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Eco-friendly travel guide to Ukraine advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Ukraine, Europe.

Panoramic shot of Kiev

  • Air quality: 2 / 5
  • Bus connections: 4 / 5
  • Train connections: 5 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 3 / 5
  • National parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$70 - $150
  • Budget per day: US$25 - $200

Responsible Travel

Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe and is considered one of the largest countries globally, just after Russia. The capital of Ukraine is Kyiv., which is located in north-central Ukraine. Poland surrounds Ukraine in the west, Russia in the east and the Black Sea in the southern border. Ukraine is known for many of its tourist attractions as it hosts many beautiful places. The country borders Russia and is not much far away from Turkey. It also consists of many mountain ranges, such as The Carpathian Mountains, suitable for fishing, skiing, hunting and hiking.

Tourists also travel to the coastline of the Black Sea as it is a well-known summer destination for visitors. In recent years Ukraine gained popularity among travelers because of a budget destination. It is family-friendly, and you can travel to this place for great relaxation. Do not forget to add this destination to your travel diaries as it is an excellent spot where you will know about different attractive places. You can visit this country conveniently but do not forget all your duties as a responsible traveler.

  • Always make sure to find paths for protecting the environment of the place from getting damaged. Whenever you are going sightseeing, always opt for taking non-fuel-based vehicles for travelling all around the city.
  • If possible, always opt to choose green hotels or homestays instead of staying in a regular hotel. This will help you to reduce the generation of wastes and have communication with the localities as well. 
  • Plan your entire trip with great responsibility and as a responsible visitor by preserving all the cultural sites and historical sites of the place that are known to be the highlights of Ukraine.
  • Responsible travelers also make wise decisions by exploring the place by riding a bicycle or by walking. This will allow you to visit every single place and not miss out on any of the places.
  • Make sure to try all the local restaurants and places. This will provide some support to the localities and help improve their economy and make you fulfill all your duties as a responsible tourist.
  • Do not forget to visit the green parks and museums of the city by enjoying nature's beauty and the fresh air in the city will allow the visitors to stay healthy as well. 
  • Visitors can also visit all the local places of Ukraine by using the local transports. It is considered to be one of the best ways to show the support of the country

Air Quality and Pollution

According to the report of WHO or World Health Organization, Ukraine’s air quality is moderately unsafe. According to the most recent data, the annual mean concentration of the country of PM2.5 is 20 µg/m3, which is much more than the maximum of 10 µg/m3.

During early 2021, the country experienced a time of moderate quality of air with the AQI reading of 60. The government of Ukraine must take some necessary measurements to reduce the emissions, which are primarily because of the thermal energy facilities. The government must also address the issues with the National Emission Reduction Plan's needs very soon and keep the emission levels within the permissible values. To do this, it is very much needed to reduce the operating hours during peak air pollution.

The government must also cancel all the plans to build up coal-fired power plants. The authorities must also make sure to refuse to provide state guarantees for making new power units at Slovyanska TPP. The environmental authorities should also ensure that proper monitoring of the pollution in the areas with high emissions from combustion and coal mining must occur, and the data must also be available to the public. The coal-fired power plants should also introduce constant monitoring of the emissions and publish all the data online for free access.

Public authorities should also develop plans for long-terms supporting the development of energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, monitor compliance with standards of air quality and electrification of all modes of transport in the human settlements.

The main pollutant in the air in Ukraine is coming from the industries. It produces twice the amount of harmful emissions

Respect the Culture

Ukraine is known to be a highly traditional country. Here certain customs, as well as the practices, tend to play a major role in the culture of the country. Visitors who opt for visiting this country must respect all the practices and customs of this country. Younger generations of this country gladly adopt this country's culture and follow all its rituals, making them more vivid and updated.

The people of Ukraine make pancakes for an entire week. One of the popular Ukrainian customs is known to be Maslenitsa week. The pancake symbolizes a yellow, hot, and round sun; therefore, it is meant to be seen off in the winter and welcoming the spring. Maslenitsa is known to be a festive event in Ukraine. People in the country serve freshly baked pancakes daily and visit everyone, ski, sled and enjoy life to the fullest.

