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Eco-friendly travel guide to Munich advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Munich, Germany.

  • Air quality: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 4 / 5
  • Parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Safety: 4 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$40 - $700
  • Budget per day: US$70 - $900

Responsible Travel

Munich is the capital city of the Bavaria State and it is also known as being one of the biggest cities in Germany. The city has a total of 2 million people which makes it the second populous city in Bavaria State. Tourism is a big part of this city and attracts many tourists each year from different countries. This city is also known as the Munich Oktoberfest based on the world’s largest folk festival. Here are some options for moving and enjoying around the city as an eco-friendly tourist.

  • When you are in Munich, try to use the local bus, taxis, and other public transportation systems to move comfortably throughout the city and keep it eco friendly. It will help you to know about the city more and experience the lifestyle and culture from very close. This will not only help the government but also it will save a lot of your money.
  • After stepping into the city, you will witness many local shops selling unique products that you might not be able to get in any other places. Purchasing things for these local shops will help them very much. Most of these tourist shops are dependent on tourism and the support of tourists is needed to keep providing the best products.
  • Travel means getting mixed with the culture of the place or city. A major thing to get mixed with the culture is food. Without trying the local foods, your trip to Munich city is incomplete. Make sure to try the local foods to get the lifetime experience of the unique taste.
  • Staying in green hotels is always very good for you. Being an eco-friendly traveler, you do not have to find much to get green hotels in the city. There are plenty of them available that can help you to enjoy your stay and help the city to stay healthy.
  • While you are in the city, do not forget to visit the city parks to enjoy nature and green around you. It will help you to get fresh air and have a great time surrounded by nature.
  • Instead of buying products or using services from international companies, try to use local services and support them. Most of the local shops are completely dependent on tourists.

Air Quality and Pollution

If you are visiting the city in the months May, June, July and August, then you will get to see a lot of rain. So, you should avoid the city during this time and specifically July as it is known to be the wettest month. However, if you visit the city at this time, then make sure to always carry an extra pair of shoes, umbrellas, windcheaters, and other necessary things. You can visit the city between March and May to get the best time of your life along with the best air quality.

During winter, you can also get snow in the city, which gives it a completely new look. When it comes to pollution, Munich is in far better condition compared to many other western cities. Air pollution is very low in the city because of the greenery surrounding the area. As per the report of the World Health Organization, the pollution index is 24.62.

So, you can spend your time in this city without worrying about pollution and having a healthy breath. People who have a breathing problem, asthma, or suffocation problem can visit the Munich city without any worries. You will get pleasant weather in the city and very low pollution to help you enjoy your tour and less worry about your health.

A view of central Munich during the rainy season

Respect the Culture

One of the main aspects of traveling to a new place is witnessing the culture, new people, new traditions, different lifestyles, and much more. Apart from beautiful places and famous attractions, its culture and traditions are another thing that pulls tourists in the city. The feeling of knowing other cultures helps to get a very good and unforgettable experience. Being a highly populated city, you will find many people everywhere you go, and all of these people know how to greet tourists.

The hospitality is great in this city, the Bavarians are very open-minded, and they do not mind approaching you and helping you on your tour. The people in this city like to meet at the beer gardens and it has become a traditional place for people of all ages. The Bavarians like to drink beer along with different foods like grilled sausage, giant pretzels and others. The city has a very good education system that helps kids and teens to pursue higher education.

So, the people in this city are very career-oriented and busy at their jobs. The special thing about Munich is the historic monuments and historical culture that takes you way back to the past times. You will be able to see some of the best architectural wonders in this city.

Make sure to have a happy smile on your face to get the best hospitality from the local people while you are visiting the tourist attractions. You will be able to easily connect with the people and start a conversation with them. They like to meet tourists and help them out on their tour or just to help them have a good experience.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Every year a lot of tourists from different countries visit this city just to visit tourist attractions. From pure nature to wonderful monuments, you will be able to see everything in this city. While you are in Munich city, you need to know what are the best places that you need to visit and make a list of them. Without witnessing these wonderful places, your tour of the city is not complete. You might need to note down these places given below.

  • Marienplatz - One of the major tourist destinations that you will need to see first is the Marienplatz. You will hear about this place from the tourists and locals after stepping into the city. The special thing about the place that attracts a lot of tourists is the historical vibe and old fashioned buildings. The appearance of the area will take you to old age and help you feel the 1150’s. The architecture of the buildings in this area is just wonderful. You will find this palace in the Old Town of Munich which is known as Alstadt.

