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Eco-friendly travel guide to Chengdu advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Chengdu, China.

View of Jin River, Chengdu at night.

  • Air quality: 3 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 2 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 2.5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.5 / 5
  • Parks: 3 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4 / 5
  • Safety: 3.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$15 - $100
  • Budget per day: US$150 - $250

Responsible Travel

The city of Chengdu is also one of the most populated cities across the globe. It is a popular choice amongst tourists. If you wish to visit Chengdu you should keep in mind that it is very important to play your part as a responsible tourist.

Primarily because of a confluence of reasons, including the country having the world's highest population, aggressive industrialization, and unsustainable practices in various fields. It is suggested that you, as an eco-friendly traveler, try to minimize your impact on the environment during a trip to a foreign country such as China, which is already plagued with major environmental issues. There are many things you can do starting from staying in an eco friendly accommodation or a green hotel.

Other steps that can take include enjoying the local food as far as possible; not only will you get a taste of authentic Chinese cuisine, but you will also help the local food industry thrive. The big fast-food corporations are bad for the environment and do not do enough to help the economy or the poor people in general. It will also be a responsible step to support other local businesses similar to the food industry. The other local industries face tough competition from brands and mega-conglomerates. These conglomerates can be found dabbling in almost all fields, most notably in the clothing, grocery, meat, and electronics industries. If you are looking to make purchases, head to smaller shops in town, they will provide you with good service and introduce you to a vast catalog of products that aren’t mass-produced or available for sale on the internet. Not only will this mean you supporting small businesses and local artisans but it will also mean that the industry giants with unethical business practices will not have any consumer support.

A large percentage of this city's inhabitants use public transportation daily. Not only is it cost-effective, but it is much more greener as it reduces the carbon footprint of each individual. .

Besides these essential tips and advice, you need to be aware of the current economic and cultural situation to avoid any trouble while visiting and exploring the city.

Air Quality and Pollution

While traveling, you will have to follow various measures to save your body from pollution. If you have any respiratory or similar health issues, you will need to follow extra caution to avoid getting sick during your trip. Make sure to pack your medicines and their prescription letter to take with you to the city.

While that proved to be partly effective, the city again battled poor air quality in the mid-2010s; the smog that enveloped the city led to massive outrage as visibility was greatly affected. Many of the inhabitants developed respiratory illnesses. In fact, the city had to be shut down for two complete days as well, and thus the Chinese government then lead a crackdown, which resulted in the closure of various manufacturing plants and major polluters within the city limits; it also scrapped older cars, which did not follow the strict environmental norms, new commissions were set up to monitor the air quality, and tower-like massive air filters continuously were installed to clean the air across the city. In addition to these methods, such as cloud, seeding was also implemented to ensure rainfall in places with high pollution levels.

Overall the Air Quality in Chengdu is Moderate to healthy depending on the season. AQI ranges from 30-170. However, the air quality in Chengdu is much better when compared to other cities in China.

Respect the Culture

You must show respect towards the local communities, landmarks, culture, and Chengdu's local environment. By indulging in cultural or recreational activities, you can learn a great deal about the city's culture and history. While exploring the city, make sure to keep your criticism to yourself as Chinese people can take it personally and it is considered as a sign of disrespect. There is massive difference between Chinese culture and other the culture of other places like Europe or America so if you experience a bit of a cultural shock it is best to not keep saying that out loud. Respect their way of living and their lifestyle. You can befriend a local Chinese to learn about the culture and what you need to avoid to get the best experience.

There is a massive food culture here, which makes a lot of sense as local people are extremely fond of food and love traditional dishes that are specific to their culture. They have their own spices, recipes that have been passed down since generations which means the local is extremely delicious and scrumptious. Also, for the Chinese, having dinner is a custom. They eat for exceptionally long spans of time, they taste all dishes so if a local hosts you for dinner or lunch, it will be polite to try a little bit of everything.

