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Eco-friendly travel guide to Djerba advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Djerba, Tunisia.

Djerba Plage

  • Air quality: 3.5/ 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 3.5/ 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5/ 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$35 - $80
  • Budget per day: US$100 - $300

Responsible Travel

Djerba is a very beautiful island situated on the coast of Tunisia. It is known for its extremely fascinating Mediterranean beaches and charming whitewashed desert towns influenced by Berber, Arab, Jewish, and African cultures. The most important and the central city of Djerba is Houmt Souk. It is known for its handicraft markets, a fishing port, and a very historical fortress of 16th-century named Borj el Kebir.

Djerba is a tourist spot, and lots of tourists like to pay a visit over here. Every tourist needs to follow specific guidelines, which has some rules for the tourists visiting here. Tourists should not drink or smoke in public around here as it has a negative impact on the people who are not consuming it. Tourists should also not throw garbage anywhere they want. They need to dispose of it properly.

Air Quality and Pollution

Air quality and pollution in Djerba is not so good. It has some microscopic dust particles that irritate the nose and other respiratory organs, and later on, it can also harm heart health. Day by day, Djerba's amount of pollution is increasing, which is a very serious problem. Many industries present on this island produce harmful waste, and workers are not following any proper disposing method, which is causing a high amount of pollution. Tourists can opt for pollution masks to stop pollutants from entering our body. The pollution is around 30, which is moderate, but it can be reduced when we follow all the eco-friendly lifestyle.

Respect the Culture

Respecting the culture is one of the most important aspects of visiting any place. People living in Djerba are very conscious when it comes to respecting their culture. So, all need to be very careful and give the respect every culture deserves. Tourists should try to interact with the locals living there and should grab some knowledge regarding their culture. This will help them throughout the trip and will help them respecting the culture properly. Tourists should try to follow the culture at least for the days they live to remember it later. Tourists should also try to learn the local language of Djerba. They can use a few words through which they can greet the locals.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • El Ghriba synagogue - This is a very ancient place to visit. It is also known as the Djerba Synagogue it is present on the Tunisian island of Djerba. El Ghriba synagogue is present in the very namely village called Jewish village, which is in Hara Seghira, a few kilometers southwestern side to Houmt El Souk, it is the main town of Djerba.
  • Djerba Explore Park - This is a very famous theme park present in Djerba. It is situated in Midoun, Djerba Midun, Tunisia. Tourists get attracted here due to the presence of crocodiles. Pottery workshops are also being carried over here.
  • Djerba Crocodile Farm - This place has so many varieties of crocodiles present here. They also have other kinds of reptiles that will fascinate you. They conduct feeding shows, which is a very new and exciting thing to watch.
  • Guellala Museum - It is a very popular and magnificent museum present in the city of Djerba. It is situated in Guellala 4155, Tunisia. You will find so many things here regarding the culture and heritage of Djerba. This is a must-visit place.
  • Plage de Sidi Mahrez - This is a very beautiful, neat, and clean beach present on Djerba's island. This beach is very nicely maintained, and all the necessary facilities are present on this beach.
  • Djerbahood - Djerbahood is a lovely art gallery with so many beautiful art pieces present over here. It is situated in Hara Sghira Er Riadh, Tunisia. Here a huge art event was held where artists from all over the world came and showcased their talent.
  • Aqua Park Pirate- Aqua Park Pirate, is a very good water park with many different and exciting water rides. It is located in Djerba Midun, Tunisia. All the slides are in excellent condition, and they also have various safety measures if any incident happens.
  • Touristique Zone - Touristique Zone is a very ancient and historical landmark present on the island of Djerba. It is situated in Aghir, Tunisia. The place is good for nature lovers. It also has cafes and restaurants so that you can eat something if you are hungry.
  • Seguia - It is a stunning lake. The most important thing about this lake is that people are not allowed through anything into the lake. The staff works hard to maintain cleanliness.
  • Djerba Traditional Heritage Museum - This is the traditional heritage museum present in the main city, Houmt El souk. It is located at 4180 Ave Habib Thameur, Houmt Souk, Tunisia. Here you can get all the necessary and past knowledge of the people and this whole island's culture.
Djerba Traditional Heritage Museum


