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Eco-friendly travel guide to Edirne advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Edirne, Turkey.

View of Edirne from the top of the Minaret of Selimiye Mosque

  • Air quality: 3.1 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4.2 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 2.5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 2.2 / 5
  • Parks: 3.2 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.1 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.2 / 5
  • Safety: 3.8 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$11 - $350
  • Budget per day: US$16 - $300

Responsible Travel

Are you a tourist who wants to visit Edirne but as a responsible traveler? If yes, as a traveling enthusiast, there are specific responsibilities that you have in addition to other moral obligations. While visiting the country, you must identify and control your activities accordingly so that you don't cause any harm to the local communities or the environment.

  • Try to opt for public transports and electronic vehicles like available buses, metro trains, trams, bikes, etc. These vehicles cause comparatively less harm to the environment and are also cost-efficient.
  • Instead of opting for luxurious 5-star hotels and guesthouses prefer the ones that follow eco-friendly measures like renewable resources, solar electricity, recyclable products, etc. By doing so, you can keep your carbon footprint minimal during your travel.
  • Also, people prefer buying and using local businesses and artists' services rather than international brands. If you want proper exposure to the local culture, traditions, crafts, and people, the local companies will help you the needful.
  • After sustaining the city life, try to visit parks and green spaces that act like an oasis buzzing with energy and gleaming bright green and blue under the harsh sun. Visiting the parks makes you feel refreshed.

Air Quality and Pollution

Following the Health Organization's guidelines, the air quality in Edirne is taken into account moderately unsafe. The original recent data indicates the country's annual mean concentration of PM2. 5 is 20 µg/m3, which exceeds the recommended maximum of 10 µg/m3. So before traveling to Wdiene, bear in mind the health concerns of youngsters, older people, and other people suffering from breathing problems. Tiny particles called PM2.5 irritate the eyes, nose, and systema respiratorium. Long-term exposure aggravates heart and lung disease. Edirne encounters sticky sub-heat and humidity, where the climate can be outrageous. Summer (June – August): Summers are long and sweltering, with the average temperature around 30°C. Winter (December – February): Winters are cold with incidental snowfall. The weather is around two °C on a normal. Spring (March-May): Springs in Edirne is lovely, and the average temperatures reach up to 14°C. Fall (September – November): The weather in pre-winter is around 15-17°C, and the climate is moderate. The best ideal opportunity to visit Edirne is March through May and September to November (spring and pre-winter seasons)

Respect the Culture

Edirne Province (Turkish: Edirne ili) is a province of Turkey. It is among the other three areas situated entirely though out the continent of Europe. Edirne is the region's capital and is famous for serving as the third capital of the Empire of Ottoman. Edirne became the Ottoman Empire's third capital city from 1369 to 1453; after this, Istanbul became the next capital between 1453 and 1922. The city's actual population in 2014 was 165,979. The city is a commercial center for woven textiles, silks, carpets, and agricultural products. You can also get Qurans, praying rugs in the city. Edirne, well known for its local mouth-watering dishes mainly the Tava Ciger is often served at every local eatery along with yogurt drink and cucumber chopped in pieces. Along with Tava Ciger they also have Marzipan which is a locally made dish with a different recipe. It is considered Edirne’s best desserts. The majority of people in this city are coffee lovers and wherever you go, you will find beer shops. Handmade brooms with a mirror in them are artistic images of the city and a central marriage tradition. Miniature versions are still sold in gift shops.

Top 10 Places to Visit

The ottoman empire’s only capital Edirne is full of heart-wrenching structures that depict how rich and luxurious the legend of history was over this place. From museums to mosques, this place was famed with vineyards. The city’s famous oil wrestling festival is a thing to observe. Given below are the top 10 places to visit while you stay in Edirne.

