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Eco-friendly travel guide to Essen advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Essen, Germany.

Castle of Borbeck with outbuilding in the evening

  • Air quality: 3.5/ 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.0 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4.0 / 5
  • Parks: 4.0 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level:2.5 / 5
  • Safety: 4.0 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$62 - $150
  • Budget per day: US$120 - $160

Responsible Travel

Essen is known to be one of Germany's biggest cities and is a regional center of the Ruhr area. This place grew from a small town to a large industrial town after the middle of the 19th century. Today's approximate population is estimated to be 570,000, and it is one of the administrative cities with many headquarters of many large companies. The city was once known for its heavy industry in steel production. It features many places like Folkwang and few UNESCO-listed complexes. The place also features some beautiful religious sculptures from the Dark Ages. In 2010, the city was chosen for the Capital of Culture by the EU Commission. Even though the city may not be on the list among the must-visit cities, you must visit the city once if you are on your way to Essen because it has a lot to offer. In 2017, Essen was officially announced as the European Green Capital. Essen is a city that addresses environmental challenges. The city was rewarded with this award because of its efforts and commitment to improving the urban environment and boosting awareness of ecological change at the city level. The city also became the role model for sustainable urban development by promoting and sharing the best practices tried and tested in the city. There are also measures undertaken in the city, including the green transportation mode, sustainable markets, and other incentives for eco-friendly travelers. If you are an eco-friendly traveler, then it is sure you know the golden rule to use public transportation services. It is also essential that you tend to purchase from local markets that are known to run for sustainability instead of profitability whenever you travel to another city. You will also find some stores that cater to you by fulfilling every need without impacting the environment. If you travel to Essen, you can easily find cheaper ways to stay; organic cafes splurge around the city, including vegan and vegetarian cuisines. You can also stay at a certified green hotel that provides you with ample amenities to maximize your sustainable travel.

Air Quality and Pollution

The air quality in Essen is known to be quite decent by global standards. It is one of the most reputed cities in Germany, and you can expect a decent amount of measures taken by the authorities to ensure clean air. The annual temperature is 50 °F or 10 °C during the day and 44 °F or 6.7 °C at night.

  • PM10 – 21
  • PM2.5 – 13
  • PM10 Pollution Level – Low to Moderate
  • Pollution Index – 21.55
  • Pollution Exp Scale – 35.79

This air pollution data is from the World Health Organization of the pollution levels as of November 2020.

Respect the Culture

It is known to all that the people of Germany are quite reserved and serious to the outsiders. They are not that kind who can crack up easily; neither are they social and chatty. So finding a local like that is a challenging task. If you want to initiate a conversation with a German, ensure that you start on a good note and avoid upsetting them or wrecking the prospect even before you start things with them. Germans tend to have an esteemed dependability and security system, along with frugal, productive, and preserving. If you want to greet a German in Essen, begin with a friendly smile and a warm demeanor with tremendous body language and professionalism.

Do not try to be loose on your compliment or flirt with women as they won't like it. Avoid conversations about World Wars, Nazis, Adolf Hitler, or any German politics, or you may find yourself in an awkward or rather heated discussion at public places.