Christmas in Ukraine is known to be a family holiday when all family relatives gather together. Twelve traditional dishes are set on a festival table. They sing Christmas songs, remember all the good times that happened in the previous year, and wish everyone happiness and health. During the time of Christmas, the caroling tradition is also followed thoroughly. Children opt for going from house to house and sing Christmas songs Christmas simultaneously as the hosts. In return, hosts also give money or some form of treats to the carolers.

Vyshyvanka is an embroidered shirt that is a part of the traditional attire of Ukraine. It is considered to be a trendy piece in the everyday life of the Ukrainians. Local people opt for wearing this Ukrainian attire and do not miss a chance to show off this embroidered clothing anyway. When you are visiting Ukraine, do not forget to buy Vyshyvanka from the local shops. This will help the localities of Ukraine and make them happy as you will be embracing their culture.

Before you visit Ukraine, you must also know that Ukrainians are very much welcoming and friendly. They love to gather as well as are fond of large groups. They tend to help each other and consider everyone around them as their best buddies. In case you are visiting any party in Ukraine, do not be worried as you will surely make some friends and have a good time with them till dawn.

One of the vital elements in Easter is the Krashenki, the multicolored boiled eggs, and pysanka, the painted eggs. The latter has a very vital meaning because every detail of the pattern of the egg means something. Ukraine also follows the tradition of pricing a bride. But nowadays, this tradition is just considered to be an innocent game. Another funny custom followed in Ukraine is putting a piece of burnt paper in the glass of Champagne and drinking the drink during the New Year. According to the Ukrainians, it is a belief that a wish that is written as well as swallowed will always come true. But the activity needs to be done when the chimes strike twelve.

Ukrainians also celebrate New Year twice. They also greet each other through gifts. Ukrainians pay attention to many interpersonal relations. 

Top 10 Places to Visit

There are many adventurous and beautiful cities in Ukraine. Visitors find it extremely amusing to visit this country. Here is a list of 10 places that you must visit while travelling to Ukraine. 

