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Eco-friendly travel guide to Delhi advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Delhi, India.

Delhi Skyline

  • Air quality: 1.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 2 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 2 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.5 / 5
  • Parks: 3.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 2.5 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$8 - $1000
  • Budget per day: US$20 - $1500

Responsible Travel

The city of Delhi is renowned for being the capital India. Delhi is quite a well-developed city and certainly does have various provisions made for responsible travelling. As an eco-friendly tourist, here are some options of moving around the city:

  • Try and begin by making use of the recently launched CNG luxury buses that are run by the local government. They offer good comfort, they connect all corners of the city and they are very budget friendly as well.
  • As an eco-friendly tourist, the other option that you willl have for responsible travelling in the city of Delhi are the CNG auto-rickshaws. If you have visited East Asian nations you will recognise these to be siblings of the famous Tuk-Tuk. These are eco-friendly Tuk-Tuks and they are extremely cheap and easy to find. They can squeeze into the tightest of spots and the narrowest of lanes in this vastly disorganised city. The drivers are often well-versed with the routes, but they are mostly used for short and medium distance journeys.
  • Furthermore, if you have a valid license you can always rent a few eco-friendly electric vehicles, both four-wheelers and two-wheelers. These may be hard to come across but if you look in the right places, you will have quite a few options.
  • Lastly, the city of Delhi has been one of the pioneers in metro rail transportation in the country of India. The city has an efficient metro rail in place since the year 2002 and now it almost covers every corner of the city. Running on electricity, the metro rail is a safe, effective, rapid, and an economical way of transport for the eco-friendly tourist visiting the city. To top this, the Delhi Metro also makes use of solar energy to fulfil a part of the electric consumption required for operations, thereby making it perhaps the most responsible means for travelling in the city.

To have a responsible trip, here are some more tips:

  • Support local businesses and shop in local markets
  • Eat local food
  • Stay in green hotels
  • Visit the city parks
CNG Rickshaws are an environmentally friendly way of travelling in Delhi

Air Quality and Pollution

The climatic conditions in the city of Delhi have always been subject to a lot of criticism. With extremely hot summers and extremely cold winters (in Indian standards), the city has an extreme climate all throughout the year. Yes, geographically speaking the city is known to have a slightly disadvantageous position, but then again, the extreme climatic conditions seen in the recent decades can be attributed to reckless urbanisation. As a tourist, you wouldn’t have too many qualms about the temperatures during the winter, these shall range between 2 degrees Celsius and 15-degree Celsius, which might be quite appropriate for any tourist from the western nations. However, the climatic conditions during the summer season which spans from the month of April to the month of July are known to be absolutely unbearable with the heat being strong enough to result in sunstrokes and various other ailments. Travelling during daytime shall be a task and tourists who cannot bear extreme heat are recommended to stay away during these months.

The air quality in the city of Delhi is known to be one of the worst in the world. The city is infamous for having the worst pollution statistics with every year bringing about a crisis involving smog. Throughout the year, the air quality is pathetic with tourists being recommended to use a mask if they cannot tolerate dust and smoke, on the other hand, those tourists who have asthma and other breathing-related issues must avoid making a trip to the city of Delhi under any circumstances. The smog-related issues usually pop up for a few months in a year and that can be mainly attributed to the weather conditions and the agricultural activities of the neighbouring states. During these months, the government has to take drastic measures to avoid choking the citizens and often does so by shutting a few industries, implementing an alternative private car usage system, and promoting the use of public transport. Nonetheless, little has been done about the situation as of yet and it has reached such a point that in the year 2019 a completely healthy, non-smoker young individual with no history of cancer-related illnesses in the family was diagnosed with lung cancer. Thus, we suggest that as a tourist, it is extremely essential that you pick the right time to visit the city to enjoy a comfortable trip.

How the smog pollutes the skies of Delhi in the winter months

Respect the Culture

The local culture of the city of Delhi is known to be extremely chill and joyful. People generally do not interfere in the affairs of others but some level of judgement is always involved. During your interactions, with the local people you will find that most of them are extremely warm, hospitable and friendly. In fact, Indians are renowned to be a cheerful lot, so don’t go by their appearance and demeanour. They might not even know perfect English, but even with the communication barrier they speak English decently enough for you to not have any issues understanding whatever they say. They will welcome you to the city with wide arms and they will help you out if you are in a fix. You certainly need to find the right kind of people, as there are many shady people and con men around often trying to make a quick buck by scamming a tourist. However, if you stop by any local crowded establishments you can find kind and friendly people. Similarly, if you find a large populace of friendly people in upscale restaurants and nightclubs, you will find that they are extremely helpful and would even go as far as exchanging details to show you around town or catch up to have a drink at a nearby bar with a few friends.

To respect the warmth and the love that the local people shower upon you, we recommend that you smile at them and talking softly. They will have many questions so it will be nice to answer some of them. The local people of the city of Delhi are quite easy to please and you certainly can do that with minimum effort. To quickly ensure the same we suggest that you learn a few phrases in Hindi, seeing a tourist speak their language or have knowledge of it greatly pleases them. Similarly, try and understand the local pop culture and pepper in a few reference related to those during a conversation. Bollywood stars such as Shah Rukh Khan, musicians such as A.R.Rahman, and politicians such as Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, are perhaps good enough topics to break the ice and please them. However, we suggest that you steer clear of criticising any of them or passing any comments without prior knowledge. Avoid talking about politics and religion as these greatly divide the vast population of the city.

We recommend that you share a few treats with the local people who help you out, offer them candies from your nation, share a small souvenir, or perhaps take a picture with them. This always pleases the local people to great extent and they will consider you to be a “good tourist”. In general, avoid criticism as the local people do not take it well, try and be as positive as possible in your conversation. This is essential as the last thing some Indian people in the city of Delhi want is a tourist criticising their nation. Similarly, while interacting with Indian women, we recommend that you avoid being too direct while flirting unless you are in an upscale bar or nightclub. On the streets, most of the women will be helpful but shy. Most men are territorial and extremely protective of the women around them, so don’t upset them and end up being a “bad tourist”. To trump it all, we suggest that you fold your hands and greet every local person with a Namaste.