Due to the city's development, it is now an internationally renowned place for conferences and commercial fairs. The city also hosts some internationally acknowledged cultural institutions. There is no doubt that the city is slowly trying to create a comparatively favorable starting position being an important center of culture, services, and new forms of tourism. In 2006, Essen with the Ruhr area was nominated as European Capital of Culture in 2010. This resulted in the boost of the local tourism sector, and the economy also got to develop.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex: The place is the most popular attraction amongst travelers. It occupies a part of a sprawling abandoned industrial area called a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 2001. The place is home to the area's first coal mine and was established in the year 1847. Zollverein was raised into the largest facility in Europe and now became an important museum complex. The Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex is complete with impressive buildings and giant machines that played a significant role during Europe's Industrial Revolution. The tower which is above shaft 12 is considered the masterpiece of engineering and architecture. Here at mine's beer garden, you can also German bratwurst.
  • Museum Folkwang: The Folkwang museum is one of the essential art galleries in Ruhr, which is known for its display of important artworks from the 19th and 20th centuries. It is also a popular place for the fine collection of European sculptures that dates from the 13th century. It has a good number of paintings and applied arts from outside Europe. The museum was named after the Norse (meadow of the dead) and was established in 1922. It houses the city's most architecturally interesting buildings. This museum also features a large collection of about 350,000 posters in the German Poster Museum. You can also find a rich photographic collection with more than 50,000 images and numerous drawings and prints. You can also find guided tours in English.
  • Essen Minster: The place is at the historic Burgplatz that stands as the old Roman Catholic Essen Minster. It is also called Essener Dom in German or just Essen Cathedral. The construction took place as an abbey in the 9th century and is one of Germany's oldest cathedrals. The building is quite delightful if you want to explore something ancient. The most notable feature you can find here is the interior, which is a seven-branched bronze candelabrum that dates from around 1000 BC. The other unique features also include Column of Ida, which is the cathedral's oldest surviving fixture.
  • Grugapark and the Botanic Garden: If you take an easy and relatively short break from Essen's city center, there lies the beautiful Grugapark. The place is spread out at 175 acres and was laid out in 1929. The enlargement of this place has been done twice, once in 1952 and again in 1965. It is now a wonderful place to visit, and it easily swallows up the best part of the day as it contains an array of interesting attractions. The highlights of Grugapark include the observation tower, Grugahalle sports complex, old fountains, and several restaurants. The place also has an aquarium, animal enclosures, and an amusement park for kids. There is also a fun narrow-gauge railroad, which is three and a half kilometers long called Grugabahn.
  • The Old Synagogue: The place in Essen serves as a memorial site and worship. It is a vast building and was built in 1913. The place is one of the best-preserved and impressive Jewish cultural sites in Germany. It was partially destroyed by the Nazis in 1938 and further damaged during the Allied bombing. Later, the city acquired the building and rebuilt it to rededicate it to the 'House of Jewish Culture.'
  • Villa Hügel: You can visit Essen's largest lake on the north side of Baldeneysee. You can also find a grandiose mansion built-in 1873 for the Krupp family. It is one of the region's wealthiest and oldest industrialist dynasties. It is set in a beautiful large park that overlooks the Ruhr. The splendid 269 room mansion is for public enjoyment as a non-profit trust preserves it. The place also includes some of the excellent collection of historical artifacts and artworks.
  • Old Town Werden: It is a historic borough of the city that is easy to get by a fun streetcar ride. It is a pleasant place if you want to spend some time exploring around. It has a long history that extends back as far as the 8th century. The village in the city was established by St. Ludger, the patron saint of the huge Werden Abbey. You can find splendid 13th Century Abbey Church, which is one of the finest churches in Rhineland.
  • The Baldeneysee: It is Essen's largest lake and was formed after the dam construction was completed in 1933. It measures eight kilometers long and is one of the region's busiest tourist attractions. It is popular among water sports enthusiasts, from kayakers and canoeists to those who enjoy sailboats. Casual boaters can also rent simple pedal-powered boats by the hour. Many tour boats are available that ferry passengers to and from many of the lake's most popular sites that include the 13th century's picturesque Heisinger Bird Sanctuary and Schloss Baldeney. It is a popular fishing destination, and families can also enjoy a great time at the beach.
  • Bottrop Tetrahedron: The place is a few miles north of Essen and is famous for its huge steel-constructed Tetrahedron landmark. If you stand high atop this former dump site from an abandoned mine, this impressive pyramid-shaped structure is positioned on four nine-meter-tall pillars and boasts a side length of 60 meters. This place can be explored on foot by a series of fun staircases and walkways and offers some of the region's best views.
  • Bochum Dahlhausen Railway Museum & Steam Train Ride: It is located at an easy 20-minute drive to the east of Essen. This museum is a must-visit for people who are interested in the history of railway transportation. It was established in 1977 in a former state-owned engine depot dating from the early 1900s. The fascinating museum is one of the largest in Germany and offers a detailed look into the history of Germany's railroads.
The Old Synagogue in Essen


Essen is one of the most well-known cities across the globe and is one of the biggest reasons behind the fact that the city prominent in Germany. It is located at the Ruhr area's center and one of the largest industrial and urban agglomerations in Germany and Europe. The city is home to a blend of modern developments and rich culture, which serves to be fantastic attractions for tourists who visit the country.