  • Selimiye Mosque - The Unesco World Heritage list has already accepted it. A trip to Edirne is not complete without visiting this mosque. The architecture is superb and an insight into the history of the Ottoman Empire. The bazaar below also provides one with an opportunity to buy some of Edirne's famous soaps. Well, it is worth a visit for history and architecture buffs. The tall minarets and the great dome will leave you astonished. The mosque was built in 1575 by architect Mimar Sinan. It has to be one of the finest examples of Islamic architecture around. It's simply breathtaking.
  • Eski Sarayi - This place was here up to the 15th century, built by the Sultan named Murat II. Few of the small remains of this structure were blown into pieces just before the War of Russo-Turkish in the Year 1877-88 in order to curb the Russian from capturing the weapons kept inside. The refurbishing of the Ottoman cuisine of this palace has made it fortunate for historical lovers to intervene in this place. At this date, the neighborhood which was considered as a private place for the hunting of the sultan is converted and rebuilt to a brand new stadium which is now famous for the festival of oil-wrestling.
  • Arcadia Vineyards - Established in the region at the beginning of the 2st century and pioneered this fantastic terroir's resurrection. Happily today, more and more growers are developing new places. From planting the vines in the vineyard to vinifying the grapes, the people take careful measures and minimum intervention to make the unique wines that can express their vineyards' unique terroir. All the wines are made from naturally grown ingredients.
  • Grand Synagogue Of Edirne - While walking through the streets of Edirne's old city, it is relatively easy to reach Maarif Street. At its southern end, you will see the newly restored building of Edirne's Grand Synagogue (tr. Edirne Büyük Synagogue). The fate of this building reflects the changing history of the Jewish community of Edirne. It was very numerous, and now almost non-existent. Edirne's Grand Synagogue has been renovated though it is not open for visitors, so it is only possible for you to admire it from the outside.
  • Kaleiçi - Edirne’s old city, Kaleiçi is full of beautiful timber houses dating back to the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, some of which have been restored, such as the beautiful Mihram Hanım Konağı. Few of the famous centers of Antalya is Kaleici. It’s the perfect place to hang out for tourists and locals. The place is filled with charming restaurants, old houses, and quaint shops with lively bars. This place looks more like a movie set because of its originality. People love to take pictures with great old architecture located in every corner of this city.
  • Health Museum - Health Museum (tr. Sağlık Müzesi) is a unique place near the Sultan Bayezid II Mosque Complex in Edirne. It has recreated rooms of a hospital from the Ottoman period. The hospital was called Darüşşifa in old Turkish, from the Arabic word Dar al-Shifa. The hospital and actual medical school is occupied by the museum itself. The area of the medrese has been refurbished along with its interiors. The original pieces of equipment are displayed in the room as well as the mannequins of their natural size in their historic costume are also displayed in this room.
  • Üç Şerefeli Mosque - The Uc Serefeli mosque is another example of one of the best architecture of the Ottoman era. The name of the building simply means a mosque with three balconies. The three balconies are situated among the four Minarets. After the final construction, this place was the grandest among all mosques in Edirne. The ottoman architects received a great achievement by constructing this mosque before the conquest of Constantinople was made.
  • Old Mosque - Though not as prominent on Edirne's skyline as others, the Eski (Old) Mosque is an important mosque in the city and has a tremendous and loyal local congregation. It is one of the oldest of the city's mosques and has a square, fortress-like form and an arcaded entrance topped with a series of small domes. Inside, there are substantial calligraphic inscriptions on the walls. The mosque originally had an extensive külliye (mosque complex), but today only its handsome bedesten (covered bazaar) remains.
  • Sultan Bayezid II Mosque Complex - Sets an example of the Kulliye in Edirne. The meaning of the word Kulliye means something which is very similarly built like an ottoman architecture, focussed around a mosque. The design of the mosque lies between two different mosques of Edirne. The prayer hall has a large dome which is as same as the Selimiye along with a fountain in a courtyard like the Uc Serefeli.
  • The Müezzin's Mahfil - Over the northwest corner the place displays an upside-down motif of tulip over a marble. According to the older legend, the tulip symbolizes that the owner of the tulip motif owned this land, and the mosque was built on it later. The dome of the mosque is even merrier than the Hagia Sophia. According to recent news, more than 400 foremen along with 1400 workers constructed the mosque. Selim II didn’t even get a chance to witness the complete construction of the mosque. The fountains of this mosque were laid in the year 1568 and the opening was done by the year 1574.
Selimiye Mosque: Built by architect Sinan for Sultan Selim II. The mosque is the pinnacle of classical Ottoman building. Sinan called the Princes’ (Şezade) Mosque in Istanbul his apprentice work, the Süleymaniye his journeyman’s work, and the Selimiye his masterpiece. He was 85 when he finished it.