The place used to be a market in the era of the 1150s and later it became a historical monument that you can find in the list of the historical monuments in Bavarian. Many of these masterpieces of architecture got damaged during World war 2 but later it was repaired and put back to the formal look. The Medieval style of streets and buildings will help you to get the best experience. You will not be able to detect the time flowing once you start to walk through these streets.

When you are there, make sure to visit the stunning New City Mall which is known as Neues Rathaus. Apart from that, do not forget to see the neo-Gothic treasure from the top. Catching a glimpse of the dancing of Glockenspiel is also a very good view. There are some markets along the way by locals who are selling prototypes or small demos of those buildings.

  • Volksstrnwarte Munchen - Another place that you need to include in your must-visit places list. Although this place is not much popular compared to the last one, it is amazing and has a very good historical vibe. You will get to see the ultimate piece of masterwork architecture in this historical planetarium.

Many people just get lost in this place by looking at the fascinating displays or gazing in the stars. Compared to other places, tourists know less about this place. You will be able to get very good air and less crown in this area as it is hidden away in Munich.

You will get to meet some tourists in this place who love to know more about space and historical buildings. Mostly the demonstrations of this place happen in German but you will be able to find English talks on some specific days in a week. Make sure to know these dates before visiting the place if you want to know the full history. On the display photos, you will be able to see some photos of meteors, a collection of telescopes, and others.

The view of the sky and quiet atmosphere will help you to enjoy the silence and get far from the crowd in this city. The pollution is very low in this place compared to other parts of the city. Visiting this place will help you to get one of the best experiences of eco-friendly travel.

  • Deutsches Museum - Needless to say that your tour is not complete without visiting the finest museum in the city. It is known to have a very good collection and many exhibits. If you are a technology buff, then you will definitely enjoy this palace as it can help you to introduce some of the best pieces. The huge museum is one of the biggest science and technology museums in the whole world. The place was first opened in 1903 with the target to deliver the best science and technology for the curious mind.

You will have to catch your breath if you are in a hurry to visit this place as it has over 25000 items on display. This wonderful museum is located in the River Isar on an island and another location in the city center. Take some time in your hand to enjoy all the exhibits such as chemistry, astronomy, aerospace, machines, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, electronics, mining, hydraulics, glass, and others.

It will help you to learn many things in different subjects and expand your knowledge. You will find many interesting things like small hidden mines underground, which are ready to explore, leap of the human and evolution of robots. Apart from many tourists, you will also find some locals in this palace who just want to spend their time gathering more knowledge in their interesting subjects.

  • Tierpark Hellabrunn - If you think that the Munich city is all about historical places, then you are very wrong. There might be many places in the city that give a nice historical touch but you can also experience other attractions here. One of them is the Tierpark Hellabrunn also known as Hellabrunn Zoo. As the name suggests, this place is the home to many different animals and if you are an animal lover, then this is a must-visit place for you.

This zoo is known to be climbing up ranks constantly every year for being one of the best zoos in Europe. The zoo is spread 89 acres with more than 19000 animals along with 757 species and it has been there since 1911. It was the first zoo in the world where the animals were put based on where they came from. Many animals share their habitat in this place and are kept together. Some of the things that you need to see in this zoo include the Elephant House, Polarium, free-flight aviary with 5,000 square meters, ape house, and others.

The zoo has many playgrounds, footpaths, picnic spots, and many other places where you can enjoy and spend your time. You will be able to witness many endangered species in the zoo. This is one of the best places that will help you to get closer to nature.

  • Frauenkirche - Do you want to visit one of the best religious places in Munich, then make sure to visit the Frauenkirche. The place is known to be the symbol of Munich city and you will be able to recognize the building from a very far distance because of the unique design. This is a major interest point of the city that dates back to the 15th century. Although the design is pretty normal, you will find the place pretty amazing.

You will find some tombs of eminent people from the city’s past. There are also some of the features in this place that are unusual but the place is very active. If you look at the details, then you will get to see that there are many religious carvings and statues. One of them is the statue of St Christopher that is huge in size compared to others. Apart from that, wooden busts of saints, prophets, apostles, and others are very common in this place.

Upon visiting the church, you can pay your respect in the small chapels. You will see the beautiful bronze relief of Mother Theresa through the stained window of glass. You will also get to gaze at Rupert Mayer, Kaspar Stanggassienger. You can climb the top of the tower to see the beautiful city from up the tower. Last but not least, there are some tiles that have footsteps embedded in it, which is also known as Devil’s Footstep.