Chinese people are generally very close to their families and friends. They respect these relationships and value them. When they are friends with somebody for long spans of time or through sticky situations, they often value the companionship and consider the friend to be no lesser than family. They often inviting such friends over for a meal to their house along with their family. It is seen as the ultimate honor and if you are offered something like that, make sure you don’t be rude by declining or rescheduling. Use the right words to accept the offer, be gracious, be punctual, and make sure you take a few gifts for your friend and his/her family members.

Other than that, the best way to get to know and experience the culture of a place means trying the local food, seeing the local art, visiting museums and theatres, meeting the local people and observing their lifestyle. All of this is what makes the culture of a place so make sure to try and experience these things.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • The Chengdu Research base of Gaint Panda: The Chengdu Research base of Gaint Panda is the park of a panda. It is located in the Chenghua District, Chengdu, China. It was founded in the year 1987. They basically started with only 6 giant pandas. The center has a very supportive staff, and it has become a famous tourist attraction for the people.
  • Mount Qingcheng: Mount Qingcheng is a mountain in Dujiangyan, China. The elevation of the mountain is 1260 meters. It has been sometimes considered as the birthplace of Taoist. Nowadays, it has become the most famous and important Taoist center in the country of China.
  • Dujiangyan: Dujiangyan is the canal system in the city, which has becoming very famous for irrigation purposes nowadays. It was constructed in 256 BC.
  • Du Fu Thatched Cottage: It is one of the most well-known museums of Chengdu, which contains more than a quarter of a million cultural remainders. A tad bit of its assortment is shown on display, and a significant level of the museum's specialty assortment originated from objects uncovered.
  • Chunxi Road: Chunxi Road is the pedestrian shopping street in the city of Chengdu. It is home to more than 700 shops. The street includes large shopping malls, supermarkets, street stalls. It is a famous street in the city so you will have no problems finding it.
  • Sanxingdui: It is a well known tourist attraction in the city of Chengdu, China. It is located in Guanghan, Deyang, China. It was founded in the year 1929.
  • Kuan Alley and Zhai Alley: Kuan Alley and Zhai Alley is basically street food eateries, where one can get delicious food. It is basically located in the upper street in Qingyang District, Chengdu, China.
  • Jinli road: Jinli road has shops and buildings that are designed in the Qing Dynasty style. There are plenty of food shops, souvenir shops etc. Millions of tourists visit this street especially during the big temple fair in spring.
  • Chengdu Wu Hou Shrine: Chengdu Wu Hou Shrine stands tall in all its architectural glory as a symbol for the Three Kingdoms Era figure.
  • Jinsha site museum: Jinsha site museum is a tourist attraction for the people. This popular museum contains four main exhibits: Animal, the Green Homeland, the Friends of Human Beings, Palaeontology, and the Mystery of Human.


There is so much to see and explore in Chengdu. The best way to start is by visiting the famous tourist spots like the Chengdu Research base of Pandas, Leshan giant Buddha, Dujiangyan, Mount Emei ect and then find your way to the hidden gems like going hiking at the Yading national reserve, visiting Kangding which is very close to Chengdu, going to see the Sichuan Opera etc. In this way you can truly experience the culture of the city and explore it properly.

A performance at the Sichuan Opera

City Parks

The city is big, and it has a great collection of parks and other such places. It has big open spaces full of greenery where you can spend time with your children and other family members.

Here are some famous city parks in the city:

  • Chengdu City Plant Park
  • People's Park
  • Wenjiang Zhixin City Park
The beautiful People's park is a must visit in Chengdu

National Parks

China has some of the most beautiful national parks in the world. Chengdu is no exception. We are listing down a few of them that may not exactly be located in the city but are not very far away from the city.

Here are some of the famous national parks:

  • Mulan Mountain Ecologic Park
  • Jinhuaguan
  • Luodai Ancient Town
Main street of Luodai ancient town in Sichuan


The city of Chengdu has numerous islands and beaches around it.

