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Eco-friendly travel guide to Bucharest advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Bucharest, Romania.

Bucharest Skyline, view from the Intercontinental Hotel In the front view: University Square, Bucharest Faculty of Letters and the Bucharest Faculty of Architecture

  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 3.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$25 - $450
  • Budget per day: US$30 - $350

Responsible Travel

Bucharest is the national capital of Romania, holding an important place within the nation. Famously known 'Paris of the East' has a lot to offer. With its rich cultural heritage to marvelous infrastructure, it is a place you must visit. With a number of tourist attractions around, it is our take to travel responsibly in a favorable manner for the environment, nation, and yourself. It is essential to have an ecofriendly approach following some simple steps that help you realize your responsibility as a tourist.

  • The first part of being a responsible traveler involves the use of public transports to get around the city. Public transportation reduces the heavy carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide emissions from the vehicle and reduces the traffic on roads.
  • Cleanliness and disposal are two steps to proper hygiene and sanitation. Being a tourist, it is your responsibility to avoid littering on the roads. Do not randomly throw things around in the parks or streets; prefer a dustbin if there or have a disposal bag with you.
  • You should try to use biodegradable, organic, and recyclable products since they cause less degeneration of the environment and reduce overall waste concentration.
  • It would be best to promote local businesses and shops by paying a visit to the local area shops and recommending them to the other fellow tourists. Try to be more considerate and artistic; you can purchase several things and handmade items from the local shops or individual stalls in the area. It will boost their income and encourage others to buy from them and improve the morale and confidence of the local owners or artisans.
  • Every city or country has their own cultures and traditions. You should try to respect the differences at a cultural, ethnic, and personal level. You must respect the ideology of the locals and ensure you don't hurt their sentiments. This will not only help you to adapt to the newer place faster but also supplement your interaction with locals allowing you to intermingle in the crowd.

There are many other ways you could behave like a responsible tourist, but for that, you should learn to be considerate, practical, and adaptable.

Air Quality and Pollution

The average Air Quality Index in Bucharest is about 67 AQI. Bucharest has moderate Air Quality with some levels of PM2.5 and PM10 in the atmosphere. Air Pollution levels are significant in the capital due to increased traffic and emission of private vehicles and cars. Strada Polona is the most polluted place in Bucharest in terms of the Air Quality Index.

With the increased concentration of suspended particulate matter, PM2.5 and PM10, it is better to avoid the areas with higher pollution statistics. If preferable, wear a mask and goggles to shield your eyes and mouth from these air contaminants since they can cause many breathing problems.

Aleea Lacul Morii is amongst the safest place in Bucharest in terms of air pollution with an estimated AQI of about 25. Therefore, it is your responsibility to take personal measures to reduce air pollution by avoiding excess use of private vehicles, trying public transport, not smoking in the crowd, and much more. Even it is better to check the real-time AQI index through your mobile apps or the air quality monitor.

Respect the Culture

Bucharest is amongst Romania's largest city and is known for a mix of new and old architecture. The capital has undergone rapid innovations and Is a blend of a modern and ancient style. You can spot the 300 year old church still standing to the recently finished large Basarab Overpass project. The cultural center features a large number of Romanian speaking population with a little or more knowledge of English. You can go to the old city located between the river Dambovita and the Calea Victoriei if you want to know more about the medieval period, the history of Wallachian princes, churches, clubs, and many others. You should respect the regional and cultural diversity and pay attention to their beliefs and ideologies. Try to understand and admire the art and customs of the region if you wish to get more close to the locals. To live a properly integrated life in Bucharest, you must have some knowledge and admiration towards locals' culture and prominence.

Whenever you go to Bucharest for vacation, pay a visit to the city's museums and historical places. This will help you learn faster and allow you to adapt to their lifestyle. Pay regular visits to the local shops and try the unforgettable traditional dishes and the very tasty Sarmale.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Bucharest is one of the most popular, diversified, and largest cities in Romania as well as Europe. It holds an important place in the European Union in terms of its well-developed transport network. There is a big list of places to visit in Bucharest. It houses various historic landmarks, giant monuments, grand museums exhibiting culture and history.