Top 10 Places to Visit

The city of Delhi is an exceptional place to visit and as a tourist, you have some truly interesting places to explore. In this section of the article we shall list out the top 10 places that you must visit when you are in the city:

  • Chandni Chowk: The shopping locale of Chandni Chowk has been in presence for many years and an investigation of its winding, restricted back streets is unquestionably an experience. The paths of Chandni Chowk are partitioned into bazaars with various zones of specialisation. Food sellers in Chandni Chowk likewise present a flavourful arrangement of Delhi road food.
  • Hauz Khas: Hauz Khas is a delightful neighbourhood of South Delhi and is one of the significant vacationer places in Delhi. The beat of Hauz Khas is known to be the generally significant Hauz Khaz Complex. It shows both country and urban environment and furthermore known as mehak ka chota quila. Hauz implies water tank in Urdu and Khas is alluded to imperial and consequently, it is viewed as the regal tank in the town. Hauz Khas is likewise one of the most mainstream places for couples in Delhi to be with each other and enjoy a few moments in love. Hauz Khas town bars, town clubs, cafés, bistros and so forth are a portion of the focal points for some guests as they can meet local people and have a laid back discussion.
  • Connaught Place: There are numerous global and Indian brands operating out of Connaught Place. Since countless travellers assemble here, there are a great deal of appealing things arranged. Being one of the biggest budgetary and business spots in India, the Connaught Place in Delhi has been an observer for the rise of numerous shops, markets, structures, lodgings and significant structures. On the off chance that you are searching for reasonably priced rooms and beds, tasty food, trendy and essential comforts then you can discover incredible homestays in Delhi close Connaught place. It is regularly called CP and goes about as the base camp of numerous Indian firms and is likewise among the best vacationer places in Delhi. During the hour of past colonisers, the spot was viewed as a position of pride and was considered one of the top legacy structures in Delhi.
  • Phool Mandi: If it's all the same to you getting up at the beginning of the day you can get the prettiest business sectors in Delhi - the discounted large-scale flower market. Several merchants briefly set up for business promptly toward the beginning of the day and sell blossoms from everywhere India, just as blossoms imported from Holland and Asia. It's a picture taker's joy!
  • Jantar Mantar: The Jantar Mantar in the city of Delhi has thirteen stargazing instruments. It is one of the most visited traveller places in Delhi in summers and it was structured so as to aggregate the cosmic tables and to anticipate the development and timings of the sun, the moon and the planets. Arranged on the Parliament Street, south of Connaught Circus in New Delhi, the Observatory has workmanship constructed galactic instruments.
  • Janpath and Tibetan Market: This exceptionally well known and enthusiastic Delhi market has something for everybody. You'll discover merchandise from wherever in India and Tibet here, and it's an extraordinary spot to look for things to reclaim home. Be that as it may, you'll need all your haggling aptitudes to get a truly normal cost.
  • Agrasen ki Baoli: Agrasen ki Baoli is a 60 meter long and 15-meter wide recorded step well which is one of the most popular places in the northern part of Delhi. There are a great deal of legends and stories meandering around the locals with respect to the presence of this well. However there is no ideal reference demonstrating the mind behind the development of this well. Yet, it is supposed to be worked by the incredible king Agrasen and it was reconstructed in the fourteenth century by Agrawal community of people who are found in India.
  • Paharganj: Found west of the New Delhi Railway Station. The area during the Mughal time frame was known as Shahganj or King's ganj or commercial centre. Paharganj is one of the three managerial regions of the Central Delhi locale. It houses plenty of lodgings, lodges, eateries, dhabas and a wide assortment of shops. Many individuals from local areas just as worldwide locations come here to interact with local people and get some great souvenirs at modest rates.
  • Gurudwara Bangla Sahib: A renowned Sikh Gurudwara in India is Gurudwara Bangla Sahib in Delhi. Gurudwara Bangla Sahib is situated close Connaught Palace on Baba Kharak Singh Marg and it is unmistakable effectively from separation because of its brilliant vault and tall flagpole. Known for its relationship with the eighth Sikh Guru, Guru Har Kishan, it is a holy house for the Sikh religion devotees yet now it is an essential journey and vacation destination in Delhi. There is a wonderful pool also inside its mind-boggling complex which is named as Sarovar. The complex incorporated the Gurudwara, a kitchen, a lake, a school and a workmanship display. The idea of langar is rehearsed and paying little heed to race or religion, every religion's individuals can eat in the Gurudwara kitchen. In the event that you wish to enter the Gurudwara, you should cover your hair and abstain from wearing shoes inside.
  • Waste to Wonder Park: Housing the reproductions of the seven traditional Wonders of the World, this is one of the renowned attractions in Delhi. The Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum, and India's own special Taj Mahal alongside different marvels are flawlessly worked out of channels, metallic sheets, scrap edges, and different other waste materials. The recreation centre altogether worked with the thought process of preserving nature likewise utilises solar and wind power for lighting purposes during the night. Appreciate the illusory setting and keep your cameras prepared for some exciting pictures.
Hauz Khas


The city of Delhi is immensely popular amongst tourists across the globe. Being one of the biggest cities in the world and being home to over 20 million people, the city often grabs the attention of travellers for its rich culture, heritage, history, and spirit. It is home to numerous such Museums, Landmarks, National and City Parks that you can visit to appreciate the soul of the city. A surprising yet interesting blend of history, culture, food, street life and business, Delhi keeps its guests completely locked in. You might be overpowered by the turmoil from the start yet as the city bit by bit sheds its layers, you will discover there are numerous thrilling spots to find in Delhi that will blow your mind. With not just one or two, but three UNESCO World Heritage locales inside its limits, you make certain to go over chronicled attractions in Delhi that will take your breath away with their magnificence. Aside from these, there are numerous street cuisine shops and carts in the old paths that will spoil your taste buds with some lip-smacking dishes. Not overlooking the most happening party centre points in the city, local people, just as voyagers, come here to have the best a great time. For the vivacious group, these humming nightlife objections are a portion of the significant traveller places in Delhi. So in the event that you have the will and vitality to investigate Delhi, there is no shortage of intriguing spots to visit here. In the sections below we will be discussing some of these places to explore, so continue perusing to know more.