Here are some famous beaches in Chengdu and around it:

  • Hạ Long Bay
  • Wuzhizhou Island
  • Gulangyu Beach
Gulangyu Beach


The city of Chengdu also has its share of memorable landmarks and monuments. You must try and visit as many as you possibly can. While the list is quite long, the following are some of the famous ones:

  • New Century Global Mall
  • Jiezi Ancient Town
  • Happy Valley Chengdu
New Century Global Mall


Going to Chengdu and not visiting the museums in the city will be extremely unfair. The museums have a great collection of historical pieces and give you a true insight into the magnificent history of the city and the country.

Here are some of these museums:

  • Sichuan Museum
  • Du Fu Thatched Cottage
  • Chengdu Museum New Hall

Sichuan Museum


Food is a massive part of the local culture and the local Chinese food is a must try. You might think you have tried authentic Chinese food in your own country but there is nothing like the local Chinese food that you try in China itself. The taste is so different and unique. From the delicious hotpots to dumplings to the hundreds of pork dishes, there is just so much to try.

One thing you should keep in mind is to always have an open mind when it comes to trying new food or any new dish. If you do not like it or it is something that you are not used to eating or have an aversion towards generally, do not show it. Always be polite about your comments towards the food because Chinese people take their food seriously and see it as a sign of disrespect when someone criticises their food.

Traditional Local Restaurants

Here are some famous local restaurants which serve authentic traditional food:

  • The St. Regis Chengdu
  • Lao Ma Tou Hotpot
  • Qin Shan Zhai
  • Ming Ting Fan Dian

Vegetarian and Vegan

If you are a vegetarian, you do not need to worry when you are in this city as there are many restaurants to attend to your needs. With these places, you will get to enjoy traditional meals properly with your regular choices.

Some of these vegan restaurants are:

  • Water Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant
  • Ju Shan Yuan Qing Xin
  • Miao Shu Yuan
  • Happy Vegan

Street Food

The local street food vendors are no less than professional chefs, and their dishes will leave you wanting more every single time you eat out. There is a wide variety of sweet and savory dishes that will fulfill your hunger and satisfy your heart.

Here are some famous street foods you must try in the city:

  • Rou jia mo
  • Paomo
  • Xi'an Dumplings
  • Cold Noodles
Street vendor selling Rou jia mo


There are many Chinese alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that you can see in the local cafés, restaurants, bars, and pubs in Chengdu. There is no doubt that Chinese people love to drink regularly, especially on special occasions with friends and family. These drinks will help you understand the significance and increasing popularity amongst the locals.


Travelers can drink boiled water or find filtered water in stores. Even in large urban communities like Chengdu and Shanghai, water from the tap isn't all around separated, cleaned, or purged. It may have contaminants like rusts, microbes, infection, chlorines, or other weighty metals. The primary sources of tap water supply in the city are from surface water and groundwater. The largest reservoir in China and serves the city's water requirement as well. There is no shortage in the availability of tap water in the city of Chengdu, but the water quality is something that you need to consider before you take the risk of consuming it. Although the Chinese government states that the water is drinkable and follows the standards set by Environment Protection Agency and the World Health Organization, you will find that most Chinese families in China do not prefer tap water sources.

Organic Cafés

You can find a lot of Organic Cafés in the city of Chengdu that serves dishes that are made using locally sourced quality products. The popularity of organic food is an increasing phenomenon in China, as the locals are very conscious of their diets and like to eat nutritious and healthy food. There is only a small population of people who prefer eating unprocessed, healthy food that is clean and reliable beyond their houses' walls. They’d rather source fresh ingredients and have a cook prepare their meals. These cafés are the best places where you can indulge in organic and quality non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes. If you are a health-conscious person, then you must visit these cafés:

  • Yusuge Garden
  • Veganheart Vegan
  • Vegetarian lifestyle
  • Wenshu Temple


Most of the passionate craft beer lovers are young adults. The culture of enjoying a few pints of freshly brewed craft beers and friends at a popular bar or a pub while watching a sports game and enjoying a nice plate of sides has mainly been the Western world's culture. However, due to rapid globalization, this culture has found its way to the country.