  • Kiev- The most important and beautiful destination to visit when you are in Ukraine is undoubtedly Kyiv, which is also the capital of Ukraine. It is located in the north-central of the country. The place is filled with monasteries, striking soviet, handsome streets, architecture, golden-domed churches, and many other fascinating things. This European city is known to be packed with a punch. On top of that, Ukraine is completely underrated. Hence you will not find many tourists here. Liev is known to be the oldest city in Eastern Europe. This city has once faced both German and Russian occupation, but now it is distinctly Ukrainian. Kyiv is also known to have a considerable part in developing both the Ukrainian nation and medieval East Slavic civilization. The most popular attraction in Kyiv is Kyiv Pechersk Lavra. It is the most important and oldest monastery located in Ukraine. The place also has the Museum of Folk architecture and ethnography. It is the largest open-air museum located in Europe. Also, do not forget to miss the chance of strolling down Andriyivskyy Descent. It is a steep cobbled street that is lined up with Art Nouveau-style houses with gargoyles. The capital of Ukraine is also popular for opera, theater, musical performances, etc.
  • Lviv- It is the largest city located in Western Ukraine and is also known for boasting a historic center worth exploring. The city is packed with museums, monuments, and ancient buildings with archeology findings that are dated back to the 5th CE. There are also plenty of adventures in Lviv to be uncovered. It is also one of the popular cultural hubs and is bound with different art galleries that even include Lviv National Art Gallery, which is home to more than 50,000 worlds. When you visit Lviv, there is no shortage of different activities at this place for a cultural day out, starting from ballet performances to opera to great cafe culture. Visitors also find local pubs (knaipas) or quirky bars on the narrow side streets.
  • Odessa- This city was first held by the Greeks and further by the Ottomans, and finally by the Russians. Odesa is located in the southwestern part of Ukraine and has many interesting histories. All the facts of this city are told with the help of excellent museums. Odessa is a modern city with a thriving nightlife, Art Nouveau architecture, gorgeous beaches, pretty people-watching cafes. The city is known to be the "Pearl of the Black Sea" as it is located on the shore of the Black Sea. It also boasts fantastic wineries, desirable shopping and is a popular summer holiday destination. There are a series of underground catacombs that are all across the thousands of kilometers beneath Odessa.
  • Chernobyl- For the tourists who are interested in history, this place will promise its visitors a dark exploration. This site is related to the infamous nuclear disaster that deals with many people's premature deaths in 1986. Also, inside Chernobyl, visitors will be witnessing the destruction for themselves. The abandoned possessions and demolished buildings represent those who have escaped for their lives. Guided tours are available in this place which helps to learn about different tragedies first-hand.
  • Kamianets-Podilskyi Fortress- This place is famous for the Kamianets-Podilskyi Fortress. And it is considered to be the main reason for the tourists to visit this city. It towers over the Smotrych River and is truly magnificent. This place is one of the most picturesque fortresses in entire Eastern Europe. The city also has cobbled streets, pretty-pastel colored houses, excellent street arts that tell the visitors the tale of the city.
  • Chernivtsi- This place is found at the foot of the mountain Carpathian in Western Ukraine. This city boasts many of the same architecture types as the Austrian city because once it was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Chernivtsi is simply not a pretty face but also has significant cultural and historical importance. It is also known to be the Black City because of the dark color of the city's walls. It is also filled with laidback cafes, parks, Baroque buildings and bookshops. It is an ideal place to chill out with friends and absorb the no-fuss and no-frills atmosphere. Do not forget to miss the National University. This palace was once considered to be the largest university in Ukraine. 
  • Bukovel- This is an idyllic wintertime destination and is considered to be the big skiing destination of Ukraine. On the other hand, it is also the largest ski resort located in Eastern Europe. It is surrounded by three mountains which even includes the highest peaks of the Carpathians. Visitors are mesmerized by the amazing breathtaking views from this luxury alpine ski resort. This place also promises loads of fun for different ages. The best time for travelers to plan a holiday at Bukovel starts in December and lasts till April. January experiences the deepest snow in this region.
  • Chernihiv- This is one of the oldest cities located in Ukraine. This city is also ranked as the second most important center after Kyiv. This is also the administrative center. Chernihiv also boasts much beautiful medieval architecture. If you are a beer lover, this place must be on your bucket list as it is the home to many Ukrainian tipples called the Cherninihivske. Also, do not miss
  • Uman- It is situated in the central part of Ukraine, besides the river Umanka and Kyiv and Odesa. It is a famous pilgrimage spot for the Hasidic Jews as the tragic 1700s Hallmark rebellion occurred in this city. The city is well organized and completely tourist-friendly. The Basilian monastery, which was built in 1764, is the oldest monastery in the city. You can visit the tomb of rabbi Sofiyivkapark and indulge in activities such as exploring the local market, witnessing the pearl of love fountain show, and obelisk in the town city.
  •  Rakhiv- Regarded as the appropriate place for nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts. It is the highest city in Ukraine and surrounded by the green Carpathian forest of western Ukraine. Rakhiv renders the pleasant eye-catching view of the picturesque slopes and footbridges across the Tysa River. The neighboring Dilove village is a serene gateway into the mountains. In September, the locals put up a HutsulBrynza festival to welcome the shepherds' homecoming from the Carpathian Mountains. It is celebrated with folk songs, dance, cheese, Warda, and Brynza.
Trukhaniv Island, Kiev


Besides those as mentioned above top ten places to visit, one can also choose to visit several city parks, national parks, beaches and museums as a part of the sightseeing. Exploring these places will make you get accustomed to the culture and the place's history more closely.

City Parks

  • Gorky central park of culture and leisure- Situated in Kharkov, Ukraine, is one of the unique theme parks. The park holds the attraction of children as well as aged. It has several zones based on different themes and is decorated uniquely. It is entry-free and has a clean surrounding, and is well maintained by the authorities. The whole park is decorated with german-norman tales from the gothic era. There are several rides, a lush green garden with a lake.
  • Taras Shevchenko park- It is one of the best-maintained city parks in the downtown of Kyiv, Ukraine. It has a playground, paved walking tracks, cafes and a restaurant. The park is suitable for children and elders. Sometimes there are events conducted in the park.
Gorky central park of culture and leisure

