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Eco-friendly travel guide to Paris advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Paris, France.

View of the city skyline

  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.4 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.8 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4.5 / 5
  • Parks: 4.0 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4.3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4.0 / 5
  • Safety: 3.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$50 - $250
  • Budget per day: US$70 - $300

Responsible Travel

Paris is the biggest, most famous, and most populous city in the country of France. Paris has been one of Europe's significant finance, diplomacy, business, design, science, and culture. In northern focal France, Paris is situated in a north-bowing curve of the stream Seine whose peak incorporates two islands, the Île Saint-Louis and the bigger Île de la Cité, which structure the most established piece of the city. The city is spread broadly on the two banks of the above ocean level. Paris has a few noticeable slopes, the most elevated of which is Montmartre at 130 m. Excluding the remote parks of Bois de Boulogne and Bois de Vincennes, Paris covers an oval estimating around 87 km2 in the territory, encased by the 35 km (22 mi) ring street, the Boulevard Périphérique.

Paris has been famous for a lot of reasons. Being home to famous landmarks like The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Notre Dame, Moulin Rouge etc makes Paris a very popular tourist destination. It has been known as the city of love and a very popular spot for honeymooners as well. Other than that Paris is known to be the city of fashion and creatives. Plenty of fashion houses started from this city and it is also home to many writers, painters, chefs, musicians, actors, philosophers etc. All of this puts Paris in a very highlighted positions which means lots of visitors and also a threat to its environment and climate. Being a tourist in today's world comes with its own set of responsibilities and obligations. The change climate of the planet urges us to be more responsible and take accountability for our actions and also study the impact we have on the environment. One must travel in an eco friendly way and ensure that the local citizens or the natural surroundings are not affected. These are some of the most crucial tips that vacationers must follow to travel responsibly.

  • Picking up an eco friendly mode of transportation: A significant part of your trip will be spent moving around and getting from one place to another. This means that you will need an appropriate mode of transportation. An appropriate mode of transportation does not mean that it will be the most eco-friendly as well. This means that you will have to decide something that is comfortable yet eco-friendly. Paris being a very developed country and an important tourist destination has an advanced public transport system. While you will have transport options like private cars and taxis at your disposal you need to know that not only do they contribute to more congestion and traffic pollution but also emit harmful gases into the environment. So, choose options like walking, cycling, electronic and public transportation in general.
  • Attempting and trying out the local food and cuisines: A major part of travelling also includes trying the local food and discovering the local food scene. A lot of people choose to be safe and opt to go for international food chains and that means contributing to a culture that not only produces millions of tonnes waste but also has a negative impact on small local businesses. Rather than simply adhering to worldwide cheap food establishments that add to such a lot of waste being created on the planet, it would help if you go for the small and local options. Especially in a city like Paris that is known for its quaint little cafes and romantic bakeries, it will be almost criminal to not try them. It will not only help the economy but will be an environmentally friendly choice as well.
  • Do not throw waste: As an eco-accommodating voyager, you need to advance green however much as could be expected in the city to rouse individual sightseers as well as nearby individuals. At the point when you visit any travelers attractions, particularly city parks, ensure you don't toss any food covering and don't simply stop at that yet on the off chance that you see any garbage, get it and toss it in the dustbin. It may appear as though an exceptionally little activity yet colossally affects people observing, particularly the youngsters present in the recreation center since they learn and impersonate the conduct of others around them.
  • Pick a green lodging: over other accommodation options and if you cannot find a green hotel of your choice then opt for an apartment or hostel. This is because most of the five star hotels and resorts create tonnes of waste every day including 79,000 tonnes of food waste (9% total food waste from the sector) and they do not adhere to sustainable business practices. If you choose to stay in an apartment you can work on your carbon footprint and decide on things like using no plastic, minimum waste etc. This will not only help with reducing your carbon footprint but massively help help with improving the environment.
  • Shop locally: In order to support local craftsmen and artisans always shop local. During your trip to the city, you will come across small shops and food stalls in almost every lane of the city. If you want to have an unforgettable experience in the city, then buy goods and handicrafts from these shops. This will not only help you to save a lot of money but you will be supporting a lot of local people who are dependent on their small businesses to earn a livelihood.

Air Quality and Pollution

While Paris is considered to be second most polluted city in France and it has been dealing with the problem of air pollution for quite a while now, it is still ranked moderately by the AQI index. On most days the Air Quality is not too bad but it’s still something that has been a cause of concern and even the European Court of Justice condemned the city in 2019 for its limited action against NO2 air pollution which is caused by vehicular traffic. The city government has taken several steps to curb this problem which includes pedestrianising the roads and installing fully protected bike lanes. You can also play your part in protecting the environment by biking around the city as opposed to using cars and adding to the problem of air pollution. Following are some of the statistics for the Air condition of Paris PM10 – 14 PM2.5 – 29 PM10 Pollution Level – Low to moderate O3 – 15 NO2 – 26 Humidity – 1019 Air Quality – 29

Respect the Culture

Toward the start of the 20th century, Paris was the biggest Catholic city in the world. French enumeration information doesn't contain data about strict affiliation. According to a 2011 review by the IFOP, a French general assessment research association, 61% of inhabitants of the Paris Region (Île-de-France) recognized themselves as Roman Catholic. In a similar overview, 7% of occupants recognized themselves as Muslims, 4% as Protestants, 2% as Jewish, and 25 percent as without religion.

Somewhere between the range of 4 and 5 million French inhabitants were conceived or had in any event one parent brought into the world in a dominatingly Muslim country, especially Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia. An IFOP overview in 2008 detailed that, of settlers from these prevalently Muslim nations, 25% went to the mosque routinely; 41% rehearsed the religion, and 34 percent were adherents yet didn't rehearse the religion. In 2012 and 2013, it was assessed that there were right around 500,000 Muslims in the City of Paris, 1.5 million Muslims in the Île-de-France area, and 4 to 5 million Muslims in France.

The Jewish populace of the Paris Region was assessed in 2014 to be 282,000, the biggest convergence of Jews on the planet outside of Israel and the United States.