Djerba has so much to explore. Details of the places worth exploring are mentioned below:

City Parks

  • Ranch Adada Djerba - Heaven for those kinds of tourists who like to take rides over animals. This place has various types of animals, mainly horses. The location is good for tourists who want to do adventurous stuff. Riding over an animal is not less than an adventure. Rates are very affordable, and the rides are very comfortable.
  • Central Square Houmt Souk - This is a very famous city park. It is situated in the main city Houmt El Souk. A really nice place for nature lovers where one can get a peaceful environment. You can get and relax here. The fresh and cooling breeze will help you with improving your mood. The surface area of this park is significant so that you can enjoy a walk.
  • Djerba Explore Park - This is a crocodile firm where different varieties of crocodiles are kept and taken care of. It is situated in Midoun, Djerba Midun, Tunisia. This place has a very new concept as a tourist cannot see so many crocodiles all together that too very closely.

National Parks

  • Bou Hedma National Park: Bou Hedma National Park was created on December 18, 1980 and is a part of UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Site. You can spot many kinds of flora and fauna along with special species like Addax Antelope, Gazella dama mhorr and Struthio camelus australis, etc.
  • Chambi National Park: Chambi National Park surrounds the highest mountain peak in Tusinia mainly Chambi Peak. The park is home to Barbary Sheep,crossbill, Bonellis Eagle, etc.
Chambi National Park


  • Plage Essaguia Djerba- It is a very famous beach present in Djerba. It is a perfect place for a family outing or a picnic. Food stalls are also available here. If anyone is hungry, then it is beneficial for them. Change rooms are also available here for both male and female visitors. People are instructed to keep the water neat and clean.
  • Plage de Sidi Mahrez - Beach present in Djerba. Very beautiful and perfect for a whole day outing. Time races away here as everyone feels very relaxed over here, and one forgets every stress or tension over here. The entire area is very well maintained. They have a large surface area, so many people at a time can enjoy it here.
  • Plage d'Aghir - This beach is situated in Aghir. It is a lovely beach containing all the necessary facilities which a visitor wants on a beach. People can be seen beach volleyball over here irrespective of some of them are strangers. Food stalls are available, and the rates are very affordable.


  • Henchir Bourgou - This is a very famous and historical landmark. It is situated in Ouled Amor, Tunisia. The place of Henchir Bourgou can probably be the ancient Phoar. It was a very important city on the island of Djerba. Earlier In the Punic era, it was well known for its beautiful past. Tourists should pay a visit to this place.
  • Borj el Kastil - This is another beautiful and historical landmark present in Djerba Tunisia. A very delightful place to visit, especially in the summers. The water looks so fascinating. Water is very nicely maintained over, and one can easily observe by looking at the water body. The right spot for relaxing, stressing yourselves out.
  • Ghazi Mustapha Tower- This tower is situated in Houmt Souk, Tunisia. This is a historical landmark, basically, a fort which was made so many years ago. This fort is still in such a good shape though some places were renovated.
Borj el Kastil


  • Lalla Hadria Museum - A well-known museum present in Djerba Tunisia. The main attraction of this place is the woven materials. Gorgeous clothes and hand embroidery can be found here, which attracts so many women. Jewelry pieces can also be seen over here which are specially hand made. All these things are enormously delightful to watch.
  • Djerba Traditional Heritage Museum - Interior of the museum is extremely beautiful. It is located at 4180 Ave Habib Thameur, Houmt Souk, Tunisia. This museum lets you know about the culture of this place. This museum has information about all the things that happened in the past. This is a very historic place, and tourists should visit here.
  • Musee Du Patrimoine Traditionnel De Djerba- This famous museum is located in Djerba, Tunisia. This museum lets you know about the ancestral history of this place. All the things used in the past are present here. People can see and grab all the information about the past from here.
Musee Du Patrimoine Traditionnel De Djerba


