quality and Pollution

The air quality in Arusha has dramatically improved over the last decade. The government has continuously put in efforts to improve the air quality in Arusha. Pollution levels are at a manageable level, but that does not mean that the government can relax as it has embraced various technologies and partnered with different organizations to reduce the pollution levels within the city and the country at large.

Respect the Culture

The culture of Tanzania is one of the most diverse cultures in Africa. Tanzania has a total of 130 communities comprising majorly of the Bantu. The country has two main official languages: Swahili and English, with Swahili taking more prominence over the latter. Tanzania's literature is usually oral with the literary forms comprising poems, songs, folktales, proverbs, and riddles. The oral literature has been majorly recorded in Swahili, though each community has its own cultures and tradition.

Music in Tanzania has grown as the years passed, with more genres being embraced by the various artists in the country. Some of the pioneers of Tanzanian traditional music include Dionys Mbilinyi and Sabinus Komba, who inspired the growth of music in the country. Various artists in the country have ventured into other genres such as Taarab, R&B, pop, and Zouk. Interestingly, the national anthem for Tanzania, "Mungu ibariki Afrika," which translates to God Bless Africa, was composed by Enoch Sontonga, a South African artist.

In terms of art, Tanzania has not been left behind as the country boasts of its exquisite paintings their artists' craft on canvas. Flowers and animals are the most common colorful paintings which are made in a repetitive design. Mr. Edward Saidi Tingatinga is the pioneer artist who inspired the venture into this style of painting. Other prolific artists famous in the country and possibly the world include Haji Chilonga, Godfrey Semwaiko, Salum Kambi, David Mzuguno, Evarist Chikawe, John Kilaka, Thobias Minzi, and Robino Ntila. The art of cartoons and comics has continued to grow in fame in Tanzania. Various cartoonists who have inspired this growth include Fred Halla, Popa Matumula, James Gayo, Sammi Mwamkinga, Francis Bonda, Ally Masoud 'kipanya', Adam Lutta, Robert Mwampembwa, Nathan Mpangala 'Kijasti,' and King Kinya

Top 10 Places to Visit

Mount Meru. Measuring 4,562.13 meters high, this dormant volcanic mountain is one of the highest peaks in Tanzania, second to Mount Kilimanjaro. You can see this mountain to the west when you are on Mount Kilimanjaro during a clear day. The latest eruptions believed to have occurred on this mountain are dated back to 1910. Also located on this mountain is a beautiful caldera, which is 3.5 kilometers wide. Mount Meru also plays home to various eco-systems comprising of a forest which is home to up to 400 bird species. Other animals found here are monkeys and leopards.

Lake Duluti. This volcanic Crater Lake occupies a total of 63 hectares in Arusha. It is located adjacent to the Duluti Forestry Reserve, which also covers a total of 19 hectares. The center of the lake is believed to be the deepest, going down 30 feet. On the other hand, depth at the shores usually varies between points.

Arusha Cultural Heritage Centre. Here, the biodiversity of the whole of Tanzania is presented to you at this majestic cultural center. You get to enjoy and appreciate the various cultures; Tanzanian communities have to offer, such as artifacts, clothing, and books. Gems and carvings are also some of the other souvenirs found at this center. This center also boasts of hosting some of the great world leaders such as:

o Norway's King Herald, Queen Sonja, and Princess Märtha Louise

o South Africa's Thabo Mbeki and Zanele Mbeki

o United States' Bill Clinton

o United States' George W. Bush

Udare Safari. This safari park is usually open between 8 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday. During the weekends, it is only open on Saturday between 8 am to 1 pm as on Sundays the park is usually closed. You can contact the park's management by phone by calling this number +255 784 665 115.

Tengeru Cultural Tourism Program. Here, you get a chance to be more knowledgeable about the Meru community. You will also get an opportunity to participate in a hike hosted here to feast on the local delicacies on offer. A lot of trees have been planted here to boost efforts of environmental conservation. A biogas program has also been rolled out here as part of the Green Project initiative. Volunteers are highly encouraged to chip in on this initiative.