  • Au-Haidhausen - While other places will give you the best experience in the daytime, this is one of the places that you can visit at night to spend a good time in the city. The famous nightlife of this place attracts many tourists all over Germany and other countries. You will get the best and cheap accommodations in this palace which is located near the riverside. The place is filled with many bars, clubs, food stalls, restaurants, and other shops.

You will get to see the historical vibe around the streets in the city. There are many cultures that you will get to see in the area along with the presence of youths. Explore the narrow lanes to see the charming buildings, different shops, and the best experience of the place. There are many French Quarters in the city that you can see and get the best experience of German and French War history.

You can get dressed to have a fun party in the Au-Haidhausen. There are many bars and street foods around the place that will help you to get your stomach full before heading to the bars. Instead of restaurants, you can also try the street food to try the authentic local dishes in the city and support the local people. You will have a very good experience of enjoying the night in this place.

  • Bavaria Film Studios - Want to have a completely different taste by visiting an interesting palace? Well, you can visit the Bavaria Film Studios, which is a very famous tourist attraction in the area. If you like cinema and shootings, then you need to visit this studio. You will be able to see and learn more about film production and show shooting places. One of the special things about the studio is that you will be able to see 4D cinemas here.

Upon entering the studio, you will get to see different sets where films and shows shootings are done. The large indoor studios will give you a shock and surprise you about the place. You will get a tour of the studio and they will take you to the back of the screen to help you see the production process and details about the various items about the big screen. The tour is a total of 90 minutes that helps to take you to the world of movies and TV shows.

There are many posters of the movie that was shot here and outfits that stars have worn during the shot. There will be a guide with you who will help to explain and tell stories about the studios, sets, furnishings, props, post productions, and others. Apart from 4D movies, there are plenty of interactive activities for visitors that you can do to get a memorable experience.

  • Munich Residenz - Having a close-up look at art and the history of the city together has never been better. The work of this palace will take your breath away and help you to see one of the best landmarks in Munich. The palace used to be royal and it dates back to the 1380s. The palace has a total of 130 rooms that are architectural wonders along with ten huge courtyards. The original building was made in 1830 but there were multiple additions that happened since then.

The palace has a total of 3 sections such as Konigsbau, Old Residence, and the Festsaabau. Apart from that, there are royal stables, a church, a concert venue, a theatre there in the palace. You can explore the big palace and witness the fortifications, buildings, and the architecture there. All the private quarters and royal rooms have different arts that make them very special and eye-catching.

  • Alte Pinakothek - If you are visiting the beautiful city all by yourself, then you need to add the Alte Pinakothek to the top of your list. It is a huge art collection building in Munich city that you need to visit once in your lifetime. Surrounded by the greenery, this place offers masterpieces by world-known artists. The palace was built in 1930 and since then the house has increased the collection of arts. Some collections are even older than the building itself.

You can visit the place and start a tour to see the rich collection that is done by well-known masters. You will witness the work of legends like Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Peter Paul Rubens, Albrecht Durer, and others. The collection of this famous place includes German, Spanish, Italian, French, Dutch, Flemish, and many others. Make sure to have some time in your hand before visiting this palace as you will need a lot of time to see all the collections.

  • Asamkirche - Last but not least, you can add this place to your list if you want to visit a place quiet and religious. The Rococo Asam Church was made in 1746 dedicated to St. John of Nepomuk. The brothers named Egid Asam and Cosmas made this church and decorated it with oil paintings, stucco figures, and frescoes. You will be impressed instantly just after entering the church with the glamorous interior.

The doorway is made using massive designed columns and top of the door the figure of St john praying is situated. Apart from these, there are many different figures and rich designs that will take your eyes away. But the most special feature of this church is the high altar which is enclosed by 4 columns. You can pray there and explore the place to get the best experience of the place. It will help you to know the history of St. John and witness one of the best artworks of the past.

A magnificent view of the Marienplatz, Munich


Munich is one of the most populous cities of the Bavaria State. Also, the number of tourists visiting the city every year is quite high, which makes the city filled with a lot of foreigners. The history of this city, beautiful places, and rich culture invite tourists from different countries. On your tour to the Munich city, you will get to explore museums, parks, gardens, historical monuments, churches and much more.