You can also enjoy yourself by visiting different beaches, parks, and national parks. Go camping and shopping. Try to be more careful while traveling. It would be best to avoid smoking in crowded places, do not spit or throw litter on roads and parks, segregate the waste properly, and promote local shops and eco-tourism.

  • Old City: This city stands as a historical heart of the capital Bucharest. The old town is a complete area full of medieval 19th-century buildings, which you can spot around when strolling the city. The city has impressive visuals and scraps featuring the ruins of Wallachian princes, churches, banks, and hotels. Even the streets are Cobblestoned with the names of the guild resided there.
  • Revolution Square: Revolution Square reminisce the revolutionaries and warriors who died fighting the change. It features a tall monument at the center of the square in their memory and is located near Gara De Norde and Parliament Square.
  • Cismigiu Garden: The oldest Park in the city, Cismigiu garden is known for its beautiful setting and cleanliness. Although small in size, these parks remain a favorite among the locals for recreation and sightseeing. You can go ice skating in winters and boating in summers and enjoy the tasty food by the restaurant within the park.
  • Tinretulai Park: The grand building and park host a number of sports events and cultural festivals. There are restaurants and bars in Bucharest where you can have your drinks and taste the fantastic food or traditional Romanian delicacies. The parks host many concerts and exhibitions for the local as well as foreign populations.
  • National Village Museum: Among the most visited museums in Romania, this museum features the highlights of Romania's traditional village life. This museum is worth exploring and has many 200-year-old buildings ready to awe you of surprise. If you plan to visit this museum, make sure you visit it on week working days since it is closed on public holidays.
  • Curtea Veche: Have you ever heard of Dracula? The fictitious character in the novel is quite different from the real Dracula king in 15th century Romania. Curtea Veche was the residential palace of 15 the century emperor named Vlad III Dracula.
  • Stavropoleus Church: This church was built in 1789 by a Greek monk named Ioanikie Stratonikeas. The church is made up of fine stones and wood carvings. If you want to look at the unique blend of Romanian and Byzantine styles, this might be the best place for you to explore. Most strikingly, it has a garden courtyard where 18th-century tombstones rest.
  • Carturesti Carusel: This is the best place for book lovers and people with bibliophilic interests. It is the largest bookstore in Bucharest, which spans across 1000 Square meters. The bookshelves are adequately stocked, and there are about 10,000 books and 5000 DVDs and albums. Also, it has a fantastic Bistro café on the top floor and continuously changes its contemporary art displays.
  • Victoriei Street: The busiest and most popular street in Bucharest, it serves as a pathway to the major tourist attractions, including George Enescu Museum, Cantacuzino Palace, Revolution Square, and many other popular spots. The name of the street was changed from Podul Mogosoaiei to Victoriei Street in 1878 after gaining independence from the Ottoman Empire.
  • University Square: It is situated in the Downtown near the University of Bucharest. This square is a historical landmark with a number of statues standing for sightseeing and exploring. Not only this, but several events are also conducted at University Square. University Square features four main statues of Ion Heliade Rădulescu, Gheorghe Lazăr, Michael the Brave, and Spiru Haret.
Curtea Veche


Bucharest has amongst the most booming economies in Europe. The city has amazing nightlife and hosts a number Of cultural events and musical concerts. The capital is home to world-famous brands like Paraziții, La Familia, B.U.G. Mafia, etc. You can also be a part of the largest music festival George Enescu Festival. You must go on the tour with your family and enjoy the plays in Romanian National Opera. The cultural scene of Bucharest is extremely extravagant; you can visit several museums like the National Museum of Art Romania, National Museum of Contemporary Arts, Gheorghe Tattarescu Museum, etc. Every part of the capital is worth exploring. You can enjoy exclusive sightseeing, or you can observe and visit the various landmarks representing Romanian history or revolutionaries.

