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Eco-friendly travel guide to Bochum advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Bochum, Germany.


  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.75 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.75 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 3.75 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2.75 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$35 - $80
  • Budget per day: US$70 - $120

Responsible Travel

Bochum is the sixth-largest city of the most popular German federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, with 364,920 inhabitants making it the sixteenth largest city in Germany. Bochum lies in the heart of the industrial Ruhr district, between the cities of Essen (west) and Dortmund (east). Years back, Bochum was an industrial city. When walking through the city, you can see traces of Bochum's industrial past. For the eco-friendly, there are several ways to travel responsibly. Listed below are some things that you can do:

You can get around the city by walking. Bochum has a lot to offer culturally than other cities in the same region. It makes walking ideal for everyone who is staying in the region and needs to have a cultural experience.

Another way to get around is by cycling. Cycling is as popular in Bochum as in other cities in Germany. It is an excellent way to get some exercise and see more of the city. It is the most convenient way to explore Bochum. The city government has also built a nice network of cycle tracks. If you are going to be staying in Bochum, invest in a new or used bicycle that are easily available to rent. Another way is by using public transport. The public transport here is known as Bochum stadtbahn and consists of train, metro, tram, and bus. Germany has one of the most advanced public transport systems which is both simple to navigate and convenient. Other ways through which one can have a responsible and enjoyable time while traveling include:

  • Sample local delicacies
  • Learn the local culture
  • Say no to plastic

Air Quality and Pollution

The main cause of poor air quality is the release of toxic gases in the air. These toxic gases have molecules that deplete the ozone layer hence allowing toxic material to reach the earth. Oxides like carbon monoxide, sulfur oxide, and nitrogen oxide are harmful to the atmosphere and human health.

The air is moderately polluted. Greater than the maximum limit established for one year by WHO. Long-term exposure might constitute a health risk. The air pollution in Bochum is moderate. The current AQI is 48, which is accurately fair according to plume labs. The air quality is generally acceptable for most persons. However, sensitive groups may experience some minor symptoms from extreme exposure. If you have a heart or respiratory problem, always carry your medication with you to keep safe.

Respect the Culture

Bochum is one of the cultural centers of the Ruhr region. There is a municipal theatre, the Schauspielhaus Bochum, and about 20 smaller theatres and stages. The musical Starlight Express, which opened in 1988, is the longest-running musical in Germany.

Musical Starlight Express in Starlight Express Theater, Bochum

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • German mining museum: This is the largest mining museum in the world and the most visited museum in Germany. This museum is also a vital ground for research for the german mining industry's history and technology.
  • Zeiss Planetarium Bochum: It is one of the most advanced planetariums in the world. The projection equipment was upgraded in 2010 with high definition screens that show all kinds of heavenly bodies onto a dome 20 meters in diameter. The venue welcomes leading astronomers for talks that are held frequently.
  • Botanical garden of Ruhr University Bochum: It is open free of charge and managed by Ruhr University Bochum. It was established in 1968 and is upgraded with new plantings and facilities regularly. There are many greenhouses, desert flora, tropical vegetation, and alpine plants.
  • Tierpark and fossilium Bochum: This attraction combines a wide range of animal enclosures and fossil exhibitions. There are more than 4000 animals from over 330 species. You will likely find exotic animals like Seychelles giant tortoise, white buffaloes, lace monitors, and lynxes among others so the list is endless.
  • Brauerei Moritz fiege: It is well known for its fierce pils. It started as a simple tavern business and turned into a large scale brewing business over the years. It opens its doors in the evenings from Monday to Friday. This will give you a chance to have a taste and smell of how fiege pils is made.
  • Stiepeler dorkfkirche: This is among the oldest buildings in Bochum, dating back to the 10th century. The building is made up of ornamental patterns and sacred images. Simultaneously, the earliest is considered to depict the bible stories, e.g., the innocents' massacre and the exodus and Cain and Abel.
  • Ruhrpark: This is among the largest shopping malls in Bochum. It is made up of more than 140 shops and employs a number larger than 2500 people so if you find the weather not cooperating or are up for an afternoon browsing shop, the Ruhr park holds big international chains like mango and h&m and other german retailers likes. Oliver, Karstadt, and Deichmann.
  • Kemnader see: Most agree that this part of Bochum is dammed to create a water reservoir that is the prettiest region. The water here is ringed by wooded nature, which buzzes with outdoor activities during summers. This area also has a golf course along with two circular walking trails. Families come here because its much fun than other areas in the region
  • Schlieker house: If you are a great fan of art, this is your place. This was a former apartment and studio for the great german painter Hans-Jurgen schlieker.
  • Bermudadreieck: It is located in the city center of Bochum and functions as the town's nightlife hub. It holds around 60 different restaurants and bars. The place holds popular venues, e.g., for classical music.
The Stiepel Church with graveyard, Bochum, Germany, as seen from Brockhauser Straße/ Brockhauser Street