Some of these places will help you to get the best vibe of the old times and help you witness the work of genius architects or world-known artists. Compared to other cities in Germany or most of other western cities, you will need more time in your hand to explore the city. Apart from the historical and attractive places in the city, there are some local shops and markets that offer authentic traditional products.

You can visit these markets to get the best experience of the lifestyle of these people and understand the culture. There are some food stalls, local restaurants that offer mouth-watering local dishes. So, there is no shortage of spots in Munich that you can explore and each of these places will help you to know more about the city.

City Parks

In your eco-friendly travel to the Munich city, do not forget to visit these gardens to enjoy the lush greenery and fresh air.

  • Hofgarten - This garden is located right next to the Residenz city palace. If you want to lay back and enjoy the sun, then you can visit Hofgarten. The wonderful sight of the Residenz along with crunching pebbles will give you a nice stay in this place. You might hear some tango music from the Hofgarten pavilion from the dancers.
  • Banks of the Isar River - Isar River is situated throughout the city and it flows down the mountains. The banks of this river are one of the best relaxing spots for tourists and locals. Wooden banks, floodplains, and the green surrounding the area make it a perfect park. On sunny days, people gather in the banks for parties and picnics too.
  • Botanical Garden - As the name suggests, this is the place for plant lovers to see different types. This historical garden has more than 14,000 plant species including some endangered and rare ones. In winter, this place is a nice escape from rain and cold and gets a glimpse of butterflies and plants with fresh air.
  • English Garden - This garden has earned its name to the list because it is known to be the largest park in the city. People also say that this garden is even larger than Central Park in New York. You can visit this park to lay down, relax, cycle ride, and other sports activities.
Inside the Hofgarten, Munich

National Parks

  • Danube-Auen National Park - One of the popular parks in Munich city and Germany that attracts tourists from other countries. The Danube River along with the lush forest surrounding the area makes it a place to feel nature. This park is the home of more than 700 higher plant species, 100 species of birds, 30 mammals, up to 50 species of fish, 13 amphibian species, and 8 reptiles.
  • Pasinger Stadtpark - Another national park in the Munich city that you need to add in your list is the Pasinger Stadtpark. It is a recreational park situated in the pasing district of Munich city. The amazing atmosphere and good relaxing vibe of this park attract many tourists here.
View of the Pasinger Stadtpark, Munich


Munich is one of the popular cities in Germany, and there are no seas nearby that tourists can visit and relax on the beaches. However, there are some river beaches that you can visit in the city.

  • Isar Beach - Isar is a very popular river in Munich that goes through the city. There are some small patches of land and sandbanks of the river that are not the same as the sea beaches but good to sunbathe in summer.
  • Strandbad Feldafing - Another place that will give you almost the sea feeling is Strandbad Feldafing. Located near Starnberg Lake, this beach is perfect to spend time during the vacations. You can borrow umbrellas, sun loungers, and perform other beach activities.
People having a good time at the


Some of the most iconic landmarks that you can visit in Munich are:

  • Asamkirche - One of the few landmarks in the Munich city that is well-known for having an amazing work of paintings, cravings, and sculptures in the world. The church interior is designed very nicely which attracts all eyes. You will surely get a moment of awe after entering the church. This is one of the historical places and famous landmarks in Munich.
  • Olympic Tower - The tower is located in the middle of the famous Olympia Park. Tourists and locals can use the elevator to reach the top of the tower and get a good view of the garden along with the city view. This tower is visible from a very far distance due to the height of it.
  • New Town Hall - It is very unlikely to get the full travel experience of Munich without visiting the New Townhall in the city. This is one of the stunning places where historical sculptures along with gothic-style buildings are available. It is one of the popular landmarks in the city.
The iconic Olympic Tower, Munich


Following are some of the museums that you can visit in the city:

  • Bavarian National Museum - One of the best museums in Munich city is the Bavarian National Museum. Unlike other museums, this museum does not contain the history of the state or kingdom. Instead, you will get to see fantastic treasures in this museum of more than 700 years old. From ivory masterworks, Art Nouveau to porcelain, and ancient fashion, you will get to see many different armors and weapons in here.
  • Treasury Museum - Munich has many different museums in the city, and one of the best ones is the Treasury Museum which is also known as Residence Castle. This castle was used by Bavarian kings and princes, and it is also the biggest city castle in the world. From ancestor galleries, items of different materials like gold, gems, silver, and others on the public display.
  • Lenbachhaus - Do you want to witness the best collection of the Blue Rider in the world? Well, you will need to visit the Lenbachhaus to take a glance at the paintings by well-known painters like Franz Marc, Wassily Kandinsky, August Macke, Paul Klee, Alexej von Jawlensky, Gabriele Munter, and others.
Bavarian National Museum, Munich


