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Eco-friendly travel guide to Bali advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Bali, Indonesia.

Candidasa Lagoon in Bali

  • Air quality: 3 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 2.5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 4.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Safety: 3.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$20 - $1700
  • Budget per day: US$60 - $2000

Responsible Travel

Bali is an island in Indonesia established in 1958, with an interesting culture. Thus, it is not surprising that it is a top holiday destination for tourists around the world. Tourism makes up 80% of its economy, so you know that there are exciting places to visit on this island.

As you visit any city, being responsible should be at the top of your priority list because when you visit a beautiful destination like Bali or any place for that matter, the goal is to preserve the beauty of the island not to take away from it. These destinations need all the love they can get from tourists and sustainable travel is the only way forward.

There are many ways to ensure you are travelling responsibly and that you're playing your part as an eco friendly tourist. Some of the things you should do are:

  • Make sure to not to use any plastic and recycle if you do happen to use any. This includes recycling your plastic bags and bottles.
  • Carry metal straws and water bottles. It might look like it will not make a huge difference but you will be surprised to know that 93 million plastic straws are used in the country every single day. Imagine what a big difference it will make when you carry your own metal straws.
  • Support local businesses. Local businesses that are run by the local people are not only producing unique products but they also have a sustainable business model compared to big international companies (fast fashion and fast food chains alike).

Air Quality and Pollution

Air quality and the pollution levels of a place you're planning to visit for holiday matters a lot especially for a place like Bali which is an island and tourists like to spend most of their time outdoors. Pollution is a real problem in Bali. There is a huge influx of tourists coming to the island every year which means that the pollution levels have consistently been on the rise over the years. There are issues with cleanliness because tourists have not been cleaning after themselves and there are issues with general pollution as well.

However, the quality of Air is not too bad in Bali. The AQI ranges from 30-80 which is healthy to moderate. For people who belong to sensitive groups and have respiratory issues, it will not be a major problem. You can spend time outdoors but just to be safe keep your inhaler and medicines with you.

Respect the Culture

Being respectful in any country means respecting their religion and culture as these are things that can easily trigger the locals if you step out of line. The religious and cultural laws guide any city, so you should familiarize yourself with them so that you can act accordingly. Even though the predominant religion in Indonesia is Islam but Bali is different from the rest of the country. It has majority of Hindus living there among christians and muslims too. You will notice that the locals are generally very open minded and do not expect tourists to go by their religious rules about every thing.

Even though the image of Bali is of a liberal and progressive island, different from the rest of the country, there are still strong norms and values that the locals hold sacred which make up the culture of Bali. You will witness so many temples on your trip and there are somethings you should keep in mind before visiting them. There are specific protocols you must follow before exploring these temples. Things you should be mindful about include:

  • Dressing modestly when visiting temples
  • Limited public display of affection especially when near religious sites
  • Being polite towards locals and always using your right hand to offer money and taking things
  • Do not point towards locals and pass comments
  • Visiting a temple while menstruating is considered as a taboo and frowned upon

Overall, what truly makes up the culture of a place is its art, food and people. Make sure you appreciate all three and do not be over critical if you do not like something. The best thing to do would be to just be quiet and let it slide.

Balinese women preparing offerings for the temple

Top 10 Places to Visit

Here are some of the famous places to visit in Bali:

  • Mount Batur: People go for hikes on this mountain as it is a perfect climbing spot. If you have never seen an active volcano, this place allows you to see one. However, it also necessitates the need to be careful while climbing.
  • Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary: The perfect place to go if you are in the mood of a little pick me up. Home to long tailed Balinese monkeys, you can witness them in their natural habitat and also feed them bananas.
  • Tegallalang Rice Terrace: It is a UNESCO world heritage site and its just breathtaking. The lush greenery, the views, everything about it is just amazing. You can do so many activities like zip lining, jungle swings etc. It is also the perfect spot for taking pictures.
  • Goa Gajah: This temple has been in existence since 1800, and it is commendable that it has been kept in a well-preserved state. The carvings on it are compelling and will always attract people.
  • Bali Safari and Marine Park: Considered to be one of the top attractions of Bali, it is definitely worth visiting. There is an incredible range of wildlife with so many activities like night safari, traditional music and dance shows etc. If you have kia accompanying you on the trip then this is a must visit.
  • Gitgit Waterfall: It is a perfect place for relaxation and if you want to be close to nature then this should be on top of your list. It is also one of the best places to have a picnic in Bali.
  • Bali Zoo: It is one thing to visit a zoo, and it is another thing to be at a clean zoo where it is noticeable that the animals are well fed and kept. There is always a relaxed feeling when exploring this zoo, and you will definitely see it as an experience that was worth it.
  • Danau Buyan: It is a place with lush vegetation and a lake. It is suitable for camping and fishing, so we know that outdoor lovers would love this place.
  • Ubud Palace: If you want to get a closer feel of the traditions and culture in Bali, you should visit this palace. There are available ongoing performances that would keep you entertained and let you know more about the culture. It also allows you to meet the locals.
  • Bali Bird Park: If you would love to be in a place with an array of birds and play with them, you should visit this park when in Bali.
The breathtaking view of Tegallalang Rice Terrace


Since tourism consists of 80% of Bali’s economy, you can tell that there is a lot to explore and see in Bali. It is a hot favourite amongst tourists for the enriching culture experience, the beautiful scenery that it has to offer amongst other things.