Miracle Experience. Here, you get a chance to enjoy being airlifted inside a hot air balloon. Both the pilots and other staff are very professional in their work, with their friendliness being a plus. When you are airborne, you will be able to admire the wildlife that is unfolding below you, including various animals such as lions, hippos, and wildebeests.

Tabia Safaris. At this agency, you get to enjoy your stay here in Arusha as the professional drivers here will take you on unforgettable tours around Arusha. The drivers are also very knowledgeable about animals, and thus for information seekers and enthusiasts, this is the agency that answers your prayers here in Arusha. You will also get a chance to learn some bit of culture here and even the Swahili language.

Three Wonders Expedition. Here, you get to enjoy unique tours coupled with fantastic food that will make your stay in Arusha altogether worth it. The drivers here are very experienced and also very friendly. The agency itself is well organized; thus, finding your way would not be an issue.

Tanzania Birding and Beyond. Both upcoming and experienced bird enthusiasts would fit right in at this agency. Unique wildlife tours are also arranged here where all visitors get a chance to adore and watch various animal species. You are encouraged to use this number to get in touch with the management here, +255 754 286 058.

Kibowhy. Here, all visitors get a chance to enjoy their experienced that is best suited to their preferences. There are no official routines as the programs rolled out to consider the importance of the visitors. The management here is very exquisite as their response is usually quick, and attention is given to every detail.


Arusha usually bursts into life daily with various activities being carried out within the city, businesses constituting the most considerable portion of these activities. Various national parks and landmarks avail the remarkable wonders of wildlife and history Arusha has to offer. The various local delicacies the city has to offer are a plus.

City Parks

Uzunguni Park. Here, you get to enjoy various local delicacies Tanzania has to offer. Arrangements have been made to suit even families and friends who come here to have a good time. The management is fast and reliable in disseminating services as even food is served here faster. Ample parking is readily available here.

National Parks

Arusha National Park. It is located around a well-known volcanic mountain called Meru, in the northeastern part of Tanzania. The small park comprises three unique landscapes in three different places of the park, including the Meru Crater Funnels, River Jakakukumia, and the peak of Mt. Meru settles on its rims.

Serengeti National Park. The park is located in Mara and Simiyu regions. It has a yearly migration of wildebeest hence making famous around the world. Grumeti River and a natural forest are the home of wild animals such as Nile crocodiles, patas monkey, hippopotamus, and martial eagles.


Arusha is located in northern Tanzania, inland; thus, no beaches are within the city. One can, however, travel to one of the coastal towns to find beautiful beaches bordering the Indian Ocean.


Arusha Declaration Monument. This humongous hall is home to the history of Arusha. It was commissioned in 1977 to celebrate a decade of the Arusha Declaration.

Arusha Clock Tower. It is one of the major attraction sites in Arusha. Various coffee shops are within the vicinity. The beauty at this spot is breathtaking, and photo holics get a chance to take as many pictures as possible here. Interestingly, this point is believed to be the midpoint between Cairo, Egypt, and. Cape Town, South Africa.


Natural History Museum. The museum is composing of three distinct parts found within the Old German Boma. The essential wing is dedicated to human evolution because of fossils that were found in Tanzania. Other wings include the colonial history of Arusha, display of insects, and pictures of wildlife.

Cultural Heritage Centre. It is an elegant center that provides a platform for displaying one hundred and twenty tribes. It is situated in Arusha. It offers a diverse cultural heritage, including gemstones, artifacts, carvings, books, and clothing.

Boma Natural History Museum. It has three different buildings, and it is found within the famous Old German military cam, Arusha. It is composed of a semi-botanical garden and an art and craft gallery located outside the building.