Eating in Munich city is one of the best experiences and helps to get the best feeling of the city. The city is famous for the beer garden celebrations, which is a very important tradition here. Apart from them, you need to try the Gaststube Classic in the city such as braised pork knuckle (Haxen), Boiled white veal sausage (Weibwurste), intense cheese mix brea (Obazda), and Sausage with loaf formed (Leberkase).

These are the things that you will mostly get in the local street shops or restaurants. You can also try Dunkel beer, schnitzel and other foods. The food culture of the city is a mix of both historical and modern foods. German beer is known around the world and Munich will help you to get a lot of varieties. Most of the foods in the city are filled with nourishing ingredients along with the traditional touch.

People enjoying beer and food at the Beer Garden, Munich

Traditional Local Restaurants

Make sure to try all the traditional dishes in this city to get the best experience of foods and the lifestyle of these people. Here are some of the restaurants that you need to visit to get the best traditional foods.

  • Wirtshaus Zum Herrmannsdorfer Schweinsbräu - Pork is one of the best foods for the citizens in Munich, they love to have them. If you want to get the best pork in the city, then you will have to visit this restaurant. You will get pink and pink pigs in the place as crispy schweinebraten, and others.
  • Milchhausl - The place is very well known for Milchhausl and eco-Bavarian delicacies. This is one of the best places in the city to enjoy organic foods and local specialties. Located near the entrance of the English Garden, this place is a must-visit to get the best traditional foods.
  • Wirtshaus in der Au - In this restaurant, you will get the mixed vibe of tradition and innovation. They modified some of the traditional Bavarian dishes to match the modern taste. Some of the foods that are famous in this restaurant are dumplings, roast duck, soft pretzels, and others with a variety of beers.
  • Zum Durnbrau - This place is one of the oldest restaurants in Munich. Their traditional Bavarian food has been making people happy since 1487. Some of the specialties of this place are Wiener schnitzel, roast pork with dark beer, duck with red cabbage, pig knuckle, and others.
Wirtshaus Zum Herrmannsdorfer Schweinsbräu, Munich

Vegetarian and Vegan

If you are vegetarian and want to taste some good vegan foods in the Munich, then you will also have many different options. The city offers plenty of vegan restaurants with mouth-watering dishes. Here are some of the best ones that you need to visit on your tour of the city.

  • Blitz - Not only vegans but many non-vegetarians also visit this restaurant to taste the amazing dishes on the menu. This place offers many Mexican dishes along with other traditional ones. It is located just on the backside of the Deutsches Museum. If you visit this place, then make sure to taste the grilled artichokes, fermented garlic aioli, and the la Cucaracha cocktail.
  • Hippie Chay - if you are not that much into Mexican cuisine, then you can visit this restaurant to get different Vietnamese cuisine in vegan. The pace is located in the Giesing neighborhood along with other restaurants. Visit the place as early as you can as it gets filled very quickly. Some of the must-try dishes here are tofu, portobello mushrooms, and others.

Street Food

You will find many street food trucks, stalls, and shops on your way to the hotel or other places. While dining in famous restaurants is clearly mandatory during the tour, the street foods also play a major part in knowing the city. There are some streets in the city where you will get a lot of street food options.

Most of the street foods are very yummy and traditional; they are one of the things that will help you to get the best experience of the Munich tour. Trying the street foods from local people will also help the local people in the city. Some of the most popular street foods in the city are schweinshaxe, Gemuse khajapuri, matcha chocolate etc.


Munich is one of the best places in Germany for offering different types of drinks and beers. The variety of beers in the city is very well known all around the world. The beer garden tradition is one of the oldest in the city and people of all ages join to celebrate it. There are multiple bars and pubs in the city where you can visit to get the best drinks in the city. You will get local beers, cocktails, whiskeys, and other drinks at these places. There are some of the drinks in the city that you will only get here and no other places such as some non-alcoholic drinks.

