Byron Bay

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Eco-friendly travel guide to Byron Bay advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia.

The beautiful Byron Bay

  • Air quality: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4.5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4.5 / 5
  • Parks: 4.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 5 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$120 - $130
  • Budget per day: US$40 - $45

Responsible Travel

Situated approximately 773 kms. (nearly 481 miles), north-side of the city of Sydney and 155 kilometres (103 miles) south of the city of Brisbane, Byron Bay is a very appealing coastal place that is located in the Southeastern Australian state known as NWS or New South Wales. Byron bay in actuality actually the largest town present in the Byron Shire. However, despite being the largest, Byron Bay is not the primary administrative centerpoint. It is a well-known tourist destination for you to have memorable holidays along its beaches and surfing and Scuba Diving sites. Cape Byron state conservation National Park is on a headline with the Byron Bay lighthouse. It is well connected to many other cities and towns across New South Wales which are Clunes, Rosebank, Ballina, Corndale, Bexhill, Dunoon, Numulgi, Lindendale, Terania Creek, Modanville, The Channon, Chilcotts Grass, Tullera, Tregeagle, and Goonellabah. The centre of these cities is within 34 kilometres of Byron Bay which makes it easily accessible and well connected with the rest of Australia. Humpback whales can easily be found from headland viewpoints such as Captain Cook Lookout at the Bay between June and November.

The life of the city has got beautiful relationships with festivals, a vibrant community spirit, and a unique shopping experience that includes various regional and local choices.

  • When trying to catch a close glimpse of the town, cycling around is the best health-friendly and environment-friendly way to travel amidst the increasing environmental concern.
  • Walking by foot is also a way that is highly encouraged to spend quality time with your friends and family and get a close view of the culture and lifestyle of local people.
  • The city has options for taxi hire and electric trains if you are planning to travel long distances. You can also use public buses that will not only cover the traffic problem but also prevent accessory environmental pollution, which is the best you can contribute to when travelling to Australia.
  • You always have to use a dustbin and include maximum walking and cycling as a part of your duty towards contributing to the environment.

Air Quality and Pollution

The Bureau of Meteorology works to keep the people of Australia safe from pollution and support operations that include a health warning against smoke monitoring, bushfire monitoring, and air quality warning in case of them exceeding safe levels. The Bureau regularly puts out information regarding smoke haze on weather forecasts which are significant and are promptly valued by the local people both periodically and in case of accidental bushfires. The overall general quality of Byron Bay is good with an air quality index around 25. The primary pollutant is PM2.5 which remains around the concentration of 6.1 micrograms per cubic meter, which is well above the guideline of 20 micrograms per meter cube. The primary pollution comes from traffic and industrial smoke. The bushfires in Australia, however, play a part in the air quality. With the increasing concerns of gradual deterioration of overall air quality and global warming, both the local people and the government encourage eco-friendly travel, carpooling, public transport, and cycling around the city. As a tourist, you must contribute to the cleanliness of the place, thereby lessening the use of private vehicles.

Respect the Culture

The town of Byron Bay is named after a sailor called John Byron. This city has a history dating back to 1770 when Lieutenant James Cook found Anchorage and named the City Cape Byron. To showcase the rich heritage that Byron Bay has a total of 3 sites listed as heritage sites, namely:

  • Casino Murwillumbah (Railway) – Located at the rail station.
  • 61st Jonson St. – Post Office
  • Lighthouse Rd. – Lightstation

You can find everything from the fantastic food, shopping, art and culture, fashion, and beautiful sunsets to alluring landmarks. The lovely Byron Bay is home to skilled local designers, craftsmen, and artisans. The reason has rich Creative arts talents and skills that are beautifully showcased in the famous 'Arts Trail' in the industrial estate featuring local artists. Byron Bay has got a 30-year-old festival called 'Byron Bay Blues and Roots Festival' which is a five-day-long event informally known as Bluesfest. It presents before the world, diversity and reputed artists for people of all ages along with delicious street food and options of enjoyment for kids. The town also holds a 'Falls Festival' which gets a lot of attention and amazement with itself which is necessarily booked despite being new in the culture.