Understandably, different people have diverse interpretations of exploration. However, a common factor is that it entails moving around. Some people are usually curious about what they can do in a new city as they would be bored if they remain in one place. You will not have to stay in one place for too long in Bali as there is just way too much to do.

Typically, it would be ideal to have a tour guide who would help you familiarize yourself with the city. Some people make plans for this before arriving in the city, while others look for one when in the city. If you are the sort of person who wants to explore on their own and wants privacy then use our guide to make an itinerary of your trip and you will find that you have covered most of the places in Bali that are worth visiting including some hidden gems as well.

City Parks

Why not start your exploration by visiting the city parks in Bali?

Some of them are:

  • Lapangan Puputan Badung: It is one of the famous parks in Bali that is suitable for both adults and children. Due to its popularity, you will always see it is packed with people, especially during the weekends. It is one of those perfect areas for picnics and relaxations.
  • Parks Janggan Renon Denpasar: If you are a foreigner with a kid or children, you should take them to this park when in Bali as it has a playground that is pretty great.
  • Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park: This park is more of a culturally immersive experience as it is dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu, and his mount, Garuda, the mythical bird who became his companion. Some people say that you get a peaceful feeling when you visit this place. There is a huge statute of the Hindu god Vishnu, a lotus pond among other things so definitely worth a visit.
File:GarudaWisnuKencana head.jpg
The head of Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue at the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park

National Parks

Asides from visiting city parks, you can also explore national parks when in Bali.

Here are some of the national parks:

  • West Bali National Park: A gorgeous place to visit and home to around 160 species of birds which also includes the nearly extinct Bali Starling. If you plan on visiting you have to be extra careful about not using any plastic, not throwing any waste and trying to preserve the environment as much as you can. As a protected area, this National Park deserves the respect of humans so make sure you are very conscious about these little things that can have a huge environmental impact. The habitat is very varied with rainforest, dry savanna, acacia scrub and lowland forests, as well as more montane forests in the higher centre. There are also some pockets of dense mangrove forest. In the north of the park there is an obvious north jutting peninsula called Prapat Agung. Around this peninsula there are long stretches of protected beach and offshore coral reef as well, as a small offshore island called Menjangan. The latter is a very popular diving destination.
The beautiful view of the beach and the skyline from West National Park


We do not think that you should expect less from an island in terms of beaches. A beach is convenient for people of all age range, and we know that you would have a swell time.

Here are some beaches to explore in Bali:

  • Balangan Beach: One of the most beautiful places in Bali. Golden sand, clear beautiful water and everything that you can imagine. It is definitely worth a visit. You can just sit and relax and spend the day sunbathing or you can enjoy different water sports.
  • Sanur: You will see many boats at this beach, and you may be tempted to go for a ride. However, ensure to do it with a local as they are used to the water more than you. It stands as one of the quiet beaches on the island, so you can have your alone moments without any interferences. It is a resort that people stay to have a full experience, so you can stay there on a weekend.
Balangan Beach


Typically, we can say that a landmark is a tall image or building that serves as a directional guide when in a new area. While exploring, these are places that would easily stick to your mind so you can remember it on your way back and know that you are on the right path.

There are different landmarks in Bali. Some of them are:

  • Ulun Danu Beratan Temple: 11-storey temple, so you are sure to always see it from a distance. It is also an exciting place to explore as you would get views of the lake and mountain. It is important for you to be respectful when visiting the temple like wearing modest clothing, not smoking, following the lead of locals etc.
  • Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park: Asides the cultural displays and other features of this park which makes it famous, it also has the Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue which stands tall and is always visible. Thus, classifying it as one of the landmarks in Bali. The statue is 75 meters tall.
  • Monumen Perjuangan Bangsal Bali: It is a place with some of Bali’s important monuments, with some of them representing the independence struggle and war. It holds a place in the hearts of many of the locals, and it serves as a historical landmark.
Ulun Danu Beratan Temple


The museum is also another place on the list of places one can visit when in Bali.

Here are some of the available options:

  • Museum Pasifika Bali: This museum was established to showcase the different styles in the region, and they have been doing justice to this aim. It has an array of artefacts that will keep you intrigued. Each has a different story that you will love. It is a quiet place that pays attention to details, and we know that you would enjoy seeing it as it would give you an encompassing knowledge.
  • Interactive Art Museum Bali: It is one of the top museums in Bali as they deal with vivid 3D art, optical illusions & quirky special-effect rooms. As the name implies, you will see good creativity when you visit this museum as it feels like you can talk with arts, which allows you to establish a connection with what you are seeing. Interestingly, they do not have a law against taking pictures, so you should take along a camera as it would help you to capture memories. The best part is that the staff are always ready to assist and can help you snap the pictures. Years after, you will be regret that you visited this place during your trip.
Inside the museum Pasifika


Eating is an extremely important part of exploring the local culture of a city. You just need to have an open palette and Bali is ready to welcome you with its fantastic food options that will leave you wanting more at any point.