In Arusha, various cuisines are on offer and among them is the tasty Tanzanian cuisine. The delicacies are prepared with locally sourced produce, which is fresh. For those who desire to enjoy their food with alcohol, local beers are readily available.

Traditional Local Restaurants

Khan's BBQ. In Arusha, Khan's BBQ is well known for its tasty barbecue. You will find different skewered and grilled meat at this restaurant, with the accompanying salad being a plus. The BBQ scene serves two purposes; at daytime, it acts as an auto-spare shop, while at night, the place transforms into a popular spot for BBQ. It is a suitable area to feel the city like a native.

Spices and Herbs Ethiopian Restaurant. The restaurant sells tasty Ethiopian foods and various indigenous Tanzania dishes. The soft flatbread prepared by teff grain known as Injera accompanied by meat or vegetable sauce as a plus is the most preferred. The majority of foods on the menu compose of vegetarian and meat dishes prepared in the restaurant. The restaurant offers special treatment to customers such as fish stew (yeassa wot), potato stew (yedinich), split pea and string bean stew (yefasolia stew), or yebeg tibs.

Vama Restaurant. It offers an up-to-date and serene environment for tasty Indian dishes and curries. In this restaurant, competent chefs use fresh ingredients and chosen spices blended with natural herbs to prepare them.

Fifi's Restaurant. Tasty foods characterize the restaurant during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Furthermore, it is a suitable place in Arusha that offers milkshakes. It also serves Italian soda, different kinds of blended juices, coffee, and freshly baked cakes and pastries.

Abyssinia. Here, you get to enjoy delicacies that are mostly of Ethiopian origin. It is suitable for group dining with friends because of its one of its kind ambiance. In this restaurant, customers don't do cutleries; they just wash their hands and eat. It serves different kinds of vegetables, meats, and flatbread on one plate for groups to share.

Blues and Chutney Café. It is the most suitable place for tasty cakes and fresh salads. Homemade cakes, hot breakfast, freshly filled baguettes, tea, biscuits, and treats are some of the dishes the guests are served with.

• Le Patio. It is characterized by an L-shaped garden, a cuisine, a dining room, and a pub located outside. It is the best place for group meetings or a dinner date. It sells pizzas and sandwiches, but it is famous for its delicious hamburger in the city. When serving dinner, a variety of wine and liquor may be added as a plus.

• The Blue Heron. It is found along Haile Selassie, a few miles from Le Patio. It is an eatery located outside to provide comfort and a unique atmosphere. It mainly serves lunch and junk foods such as sweets, sandwiches, and omelets hence suitable for breakfast and lunch.

Vegetarian and Vegan

Chinese Whispers. This Asian restaurant is located inside the Njiro shopping center 3 km southeast of Arusha city center. It serves a variety of vegan dishes at an affordable price. The restaurant has a serene environment with less beautification.

Five Chutneys. This restaurant offers vegan dishes only, and Hindus run it. It serves a variety of vegetarian dishes at an affordable price. It is located at Sokoni Road, Rushda, Arusha.

Baobab Restaurant. It is a beautiful and charming restaurant located in The African Tulip Hotel at the heart of Arusha's city. It serves a variety of vegan dishes, including Tanzanian and International cuisines.

Kitamu Restaurant. The elegant and coffee restaurant is located at Goliondoi Street, Arusha. It serves a variety of vegan dishes at an affordable price. It has a free internet connection.

Spices and Herbs Ethiopian Restaurant. It is a wooden and oldest restaurant in the city located in the heart of Arusha. It serves multiple vegetarians and vegans dishes, including Shiro-achick, creamy lentil sauces, spinach, carrots, cabbage, and potato.

Street Food

Mshikaki. It is a tasty beef that has been sprinkled with spices and herbs to increase its taste and appearance. It is then placed onto slim sticks.

Pilau. It is one of the most famous Swahili delicacies in Arusha. The rice is prepared specially with the addition of various spices, potatoes, and meat.