National Parks

  • Khortista natural nature reserve- Located in the Zaporizhia, is the most beautiful and versatile national park. There are several villages such as Kazacs village and Cossack village. The island has its rich history and culture. There are places of worship for Slavic people. You can also spot Cossack's demonstration of horsemanship. The place is rich in flora and fauna. There are several kinds of wild herbs and the freshness of rich vegetation. There is a mysterious beauty in the river and the mountains. The best time to visit the island is summer.
  • Carpathian national nature park- Located in Yaremche, the national park displays the Carpathian Mountain's natural beauty with its fresh air, clean drinking water, and stunning natural beauty. In winter, you can avail yourself of snowboarding and skiing. This nature park also provides a campsite. Several rides are available for families, such as rides on a zip wire across the river. Other than this, there are plenty of activities recommended by the Prut River.
Khortista natural nature reserve


  • Odesa- Odesa is one of the largest cities in Ukraine and an ideal place to visit in the summer, with its beach zone extending up to 30kms. There are both well organized as well as wild beaches. The most popular ones are Otrada, Arcadia, and Langeron. Along with a wide spot to bask in the sun along the beaches, there are also outdoor clubs on the beach with sunbeds, towels, restaurants, and parties.
  • Berdyansk- From the city of Zaporizhia, it is a two hours ride. Its clean, well-maintained beach, comfortable climate, absence of industrial wastes, large gardens, and pollution-free environment are the tourists' main attractions.
  • Kyrylivka- The beach is regarded as a wellness spot in Ukraine as visitors can go through healing treatments using clay and mud and consume mineral water from natural sources. It offers a shallow and clean sea, comfortable weather, several beachside entertainments, and a vast sandy beach.


The holy dormition Kyiv caves lavra
  • The holy dormition Kyiv caves lavra- Situated in Kyiv, this is considered the holiest place and a place for worship for the Slavic countries' orthodox Christians. The monks are buried in the caves of the property. The ladies must cover their heads and wear long skirts without which they will not be permitted to enter. The lavra, which is known as the supreme male monastery, has two parts. The caves are dark and compact. The upper part of the church requires an entry fee. The must-watch in this upper part of the church are the bell tower, the refectory church, the micro miniatures museum and the magnificent cathedral.
  • Lviv city hall- You have to climb several stairs to catch an extraordinary glimpse of the whole city from the hall's top. You need to climb 800 steps through a circular staircase after the elevator takes you up to four levels which are exhausting indeed, but worth the tiredness as the view from the top of the hall is magnificent.


  • Lychakiv cemetery- If you are in Lviv, you must visit this incredible museum which comprises a unique collection of polish, German and Ukrainian graves. The resting place of polish and Ukrainiancivils and soldiers with each tombstone as a piece of art. It says a lot about the history and architecture of Ukraine. It is regarded as a museum with its outstanding collection of sculptures rather than just a cemetery with quite emotional involvement.
  • Secrets of underground Odessa museum- The extensive and informative tour about the anti-nuclear bunker. You can visit the wild catacombs, understand the balance of soviet history and pre-soviet history, visit the partisan station and take a stroll through the waterflood parts. There is a candlelight feast underground with lemon cookies, local vodka and tea, which are part of the museum's tour. The museum presents facts and dates about history, which is more understandable if taken as a useful guide.
Lychakiv cemetery


Ukraine is known as the "breadbasket of Europe as it is a huge producer of grains, vegetable oils, nuts, fruit and vegetable, eggs, meat, and dairy, along with fresh and saltwater fishes. The traditional and famous Ukrainian dishes are chicken Kyiv, borsch or beet soup, Salo or pig's Fat With garlic, cabbage rolls or Golubtsi, pancakes Nalisniki, the Ukrainian version of ravioli or Vareniki. Locals generally consume inexpensive and staple diet foods. American-style fast food is very popular in Ukraine. Some of the local fast food is Shawarma and baked or fried pastries, also known as piles. Some of the other traditional dishes of Ukraine are Halushky which is tender dumplings made with corn and wheat flour, jellied meat known as Kholodets or aspic, a grain wheat pudding known as Kutia, and a rich millet soup known as Kulesh.