City Parks

Stadtgarten Essen: The Stadtgarten is Essen's oldest publicly accessible green area located at the south of Essen Central Station in the Südviertel district. There are many other parks for you to enjoy your time in the city. Below are the parks you can find in Essen:

  • Waldthausen Park
  • Schloß Park
  • Hügel Park
  • Segeroth Park
  • Krupp Park
  • Gervinus Park
  • Haumannplatz
Schloß Park

National Parks

The country has about 98 nature parks and 14 biosphere reserves. About 25% of Germany's area is nature parks or national parks, so that you can find many around the country. You can find Eifel National Park in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The distance to the park is about 121 km and is approximately 2 hour or less journey.

Eifel National Park


Essen is truly a landlocked city, and those travelers who love to spend time at the ocean or on the sands under the sun shall meet a disappointment here. A few beaches can be explored, but they are a bit far away from the city. Here are the few beaches you can explore:

  • Seebad Haltern: The beach is spread along 30,000 square meters of water and 800-meter long sand. It is best for some fun, games, and relaxation. Sports activity and chilling at the beach is something you can enjoy during your vacations. SeebadHalltren is around 55 km away from Essen.
  • Blaue Lagune FreizeitanlageWankumerHeidesee: This beach resort is the place where you can enjoy your best time. This dream place is just about 57 km away from Essen and is easy to reach.
  • StrandbadSüdstrand: It is a well-known place for recreation and to enjoy. The site is just 47 km away from Essen and offers the guests with two beautiful beaches. There is also a separate swimming area available for 27,000m2for the water enthusiasts.


You will never run out of places to explore if you are visiting Essen. Some buildings and hubs have become a landmark for the local people and when you visit you'll be able to cover them all. You must ensure that you take your time to explore the city and find more about its history. Here are some of the most famous landmarks of the city:

  • Zeche Zollverein: Zollverein was one of the world's largest and most modern coal-mining facility. It is one of the leading examples of the development of heavy industry in Europe. Around 8,000 miners work day and night in the mines and the buildings above ground. Coal was mined and processed here for about 135 years, and the mine was decommissioned in 1986. With its Bauhaus-influenced design, it is the triumph of modern industrial architecture and a center for culture and art. The place is also recognized as one of the heritage sites by UNESCO.
  • Alte Synagoge: The Old Synagogue in Essen is one of the largest and best-preserved places. It is architecturally the most impressive testimonies of Jewish culture during pre-war Germany. It is built in the center of the city. It is now an institution dedicated to promoting and documenting the history of the city's former Jewish community.
  • Rathaus Essen: Also called Essen City Hall in English, it is a 22-story building with a height of about 348 ft (106m). It is the tallest city hall in Europe and is one of the tallest city halls in Germany.
Rathaus Essen


Essen has an abundance of museums around the city. You can visit many museums and gather an abundance of information about Germany, art, lifestyles, and many more. Here are the museums you can find in Essen:

  • Red Dot Design Museum: The museum holds the largest presentation of contemporary design in the world. Many tourists visit this awe-inspiring museum. The museum is a house of around 2,000 contemporary designs in the exhibition area. Some designs are also inspired by the daily lifestyle. The museum also allows you to touch and test most of its displayed objects. The prime attractions of this museum are a USB flash drive and multifunctional stove. You can also get to see some innovative products on the fifth floor of the museum.

There are a few more museums that we have already mentioned in the guide, and apart from them, the rest are mentioned below:

  • Dom-Schatzkammer
  • PhanomaniaErfahrungsfeld
  • HespertalbahnMuseumseisenbahn Essen
  • Mineralien Museum
  • Soul of Africa Museum
  • Oktorail
  • Halbachhammer
Red dot design museum in Essen


The traditional food of Germany is almost more exciting for visitors or new residents. There are regional variations in food culture, but most German recipes focus heavily on meat, bread, and potatoes, especially pork. There is also plenty of greens like kale and cabbage. Coffee, beer, and cake are all highly popular German cuisine elements, which is expectedly good news.