Inside the Golden Bar in Munich


The tap water in Munich city is clean and very much drinkable. In fact, they are better than some of the bottled waters. The tourists might get confused in the city that the water does not go through any treatments compared to other countries. In most countries, people use water purifiers before drinking it to filter all the different harmful properties. However, this is not the case in Munich city. This is not because of a shortage of resources; it is because the water is considered to be very clear that it needs no further treatments or filtering. You can drink the water without harming your health freely in this city.

Organic Cafés

You can find |some organic cafes in the area to nourish your health and make you healthy. You will find all the different types of cafes here from French, Indian, Mexican and Japanese. You need to choose one of them based on your choice to get the best organic snacks and coffee in the city. Here are some of the places that you can visit to have organic food.

  • Brasserie La Bouche
  • Klinglwirt
  • Alter Wirt
  • Goldmarie
  • Bapas
Alter Wirt, Munich


Munich city is very well known for having a great and wide variety of beers. It is needless to say that there are many Breweries in the city that you need to visit once. If you are an alcohol lover, then these places will help you to get one of the lifetime experiences. Here are the places are given below that you need to visit for getting the best beers.

  • Paulaner
  • Lowenbrau
  • Spaten
  • Augustiner
  • Hofbrau
  • Hacker-Pschorr
Paulaner Brewery, Munich


Apart from historical places, there are many places in Munich where you can enjoy various activities. No matter if you are a local or foreigner tourist, you will get a lot of activities to take part in the city. You can visit some of the world-famous attractions of the city to get the best historical vibe such as Marienplatz, Nymphenburg Palace and others

Also, there are many gardens, parks, riverbanks, lake beaches in the city where people visit to perform different activities like picnics etc. You can ride cycles in the parks and gardens, walk in the historical streets of the city, camping tours, paragliding and many other activities in the city.

Yoga and Retreats

Many Bavarian people that you will come across are concerned about their health. They maintain a very good routine to keep their health up to the notch. Yoga is one of the parts of this daily routine; it also helps to calm the mind along with helping different body parts. If you are one of the people who love yoga and want to practice it, then following are some of the places where you can visit:

  • 6 Day Yoga and Meditation Foundation training Retreat in Hessisch Lichtenau
  • 3 Tage Wellness Wochenende mit Yoga and Meditation
  • 7 Days NLP and Chakra Yoga Retreat in the Ore Mountains, Germany
  • 4 Day Meditation Retreat with Yoga at Gem


From cheap motels to rich hotels, you will have a wide range op options for accommodation. You will need to explore the city to know the prices and check these hotels. There are specific portions of the city, where you can find many hotels that are ready to give you the best experience. Here are some options that you can choose from:

  • Sofitel Munich Bayerpost
  • Meininger Hotel Munich
  • Mercure Hotel
  • Hilton Munich Park
  • Anna Hotel
  • Holiday Inn Express
  • Novotel Muenchen Messe
  • AZIMUT Hotel Munich
  • Novum Hotel Munich
  • Hilton Garden Inn
Hilton Garden Inn, Munich

Green Hotels

Finding green or eco-friendly hotels might be difficult in other cities, but not in Munich. There are some eco-friendly hotels that also offer many other benefits to the customer. Here are some of the names of green hotels given below that will help you to make your stay eco friendly.

  • Biohotel Schlossgut Oberambach
  • Derag Livinghotel am Viktualienmarkt
  • Living Hotel Prinzessin Elisabeth
  • Aloft Munich

Hostels and Guest Houses

If you are looking for hostels and guest houses for your stay in the city, then here are some places given below where you can stay comfortably at low prices. The list of hotels and guest houses includes:

  • Jaeger's Munich
  • Wombat's The City Hostel Munich
  • Euro Youth Hostel
  • The 4You
  • Kobrel
  • Hotel Westend
  • DJH Jugendherberge München Park HI Munich Park Hostel


Renting apartments is another popular option in the city that will help you very much to get the best place to stay in the city. Many tourists rent apartments to stay in the city with friends or relatives for a long time. It is a a moderately cheap and comfortable option that helps the tourists to get a decent living option.


Couchsurfing is a very well known concept in Munich and you can easily get a host from the large travel community around the world. It is one of the best ways to travel the area like locals. Also, it helps to get some unique places to stay with locals without any complications. All you need to do is discover a host for your stay in the city.


Many tourists choose camping instead of renting a room or taking a hotel. It helps to get the best experience of nature and spend time in the wild. This is an eco-friendly way to travel in the city and there are many options available for these adventure seekers to spend the best camping experiences in the city. Here are some of the best camping places given below.