Nyama Choma. It is either beef or mutton that has been spiced with specific Tanzanian herbs, then finally grilled. It constitutes a section of the Swahili cuisine.

Urojo. It is mainly prepared with curry, onions, potatoes, and coconut sauce.

Chips Mayai. It constitutes fries that are prepared together with eggs. It resembles a French-omelette. It is readily available in various food stalls in the city.

Samosas. This delicacy is usually prepared beef, chicken, or potatoes. It usually takes the shape of a triangle.


Moshono Lounge. At this bar, you get to enjoy a variety of drinks on offer, either soft or hard alcohol. The tasty barbeque and music blaring through the speakers complete the environment of this place.

Arusha Night Park. It is usually open throughout the week from 6 am to 3 am. It is located along D'Souza Road in Arusha, Tanzania.

Top London bar. It is located along Nairobi road in Arusha, Tanzania.

The Cube. This fantastic sports bar is fitted with three professional pool tables. The price per game is usually will also get a chance to interact with other foreigners such as Americans, Indians, and Russians. The tasty roasted chicken offered here is a plus.

Romboshine Bar. The drinks at this bar are usually very affordable. It can be easily accessed as it is located in the CBD. Nyama Choma offered here is generally very tasty, and you also get to be entertained with good music during the weekends.


Not all tap water is safe to drink within the city, but most of the tap water available is safe. The pollution level for drinking water is found to be below 25%, which is not too alarming. You can purchase bottled drinking water if you do not trust the tap water. The price usually starts from $0.43 in USD for 1.5 liters.

Organic Cafés

Themi Living Garden. It is an eco-restaurant that has its garden owned by women from the immediate community. The restaurant serves various organic foods, including rice with vegetables, choroko, and mchuzi wa biring. It is located in Old Moshi in Arusha.

Msumbi Coffees. This elegant café is situated inside a coffee farm located in the southern highlands of Tanzania. It mainly serves coffee that has a natural taste.

Red Velvet Café. This café is located along Goliondoi road and serves a variety of organic dishes. A bakery is also available here.

Africafe. This is an intercontinental café that is located along Boma road. It serves various organic dishes, including grilled meat, sandwiches, burgers, and Nile perch, at an affordable price. The bakery available here is a plus.

Kahawa Coffee Shop. This café is found inside Shoppers Supermarket along Haile Selassie Road, Arusha. It offers a variety of organic dishes and grade A coffee that has a unique taste. It also serves tasty sandwiches and whole grain bread. The free internet connection is a plus.


Twiga Brewery. This brewery is located inside the AIM shopping mall, which is conveniently located on the road to Tarangire and Serengeti. It is considered the best local brewery in Tanzania. The beer is fantastic, not forgetting the excellent customer service, which is an added advantage.


There are many national parks in Arusha where you can visit and be mesmerized by the wonders nature has to offer. The various landmarks within the city are a plus as you will get a chance to learn about the history they possess. The multiple restaurants dotted in the city will give you a taste of the various delicacies Arusha has to offer.

Yoga and Retreats

Om & Flow Yoga. Here, you will get a chance to engage in yoga and meditation two times per day. This will enable you to relax and feel rejuvenated. The yoga style is performed at this center is Nidra. The program usually goes on for eight days, where you get to receive instructions in English. Estonians are also in luck as the organizer also happens to speak and understand Estonian.

Metta Pilgrims. Here, you get to enjoy the relaxation and healing that comes with yoga and meditation daily. You will also get the chance to learn about the local people's life and culture and appreciate their traditions. The various yoga styles you will be engaging in this center include Restorative, Karma, Yin, and Nidra. The program usually runs for a week, where the instructions are given in English. This doesn't mean that other languages are not considered as the organizer can also communicate in Russian, Italian, Spanish, Czech, and German.


Airport Planet Lodge. It is one of the most convenient places you can seek accommodation in Arusha. It is most suitable for those who plan to travel the next day as it is close to the airport.