Here are some famous breweries in the city of Chengdu:

  • M99 Beer
  • Little Bar
  • Pijuwo Bar
  • Yanjing Beer
Stock of Yanjing Beer at a supermarket


There is so much to do in Chengdu and if you are in the city only for a few days then you will have a packed itinerary because the list of activities is endless. Here are a few things to do when visiting Chengdu:

  • Visiting the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Pandas
  • "Exploring the Jinsha Site Museum'
  • Going to the different temples like the Erwang Temple
  • Hiking in Leshan and Mount Qingcheng
The beautiful stream at Mount Qingcheng

Yoga and Retreats

With increasing awareness of the need for a healthy and fit lifestyle, the Chinese people are gaining interest in yoga, an ancient Indian practice for maintaining the health of mind and body. You will find that young people are the ones that like to participate in such fitness exercised. There are many yoga institutes in the city where you can train under a qualified and experienced yoga teacher. You will find that young people are the ones that like to participate in such fitness exercised. With increasing awareness of the need for a healthy and fit lifestyle, the local people are gaining interest in yoga.

Here are some famous yoga centers are given below:

  • Pulan Yoga Centre
  • Sheng Jia Yoga China Headquarters
  • Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre


There are various options for accommodation in the city of Chengdu that range from cheap to luxurious rates. You can also opt for couch-surfing, which is starting to gain popularity in Asian countries. Many college and university students are eager to help foreign tourists have the best city experience. You will not face much trouble trying to find an appropriate place for staying according to your preferences and budget as there are so many options. You can opt from a large variety of options for five-star hotels, eco-friendly hotels, hostels, guesthouses, rental apartments, and campsites. With plenty of tourists and ex-pats flocking on an annual basis, there is an immense need to accommodate different types.

The city has many options when it comes to accommodation, so foreigners are not stranded. These accommodation options range from hotels to apartments, and much more.

Green Hotels

Many foreigners fail to realize that they have a role to play in protecting the environment, and it does not matter if it is your place of origin or not. If you are an environmental enthusiast, we know that you would search for green hotels in the city of Chengdu to ensure that you have an eco-friendly stay in the city. You should play a role in any place you find yourself.

  • Greenland Business Hotel: The hotel offers luxurious facilities like a bar service, an indoor pool, free WiFi, etc., which gives it a perfect vibe. The hotel also follows various policies to eradicate the use of items that are harmful to the environment. It is one of the best green hotels in Chengdu's city with great amenities and reasonable prices.
  • Chengdu Tibet Hotel: It is another luxury hotel that has turned itself into a green hotel to promote eco-friendly practices. Other environment-friendly measures adopted by the hotel are avoiding plastic items, reuse of water for toilets, smart lights, etc. You will find that the hotel employs staff from the local communities to support them and help them grow.
  • Chengdu Greenland Hotel: You will find that the hotel follows various eco-friendly rules that help in maintaining its carbon footprint and minimizing daily waste. It is a five-star hotel in the city of Shanghai. The hotel is famous for its prime location and for promoting eco-friendly practices and supporting the local communities.
  • Green Tree Inn Chengdu: It is one of the leading green hotels on the main street in the city of Chengdu. Although the hotel is a five-star hotel, it is dully meeting all of its corporate social responsibilities. You will find that the hotel is one of the first hotels to support eco-friendly practices in China. Instead of using disposable toiletries, the hotel uses reusable and environment-friendly toiletries.

Hostels and Guest Houses

As it is a densely populated city that attracts many tourists and young ex-pats, many of them are on a tight budget. And they have little money to spare for accommodation. As a result of this, there is a sizeable market for accommodation in hostels and guest houses. These offer quirky amenities and compact living spaces at reasonable prices.