City Parks

  • Garden of Five Senses: Here you will discover pools of water lilies, bamboo courts, spice gardens, solar parks and so forth. The nursery houses Khas Bagh, bloom shows, wellsprings, waterfalls, food court, mall, various models and so on inside it to pull in a great many sightseers and locals to save time with magnificence at its best. The nursery was built up with the point of invigorating our five senses with the excellence of the Serenity and the attractions around the nursery will let us experience all the senses by touching, smelling, hearing and seeing. Situated in Saidul Ajaib town close to the Mehrauli legacy territory. It was a venture undertaken by Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation and it spreads across 20 sections of land. While it unquestionably is an incredible setting to appreciate the picturesque excellence, you should realize that right now it is an escape spot for most couples who are searching for some privacy in the lap of nature.
  • Mughal Gardens: Being a prominent venue in the city, the Mughal Gardens is a tremendous spot holding a wide assortment of intriguing plants. As you step inside the nursery, the delightful mixing of Mughal and European styles will astound you. Enveloped with lavish nurseries like the Circular Garden, Pearl Garden and other delightful nurseries, your visit will undoubtedly be loaded with some shocking delights. On the off chance that you are in Delhi during the local spring months, don't pass up the lush spring blossom. You can go through some beautiful hours unwinding in the midst of the finesse of nature.
Garden of Five Senses

National Parks

  • The National Zoological Park: The development for this had begun in the year1956 and the northern part of the zoo was finished by the year 1959. The official name "The National Zoological Park" was anointed to the zoo in the year 1982 with the intent to make it an example for different zoos in the nation to follow and develop accordingly. The National Zoological Park or ordinarily known as Delhi Zoo is a broad zoo that spreads across 176 sections of land close to the Old Fort in the city. In an energetic city lies a sixteenth-century fortress, a green island and an incredible assortment of uncommon verdure. Around 1350 creatures are ensured inside the zoo, of various species and families. Walking through the excellent zoo is a savouring movement for a day out in Delhi one can peruse it with the assistance of a battery worked vehicle that can be orchestrated on lease at the zoo. This is truly an exciting adventure for most eco-friendly tourists visiting the city.
  • Deer Park: Deer Park is situated in South Delhi and is well known for strolling, running and excursions. Deer Park contains numerous subsections, for example, Duck Park, Picnic Spots Rabbit Enclosures and so on. The Park has recorded burial chambers of Mughal Era. The Park has four distinct wings for example Rose Garden, Deer Park, Fountain and District Park, Old Monuments and Hauz Khas Art Market. One can appreciate the whole zone, once inside the recreation centre one can't accept that he/she is in the core of Delhi. Other than the over the Park has a delightful café "Park Baluchi" the correct spot to appreciate a road trip. It is called Deer Park since it really houses an enormous number of deer inside the recreation centre. There is an enormous nook in the recreation centre for deer to wander around, play with one another, have periodic cordial battles and give a learning and engaging experience to the guests particularly the youngsters.
Deer Park


The city of Delhi is situated in the northern part of India which is landlocked. Hence, as a tourist, you shall not be able to find any beaches here or anywhere close by as well. The nearest possible beach is a few thousand miles away and doesn’t even lie in the boundaries of Delhi.


  • India Gate: The engineering of India Gate is world well known as the triumphal curve that resembles the Arch of Constantine and furthermore contrasted with the Arc de Triomphe and the Gateway of India in Mumbai. India Gate is situated on the eastern edge of the stylized pivot of Delhi and it was once called Kingsway. India Gate is a significant site to visit when on your visit to Delhi. India Gate has its unique name as All India War Memorial that was an implicit request to remember the 82000 troopers of the Indian Army who lost their lives during the First World War occurred from 1914 to 1921 just as in the Third Anglo-Afghan War. India Gate Parade or the Republic Day Parade is the most ceremonious and renowned occasion to occur before India Gate each year. On January 26th, every year, India celebrates the day it turned into a republic. The names of around 13300 servicemen including a few fighters and officials from the United Kingdom are shown on the entryway.
  • Red Fort: The Red Fort is the single most well-known landmark in the city of Delhi. The fortress is overseen by the Archeological Survey of India and was pronounced a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 2007. A splendid engineering magnificence is a verifiable fortification in Delhi, the Red Fort which was the primary habitation of the sovereigns of the Mughal Dynasty for over 200 years. The Mughal families lived there until 1857. A brilliant quill in the crown of Delhi is the fortification and it houses a few galleries in it. In spite of the fact that it was the place of the Mughal sovereigns, it was likewise the political and social focus of the Mughal state and this was where a ton of noteworthy occasions occurred. It is the best spot to visit in Old Delhi as it is likewise known to be an image of India's battle for an opportunity. However, what put the post on the map was the midnight discourse made by Jawahar Lal Nehru before India was going to wake up to freedom from British guideline and thereafter, it was turning into the politically huge spot in Indian history. It has the Independence Day festivities every year from that point forward. Red Fort history has a ton to impart to the world and it came into the idea structure in 1639 after the then Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan moved his cash-flow to the recently built city in Delhi and established the framework stone to develop the stronghold.
  • Qutub Minar: A significant, secured structure of India is the Qutub Minar. It has been viewed as an exceptionally significant chronicled fascination existing at present in India. It is an aspect of the Qutub Complex which was announced as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is additionally one of the well-known spots to visit in north Delhi. The structure is arranged in the Mehrauli region of Delhi. Around the pinnacle, there are a few recorded landmarks like the Qutub Complex with Quwwat ul Isla Mosque and the Iron Pillar of Delhi. The structure of the pinnacle has a style that takes after the engineering style won in Iran yet some creative shows discovered locally were joined, for example, circled chimes, festoons and lotuses that are corners were cut out. One can see various engravings in Parso-Arabic and Nagari at various areas of the structure. Qutub Minar is made of red sandstone and marble causing its stature to up to 73 meters and gives a pinnacle like structure to it. The development of the structure was begun in 1192 and it was finished by Aibak's replacement Iltumish in 1220.
  • Lotus Temple: The Lotus Temple is among the popular traveller places in Delhi and a significant milestone of India that has been pulling in sightseers from everywhere the world as a result of its design and excellence. The development of the sanctuary was done in 1986. It takes after the lotus blossom yet made in white shading. The sanctuary has an extraordinary association with the Bahai Faith that advances congruity among individuals through a typical spot for worship. There are the holy compositions of Bahai Faith just as of different religions can be perused or recited yet perusing non-scriptural messages and performing formal functions are prohibited despite the fact that there is a fixed arrangement of the example for religious administrations. As all Bahai Houses of Worship follow certain compositional components, the Lotus Temple likewise has some of them in its structure. The Lotus Temple is available to all individuals, paying little heed to area and rank. The structure is worked of 27 unsupported marble-clad petals in groups of three to frame nine sides. The Lotus Temple is probably the best spot to visit in the event that you are wanting to go through a day in Delhi. The sanctuary has an extraordinary association with the Bahai Faith that advances congruity among individuals through a typical spot for worship. There are the holy compositions of Bahai Faith just as of different religions can be perused or recited yet perusing non-scriptural messages and performing formal functions are prohibited despite the fact that there is a fixed arrangement of the example for love administrations. As all Bahai Houses of Worship follow certain compositional components, the Lotus Temple likewise has some of them in its structure.
  • Rashtrapati Bhavan: The Presidential Residence, earlier known as the Viceroy's House is the popular Rashtrapati Bhavan in Delhi. It is viewed as the biggest living arrangement of a head of state on the planet with respect to area. It is the home of the President of India, authoritatively. It is situated at the western finish of Rajpath. The house or the principle building obliges the president's authentic living arrangement, lobbies, visitor rooms and workplaces. The whole 130 hectare President Estate that incorporates immense nurseries known as the Mughal Gardens, huge open spaces, home of office staff and protectors, pens and so on is the significant segment of the chateau.
  • Akshardham Temple: This architectural marvel grandstands the customary Hindu and Indian culture and engineering. It has a mind-boggling engineering style of Maharishi Vastu ideas and for the development of the sanctuary, the pink sandstone from Rajasthan and Carrara marbles from Italy was utilised. Its dividers are expressly cut with the pictures of fauna, flora, artists, gods and so on. Travellers from across the world come to Delhi will visit the sanctuary to comprehend the otherworldly realities of India.
India Gate New Delhi