Top 10 Places to Visit

The town has got a great collection of beautiful places which you can enjoy on your way back home. It is noted for its beautiful resorts and rich wildlife. Whale watching is a significant contributor to the local economy. It is also a prime location for passionate Scuba Divers and snorkelling with tropical and temperate waters merging in the Cape Byron Marine Park. The subtropical rainforest that Byron Bay features are easily able to attract many people for a visit. Some of the most interesting places have been listed below for you to choose the specifications of your travel itinerary. Cape Byron light Lighthouse trail The Farm Stone and Wood brewery Byron Bay Hills Wategos Beach Byron Bay Belongil Beach Byron Bay Tallow Beach Cape Byron State Conservation Area Byron Bay Farmers Market

Let's dive deeper into each destination to give you a greater insight into places worth a visit in Byron Bay.

Cape Byron Light – This particular lighthouse is a place listed as a heritage site.The place is also known as Cape Byron Lighthouse and Cape Byron Headland Reserve, which is now an analytical centre and space, administration space, in addition to a retail arhitectural place, maritime Museum, and well-visited tourist attraction on the Lighthouse Road. It was built for 2 years (1899-1901) by two particular individuals, named Messrs Mitchell and King after being designed by Charles Harding and Cecil W. Darley. It is now under the ownership of NSW National PArl and wildlife service. This particular Light House boasts of being Australia's most potent Lighthouse which sports an intensity of light which is approximately around 2200000 cd. It is located approximately three kilometres (north-east of Byron Bay).

  • Lighthouse Trail - Apart from the fantastic view that it has, the Lighthouse trail would give you picturesque moments to watch whales and dolphins. It is advisable to roam on 3.7km loop the track and stay away from Cliff edges for the risk of accidents. You can also take your binoculars along if you want to have a look at the whales and dolphins. Weekends often pack the place up with visitors making Limited space for parking. You can also have a look at the Turtles, Stingray, and other marine life that is there along with the Lighthouse when wandering through the kangaroo grasslands and beaches.
  • The Farm - It is a collection of independent businesses that share the motto of "grow, feed, educate". It is an 80-acre working farm with a large community of producers, farmers, educators, and eateries who have a passion for traditional and sustainable methods for agriculture and education. You are invited to visit the Farm and have a look at the farm operators and their Healthy lifestyle wherein they promote growth and curiosity in the community. The enthusiasm that the people have for the harmonious existence of life is lovable.

Stone And Wood Brewery - It is one of the most famous breweries in the town, which gives you an in-depth experience of beer for all levels of beer lovers. You can have a tour around the brewery for which you don't need a booking. You will be offered a welcome beer and an Insight into the tasting room tour to explore the rich history, ingredients, story, and conscious business that the form has to showcase. The guides would inform you about every detail while walking you through the tour. Your tour would be winded up by a guided tasting of five beers, including the most exclusive ones.

  • Byron Bay Hills - Has a 5-acre lush boundary surrounded by Hinterland and macadamia farms. It is situated 3 minutes away from Quaint village and 10 minutes away from Byron's beach. It is 20 minutes away from Byan airport and 45 minutes away from Coolangatta airport. The house has beautiful Furnishings, four spacious bedrooms in total. The Master Suite includes an outdoor bath giving you stunning views of The Hills. Various outdoor zones would provide you with pictures of the hundred-year-old fig tree. You can also have a look at the monthly market that sells the local produce from the bay hills.
  • Wategos Beach Byron Bay -It is located kilometres East of the town centre. It is a peaceful beach ideal for a picnic and a vacation with the family where you can enjoy the sand and swim. Along the 600 meters long track, there are various facilities available like bbq, picnic tables, grassy areas, walk the track, and paid car parking. You can enjoy the Waves by surfing over them along the beach in the presence of a lifeguard. You also have easy access to drinking water and food.
  • Belongil Beach Byron Bay - From the seawall at Main Beach, It is 2.5km to the Belongil creek mouth behind the Tyagarah beach. It gives you stretches for long walks where you can enjoy the beautiful breeze and is safe for kids swimming. It is less crowded than other beaches and is better rolled by lifeguards, so you don't need to worry about any potential accidents and enjoy your vacation thoroughly. You would be having easy access to offshore markets and easy access to surfing for all levels ranging from children and beginners to expert Surfers. There is an area called the Wreck, which is popular among the locals.
  • Tallow Beach: It is a beautiful scenic beach that is located between the Cape Byron state conservation area and the broken head nature reserve. You can have a glimpse of the whales with your binoculars in the springtime and winter when they migrate between the Great Barrier Reef and Antarctica during the season. It is 3.2 kilometres away from the centre of Byron Bay and is home to osprey and white-bellied sea Eagles who come to the coast for food. You can relax on the sand and hunt for oystercatchers searching for pipis. Locals come to the place for bird watching and catching the views of beautiful trees. Fishing is quite common on the beach. It is not patrolled, however, so you need to take care of the kids while they are playing.
  • Cape Byron State Conservation Area – This area is the suitable area of choice for excursions organized by schools and trips because of the Heritage sites, walking pathways, picaresque scenarios, as well as Cape Café that it has to showcase. It is yet another fantastic location for whale watching and admiring the historic landmark of Cape Byron lighthouse. You have easy access to panoramic views and delicious food along with diving, snorkelling, surfing, hand gliding, and kayaking under the guidance of licensed tour operators. In addition to everything else, there are several award-winning beach-side cottages that you would spot in the conservation Park.
  • Byron Bay Farmers Market - It is a trendy market with over 300 craft stalls, local musicians, and delicious foods and drinks. It takes place throughout the year every first Sunday of the month with additional markets in December and January. It is one of the biggest markets in the Northern Rivers region, and everyone is welcome without pets. Appropriate health and sanitation facilities continue to be available on the premises of the Byron Bay Farmer's market, keeping in mind the hygiene that is required for quality delivery of service.
Cape Byron Lighthouse