Some of the famous and reasonable hostels and guest houses are given below:

  • Chengdu Mix Hostel
  • Chengdu Lazybones Hostel
  • Chengdu Mrs Panda Hostel
  • Chengdu Flipflop Lounge


You will find that renting out an apartment can be relatively cheaper if you travel with your friends or family. While traveling through the city of Chengdu for an extended period, apartments serve as a better accommodation option than the five-star hotels, hostels, and guest houses. Before you rent out an apartment, make sure to check the property properly and get some reviews of current residents in the apartment building. Also, make sure that the property is legal and approved for tourism purposes. Before you rent out an apartment, make sure to check the property properly and get some reviews of current residents in the apartment building. Also, make sure that the property is legal and approved for tourism purposes.


You will find many enthusiasts who are offering Couch surfing opportunities. Couch surfing may not seem like a common concept in Asian cities. Still surprisingly, it is gaining popularity and recognition as a cheap and affordable mode of accommodation. All you need to do is get on the couch surfing website and search for Couch Surfing hosts in the city you are traveling to. You will need to create a good deal beforehand with the host to avoid unfortunate and uncomfortable situations. While this may be debatable, the safety aspect may be debatable, but if you have verified contacts as hosts and recommendations from known travelers, you could take the chance. Chinese people are amicable and welcoming. You will not face much trouble in finding a good couch surfing host.


Many individuals in and around the city of Chengdu are extremely passionate about camping; you could join a few enthusiasts on their expedition by connecting over social media applications. The thing with camping is that there are particular areas for it; else, the whole purpose is defeated. Thus, it is right to know about camping sites. Campers describe the experience as exciting, and it lures those who have never been camping before. It helps you meet new people, and you get to do things you have never done before. If you a lover of nature and the outdoors, we know that you would wish to experience camping in whatever form when you are in a new city.

  • Yuping Mountain Campground
  • Xiaoyudong International Camping Park
  • Baoshan

center|900px|thumb|Yuping Mountain Park

How to Get There

There are many ways to reach the city, like trains, buses, airplanes, taxis, rental cars, etc. If you are already in the country, you can choose various transport services like long-distance buses, trains, rental cars, etc. These public or private transports are easy to access and are very convenient. You can also opt for hitchhiking, but you may face trouble getting to the city in time, and it isn't the most comfortable mode of travel. If you are in your home city and want to reach the city directly, then you can opt for airplanes as they are the fastest mode of traveling to another country. These are affordable and quite convenient modes of travel.


The Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport serves the city and has flights connecting to some of the world's biggest cities. The airport is well connected to the city via all means of transport, so you don’t worry about pre-booking or exorbitant fares.

The Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport


Many public and private buses vary according to the distance that you want to travel. The long-distance buses are usually private buses and ideal for getting from one city to another city. Traveling through the buses in China is very easy as there is a convenient online portal where you can buy the tickets for your travel. The Chinese intercity bus system is truly massive, and as a tourist, you can make the most of this and reach the city of Chengdu from almost any city in the country.

Many public buses and airport shuttle buses run inside the city areas to help the locals and the tourists get to different locations with ease.


The Chinese Railway runs to several international destinations. These include Russia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, North Korea. If you are in any of these countries and wish to travel to China, keep your ticket handy while boarding a train.

Metro train in Chengdu


Hitchhiking is a common practice in Asian cities among travelers that are low on cash and budget. Most drivers are naturally wary of picking up strangers, fearing carrying robbers and carjackers. While there are exceptional cases of drivers who would be okay with offering one a lift, most of them would not, especially when driving at night.

If you want to hitchhike to reach Chengdu city, you will not face much trouble as the locals are always very eager to help out a foreign tourist. The familiar thumbs-up gesture to ask for left on the highways and roads can be used in China. It is an environmentally friendly practice to ask for a lift to a nearby town or city.