Residents of Bochum have a very special relationship with their city. The former mining and industrial city located in the Ruhr region is adjusting to future challenges, and that's one of the reasons why its inhabitants love their city. Bochum's polarizing character makes sure that the city is reviled and loved in equal measure, and even those who love it might well admit that it's the kind of place many rave about only once they're away from it. For those who call it home, the city's charms include a vibrant cultural life and exciting nightlife.

City Parks

  • Bird Park City Garden Wattenscheid: It is a very nice little and well-maintained park with some rare birds and endangered species. It is a beautiful place to relax and picnic. Entry is free and its open 24/7hrs. You can either walk around or rent a bicycle to discover the place.
  • Bochum park: It is a public park where you could go to relax and exercise while enjoying nature. It is the ideal place for these activities due to the hills and many paths, giving tourists and citizens a wide range of choices.
  • Abenteuer Wald: It is a nice place if you want to go for a walk, whether with a dog or friends or alone.
  • Kortumpark Bochum: It is a beautiful quiet place opposite the main station Bochum. This old open cemetery became too small with the growing Bochums and turned into an extensive park with occasionally old graves' founding fathers. Quiet park with graves that date from 1700 to the present day. Very interesting for those who have a thing for history.
  • Volks Park: It is a peaceful and relaxing place to have a short walk. There is a lot to discover. It is a bit hilly, making it unsuitable for bikes.
  • West park: It is a very nice park that attracts the majority of people when the weather is great. West Park is a very beautiful, well-kept, historical park. The relics of industrial history are impressive. The different heights allow different perspectives on the historic industrial buildings, the park, and the Centennial Hall. It is definitely worth seeing.
  • Stadtgarten Wattenscheid: Great city garden. Children's playground. Water features and the best part is a small bird park with no entry fee. Where else do you see different breeds of ducks, turkeys, eagle owls, and storks? Your happy Wattenscheider.
  • Tippelsberg: Beautiful sightseeing but the trees in some directions went a little too high in a way you can't in the city. Very nice to go for a walk. Good ways. Pure nature. Mostly paved. At the top, there is a nice plateau with benches. Beautiful view.
Spend a calm and peaceful evening at the scenic Bochum Park

National Parks

  • Köllerholzwald: Nice little natural forest, very popular with dog owners and an adventure playground for children. Being natural, the roads are muddy in bad weather, for children it's an interesting magic forest with lots to discover.
  • Langeloh: Nice for a walk; also with children and dogs. It is also an ideal place for hiking due to the great routes to Bastrop. It is always nice and comfortable to walk there.
  • Ümminger See: The lake and the park are very harmoniously combined, a great place for a walk, whether with the family or alone. Benches invite you to sit down, and you can also take great photos here. There are quite a few parking spaces, and although you are in the middle of the city, you have your peace here.
  • Eifel National Park: Its forests are home to wildcats, red deer, eagle owls, and other wildlife. A Wilderness Trail and cycling paths run past rivers and valleys filled with wildflowers in the spring. The park surrounds a World War II military training ground that now offers guided tours. It's a great place to get away from the cities.
  • National Park De Maasduinen: De Maasduinen National Park is a national park in the Dutch province of Limburg. It covers approximately 4500 ha. The landscape consists of forests and heathlands on a sandy plateau along the river Meuse close to the German border. The estate 'de Hamert' is the heart of the park.
You will find Ümminger See to be an absolutely gorgeous place to spend the day at