  • National Museum: The National Museum unites the rich social legacy from different pieces of the world, and your visit will without a doubt end up being an improving one. Here you will discover works identified with the Harappan times, a few figures, carvings, artworks, original copies, coins, artefacts, and other important items.
  • National Rail Museum: The structure is spread over more than 10 acres of land improved by both indoor and outside displays and it is one of the renowned spots in north Delhi. Patiala State monorail trainways, the most seasoned operational steam train Fairy Queen, Fire Engine, Saloon of Prince of Wales, Saloon of Maharaja of Indore and Mysore, electric train 4502 and so on are a couple of the assets of the gallery that have the historical backdrop of numerous hundreds of years to be told. The guests are permitted to do a toy train ride around the site on standard days. Aside from the toy train, there are a ton of interesting things on the presentation, for example, 1:8 scale trail, Diesel test system, Steam test system, Coach Simulator and things like these. Every railway aficionado who wants to see the evolution of trains from diesel guzzling machines to eco-friendly means of transport must visit this museum.
  • Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum: The historical centre shows rather an excellent assortment of uncommon photos covering the patriot development and furthermore some significant photos of the Nehru-Gandhi families. The previous living arrangement of one of India's Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, set in greyish shading presently is Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum situated on a huge territory decorated with all around kept up yards and lined by obscure trees, plants, gardens, brambles, and blossoms. Another significant belonging inside the gallery is the sari Indira Gandhi wore on the day she was killed, it is stained with her blood. The spot where her body was lying has been stamped and secured with a glass outline and that is a dedication site in her honour. The gallery is devoted to the memory of late Mrs Indira Gandhi after she was killed inside this house on 31st October 1984.
  • National Gallery of Modern Art: A few works here go back to 1857 and even before. The display has a territory of 12000 square meters for presentation and subsequently, it gets one of the world's biggest current craftsmanship exhibition halls. It is a chief workmanship exhibition run by the Ministry of Culture is the National Gallery of Modern Art in Delhi. The exhibition shows a huge assortment of in excess of 14000 works done by different craftsmen from various pieces of the world. The specialists incorporate Nandalal Bose, Thomas Daniell, RajaRavi Varma, Rabindranath Tagore, and Jamini Roy. There are also paintings and sculptures for you to study and admire.
National Rail Museum


The city of Delhi is known to be the heart of India’s gastronomical trail. The city itself is synonymous with good food that is rich in flavour, with every dish having a backstory and perhaps a few master chefs whose familial recipes continue enticing and enchanting foodies visiting the city, till date. The city is home to some of the biggest restaurant chains in the country and perhaps some of the oldest and most authentic restaurants and fast food joints that have carved a niche for themselves over the past century. The city has a rich history, that is defined by culture and tradition. The very spices that are used in the cuisine have their own legacy. The aroma of pretty much every dish is strong yet heavenly and the diversity in cuisine can be attributed mainly to the Indian, Mughal, and British rule that the city has witnessed over the centuries. With some of the most iconic food places to explore, any tourist visiting the city must be armed with an appetite and an insider’s guide to having perhaps his/her best ever food journey. In the sections given below, we will help you explore the various options that you should consider when wanting to relish a meal in Delhi.