Arusha Coffee Lodge. It is one of the best lodges where you can find accommodation in Arusha. It is located along the highway and is near Arusha Airport.

Green Hotels

Elewana Arusha Coffee Lodge. It mainly serves coffee. It is composed of thirty houses surrounded by coffee plantation fields. The coffee fields contain a spa, many restaurants, coffee tours, and an indoor pool. It is served by East African Safaris and Arusha Airport with four minutes to reach the airport.

Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti. It is settled at the center of a popular national park and a UNESCO World Heritage site known as Serengeti National Park. Since it is located within a game reserve, it has a safe and serene environment for viewing wild animals such as lions, leopards, and elephants. One can interact with the indigenous people and learn their way of life through Serengeti game drives. It is characterized by seventy-seven sacred guest rooms, an excellent spa, and an infinity pool that are comfortable during your tour. The hotel has several views in every corner, including; the sweeping plain, a wildlife watering hole, the pristine infinity pool, and a dramatic circular fire pit. The conspicuous indoor and outdoor dining venues and competently served African-inspired cuisine are what make the dinner worthy of being remembered.

Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge. It has an upscale design with a traditional African style of construction. It has conspicuous views for Serengeti National Park since it is built on top of a tree-clad ridge. Severally, it has been awarded various awards by the world travel press, making it the most excellent hotel in Serengeti. The hotel was built in a manner as to resemble the living landscape hence making it to be at the center between a well-known Western Corridor and Grumeti River. The grounds contain several traditional domed (rondavels), which are generously spaced all over the ground and are watered by streams and cool down by acacia trees. The Serengeti is named after a vanishing horizon pool, which resembles an unending plain located along the ridge. Every room is a two-story (One up and another down), built with stones and thatched in an African way, making it attractive. Furthermore, each room has a large bedroom, a natural stone bathroom, a private entrance, a private balcony, and carved intricate furniture. It is located adjacent to a well-known anthropological site referred to as Ol Duvai. The hotel has a place for showing off cultural performance, heritage, and traditional arts such as Makonde carvings that beatify both the rooms and the dining rooms.

Kirawira Luxury Tented Camp. Among the Serena Group's safari avenue, Kirawira Luxury Tented Camp is the most complete because it offers world-class safari camp luxury. Furthermore, it is a member of the Small Luxury Hotels of World Group. The hotel is located along the well-known western corridor of Serengeti National Park, where over a million wildebeest migrate annually. It is designed to resemble the classic hunting camps such as Denys Finch (white hunters) and Baron Bror Blixen. In the tent, you will find a well-decorated room with unique furniture, including; stud-backed smoking chairs, brass shooting sticks, carved rocking chairs, Persian rugs, antique escritoire, wind-up phonograms, leather-bound traveling cases, and chintz-covered chaises lounge. The classic duo dining tents are characterized by Edwardian-style dining furniture, crisp-starched napery, sprung floors, delicate blue and white china, and weighty silver accouterments to replicate the wealth during the colonial period. The personnel is groomed in elegant Swahili robes uniforms used during the colonial period. The twenty-five tents in the camp are set on timber foundations providing an excellent view of the plains. Every tent features a generously spaced furnished deck towards a bedroom furnished in an antique poster bed together with a patchwork quilt and its private valet.

Singita Sasakwa Lodge. It is constructed using Edwardian design characterized by deep verandas, high ceilings, stone walls, silverware, ornamental pictures, and upscale furniture. The four posters in the bedroom provide typical African effects such as leather and glasses, touches of wood, crisp linens, handy work furniture, and foreign chandeliers. It also offers recreational activities such as mountain biking, stargazing safaris, archery, and tennis.