It would be best to avoid such modes of transports to travel in an eco-friendly manner and save lots of money. These options are not eco-friendly as they harm the local environment by using non-renewable resources and emitting greenhouse gases. Apart from airplanes and public transports, other options for traveling to the city of Chengdu include rental car services, boating, and private long-distance buses.

Moving Around

The city of Chengdu is absolutely massive, and to explore, you may need to rely on more than just one means of transportation. If you want to travel and explore the various areas of the city of Chengdu, then the best option at your disposal is public transports such as subway trains, available buses, and electronic vehicles. These modes of transportations are efficient in helping you move around the city of Chengdu and discover the city's hidden gems. Walking is an alternative mode of moving around but is the healthiest and cheapest mode. Some of the greenest means to move around the city include the subway and the e-buses. If you wish to explore a few areas on the city limits' outer boundaries, try the high-speed rail.


Walking around the city of Chengdu is a safe endeavor, especially during the daytime. You won’t have any issues with dedicated pathways and helpful people to guide you. Despite numerous attempts to decongest the city, including increasing the parking cost in town and banning public service vehicles from accessing certain parts of the town center, the streets have continued to be congested. Away from the city and into the residential suburbs boasts of many trees along many avenues that provide shade and fresh air as you stroll along.


Bicycles are friendly to the environment and your travel budget. You can easily find bike renting stores in almost every district. It is extremely safe, and you have dedicated bicycle lanes all over. Cycling is a popular means of transportation in the city of Chengdu. A few premium hotels will allow you to rent one for a minimal cost or even for free. You can rent a bicycle at various locations, and there are options for using bicycles made out of bamboo and wood.

Bicycles parked at the stand near Baiguolin Station

Electronic Vehicles

The government promotes electronic vehicles by setting up various charging stations and parking areas for such cars. China is nowhere near decreasing it's pollution rates. The users of electronic cars and bikes also receive relaxation for taxes. You can easily find many electronic vehicle stores in the city of Chengdu, but you may need to make a booking to ensure that you can get a vehicle on the day of your travel.

Electric bicycles parking on Shudu Ave

Public Bus

The public bus system in the city of Chengdu is marvelous; not only does it connect the entire town very well, but also it is economical to cost per line. These buses mostly run on electricity, thereby making them a good eco-friendly option to consider. These buses are a standard mode of transportation for the locals and are entirely safe for tourists. Public buses in China are the cheapest mode of moving around the city.

The rapid bus transit in Chengdu

Tram, Train and Subway

Presently, there are many tram networks available in Chengdu city that covers an area of 13.6 kilometers in the distance. It is an excellent way of moving around the city and exploring the local culture, heritages, and landmarks. The railway stations in the city of Chengdu serve the locals and tourists for moving around the city. These railway networks are some of the fastest ways to move around the town and get some beautiful views of the urban jungle. The metro system in the city is the second biggest network for metro trains in the World. It is the fastest mode of moving around the city and is the most popular public transport for working-class people and students. The metro trains can help you reach any part of the city with ease and safety.

Sustainable Shopping

You will find many Chinese local models and actors promoting the use of such items. These items are sourced from locally available resources and consider all environmental aspects to avoid any negative impact. There are many places where you can shop sustainably and act as a responsible person. Sustainable shopping is a popular trend in the Chinese fashion industry as people realize the importance and need for changing their ways and opting for eco-friendly measures. These places are the local food markets, flea markets, second-hand stores, and eco-fashion stores.

Food Markets

These markets are better options as they are relatively cheaper and better sources than the frozen and preserved food in the supermarkets and departmental stores. These markets serve as the primary source of fresh and quality food products in the city of Chengdu. By buying produce from the local fishermen, farmers, and producers, you can help them grow their business. You will find that these markets are home to local businesses and people that sell high-quality products at a reasonable rate. These markets are better options as they are relatively cheaper and better sources than the frozen and preserved food in the supermarkets and departmental stores.