Visiting Djerba and not eating its traditional food than visiting here is worthless. One should research foods to eat in Djerba to consume the local food and enjoy it. Various kinds of restaurants and food stalls are present over here with so many different types of foods. One can get cusine of there choice in every restaurant. Locals like to consume seafood here as it is covered all over from water. So many seafood dishes can be found here which tastes good.

Traditional Local Restaurants

There are so many local restaurants present in Djerba which serve quality food to the people. They have all kinds of cuisine in their restaurants so that every visitor can get whatever they want. Couscous is a staple diet of mostly all north African countries. Sweet dishes like cakes and pastries are also in high demand here. Some famous and namely local restaurants present here are

  • Delice Resto
  • Ristorante Haroun
  • Restaurant Essofra

Vegetarian and Vegan

So many tourists arriving in Djerba are vegetarian. They do not prefer any nonvegetarian food. For them, purely vegetarian restaurants are also there to go and take the vegetarian meal of their choice. Some people don't even prefer any single food which is derived from animals. Such people are called vegan. There are so many restaurants present in Djerba that provide you with vegan meals free from any animal extracts. These restaurants use different utensils for making these kinds of foods according to visitors. Some of the most famous vegetarian restaurants present in Djerba are

  • Restaurant Savana
  • Café Restaurant Sidi Bou Said
  • Restaurant Essofra

Street Food

treet foods are the all-time favorite food amongst teenagers and kids. One can find any food ready to make and can be served faster can be seen on food stalls. In Djerba, there are many food stalls with a wide variety of foods available. Mainly sweets like pastries and cakes, seafood and traditional dishes can be seen on food stalls. These stalls allow you to taste all kinds of local dishes that are too low compared to restaurants. Although the quality of the food is not so maintained here. Tourists mainly prefer restaurants over them due to the quality of the food and the taste.


Like other countries, the people of Djerba are also very fond of drinking. People like to have a drink with food or after food. Mostly prefer alcoholic beverages, but some people prefer a cocktail, mocktails, and soft drinks. So tourists have so many drinking options on Djerba. One can choose their drink and then have it. Some standard drinks which locals consume are celtia, which is a local bear. Boukha is also a local drink available here, made from figs and people like to drink it. One can again try to drink fresh orange juice, which tastes very sweet and very fresh.


Tap water in Djerba is not drinkable as it contains so many impurities that can cause so many diseases in human beings. The Numeo water drinkability and accessibility index gas also gave its scores to Djerba's tap water, which is 30/100. So clearly now we know that we can't drink it. Locals opt for either packaged drinking water, or they purchase a water purifier to consume that water. However, water coming from a water purifier is way safer to drink than the packaged one. Packaged drinking water is not suitable for term use as it also has certain chemicals in it, which keeps it fresh for so many days after being filled. Though tourists should go for the water provided by the hotels they live in, it is safe to drink.

Organic Cafés

Organic cafe is an excellent place for a small outing. A place where you can have snacks and drink tea, coffee, or other beverages. People living in Djerba love to consume caffeinated drinks, so many organic cafes are in this place. And mostly they are always full of people. It is a great place to reduce stress as you have food to eat, drinks to drink with music playing in the cafe, and relaxes you much. Some bakery products and sweets are also there in cafes as some people also prefer to eat sweets while having tea or coffee. Various famous organic cafes which are present in Djerba are

  • Le Riad Djerba - Oriental lounge café
  • Café Lounge Djerba
  • El Majless


Apart from the traditional drinks, tea, and coffee, Djerba is also known for its various breweries that produce high-quality wines and other beverages for the people living in Djerba and for the tourists. The brewing industry's importance in this is very much as people love to drink and taste various varieties of drinks being made. Tunisian wine is a very famous wine that one can drink. Local people consume them mostly at parties or any auspicious occasion. There is an age limit in Djerba to consume such drinks, which is 18. So people younger than this cannot consume alcoholic beverages. It is strictly prohibited. But one should not take it in large amounts as police are very conscious on the road and are always there to check whether the person is drunk. So everyone should be aware of this.