If you want a peaceful adventure alongside the seashore, Bucharest offers some of the finest and beautiful beaches like Corbu, Vadu, Sfanful Georghe, etc. Visit the city parks and go traveling into the city streets, exploring the lives of locals and getting connected with them. Have some delicious food, get the best clothes, and the most memorable experience from the trip. Apart from exploring Bucharest, you should also work upon preserving the integrity of the capital and you as a tourist. Be careful of the language and actions you use so that they might not seem offensive, ensure proper disposal of the waste and garbage, do not litter in the parks or roads, and try your level best to encourage the local retailers.

City Parks

  • Youth Park: One of the largest parks in south Bucharest. Youth park attracts a large number of locals as well as tourists every year. Spanning over an area of 94 hectares, the park is worth visiting. It is surrounded by the greens and trees around, along with a beautiful lake, increasing the park's scenic value. People can even go boating in the summers. The park is a complete recreation place for children and adults alike. The special children area named Orăşelul Copiilor is full of rollercoasters, slides, and much more.
  • King Michael 1 Park: King Michael 1 Park is situated alongside Lake Herăstrău. The park is very grand and has all the elements of adventure sports, sightseeing, and recreation. Some of the park's main attractions include Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum featuring the traditional life and culture of Romanians. The park is surrounded by a large beer hall, sports club, yacht club, and many others.
  • Drumul Taberei Park: This beautifully renovated Park is an awesome place for sightseeing and enjoying with your family. Park is full of bridges, a lake, and lots of grass and trees. One of the biggest perks of this park is that it is immaculate and beautiful. The park is also surrounded by officers to take care of the cleanliness and public activities. You should be careful enough to avoid spitting in the garden and do not throw the wrappers of food or eatables scattered around.
  • Carol Park: Named after King Carol 1 of Romania, Carol Park is situated partly on Filaret Hill. Apart from other attractions, this park is known to have significant historical importance, and there are many monuments erected in the park, mainly The Mausoleum and the Cantacuzino Fountain.
Carol Park

National Parks

  • Vacaresti Park Nature Reserve: Vacaresti Park Nature Reserve is located in Bucharest, Romania. The surrounded by wetlands and lake Vacaresti. It has a lot of areas to stroll around. You can walk, ride a bicycle, or jog in this area. The park also has a rich wildlife and is known for its wild varieties of flora. You can find otters, foxes, and about 130 species of birds in the area.


  • Corbu: Corbu Beach is one of the beaches located near Bucharest. The beach has fantastic scenery and is exceptionally peaceful. It is home to various attractions, most importantly, the ruins of Histria fortress and Enisala fortress.
  • Sfantul Georghe: It is located 3 Km away from Sfanful Village, and the only way to go to the beach is by boat. The beach is beautiful and clean; you can watch the clear waters as you see, and the sand is so smooth. There are dotted seashells washed off the shore.
  • Vadu Beach: Vadu Beach is very wide and long. Being a wild place, it is prohibited to reach the beach through cars. You cannot go camping as it is thought to destroy the natural habitat of the wildlife. Visit Vadu Beach has a fixed fee of R.O.N. 5 per day.