Local traditional restaurants

  • Chicken Kyiv- Chicken Kyiv is a traditional dish that is famous in Ukraine and the name of a restaurant. Not only Ukraine, but the iconic chicken dish is also well known all around the world. The restaurant is situated in a comfortable square in the center of the city and is furnished with soviet modernist style. The menu of the restaurant is tongue-licking. A thick chicken soup, also known as Vareniki, is stuffed dumplings served with chicken and mushrooms.  
  • Kanapa- The magical touch of chef Yaroslav Artyuk makes the traditional Ukrainian dishes lively and unique. The restaurant is located on the most famous street of Kyiv, known as Andrew's descent. The eatery gives a modern reinterpretation of traditional eastern European dishes, bringing the significance of the area's creative and historical influence. It is a perfect place to get close to traditional food in an authentic style.

Vegetarian and vegan

  • Musafir teatralna- Located in Kyiv, the restaurant is vegan-friendly with a Turkish atmosphere and affordable price. The main attractive dishes of the restaurant are Turkish coffee with baklava, Yanktyki, and eggplant spread.
  • Green 13 café vegan kitchen- This is one of the most recommended vegan restaurants in Ukraine. Every food served in this restaurant is fresh, warm, and delicious. Each meal on the menu has its nutrients, and calories jotted down. The bacon burger, which is soy steak topped with grilled tofu and vegetables, the green 13 burgers, and the Buddha bowl is delicious and should be tried. They use eco-friendly and sustainable containers and utensils.

Street foods

Furgoneta is one of the many food trucks in Kyiv, Ukraine, which provides the best burger. The burger with bacon, beef patty, and local cheese is full of flavor and extremely juicy. The sauce is the main attraction and very much pocket-friendly. They also offer several kinds of noodle bowls and chicken burgers.

Many other street food corners, such as vegano hooligan, are popular because of its delicious falafel wraps. St Georgia is known for its Georgian specialty known as Khachapuri. Sultan Basha and Kyivshka Perepichka.

Organic cafes

  • Honey. Café-confectionary- The café is located in Kyiv. The candy- Roche with dark chocolate but no sugar and coffee from this café is outstanding.  The café offers soup with pumpkin and tomato and turkey with potatoes which is a must-try. 
  • The blue cup coffee shop- One of the most recommendable café in Kyiv, Ukraine, which offers the best pancakes. All its dishes and beverages are delightful and fresh. The taste and quality of the food are worth the price. The cakes, coffee and raspberry lemonade are the main attraction of the café. It is a good spot to have breakfast with friends and family. The benedict eggs with bacon, citrus coffee and orange juice are also served, which is delicious.


Tea and coffee are the two most crucial drinks or beverages of Ukraine, along with lemonade and juices, which are sweetened and inexpensive. Though drinking vodka and cognac are in customs among the men, drinking excessive alcohol is not practiced and is a serious social taboo. Sovetskoe Shampanskoe is traditional vintage champagne that is consumed during the holidays or festivals.


The most renowned local beer brands in Ukraine are Obolon, Chernihivske, Lvivske, Slavutych and many more. Mykul Netsky Brovar is an independent producer of beer, mineral water, alcohol and soft drinks in western Ukraine. It was opened in 1497. It is regarded as a healthy brewery as none of the production lines of the brewery is pasteurized. Many local breweries such as Bredychiv, Kalusky, Karpatsha, Krym brewery and many more.


The tap water of Ukraine is safe. But it is advised to boil the water before consuming or consume bottled water. 


Ukraine is one of the largest countries in Europe and a place of a tourist attraction with its rich culture, festivals and vintage architecture. You will be exposed to many interesting activities on a visit to Ukraine. As a part of dark tourism, the visit to Chernobyl nuclear power plant is worth a visit. The visit includes actual footage of the disaster, informative video and narration regarding the disaster. A visit to Lviv's historic center, known as the "Paris of Ukraine and st Sophia's cathedral, stands out from other architectural buildings due to its jaw-dropping interior. Both of them are recognized as UNESCO world heritage sites. The tour to Ukraine is incomplete without eating borscht and visiting a local outdoor market.