Traditional Local Restaurants

The restaurants of Delhi have always lived up to the expectations, even in some cases, surpassed the sky-high expectations that tourists coming along have. In this section of the article, we shall highlight some of the best traditional restaurants in Delhi:

  • Bukhara: The restaurant is located in the most upscale neighbourhood and perhaps the most powerful neighbourhood in the entire nation. Situated in the premises of the ITC Maurya, a prominent 5-star hotel amongst diplomats and bureaucrats, you will truly have a regal dining experience here. Bukhara's rural style layout, with stone dividers and false log tables is only the beginning. The soul of the restaurant is its critically acclaimed food. Here you can watch culinary experts at work in the kitchen, where meat and vegetables are pierced on kebab lances. Always begin by relishing their kebabs. Dishes which come out of the kitchen are an absolute delight, best paired up with a single malt, you can taste every ingredient in what can be described as a very rich experience. For the main course, you can try a kulcha which is a heated bread loaded down with curds. Along with this, you must relish their heavenly dal which is known as Dal Bukhara. A dish that is renowned for its overnight cooking and loads of butter. Also, enjoy some fine long-grained Basmati rice either with the dal and some spicy curry or opt for a royal Mughal Biryani. To conclude the meal, enjoy some exquisite Indian desserts such as Gulab Jamun or anything that the waiter recommends.
  • Farzi Café: It is the quintessential contemporary Indian eatery that is focussed upon gourmet and fusion cuisine, it is best outlined to be an epicure experience mixing in worldwide conventional cooking with the Indian culinary experience and style. Farzi Café is where the eatery visitors can savour great and fine food along with an exquisite ambience and dishes which include Shawarma Biryani, Parle G Cheese Cake, Tandoori Goat Shoulder, Dal Chawal Arancini, and Mishti Doi Shots. The experience shall truly be a refreshing and exciting one for you as a foodie, so try your luck and get crazy here.
  • Barbecue Nation: Now a popular franchise across India, the restaurant enjoys great fame in the city of Delhi, having a simple buffet concept, each customer pays a fixed price depending upon his choice of vegetarian cuisine or non-vegetarian cuisine and then enjoys unlimited access to all the dishes being served at the restaurant. With a buffet comprising of dishes from all across the globe, including Indian cuisine, Italian cuisine, and even a few continental dishes, you can be assured of a lavish spread and a grand experience. The highlight of the meal is the live barbecue on the table, which truly allows you to enjoy a wide variety of kebabs straight off the grill.
  • Moti Mahal: The restaurant is legendary in the city for its curry dish known as Butter Chicken. As the name suggests it is an Indian curry that is prepared with a rich tomato and cashew base, with oodles of butter, spices, and well marinated tandoori boneless chunks dunked in the gravy. This is best enjoyed with an Indian flatbread known as a Naan which often comes with various condiments including a side of vinegar onions, raw green chillies, and perhaps even a few slices of lemon to squeeze over your meal.

Vegetarian and Vegan

In this section of the article, we shall discuss quite a few popular vegetarian and vegan restaurants that travellers headed to the city of Delhi would like to indulge in. One must note that a large population of the Indians living in the city of Delhi are vegetarians and as a result of this almost every restaurant in town has an extensive choice of vegetarian dishes on their menu if you yet wish to avoid even the scent of meat, there are scores of purely vegetarian restaurants across the city, you wouldn’t be far away from one such restaurant no matter which corner of the city you are living in.

  • Saravana Bhavan: A mega restaurant chain that finds branches all across the world including the USA, the UAE, and Great Britain, you shall find a Saravana Bhavan in the city of Delhi too. Here you can enjoy authentic South Indian cuisine. Including piping hot Idlis, Dosas, and Sambar. But the best part of the experience is that the restaurant is a purely vegetarian one and might just appeal a little bit more to the eco-friendly tourist that you are!
  • Travel Yoga Cafe: It is the first completely vegan bistro in Delhi. Known for serving customers with vegan fusion meals roused by adventures across the globe it also incorporates Mediterranean dishes, for example, hummus, za'atar tofu scramble, and baba ganoush to East Asian dishes like lentil bento box, poha, and cajun cashew jackfruit,. Some other dishes also include pumpkin chickpea stew, quinoa beet burger and pasta dishes. You can also indulge in some nut milk porridge, a throughout the day breakfast, and a slew of juices produced using local leafy foods and a wide variety of craftsman teas and espressos. This shall be an absolute delight for the vegan eco-friendly traveller who makes his/her way to the city.
  • Greenr Cafe: This restaurant isn’t a purely vegan one but it is a vegetarian restaurant with a vast number of vegan offerings. These are often clearly labelled on the menu and they have a unique taste. Much of the dishes offered here are continental and you won’t find too many Indian dishes but some interesting dessert offerings shall certainly be worth the trip.

Street Food

The city of Delhi, as mentioned in the previous sections, is the heart of the Indian gastronomical adventure. And at the heart of Delhi lies the old school and evergreen charm of its heavenly street food. As a tourist, you might want to be absolutely sure about have a strong tummy for some of these heavenly dishes even though they might seem a little unhygienic, but then again, what’s street food without the raw charm of the city that literally weaves a tale of its own. Given in this section of the article are some of the most popular street food joints that you must try on your trip to the capital city of India.

  • Karim's: The establishment situated in Old Delhi is renowned for its heavenly kebabs and Nahari, the historic significance of this establishment is a tale in itself. Mohammed Aziz was a cook in the regal court of the Mughal Emperor. One of his children, Haji Karimuddin is known to have moved to Delhi with a plan to open a Dhaba and that is the means by which Karim Hotel was built up in the year 1913. Everyone who wants to experience authentic street food in the city must come here and relish their offerings.
  • Shree Balaji Chaat Bhandar: Chaat is a classification of Indian street food which involves a delectable mix of raw vegetables such as onions, tomatoes, mint leaves, and cilantro along with various forms of boiled potatoes and cooked chickpeas mixed along with spices and served in edible fried semolina balls often along with a range of condiments on top. To enjoy this, you can come to Shree Balaji Chaat Bhandar, which is probably the most established restaurant in Chandni Chowk. Fresh papris hung in yoghurt, chutneys and lime, don't miss this fundamental street food delight here. They use kachaalu chutney instead of the customary tamarind one and that separates them. Another of my top choices is Lala Babu Chaat Bhandar. Head here for their wonderful gol gappas and gobhi-matar samosas.
  • Al Jawahar: During the winters, which usually span from late October to late January, you shall find that piping hot street food is an absolute delight for most tourists and locals. Having a rich Mughal history, the city continues its love affair with Mughlai food, this includes authentic kebabs and biryanis. The story is pretty much the same at Al Jawahar where you can enjoy some mutton delicacies.
  • Sita Ram Diwan Chand: A very popular street food cart in the 80s has turned into a small restaurant with no seating arrangement, you have long tables here which you share with other customers and you relish steaming hot Chhole Bhature in which Chhole is essential a Chickpeas gravy made of exotic Indian spices and the Bhature is an Indian version of flatbread stuffed with some Cottage Cheese over here. These are again served with the usual condiments including lemon and marinated green chillies, along with an interest side salad made up of vinegar, carrots, beetroot, and radish.
  • Old Famous Jalebi Wala: The small shop which is located on a corner is essentially integrated into the edge of a dilapidated building. Here you can indulge in a popular Indian dessert known as Jalebi. The Jalebi is essentially made of flour and sugar which is deep-fried in ghee and given the shape of a pretzel. This is then dunked in a sweet syrup predominantly made of a special variety of sugar. Often topped with thick rabadi (another thick dessert made of condensed milk) you shall enjoy them on the streets piping hot in the chilly winters.
These spiral bundles of joy are quite popular throughout India but come in their tastiest and juiciest version at the Old Famous Jalebi Wala at Chandni Chowk, Delhi