This shows that the society is a multicultural one and that is what it makes it so unique. The rich history of this city attracts tourists from all over the world. You will be able to see some of the best historical places along with different stories. You can ask them questions about their unique and enriching culture but do not be disrespectful and do not look down upon their traditions and beliefs. If you do not engage in any harmful activity, you will not have any issue with the locals. All they ask from foreigners is mutual respect.

Another extremely important aspect of French culture is that they like to separate religion from official matters. It’s not allowed for anyone to wear anything that represents a religion for example the headscarf for Muslims to official places like schools etc. This might be a cause of concern for a lot of visitors who do not want to change the way they dress in their everyday life just to visit a country. This is something that you should seriously consider before planning your trip so you are not offended by what French people expect of you and they are not offended when you don’t meet those expectations.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Paris is the social and cultural capital of Europe and potentially the world. They've been working diligently drawing in voyagers and bon vivantsince the time they turned the streetlamps on a couple of hundred years back, making it the City of Light! Here are the top places in Paris which one can enjoy every time they come to Paris.

  • Eiffel Tower: What might Paris be without its representative Eiffel Tower? Worked by Gustave Eiffel to recognize the centennial of the French Revolution, it was introduced at the Exposition Universelle in Paris in 1889. It is three hundred twenty-four meters high; it is quite possibly the most visited landmark on the planet, with almost 7 million guests every year. The principal floor houses the Eiffel Tower 58, which reaches out more than two levels, 58 meters over the ground as its name recommends. The view is the awesome 115 meters on the subsequent floor since you have a jumping view on the ground underneath. At long last, on the third floor at 275 meters, you can perceive Gustave Eiffel's workplace. For the more courageous and adventurous spirits it is recommended to climb the steps (1,665 to the highest point). The climb of the Eiffel Tower is an absolute necessity to appreciate the wonderful perspective on Paris. Practically everybody will intend to see the Eiffel Tower sooner or later during their trip to Paris. And keeping in mind that it may appear glaringly evident that the Eiffel Tower illuminates around evening time, did you realize that each evening the Eiffel Tower sparkles for five minutes consistently at the top of the hour? It's an enchanting sight, and it's shockingly better when you're standing near the pinnacle. The time the 'sparkling' begins relies upon the season you're visiting since it starts after dusk.
  • Notre Dame Cathedral: Quite possibly the most suffering images of Paris: Notre-Dame de Paris, otherwise called Notre Dame, a Roman Catholic house of prayer is situated on the eastern portion of the Ile de la Cité. It is broadly viewed as perhaps the best illustration of French Gothic engineering in France and Europe. Started in 1163 and finished in 1345, this church is a sight with its entryways encompassed by the numerous models and figures of grotesqueness that decorate the rooftop. We encourage you to stroll around the church, head inside and climb the 387 stages to the highest point of the pinnacles. The move to the highest point of the pinnacles can be debilitating. Yet, you will get an all-encompassing view of the area and you will be able to see the renowned foreboding figures up close. Situated on the Ile de la Cité, the Notre-Dame-de-Paris Cathedral was the principal image of Paris until the Eiffel Tower was assembled. It is the center subject of Victor Hugo's epic Notre-Dame de Paris. In addition to other things, it was the area of Napoleon Bonaparte's crowning ordinance in 1804. The entry to this cathedral is free each day from 7:45 AM to 6:45 PM.
  • Louvre Museum: The Louver is the most visited historical center on the planet. Situated in the core of Paris, this memorable structure is a previous imperial royal residence, with a zone of 210,000 square meters, including 60,600 for the displays. The historical center is housed in the Louver, initially a post implicit the late twelfth century under Philip II. The remaining parts of the fort are noticeable in the cellar of the historical center. Subsequent to having 300 years of history as a regal home, the Palais du Louver has been facilitating the Louver Museum since 1793. Through social events, a huge number of bits of workmanship from Ancient Egypt to the Romantic Period, the Louver is the image of France's set of experiences. Numerous exemplary pieces like Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa, Eugène Delacroix's Liberty Leading the People, Géricault's Raft of the Medusa, the Winged Victory of Samothrace, or even Antioch's Venus de Milo are on lasting show for anybody to see. The collections are isolated into eight offices:

Egyptian artifacts Oriental artifacts Greek, Etruscan and Roman Islamic Art Models of the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Modern Times Objects of workmanship Canvases Realistic expressions

The Louver is the world's biggest historical center and home to the actual texture of western human progress, which makes it inconceivably essential to society. Authorized local escorts of Paris and the Louver study their whole lives in accolade of the incredible craftsmen, stone workers, and even conflict masters that have formed our general public. Joining a guided visit permits you to plunge beneath the outside of the work of art to truly comprehend these world-popular craftsmen's considerations and sentiments. It adds such a great addition to the experience of visiting the Louver and will make your excursion more vital.