There are so many activities to do in Djerba. This island has so many places to visit, so one should have at least seven days to plan a trip to enjoy every place. This island has so many beaches as it is an island and covered from water all over the sides. One can pay a visit to any of the shores of their choice as all of them are somewhere the same only nominal differences. Djerba has some exploring parks where one can find different kinds of animals. One can experience all this from a closer look. This island has so many parks that provide everyone with a natural environment. One can go and relax over there and stress out easily. And so many traditional dishes to eat, so many traditional drinks too. Historical and ancient museums are present here, which lets you know about this island's culture and heritage.

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga has now been considered the worldwide method to reduce your stress and keep you fit and healthy. And people from all over the world are now getting aware of yoga, and it's importance. Yoga keeps one's mind peaceful and keeps everyone focused. People living in Djerba are also aware of yoga, and they love to practice it daily. There are so many yoga retreats present in Djerba. The number of people joining them is increasing day by day. Tourists coming here to visit also prefer to start their day by doing yoga. For them also so many facilities are present so that they practice it anytime they are comfortable. The centers have all the necessary facilities that a yoga center must-have. They provide you with yoga mats on which you can do yoga. They have professional trainers who teach you the correct yoga postures and the right way to do it.


Djerba has plenty of accommodation options to choose from:

Green Hotels

First step to plan a trip to Djerba is to get proper accommodation per your needs and requirements. Getting an adequate hotel is very important as one will reside here throughout their journey. There are so many green hotels available in Djerba where you can check in with all the facilities available for any tourist. They provide you 24 hours of check-in or out. They provide you with quality food and three times meal in a day. They have facilities like a swimming pool, parks, yoga center, spa, etc., where you can relax yourselves. Neat and clean rooms are available. The maintenance of these hotels is good. They are in very nice shape. Some of the famous green hotels are mentioned below.

  • Radisson Blu Palace Resort & Thalasso
  • Iberostar Mehari Djerba
  • Les Jardins de Toumana

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels are also available for female visitors or tourists. If these tourists do not want to check in to any of the hotels, then they can live here, and hostels also have similar facilities like hotels when it comes to food and rooms. But, it does not have many facilities like swimming, a spa, etc. They are incredibly safe and follow guidelines like they have made a time limit after that, girls are not allowed to leave the hostel. They provide everyone with a three-day meal. It contains breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Rooms are well furnished, and you can set them according to your requirement. They are a bit cheaper when it comes to rates. They are a good option when tourists visiting here are all females. Some of the hostels where tourists can live are mentioned below.

Guest Houses are also splendid to live in throughout your trip. Most tourists who do not require facilities like swimming and other stuff then prefer to live in guesthouses. Guesthouses give everyone a good service. Their staff is very polite. They take good care of everyone. They have all sizes of rooms as per the number of people. The number of beds in a room can increase as per the requirement of the tourists. They provide meals on time. They give their guests three daily meals, which contain breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They don't have any time limits. One can come and go out anytime they want. One should not harm any of their property and keep everything in good shape. Some of the popular guesthouses and hostels are mentioned below.
  • Dar Sidi Abdallah
  • Maison de Charme Mezraya
  • Safran _ Dar Farah
  • Dar Michèle


If a tourist is visiting Djerba for a very long duration, like more than three weeks, then one should take an apartment on rent. Tourists visit here because of some projects, so they have this option that is much better than hotels or guest houses as one needs to go in and out at odd hours and have an apartment that gives you all the privacy. You can do whatever you want. No-one will say anything to you. Apartments contain a bathroom, kitchen where one can cook food, hall, and bedroom. The number of bedrooms can increase as per the number of tourists. Although renting an apartment is costlier, it is cheaper when compared to hotels and guest houses. Some apartments present in Djerba are mentioned below.