  • Strandbad Südstrand: This beach is open from Monday to Sunday, from 10 am to 8pm. It is a very nice place to have fun with friends and loved ones.
  • Blu beach: It has great fields where you can play volleyball in any weather condition. The persons in charge there are helpful and friendly to visitors and locals.
  • Seebad haltern: Seebad haltern is a great beach for family outings especially if you have children accompanying you. It has great social amenities for kids.
  • Rheinstrand : It is a great place to have fun.The beach is open from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 3 pm and closed on weekends. It is rated 4.5 stars. The exciting thing about this beach is that it allows cryptocurrency payments.
  • Grace bay beach: Grace bay fame comes from its long stretch of soft white sand and beautiful blue water. Here you can also engage in a few water sports. The place is just stunning, perfect, and gorgeous. You will love spending your days here.
  • Sapodilla bay beach: It's a popular tourist destination mainly due to the soft white beaches and clear blue waters. The person in charge here is very friendly and makes you feel loved there are also rental tents and a few foods and drinks.
  • Taylor bay beach: It is voted to be the best beach in the region. It's shallow; still, waters allow you to walk out about 700 meters from shore. Here you will see schools of fish, and it also allows children the freedom to play in the waters without the worry of getting knocked over by the waves.
  • Long bay beach: It is an underdeveloped beach but exciting to go around the place. Here you will watch the kite surfers go up and down and then watch as the horses from Provo Ponies walk excitedly into the beautiful turquoise waters.
Strandbad Südstrand


  • German mining museum: This museum receives the largest number of visitors in Germany. There are more than 365000 visitors per year. It is a renowned research center for mining history hence the biggest of its kind. The scientists' main research areas include the history and technology of mining and the conservation and documentation of cultural artifacts. It is a very interesting museum with so much to offer.
  • Lake of lemonade: If you are a nature lover, this is your place. Here you will find many people involving themselves in different things which include cycling, skating, jogging, and walking their dogs.
  • Rhine-Herne canal: The canal is located in the Ruhr area of north rhinr –Westphalia, Germany, with five canal locks. It is more than 45km long and was built with a period of 8 years.
  • Halde hoheward: It is a hilltop lookout with two soaring arches. It is an excellent place to hang out during weekends if all the weather is good.
Rhine-Herne canal


  • German mining museum: The museum is very educative for people interested in mining, especially coal. It will take you on a historical tour through step by step german coal mining and other parts of the world. Here you will find a lot of original equipment on display.
  • Zelss planetarium: It is most famous for the Aurora show, a 60 minutes program with three picturesque exhibitions. The program includes storytelling, video shoots, and astrological knowledge explanation. Here you will have a great experience smoothing and just fun. The place also has great music and comfortable seats.
  • Elsenbahnmuseum Bochum: It is a railway museum with very resourceful exhibits. There are trips offered that can be booked in advance. The museum contains a collection of diesel, steam coaching stock, freight wagons, and engineering vehicles. It is a place worth visiting while in Bochum and has a lot to see.
  • Museum unter Tage-MuT: This is a very interesting exhibition. The attendants here offers very friendly services, but they do not allow people to take pictures.


Food in Bochum is relatively cheaper compared to other European regions. Whether it is potato salad, pork knuckle, or other foods, german food is heavy on fat, meat, and calories. There are many quality restaurants, and traditional foods, and below are some of them.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Mongos restaurant Bochum: This restaurant based in Bochum offers great delicacies. The buffet isn't Mongolian but more of a pan-Asian fusion—the wide varieties of options for the Mongolian grill buffet, mainly with exotic meats.
  • Begopa: Here you will discover a variety of Korean food. You will also get to find authentic delicacies and experience a courteous service. If you are in love with Korean foods, then I will also love this place.
  • Baseburger Bochum: The restaurant offers very tasty burgers and fries. There is also a good beer selection at very friendly prices. The restaurant is also located in a very strategic place away from the city noise. Attendants are also very friendly and will entice you to go again and again.
  • Haris indian restaurant Bochum: The restaurant is very clean ad authentic with an amazing working staff. While here, try butter chicken with saffron rice or chicken Tikka Masala with bread.

Vegetarian and Vegan

Several restaurants in Bochum offer eco-friendly foods Bochum.