The traditional balinese cuisine is a myriad of different dishes that are made using recipes that have been passed down for generations and a mix of traditional spices.

There is a variety of cake in the city called Sumping Waluh. It is steam cakes from rice flour mixed with pumpkin and served in banana leaves. We know that your head might be spinning as you think about the preparation process, but leave it to the locals and enjoy the meal. We know that your taste buds would be in awe. The Sumping Biu is almost the same but mixed with bananas.

A typical sauce in Bali is the Sambal Matah, and you can use it to eat different varieties, especially rice. You will notice that rice is the primary grain in the city, so you should be ready to eat it regularly.

Jukut Urab is almost like salad as it is a mixture of Balinese mixed vegetables grated with coconut.

Sumping Waluh: A traditional steam cake and a popular snack option in Bali

Traditional Local Restaurants

It is one thing to talk about these local meals, and it is another thing to eat them. If you want to get them, it is best to get it from a place where it would be well-prepared, and where else than at any of the traditional local restaurants?

Some of them are:

  • Tarunyan Resto Traditional: You will have a wholesome experience eating at this restaurant, especially as the meals taste like they are home-made. All the Balinese food you would eat here is nothing short of mouth-watering and excellent, so there is no reason why you should not visit this restaurant in Bali. You can also enjoy karaoke so it will be a fun experience over all.
  • Kampoeng Bali: It is a restaurant that offers strictly Balinese food, so be assured that you would get nothing short of the best. There are usually different options, and the service is exceptional. They have a way of making customers comfortable. Thus, you will feel like visiting it again and again and having this restaurant at the top of your list. Some people say that it is better to visit this restaurant at night as the food betters better and more delicious. Whatever the case might be, ensure to visit it when in Bali.

Vegetarian and Vegan

It would be wrong for us to talk about food and not cover all food preferences as it is understandable that not everyone has the same taste. Thus we have vegans in our midst.

As a vegetarian, we know that it is tasking to find restaurants that attend to your needs when in a new place. If you are visiting Bali, do not have any worries as we shall help you highlight some of the perfect restaurants to visit.

They are:

  • Living Food Lab: One thing that stands clear about this restaurant is that you would eat healthy, and we see this from their food options. It doubles as a restaurant and workspace, so can work while enjoying a delicious meal. You will receive exceptional services from the staff that are always ready to attend to your needs and assist you, so you would have an excellent time there.
  • Moksa Ubud: The atmosphere of this place is relaxing, making it best for you to enjoy vegan meals. You are sure that any food you will eat here is delicious as they take their time in preparation, to ensure that they deliver exceptionally. As a vegan, it is one of the restaurants you must visit in Bali.

Street Food

There are so many things to try out and explore when in Bali, and eating their street food is one of them. We know that different cities have their different street food, so you should keep an open mind as what you would get in your home city is not what you would get in Bali.

People buy street food when they do not want to eat conventional meals, and we see some people who have them as a preference.

  • Bakso: If you visit Bali during the cold season, you should buy Bakso. It is a type of meatball that is usually served with hot broth, and you can enjoy it with noodles or other varieties. It keeps you warm.
  • Babi Guling: Roasted pig, better known as Babi Guling is also a type of street food in Bali. Back in the days, it was a ceremonial meal, but you can now get it from vendors when you desire.
  • Laklak: If you are a cake lover, you should try one of the traditional cakes in Blai made from flour and coconut milk. It is called Laklak, and the taste is usually unique and outstanding.
  • Pisang Rai: It is a mix of sweet and savoury, and it is a blend of banana and coconut. There are also other available options.
A street vendor selling Bakso in Bali


Just like there are numerous food options in Bali, there are variety of options for drinks as well.

You should know that Bali has many healthy plants, and the locals usually convert them to drinks. One of such is the Es daluman drink. It is gotten from the leaves of the cyclea barbata plant which is a green plant and made into a jelly drink. It gets more refreshing when you fill it with ice before drinking.

We are sure that you would be used to carbonated drinks in your home city, so it would not be out to place to try the local carbonated drinks in Bali, and one of such is the Sari Temulawak drink. It also has an infusion of traditional herbal ingredient.

Some cities refer to this drink as palm wine, but it is called Tuak in Bali. It is a cream palm drink that is usually tapped and has a sour taste. You will get this in the rural areas of the island.

Bintang is one of the top beers in Indonesia, and we know that this option is pleasing for beer lovers. You will always see this drink at occasions as people take it to be merry. The aim is to have a lovely experience.


The tap water in Bali is not safe to drink without filtering and boiling it. Even though drinking tap water is the most environmentally friendly option but if you do not have a kettle to boil it then you should avoid drinking it altogether.