  • Oktoberfest Camping
  • Campingplatz München-ObermenZing
  • Camping München Thalkirchen
  • Wies’n Camp
  • The Tent Munich

How to Get There

Getting to Munich is very easy and there are various options available to reach this historical city. Most of the tourists prefer to take a flight from their countries to reach fast and easily. If you are traveling from another city in Germany, then you can take a train, bus, private car service, metro service and others. Although, you can not reach the city by water as it is not connected with any seas. The best way to reach from other countries is by air, but you can come by train also.


Air is the most convenient way to travel to Munich. The nearest airport to Munich is the Munich Airport. Many flights take off and land in this airport from different countries. You can take the Lufthansa Express bus from the airport after stepping into the city. You will get the bus every 25 minutes and it takes you to the Munich central in 45 minutes. Some of the airlines that fly to Munich are British Airways, Air Canada, Australian Airlines flight, Saudia flights, and many more. Fares of air travel depends on the season that you are visiting.

Franz Josef Strauss International Airport


If you are in Germany, then the best option to reach Munich is by bus. Not only from Germany, but Munich is very easy to reach via bus from the Balkans and Eastern Europe too. There are a total of 29 bus stations or terminals in Munich. It is a ZOB that is very well connected with various places in Europe and Germany. There are more than 130 buses that travel daily in the city from different places. You will be able to get bus tickets at a very cheap price compared to other modes of transportation. Also, the buses are quite comfortable to have long journeys.

A bus in Munich


The Railway Service of Munich is pretty good and it is connected to many places in Europe like Budapest, Milan, Amsterdam, Venice, Rome, Vienna, Maribor, Verona, Innsbruck, Zurich, and other major cities. Munich has the station named Munich Hauptbahnhof at the heart of the city. There are 2 other stations in the city that are smaller but linked with the public transportation hub. One is situated at Pasing in the west and another in the east named Munich Ostbahnhof. There is a private railway company named Deutsche Bahn that provides long term and regional service as well in the German cities.

Train in Munich


There are several spots or options in the city for hitchhiking. You can take subway 6 on the way to Nordfriendhof. If you take the north-west exit from the station, then you will come across a tunnel following a two-lane road. The number of ants is very high on the road and cars are also fast, but they can stop as one lane is allowed for cars. Apart from this, you can take the help of Subway 6 to reach Studentenstadt, take the S1 to reach Eching, and others. The city offers one of the best hitchhiking experiences to the visitors.


Mostly the airway or railway is used to reach Munich city. However, there are many other ways that you can use to reach Munich city. But most of them are costly and time taking. One of the common ones is taking a taxi or car, which will take more time to reach the city and will be a lot more expensive compared to other services. Many people also travel by bike to move into the city from other cities in Germany.

Taxis Lined up in Munich

Moving Around

A lot of options are available to you for moving around the city and exploring it. You can take the help of different transportation ways for travelling to different places. From walking to taking a public bus, everything is available in the city to help the people move into the city conveniently. You will be able to know different ways of exploring from below.


Walking might be the best way to move around the city and observe everything around you. If you want to get the best understanding of the culture, then you have to walk on the streets of this city. You will be able to reach some important points faster in the city on foot. Most of the people start their walking journey from the city center Marienplatz and reach one of the biggest landmarks of the city named the Frauenkirche cathedral.


As an eco-friendly tourist, the best option to move into the city is to use a bicycle. It helps you to enjoy the city very well without polluting the air. You will be able to travel more than 1,200 kilometres as the cycle path is extending continuously every year. You can take the help of a bicycle planner to find more than one route that heads towards your destination. When it comes to getting a bicycle, it is very easy and affordable to get one.

Bicycles at a public square in Munich

Electronic Vehicles

There is a considerable number of electronic vehicles available in Munich. They might be relatively more expensive but taking them will help you to get to your destination in a very short time. Some of the options that you will get are car sharing, taxis, independent cars and even electric scooters. As most of the time, the roads like Munich ring road get high traffic, you will need to be patient while riding or driving an electronic vehicle. Munich has many taxis that you can book from the road or online to have a tour in the city.

Electric scooters parked in Munich

Public Bus

It is needless to say that taking a bus might be the best option for you if you want to travel around the city. Compared to other ways of transport, it has a very low fare and you will be able to reach your destinations faster. You will get to see three types of buses in the city such as Metrobuses, City buses and Haidhausen. You can catch the city buses to get a tour of the city and reach different attractions. The buses are very comfortable to travel for both short and long hours.