Yoga and retreats   Ukraine has many yoga and retreats which bring a fresh perspective to life. Yoga and retreats such as Vipassana meditation, a ten-day residential course in Kyiv oblast, Yantry retreat, a flexible yoga retreat where visitors get to decide when they would devote themselves to meditation. The Pantry retreat center is situated in Zakarpattia oblast, which the Carpathian Mountains surround. Other retreat centers such as Gayatri center, Minkovka retreat center and Nisarga center are preferred by locals and visitors who want to find inner peace through oriental tradition. Some centers follow a strict vegetarian diet and maintain silence to find inner peace.


Being the second-largest country in Europe after Russia, Ukraine is furnished with warm and comfortable accommodation wherever you go. You will always find somewhere to lodge in, from cheap hotels and guest houses to luxury hotels and apartments. Other than hotels and camping, it also has other accommodations such as backpacker hostels, rural farm stay accommodation, self-catering stay, youth hostels and homestays. The restaurants and other relevant and necessary facilities are well connected with the hotels, and most of the hotels have their restaurants.

Green Hotels

Being the second-largest country in Europe after Russia, Ukraine is furnished with warm and comfortable accommodation wherever you go. You will always find somewhere to lodge in, from cheap hotels and guest houses to luxury hotels and apartments. Other than hotels and camping, it also has other accommodations such as backpacker hostels, rural farm stay accommodation, self-catering stay, youth hostels and homestays. The restaurants and other relevant and necessary facilities are well connected with the hotels, and most of the hotels have their restaurants.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Individuals with a budgeted trip for two to three weeks prefer to stay in hostels and guest houses. Places such as a balaclava, Lviv, Odesa, Uzhgorod and Chernivtsi have plenty of hostels. They are economically affordable and are run by the youth hostel association of Ukraine. They provide all necessary facilities along with the morning breakfast. These hostels and guest houses can be pre-booked online. One can find lodging in hostels and guest houses ranging from expensive to economical. The backpacker hostels are city apartments that provide dormitory accommodation and a kitchen, and other facilities at a low cost.


Apartments have opted if the staying duration is more than a month in the city. Ukraine has plenty of apartments that are comfortable and provides exceptional facilities for tourists. They range from high cost to cheap budget according to the preference of the tourist.


This is one of the best ways to know the place and its culture by staying with the locals willing to share their shelter and other relevant facilities with the tourist. This kind of temporary accommodation where a group of tourists helps other tourists with food and shelter is extremely affordable and safe.


Generally, put up in the outskirts of the city and supported by some organizations. Sometimes camps are customized with wooden huts, which are available for rent found in the Carpathian Mountains. Camping sites are normally basic and affordable, whereas some camping sites have swimming pools and other premium facilities. Mountainous rural areas provide facilities for wild and adventurous camping. There are many camping sites in Ukraine such as Kyiv campsite Chayka, country house camping, auto camping shajan, camping park Kievan Rus, camping Kozak and many more. Wild camping in Ukraine is free of cost and legal. However one should be careful while choosing your campsite to stay out of trouble with the residents and the authorities.



Getting There and Moving Around

Traveling to Ukraine is possible by airways as there are many affordable flights which are available regularly. However, the neighboring towns and cities within Ukraine are well connected by bus and train services. 


A visa is mandatory for people traveling from Asia, Australia, Africa and Middle Eastern countries. In contrast, tourists from Europe and north and South America traveling to Ukraine for 90 to 180 days do not need a visa. Ukraine cities such as Odesa, Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Lviv have international airports with regular flights worldwide.

Kyiv Boryspil Airport


Many buses connect Russia and Ukraine. Ukraine also shares its border with Moldova, which can be reached by bus from Odesa. Crossing borders will need a mandatory visa. Traveling by bus is time-consuming and tiring though there are buses with premium facilities coming up nowadays.

Bus in Kharkiv


Ukraine shares land borders with Russia, Moldova, Belarus and several EU countries such as Slovakia, Poland, Romania and Hungary, which cannot be traveled without a valid visa. There are also many trains between Ukraine and Russia.