There have been many cases of tourists getting sick by drinking Bali's tap water without boiling it. It will be wise to ask the hotel for a kettle and get a couple of disposable bottles. Boil the water in one go and fill a couple of bottles to last you throughout the day. It will definitely take more time and effort but it is the most eco friendly choice instead of wasting so many plastic bottles.

If you do not feel confident about the tap water even after boiling it then avoid buying bottled plastic water and try to get the glass water bottles sold in grocery stores.

Organic Cafés

We have noticed that some people have a preference for eating at organic cafes, so we have compiled some of these places in Bali so that you will be satisfied.

They are:

  • Matcha Cafe Bali: There are many healthy options at this café that you cannot help but love, starting from the pancakes. One might say that it is a place for people with a sweet tooth, but we assure you that the options are prepared through healthy methods, so you should not have any worries. There are also juices and smoothies amongst the options, so we know that you would have a pleasant experience here.
  • Bali Buda Café: You have the option of either eating here or getting a takeaway. However, we would advise that you eat there as it gives you better chances of connecting with people. The staff provides excellent services, and the atmosphere is usually relaxed, so it makes visiting this café worthwhile. They have a healthy array of food, and you should pick anyone you desire as we are sure that you would enjoy it.
  • Sisterfields Café: It is a cozy place that makes you feel comfortable always. Their menu is always mouthwatering, and you will sometimes get confused about what to pick. Their options are healthy, so it should be on your list of organic cafes in Bali.


We see people finding their way to breweries and distilleries when in a new place, and we know that it is because they love to take drinks from the source. If you are under such category travelling to Bali, have no worries as the island has good breweries for your satisfaction.

  • Kombuchi Brewing Co: If you have never tasted Kombuchi, then you should not leave Bali without taking it. At this brewery, you can get Kombuchi in different enjoyable flavours of guava and ginger. People say that they usually have a happy smile after visiting this place, and we want you to have the same. So, ensure that you visit it when in Bali.
  • Beer&Co. (Legian): If you are looking for a place where you can get different varieties of beer, you should head down there when in Bali. Also, you can get smoothies, and they are all tasty. Their options are pleasing, and we know that you would be happy you visited it.
  • Black Sand Brewery: The design of this place makes it outstanding, and you will feel comfortable to hang out there. They have an excellent array of beers and cocktails, and it is a great place to connect with people as many people in Bali love to visit this brewery.


If you need to engage in more activities while in Bali, why not go fishing and kayaking? It would help if you realize that since it is an island, it would have numerous water bodies that would make this activity possible.

Fishing and kayaking are amongst the numerous activities you would see the locals of Bali, and it is right for you to enjoy them as it helps you establish a connection and friendships.

The water bodies in Bali play host to different types of fishes, so we know that you would have fun while fishing. It is an opportunity to learn more about the various fish species you would see, and you can also take pictures to have as memories.

The joy you would get from fishing cannot be described as you would see yourself laughing from the start to the end. After the first experience, you would see yourself craving to indulge in more until you finally leave the island.

The Livadi beach in Bali is a perfect spot for kayaking. The view you will get while on the trip is calm and soothing and you will be grateful you engaged in this activity. It may be that you have never gone kayaking, so this will be your opportunity to learn something new.

You will also realize that it helps you get along with the locals better.

Yoga and Retreats

The term yoga should not be new or strange to anyone in the world today as it is something that many people do, and you can also do it in Bali.

The locals of the city always make out time to practice you, so it is one of the activities you can do to keep yourself busy. We do not know if you prefer to practice yoga alone or in a group, but whatever preference you have will work fine in Bali.

There are plenty of yoga studios in the city, so you need to pick one that is suitable for you. You will notice that since the yoga studios are much, you may not need to go far from your location before you can find one. The yoga studios are also spacious, so you can also have your privacy while you practice. However, people say that it is more fun when it is done in a group.

Understandably, some people desire to become a yogi, but they need someone to coach them. The yoga studios in Bali are well-equipped and have coaches who are always ready to teach aspiring yogis. These coaches are calm and patient, always going at your pace, so you should have no worries.

After the entire session, you will see yourself becoming an expert yogi in no time.


Ideally, we will talk about accommodation as it is an essential need for any foreigner who is visiting a place for the first time. It might not be a hassle for someone who frequents a particular location as you already have connections and plans, but for a new tourist, it tends to be a headache, mostly if not adequately managed.

There is no escaping the issue of accommodation when travelling to a new city as you need a place to stay while there. After all, the plan is not to remain on the streets. Not only do you need a place to stay, but the accommodation should also be conducive if you want to have a wholesome experience in the city.

The proper thing to do is to have a budget set aside for accommodation while making travel plans. With your budget, you can check for the type of accommodation that would go with such money. If you have a specific accommodation type in mind and see that it is above your budget, you know that you would have to top-up the money.

We cannot generalize what people usually expect from accommodation options as preferences differ with individuals, but the aim is to get a place that makes you comfortable.

Green Hotels

A green hotel is usually the top choice for eco-friendly tourists irrespective of the cost. The idea is to stay in a place that has the facilities to contribute and not harm the environment.