Edirne has so much to offer, from the beautiful oriental buildings, grand architecture to a unique culinary heritage. You will love the sense of grandeur this beautiful city has to offer. The appreciation of the city’s best European flavor is done by the time of summer in places which are near to Bulgarian and Greek borders. The famous oil wrestling festival held in Kirkpinar is a thing to see and enjoy along with a bank of Meric and Tunca.

City Parks

  • Saroz Korfezi - You need to go there by car to camp by the sea and within the forest. Nature is lovely, but it is very crowded during the weekends. The camping site is good; the facility is taken good care of. There are enough electric sockets and a shower. It is quite expensive, and nearby markets along the camping site sell things expensive, too. Bring your kettle with and come when there is no holiday.

The other parks are :

  • Danismet Tabiat Parki
  • Gala Golu Milli Parki
The beautiful view of Saroz Korfezi

National Parks

  • Lake Gala National Park - Covering both Pamuklu and Gala lakes this national park is situated between the borders of Turkey. The forest area ranging to a total of 6,087 hectares are the local wetlands consisting of more than 132 varieties of birds in this area. Rare birds namely Dalmatian pelicans can be seen inside the dense forest. Rare species of fauna such as water lilies, reed mats, water hyacinth, filamentous green, and bamboo can be found. Few other excessively endangered birds such as white-tailed eagle, little cormorant, swan, little white heron, marsh harrier, ruddy shelduck, and spoonbills can also be found. The major population of greenhead ducks can be found on the western side of the lake.
The beautiful view of the Lake Gala National Park


There are no significant beaches in Edirne, Turkey.


  • Selimiye Mosque - The square Mosque with its single great dome and four slender minarets is too dominating the city's skyline. The complex s said to be the most pleasant place in the city. The interior design is done using Iznik tiles, which are used since Edirne has been the capital of the Ottoman empire.The tall minarets and the great dome will make you feel astonished.UNESCO World Heritage site. The mosque was built in 1575 by architect Mimar Sinan.
  • Meric River Bridge - This bridge is very close to Eski and Suleymane cami. Only 10 minutes walking on the way to Bulgaria. Old Ottoman architecture with high-quality stones. There are two cafes on both sides, which you can enjoy your Turkish coffee while viewing the bridge. The bridge is just next to the city entrance when you enter from Bulgaria. It has to be renovated, but even in this condition, it is a remarkable attraction. Although most of the day is crowded, it is a perfect spot for pictures, especially during sunset.
  • Fatih Sultan Mehmet Ve Şahi Topu Heykeli - Born and raised in Edirne; The statue of Fatih Sultan Mehmet, who had his name written in gold letters by conquering Istanbul and opening the era, and Şahi Balls, which were built by the Governorship of Edirne, meet the people of Edirne in Selimiye Square. With Edirne Governorship and Edirne Municipality's cooperation, the statue of Fatih Sultan Mehmet and Şahi Balls were temporarily moved to Selimiye Square.
Meric River Bridge


  • Beyazid Ii Kulliyesi Health Museum - This hospital cum museum has been here for more than four centuries now. During olden days it was a place where mental illness was treated with unusual methods discovered by humans such as the musical therapy. You can observe this medical school as the best of its kind from the period of war. The original treatment procedure has been preserved from centuries. The healing techniques of the employees out there can be observed for adapting a rough idea.
  • Turkish And Islamic Art Museum - The Turkish and Islamic art museum which was established by Dr. Rifat Osman in the year 1925 has small rooms consisting of beautiful Hadith School continued till the Selimiye Mosque till the northeast courtyard. This museum contains artifacts of the Ottoman period. The diverse collection consist of glassworks, ceramic, woodworks, ornaments, calligraphy, weaponry and costumes which are intricate. With well equipped cloth this museum contains closets and carpets. The Hammam and the circumcision Room is also worthy to observe and learn. The Dervish Quran, musical instruments and Prayer mats in the room of Tekke works is also very much notable. Bones of historic animal in the Archeological department will surprise you all the way.
Beyazid Ii Kulliyesi Health Museum


Turkish cuisine is known around the world for its unique flavours. The food in Edirne mirrors this very well. Food is a major source of employment in Edirne and many have built their careers on the rich local culinary traditions. The centre of Edirne has a range of food options to choose from. You can have fast food or the traditional Turkish dishes. One thing you would love is that you will only need to order the main course and salads will be provided for free.