  • Dar Tenast. Houmt Souk
  • Appartement chez Zoe. Fafou
  • Appartement Touta. Ḩawmat al Badawīyīn


Couch surfing can be the most significant advantage when planning a trip to Djerba or any other place. If any tourists have a local relative or a friend, then it is incredibly beneficial. Locals can guide their friends and relatives very quickly. They will let them know the places they should definitely visit here. They will let them know about public transportation. Locals are very much aware of everything about the place they are living in. Tourists can get benefited from couch surfing when it comes to food. They can get traditional dishes and drinks very quickly as locals will make and serve them. They don't need to search for anything on the internet regarding dishes and then go into various restaurants to taste different kinds of food.


Tourists who are traveling here in large groups are most likely to practice it. As it is incredibly adventurous. In camping, one has to do everything on their own. They have to prepare their food. During night time, they all need a bonfire which they prepare themselves. They need to put tents to live and sleep inside them. And there are so many places in Djerba which give the facilities of camping to tourists. Regional camps hardly charge any cost. Rates are very nominal. Some tourists opt for camping in the jungles for more adventure. If one is opting for camps, then you will hardly spend any money on accommodation. So it is quite budget-friendly.

How to Get There

There are so many ways to reach Djerba. As it is an island, so water transports are very common over here. A good network of water transport is present in Djerba. Road transportation is also well developed in this place. There are so many bus stations and so many companies running buses for the tourists and locals. Djerba has one international airport where flights from all over the world can be taken.


Djerba has one international airport from where flights from all over the world land and take off daily. Djerba-Zarzis International Airport is situated in Mellita, Tunisia. This airport was started in the year 1970 and began serving this beautiful place. Though the air network is still not so developed as it has only one airport and the number of people traveling is high, there is a definite need for a few more airports. Air traffic is high at this airport. Direct flights to Djerba are also very less. People need to change 2-3 flights to reach here, which is quite irritating as a passenger.


Roadways are the best way to travel when you are in Djerba. This place has well-developed road transportation. Roads are built and maintained very nicely over here. Buses services are the most common services of transport in this place. They mostly serve as public transport for tourists and local people. The whole Island is well connected to all the cities present on it. There are so many bus stations present in Djerba which serve the people of Djerba every day. There are so many buses running on this Island connecting every city. They are always on time, and with all the facilities a passenger needs in his/her trip. Tourists must always use buses for traveling here and there as they are the best. They charge significantly less fares. So if one wants to cover a longer distance, then buses are best.

Bus in Djerba


Djerba has few railway stations which connect all the cities. Every city has one railway station, and trains stop at every railway station. The Railway network is still under development, and few more railway lines are under construction, which makes railway routes shorter. It will take less time to reach the respective destinations after the construction of new routes. Locals who live in one city and work in another city usually travel by train. They are much cheaper than buses and takes less time to reach the next city compared to buses. Mainly the local workers travel from trains. Tourists can also use trains if they don't prefer traveling by bus. But the thing is that one has to wait a little more for the train than buses as they are very rapid.


Locals of Djerba are very kind and humble as they do this practice very often. They help there locals and tourists by doing this. They help people reach their destinations. Everyone should do it as a comer will not be aware of the routes. So many people can be seen doing this practice. Locals of Djerba are accommodating, and they will always help people in every situation. It is the right way to make new friends. One can also ask them about the places that they should visit. Locals will let you know about the public transport so that later on tourists should not face any problem.