  • WestfälischerKnochenschinken: The pork that is used to make the ham is originated from the region of Westphalia. The area is widely known for its traditional pig farming. The recipe is guarded as a trade secret, and the entire process is done manually.
  • NieheimerKäse: The cheese from Nieheimin Ostwestfalen-Lippe is made from low-fat sour cow's milk quark using a traditional recipe. This cheese is ripened for a few days and then rubbed with a mixture of cumin, water, and salt.
  • Flönz: The dish is a delicately smoked blood sausage originating from the Rhineland region. It consists of lean meat and small pieces of fat. The dish is famous and one of the least expensive local sausage.
  • Currywurst: The dish is made of pork sausage with a sauce made by using curry powder and ketchup. The currywurst is Germany's most popular sausage.
  • Schnitzel: This Austrian dish is well-known in Germany. It is a cutlet covered in breadcrumbs with ham and cheese sandwiched inside. It is presented with a plate of potatoes and mixed greens.
  • Bratwurst: The is one of the authentic street nourishments you can find around Germany. The dish is like new sausage which is made with veal and pork. It is prepared with nutmeg, ginger, caraway, or coriander.

There are another host of many different dishes that you can devour in Essen. You can also find restaurants that serve multi-cuisine just in case you crave your home food.

Flönz is a dish made out of smoked blood sausages

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • DAMPFE - das BorbeckerBrauhaus: The famous brasserie specializes in national cuisine and offers visitors a wide selection of beers. In addition, visitors can also have interesting meat meals, French fries, and entrees.
  • Tablo: It is a Turkish restaurant for people who love to go to lively and trendy places. It is a bright and stylish restaurant which is quite popular among young travelers.
  • Casino Zollverein: The restaurant is part of the Zolleverian Complex, and the concept of dining and décor is to the next level. The restaurant captures the best features and is inspired by the industrial theme of the region. The place offers haute cuisine with a pinch of seasonal and regional ingredients celebrating the Ruhr region's excellence.

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Der Kleine Zodiac: The restaurant is quite an attractive budget place, and pizza is the branded treat. You can get a range of interesting dishes and quite good options for vegetarians. The restaurant is usually buzzy with visitors.
  • Café Fleischlos: It is a vegan café and shop that offers many dishes. You can enjoy many vegan dishes here.
  • Farbenfroh: It is an all-vegan fine dining restaurant.
  • Peace food: It is a vegan Vietnamese restaurant that serves curries, soups, and burgers.
  • Sattgrün: A vegan lover buffet restaurant, it has several outlets around the city. The place features various hot and cold dishes from antipasti to soups and salads, curry, pasta, vegan pastries, and cakes.

Street Food

The street food in Essen is legendary, and as a tourist, there are many places where you can enjoy some of the delectable food. Street food is not limited to Germany, but you can enjoy delicacies from around the world. Here are some prominent street food places where you can relish them:

  • HoiAn Street Food Essen: If you like to spend a great evening with your loved ones at Asian, Vietnamese, or Japanese food, the restaurant is worth looking at.
  • Frittenwerk: Here, you can get sweet potato fries and currywurst. You can also get the Coleslaw and cucumber salad.


Germany is known to be very enthusiastic about their alcohol, and this extends to both alcoholic and non-alcoholic ones. Do not forget to try the most amazing and popular drinks you can find in Essen and around Germany:

  • Düsseldorfer Mostert: The drink is also known as ABB mustard. The specialty drink is from Düsseldorf and dates back to the early 18th century. It is malty brown mustard made with yellow and brown mustard seeds mixed with unfiltered Düsseldorf spirit vinegar.
  • Dortmunder Bier: The beer is from Dortmund and is the famous one throughout the world, and a must-try during your visit to Germany.
  • Dortmunder Export: This is a German beer style that was brewed first time in the late 19th century. It is named after the city from where it is originated.
  • Altbier: This German styled beer is originated from Düsseldorf. The full-bodied beers are malty, crisp, and clean, while the color may change from copper to amber. You can enjoy this beer at local pubs and breweries.
  • Underberg: It is a German herbal liqueur that is manufactured using aromatic extraction of 43 herbs. The drink results in an herbal, amber-colored drink with notes of licorice and spices.
  • Kölsch: The specialty beer is brewed only in Cologne. It is a pale yellow, highly fermented, clear, a fully-rounded ale that is well known at pubs.


Tap water is the safe and most controlled beverage in Germany. Many German cities, including Essen, Berlin, and Munich, also brag about their tap water quality, which comes from a similar source as mineral water. Drinking tap water is excellent for most tourists from across the globe. The water meets the necessary standards of the local authorities, which are considered to be relatively high. However, if you doubt, you can always opt for bottled mineral water, but this may be slightly expensive.