  • Champs Elysees: Under the spell of antiquated Roman engineering, Napoleon authorized Jean Chalgrin the plan of a victorious curve committed to the wonder of magnificent militaries. Implicit the nineteenth century, it is the biggest landmark of its sort on the planet. Great figures embellish its columns. Likewise, the names of 558 officers and the incredible triumphs are engraved on the highest point of the circular segment. Under the Arc de Triomphe is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier of France. The all-encompassing patio over the entryway offers a delightful perspective on Paris. Fifty meters high, 45 meters wide, and 22 meters down, the Arc de Triomphe is situated on the Place de l'Etoile, which prompts the Champs Elysees, which is nicknamed "the most wonderful road on the planet." It remains 1.9 km between Place de la Concorde and the Arc de Triomphe. There are numerous extravagance stores, spots of entertainment, renowned bistros, and eateries. As an image of France's public force, the Arc de Triomphe was mentioned by Napoleon Bonaparte to remember the triumph during the Battle of Austerlitz in 1806. Today it honors the First World War and has the Flame of the Unknown Soldier. The Arc de Triomphe ignores Paris all in all, and the Avenue des Champs-Elysées specifically, which is known to be the most lovely road in the entire world. The Champs-Elysées is likewise an incredible spot for shopping since it assembles the greatest French and global brands.
  • Montmarte: Montmartre is a slope situated in the north of Paris, 130 meters high, having its name to the encompassing area. It is most popular for the white-domed Basilica of the Sacred Heart at the top. It was finished in 1919 and praised the French survivors of the Franco-Prussian conflict of 1870. In case you're nearby, do visit the Square of Tertre, hardly any squares from the Basilica. Numerous specialists are setting up their easels to paint travelers or show their work. Spot du Tertre is a token of when Montmartre was the center of current craftsmanship in the mid-twentieth century; numerous specialists, for example, Amedeo Modigliani, Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, and Vincent van Gogh worked there. The Espace Salvador Dalí, a gallery committed principally to the figure and drawings of the Spanish painter, can be tracked down a couple of steps from the Square of Tertre. Montmartre is a slope situated in the north of Paris, 130 meters high, having its name to the encompassing area. It is most popular for the white-domed Basilica of the Sacred Heart at the top. It was finished in 1919 and praised the French casualties of the Franco-Prussian conflict of 1870.
  • Square of Tertre: In case you're nearby, do visit the Square of Tertre, hardly any squares from the Basilica. There are numerous specialists setting up their easels to paint vacationers or show their work. Spot du Tertre is a token of when Montmartre was the center of current workmanship in the mid-twentieth century; numerous craftsmen, for example, Amedeo Modigliani, Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, and Vincent van Gogh worked there. The Espace Salvador Dalí, a gallery committed principally to the figure and drawings of the Spanish painter, can be tracked down a couple of steps from the Square of Tertre. Some of the time portrayed as a "town" in view of its winding roads and humble community feel Montmartre is a neighborhood in Paris roosted on a peak in the northern piece of the city. Ensure you visit the Sacre Coeur Basilica, a frequently disregarded strict landmark. Maybe then delineating everything about your visit, get off at a close-by metro station (Anvers or Abbesses) and meander your way through the roads of Montmartre. This is the ideal approach to figure out this beguiling area.
  • Palace of Versailles: The Château de Versailles is the most acclaimed palace in France. Inherent the seventeenth century as an image of the military force of France and as a show of French incomparability in Europe, Versailles was the seat of political force in the Kingdom of France from 1682 to 1789. It is frequently associated with Marie Antoinette, the French Queen who was beheaded during the French Revolution. The royal palace started out as a hunting lodge in 1624 and became more ornate over the years. Located outside of Paris, Versailles is known for the hall of mirrors and beautiful gardens.This tremendous complex of structures, gardens, and porches is certainly an unquestionable requirement for any guest who will be dazzled by remarkable facilities, luxurious improvements, furniture, and plated works of Renaissance craftsmanship. The royal residence of Versailles is an outright magnum opus of French engineering. It's the image of the French government and used to be the home of Louis XIV, the Sun King, just as his relatives Louis XV and Louis XVI. While it was at first a simple chasing structure for King Louis XIII, it was changed into the wonder it is today under Louis XIV's declaration as a way to set up strength over the aristocrats and to leave his imprint ever. Invest a day in another energy while visiting the Château de Versailles, just as its Gardens, the Petit Trianon, the Grand Trianon, and the Hameau de la Reine. The Palace of Versailles is without a doubt one of Paris' most visited attractions in light of current circumstances. While progressives may have outed the last rulers and sovereigns of France, we're happy they left this eminent piece of design sound. Follow the strides of authentic figures like Marie Antoinette and respect the greatness of the previous imperial royal residence. In the Hall of Mirrors, excellent crystal fixtures reflect in more than 300 mirrors. At the point when you visit the castle, ensure you visit the captivating Gardens of Versailles. The fastidiously manicured gardens possess an all-out zone of very nearly 2,000 sections of land.
  • The Latin Quarter: The Latin Quarter of Paris is situated on the left bank of the Seine, around the Sorbonne. Known for its understudy life, vivacious ambience, and quaint bistros, the Latin Quarter is the home to numerous advanced education establishments, for example, the Ecole Normale Superieure, the Ecole des Mines de Paris, or the Ecole Polytechnique. The territory takes its name from the Latin language, which was once inescapable in and around the University since Latin was the worldwide language of learning in the Middle Ages. The Luxembourg park is a private nursery open to the general population made in 1612 in line with Marie de Medicis to go with the Luxembourg Palace. The Parisians lovingly consider it the "Luco." The nursery encompasses the Palais du Luxembourg, where the Senate seats. Updated by André Le Nôtre, it is exceptionally charming to stroll around; you will likewise discover a plantation, a few assortments of apples, an apiary, and a nursery with orchid assortment. There are 106 sculptures, a bronze decrease of the Statue of Liberty, and three excellent wellsprings. The Latin Quarter is situated in the fifth locale of Paris, directly close to the Notre-Dame Cathedral. It's one of the more popular and more dynamic neighborhoods of the city. Because of the presence of two colleges, it's a zone with numerous understudies. You will discover numerous roads with bars and eateries, yet additionally traveler destinations like the Panthéon, Les Arènes, the Curie gallery, and the Jardin des Plantes.
  • Moulin Rouge: The Moulin Rouge is a cabaret known as the profound origination of the popular French Cancan. Situated at the foot of Montmartre slope in the core of Pigalle, it was implicit 1889 by Joseph Oller and Charles Zidler. At first, this was presented as a romance dance, the cancan made conceivable the introduction of the men's club, presently present in numerous nations throughout the planet. Today, the Moulin Rouge is a vacation spot, giving diversion to guests from around the world. Its style and name have been imitated and acquired from different clubs throughout the planet, Las Vegas. What's more, numerous movies have helped the standing of the nightclub, for example, Baz Luhrmann's film in 2001, featuring Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor. Introduced in 1889 (that very year as the Eiffel Tower), the Moulin Rouge has consistently been characterized as an image of music, creative and body freedom. A genuine meaning of satisfaction, these days the Moulin Rouge is as yet one of Paris' insignias because of its shows, including its renowned artists and their shocking outfits. Numerous superstars have performed there, for example, the popular Edith Piaf who sang there.
  • Sienna: Track down an ideal approach to visit the "City of Light," appreciating a voyage on the Seine, particularly around evening. At the point when the sun sets, the landmarks are lit gradually. You get an all-encompassing perspective to the cutting edge so you can appreciate the excellence of Paris: Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Pont Alexandre III, and some more. In case you're visiting Paris and the climate is decent, do the Parisians and outing along the Seine stream. While the majority of different activities in Paris on this rundown are more dynamic, taking a crush to sit spirit and appreciate the lovely view for certain neighborhood rarities is a great method to take a break from swarmed touring attractions. Two famous spots to excursion are close to the Pont des Arts connect and Ile de la Cité (one of the little islands in the waterway). On the off chance that you are outing in the evening, you'll probably hear neighborhood artists playing close by. Another choice is to get a beverage at one of the open boat bistros or cafés moored along the stream.
  • Palais Garnier: The Palais Garnier or Opéra Garnier is a theater inherent in 1875 and has a presentation corridor, public regions, and practice regions. It's one of the spots that invite the most guests in Paris. It's a genuine compositional show-stopper, and it is very obvious that it was classified as a recorded landmark in 1923. The Palais Garnier is additionally essential for the public establishment of the "Opéra public de Paris" association (alongside the Opéra Bastille); you can go there to go to ballet productions or the dance school's shows, shows, and presentations. The passage starts at 2:30 PM in the early evening and 7:30 PM in the evening, aside from unique cases.
View of the Eiffel Tower from the Palais de Chaillot