The city of Delhi as mentioned in the sections above faces severe climatic conditions throughout the year. On one end of the year, you shall face extreme heat with temperatures reaching the 50-degree centigrade mark and on the other end of the year, you shall face temperatures that are as low as 0 or 1 degree centigrade. Hence, the preference of drinks greatly varies according to the climatic conditions of the city. As far as non-alcoholic drinks are taken into consideration the people enjoy a Nimbu Shikanji during the summer, which is essentially an Indian lemonade with an extremely strong kick of club soda and black salt. During the winters, the local people enjoy having a cup of hot coffee or warm milk mixed with turmeric or almonds and saffron. Nonetheless, irrespective of the climatic conditions, the people enjoy having a steaming hot cup of tea all around the year.

As far as alcoholic drinks are considered, one must take into consideration that the capital city of India has a vastly diverse population and keeping in mind the extreme climatic conditions you will certainly see a large number of people enjoy different alcoholic drinks at different times of the year. To put it quite simply, you shall see many individuals from poor or middle-class backgrounds enjoying hard country liquor, cheap whiskeys and rum during the winters, and this changes to strong local beers during the summers. The upper class usually enjoy inducing in scotch whiskeys and single malts during the winters while during the summers they too enjoy a few imported lager beers. The younger generation dabbles in all kinds of alcoholic drinks usually, with many of them developing a fine taste of upcoming whiskeys from Japan and freshly brewed craft beers served at popular bars. pubs, and nightclubs. Furthermore, there is a rather large number of women who enjoy cocktails on a regular basis, a few popular ones include Cosmopolitan, Margarita, Martini, and Long Island Iced Tea.


The city of Delhi is the capital of the country of India and without a doubt, one can expect the best possible quality of water in the nation. However, India follows a very different system and you simply cannot open any tap and drink water here. You need to be absolutely certain about the tap disposing drinking water. Special taps are often labelled and you can try your luck here. The drinking water here is well purified and with the rapid growth of the nation over the past decade, drinking water quality has dramatically improved. However, if you wish to avoid indulging in daredevilry of some sorts, you must stick to purified drinking water the is sold in bottles. These can often be relied upon and are quite cheap costing less than 25 cents for a bottle of 1 litre. If you choose to visit some Indian household you shall find that most of them use a water purifying unit to enjoy safe drinking water, this is quite a safe option for you as a tourist.

Organic Cafés

The city of Delhi is a major tourist destination and it is also a city that houses the rich and the famous. Amidst this category of individuals, you shall find a rather large number of people who enjoy eating unprocessed healthy food which is clean and reliable. To serve this category of people, there are more than just a few organic cafes that have popped up across the city. If you wish to explore some of these, given below is an elaborate list of the same:

  • Nutritious Nation
  • Organic Express
  • Getafix Café
  • FabCafe
  • Navdanya Organic Slow Food Cafe
  • The Tea Room From Blossom Kochhar


The city of Delhi is known to be a popular haven for brewed alcoholic drinks aficionados. In the past decade, there has been an exponential rise in the consumption of freshly brewed craft beer too. As a result of this, as a tourist, you can certainly enjoy the choicest of brews at some of the most popular breweries and micro-distilleries, a few popular ones are listed below:

  • Manhattan Craft Brewery
  • 7 Degrees Brauhaus
  • The Ministry Of Beer
  • Vapour Bar Exchange
  • Soi 7 Pub And Brewery
  • Brewer Street
  • Open Tap
  • The Drunken Botanist


Regardless of whether you are a local vacationer or an unfamiliar foreign explorer, the settlement of Delhi offers something to each and every one. Take a trip and see the Qutub Minar, or head to the famous Lotus Temple, perhaps if you are a history aficionado pay a visit to Humayun's Tomb, in the evening you certainly can go to India Gate, to get a good glimpse into Indian tradition and culture you can visit the Akshardham Temple which shall show you the faith of Hindu devotees, or go to Jama Masjid which is one of the most prominent mosques in Asia, take a stroll around Connaught Place and enjoy a few Kathi Rolls and drinks at local bars.

With a plentitude of incalculable spots, history, rich culture and legacy, travellers discover the chance of enjoying a significant huge rundown of activities in Delhi. There is no deficiency of encounters in this capital city of India that regularly seems, by all accounts, prove to be overpowering no doubt. Those interested in shopping can head to Chandni Chowk and post that enjoy the food at Paranthe wali Gali, Visiting Lodhi Garden, exploring the majestic Red Fort, and the bustling Dilli Haat are all part of the experience. The entirety of this can be done without voyaging miles away and leaving the cityscapes.

Yoga and Retreats

The nation of India is known to be the land of Yoga. It is renowned across the globe for being the home of yoga. India has been the vocal champion for inculcating yoga into our daily lives. Most recently it was the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi who pushed for an international yoga day. With yoga roots that can be traced to almost 5000 years ago, one can be assured of participating in some of the most exhilarating yet rejuvenating yoga sessions in the city of Delhi.

With a major yoga fad enveloping the globe and with a large number of individuals increasingly understanding the importance and the essence of yoga in daily life, you shall certainly see a large number of Indian people practicing yoga actively. Yoga in Indian isn’t just a form of exercise, nor is it a means of escaping fatigue and a stressful routine. Rather it is perceived as an activity that unites one with his/her inner self, helping a person realise their highest potential and most powerful spiritual self. It is all about aligning the various cogs of your body’s machinery to ensure optimum performance and output through everyday life. Yoga truly is a way of life in the country of India and the story is no different when any tourist visits the city of Delhi.