Tram, Train and Subway

There are different types of railway services available in Munich city. You can take U-Bahn, Straßenbahn and S-Bahn in the city. U-Bahn is an underground train in Munich that stops at most of the important places in the city. Recognize the stations of U-Bahn easily by looking for the 'U' signs. You will be able to reach places faster as there is no traffic underground. As U-Bahn runs for a limited time in a day, you can try the tram or Straßenbahn, which is available for a long time but takes a bit more time to reach places. Last but not the least, S-Bahn runs above the ground but takes more time to reach destinations.

Tram in Munich

Sustainable Shopping

Shopping is an important part of traveling and without it, the tour is not complete. Munich offers many different places in the city where you can shop for everything from food to fashion. There are both local and international shops at different places in the city that you can visit to have the best experience of shopping in Munich. While many people think that there are not many sustainable shops in Munich, you will be shocked to see how many eco-friendly stores are there.

Food Markets

Munich is a very good place when it comes to food, you will get the white sausage served with baked pretzel along with doner kebabs, and others. There are many markets in the city that you need to know to get all the best foods. Some of the best food markets that will help you to get both traditional and international foods are:

  • Viktualienmarkt
  • Elisabethmarkt
  • Wiener Markt
  • Auer Dult
  • Tollwood Winterfestival
At the Viktualienmarkt', Munich

Flea Markets

Compared to other places, you will be able to find fewer flea markets in the city. The trend of flea stores has not been completely embraced by the city. But there are some shops that you will find that are specialized in second-hand designer labels. Some of the best flea markets that will help you to get the best experience are:

  • Flohmarkt Olympiapark
  • Riesenflohmarkt
  • Bucheemarkt Neuperlach
  • Antikmarkt in Aubing
Flohmarkt Olympiapark, Munich

Second Hand Stores

Just like flea markets, the number of second-hand stores is also very low in this city. However, there are some places that sell good quality second-hand products and clothes that you can buy. Here are the places that you need to visit:

  • Flohpalast, Resales - Secondhand & More
  • Vintage Love, Lisalu - Secondhand
  • beGipsy
  • Memory's


There are many sustainable fashion brands that have entered Germany in the last few years, The eco-fashion market is developing very fast in Munich and you will be able to find some shops and markers in the city. Some of the common ones are:

  • Tuschimo ECO Fashion
  • DearGoods Munchen Schwabing
  • ME&MAY Boutique


The recycling process is very good in Munich and they have different systems to separate the wastes. They have specific dump bins to separate the wastes and recycle them. You will get to see different color bins around the city. The recycling rate in Munich is very high compared to other cities in Germany. They have taken the initiative Green Dot, which helps to create less garbage by using thin paper and glass materials.


As mentioned above, you will get to see many different coloured bins in the city such as Black, Brown, Blue, and others. The Black one is for all those wastes that do not have a separate garbage can such as diapers, light bulbs, cotton balls, etc. The Blue one is for newspapers, papers, boxes of cardboard, and others. Brown is used to dumping all the kitchen wastes like food waste, and others. Last but not the least, the yellow is for all the wastes that can be recyclable. You need to look for a circular sign to know if the item is recyclable or not.

Work and Study Abroad

Munich is home to many foreign students who visit the city from different countries to have a better study opportunity. There are many universities and colleges in the city that offer good courses and high study options in Munich. Apart from that, lots of part-time and even full-time work opportunities are available here. Every year, many people and students come to this city to study or work from other countries.

Exchange Student

Many universities are there that offer a warm welcome to the international exchange students. They welcome candidates all over the world from partner universities. They also offer two year Junior Abroad programs for the students in the US. Some of the best colleges for student exchange in the city are:

  • Technical University of Munich
  • Ludwig Maximilians Universitat Munchen
Ludwig Maximilians Universitat Munchen, Munich

Au Pair

If you are looking for Au Pair in Munich, then you will find many options. Although, you will need to search for the job in search portals, there are plenty of jobs waiting to be yours. Most of the jobs pay good salaries that will help you to get your study going and get enough pocket money.


Volunteering is one of the best ways to contribute towards society. If you are new to the city, then you can volunteer to connect with the locals and brush up your language skills for better communication. You can take the help of some companies to find the opportunity of volunteering in different things such as Culinary Volunteering, Volunteer in Arts & Culture, Volunteer in Nature, and others.

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