  • Be well: This restaurant runs from Monday to Friday from 11 am to 7 pm. It serves dishes like a burger, falafel, wraps, Not dogs and icecream. It is reported the restaurant will be fully vegan soon.
  • Heidewitzka: The restaurant offers a weekly changing menu with everything being got a lot of lemonade variations.
  • Kimbab spot: A vegan restaurant opened in 2018 and served Asian and Korean foods with bowls and veggie sushi.
  • Zum Kleinen esel: It is a small Mexican restaurant that serves vegan and tacos, quesadillas, and tortilla chips with salsas. It accommodates 12-15 people inside.
  • Kugelpudel: It is a cool place that offers vegan options, including waffles and ice cream.
  • BackWERK: It is a vegan and also a bakery franchise. It offers a variety of foods including bagels, sandwiches, salads, buns, juice and also serves meat. It is mostly a grab-n-go style kind of franchise. Outlets are mostly located at train stations.

Street Food

Street foods are so popular due to their wide variety and low price. The food is of good quality and good quality. When it comes to this kind of food, Bochum is not left behind. You will find food trucks packed all over the cities and towns near you. the trucks range from vegan foods to gourmet burger trucks. The great thing about street foods is that innovative foods are being produced every time.

  • Bratkartoffeln (Fried Potatoes): In most german markets and festivals, you will find at least one of the stands full of these fried potatoes. It is a very delicious meal. You can add garlic sauce if you love it. You can also find fried mushrooms that taste so delicious.
  • Currywurst: Sometimes it is hard to track traditional foods in Bochum. You will find this kind of food hidden behind modern kebab shops, and the favorite fast food there is always currywurst. A disposable paper is used to serve fast food, and a plastic fork is also given.
  • Chicago hotdog: Chicago hotdogs are very popular among both locals and visitors. The favorite thing about this kind of food is that you can eat it on the go.
  • Spätzle: This is common street food in Bochum, which you can find in festivals and markets. It is served all year long. The dish is made of salt, eggs, and flour and commonly go by the name Swabian dish. The dish is mainly found on kids' menus.
  • Leberkäse: It is translated as liver cheese. The dish is not made of liver but some ground beef or pork. It is mainly served with bread rolls when hot.
  • Schneeball: Schneeballs come in different colors and different flavors. It is traditionally decorated using white sugar, crunchy and delicious. You can find them in street bakeries and cafes.


Bochum has a variety of drinks available from mineral water, beverages, and quality beers. The most consumed among the three is mineral water. The favorite alcoholic drink in Bochum is schnaps. Traditionally the alcohol was consumed after a heavy meal to aid in digestion.


Tap water is the most controlled beverage in Bochum city and also very safe for drinking. Its citizens brag about the quality tap water, mainly from the same source as mineral water. The mineral water is also the most consumed beverage in Bochum.

Organic Cafés

  • Fräulein Coffea: It is a very nice café with excellent vegan and other organic choices. It also has very friendly staff, nice coffee, and is cozy and very warm and full of colors and the best place to start your day
  • I am love: It has a very nice atmosphere, great waiters, and amazing ice cream. It also has a great atmosphere and a variety of veggie options. The quality is good, and their foods taste wonderful.
  • Zlatanz Menami: It is a very good place to start your day. They offer great coffee and super breakfast. The atmosphere is always up for a great touch.
  • Butterbrotbar: It is a very cute place with friendly staff and valuable food. Their weekly menu is always up on their website.


  • Privatbrauerei Moritz Fiege: It is a popular brewery making high-quality beers in Bochum. It also offers open-air cinema during the summers. It is a place worth visiting.
  • Trinkhalle: It is a great place with a large selection of beers. You can engage in various games, including pool table and table football. They got a very friendly staff who offer extraordinary services.
  • Brauhaus Rietkötter: They offer delicious foods, great beer, and excellent service. It is located in a nice silent place away from the city noise.


Activities you can engage in while in Bochum range from going for lumberjack during evenings, hike or engage in an outdoor fitness class like yoga.

Yoga and Retreats

  • Yoga Vidya Bochum: It is a very nice place for learning yoga. Teams are very united, and they always engage in very educative conversation; the teachers there are very great and supportive.
  • Cool Yoga Bochum: Here you will engage in different yoga classes, including Venessa yoga and the yin yoga classes. They also offer great beginner classes.
  • Yogabar CITY - Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Studio: It is a great studio recommended at all levels. There is a great atmosphere, and it is very easy to feel at home.
  • Pushpak Yoga Bochum: It is a wonderful new yoga studio in the heart of the Ruhr area with great, appreciative teachers who give you the support you need during class. The personnel here have an incredible passion for yoga, which is visible in each of the 90 minutes of a yoga class. Worth a visit!