The city of Paris is one of the most famous cities in the world. People from all over the globe come to this city to experience the culture and the unique yet sophisticated culture of the Parisians. The city has gained recognition as a romantic city. This is due to the fact that the vibe is so lively that it puts forward a romantic essence to it.

The city is filled with parks and recreational centers that are the key attraction of the city. People, both residents and tourists alike, enjoy these areas and come to visit to relax and let loose. The beaches are packed almost throughout the year. These beaches offer activities that are enjoyed by all age groups so you will have a great time exploring them. The city also is one of the most important places historically speaking as it lies in the heart of France, and is more than 2000 years old.

The city is filled with historically important landmarks that people still enjoy visiting to this day, and these locations are some of the finest when it comes to learning about the city’s history and culture.

City Parks

  • Jardin Du Luxembourg: The Luxembourg Garden is quite possibly the most well-known park in Paris. It was made for Marie de Medici, who was Queen of France and spouse to Henri, the IV. What makes this park so famous and one of the top ten city parks to visit in Paris is its lush green gardens, its enormous size and the number of activities you can enjoy here. Horse rides, carousels, and merry-go-rounds are only a small portion of the numerous things you could do in this 25-hectare park. The recreation center is additionally known for its théatre des dolls (manikin shows). Moreover, there are well-known phenomenal eateries in the zone like the Mustache situated at 3 Rue Sainte-Beuve. They are somewhat costly yet serve quality food!
  • Batignolles Square: The Batignolles Square is a little verdurous and quiet asylum set up at the core of a similar name precinct in the seventeenth region. It was made on the request of Napoléon III, who wanted to breathe life into Paris with English nurseries. It's about a fascinating casing protecting a wide scope of exotic species, going from prickly grasshoppers of America to date plum tree of Japan; at the core of this rich open country, a cavern, a stream, and a lake discovered their place.
  • Champs De Mars: This gorgeous park is located at the foot of Eiffel Tower, not only offering a great view of the grand monument but also the city. You will see plenty of tourists and locals just hanging around this park, having a picnic, playing music and just taking in the beautiful vibe of the city. There are independent and guided tours available as well and the entry is free
  • Garden of Buttes-Chaumont: Jean-Charles Adolphe Alphand's plan implies a calm mood, but Buttes Chaumont approaches the drama of a Delacroix painting. There are high cliffs, great trees, a 30 m waterfall and an iron bridge which springs from a cliff face to a pinacle crowned by a temple. In landscape design, as in many of the fine arts, romanticism began in the eighteenth century and reached its zenith in the nineteenth century.
  • Parc Monceau: Parc Monceau exhibits a brief look into the princely side of Paris. The recreation center is in a calm local location in the eighth arrondissement, encircled by manors. Enter the recreation center through one of the nine expound gated passageways to quite possibly the most wonderful parks in the city. Parc Monceau is a green space loaded up with exceptional enhancement – building-like decorations, sculptures of remarkable Parisian figures, and guest offices to augment their time in the recreation center. An overhead perspective on the recreation center uncovers an untraditional style of plan, all the more firmly identified with English-style parks with bent walkways twisting all through the green space.
View of the beautiful Jardin du Luxembourg.JPG

National Parks

Out of the 12 national parks in France, non of them are located in Paris.However The Parc National des forets de Champagne et Bourgogne is a very famous national park that is only a 2.5 hour drive from Paris.


While there aren’t any actual beaches in the city, there is a pretend beach and several beautiful beaches very close to the city.

  • The Siene: Since 2002, Paris has transformed its riverfront into a little plage, or beach, for visitors and locals alike who pine for the sweet smells of salt air. The musk of the Seine will have to suffice, but the city works hard to make sure the space really does feel like the beach. For the 15th annual event this year, a 3.5km stretch of the Seine along the Bassin de la Villette plays host to palm trees, events, and general summertime shenanigans.
  • The Les Calanques de Cassis: An 8 hour drive from Paris, this little slice of heaven is located outside Marseille. The golden white sand and the pristine water of this beach is something you will never forget. Definitely a must visit if you crave the ocean and want to spend a day swimming or kayaking.
  • Deauville: Nicknamed the “21st arrondissement of Paris”, Deauville is only 2 hours from Paris by car or train. It’s considered the most famous Normandy seaside resort due to the American film festival held there. The boardwalk with the names of famous actors or the beach with an array of the mythical beach umbrellas of all colours, tied up with their famous deauvillais knots are two strong symbols of this beautiful town of Normandy.
  • Granville: It also falls under Normandy territory, but it is further west instead of north. If you drew a straight line into a western direction from Paris, you’d eventually hit Granville on the coast. It’s got a much more distinct Mediterranean feel compared to the rest of the coast; the water considerably bluer, and the cliffs considerably higher.
The Siene


Every countries and city all over the world has its own unique Landmarks. Similarly, Paris also has some of the best and the most memorable landmarks and monuments, making the place an attractive tourist destination.