Byron Bay gives you excellent options to explore throughout with beautiful city parks, National Parks, Museums, landmarks, and beaches. It has got beautiful Tropical rainforest, Skydiving opportunities, and surfing paradises for enthusiast adventure sports lovers. Given below is a list of some of the places that you can readily explore when you visit Byron Bay.

City Parks

Presented before you is a list of beautiful City Parks that you can always visit if you are a nature lover and want a crude landscape experience.

  • Apex Park – This is a beautiful and popular park at the main beach which has the facility of free barbecues. This park also sports a playground designed specially for kids. You also have access to a drinking fountain, picnic tables, showers, and toilets. You will thoroughly enjoy yourself along with your kids in this fantastic picnic spot.
  • Bangalow cemetery - It has beautiful Pine trees and greenery that you can have a look at. It is a quiet place which is easily accessible if you want to experience the silence; nature holds within.
  • Bangalow Sports Field – This a very famous facility for community people. This place sports a total of 3 fields designed for football, two fields designed specially for cricket. In addition to all this, there is also a rugby field, several wickets for practicing, multiple courts for tennis, and also a well-built skatepark, playgrounds, and amenities wherein you can enjoy a variety of Sports. You will also have access to hygienically maintained toilets.
  • Bangalow Weir Parklands - It is a beautiful community asset that was opened back in 1924 and is famous for having great heritage, social and environmental values. The Weir has recently been restored, and the old swimming platform has been fixed along with a beautiful war Memorial that makes the place even more enjoyable.
  • Bob Bellear - A sports field for players, is a new sports field that has facilities for playing Soccer and has a hybrid cloud surface, a fascinatng and top-tier drainage system as well as beautiful LED lighting.
  • The Byron Bay - Wetlands are located within the traditional country of the Arakwal people of Byron Bay. It is elegantly constructed on a stretch of a hundred hectares of land which includes an integrated water management reserve and is an award-winning example of good sewage treatment and resource management. This beautiful place creates a wonderful natural habitat to support local biodiversity. You will have opportunities to bird watch and nature walk also.
The Byron Bay

National Parks

The Byron Bay Shire has undoubtedly the most beautiful and high number of national parks to offer its tourists. It gives you one of the most elegant landscapes and great insight into the wildlife and vegetation of the region. Given below are the national parks that surely invite you for a visit to admire the beauty.