Accommodations in Bochum range from motels, hotels, and apartments. We are going to look at s few of these facilities.

Green Hotels

Green hotels are environmentally friendly .the environmentally sustainable, and the accommodation has made important improvements to its structure to minimize their impact on the natural environment.

  • H+ Hotel Bochum: It is a perfect hotel with amazing staff. They offer excellent food and service at a very reasonable price. Rooms are spacious and neat. It is also very convenient for those who want to attend Starlight express musical or VfL Bochum games.
  • ibis Bochum Zentrum: The hotel is located at a very excellent place close to the central station. The staff are very friendly and are ready to assist if needed.
  • TRYP Bochum-Wattenscheid Hotel: The hotel is located in a quiet area away from the city noise. It provides 111 spacious and bright rooms with high-speed wifi internet. The hotel also offers free parking.
  • Rittergut Haus Laer: It is located in a historic location. The wifi worked just fine, and free parking space is available. The atmosphere in this hotel is very conducive and much better than any regular hotel. The rooms in this hotel are clean and standard. It is located in a quiet location and offers great food and friendly services. They also offer a good breakfast and free bottled sparkling water.

Hostels and Guest Houses

  • Hotel schmerkotter: It is a very nice hotel, clean and appropriately furnished. The apartments are very cozy and spacious. The boss and staff are hospitable and are ready to help if needed.
  • Pension Bellavista: Their rooms are stylishly furnished and very clean. They have a very clean kitchen that is communal. The rooms here are also very clean and big enough to accommodate families.


  • Ferienwohnung,Über Tage: It is located in Bochum city, just 3 miles from the Dahlhausen railway museum. They have accommodations with a garden, terrace, and barbecue facilities. The apartments have one bedroom and bathroom, a dining area, and a fully equipped kitchen.
  • Atrium City: It is located less than 15 minutes walk from the German mining museum. It offers two separate bedrooms and one bathroom with a fully equipped kitchen with a dining area. The living room also comes with a flat-screen TV.
  • Altenbochumer Apartment: This is a self-catering accommodation in Bochum city. It offers private bathrooms and a fully equipped kitchen. While here you can enjoy the garden view outside .this place is mostly popular among couples.
  • Apartment 4 rent: It is located 0.6 miles from the German mining museum. The units come with a fully equipped kitchen, a dining area, a private bathroom, and you are also given a kettle and coffee machine. It is another place that is much loved by couples.

Other suitable apartments include

  • Abels apartments
  • Apartmentmenthaus somborn
  • White house Bochum Ehrenfeld


Couchsurfing is becoming very popular in Germany. For this social network, surfing couches are more important and enjoyable than surfing the web. Mainly people use CouchSurfing websites to link with possible people interested in the same idea.


  • Campingplatz An der Kost: The camp is very recommended by both locals and visitors. It offers many social amenities, including free wifi, an on-site restaurant, and free parking. You can enjoy the on-site restaurant and barbecue facilities during your stay.
  • Campingplatz Ruhrbrücke in Hattingen: It is a very nice camp offering very friendly services. Guests love the owner of the camp because of the readiness to help if needed. The location is very noisy due to the crazy drivers on the road.

Other nice camps include:

  • Rallyfreunde Essen Friedhelm Nowak
  • Freizeitdomizil Ruhrtal
  • Campingplatz Horster Ruhrbrücke
  • Campingpark Baldeneysee

How to Get There

There are a few known methods you can use to get to Bochum. These methods are the most convenient and safest.


Air is the most convenient and time-saving means of transport. If you are in Germany and want to get to Bochum city, you can catch a Hahn airport plane in Frankfort, Germany. Three airlines operate out of this airport. Using a plane, you will reduce the inconvenience caused by road transport, e.g., causing traffic.

Hahn Airport


Public transport is also very convenient in Germany. The buses are clean and in good condition. The charges are very favorable, depending on the kind of ticket you have. The other best thing about traveling by bus is that you will interact with people from the local community. Travel by bus is green and safer.

Local bus in Bochum


It is incredibly scenic to travel by train. from inside you can see mountains and cities from afar. Train travels ate more relaxing and provided a better experience than its counterparts are air and road. You can buy tickets online and book a space. The train services here are very convenient.