Other ways to travel in Djerba is by hiring a taxi. There are so many companies and authorities which provide this facility to tourists and locals. But mostly this facility is used by tourists as they are not at all aware about public transport. Taxis are of great comfort as people can guide the drivers. People can ask drivers to stop wherever they want. One more facility that the taxi company provides is that one can there self drive the vehicle. They give this option whether you want a driver or not. Getting a taxi and reaching your desired location is very useful. Roads over here are well connected and with all the signboards.

Moving Around

There are plenty of ways through which you can move around the city. Some of them include:


Walking is one of the best ways to explore nearby areas. Many people are fond of going on a walk and see what all things are present in the nearby locality. Walking acts as a stress buster for so many people. Tourists should prefer going on a walk as they will get to meet new people. Many people prefer going on long walks and tracking how many steps they walked and how much distance they covered. People nowadays are paying a lot of attention to their health, which is a perfect thing. Walking makes exploration easier as the speed is slow. People are living in Djerba love to go on a walk in the parks present in their localities.


Cycling means lots of cardio. People love to travel with bicycles if they have a shorter distance to cover. It is a lovely and convenient way to maintain fitness. Cycling also lets people explore the areas around them. People in Djerba can be found on the streets and in the park's cycling. As a tourist, if you live in a hotel, they have the facility of giving cycles to their residents because they want to go to the nearby area. There are so many agencies which provide bicycles for rent. Cycling relaxes one's mind, reduces stress, and keeps the heart-healthy. If anyone has to travel a distance of 5-6 kilometers, they should opt for a bicycle.

Electronic Vehicles

Island of Djerba has so many electric vehicles running on the roads. They have a charging station named Chargedmap, which charges the electronic vehicle. Electric vehicles are of great importance as they do not cause any pollution. They do not release any harmful pollutants. They make significantly less noise, thus reducing noise pollution as well. So many people living in Djerba are thinking of switching their vehicles into electronic vehicles. Vehicles using fuel are causing a high amount of pollution so people should switch over now. Electric vehicles are far better than vehicles running on fuel.

Public Bus

Public buses in Djerba are of great importance. As they are an essential part of every local residing here. Every day they carry so many people from one place to another. Workers working in areas away from them use public buses every day. The service of this bus is excellent. These buses are always on time and let the passengers reach on time. All the cities present on Djerba island are very nicely connected. The construction of so many roads is going to cut the route shorter. There are some companies which are running these public buses. The government of Tunisia is also running its public buses and providing its services for the locals.

Tram, Train and Subway

Trams are hardly in use now in any country. When these fuel vehicles came into play, people started purchasing them and stopped using trams. So later, they were removed completely. Every city present on Djerba island has its railway station. Every city is very well connected with the railway network in Djerba. So many people travel by train every day, and they are extremely important for the locals. Another method to travel in Djerba is hiring taxis. Tourists prefer traveling by this transportation mode as they are new here. This mode of transportation is very convenient. Hiring a cab is very easy, and tourists hire them for their trip for more convenience.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable Shopping has been a very great idea. It indeed has brought a big revolution in the world of fashion. Sustainable shopping encourages eco-friendly products and biodegradable materials, which are so beneficial for our environment. It involves buying products like organic fabric, clothes that are recycled, etc. One of the most significant reasons for following sustainable shopping and using products obtained from them is to increase the product's lifespan. People living in Djerba have started using products obtained from this method, and they like it too. The use of sustainable products should be increased as they are eco-friendly; they are affordable; their lifespan is high.

Food Markets

If any tourist is now bored to eat food from the restaurant and he/she wants to change is taste now. They should definition cook something special for themselves. If one can cook and has experience cooking earlier, they can try their hand at making traditional dishes of Djerba. For making dishes, they will require vegetables and other commodities. So there are so many food markets present in Djerba which contains fresh fruits and vegetables. Tourists can purchase all the necessary vegetables and other required things. Here one can find fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, etc. Some food markets of Djerba are mentioned below.