  • Yimin Food Market
  • Farmer Food Market
  • Yangxixian Food Street
  • Qiaoge Grocery Store

Flea Markets

These markets are run by local people and the best places to find local art and craft items. These markets consist of local businesses and people that sell second-hand products that are reusable. You can find these markets fill with handmade products and represent the local culture and people. It is the best spot on the planet to discover antique books, calligraphy brushes, canvases, rubbings, and inkstones. You can discover real Chinese silk garments and adornments. Some of the markets you can visit are:

  • Chengdu's art and antique market
  • Lan Town flea Market'
  • Chengdu's Popular Market

Second Hand Stores

Like a city that is as large as Shanghai, you will find people belonging to different economic backgrounds. Many who wish to use good products without compromising on quality often rely on the second-hand market. These stores sell second-hand products that possess the potential for reuse. More so, the second-hand market is dominated by electronics and garments. These stores are some of the most common places for shopping second hand things in Chengdu:

  • Jiahonghua Second-hand Market
  • Pengzhou Second-Hand Goods
  • Changchun Second-Hand Goods Transaction Market
  • Hongfaxin Second-Hand Goods


The Chinese garment business is worth over a trillion USD. Fast fashion industry has caused unprecedented damage to the environment especially in China. Recently the focus has shifted to green or eco fashion. There are many small and big retailers who have adopted Eco Friendly policies and are producing in much more eco friendly manner. Some of the eco friendly brands to look out for are:

  • UseDem
  • Loop Swim
  • In sharks we trust'
  • Jewels and Aces
  • Ellie Kai


The government has also provided multiple incentives to people following various recycling waste measures and saving natural resources. Chengdu city has a pretty effective recycling method, with everything from cans to bottles to even batteries and toys being systematically recycled. There are categories for every kind of waste, and efficiency is quite good. You will find many recycling stores in various districts where you can take your recyclable waste and get it appropriately recycled. These stores offer various monetary or store voucher services that you can use for buying other recyclable items and services. The government has also provided multiple incentives to people following various recycling waste measures and saving natural resources.


The waste segregation method employed here is based on category system. While exploring and traveling, make sure to use these containers and vehicles to dispose of the waste properly, or you can get into trouble for violating the laws and environment.

Additionally, people on the move are given free tickets at subway platforms for recycling plastic bottles and cans. You will find cleanliness in common places to be marvelous, and trash cans are found everywhere. Pollution is a severe problem in the city of Chengdu. There are many measures that the government has put into action to control it. You will find dumpsters and garbage disposal trucks in every street of the districts in Chengdu.

Work and Study Abroad

The education system is one of the best, and you will learn a lot about Chinese culture, history, heritage, and people. As the financial hub, you will find that the educational and career opportunities in the city of Chengdu are the best in Asia. All you need to do to get admission is to apply to the various institutions and meet their requirements. The city of Chengdu is an immensely popular city where people come to study and work at some of the most reputed institutes and firms.

Exchange Student

The exchange student program is a worldwide program that enables students from different countries to study in another country and learn about local culture and traditions. The exchange programs in the city of Chengdu, many neighboring countries in the Asian region are robust. You will find plenty of students studying at universities in Chengdu via intercontinental grants and scholarships. You will find that many institutions in Chengdu are part of the program and offer various scholarships to such students.

Au Pair

Au pairing is a relatively new concept in Asian countries where a foreigner helps out a family in meeting their responsibilities and managing a household. The trend is definitely catching up but it is not too common. You will find some opportunities but you will have to hunt for them properly.


Obviously, in a city of this size, there are plenty of issues to tackle, and you can do your bit for society by volunteering for various endeavors being undertaken, especially by NGOs and service groups. Many volunteering organizations in Chengdu are fighting to resolve various cultural, environmental, and social problems such as violence against women and children, child labor, animal protection, environmental protection, humanitarian rights, etc.

By participating in these organizations' activities, you can play your vital role as a responsible tourist and help out someone who needs your help.

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