Exprress train in Kiev


Since the beginning of the war with Russia in 2014, hitchhiking has become somewhat difficult though prevalent. Hitchhiking is possible anywhere on the Ukraine highway, even on the Kyiv-Odesa road, a real motorway road. The language barrier is the only obstruction in Ukraine that makes hitchhiking complicated for foreigners. Hitchhiking is generally free, but it is expected in Ukraine that the passenger will share the fuel cost.

It is recommended to talk beforehand with the driver about the expenses. The highway roads in Ukraine are extremely uncomfortable and terrible to travel; besides, the distances involved in traveling from one place to another is time-consuming too. Lviv to Kyiv is 550kms which takes 8 hours of driving.


The ferry service is available to travel to Ukraine from Batumi in Georgia, Varna, Bulgaria and HaydarPasa in turkey. There are various companies which offer the ferry service to travel to Ukraine. It costs near about $100 per passenger. Chornomorsk is the city where the ferries harbor. Odesa is the city which is close to Chornomorsk which can be reached by bus or Marshrutka.  

  • Moving around: Being a vast country to explore, the railway service connects most of the city. Other than this there are also buses which travel long distances through different cities of Ukraine. The smaller towns in Ukraine can be traveled with the help of minibus or Marshrutkas. Other than these, they have metro, trolleybuses and different other vehicles to help you with transportation.
  • Walk: Exploring the city on foot is always the best decision. You can easily wander across the street and market on foot, which will enable you to observe the city and its culture more closely. The authentic atmosphere of the city makes walking a pleasant experience as you explore the city.
  • Bicycle: The Ukrainian city of Lviv has a 15 km bicycle path under European standards. Bicycles are very prevalent in Ukraine. Other than being sustainable and eco-friendly, availing a bicycle is also healthy and keeps one active. Riding a bicycle promotes green development in tourism, reduces air and noise pollution, besides improving the health of the residents.
  • Electronic vehicle: There is a high use of electronic vehicles in Ukraine.  Recently the cities of Ukraine have witnessed a major rise in the use of electronic vehicles. Electronic vehicles do not emit any toxic gases, eco-friendly and run on electrically powered engines. Ukraine, being a tourist hotspot with the influx of tourists every day, demands to be kept clean and pollution-free as much as possible. 
  • Public bus: There is huge bus availability in Ukraine. They range from AC, reclining Volvo buses to soviet atrocities, which are not permitted on the road. You can book tickets beforehand through a bus station. The medium of conversation and the signs are all printed in Cyrillic, which can be difficult for tourists. Still, the locals are helpful enough to provide information regardless of the language.

There are also minibus or Marshrutkas that are used for short-distance traveling. They are not as comfortable and fast as other means of transportation in Ukraine. They are the only available option to travel around the remote parts of Ukraine and are comparably affordable.

  • Tram, train and subway: The railway service of Ukraine is very affordable, clean and convenient. Several trains are depending on the different classes available. The trains that travel in the night are slower compared to the faster day services of the trains, which are intercity trains and transformers. The lower classes have a low price, but the ticket price increases with the advancing class. the ticket is directly sent as an email. One can buy online train tickets in Ukraine, where they accept international credit and debit cards. You may have to avail of the rain service at least once in Ukraine, no matter how far you go.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping is trending nowadays. Tourists are opting for high-end clothes, accessories and products that are eco-friendly and reusable. It minimizes the production of waste in the city and helps the city to manage pollution. Ukraine has many sustainable brands such as Reviclo, RCR Khomenko and raw flaw, including sportswear made of sustainable fabrics, vintage high-quality jeans, recycled clothes with funky prints and bags made of washable papers. Sustainable brands can be distinguished by their fashion ethics, such as equal treatment of people, no harm to the animals and preservation of the environment.

  • Food markets: Fresh food markets such as good food, which is located in Riverstone, Kyiv and Bessarabsky market, offer fresh and organic fruits and vegetables. Bessarabsky is an indoor market which is situated in the center of Kyiv. The market offers a wide variety of grocery products. It is a historic building that offers dry fruits, sweets, meat, fish and many other food products of daily use. With lower prices and bargaining, you can avail all sorts of food products of your choice.
  • Flea markets: There are a handful of flea markets in Ukraine. Kurtz, Privoz market, Kosofsky market, rare books flea market, Vernissage are some of the flea markets of Ukraine. The Privoz market is one of the oldest and biggest farmer's markets in the world. It is located in the center of the city of Odesa with is connected with the nearby bus station. You can find nearly every food item in this market, but the only problem is they do not use credit or debit cards. So you have to carry cash to shop from this market. The prices and affordable, and it provides an array of grocery and clothes with an authentic marketing experience.