  • Djerba bio
  • Essid market 4
  • Essid

Flea Markets

Flea markets are one of the most famous markets in Djerba. Here tourists can find everything which is required in their household. They are a great source of income for so many people living in Djerba. They are making their living from it. The products which grab the attention of tourists over here are hand made products. It can be pottery, clothes, etc. Food stalls are also available here, so anyone feels hungry and can eat it from here. Tourists should purchase something here. It should be something related to the culture of the place to remember this trip for a very long time. The material sold over here is of outstanding quality. The hand made commodities found over here are attractive, fascinating, and extremely beautiful.

  • Fondouk La VannerieRue de Bizerte

Second Hand Stores

These kinds of stores are prevalent in Djerba. Middle-class families can be mostly seen purchasing commodities from here. These stores are ideal for people who can't afford to buy new products. Here one can quickly get their desired products in good shape and at very affordable rates. People mostly purchase things like TV, washing machine, refrigerators, etc. Rich people who have lots of money switch their products fast. And because of this proper usage of the products cannot be done.

  • Fripe Baghdady
  • Ro8da
  • Promofrip


Eco-fashion means wearing clothes that are made up of recycled and biodegradable material. This has brought a big revolution when we talk about fashion. Wearing such clothes is of great importance as they contribute to the environment. There are so many stores in Djerba from where recycled clothes can be purchased. People should switch over their clothes now as later on, they are causing harm to the environment. People living in Djerba have now started switching to eco-fashion as they are also really conscious of the environment.



Recycling is one of the most important factors if people want to save the environment. People should opt to recycle things as slowly non-biodegradable materials are harming the environment. There is a definite need to recycle products as environmental degradation is increasing day by day. Air quality and pollution in Djerba are very high, although locals are trying hard to contribute to the environment. Locals are opting for biodegradable materials. Many people in Djerba follow all the guidelines to recycle different kinds of products they want to recycle.


The waste management system in Djerba is not so developed. People should be aware of the correct method to dispose of their waste products. Industries are highly responsible for this as they do not follow any guidelines for waste disposal. Industries are disposing their waste directly on the surface or into the water bodies. This is polluting the environment so much. The national agency of waste management is taking care and is responsible for the proper disposal of waste products.

Work and Study Abroad

For the locals living in Djerba, there are so many job opportunities. If a person is talented and has the caliber to do the job, he/she will be able to do it properly. People living here can choose fields of their choice. They can do the work which they want to do. Population in Djerba is not so high, so competition over here is comparatively less than any other country. The Universities present here gives students so many opportunities to go abroad and settle there. Quality education is provided by the universities present here.

Exchange Student

There are so many good programs started by Tunisian universities that offer exchange programs to their international students. Exchange programs are available in every field, so one can easily choose the field of their choice. But this program has not got enough success till date as seats available for this program is very less. Students need to work extremely hard to come under the category of this program. Competition for these seats is very high. But the education system of Djerba is developing day by day, and in the near future, it will improve. The only thing students can do is work hard and achieve their dreams.

  • Higher Institute of Technological Studies of Djerba
  • Tunisia Language Institute
  • College Abou El Kacem Echeebi

Au Pair

A lot of people living in Djerba are doing Au pairing. They work in the part of au pairing and cultural programs. You can choose any local family and work for them.

Kinds of jobs which people do over here are nanny's, house maker, chef, etc. After doing this job, the money people get is very less, and making a living in this much money is very difficult. Most people who are poor and have a shortage of money do such kinds of jobs. There are few agencies which provide such kind of work. People who are extremely busy in their work require someone who can look after their home. So this facility is perfect for them.


Volunteering is one of the prime ways to show your talent. Through this, one can get a permanent job anywhere very quickly if they work correctly. This method is very common amongst students who are near to complete their studies and searching for jobs. Volunteering does not give money, but if one has the talent and has all the abilities, then he/she have a very high chance of getting selected. People can practice volunteering in every field, like government, social fields, and many more.

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