Ngorongoro Serena Safari Lodge. The lodge is situated at the rim of the elegant Ngorongoro Crater, the greatest and the most flawless volcanic crater globally. It is cover up with local vines and constructed using local river stones. On the far down of the crater, you can have the chance of viewing multiple large mammals such as elephants, lions, and rhinos that room around the natural features, including lakes, plains, and forests.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Homestay Guest House. It is located 6 KM from the city of Arusha. The guest house is composing of two options, including a two-bedroom house and a three-bedroom house. You can enjoy house facilities such as free parking, free Wi-Fi, television, bike for use, barbecue, and computer. The cost per night is between $8 and $6.

Banana Farm Eco Hostel. The guest house is located 6 km from Arusha town. Contain a double room that can accommodate up to six persons and cost $46 per night. Free breakfast and taxes and charges are included in the price.

Esirwa Homes. The guest house is located 1.8 miles from Arusha city center. It is composing of a three-bedroom with three beds with two bathrooms. The charges for six persons per night cost $43.

Charity Hotel International. The guest house is located 2.2 km from Arusha town. It is a two-bedroom house containing four beds, two living rooms, and two executive suites. The cost for six persons per night goes for $87, taxes and charges included.

New Hotel Aquiline. It is a three-star hotel located 850 meters from Arusha city center. It contains two deluxe triple room. The cost for six persons per night goes for $69, taxes and charges included.

Zawadi House Lodge. It is a three-diamond hotel situated 2.5 miles from Arusha town. It contains two deluxe triple rooms costing $24 per six persons for one night. Free breakfast and taxes and charges are included in the price.


Rayan Arusha Apartment. It is Located in Moivaro village, around Shangarai bus stop, 200 meters from Himo Road, near Faraja Orphanage. Contain three types of rentals, each having a swimming pool. They include a one-bedroom, two bedrooms, and three bedrooms. A one-bedroom apartment can accommodate an average of two people and the cost per night is USD 50. A Two-bedroom apartment can accommodate an average of four people, and the price per night is USD 100. Finally, a three-bedroom apartment can accommodate six people, and the cost per night is USD 150.

Kundayo Serviced Apartments Lodge. This apartment is found at Kimandolu, Off Arusha-Moshi Road, Arusha. The condo serves a European breakfast, and the accommodation has a terrace. It also provides rental services, such as bicycle service and car services. The price per night is USD 37. The lodge also provides a free internet connection and parking space at no fee.

Rainbow Holiday Apartments. It contains elegant rooms that feature a flat-screen television having cable channels, a kitchen furnished with oven and utensils and towels. It is located 8 km from Arusha Central Market, 17 km from Arusha National Park, and 50 km from Olpopong, a Maasai cultural village and museum. It is served by Arusha Airport, which is 13 KM away.


Arusha has broadly embraced couch surfing, with many charming locals willing to host you in their homes. There are various sites where you can find locals ready to host you when you visit Arusha.


Masai Camp. The elegant camp is situated along Old Moshi Road, Moshono in Arusha. The camp has accommodation, a pub, terrace and shared waiting room. It also provides free parking and free internet connection with garden having a spectacular view.

Ngaramtoi Campsite. The excellent camp is located in Arusha, 200 meters from Old German Boma. The camp has accommodation that has a pub and free internet access. It serves a European breakfast, and the guests can enjoy the serene environment of the garden.

Asilia Africa. The camp is situated in Arusha. Since it is adjacent to Masai Mara and Serengeti national park, the guest can experience wildebeest migration.

How to Get There

There are various modes of transport to get to Arusha, including by plane or bus. Unfortunately, the railway line in Arusha is not functional.


Kilimanjaro International Airport and Arusha Airport serve Arusha. The airports have city shuttles and taxis that can take you to Arusha's city at an affordable price.


You can enter Arusha from Nairobi City either by your car or a public transport vehicle. Express bus services are also serving it from Mwanza, Lushoto, and Tanga at an affordable price.


There is no active railway line passing through Arusha.