There are different green hotels in Bali; some of them are:

• Bajul Eco Lodge by Plataran: It is a hotel surrounded by greenery and lush vegetation to ensure that the atmosphere is conducive. If you are someone who loves connecting with nature, this is one of the best places for you to stay as it is therapeutic for the mind. The prices vary depending on the platform you are using to make bookings, but it is best to use the website of the hotel. Its location is excellent for foreigners as it has proximity to sites of attraction, so you do not need to bother about distance. It is also close to some top restaurants but has an in-house restaurant. They offer free breakfast and Wi-Fi to customers amongst its numerous goodies.

• De Moksha Boutique Resort: The serenity of this place is always attractive, so it is no surprise that many people love to lodge here. They have topnotch facilities that ensure you would have a comfortable stay, with their restaurant having an array of options. It is a conducive place to stay in Bali.

Hostels and Guest Houses

It would be best for you to know that there are numerous accommodation options in Bali, and one of such is to lodge in a hostel or guest house.

Some of the options are:

• PP Dream Guesthouse: It is an excellent place to stay if you are on a budget. Although they do not have numerous facilities, the ones available would ensure that you have a conducive and comfortable stay. The rooms are usually cozy with an accompanying balcony where you can relax. It is in a strategic position in the city, so we can say that the location is perfect. All the rooms have ACs, and you will experience exceptional services from the staff.

• Angels Boutique Hostel: It is a hostel, so expect that you would share a room with other lodgers. However, if you are travelling in a group, you are assured that you would not be with strangers. Each room in this hostel would typically accommodate six people, and the rooms are usually in a perfect state. It is built in a way that no one would inconvenience the other, and there is a terrace where people hang out. The location is strategic as it is close to important places, and the atmosphere is conducive for living.


Staying in an apartment accommodation option may be more expensive than others, but it ensures that you get maximum comfort during your stay in the city. Thus, some tourists do not mind this option as they do not want any stress while on holiday.

Some available apartments in Bali are:

• Coast Boutique Apartments: It is always lovely to lodge at a place where the staff are readily available to attend to your needs, and you would get it at this apartment. The goal is to ensure that you are comfortable, and we assure you that staying here would feel like home. Its location is not bad as it is not far from a beach, so you know that you would have a fantastic view and the atmosphere would be conducive. It is always clean as the owners strive to ensure that cleanliness remains one of its perks.

• Canggu Apartments: If you are paying money for an apartment, some would expect that it comes with a free internet connection. If you are a part of those who think this way, you are in luck as this apartment offers free Wi-Fi to its lodgers. It is always clean and assures that you would have excellent dreams when you sleep. There is always a peaceful feeling when you stay at this apartment.


Allow us to share the idea of Couchsurfing with you. Some people may have heard about it, while others have not. This idea entails a foreigner staying with a tourist during their vacation.

We can agree that it would not be easy as you would need to find a willing host, and this might take time. However, Bali has a Couchsurfing website that makes it easy to connect foreigners and locals. All you need to do is sign up on the website as Couchsurfer, and you will be connected with a host.

If you ask people who Couchsurf why they do it, you will get different reasons. For some people, it is because they do not have adequate money to sponsor accommodation, so this option would ease the burden on them. For others, they believe that staying with a local would help them have a better stay as the local would teach them the ways of the city.

In the same vein, some people have doubts concerning this idea due to the possibility of having a conflicting mindset with the host. It would help if you are tolerant if you want to Couchsurf in any city, and you should also be open-minded. You should bear in mind that you are not staying there forever, so do not take some things to heart.


Bali is an island blessed with both water bodies and natural resources like forests and lush vegetation. So, you know that you can have a fun time camping in this city.

The idea surrounding camping is to have an outdoor experience that takes you out of your comfort zone. When you go to a campsite, you can either pitch and stay in tents or stay in a room if the site has provisions for such. However, you should not expect luxury while camping.

Many people have never been camping before, and if you are one of such persons, you should do it when in Bali. Camping is one of the activities that Bali locals actively engage, and they do not mind carrying foreigners along. You will notice that these people are accommodating as they believe that both parties can learn something from each other.

There are different activities to do while camping, and you will notice that people prepare food in a different method that would suit the outdoor. We know that it is impossible not to learn something new when you go camping, so we urge tourists in Bali to subscribe to this idea.

If you love making new friends, going camping is also a perfect opportunity to do so.

How to Get There

Getting to Bali might seem difficult and expensive to tourists from Europe, Australia or United States of America. This is due to the distance and the overall option of just taking a flight to Bali with no other way of entering the Island. However, the distance is definitely worth it and if you choose the right flight then you won't find the journey to be too tiresome. You can always choose a budget airline and visit Bali in a budget. However, the general transport options are limited so flying to Bali is pretty much the only option when you want to enter the island. There are different transport options when it comes to moving around the island but even those are limited when seen in comparison with other places.


Using air is a means of transportation that has proven to be convenient on countless occasions, so we have to analyze it when it concerns Bali. We have also noticed that many people prefer this means of transportation, and they say it is because it is a fast way of getting to your destination.