Traditional Local Restaurants

  • Edirne Cigercisi Kemal Usta - The old style has been kept up by them, which enhances the atmosphere. The ancient city of Edirne is kept the same way as it was from the olden days. Kemal usta is a traditional way to cook fried liver with proper garnished red chili pepper. The calorie content of this dish is quite high nearly 200. The dish is filled with oil and very heavy. The oil content should be lowered before serving, apart from that the food tastes extremely well.
  • Cigerci Niyazi Usta - One of the traditional food of Edirne culinary is the piece de resistance, popularly known as the Tava Ciger which is made up of sliced liver in thin pieces, fried later for better crunch. The filling includes sliced onions, scorching peppers along with tomatoes, and dipping of red pepper, Ayran being the best beverage along with it for a drink. When you take a look around yourself, you will surprisingly find that every other person present is having the same thing.

Vegetarian and Vegan

  • Ziyafet Çiğ Köfte - You may find difficulty in catching over this small shop at the center of the city but it still makes the most delicious cig kofte in the whole city. The Ziyafet mainly concentrates on vegan food, the cig kofte along with yogurt drink.
  • Edirne Börekçisi - The narrow layers of pastry which are baked known as Borek are famous in the local street of Edline. Each and every borek shop have their different way of filling and presenting which might range from spinach to cheese or potatoes. A famous borek maker namely Edirne Borekcisi rules the making of borek. Be it breakfast, lunch or even dinner borek fits in everywhere along with a combo of Ayran.

Street Food

There is no other way to capture the flavor of a city than through its street food. Some of the famous street foods are found in :

  • Melek Anne - If you're craving more home-style Turkish food, have dinner at Melek Anne. Situated in the city center, Melek Anne is owned by Sybil, who prepares it regularly. YOu may choose a little bit of everything: pasta, meatballs, and stuffed grape leaves.


Edirne is full of birahanes (pubs), cafes, and restaurants that serve alcohol. You will find some nice ones by the river on the road near Karaagac. You can always opt for an open-air café (Sera Café) located in a beautiful park near Selimiye mosque where you can have a cup of tea or coffee and watch the city. The people off Edirne are coffee lovers too.


Yes, tap water is drinkable in Edirne. Always take extra precautions as the tap water may be safe to drink when it passes the sewage treatment plant, but it might pick up pollutants during its way to your tap. It's advised that you ask locals or hotel staff about the water quality.

Organic Cafés

  • Dervisan Miskinler Kahvehanesi - It is one of the traditional cafes in the city. It is furnished with Ottoman porcelains and portraits that are related to Sufism and Alevism. There is plenty of local teas, and it is suggested to everyone that is a lover of the orient. It is one of the best authentic cafes in the city. During nights there are organized events with saz oriental music. It is typically Turkish with food and drinks. The Staff is amiable will bend over backward to make sure that your needs are fulfilled. Although located in a side street, it still gives Turkey a fantastic taste and spares some time to visit if you are in Edirne. You can't wait to return again and again.
  • Artukbey Coffee & Shop - Artukbey coffee shop in Levent is delightful. It is a famous shop for coffee with an incredible array of high-quality coffees and teas. The decor is original, and the service excellent. Go there for the Zafran tea. This particular tea has barely any caféine, so allow yourself one Turkish glass to enjoy the wonderful aroma.


Edirne is full of birahanes, which are pubs, cafes, and restaurants that serve alcohol. You can find some particularly nice ones by the river on the road to Karaagac. The famous ones in Edirne are:

  • Bands Cafe And Pub
  • Çatı Pub


Edirne (pronounced eh-deer-neh) is a city in northwest Turkey. It lies on the rolling Thracian plains and just east of the confluence of Maritsa, Tundzha, and Arda Rivers. You can opt for several activities in Edirne.

Yoga and Retreats

The art of practicing yoga helps in controlling an individual's mind, body. It also helps in strengthening flexibility, muscle strength, and body tone. After a busy and hectic schedule, people should find a way to rejuvenate, and doing yoga is one of the successful methods to cope with stress. Here are the most famous yoga centers in Edirne are:

  • Esra Kara Yoga
  • Eva Pilates Studio
  • Taşhangar Spor Salonu


With access to a range of quality and affordable accommodation options, you'll find the perfect place to live in Edirne. The vast majority of hotels, guesthouses, homestays, and hostels include breakfast, which is toast topped with an egg, sugar, banana, apple, and coffee.