In any city, motorists usually have different perceptions of hitchhikers. Arusha has been known to have many friendly people willing to offer you a ride when heading to Arusha. You will get a chance to interact with locals at a personal level.


Arusha is believed to be the midway between Cape Town, South Africa, and Cairo in Egypt. These two great cities are the starting and ending points of the Great North Road, which cuts across various countries within the continent; Tanzania is one.

Moving Around

Various road networks connect the city to other parts of the country. Within the city itself, various shuttles and coaches ferry passengers to various points daily. You can even choose to use a taxi or hire a rental car to ease and necessitate your movement within the city.


Walking has always been known to be the best eco-friendly to travel. When you walk, you get enough time to enjoy various sites and even admire and appreciate the wildlife if you get a chance to join one of the many walking tours in Arusha.


Safari Bike Africa Limited. It is located in Arusha, Tanzania. This agency provides fantastic bike tours to its customers within Arusha and beyond.

Electronic Vehicles

Nissan, one of the biggest dealers in the vehicle industry, has been working around the clock to manufacture electronic cars that can be used in cities such as Arusha. Various stations have already been deployed both in the city and the country to cater to the vehicles' recharging upon running out of power. Nissan has been expanding this program worldwide to avail quality and eco-friendly cars to its customers.

Public Bus

Traveling by public bus has continued to expand in the city and beyond. Various shuttle companies have set up shop here to cater to those travelers wishing to travel to other parts of the city and beyond. The most common international route is Arusha, Tanzania to Nairobi, Kenya using the Great North road. East Africa shuttles safaris is one of the companies that have been providing transport services here in Arusha. There are also other luxury shuttles and coaches within the city.

Tram, Train and Subway

Plans are underway to improve the current railway, which has already been dilapidated and is no longer functional, to a standard gauge railway in Arusha. The current president, H.E John Magufuli, has put in measures to construct a standard gauge railway.

Sustainable Shopping

Aim Mall. This mall is suited to fit people of all ages, even large groups such as families and friends. Various goods are being sold here, such as electronics, clothes, furniture, and shoes. There is also a food court where you get a chance to enjoy fantastic food from restaurants situated there. Children are also catered for as the play section is available in the mall. You may also get to purchase your desired movies at the movie area, with adequate parking being an added advantage the mall offers.

Sable Square Shopping Village. Sitting on a four-acre piece of land, Sable Square plays home to various shops and restaurants that visitors get to enjoy. Inside, you will find amenities such as a pharmacy, gym, supermarket, banks, and jewelry shops. The souvenir shops are a plus.

Njiro Shopping Complex. Various restaurants are situated at this complex. Here, you get to enjoy a pet shop, cinema, bars, clothes stores, and shoe shops. One supermarket and several ATMs are also located in this complex. The food court is dotted with various restaurants where you get to enjoy the fantastic food offered there.

The Arcade. It is located along Old Bagamoyo Road in Arusha, Tanzania. Various restaurants and bars are situated here at this arcade. Various clothes and shoe stores are located here, with boutique accessories being a plus. One can enjoy various amenities, such as a video arcade, hairdressing and barber service, and ATMs. Various travel companies are also located at this complex.

Schwari. Here, you get to enjoy domestic goods that cut across all ages. You get to have clothes, cushions, textiles, and wall hangings. They are usually made from different materials such as leather and other local fabrics.

Maasai Women Fair Trade. It is located along Simeon road. It was commissioned to boost efforts to in empowering Maasai women. Souvenirs, artifacts, duvets, Shuka, leather, and jewelry are various products that are sold at this center.

Food Markets

Mesula - Mount Meru Sustainable Land Ltd. Here, you get to enjoy the locally sourced produce from farmers. The beauty of the location completes the serenity that comes with the place. The sweet organic products are a plus.

Matunda. There are various types of fruits and vegetables at this market, and they include grapes, passion, fruit, lettuce, eggplant, garlic, and broccoli. Other produce being sold here include green pepper, watermelon, potato, bananas, and onions.