  • The Arakwal National Park: It is just at a distance of 2 kilometres from Byron Bay. It is an ultimate place for relaxing and satisfying the thirst for natural beauty in the urban people. It houses an exclusive wildlife experience that includes birdwatching and whale watching. It also treasured in itself aboriginal heritage and has all the calmness that any person is looking for in mother nature. It stretches 3 kilometres of sandy coastline and has lush green vegetation for you to admire along with the iconic views of the Byron Bay lighthouse.
  • Cape Byron state conservation area: Yet another beautiful National Park that is 15 minutes away from the township and gives you the view of Cape Byron lighthouse, Cape Byron walking track, Maritime Museum, and numerous Sandy beaches and seaside cafes. It has got great walking tracks and lush rainforests for you to adore the beauty of nature.
  • The broken head nature reserve: It is a beautiful collection of aboriginal culture and elegant natural beauty, including place rainforest. It reaches 20 minutes drive away from the main Byron Bay town it houses abundant wildlife and the Three sister Rock formation.
  • Tyagarah Nature Reserve: It is an inclusive Park that is surrounded by Sandy beaches wetland ecosystems and dedicated picnic areas. It is one of the most popular national parks in Byron Bay housing six endangered ecological communities including oak floodplain forest and coastal salt marsh. It also gives you an opportunity for Skydiving among the coastal landscapes.
  • Nightcap National Park: It is also an amazing place that has got spectacular waterfalls wherein you are allowed to swim in the natural water pools. It is also listed among the world heritage rainforest having walking tracks and very expected destinations giving you backdrop news of both 800 Falls and bushes. Picnic tables and public barbecues are also available in the park's promises to give an amazing experience to all the tourists.
  • Mount Jerusalem National Park: It has three major river systems covering a vast area of over 5,000 hectares and is protected by the government. There are various walking trails along the three rivers, namely Tweed River, Brunswick River, and Richmond river. You can easily find Bird colonies and spot exclusive wildlife in the region.
The Arakwal National Park


The town has beautiful beaches with amazing backdrops for photographs and opportunities for you to enjoy your vacation even more. Listed below are some beaches that would grab your attention and give you a good experience.

  • The Broken Head Beach: It is a beautiful beach on the Southside of Cape Byron Tallows beach. It is surrounded by various other well-visited locations like Byron Bay recreation reserve in the north, Arakwal National Park to the mouth of Tallow Creek accompanied by Suffolk Park township and Caravan Park.
  • The Brunswick Heads Main Beach: It was established in the 1950s along the Brunswick River. It was originally home to cedar woodcutters and is now a good tourist attraction, 10.5 kilometres at the mouth of belongil creek. The river provides access to the beach and surfing club which is located 400 meters to the south of the entrance wall. There are parking and picnic facilities available along with the bar and boats.
  • The Byron Bay Main Beach: It is a beautiful tourist destination located in front of Byron Bay. It continues to the south of Clarkes Beach and the Lighthouse. It provides a playground, water fountain, showers, picnic facilities, and access to toilets.
  • The South Golden Beach: It is located 14.4 kilometres to the South Eastern end of NSW 10. There are various other small beaches located to the north and south of South Golden Beach which are Wooyung, Crabs Creek, and New Brighton.
The Broken Head Beach


Byron Bay has got a good collection of landmarks that would surely catch your attention and are worth paying a visit to if you want to have amazement in your travel experience. Some of the beautiful landmarks are listed below for your reference.

  • The Cape Byron light station: It is a Heritage site that boasts of being the brightest Lighthouse in Byron Bay and is now an interpretive space, Maritime Museum, retail building, administration office, and a well-visited tourist attraction in the town. It was built back in 1899 to 1901 by famous designers of that time. The Lighthouse is a property owned by NSW national parks and wildlife service and is the brightest Lighthouse having an intensity of 2200000 candelas. It is located at the easternmost point of the Australian mainland 3 kilometres North-East of Byron Bay.
  • Cape Byron state conservation area: It is a beautiful landmark that is 15 minutes away from the township and gives you the view of Cape Byron lighthouse, Cape Byron walking track, Maritime Museum, and numerous Sandy beaches and seaside cafes. It has got great walking tracks and lush rainforests for you to adore the beauty of nature.
  • Crystal Castle and Shambhala Garden: It is a beautiful and magical sanctuary that treasures in itself, beautiful natural crystals that give you the experience of an ancient amethyst cave. It has got all the exquisite natural elegance that any place can retain. The two tallest crystals on earth called the wings of eternity neural are located in the garden. It has sacred statues and tall bamboo trees to give you a peaceful tour experience along with a local Cafe and homemade dessert. It is at a distance of 20 minutes drive from Byron Bay and 40 minutes drive from Gold Coast airport.
  • Byron Thai Massage School: It is an ancient healing art School that trains you of being a Thai Yoga Massage specialist if you ever want to have the course. It offers hands-on experimental experience and physical courses that focus on posture, body mechanics, weight, and is perfect for both beginners and professionals who want to have a career as a therapist. It is a complete package for a strong fit and flexible body as well as a relaxed mind making it famous.
  • Lion's Lookout on Devine's Hill: It is a beautiful freak out having scenic walking areas. It is an isolated spot that has got peace and tranquillity within. Travellers get to experience the lush greenery nature and peace that they are searching for in this busy life.