A person may not want to use air to travel if there is no direct flight from their location to Bali. However, since there is the Ngurah Rai International Airport or Denpasar International Airport which receives international flights in the city, we are sure that you would get a direct flight.

To get to some cities, you would need to fly to another city and get a connecting flight from there. However, this does not happen when it concerns Bali.

Some people may also not want to fly because of the cost, or they want to experience what it feels like to use other means of transportation. Whatever the case might be, you can use air to reach Bali, and there are high chances of getting a direct flight.

Denpasar International Airport


If you want to use road transport to reach another city, one of your options is to use a bus. However, the question that always rings is to know if there is a bus from your location to your destination.

It is almost impossible to have a bus that travels to international locations, except the countries are close to each other. Thus, you know that you cannot use a bus to travel between countries in different countries. The distance alone should be enough reason why it will not be feasible.

If you wish to reach Bali, it is impossible to use a bus except if you are in Jakarta. Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia, so you can only use a bus to Bali if you are between Indonesia. However, it would be best if you brace yourself for the journey as it is not a near distance. Typically, it is a day journey from Jakarta to Bali.

Imagine the hours it takes to travel on a bus between cities in the same country. Thus, you should not think of using a bus if you are outside of Indonesia as it is not possible. There are no provisions for buses to run from international locations to Bali, so stick to other available means.

Trans Sarbagita bus, Bali


You cannot use something that does not exist, so it is impossible to use a train to Bali. One can say that trains in Bali do not run between international locations, but the truth is that there is no train station in the city, so a train cannot operate.

There are other available means of transportation if you want to reach Bali, so you should use them instead of hoping to use a train. Even if we are to imagine using a train, we do not want to think about the time that would be spent on the way as trains are the slowest means of transportation.

One advantage that comes with using a train is that you get to appreciate nature and see some things that you could have missed if you used a flight or a bus that moved on a fast speed. However, its slow disadvantage cancels any advantage this means of transportation might have.

Imagine if you planned to spend two weeks in your destination city but spent one week on the way because you are using a train. Of course, it would not make sense. So if you want to get to Bali, you should use other available options as they would give you better assurance.


Hitchhiking is a means of getting a free ride from a driver to your location. But does it work in all places? You might be lucky for it to work in some cities, but it takes a different turn in Bali.

Most of the drivers would want to take advantage of a foreigner because they feel a tourist has more money than them. So when you flag the car down for a ride, they will agree to carry you. However, they will start asking for money after going a mile. In such cases, they hope that you are too tired to drop down so that you will give them the money. However, you can tell the driver to drop you if you do not have money to give him.

Sometimes, people do not stop for hitchhikers due to one fear or the other. So, we do not advise foreigners to have much hop on hitchhiking as you will spend time on the road before getting a vehicle. It is easier for a fellow foreigner to stop for you than a local of the city.

This does not take away their hospitability, but they are not very open to the idea of hitchhiking and we cannot fault them, but hope that it changes soon.


Another means of reaching Bali is with a ship. It is expected that there are water bodies on the island. However, you will still need to consider the factor that plays out with other means of transportation as you need to know if you can get a ship that comes in from an international location.

Everyone knows that Indonesia is in Asia, so is it possible to get a ship from international locations directly to Bali? After research, we have discovered that this would be a wild wish as it would be almost impossible.

Many ships dock at Bali, but most of these ships are from other countries within South Asia. Thus, it is safe to say that you can only use a ship to reach Bali if you are with countries in its region.

If you are at any of these countries and have wishes of using a ship, you are in luck as it would be possible. However, if you wish to use a boat from other locations, you will need to find how to reach any South Asia country, and then board a ship from there to Bali.

Some people might feel that this would be stressful, but people who love to travel via water bodies do not have an issue with it, and we love to respect everyone’s preferences.

Moving Around

If you are in a city and do not know how the in-city transportation works, you will be lost, and it would be challenging to meet up with your various appointments.

Everyone on holiday in a new city usually works according to schedule as they try to fit in many things within the timeframe of when they are in the city. Thus, they would not want to waste any time in moving from one point to the other. However, you will waste valuable time if you do not know how to move around.

Ideally, one of the first things you should ask when you arrive in a new city is the various available means of moving around and how they operate so that you would have an idea and choose which is suitable for you.

You should know that you should not assume that you would get the same options that are in your home city. Understandably, you may not be comfortable with the available options, but you have no choice than to adapt. One of the aims of visiting a new place is to learn, and knowing how to adapt to their in-city transportation is essential at all times.

If you get a hack of it, life will be more comfortable for you in the city.


Some people prefer walking with their legs because they want to exercise. Others say that they prefer to like as it helps them ask questions on the way, and they can also use landmarks as guides. To them, they would not know where to stop if they use a means of transportation. All these and more are why walk has to be included as a way of moving around a city.

Walking helps you to absorb more things as you are going at your pace, so you can take in the beauty of the atmosphere as you move.

There are other benefits associated with walking, but you would not enjoy your walk if the roads are not good, and this is a characteristic of the streets in Bali. Sadly, most of the sidewalks are destroyed with bad roads, so people find it hard to navigate as they walk, and it may lead to accidents.