Samaki Poa. Here, you get to enjoy fresh fish and other seafood. The owner is friendly, and the shop is immaculate. Ample parking is readily available.

East African Sea Food Limited. It is one of the best places to purchase fresh fish at a lower price. The market is usually open between 9 am to 5 pm from Sunday to Friday. On Saturday, it is usually open between 9 am to 1 pm. You get a chance to enjoy fish imported from China or those sourced locally.

Flea Markets

Kilombero Market. It is one of the busiest markets in Arusha. Various commodities, mostly local, are found here. You are advised to be careful as pickpockets are around this market.

Maasai Market Curios and Crafts. Here, you get to buy the various artifacts this market has to offer. With more than 100 stalls and diverse commodities to choose from, shopping here will complete the fantastic time you will be having here in Arusha and Tanzania at large.

Krokon. This local market is mostly filled with affordable clothes. Various materials that you can use for sewing projects can also be found here.

Samunge Market. Various fruits and vegetables can be found in this market and other commodities such as second-hand clothes and household goods.

Second Hand Stores

Kilimanjaro Clothes Market. The market is situated along Himo Road, Arusha. It provides a variety of second-hand at an affordable price.

Enhance Auto stores. The store is located at 16 Ingiro Street in Arusha. It also sells different kinds of second-hand at an affordable price.


One of the most popular brands promoting eco-fashion in Arusha is the Panafric Arusha, which deals with recyclable sneakers' sale. They apply the circular model where you will be required to deposit 10 euros, which comprises the total selling price, which encourages the customer to send back the pair of sneakers after he/she is done with it. The innovative and environment-friendly material used in making these sneakers minimizes waste production and maintains the constant supply of raw materials for future use. The returned materials can be recycled to create new pairs of sneakers.


Muriet Landfill site. It constitutes a section of the modern waste management system.

Green venture Tanzania. It is located along Njiro road in Arusha. It is usually open between 8 am to 5 pm from Monday to Saturday and is closed on Sundays.


Waste accumulation on Arusha has continued to be a nuisance despite various measures being put in place. The government has continued to embrace new methods and measures to curb waste accumulation in Arusha. Joint efforts between the government and other organizations will see control of waste in the city to improve to reduce this menace. Various recycling technologies are being introduced and implemented to eradicate this nuisance.

Work and Study Abroad

Arusha has continued to grow to become one of the best cities in East Africa. Both students and expatriates take some time to come to build and invest here. There are also various UN offices here in Arusha. They include:

United Nations Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals (UNMICT). It is situated in Arumeru District along Haki road. The library and archives available are a plus.

United Nations Detention Facility (UNDF). It is a United Nations detention center located in Arusha.

Exchange Student

Arusha is home to some of the best learning institutions in East Africa. Students from both within and outside the country come here to pursue their knowledge. Universities found in Arusha include:

o Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology.

o Tumaini University Makumira.

o The University of Arusha.

o Mount Meru University

Au Pair

Arusha has dramatically embraced the sourcing of domestic workers locally. Some of the maids have even gone the extra mile to acquire essential skills, such as first aid training. Anyone will feel safe when they know that they have left a responsible and experienced person to take care of their house and children when they have traveled. Various sites have also been rolled out, which employers can use when looking for maids. Such sites also allow foreigners to sign up, create your profile, and include your skills to increase your employment chances.


Viva Tanzania. It is one of the most prolific places where volunteers can chip in and contribute to improving the less fortunate lives in Arusha. You can get in touch with the center's management using the phone number +255 758 463 228.

Siret Volunteers. It is usually open between 8 am to 5 pm from Mondays to Friday. This center is usually closed over the weekends.

Come To Africa Organization.

Afroaid Tours & Volunteering. It is usually in operation 24/7. You can get in touch with the center using the number +255 755 522 175.

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