Byron Bay has got a collection of museums that showcase its culture, tradition, and art in a rich and versatile way where Tourists and travellers get a good insight into the history and culture of the place. Listed below are some of the museums that you must visit for a good experience.

  • Craig Parry Photography: It is a photography museum that displays exceptional and reasonably priced photographs which you can also buy.
  • Thomgallery: It is a beautiful Museum that is located away from the industrial area in the outskirts of the town. It features the work of local and international artists giving pure delight to the eyes and mind.
  • Jules Hunt Studio Gallery: It is a unique Art Museum that preserves sculptures from the award-winning sculptor ceramist and photographer Julius hunt. Her art and talent have won hearts not only in Australia but also across the borders. The pieces are also available for purchase from the gallery.
  • Lone goat gallery: Byron shire's community art gallery that preserves art from various artists along the northern rivers. It also has International work and proves to be a heaven for Modern Art lovers.


Byron Bay offers a lot of good restaurants and cafes. Some of the famous food streets located in the city are - Jonson St., Fletcher St., Lawson St., Bay Lane and lastly, the arts and industry place. You should esnure that you explore through the Brunswick heads, the Mullumbimby as well as Bangablow. Byron Bay encourages Mexican, Japanese, Italian, Indian, and local cuisine and snacks so that you find it comfortable if you are specific about your food.

Traditional Local Restaurants

Listed below are some traditional local restaurants that you can always visit to have a close inside into the local foods of the region.

  • Red Ginger
  • OSushi Byron Bay
  • Chihuahua Taqueria
  • Bombay to Byron
  • The [email protected] Aquarius
  • Fundies wholefood market Cafe
  • Bay kebabs
  • Punch and Daisy
  • Barrio in Byron Bay
  • The Mez club
  • Thai Lucy
  • The Belongil

Vegetarian and Vegan

If you are particular about a vegetarian and vegan diet, Bay will not disappoint you. You have got amazing options for vegetarian and vegan restaurants, some of which are listed below for your reference.

  • Veet's Vegan Cooking School
  • Elixiba Byron Bay
  • No bones
  • Manna Haven Cafe Restaurant
  • The Cardamom Pod
  • Foxy Luu's
  • Miss Margarita
  • Yulli's Byron Bay
  • Targa cafe

Street Food

You can also find good restaurants to enjoy street food, some of which are listed below for your reference.

  • St. Elmo Dining Room and Bar
  • Foxy Luu's
  • Martin Street Burger bar
  • Street sushi
  • Beloporto Burger Bar
  • Bay kebabs
  • Otto kebabs Byron Bay
  • Guzman Y Gomez


The local people love alcoholic beverages and beers, so you would easily find them around the town. Let's take a look at the options available.


The locals prefer filtered tap water. The tap water available in the region is fairly clean and can be consumed directly. It is however advised to ask the locals before direct consumption of tap water.

Organic Cafés

Given below is a list of some organic cafes that you can refer to when planning a visit to Byron Bay.

  • The Oasis Apartments & Treetop Houses
  • Fundies Organics - Byron Bay Organic Groceries & Cafe
  • Combi Byron Bay
  • Manna Haven Cafe Restaurant
  • The Roadhouse Byron Bay
  • Santos Organics (Byron Bay)
  • The Byron Bay General Store
  • Bayleaf Cafe
  • Elixiba Byron Bay
  • Folk Byron Bay
  • Leaf & Grain
  • Targa Cafe/Restaurant/Bar


As the people in byron bay love alcoholic beverages, you would easily find breweries with good quality beer and a good experience. Some of these breweries are listed below.

  • Stone & Wood Brewery Byron Bay
  • Railway Friendly Bar
  • Beach Hotel, Byron Bay (pub)
  • Lord Byron Distillery
  • Wandana Brewing Co.
  • Dirty Bucha of Byron
  • Seven Mile Brewing Co
  • Behind the Barrel Byron Bay - Brewery and Distillery Tours


Byron Bay has got rich options for you to perform both liver activities and adventure sports. Scuba Diving, swimming and surfing are common in the region. You can also have bird watching, and we're watching if you carry your Binocular along on various beaches that Byron Bay has to offer.