Train in Bochum


Bochum has a colossal network of highways; hitchhiking here can be very difficult. Hitchhiking is usually free but not always, so be prepared with some cash if you are needed to pay.


Other modes of transport that get you to Bochum include:

  • Personal cars
  • By ferry
  • Tram

Moving Around

Germany is a very developed country hence have great public services. The transport system here is very simple and quick to navigate; you can access any city corner via tram-train or bus. Others can ride bikes or walk on foot.


Walking is environmentally friendly and helps improve your physical health. The Bochum has very nice and safe walking lanes that can get you to every corner of the city. While walking, you can interact with locals while promoting their businesses buying their local products.


There are several different bike riders' options. You can purchase a new bike, buy a second hand or rent one. Other than walking, bike riding is the most inexpensive way to get around Bochum.

Electronic Vehicles

While electric vehicles are new to many other parts of the world, electric vehicles are part of the transport systems. There are charging systems in various parts of the city, a clear show of the massive adoption of this environment-friendly means of transport. there are more than 70 charging stations in the city of Bochum

Public Bus

Bus transport is very convenient in Bochum. It is located next to the train station. By using the bus, you will save on costs and help you interact with other people. Traveling by bus is more convenient compared to private transport. For the sake of the environment, always use public means if possible.

Tram, Train and Subway

Tram, train, and subway are among the cheapest means of transport in Bochum. They are environmentally friendly and advocated by the city government. These methods carry a huge number of people hence reducing traffic congestions on the main roads.

Sustainable Shopping

Health is very important to every living being. Sustainable shopping is our only chance to recognize everything that positively impacts the environment and society.

Food Markets

In food markets, you will find the various kinds of groceries grown by local communities. The various food markets in Bochum include:

  • Niggemann Food Fresh Market GmbH
  • Persepolismarkt
  • Lamisil Markt
  • Marktschwärmer Bochum

Flea Markets

Here you will find all second-hand items, including items of clothing and electrical appliances. The products are sold at throwaway prices depending on their condition. A good example of flea markets around include:

  • Trödelmarkt Flohmarkt
  • Flohmarkt
  • Fegro
  • Flohmarkt Troedelmarkt Bochum real Center

Second Hand Stores

The second-hand stores sell second-hand items, including electrical appliances, furniture, and clothes. There are a number of them in Bochum; they include:

  • Misfits Second-Hand-Laden
  • TauschRausch Inh. Rosi Schmidt-Annaberg Second Hand
  • HUMANA Secondhand & Vintage
  • Zic Zac Second Hand Mode


There are several ways to be fashionable as you keep the environment clean, e.g., investing in trans seasonal clothes, donating your unneeded clothes, looking after your clothes, and going for quality and not quantity.


It is a very good way of keeping the environment clean. Recycling prevents water pollution, energy usage, and air pollution. Recyclable items in Bochum include plastic bottles, metals like tin and aluminum, and polystyrene foam cups.


Bochum is a very clean city. the dumping sites are not far from the town center hence keeping the town area very conducive. There are several major waste management services here, including Kost Entsorgung & Recycling Gmbh and Elektrorückgabe Recycling Bochum.

Work and Study Abroad

Home to thousands of Bochum businesses and over 80 major international companies, many based on the industrial sector. This industrial position has seen Bochum continue to attract many foreigners, both as students and as expatriates. Researchers meet in Bochum for invention programs, thus making Bochum a center of innovation.

Exchange Student

Bochum hosts some of the best universities in the region. These universities attract both local and international students from all over the world. Bochum host seven known universities that are holding a total of above four hundred thousand students. Some of the most hyped universities in the region include:

  • Ruhr-Universität Bochum
  • Protestant University of Applied Sciences Ludwigsburg
  • Bochum Technical University of Applied Sciences
  • Georg Agricola University of Applied Sciences

Au Pair

An au pair is a good option for families who are held up by their jobs. These helpers from either local or foreign countries offer house services like childcare and other house works. The au pairs receive monetary compensation for their good job. Unlike other places, Bochum citizens are very happy about the idea of au pairs, and they frequently search for them on both online sites or through friends.


People volunteer for a wide range of activities, including building homes, donating clothes and perishable goods. The Bochum has many charitable organizations and can join with them and help support the unfortunate. These volunteer organizations include Vivaworks Freiwilligenarbeit, AIESEC Bochum, and DLRG Bezirk Bochum e.V.

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