Kosofsky market is a local outdoor market held on Sundays. This market is best for tourists, where you will find recycled t-shirts, handicrafts, souvenirs, sports equipment and many more. The market is usually crowded every Sunday morning; prices are affordable compared to other markets, and bargaining is also possible to some extent.

Kurtz is one of the largest and crowded flea markets, which are held once every month. The crowd is attracted by the unnecessary, antique and vintage products sold along with new and branded products. The market also stages entertainments such as photo exhibitions and DJ or musical performances. It gives the taste of blending fun and shopping. This flea market of Kyiv is a must-visit for the tourist to experience the fun of coming together as a community in the Ukrainian city.

The rare books flea market is located in Lviv, which gives you access to many rare and old books at an affordable price. It is not just about books; there are old toys and other vintage products available for buying.

The flea market of Petrivka needs to be mentioned in the list of shopping destinations. Petricka is situated in Kyiv's outskirts, but it has been an important flea market in the capital. It renders the spirit of the 90s soviet which is printed in all their products. It stretches from Stepana Battery Avenue to the whole street, which occupies a major portion of the street.

Vernissage is a souvenir and gift shop in Lviv. It has a supply of memorable and unique pieces of products and handmade accessories, and decorative items made of wood and leather. There are handmade, traditional Ukraine t-shirts that are of special interest to the tourist. These t-shirts are known as Vyshyvanka.

  • Second-hand stores: One of the famous second-hand markets in Ukraine is the Lesnaya market which is located in Kyiv. The shopaholic will be impressed by the endless rows of garments to choose from. From branded clothing and accessories to normal party costumes can be found in this market. The products are extraordinary as well as affordable beyond expectation.

Humana is another second-hand store that has the largest chain of vintage clothes in Ukraine. The store is well organized with proper arrangement of clothes according to color and type. There is the availability of fitting rooms which prevents you from wasting your money and time. 

  •  Eco-fashion: Eco-fashion is the call of the generation. Ukraine tourism supports small brands which carry out eco-friendly and sustainable fashion. The Ukrainians are transparent about their production process and ensure that no harm is rendered to the animals and the environment. It is a part of sustainable shopping, and many stores encourage eco fashions which various brands highly produce.


Million tons of waste is produced every year in Ukraine, from which only 3% is recycled. Products such as glass, paper, plastic bags, aluminum cans and plastic products are well recycled and reused in making other products. Though the city follows measures to check pollution and formulates sustainable fashion, more effort needs to be taken for recycling the wastes effectively.


Ukraine produces approximately 9 million tons of waste every year, disposed of and buried in 6000 official landfills. 2% of the waste is incarnated, and the rest is sent to recycling. The waste management guidelines need to be updated by the government of Ukraine. The Ukrainian households carry out proper disposal of the daily waste and are dumped in proper places as advised by the officials. The waste generation is huge in the country, which needs to be managed.

Work and Study Abroad

Ukraine provides proper academic support to students who want to study and work in the city. There are plenty of renowned schools and universities accompanied by the beautiful and unique landscape, which render an adventurous abroad education experience. There are student exchange programs, and one can also get a student visa easily by contacting the Ukraine embassy in their city. There are various scholarships available for the students to fulfill their dream of studying in Ukraine.

Exchange Student

As there is an increasing academic culture in the country, many international students settle in Ukraine through the exchange student program, which paves the path for an individual to study in a foreign university only with the college fees.

Au Pair

Au pair is a beneficial facility for the workers and students from foreign countries, helping an individual find shelter, a job, and food. Au pair agencies also help you find a hosting family that gives accommodation and food to workers and students.


Lending a helping hand in any sort of social cause is always appreciated. Many students and locals engage in volunteering activities in Ukraine which is highly conducted in the country. 

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