Organic Cafés

Organic cafes with privately developed food are getting progressive and well-known in Essen. You can discover various vegetarian and vegan dishes. Here are some popular organic cafes:

  • Sweet Coffee Pirates
  • Café Fleischlos
  • Café LIVRES
  • Café Zucca


Germans have a great passion for beer, and you can expect some world-class fresh brews at the breweries listed below:

  • RüttenscheiderHausbrauerei
  • Private brewery Jacob Stauder
  • GE Bräu
  • Crow Mountain Craft Brewery
  • Holy Craft SÜD


  • Baldeneysee: If you are more into sports and activities, you can rent a boat and go standup paddling, surfing, canoeing, and many more water activities.
  • Heissiwald: A peaceful walk in this forest is always a mesmerizing experience. If you want to enjoy some breezy, fresh air and sound from trees, you can opt to walk along this forest. You may also happen to see some wild animals along the journey.
  • MountainbikeRuhrgebiet: The place offers mountain bike technique training, journeys, and guided tours through the Ruhrgebiet.
  • International Christmas Market: The Christmas market in Essen consists of several stalls that offer baking goods and hot food to the visitors. Brand punch and hot wine are served against the cold. The market starts from late November or early December. The historical allies of the city center are filled with over 200 art and craft stalls.

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga is now a global trend, and it is no doubt that Germany would be left behind this. Yoga might certainly not be a much popular form of exercise, but increasing awareness and a good deal of enthusiasm can helpEssen's people at some yoga retreats. Here are some:

  • Ruheraum Essen - Patricia Haurand
  • Yoga imIsenbergviertel
  • Buddhist Center Essen
  • Yoga Vidya
  • Happy Yoga
  • Yoga Zeit Essen


Essen hosts a wide range of accommodation options. The city boasts over 500 hotels, and you have a range of options to choose. The hotels cater to different customers and tariffs that suit the tourist's needs.

Green Hotels

Green hotels are most important if you are traveling eco-friendly. Indeed, you'd like to stay in a green hotel that provides you with all the methods to stay sustainable. The hotel that strives to be more environmentally friendly through efficient water, minerals, and energy when it provides quality services is termed to be an Eco or Green Hotel. In Essen, you can find two green hotels, which are:

  • ATLANTIC Congress Hotel Essen
  • Ibis Essen Hauptbahnhof

Hostels and Guest Houses

Essen being an industrialist city in itself, attracts many explorers, budget travelers, students, and people of all groups. Many prefer to ditch conventional hotels and prefer to live in cheap, feature-rich, and pocket-friendly hostels. Here are some hostels and guest houses around the town:

  • Goalfever Sports & Guesthouse: The hostel is set 9 km away from the center of Essen and has accommodation with shared or private bathrooms. It also includes a terrace and sauna with BBQ facilities. Some rooms also offer a flat-screen TV.
  • StadthostelNordstern: This hostel is set at the Nordviertel district in Essen, which is 600 meters from GOP Variety Theatre. Each hotel room has a flat-screen TV, and individual rooms include views of the city or garden.
  • Hotel Hoffmann: A family runs the guest house on a quiet side street between the exhibition center and Essen Main Station. This hotel offers a buffet breakfast and good public transport connections.


Renting apartments is known to be quite popular in Essen. As a tourist, you can also explore this option if you plan to stay for a while. It will help if you take care of a few safety concerns. If you book an apartment in a reputed neighborhood through reliable channels and applications, you are good to go. Airbnb is an excellent choice for people who like to rent apartments in different cities or countries.


Couch Surfing is an extremely common option in Essen, and it is no longer an alien concept in Germany. You can also browse through the websites and find suitable hosts and finalize things with them.


People of Essen are quite enthusiastic about outdoor activities, and it is not limited to the city but also common around Germany. Some of the prominent locations to go for camping and hike are:

  • CampingparkBaldeneysee
  • CampingplatzDeichklause
  • CampingplatzHorsterRuhrbrücke
  • KNAUS Campingpark Essen-Werden
  • Rheincamping Meerbusch Breitbach& Brix GbR

How to Get There

Germany is all green, and Essen is one of the sustainable cities in Germany and around Europe. You can find plenty of sustainable ways to reach Essen.


The largest international airport is located in Düsseldorf. It is called Düsseldorf-International. There are smaller airports in the vicinity, which are Flughafen Münster-Osnabrück and Dortmund Airport. The airports are well connected to the city by all means of transportation, and you must worry about it.



Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr bus and train system are a part of Essen. Many buses are plying across the city, and you can always book for a comfortable bus journey to your destination within Germany. Both private and government operators operate the buses. The buses use sustainable methods and hybrid technology to keep the city eco-friendly.

A bus in Essen


The central train station at Essen is one of Germany's most advanced places to get to almost any city in the country from the train. Tourists are expected to visit the nearby town and are recommended to travel by high-speed trains.

Train in Essen


Hitchhiking is quite acceptable in Essen, and many Germans are often comfortable to give tourists a ride in their cars. The people are quite hospitable and polite, but it all depends on you to take the risk.


Apart from these transportation methods, you can always reach the city by waterways. The Herne Kanal can reach the Rhine river transportation system. Mülheimer Verkehrsgesellschaft and Weiße Flotte Baldeney operate ships on the Ruhr river.

Moving Around

Essen is a city known to be quite a large industrialist city, and you can consider quite a few different means of transportation.


Essen is located northeast, which is approximately 34 km from Düsseldorf. The center of Essen is almost entirely car-free and makes walking around the city relaxing and comfortable. There are many sights that Essen offers and can be visited during the walk.


You can discover the city as there are dedicated bicycle lanes and rent a bicycle very easily. There are about 219 bike rides for you to discover within the region which you can rent.

Electronic Vehicles

Germany is the pioneer of passenger vehicles for centuries. You can expect cutting edge technology when it comes to electric cars. You can find plenty of taxis and rent self-drive cars to get around the city.

Public Bus

Buses are the means of public transportation and are continuously evolving. They are connected to the different parts of the city and also run on electricity too. The new technology helps you to ensure that you are traveling eco-friendly.

Tram, Train and Subway

In Essen, you shall find the light rail named Essen Stadtbahn. It is a network of tramways that forms a part of the public transport system in Essen. The three light rail lines complement the network. Both tram and subway are available connecting to the different parts of the city.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping is much of an essential aspect of maintaining a balance in society. The small stores may often cater to your specific needs with sustainably manufactured products.

Food Markets

German Christmas Market is one of the famous food markets in Essen. It serves you with several stalls offering hot food and baking goods. The place is filled with over craft and art stalls during the festive season.

Flea Markets

While you are in Essen, you can check out some of the fantastic flea market events and buy stuff that will make you go crazy. The flea market is a fancy affair, and not only do they exhibit, sell products, and have food stalls, but they have some pop-up exhibitions for the art lovers, which are organized with a great grandiose. Here are a few flea markets that you can explore during your stay at Essen:

  • Brauns Trödelmärkte
  • Melan Trödelmarkt
  • Flohmarkt
  • Lothar Siegel bei Metro

Second Hand Stores

There are a lot of second-hand stores around Essen. You must not miss these stores as they have many items you might get at affordable and great prices. You can try the following stores:

  • Positive Second Hand
  • Oxfam Shop Essen
  • Stefanie Brecklinghaus BRECKI'S Women's Fashion
  • Modemix Essen
  • Konsumreform Shop - Die Regalvermietung
  • Vintage Second Hand NEON ELEKTRISCH


If you are looking for an eco-fashion business in Germany, it is surely the right place to stop. The country is home to some of the most eco-conscious shoppers in the world. You can find small to major brands displaying an array of collection of sustainable clothing. If you are an eco-conscious consumer, then Germany's market is the best place to shop.


Germany is known to be one of the world's leading nations when it is concerned with recycling.


The Germans are efficient in whatever task they do, and the same applies to waste management. There is no doubt in the fact that Essen was announced as the Green capital of Europe.

Work and Study Abroad

Germany is popular among international students, and you can gain a good education degree here. It is the hub of engineering and technology, and you can find good opportunities in Essen.

Exchange Student

The local universities in Essen are renowned worldwide, and they offer various exchange programs and scholarships. It all depends on your scores, German language abilities, and the final round of interviews.

Au Pair

Au Pair is quite a popular concept worldwide, and in Essen, you can find various families through popular websites. All you need to do is pick one for yourself, and you can meet or finalize things over the video call.


If you are an avid traveler and like to travel eco-friendly, make it a habit to give back to society. It must be an essential part of life for you always to consider giving back. You can do this just by volunteering. You can always sign up and find impactful and fun social work when you travel to Essen. Many volunteer works are available online, and you can find one for yourself and lend your hand.

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