  • Eiffel Tower: The Tower signifies love, and it is an important place and a destination for couples all over the world. Due to this tower's beauty and design, many people worldwide come here to see this landmark.
  • Cathedral of Notre Dame: Going to Paris means you need to see this marvelous and beautiful design structure of Notre Dame's Cathedral. Without visiting this place, your journey to Paris will not be complete. It was built in the year 1345.
  • Place Dauphine: Another beautiful place in Paris and the main reason for this place is the best romantic place one can get.
The iconic Cathedral of Notre Dame


There are many iconic museums in Paris that offer an insight into the rich history and culture of this ancient city:

  • Louvre Museum: One of the most visited art museum and the world’s largest art and historic centre, The Louvre is definitely the most popular museum of not just Paris but also France and arguably Europe. With one of rarest and richest collections, the Louvre is home to several masterpieces including Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, Theodore Gericault’s The raft of Medusa, Veonese’s The wedding at Cana etc.
  • Rodin Museum: This museum showcases the biggest collection of the work of Auguste Rodin. He was known as the father of modern sculpture and a visionary draughtsman. This gorgeous and romantic museum with its stunning park like garden offers a tranquil and magical experience to all its visitors.
  • Musée National du Moyen Age: It is also called the National Museum of the middle ages, and it signifies a strong image and memories when we look into this Museum.
View of the Louvre Museum at night


Paris is also famous for its mouth-watering foods. It is one of the best tourist destinations if anyone is looking for famous beautiful places and food varieties. We can get foods such as Baguettes, Croissants, Macarons, French cheese, Falafel, Steak Frites, Chocolates, Salted butter caramels and many more. The best thing about Paris is the chocolate it is famous worldwide because of its quality.

Traditional Local Restaurants

Paris is the idle place for food lovers and others looking for the best and delicious food, and this city has traditional local restaurants and some of them as follows.

  • Candelaria: Located in Rue de Saintonge, one can find the most delicious Mexican food at this place with the best margaritas and on top of that the Mexican Beer we should not miss.
  • Du Pain et des Idées: This bakery shop is known for its scrumptious desserts and breads. People from all over Paris come here just to buy the bread.
  • Pizza Chic: This local restaurant in Paris is for pizza lovers. We get to see a variety of pizza and hand-made. They are delicious, and the environment of this place is amazing, with a beautiful interior inside.
  • La Fontaine de Belleville: It is the best traditional local restaurant for an idle lunch. This restaurant is situated in rue Juliette Dodu.
  • Shabour: Another beautiful place for dinner. It is an Israeli restaurant that serves food that is a mixture of Israeli and French, and they are delicious. It is located in Rue Saint-Sauveur.

Vegetarian and Vegan

In Paris, we get to see more vegetarian restaurants with the best quality and taste very good they are

  • Le Potager de Charlotte: This restaurant provides vegetarian food. When looking for the best vegan and no meat or eggs, we can grab this restaurant because of their varieties of vegetarian food items.
  • Le Potager du Marais: It is located in Marais area. If anyone is looking for the best French dining and vegetarian food, this place is the best option.
  • La Bauhinia at Shangri-La Hotel Paris: This is the best place for anyone looking for a refined and delicious lunch in the afternoon. We can find beautiful and aromatic tea, coffee, and pastries sandwiches, and all are vegan and located at 10 Avenue d'Iéna.

Street Food

This city has varieties of street food, and it attracts everyone when we pass by these food stalls in Paris as follows.

  • Le Food Market: This food market is in Belleville in Paris. It is an idle place for everyone. We get to see different burgers and kebabs and mouth-watering and delicious food lovers' best choice.
  • Street Bangkok: Asian cuisine in Paris, and people who love Asian foods must try this street food in Paris. This street food is found in three places the Canal Saint-Martin and Bastille.
  • Oroyona: Another place in Paris for street food. You can check this place and situated in bustling Rue Mouffetard area, near Jardin Des Plantes.
Outside the Oroyona


French wine is one of the things that you cannot afford to miss in your days in the country. Apart from that, you will find some of the popular drinks all around the world in Paris such as Kir, Absinthe, Pastis, Calvados, Kir, Cognac, Chartreuse, and others. Some of the leading brands such as Pernod and Richard are very well known all around the world.

However, there are many different types of drinks available in the country apart from wine and craft beer. You will find a lot of fruit juices, soft drinks, coffee, and others in this city in almost all the shops. Different types of coffees are available in this country in shops such as Cafe Americain, Cafe Kah, Noisette, and others.


While the water itself is very safe to drink in Paris, in some rural parts you will find the water to be hard so it’s good to boil it first. Instead of using plastic bottles and buying them again and again, the most eco friendly option is to use tap water and use a refillable water bottle. It helps that free drinking water is readily available in Paris and most of the major cities have water fountains and some of them even contain sparkling water. The sign that you need to look out for is the warning sign that says “EAU NON POTABLE” which means that the water is not suitable for consumption and if it says POTABLE then it is safe for consumption. Even in restaurants you will be served with tap water so that goes to show it’s safe to drink. It’s also perfectly acceptable to drink water with your meal if you don’t want wine. Another important thing to know is that mineral water in Paris can be more expensive than wine so when ordering do not ask for L’eau or D’eau because you will most likely be served with mineral water in that case which can cost you around 30 euros.

Organic Cafés

In Organic cafes, you will be served food made from fresh produce, sourced ethically and there is a fair trade involved. Most of the options are gluten free and vegan as well. Some of the notable organic cafes in Paris are:

  • Greenhouse in Paris south of Belleville
  • Soya in Paris near Canal Saint-Martin
  • Rose Bakery in Paris southern Pigalle
  • Al-Ajami in Paris Rue François Miron


Craft beer is extremely popular in Paris which means plenty of breweries are present in the city as well. Some of the notable ones include:

  • Paname Brewing Company in La Villette
  • Deck & Donohue in Rue de la Fraternité
  • Liquiderie in rue des Trois Bornes


There are many activities that you can take part in Paris. This city surrounds itself with many historical places and monuments that you can discover and explore, such as the Eiffel tower. One can go to the top of this tower and get a glimpse of the whole city or start the journey by visiting Champs-Élysées to enjoy the most beautiful landscape. For people looking for something different, especially for the art people, there is one of the world's famous art museums Louvre museum.