Green Hotels

  • Karaagac Green Apart

Hostels and Guest Houses

Some people often think about what is the real difference between hotels and guest houses. A guesthouse is a small and private house given out for rent daily to give a clear idea. Guesthouses are mainly as social as hostels in Edirne, and if you're traveling with a friend, it's mostly cheaper or around the same price to get a private room.

  • Margi Hotel
  • The Plaza Hotel Edirne
  • Yellow Hostel
  • Alan Suites


The travelers who need a place of their own, an apartment or flat is the perfect home away from home. You can get furnished rooms and kitchen facilities that give families and groups the space to have rest or fun and plan the next day's activities. Some of the famous apartments in Edirne are:

  • Edirne Kiralik Daireler
  • Romanyali Apartmani
  • Erdi Apartmani


Couchsurfing is a traveling community with millions of members worldwide and is the best way to experience Edirne like a local. Reach out to over hosts in Edirne to discover unique places to stay and locals to stay. Use Couchsurfing to find accommodation in Edirne, meet up with locals and travelers, and more.


This place is full of the audience during the time of summer, so avoid making plans in summer. If you are deciding to go camping for a week-long then choose any of the weekdays so the spot you choose can be comfortably hiked. During winters the place is colder as compared to other beaches within a radius of 300 kilometers. It is recommended to take along your swimming shoes. You can also rent mini-fridges daily, which helps a lot. There are many good camping sites in Edirne, some of the best camps are :

  • Gokcetepe Tabiat Orman Kampi
  • Dama Kamp Alani

How to Get There

This city can be your first or extreme last destination in Turkey, depending on your guide's direction, as it stands on a triple border with Greece and Bulgaria. Traveling to Edirne is also feasible as a long day trip from Istanbul. There are many ways to go to Edirne.


The most convenient of all the airports in the Istanbul New Airport has direct flights from all inhabited continents.


The quickest way to travel to Edirne is via bus starting from Istanbul. Pay the price of some €11 and a trip of two hours. Main Bus station is located on the outskirts of the city, but public buses will drop you at the center of the city. There are no buses to or from Bulgaria. However, the traveler has another option to hire a taxi to Kapikule on the border of Bulgaria. Another way could be to take a walk and take either a train or bus from Kapitan Andreevo on the borders of the Bulgarian side.


The single regional train every day leaves Kapikule from 18 km west at the border of Bulgaria, and around 07:00, it stops at Edirne city at 07:30 and reaches Istanbul nearly at 11:30. The train returns at 18:00, entering Edirne at 22:00. You can opt for the Marmaray train from Istanbul and Halkali. It's also possible for you to travel on the night train from and Sofia and Bucharest, but this reaches Edirne around 03:15 while the westbound service is around 01:30. TCDD operate these trains.

Edirne Gar is 4 km east of downtown, close to Istanbul's main highway, where international trains call. The regional train, also calls at Edirne Şehir, is 1 km SW from the center, on the edge of (Kaleiçi) close to the River Tundzha. Nearby, Kastaniés, across the border in Greek Thrace, has daily trains from Alexandroupolis with connections from Thessaloniki operated by TrainOSE.


Turkey is an extremely hitchhiking-friendly country, and so is Edirne. Your waiting list will rarely exceed 17 minutes on the right roads. On the smaller ones, the first vehicle that passes you is mostly going to stop. You can also be invited for tea and food, and often even to homestays. Very few people speak English, while German might be a little more useful, especially in the east. However, it's essential to learn at least a few basic Turkish words and for your safety.


This city is located near the main highway which links Europe with Turkey. Drive-by takes not more than 2 hours to Edirne from Istanbul, but the drive should be fast and proper without any breaks.

Moving Around

Almost the entirety of Edirne is within walking distance, made even comfortable by the flat topography. However, you may take a taxi to travel to distant places, which will be very cheap. Several minibusses are heading for the outer neighborhoods of the city.