Yoga and Retreats

With the increasing health concern and shift of focus towards mental well being, various yoga and Retreat centres have recently come up in Byron Bay for overall all and Holistic development of the people. Listed below are some of the yoga and Retreat centres in the town that you may visit for or enjoying the experience.

  • Mojosurf Byron Bay
  • Byron Yoga Centre
  • Byron Wellbeing Retreats
  • Byron Yoga Retreats
  • Mana Yoga Retreats


As Byron Bay is a major tourist attraction in Australia and is frequently visited by many people, there are easy accommodation options available that are not only readily accessible but also budget-friendly. You can find many hotels and guest houses near the major landmarks and beaches. Let's have a look at accommodation facilities in different categories that are available for you.

Green Hotels

Eco Beach Resort is an excellent, well-maintained clean, and beautiful resort that falls under the Green hotels category. The users have rated it excellent for the services it provides and the restaurant and shops that it features. If you want to have a quiet and peaceful experience in the most eco-friendly Ways, you can always turn out to this place.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Given below is a list of some hotels and has houses that you can refer to when planning a stay in Byron Bay.

  • Byron Palms Guesthouse
  • Bay haven lodge
  • 28° Byron Bay
  • Byron Cove beach house
  • Arabi's at Byron Guest House
  • Bento box
  • Byron bay guest house
  • Barbara's guesthouse
  • The garden burees of byron bay
  • The Cape Beach house


You can also find numerous Apartments to stay in. Some of the apartments are listed below.

  • Byron Central apartments
  • Outrigger Bay apartments
  • Mariner Bay Apartments
  • Cape apartments
  • Bay royal apartments


You can easily find opportunities for Couchsurfing in Byron Bay. Various accommodation options allow millions of members of the travel community to meet and connect. You can use Couchsurfing to find accommodation in Byron Bay and meet the Travellers and local people for a more adventurous and worthy trip.


There are various sites available in Byron Bay that allow you to camp and have quality time with nature. Some of these camping sites are listed below for your reference.

  • Discovery Parks - Byron Bay
  • Backpackers Inn on the Beach
  • Ingenia Holidays Byron Bay
  • First Sun Holiday Park
  • Discovery Parks - Byron Bay
  • Red Devils Camping
  • Cape Byron State Conservation Area
  • Belongil Fields Conference & Holiday Centre
  • Suffolk Beachfront Holiday Park

How to Get There

As tourists will visit Byron Bay, there are various options that you can avail of to get there. You can travel by air, bus, train for private taxi hire as per your budget, convenience, and preference.


Ballina Byron Gateway Airport is a small regional airport located in Ballina that is at 30 minutes drive from the South of Byron Bay. It offers flights to Sydney, Melbourne and Newcastle keeping It connected to the rest of Australia. The airport operates Jetstar, Virgin, and rex. You also have a transfer shuttle facility from the airport where you can rent a car for your holiday destination. The Gold Coast airport, however, is an Australian international airport that is located in Coolangatta at the southern end of Gold Coast which is 45 minutes away from the north of Byron Bay.

Ballina Byron Gateway Airport


Skybus is a daily bus service that runs from Gold Coast airport to Byron Bay. It is a reliable and affordable mode of transport that has all the comfort and storage capacity where you can enjoy free Wi-Fi. The prices of the tickets are as per the age of the passenger as well as the length of distance one has to travel.


The Byron Bay train runs privately and operates a shuttle service from the ElementsMurwillumbah line between Byron Bay station in the Byron Bay township and North Beach Station adjacent to the Elements of Byron Resort. This service uses an ex-NSWGR rail motor which is run on solar power using a solar panel on the top of the train and at the station.


You may try to hitchhike in the streets of Byron Bay; however, it is not advisable because of possible scammers and pickpockets that you may find on the way. The people are also not comfortable in allowing strangers into their vehicle, so it is generally advisable to hire a private vehicle or wait for public transport to arrive.


You can always hire a private taxi if you want to arrive at Byron Bay from Gold Coast or other adjacent places full stop there is a complete network of taxis which are economical and efficient. Your requirements and budget are kept in mind while looking for the ideal taxi so that you don't need to worry about the expense and comfort.

Moving Around

Byron Bay has got a rich diversity of scenery as well as natural beauty in the form of beaches and national parks. It has got beautiful museums and landmarks that are so inviting that you would not resist the verge to visit and explore. There are various options for you to move around. Let's look at each option available.