We can also grab some cookies, which are French macarons, trendy cookies in Paris. There are other bars and restaurants also we can plan for an early morning breakfast by going to the best confectioneries, or we can also find street food in Le food market, street Bangkok and in the weekends we have the best pubs and restaurants to spend time.

Yoga and Retreats

This city also has some favorite yoga destinations for everyone, and for yoga lovers, it is the best place one can visit when visiting Paris.

  • Hotel Hoy in Rue des Martyrs
  • Atma Yoga Studio in Rue des Martyrs
  • Yoga Center Du Marais in Rue du Vertbois
  • Mayashala in Cité Griset Paris


The first thing which most visitors have to stomach is the really expensive cost of staying in Paris. There are a great many luxurious ways to spend the night in the city; however, most costs a fortune and the cheaper ones are usually booked up in advance. At the very least, budget on $30-40 per night for accommodation just in case.

If you are going for a hotel in the city centre, things can get really expensive. Many of the 5-star options start at around $300; furthermore, some hotels charge as much as $1000. There is no doubt that Paris is exorbitant, especially because you still have to spend a small fortune on meals during the day. Other hotels in the mid-market range are around $150 - $250. These are comfortable, but not spectacular. Sometimes you can find a cosy spot close to all of the action, but you will have to book in advance.

Green Hotels

Finding a Green Hotel in Paris is not a big deal because there are more hotels in this city. When someone looking for a different experience or say loves nature wants to stay in these places with lovely eco-friendly environment. Few of them we can try to stay when in Paris as follows.

  • Solar Hotel: Beautifully crafted and design. With the best eco-friendly environment and greenery located in Rue Boulard, Paris, and cost-effective. Idle place and the hotel serve 100% organic breakfast with beautiful landscape one can find.
  • Hotel Gavarni: The best thing about this place it is organic. The hotel uses renewable energy, and there is no carbon emission, and one can get a fresh air of nature. The hotel is full of greenery and an eco-friendly environment with delicious organic food with no artificial chemicals or substances located in Rue Gavarni, Paris.
  • Hi Matic Hotel: built-in urban style in Rue de Charonne, Paris, and 42 cabin rooms. Everyone in this hotel uses recycle pillows and bedsheets. Also, the hotel maintains proper cleaning with naturally made ingredients and all the rooms, and inside the hotel, the lights are energy-saving, making it an eco-friendly hotel.

Hostels and Guest Houses

The city is full of hostels and guest houses. Anyone looking for a hostel or a guesthouse can easily find one with the best hygiene and good food.

  • Generator Paris Hostel: It is a popular hostel in Paris, and there an underground nightclub inside the hostel for parties and to spend some time also a rooftop bar for the view of Montmartre and located in Place du Colonel Fabien.
  • Le Regent Montmartre by Hiphophostels: Another fantastic and beautiful hostel we can stay. The best thing the location the hotel is situated. We get to see the view of Sacré-Cœur from the front door of the hostel and located in Rue de Dunkerque.
  • Villa du Square, Luxury Guest House: In Paris, Villa du Square, Luxury Guest House, this guesthouse build in the year 1924, and it a private mansion with private access to a shared garden full of greenery and a piano for piano lovers. The place is neat and clean and close to a few historical and monumental places we can walk by and close to Rue Raffet.


If you are planning a long stay in a destination to explore all the wonderful places, lifestyle, culture, any others, then you need to find an option of stay that will help you to save some money and help you in your stay. In many ways, staying in apartments is the best option for you as it is very cheap. Many travelers like to rent an apartment on their trip and stay for a long time to fit the budget. You will be able to get expensive apartments on rent as well but when it comes to cheap ones, apartments start from a very low range. Plenty of apartments are available in France


When you visit Paris, you need to keep in mind to spend at least a month or more than that to cover all the places and cultural events, foods, etc. To feel and experience this city's joy and happiness so to stay, you can directly check through the online couch surfing community.


There are many places you can go for camping in Paris. Some of the camping sites in Paris as follows.

  • Camping Club Le Parc de Paris in Rue Adèle Claret
  • Camping Paris Est in Boulevard des Alliés
  • Camping de Paris in Allée du Bord de l'Eau
  • Camping Huttopia Rambouillet in Rue du Château d'Eau

How to Get There

When planning for a vacation or a trip to Paris is an easy job. Due to the best air transport and well-connected, there are three airports in Paris. Every year, more tourists came to this city worldwide to experience this place's beauty and the city of lights. Going to Paris can easily reach from major cities worldwide. Transportation is very good when traveling in Paris. Due to three major airports, anyone looking or planning for a vacation or traveling can easily reach Paris.


The airport in Paris which is called Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport services most of the central France region. It has everything to make it a world class facility, including great dining and refreshment options, transportation means to get you anywhere you need. This includes access to the metro. Moreover the many millions of passengers that the airport serves each year is a testament to its comfortable functionality.

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport


When it comes to bus transport the entire city has an excellent bus transport system. Many buses run all over the city. Anyone looking for a bus to travel to any part of the city can get a bus quickly. For tourists also there are no worries about getting a bus in Paris. In Paris, the best part of seeing the bus stop is that we see an electronic display system showing the next bus time. Similar to a subway, it helps us understand the time the exact time the bus will arrive at the bus stop. Also, there is an electronic USB port through which we can charge our mobile if the phone went out of battery. In Paris, the timing for the bus is from the morning, 7 AM till 12:30 AM.

Bus in Paris


Transiliens are provincial trains leaving from significant Paris train stations like Nord, Est, Lyon, Austerlitz, Montparnasse, Saint-Lazare. Tickets and passes are special at 'Ile-de-France' ticket work areas and programmed ticket machines in train stations and metro/RER stations. The city transport system runs by RATP and consists of the metro, tram, the train covering all over the city and scattered all over for a better transport facility for the normal public and foreigners. The train's connection in Paris is excellent, and anyone can get a train to see the beauty of different places and views of landscapes of this beautiful city. Train routes in Paris connect other towns close to Paris. Also, in Paris, the TGV and Eurostar super fast train connects Paris to central London.