  • Palace of the Parliament: Built during the reign of empire Nicolae Ceaușescu in 1980, the Palace of Parliament is amongst the most prominent landmarks of Bucharest. It enjoys the status of the largest parliament building in the world. Chamber of Deputies and the Senate house are the prominent structures in the building. The main attraction of the palace of the parliament includes the National Museum of Contemporary Art.
  • Arcul de Triumf: Arcul de Triumph was built as a model of Arc de Triomphe in Paris. The grand arc stands on the Kiesel Road and was constructed by Petre Antonescu. The historical arc stands for the victory of Romania in World War 1.
  • Romanian Athenaeum: Romanian Athenaeum is the concert hall located in Bucharest. It is a circular and domed building which hosts annual music festivals and events. The monument is also popularly known as George Enescu.
  • House of the Spark: House of Spark is the replica of Lomonosov' Moscow State University. House of Spark aimed at bringing different press houses and publishers together. It features Hammer and sickle, Red Star, and other insignia carved.
  • Palace of National Bank of Romania: If you are looking to find about the historical changes and adaptation in Romania, this might be the only place to get into. It includes all the economic currency exhibits and notation like banknotes, bullion coins, documents, photographs, stamps, gold bullion bars, etc.
  • National Radio Orchestra: Founded in 1852, the National Radio Orchestra hosts a large number of events every year. The most prominent traditional events include the George Enescu Festival and other classical music events. If you are planning a vacation to Bucharest, this place is a must-visit.
File:Palace of the Parliament Bucharest.jpg
Palace of National Bank of Romania


  • Aviation Museum: Aviation Museum holds the belongings and artifacts from the Romanian's first flight schools. It contains the objects from Aurel Vlaicu, Smaranda Bratescu, and Henri Coanda's personal archive.
  • Gheorghe Tattarescu Museum: The museum contains roman revolutionaries like Gheorghe Maghero, Nicolae Bălcescu, and many others. The museum also features the work of roman painters and is based upon patriotic and Revolutionary themes.
  • Theodor Pallady Museum: The museum features the works of the famous painter Theodor Pallady. You can also look at various oriental and European furniture.
  • National Museum of Art of Romania: One of the best-known museums in Bucharest, it gives glimpses of a different culture, traditions and speaks volumes about Romanian Art and style. It is located in the Royal Palace and is known for the featured work of famous artists like Constantin Brâncuși.
  • Museum of Romanian Peasant: This museum features an extensive collection of objects and tools of spiritual, religious, and peasant importance. The vast array of artifacts, sculptures include wooden items, costumes, ceramics, textiles, etc. This museum was also declared as the European Museum of the year 1996.
National Museum of Art of Romania


Tourism in Bucharest is incomplete without tasting the traditional delicacies of the capital. You can visit local restaurants, go to traditional food shops and other stores, and get yourself the best food. Many varieties of the food are available; you can choose from Italian, American, Romanian traditional and french dishes.

Romanian cuisine is a mix of German, Hungarian and Turkish flavors. Whenever you visit a Restaurant in Bucharest, you must try the Romanian Nationality Sarmale. The traditional dish is a unique mix of cabbage rolls filled with minced meat. Some of the famous dishes of Bucharest include Ciorba, Mici, Beef Salad, Salata De Vinette, etc.

Traditional Local Restaurants

Suppose you are willing to taste traditional Romanian food like Sarmale, Beef salad, ciorba, etc. You can visit the nearest restaurants and order these Romanian delicacies.

Some of the top traditional local restaurants include:

  • Restaurant Hanu' lui Munac
  • The Artist
  • Maize
  • Caru Cu' Bere

Vegetarian and Vegan

There is a mix of traditional Romanian, Lebanese, Turkish, French, or Italian dishes. If you don't prefer non-vegetarian food, many restaurants, and local shops serve delicious vegan dishes. The restaurants serving the best vegan dishes include:

  • Paine si vin
  • Van Gogh Café
  • La Placinte
  • Il Pacceto

Street Food

Street Food always remains the personal favorite for youth and adults alike. You can visit the local shops and go to different food stalls and food markets. You can taste the delicious recipes and enjoy your time in Bucharest. Bucharest is known to have a large number of Pretzel shops, street-side bakeries, and much more.

  • Pretzels: The most delicious pretzels with fillings are made up of sausage, apples, chocolate, and covricheese.
  • Gogoasa: Gogoasa, also commonly known as Donuts, are widely tasted food items in the market. You can choose donuts of different shapes and fillings.
  • Shoarma: Shoarma is an ultimate sweet, highly popular in Bucharest.