Walking around the city is always a good idea for eco-friendly travelling as well as getting a close insight into the lives of the people. As there are various tricks and parks available, you would enjoy walking through the streets to your park.


Cycling is yet another amazing option for keeping health in mind. Cycling helps in staying not only fit but also so get rid of the problem of traffic and pollution that has been prevailing in busy cities like Byron Bay. Daily guided rides are available in Byron Bay. You can also hire professional tour guides to guide your way through difficult tracks and give you an adventurous cycling experience that you would remember. You can also hire bikes for a short period if you are really into the Arctic about exploring the tracks in an adventurous way.

Electronic Vehicles

The city has got its solar train that works on electricity from solar energy. It intelligently reduces pollution and gives the travellers a good experience and a tour around the city.

Public Bus

Coast to coast bus services are the door to door transport services operating between the Byron Bay Gold Coast and Sunshine coast; their services operate on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and are extremely affordable and comfortable. Public bus is advisable as well as appropriate in the time of increasing traffic as well as pollution. The use of public buses will not only curb the traffic problem but also reduce the pollution in the city and contribute to cleaning our environment which is why it has been thoroughly encouraged by the people and the government.

Tram, Train and Subway

Tram and Subway or not prevalent in Byron Bay. The train is, however, seen operating and can be chosen as a method of moving around.

Sustainable Shopping

For a traveller like you who considers the importance of Sustainable shopping not only in terms of the money spent but also, so the amount of environmental damage that and sustainable shopping can do there are various sustainable shopping options available for you in Byron Bay. Let's look at each of them.

Food Markets

There are various sustainable food markets available in Byron Bay for you to have a rich shopping experience. Some of these food markets have been listed below for your assistance.

  • Byron Farmers Market
  • Byron Community Market
  • Byron Flea Market
  • Byron Twilight market
  • Bay Seafood Market
  • The Source Bulk Foods Byron Bay
  • Byron Buddha Bowls

Flea Markets

Byron Bay has got the Byron Flea Market which is an extensively youth-focused market in Australia. It has products for people of all ages and options to shop, relax, and support young entrepreneurs. It is located in the middle of Byron township and is a cool hassle-free place to get the best shopping experience as well as a good environment for relaxing.

Second Hand Stores

The city has got numerous second-hand stores. Let us have a look at some of the best second-hand shops.

  • Global Ripple
  • Bruns Kids
  • Vintage interior pieces


There are also various Eco-fashion options available in the town full stop listed below are some of these Eco-fashion points.

  • Eco applications
  • Eco pain
  • Eco shift
  • Eco comfort
  • Cupcake fashion
  • Yoko fashion
  • Ally fashion


There are various outlets where you can recycle the unused products. With the increasing concerns of environmental pollution and degradation, recycling has become an important part of life both to the people of Byron bay and the world in general. Listed below are some outlets where you can be cycling waste.

  • Return and Earn TOMRA Reverse Vending Machine
  • Byron Community Recycling Centre
  • Precision Tow Trucks
  • Rubbish removal Byron Bay man with ute
  • Byron Bay Camping & Disposals
  • Byron Resource Recovery Centre and Second Hand Tip Shop
  • Solo Resource Recovery - Byron Bay


Innovative waste management strategies are being tried out in the city by the government, and with the increasing pollution, it has been gaining momentum. So there needs to be a lot of improvement in the waste management strategies of the place we can hope for an increased focus on the same.

Work and Study Abroad

The work and study abroad opportunities have arisen because of the increased Global perspective both in the working class as well as the students. Let us look at the different opportunities that are available by the government to their citizens in terms of education and work across the globe.

Exchange Student

There are various opportunities for international students to study in Australia. Many diploma courses are available for international students. One can get a student visa for studying in Australia and is encouraged by the government.

Au Pair

There is an easy chance that you can find an AU pair online in Byron Bay. Au pair is easily available based on your requirements full stop you can get nannies babysitters tutors housekeepers caregivers pet sitters and personal assistants also.


The town has got Booyong Recreation Reserve which is maintained by local volunteers. You can also volunteer through various opportunities in Byron Bay. Some of the volunteer opportunities are listed below.

  • Customer service
  • Floor staff volunteers
  • Op Shop assistants
  • Research officers

Byron Shire Volunteer hub is a referral service that helps people who are interested in volunteering in organizations that look for volunteers.

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