Hence, given in this section of the article are a few prominent yoga retreats that you can visit in the city of Delhi to rejuvenate and refresh your mind, cleanse your spirit, and ensure overall wellbeing:

  • Poorna Yoga India
  • Delhi Rock
  • The Yoga Chakra
  • Iyengar Yoga Centre Yogakshema
  • Om Yogashala
  • Seema Sondhi - The Yoga Studio
  • AtréYoga Studio
The cops in Delhi doing Yoga


Accommodation options in the city of Delhi are quite diverse, as a tourist you certainly have a wide range of options that you can explore. Right from the cheap motels that you can find in the Paharganj region of the city to the premium swanky 5-star hotels that are situated in the more prominent regions of Delhi, the range is truly vast and the city offers every tourist irrespective of his/her budget, a decent place to stay. Given in this section of the article are a few interesting options that you can choose from for accommodation in the city of Delhi.

Green Hotels

  • Cabana Hotel: Settled at Greater Kailash in New Delhi, Cabana Hotel offers a domain of complete solace and extravagance. The hotel is the best option for Indian travellers just as worldwide explorers. Cabana Hotel likewise guarantees eco-friendly nature in the entirety of its exercises. A legitimate waste administration strategy is trailed by the inn for limiting wastage of any sort of assets. A few kinds of trees and plants have likewise been planted around the inn.
  • ITC Maurya: The ITC Maurya is one of the most prestigious lavish lodgings, situated at Diplomatic Enclave in New Delhi. This is first historically speaking inn on the planet that has been granted by the Platinum accreditation under LEED EB (Existing Building) program. Reusing more, vitality productivity, utilising more inexhaustible types of vitality and devouring less is a portion of the key green practices followed by this esteemed lodging. ITC Maurya utilises less vitality when contrasted with other lavish inns. There is water executives framework alongside a PC based structure the board framework that helps in controlling metering, lighting and HVAC (warming, ventilation and cooling). A portion of the imaginative practices followed by the lodging for lessening the utilisation of water are waterless urinals, stream limitations, the sensor worked installations and double flush closets.
  • Uppal’s Orchid: This ecotel lodging is eminent for its sumptuous green footprint that is spread over a huge territory. This territory offers an extremely mitigating and loosening up feeling to numerous visitors. Uppal's Orchid is the first-ever certified environmentally sensitive hotel of the city. Uppal's Orchid has equally beautiful interiors without compromising on luxury, comfort and the experience altogether, you can certainly see the eco-touch ambience in every detail whether it is the carpet or the room as a whole.

Hostels and Guest Houses

  • Joey’s Hostel: Joey's Hostel is an initiative to help backpackers discover the truly maddening city of Delhi. Equipped with some interesting amenities, low prices, and a vibrant and youthful atmosphere including a colourful ambience and fun-filled environment, you are bound to have a great time here.
  • Madpacker’s Hostel: Often voted as one of the best hostels in the city, you can find a wide range of amenities here to ensure you have a comfortable stay. But above all the key location in the Hauz Khas district makes it a truly interesting prospect for most tourist who wishes to party at some of the offbeat places around.
  • Zostel Delhi: One of the most well-known chains of hostels has a property to offer in the city of Delhi as well. With a simple and transparent booking process via their own website and a few other travel websites, you can blindly trust them for a safe, comfortable, and reliable stay in the city.
  • Backpacker Park Delhi: The biggest USP of the hostel is its location with easy accessibility to the metro, allowing the travellers to explore all the major monuments across the city within reach via a few minutes of travelling. They are neither too distant from all the action in the city nor are they too close to deafening you with all the clamour.


Renting apartments in the city of Delhi might be a good idea only if you are planning to live with a couple of friends for a long period of time. However, finding a suitable apartment with reliable amenities and basic utilities is quite difficult as residents are against allowing foreigners renting private apartments in most local societies. Additionally, your privacy is curbed and you may be subjected to moral policing. Finding a decent apartment via Airbnb is quite possible but things could go south really quickly if you make a lapse in judgement while choosing an apartment.


Couchsurfing as a concept hasn’t really taken off in the country of India. Surely enough there is a small number of Indians who believe in Couchsurfing and often list their homes and serve to be gracious hosts but it tends to come with its own set of risks and we would advise you against it unless you know a trustworthy host or have received a first-hand review.


Those eco-friendly tourists who wish to enjoy some time in the lap of nature during their trip to the city of Delhi then they can explore options such as camping. The city is home to an extensive number of nature lovers and adventure seekers, with many young adults opting to spend their weekend camping at some of the most scenic and serene locations away from the hustle and the bustle of the city. Given below are a few camping spots that you can explore, however, we would recommend that you go along with a few trustworthy local friends for your own safety and convenience:

  • Damdama Lake
  • Camp Wild Dhauj
  • Camp Tikkling
  • Camp Mustang
Damdama Lake

How to Get There

The country of India may rapidly be developing, however, there aren’t too many eco-friendly or sustainable ways in which you can reach the city of Delhi. Flying into the city is the only option if you are coming from any country that isn’t connected via land to India. However, if you are already in India and are looking to travel sustainably to the city, then you could try using one of the recently launched electric buses that shuttle to Delhi from cities located at a reasonable distance or you could rent an electric vehicle and drive down to the city. More details about all forms of travel to the city are listed below, so continue reading to know more.


As a tourist, you shall be flying into the Indira Gandhi International Airport if you are visiting the city of Delhi. The airport is extremely well connected and you can reach almost any major destination across the globe via flights departing from here. Being an eco-friendly traveller you might be disappointed to know that not many airlines here are too environmentally friendly. However, on the bright side, you have public transportation from the airport to the city and the greenest means of transport is the Delhi Metro Rail.

Indira Gandhi International Airport is the busiest airport in South Asia.


If you wish to go to or from the city of Delhi via road and opt for bus transportation, you shall find that you have a vast variety of options. The local government has an extensive fleet of buses which include basic buses as well as luxury buses. According to your destination, budget, and need of comfort, you can choose a suitable bus. The same can be found in the case of private bus operators and remember, the ticketing for most luxury buses can be done online itself.