Bucharest has the most memorable nightlife in Romania. There are exotic traditional Romanian Special drinks and a lot of night bars. The bars offer excellent quality wine and brandy, with extraordinary settings and lovely music. You can go to many bars to get yourself drinks and enjoy the time there. Most importantly, you must try the Romanian exotic variety Tuica. Tuica is made up of Plums with 30-40% of alcoholic content. There are several other famous and traditional drinks like Vicinata, Afinata, Rachiu, Palinca, and traditional wine.

Here is the list of top bars in Bucharest to enjoy refreshing drinks and nightlife.

  • Fix me a Drink
  • Fabrica De Bere Buna
  • The Urbanist
  • Interbelic
  • Control
  • Pura Vida Skybar
  • Shoteria


Bucharest has enough supply of water from the three primary sources. The most crucial source includes surface water and groundwater. The Danube River also serves as a prominent source of water supply in Europe. Usually, the tap water in Bucharest is regarded safe from drinking, but the recent concerns alarm against tap water's direct consumption. There was news circulating, claiming an increase in the chlorine content of water, which made the water unfit to drink directly or brush or cook. Afterward, the claims were addressed by the water quality testing agencies, which suggested keeping the tap water running for some time. It is recommended to use tap water after boiling or drink water from the water purifiers. You can also purchase several mineral water bottles at your convenience.

In Bucharest, the people are provided water at the lowest sanitation and water tariffs

Organic Cafés

Organic Cafes have gained a massive customer base due to an increased approach towards eco-friendly methods and organic foods. Organic foods have a lot of benefits and provide excellent nutrition quality without any kind of side effects. There are a lot of organic cafes in Bucharest, which are extremely popular among locals and tourists. You can order fabulous flans to seaweed salads. There are many options from tomato soups, tacos, etc.

If you are trying to be a responsible tourist, you should try to promote local businesses and organic foods, and eco-friendly methods.

Famous Organic cafes in Bucharest include:

  • Grand Café Van GoghCamera Din Fata
  • Barca
  • Origreen Café
  • Arcade Café


Wine, Brandy, and Cocktails have always been a part of our lifestyles. Bucharest offers incredible drinks and quality to its tourists and locals. You can choose from the famous traditional Romanian drinks to ever-favorite alcohol and vodka. Bucharest has several breweries set up involved in the production of alcohol and alcoholic beverages. Breweries serve as the main source of alcohol production to the local bars and alcohol shops. The best brewing companies in Bucharest include:

  • Three Happy Brewers
  • Oriel Beer
  • Hop Hooligans Brewery
  • Plan Beer
  • Anagram Brewery


Bucharest is the most economically developed and culturally diverse capital in Romania. There are many places to explore, like various landmarks, beautiful lakes, grand museums, and great concert halls. You can perform a large number of activities in Bucharest.

  • You can go canoeing and boating in the lake Herăstrău.
  • Go for sightseeing and adventure on Vadu beaches, Corbu beach, King Michael's park, etc.
  • You can visit the grand concert halls and watch the plays and musical concerts in the National Romania Opera and the famous Georghe Enescu hall.
  • Try to learn more about different cultures and traditions. You can visit many museums like the National Museum for Romanian Art and many others. You can also go to the aviation museum to know more about the first flights from Romania, their history, documents, and some parts.

Yoga and Retreats

Mental peace and harmony are among the best things to keep a person strong, healthy, and motivated. The locals in the city are also increasingly aware of their fitness and yoga regimes. You can join different yoga academies and centers at the time of your stay to be fit and active. This will also make you more interactive with locals and be a part of their daily lives. You can perform pranayama, various meditative asanas to relax and clean your body.

The following list talks about the yoga centers in Bucharest.

  • 6 WT Fitness Studio
  • Purna Yoga
  • Suntuncopac yoga studio
  • Hot Yoga Romania
  • Nirwana Yoga Academy
  • Power Yoga
  • Studio Yoga Mov


Finding a place to live in Bucharest is very easy these days. You can choose from different accommodations like hostels, hotels, and apartments. Before choosing accommodation, try to make sure it is not far away from the place you are going to visit or work. If you want to stay in a hotel, it is better to stay in a LEED-certified hotel with low power consumption, high employee productivity, and eco-friendly measure.