Tourists are usually advised always to stay safe and avoid walking if it is possible, mainly as you are not used to how people drive so that you would not mistakenly be in the front of a car.

We understand that you may prefer walking, but you should only walk around after understanding and knowing your terrain.


Some people love biking, so we see them renting bikes when they arrive in a new city. In Bali, people use bicycles to move around. However, they are always conscious and ensure not to drive on the main roads. You should know that since the streets on this island are not good, it is always busy and causes traffic. Thus, it is not ideal for a bike to be struggling with cars.

If you are cycling, ensure to do it in less dense areas and at the side of the road. Also, ensure that you are focused so that you would not enter into any hole.

We cannot overemphasize on the essence of safety while riding, and we are here to tell you that it is essential to have your safety kit consisting of a helmet, shin guard, and others while biking.

We would only encourage experienced bikers to cycle around in Bali as it can be challenging. It would be best if you should always cycle on the left-hand side of the road as it is much safer.

Ensure that you also keep to the driving laws in Bali. If possible, try to follow the route of a local biker as you are cycling as it would give you better direction and navigation.

Electronic Vehicles

Using an electric vehicle in Bali is almost similar to the experience you will get when using a bicycle. We see people purchasing scooters, but they later get to realize that it is not easy to ride it in Bali.

Strict laws are guiding the use of scooters in the city, and foreigners would have to get a license that permits to ride this electric vehicle. However, if you want to ride without a license, be prepared to ride like a local. In such cases, we would advise that you observe the driving style of the locals first.

We already highlighted the bad roads in the city, so driving there is chaotic. You would see a person going in between cars and trucks, which is dangerous. Thus, you would be well-equipped with your safety kits to avoid stories that would touch the heart.

We would not want you to get into trouble with the police and start paying fines, and we would also not advise that you imitate driving like the locals as it is risky. If you desire to get an electric vehicle in Bali, ensure that you do it the right way by going through due procedures.

You will be happy you did as it is less stressful.

Public Bus

Some people might say that it is safe r to use a public bus and move around in Bali. Their thoughts resonate that the locals handle these public buses, so they know how to navigate their way around the island and its bad roads. All you need to do is to enter and highlight at your destination. It may seem easy, but you should remember that things are not always as they seem.

Concerning the payment system of public buses in Bali, you should get adequate information from a local to avoid embarrassment. They say that knowledge is the greatest weapon anybody can have, and we agree with that claim. So, it would help if you are not shy to ask questions when necessary.

If you are hurrying somewhere, a public bus might not be best for you as there would be many stop points for people who are descending, and the bad roads would also give way to traffic. Since it is a public bus, it would be odd for you to complain and you have no other option than to endure. After all, everything that has an advantage would also have a disadvantage, and it is one of the prices you must pay.

Asides that, using a public bus is a good option for moving around in Bali.

Tram, Train and Subway

We earlier mentioned how there is no metro station in Bali, so we cannot add using trains a means of moving around in Bali. However, we have to agree that this would have been a perfect option, and hopefully, something is done about it.

Some people may want to argue and question why we feel that using a train to move around the city would be a perfect addition, especially as it is slow. It would be best for you to know that if there are trains on the island, there would be lesser traffic on the road as the number of persons using the public bus or other land means of transportation would reduce.

Let us not forget that a train can accommodate many people, so imagine having many trains available. It would also give the government time to work on the roads as the busy nature currently would not allow them to work effectively.

If there is traffic on the road, the factors that influence air pollution will reduce. If you can recall, the air quality in Bali is low, and fumes from vehicles contribute to what pollutes the air. Lesser traffic would also mean lesser accidents rates. No matter the argument, having a train in Bali would not be a bad idea.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping entails buying things that are locally crafted by the people of the island. You are increasing the economic structure as you patronize their businesses, and you would also notice that most of the items they sell are eco-friendly.

Some of the places you can shop from are:

  • Kagemusha: It is a place where you can go to eat, and most of the foods are organic, made with sustainable items. It does not make it any less delicious as you would see yourself licking your fingers. The structure of this place is always unique as it was made with sustainable materials, so you know that you are patronizing a business that it is contributing to the ecosystem. You will ever feel warm and comfortable at this place as it is cozy.
  • Barong Bridge: It is a café and cookie factory. They have an array of pastries, and all the ingredients they used are local and healthy. The owner believes that one can eat snacks and still stay healthy, and she strives to prove it with this shop. There is nothing overly fancy about this place, but you will always feel welcome whenever you enter. There is almost nothing you get from the place that would not satisfy you, and it has become a favourite for many people.