Trains in Paris


In Paris, there is a lot of hitchhiking places we find in this city. Some of the excellent spots for hitchhiking are Aire La Courneuve, barrières de péage etc. However, it's illegal to hitchhiking when there is a rush hour by giving a lift and dropping the person in the middle of a circular road. According to local drivers, another place to get hitchhikers is Porte de la Chapelle. It is the idle place if looking for hitchhikers.


In Paris, you will get to see a lot of bakery shops, bars, pubs and night clubs. When anyone is looking to spend some time, we can visit these places and take a small break and enjoy life with music such as jazz, pop, EDM, etc. The best thing about this city it is full of happiness and joy all over the time. Paris people are amiable, and anyone can mix with them. One can visit many historical places to know this place's history and the most astonishing and beautiful Eiffel tower, which attracts many tourists worldwide to come and see this majestic tower every year and its architecture and design. At night you can walk around the city and experience all the thrill and life of this place. Transportation in this city is enormous we can get a taxi, train, subway, tram. Paris also connects with central London which we can go by super fast train like TVG and Eurostar.

Moving Around

The best and most convenient way for transportation for moving around this city is the metro. It is cost-effective, and you can see and visit all the beautiful places in the city. Paris is France's capital, and we can't experience and see all the sites because the city is large and the only way is the metro. However, we have other options because we see a lot of taxis on the road and tram we can take one in this city. The city is well connected when the questions come about the train. However, we need to avoid few places at night from pickpocket such as nearby Marx Dormoy, Porte de la Chapelle, La Chapelle, Porte de Clignancourt, Porte de la Villette. Also, another cheapest option to move around the city is to hire a bicycle from Vélib'.


you can walk in this city, and the roads and pavements are all clean. All the shops nearby do not have to take a bus, tram, or metro. However, when planning to visit some places it not possible to go on walking. Although we can take an evening walk in this city, and it is safe, and everywhere there is a CCTV camera to protect from any robbery or crime. The city is safe for walking, but there are some crowded places like street Bangkok, a le food market where you can see different types of street food.


One of the cheapest transportation in Paris one can get is hiring a bicycle. We get to see many bicycles protected lanes that are only for bicycle lovers, and we can use and experience this by hiring a bicycle from Velib. We get to see other types of sharing bicycle companies in the city scattered all over, or we can ride our bicycle and enjoy the ride by going to other places in Paris. Some of the best bicycle routes in Paris Stalingrad to Bois de Vincennes, Place de la République, and Seine.

Bicycles in Paris

Electronic Vehicles

In Paris, you will get to see electronic vehicles. The government plans to increase the electric vehicle count to reduce pollution and make the city pollution-free due to carbon emission. Nowadays, we see many electric vehicles in this city in Paris, and there is more charging station we can see in the road because an electric vehicle works through a battery. You need to charge it to run the vehicles. The process of an electric vehicle is rapidly changing, and by 2025 this city has a plan to make all vehicles electric.

Public Bus

All the city public transport is governed or monitored by the RATP. When planning for a short or long trip to see the beauty and other historical places in this city we can take a public bus. In Paris, public bus transportation is available for all. Anyone can get in by public bus and see all the beautiful places and historical monuments in this city. Idle for tourist because these public buses provide a map of the whole city and we can cover all the places of Paris when journey by bus. The map comes in English, German, and Italian. So we can understand and read them. It is also economical when it comes to price when riding by a public bus. We can buy a bus ticket to any metro station in Paris and enjoy the fantastic journey with the city's views.

Tram, Train and Subway

The city of lights everyone called Paris because so many things are here to see in this city. Also, when it comes to transportation, we have many options, and there is more availability when it comes to the numbers of tram, train, and subways. We do not have to wait for a long time to get a tram, train, or subway. Every few minutes interval we get to see a tram or if catching a subway. The rail connection is also excellent when we want to go to a place from Paris to Lyon we can take a train. Everything is maintained correctly and accurately. Even for travelers or tourists, we can use the subway in Paris to visit any place and cost-effective. We also have another option if we want to see the streets and local shops' view we can get into a tram.

Sustainable Shopping

Paris also has room for sustainable shopping. Anyone looking for budget-friendly clothes then this city has shops where we can buy them. There are a lot of shops which provide recycled accessories and clothes which we can purchase and wear. They are low-cost, and everyone can buy them. Sustainable shopping helps to protect the environment and reduce the number of waste in the city from getting overloaded. These fashion clothes and accessories are almost similar to a new one. The quality of the products is also the best. One can easily walk and visit these stores in Paris and purchased these recycled clothes. Some of the sustainable shops we can visit in Paris as follows:

  • Welcome Bio in Rue Boulle Paris
  • Asap in rue du Bac Paris
  • Aujourd’hui Demain in rue du Chemin Vert Paris
  • Centre Commercial in rue Madame Paris

Food Markets

Paris is a city where we get to see varieties of shops and stalls. Anyone can get these in this city if anyone is looking for the best food, clothes, or accessories. When anyone is looking for the best food market, this city also has many places where we can see varieties of foods, and we can buy them. They are fresh and the best in quality. Also economical, when it comes to prices. Here people buy foods from the food market or other food stalls. In Paris, we have more options to choose from when it comes to purchasing food items. Some of the famous places and food markets in Paris as follows:

  • Batignolles organic market in Boulevard des Batignolles
  • Le Food Market in Boulevard de Belleville
  • Rue Mouffetard Market in Rue Mouffetard
  • SOU – QUAN in Place Maubert
  • Rue Cler Market Street in Rue Cler

Flea Markets

In Paris, getting second-hand goods is a hobby here for many Paris people. The city is full of antique and ancient architects with hidden treasures. When anyone is looking for a precious and valuable antique collection of second-hand goods, this city is an idle place because in this city we have more shops and flea markets where we get to see these second-hand goods. When visiting this place, tourists sometimes look for the best flea market to get second-hand goods, when anyone looking for a second-hand book which is very old and rare can get in these flea markets or looking for an antique watch, etc. All these flea markets in Paris sell varieties of second-hand and antique vintage collections, making someone buy them. Some of the top flea markets we can visit in Paris as follows.