Green Hotels

Staying at green hotels is highly recommended since they are favorable to you as well as the environment. Green Hotels aims to provide organic food, organic products, and recyclable objects to their visitors and employees. They have a higher rate of employee satisfaction and production. Staying at hotels is preferable when you have enough money to afford the luxuries and proximity to the center of the capital.

Top hotels in Bucharest are:

  • Intercontinental Bucharest
  • Hotel Cismigiu
  • Radisson BLU Bucharest
  • Hotel Capitol
  • Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest
  • JE Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel
Intercontinental Bucharest

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels and Guest Houses are ideal places for accommodation if you have a limited budget and can depend upon the location preference. Hostels and Guesthouse provide rooms at very cheap and affordable rates. Even electronic appliances like microwaves, ovens, refrigerators can be rented. You can choose your best accommodation from this list of hostels and guest houses.

  • Antique Hostel Bucharest
  • Podstel Hostel Bucharest
  • Popcorn Hostel Bucharest
  • Bucharest Penthouse Hostel
  • Friends Hostel
  • Johanna House
  • Old Centrum Bucharest
  • Villa 11 Bed and Breakfast


Apartments are the best type of accommodation when you are planning for a long-term stay. Hostels, Hotels, and guest houses serve best in the short run and temporary adjustments, but they could cost more in the long run. Apartments are a more budget-friendly option and give you a chance to intermingle with the local life and culture.

If you are looking to stay in Bucharest, check out the following Apartments.

  • JN Boutique Apartments
  • Mosilor Apartments
  • Upground Residence Apartments
  • Elysium
  • Living Aparthotel
  • Azza Aparthotel


If you have limited time in the city, you can try couch surfing if you want. You can stay in a local's house till your vacation if they agree to. This will allow you to mix into their life and helps you to adapt and learn more closely about their culture and customs. You must be good at interaction and respect the rules or conditions of staying in a local's house. Try to avoid smoking, drinking, shouting, etc. when living in their home as it leaves a wrong impression.


Many tourists love adventure and thrill when visiting Bucharest. There are many camping sites in Bucharest where you can enjoy Bonfire, go hiking and trekking, enjoy with your group and much more fun. At the same time, camping is prohibited in some important national parks due to a threat to their natural habitats. Vadu Beach prohibits camping in the area.

If you want to go camping in Bucharest, you can contact the camping agencies in the areas and know more about campsites and highlights of the event.

  • Case Alba Camping, Baneasa
  • Cernica Camping
  • Sanagov Lake- Marina Port camping

How to Get There

Bucharest is a well-connected city in Romania with the most well developed and diversified transport system in Europe. The easy access to Bucharest is due to its interconnectedness with other prominent cities and via various air, road, and rail routes to far away locations and countries. Bucharest is interlinked via two major international cross corridors, namely Pan-European Transport corridor IV and IX.


Air Transport System is quite diversified and developed in Bucharest. Bucharest has two major international airports which greet flights from and to other countries and cities.

Henri Coandă International Airport is situated in the town Otopeni of Ilfov. The distance of the airport from the center of North Bucharest is 16.5km. The airport hosts a large number of passengers every year, making it the busiest airport in Romania. The standard flight destinations and origins include Athens, Moscow, Montreal, Paris, Pearson, Malta, etc.

Aurel Vlaicu International Airport: This airport is referred to as the business airport of Bucharest and is located 8km north of Bucharest. This airport hosts a large number of VIP passengers and is used for business and commercial purposes.

Henri Coandă International Airport


Bucharest has the largest road network in Romania. The road network is highly interlinked and connects to various major cities in Romania and neighboring countries like Bulgaria, Hungary, and Ukraine. The different portals go to other regions from Bucharest like A1 to Pitesti, A2 to Dobrogea, and Constanta, while A3 is linked with Ploesti.