Food Markets

You might need to buy food items, so here are some of the food markets in Bali:

  • Pasar Ampera (Traditional Food Market): If you desire to use any natural product for your food and you are looking for where to purchase it, this market is your best bet. The prices are fair as most of the traders are not out to cheat anyone. To them, they want to satisfy their customers, so they ensure only to have fresh produce. There is almost nothing you want that you would not see a seller at this market.
  • Pasar Taman Sari market: It has the typical traditional setting, providing you with fruits, vegetables, and any other food item you desire. Interestingly, the market has a pool table where people can buy a fantastic time amidst shopping. The location of this market is strategic as it is close to the city center and other essential places. The prices are low, and you can still price lower. Many people shop at this place.
  • Pasar Ikan Kedonganan: This is a fish market, and you can find any species of fish you desire at this market. If you are a fan of seafood, we know that you would appreciate this place. As with most markets in Bali, the prices are fair.

Flea Markets

Some of the flea markets in Bali are:

  • Badung Market: It is an encompassing market as there is nothing you can think of or desire that you would not see here. Interestingly, the prices are affordable as they strive to ensure that there is something for everyone. People say that it is the biggest traditional market in that region of the island, so you should prepare yourself adequately before going. Since there is always an array of items at this market, you should not need to stress yourself by walking around before you find what you desire. Also, you would have many options to compare before picking. We do not know what you have in mind when you think of a traditional market, but this place is always clean, which is a plus.
  • Sindhu Night Market: As the name implies, this market comes alive during the night time. It has areas where you can get cooked food and parts where you can get food ingredients. There are also other items like nags and clothes that you can purchase here. We can say that the market offers a lot, and it is left for you to explore it. We are sure that you would see something that catches your eyes.
Badung Market in Bali

Second Hand Stores

The idea of a second-hand store is to buy something that someone else has used people. Many people call it thrift buying, and it is popular in different societies, including Bali. There are stores that only sell thrift items, and they are called second-hand stores.

Some people are sceptical about buying items from such places because they doubt the authenticity, and they would not want to waste money on something that is spoilt already. However, the second-hand stores in Bali ensure to do checks and evaluations on items before displaying them for sale.

You can get almost anything at a second-hand store, including books, clothes, furniture, and anything you can imagine. There are always available.


The idea of eco-fashion is to have sustainable clothes that would help to protect the environment. It may seem like something that is not achievable, but designers in different cities have taken this task, and what is left is for you to purchase the clothing items.

It could be that only natural dye was used for clothing, classing it as eco-fashion because it is sustainable. Interestingly, there is no much difference between such dress and the one where regular dye is used as it is also fashionable.

Another example of eco-fashion clothing are items that are hand-woven or crotchet. These also help to keep you comfortable and protect the environment.


Different companies in Bali have recycling as their focus, so you would see that recycling is a serious deal on the island. These companies are in partnership with factories and industries that effectively recycle materials.

Thus, you would see them going around collecting recyclable materials like plastics, glass, papers, and much more. Once they have these items, they send them to the company for recycling.

By doing this, they are keeping the island clean as well as being eco-friendly as there would be no need to burn those items and pollute the air when they can be converted into something reusable. At least, the plastics can give the plastic buckets and bottles used regularly.


You will see bin bags at different points of the island as they expect you to thrash your waste effectively. It is not right to throw things on the floor as that is littering, and it has adverse effects. You may pay a fine if you are caught littering in Bali.

Some companies assist homes in effectively sorting their thrash, so you can call on them to come and carry your waste. The idea is to ensure that the island stays clean always as that is what would attract foreigners.

If you are on the island, ensure that you are ready to compile with the rules and keep Bali clean.

Work and Study Abroad

There are internship programs for students in Bali, including international students. Thus, you are assured that you can work and study on the island.

The idea is not for students to have full-time jobs, but to be involved with a company that would give you experience relating to your course.

It is easy to get carried away if you are working and studying, and nobody wants that. Thus, you must meet some requirements before you are permitted to work, as you are in school.

You must be able to balance your work and school life so that no one would interfere with the other. It may not seem like a big deal, but it is necessary.

Exchange Student

If you want to be an exchange student in Bali, there may be programs that ensure this happens.

You stand to gain and benefit a lot as an exchange student in Bali, so you should grab the opportunity whenever you see it. One unique feature about the island of Bali is that the cost of living is low, so you would not find it hard there. As an international student, locals would want to interact with you, and you will make fantastic friends.

One reason why people decide to become exchange students is that they want to experience diverse cultural systems, and this will happen if you do an exchange program at Bali. It also allows you to participate in numerous new activities.

Au Pair

For you to understand the au pair system better, you should cast your mind back to what we highlighted about Couchsurfing. The idea is to be paired with any of the locals who have a job for you.

Typically, there is a website where job seekers register so that they can get matched with available locals. However, you should know that au pair jobs are not lucrative, and it is just something to keep you together for something.

A typical au pair job is babysitting or being a nanny. If you do not mind these jobs, then your days of job worrying are over in Bali. Getting involved in such a job would help you understand the cultures better through your hose.


There are different available projects you can register to be a volunteer for in Bali. The idea is to help solve the issue that necessitated the project.

Bali is always open to welcoming volunteers, so you would have something like a family as there is a close bond between volunteers on the island.

It may be that volunteering is your reason for being on the island, and we can say that it is a way of doing to your little quota that would have a powerful impact.

Do not underestimate what you can do or the things you do as little drops of water make a mighty ocean.

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