You may Walk down to the Meriç River to get a glimpse of the graceful Ottoman bridges. You can buy tea or a meal in a nearby riverside restaurant. The travelers can shop in the bazaar and covered markets, then hop one of the very frequent buses back to Istanbul, and you'll have enjoyed one of your most pleasant days in Turkey, with few other tourists around. If you visit in June or July, check on the annual Kırkpınar Oiled Wrestling Tournament dates, a quintessential Edirne sporting event.


Cycling is one of the easiest ways to take a look at Edirne's fascinating landscapes and attractions. Turkey, one of the most popular destinations globally for cross country cycling with its excellent bike routes, offers plenty of opportunities for your cycling holidays.

Electronic Vehicles

There are few electric cars and electric stations in Edirne.

Public Bus

Several bus companies provide service through the city, including Edirne Otogar, with fares that vary by zone, starting at ₺1.50.

Tram, Train and Subway

There are no inland railway systems or trains in Edirne.

Sustainable Shopping

Travelers who are shopping freaks would love to walk around the traditional market of Arasta and Bedesten. The very famous bazaar built by the famous architect named Sinan is called the Ali Pasa. For buying gifts and mementos for your loved ones this place is the best.

Food Markets

A food market is a pedestrianized area that has been designated for restaurants and cafes. Local food producers and manufacturers are enjoying a boom in Edirne, and global firms are also benefiting from the outstanding potential. Here are the famous food markets in Edirne:

  • The Grand Bazaar Of Edirne
  • Ali Pasa Covered Bazaar

Flea Markets

Edirne is rich with many popular flea markets and supermarkets. Lüleburgaz Halk Pazarı is one such need to be visited by tourists. Another spot of shopping seen by the travelers is that the supermarket at Grand Bazaar of Edirne. You'll find all kinds of clothing, footwear, and trendy jewelry here.

Second Hand Stores

Thrifty lovers would spend hours just to scour for the right piece of clothing that resonates with them. In a way, shopping at a second-hand shop is no longer about finding the right design for yourself, but it’s about finding the right history that you would happily boast. Some of the famous second-hand stores in Edirne are :

  • Gezen22
  • Temiz Dolabim


Sustainable Eco-fashion is a practice and process of teaching change in fashion products. The fashion system towards greater ecological integrity and social justice. The most famous brands which make eco-fashion clothes and accessories in Edirne are :

  • Eco Silver Brand
  • Rumisu


Turkey has promised to quickly improve recycling through its zero-waste project, an initiative led by First Lady Emine Erdogan, with an ambitious goal of making the country waste-free by 2023. The separated plastic is sent to a recycling factory.

Orhan Direk, director of the waste plant at the district, said that the sorted-out plastic is sent to a shredding machine. "Manual separation is done at the welts only where employees separate plastics into the correct containers.


The production industry in Turkey is annually producing more than 20 million tons of waste. Approximately 1.12 million tons of this amount is made up of hazardous wastes. 8% of this amount is being recovered, 47% is being disposed of, and 45% is reused. The employment regarding management of wastes is practiced by the country in the form of sanitary landfills, sterilization, incineration and few other advanced methods of disposal such and gasification and plasma

Work and Study Abroad

Edirne, currently known as Adrianople city, lies in the extreme west of Turkey. As mentioned above, students pursuing an undergraduate degree in Turkey should expect to pay between 250 and 1500 USD each year, depending upon their language and the institution they choose. Those ready to enter a graduate program can expect to pay 300 to 900 USD. If you want to work in your student life, you need to have your student residence permit and a work permit. Therefore, if you're going to work during your studies, you will first need to obtain a work permit.

Exchange Student

Trakya University, a.k.a. the University of Thrace, was established on July 20, 1982. Trakya University is one of the best regional universities with institutions and schools spread over all over. The Trakya Universityruns scientific activities related to city development and has international relationships with the Balkan Universities Network. It also includes more than 42 Universities from Balkan and the University of Loerrach in Germany.

Au Pair

An au pair is a helper or supporter from a foreign country working, living, and studying as part of a foreign host family. Au pairs take on a share or divide the family's responsibility for childcare and a few household work and receive a small allowance for personal use. A large number of opportunities are available for Au pairs in Edirne.


Volunteering means a person who voluntarily undertakes or expresses a willingness to launch a service. Opportunities are now available for professionals, volunteers, nurses, doctors, and healthcare professionals in Edirne.

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