Buses at a bus stop in Bucharest


Gara de Nord station hosts all the mainline services to and from the capital. There are direct international trains from Istanbul, Budapest, Vienna, etc. There many routes within Romania; you can book trains from and to Brasov, Constanta, Sibio, Timisoara, etc. The station has a properly connected bus route for easy access. Gara De Norde has excellent facilities, including cafes, ATM, Money Exchange, and many others.

Train in Bucharest


Hitchhiking never gets old. If you find someone traveling by car having a vacant seat, do not shy away from asking for a ride if you have the same destination. You will know more about the area, especially if you don't know much about the location. You will end up making a lot of friends and have company to entertain you. Although hitchhiking is common these days, but you should be careful enough if you are traveling alone. Do not be rude; try to ask for the lift politely and make sure your clothes and attitude are decent enough to be trusted.


Other than these, there are many different modes of transport which might be a little more expensive and difficult to access. You can prefer tram cars, boats, and cruise ships for the areas surrounded by water bodies with limited air and land transport access. Boats can also be used to move across the city through the lakes and reach different beaches in Bucharest. Other than these, taxis and private cars are also a good option for you but a little less convenient in terms of budget and environment. The increased traffic of these vehicles has lead to potholes in the roads, increased emission of harmful gases, and road accidents for sure.

Moving Around

Bucharest has a road network that is the largest in Romania and amongst the most extensive in the whole of Europe. You can move around Bucharest through several modes of transportation, be it private or public. Though private transport may some more preferable for modern-day tourists, especially families public transport is a more eco-friendly option. Using Public transport costs less money and provides more convenience and access to city tours.


The best way to explore and move to the city is by walking. If you have a lot of time left to stay in the city, go to your expedition on foot. Walking enables you to gain first-hand experience and watch everything patiently without any rush. It also allows you to stay closer to the locals and know about their lifestyle by being a part of it. You can go to flea markets, visit food markets, go to local shopping streets, and buy whatever you want.


Bicycling is the healthiest approach when it comes to exercising and movement. Apart from the personal health benefits, it encourages environmental stability and helps to reduce pollution. You can take your bicycles into the city and visit various places or go biking near the beach. There are many companies and hostels which allow you to rent a bicycle.

Bicycle for rent in Bucharest

Electronic Vehicles

You can use bikes, motorcycles, e-rickshaws, and other electronic vehicles to travel from one place to another. These vehicles are both cost-effective and environmentally friendly option. They reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, reduces air pollution, and are made readily available.

Public Bus

As said earlier, Bucharest has the most extensive road network in Romania. You can easily use a public bus to go from one place to another. Express buses frequently run on the route to various locations in Bucharest. The express buses are given different numbers according to their routes. For example, if you want to visit Arc De Triumf, Piata Victoriei, Piata Unirii, and other downtown areas, you can board a bus numbered Express Bus 783. Express Bus 782 takes you from the airport to the Baneasa Shopping Mall, Express Bus 780 runs via the railway station.

Public bus in Bucharest

Tram, Train and Subway

Public Transport System in Bucharest is highly well developed. Bucharest has a proper Surface Transport System constituting trams, trolleybuses, mini-rails moving across the city. Also, there is a proper metro system run by Metrorex along with a taxi and can services. You can choose any of these services based upon your convenience.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping stands for the purchase of organic and biodegradable goods. It involves using and buying recyclable products that can be used in the long run after recycling and resulting. The products which promote our health, lifestyle and are favorable to the environment come under sustainable shopping. Avoid using plastic bags; try to bring jute bags in the market, which can be used again and again.