  • Most famous flea market in Paris Les Puces de Saint-Ouen in Porte de Clignancourt
  • Marche aux Puces de Montreuil in Square de la Gascogne
  • Vanves flea market in Avenue de la Porte de Vanves
  • Brocante Hétéroclite in Rue de Vaugirard

Second Hand Stores

The city is full of stores and shops where you see all the second-hand goods starting from old furniture, clothes, watches, accessories, etc. One can buy these old second-hand goods which you get to see in this city. There are more historical places and ancient architects in Paris and getting second-hand goods is very popular here, and Paris people love to shops these second-hand goods which are cost-effective and everyone can buy them. The best part of purchasing second-hand goods in Paris is the quality because they are recycled so that when we buy them, the quality remains the same as old and highly polished. Here people love to buy second-hand goods because as they are old, the product's cost is also low, and when we have a low budget, we can buy any electrical appliances, electronics, gadgets, clothes, tv, etc.

Some of the popular second-hand stores are:

  • FREE'P'STAR in Rue de la Verrerie
  • Thanx God I'm a V.I.P in Rue de Lancry
  • KILO SHOP Kawaii in Rue de la Verrerie
  • Madame de in rue Daguerre
  • Sissi's Corner in rue des Tournelles
  • Chine Machine in rue des Martyrs


Paris is famous all over the world when it comes to fashion. All renounced popular fashion brands store scattered all over the city. People come here to buy one. When it comes to eco-friendly garments or clothes, we get to see them in this city because many fashion companies and brands try to make the city free from toxic and harmful chemicals by bringing environment-friendly clothes weaving by hand or machines but no chemicals or pesticides. We get to see some of the best eco-fashion stores producing clothes made of environment-friendly material that protects the environment and the people who wear them. If anyone is looking for the best Eco-fashion clothes or garments, Paris is the best option because of its brand quality and popularity.

Few of the places where we can purchase eco-friendly clothes for fashion in Paris as follows:

  • Front De Mode - store de mode eco-friendly de vêtements/art de vivre pour un futur chic durable in Rue Volta
  • LES RÉCUPÉRABLES - Marque de Mode Responsable - Boutique PARIS 18 in Rue des Gardes
  • Less is More - Boutique eco-friendly in Rue des Vinaigriers
  • Altermundi sur Seine in Voie Georges Pompidou
  • Centre Commercial in Rue de Marseille


When the question comes about recycling, then the good news this city government is doing its best effort to clean the environment by implementing different types of environmental policies that protect every citizen's health and people who come and visit this place. Paris government is giving the best effort by recycling all the goods whether its clothes or electronics. Even the city is planning to make it pollution-free by 2025 by producing more electric vehicles. The city is making its best effort by recycling goods that everyone can purchase under a low budget and making it an environment-friendly city. As per the Paris government's rules and regulations, the yellow bin, which is everywhere in the city, any plastic bags, goods, food packets, in one word everything that can recycle is taking care of in Paris.


The city is using the best effort to control waste. Nowadays environmental pollution becomes a big problem all over the world it also a big issue for every person when it comes to health. To prevent this, Paris has a plan to altogether remove waste by reusing or recycling the same goods or products, which helps prevent waste. The city produces an average of 485kg of waste every year, and from this, 37% from food packaging and 22% from food and other plastic bottles. That's why the city makes it mandatory to start recycling waste to remove any waste from the city or be brought fewer than 50% by 2025. Every citizen and every person in Paris needs to put food packets, packaging goods, to put inside the dustbin so the waste management will take care and recycle the waste.

Work and Study Abroad

Paris is the city and capital of France. Many people came here for further studies all over the world because we see the world's renowned universities and best scholars. Every year we get to see more people coming to this city for further education and knowledge related to different fields, starting from science, archaeology, geology, history, etc. This city is ranked as the best place because of its popularity worldwide when it comes to studying. Getting knowledge and passing out from any university in Paris can help anyone worldwide get a better place for work with the highest salary or become a popular lecturer, lawyer, scientist. The city is full of lights, and when we are planning to study abroad, then Paris is the best place because of the different universities and colleges that are renowned worldwide. Some of them are Paris-Saclay University, University of Paris, École des Ponts ParisTech and many more.

Exchange Student

In Paris, the exchange student program is vast. Anyone looking for abroad studies from other countries can participate in this city because the universities and colleges here are the top most popular worldwide. Also, students who want to complete and pass out from high school can join these exchange student programs to get a better experience when it comes to studies and better knowledge because of well-renowned teachers and professors who teach in different fields of studies. Any student can join an exchange student program in this city and stay here for months or a year for higher knowledge when planning to study abroad and improve or gain more skills in different fields and future jobs with the best in the market worldwide.

Au Pair

We get to see a lot of Au pairs in this city. Different speaking language people come to this city to help a family when it comes to daily household work or take care of a baby or children at home or teach languages like English to the children. Many scopes for Au pairs in this city and many Paris people love to get an Au pair who can teach different languages and provides other languages and skills. Many people come here and work as an Au pair, and there is vast scope and options when someone is looking for Au pair in this city. Many Au pair are professional music teachers who can teach kids or children how to play guitar or piano. We see Au pair in this city.


There are many volunteering organizations in Paris. We get to see a lot of them helping homeless people or poor people and refugees. There is much volunteering organization in Paris which help poor and needy people by giving them food and shelter. Also, for longtime volunteering in Paris, we have other options such as SOS helpline in English, where we can volunteer people by teaching them English and improve their communication. WICE (where internationals connect in English) is also a better option if anyone is looking to do volunteering. It also provides courses to people with visual arts to food, and wine. Some of the best volunteering organization in Paris as follows:

The Montessori | Endowment Fund for children in Quai d'Orsay Rotaract Paris Ouest in Avenue Kléber Coopérative Europe écologie in Rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin Samuel Grzybowski in Rue de Montreuil Le CAIRN in Rue Victor Massé

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