The Indian Railways are renowned for connecting a vast country right down to each and every corner. Much of this was done by the British rule that India witness before attaining independence. While rail travel isn’t as advanced as Europe or even Asian countries such as China and Japan, the connectivity is good and the fares are reasonable. As a tourist, you can only access domestic locations and perhaps a destination or two in the neighbouring nation of Nepal.

Anand Vihar Terminal railway station


Hitchhiking is a common practice in most nations and the story isn’t too different in India. While many of the people are sweet, hospitable and caring, you really can’t trust the people in the city of Delhi as there are many thugs looking to rip you off and possibly even loot you as a foreigner is considered to be an easy target. More so, rape and violent crimes are at an all time high here, so it is always better to travel in a GPS enabled private vehicle or a crowded means of public transport.


Reaching Delhi via other means of transportation isn’t too common, you certainly could use sharing taxis but then again the concerns voiced in the previous section are very much valid and you might want to stick to conventional means of transport.

Moving Around

The city of Delhi is quite vast and moving around on foot isn’t really an option unless you want to explore areas nearby. Most certainly the greenest way to one around would be the e-rickshaws and the metro rail. Nonetheless, in this section of the article we shall cover all the available forms of transport in the city.


As mentioned above, the city of Delhi is quite widespread and walking isn’t the best choice unless your destination is close-by. Walking is great only when you wish to explore crowded places in town or scenic venues otherwise the pollution and the rush might be major obstacles.


Riding a bicycle in the upscale areas of town is the only option you have otherwise riding a bicycle in the chaotic traffic shall not only put your life at risk but the confusing roads and lack of dedicated bicycle paths shall serve to be major hassles.

Electronic Vehicles

There are quite a few private rentals in the city of Delhi that offer you the option of renting and electric cars and bikes but these are only a few in number as a majority of the people find diesel and petrol vehicles more reliable as the city has a severe dearth of EV charging infrastructure.

Public Bus

The public buses in Delhi are truly exceptional, they are either electric or they operate on CNG. They are cheap, they are comfortable, they are easy to access, they are efficient and above all, they are eco-friendly while connecting to all corners of the city.

Tram, Train and Subway

In the city of Delhi, you don’t really have a tram service but you do have trains and the metro rail to ferry you to your destination. The metro rail is an excellent option for transportation within city limits while the trains can shuttle you to small towns and cities on the outskirts.

Sustainable Shopping

India as a nation has had a marketplace that has been environmentally sustainable for centuries. It is only in the recent few decades that the rising population influence of foreign manufacturing firms and cut-throat competition has led to some unsustainable methods of manufacturing.

Yet, largely the nation has a robust sustainable shopping industry and coincidentally, most of this is associated with local businesses and not global conglomerates, thereby helping a consumer not just shop in a sustainable manner but also help local businesses thrive. In this section of the article, we shall discuss some of this.

Food Markets

The food in the city of Delhi is flavourful and heavenly, quite frankly much of this can be attributed to the exemplary food markets. These markets have a good supply chain, they are well stocked and quite reasonable, a few for you to explore are:

  • INA Market
  • CR Park Fish Market
  • French Farm
  • Delhi Organic Farmers' Market
  • Khari Baoli

Flea Markets

Indian as a nation is usually associated with handicraft stores and open markets where you can find exquisite items at a bargain. Most of the markets in Delhi are like flea markets and some of these are listed below:

  • Janpath Market
  • Tibetan Market
  • Sarojini Nagar Market
  • Inderlok Street Market

Second Hand Stores

The city of Delhi is a literal treasure trove and you can find a vast variety of used goods across various categories of items. The most popular being books, electronics, hardware, and even furniture. While there are many options we present to you just a few to get you started:

  • Sisters Of The People: Thrift & Book Shop
  • TLT - The Local Thrift
  • IKMI


India has always been a global pioneer in terms of eco-fashion and the age-old Khadi industry is living proof of that. The use of organic cotton in Indian clothing, the customisation of old clothes by young adults to give them a new life and so forth are just a few such practices. Given below are a few stores that you can visit for eco-friendly fashion shopping sprees:

  • The Khadi Store
  • Expressions by UV
  • Punah


The city of Delhi has a population of over 20 million people and there is a rather robust recycling activity taking place. The city has tonnes of plastic waste generated every year, which includes bottles and bags, alongside this, you shall find that there is plenty of recyclable waste made up of glass, aluminium, and other such materials. While large conglomerates are actively involved in waste recycling, certain startups are also dabbling in recycling now. Laws passed by the Indian government ensure that companies selling their products in such packaging must be responsible for recycling in equal quantities with fixed buyback rates empowering consumers to recycle in greater numbers.


As mentioned above, the humongous population of the city requires the city to have a rather intensive waste disposal system. While India might not have the best facilities available for the same, the push given by the government in the recent years via its various cleanliness schemes has educated people and now almost every major household in the nation segregates their waste before disposing it off.

Work and Study Abroad

Delhi being the capital city of India is home to some of the biggest international and national conglomerates. The startup score of the city is also astronomical, in spite of scoring low on ease of business indexes. More so, the city is home to some of the most reputed universities in the world. Hence, collectively the opportunities attract scores of foreigners to work or learn.

Exchange Student

As mentioned above, the city is home to some of India’s most prestigious and reputed institutes. These attract students from all corners of the globe and there are special reservations made for them as well. Some such universities are:

  • Delhi University
  • Jawaharlal Nehru University
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
  • All India Institute of Medical Sciences

Au Pair

Au Pair as a concept in India isn’t too popular, in fact, most of the locals haven’t even probably heard of it nor will they indulge in it. Your only hope shall be expats living in the city of Delhi who are willing to host you, hence, you might have to search thoroughly well to come across such an opportunity.


Volunteering as a concept is quite popular in the city of Delhi. As a city that holds the seat of power of the nation, you can expect various NGOs and welfare organisations doing their bit to improve situations on various fronts in this nation of great diversity and imbalance, you can volunteer for pretty much anything, though we’d recommend you to pick an organisation which is legitimate and deals with a field in which you have considerable experience.

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