  • Plafar Organic Bio
  • M&B Prod S.R.L
  • Paradisul Verde

Food Markets

There are several food markets in Bucharest. You can purchase organic fruits, vegetables, and enables your choice. Food markets involve open market stalls or big food stores which provide access to the fresh farm produce. Some of the best food markets in Bucharest are:

  • Obor Market
  • Amzei Market
  • Matache Market
  • Carrefour Market
  • Piata Norilor
Amzei Market

Flea Markets

Everyone likes to shop by watching everything closely and exploring out the exhibited items. Flea Markets are the best options to purchase the products and clothes at a low price displayed in glass or on stalls for open negotiation and view. The following list consists of the flea markets in Bucharest, which you must visit on your stay.

  • Targul Valea Cascadelor
  • SC Pescar Universal SRL
  • Antique Weekend Market

Second Hand Stores

Second-Hand stores offer excellent retailing services to the middle class or lower-income people of the society. They are a perfect choice for this willing to spend less on a useful object, making it more affordable. Second-hand stores deal in various items like Electronics, gadgets, heavy machinery, automobiles, and other goods.

Few second-hand stores in Bucharest include:

  • Podium Brand - Second Hand
  • Confectii second hand
  • Humana Second Hand
  • Second Hand Mosilor
  • Rusu Grup Serv


Eco Shops are gaining a lot of customer attention due to affordable rates and eco-friendly products. You can purchase organic dyes, recycled fabric clothes, organic foods, and biodegradable materials, which would promote eco-tourism and public health. These stores offer recyclable products, organic foods, and reusable fabrics, which are beneficial for the environment and your health.

The most famous eco-shops in Bucharest include:

  • Naturalia Stirbei Voda
  • PKG Eco Solutions
  • EcoFashion Studio


Recycling is the best method to promote environmental health. You can take your products, which can be recycled to the nearest recycling agency in Bucharest and contribute towards sustainable and eco-friendly living.

  • Recycle International
  • Tehnoinvest & Co Recycling
  • Carrefour colectare materiale reciclabile
  • RECYCLE SRL - Basarab collection center
  • SC Metal Scrap Invest Srl


Waste Management in Bucharest is a quite complicated and tedious process. The government finds it gravely tricky to tackle the waste generated by cities and imported into Romania. Although many recycling agencies are working upon recycling glass, paper, plastic, and other recyclable products.

Some of the waste managing agencies in Bucharest include:

  • Total Waste Management - Central Offices
  • RER Ecologic Service București REBU
  • FCC Environment Romania SRL - Bucuresti

Work and Study Abroad

Studying and working in Romania is extremely easy. There is no need to get a valid work permit to work in Romania or any other city like Bucharest. All you need is a valid study permit, and you can work for about 4 hours per day. Different programs and courses depend upon the stream of education, choice of study, and career prospectus.

Exchange Student

Bucharest is an ideal place to study in Europe due to its low living costs and low tuition fees and expenditure. The cost of an exchange program ranges between 2500 to 5000 Euros per year. Romania has excellent cultural values and has beautiful scenic landscapes, making it an ideal study destination for international students. The following colleges and universities in Bucharest that offer exchange programs to its students.

  • University of Bucharest
  • Bucharest University of Economic studies
  • Ecological University of Bucharest
  • National University of Arts Bucharest
  • National University of Music Bucharest
University of Bucharest

Au Pair

Au Pairing allows any foreign person to take the responsibilities of someone's family or child care. In return to this, the person is provided with several monetary allowances and facilities for survival and in return for the work. This program is also categorized as a cultural exchange program. You can offer to work as a nanny or work in an academy to teach language and other things.


International students can also volunteer for the exchange of their skills and services for the welfare of the people of Bucharest. You can help in a number of jobs, from administration to cleaning and housekeeping. You can also volunteer for a waste management process or teaching activities like teaching English and other languages to the locals or those who want to learn.

You can pair up with different NGOs or help in the upliftment of the underprivileged section of the society in Bucharest. Not only this, but you can also work for the welfare of refugees. Therefore, if you are interested in becoming a part of the Romanian working population and want to serve for the welfare of people, you can volunteer for several causes.

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