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Eco-friendly travel guide to Granada (Nicaragua) advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Granada, Nicaragua.

Aerial view of Nicaragua

  • Air quality: 3.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 3.0 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.5 / 5
  • Parks: 3.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.0 / 5
  • Safety: 3.0 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$20 - $150
  • Budget per day: US$35 - $200

Responsible Travel

The meaning of traveling has changed significantly in the course of the most recent decade. Flights have become less expensive, fundamental schedules have been altered to incorporate however many touring places can be changed, and pretty photographs on social media have changed how we see travel. In the midst of dangerous global warming, the over-the travel industry, and issues in garbage removal, there's a dire need to ensure the world and make changes in the manner we travel. Very few tourists comprehend what responsible travel means. It is need of great importance that they understand that voyaging mindfully isn't continually voyaging modest or explorer style.

Here are some of the key points one must consider regarding traveling responsibly:

  • Avoid using plastic: We as a whole realize that plastic is terrible for the climate. Yet, we regularly give little idea as to how we oversee it. In the event that you visit lovely little towns or climb in lavish green timberlands, or journey in frigid mountains, be very aware of how you manage to squander. These spots don't have an approach to dispose of the plastic trash; neither do they have a waste isolation framework or any reusing plant. Being a responsible traveler here is of most extreme significance. Try not to litter regardless of whether local people do. Carrying a metal water bottle with you and get it refilled at any place you can is a good practice. This will assist you with trying not to buy plastic water bottles water sometimes while traveling. Deny plastic straws, and instead, carry your bamboo straw. Abstain from purchasing and burning-through bundled food; in addition to the fact that it is destructive to your body, however, it likewise makes a great deal of waste. If at all you get them, arrange them mindfully in canisters. What's more, if you don't discover receptacles, carry the waste food parcels with you right back to urban areas and arrange them in containers afterward.
  • Support local groups: This applies to 3 features – eating, staying, and purchasing. Rather than purchasing a soda, request juice. Purchase privately developed natural products rather than food parcels. Evaluate nearby luxuries. Eat at neighborhood restaurants. This is the place where you will locate the most delicious and most credible food. Purchase nearby keepsakes from government-run retail outlets or neighborhood shops. Decide to purchase privately made painstaking work rather than mass-created mugs, keychains, and magnets. Do whatever it takes not to deal a lot. That small amount of cash you are attempting to save will go far for the individual you are buying from. Nonetheless, to help nearby businesses, don't circumvent purchasing items produced using imperiled species or wood. Choose to remain at an eco-accommodating homestay with local people instead of overdoing it on a prestigious lodging network. Continuously recollect that the shells and corals should remain at the shore, and the leaves and sparkling stones will remain where they have a place. Exploration legitimateness and nearby morals before you get these for your home improvements.

Air Quality and Pollution

Granada has a blistering summer Pacific climate close to a cool semi-parched environment. Summers are warm and dry with day-by-day temperatures averaging 34 °C in the hottest month, be that as it may, temperatures coming to more than 40 °C are normal in the mid-year months. Winters are cool and sodden, with the vast majority of the precipitation concentrated from November through to January. The coldest month is January, with daytime temperatures drifting at 13 °C and dropping to around one °C during the evening. Ice is very normal as temperatures generally reach underneath freezing in the early morning. Spring and fall are flighty, with temperatures going from gentle to warm.

The AQI or the air quality index of Granada lies in the 20 to 50 range. This means that the air in Granada is satisfactory. People without any severe breathing or fatal health issues won't face severe problems while staying there. The city has a humidity of 80 to 90 percent range.

Respect the Culture

As the more significant part of the Nicaraguan Pacific, Granada is populated basically by a Spanish-talking lion's share of Criollos. Living here additionally are individuals from the United States, Canada, Nicaragua, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Austria, the Netherlands, and France.

As of not long ago, Nicaragua was encountering a roaring vacationer economy. This, thus, pulled in outsiders to Granada looking for pioneer homes for procurement, adding a developing number of Europeans and Americans to the city's populace. Land costs had expanded after the unfamiliar premium and ensuing ventures.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Parque Central: You will need to remain someplace close to Parque Central as there is no doubt this is the town's focal point. Parts are going on in this smaller minimal square. Kids playing, merchants selling, road food preparing, seniors resting, this beautiful park should be your first stop. It hums at whenever of day. Some individuals watch under the shade of a tree in the early evening yet return the night to see families eating together from the road food sellers.
  • Colonial City: The Nicaragua Lonely Planet contains a decent strolling visit to see the significant locales of the city. For the individuals who like a coordinated visit, let the manual guide you around. Nonetheless, Granada is an incredible city to walk around. Each road has splendidly painted structures dribbling with character making it a photographic artist's fantasy. Get off the generally accepted way to look down the little rear entryways into the nearby bistros, shops, and neighborhoods. Meander through the business sectors to see the new, tropical produce and everyday products available to be purchased.
  • Mayasa Artisan Market: On the off chance that you're into little towns and markets, at that point, requiring a road trip to the Masaya Artisan Market from Granada is for you! This market is genuinely valid and an extraordinary encounter for anyone who needs to encounter a genuine Nicaraguan market. At the Masaya Artisan Market, you'll discover everything from handcrafted calfskin shoes, to woven merchandise, to food, and that's only the tip of the iceberg! Attempt some new natural product, purchase a novel trinket (unique in relation to the ones you'll discover in the entirety of the touristy stores), and have a couple of cooperations with local people. You can either get a nearby chicken transport to Masaya from Granada or recruit a taxi. In the event that you go later in the early evening, at that point, you could consolidate the visit to the business sectors with a visit to the well of lava. Stick around Masaya town until dull, and afterward, look at the magma!
  • Apoyo Lagoon: Close to visiting Masaya Volcano, an outing to Apoyo Lagoon (Laguna de Apoyo) is an acclaimed action, Granada. This huge lake is situated in the focal point of a lethargic spring of gushing lava – how cool is that! Here you can swim, climb, unwind with the perspectives, or even go out on the lake on a kayak or paddleboard. We chose to visit Laguna de Apoyo on a road trip from Granada. We got a taxi from the bus stop around 20 Cordobas. This taxi just took to the mood killer to the lake. From here, we could either get another taxi (who was able to drive the country road) or walk the five kilometers. We chose to take a taxi, which dropped us essentially at the lake's edge for another 90 Cordobas.
  • 365 islands on Lake Nicaragua: By a long shot, probably the best activity in Granada, Nicaragua, is to investigate the 365 islands on Lake Nicaragua! Regardless of whether visiting around the islands by boat, kayak, or on a stand-up paddleboard, it's a totally special encounter not to be missed. Pick a kayak or SUP board for a more dynamic encounter, or select a boat for quite a long time of recreation, touring, and "island-bouncing" amusement. Boatmen for recruit can be found at both the pier just as at the harbors at Port Asese. A boat trip typically costs around $40USD and can be part between a normal of 8 individuals for each boat. The islands were made after Mombacho Volcano ejected millennia prior, scattering fluctuating estimated rock arrangements or islets and islands across the lake's shores. A portion of the islands are uninhabited with just palm trees and intermittent winged animals, some occupied by neighborhood anglers and their families; there are some with cafés serving nearby food, others with upper scale eco-inns, and even a few islands complete with great and private extravagance homes claimed by the rich and acclaimed.
  • Malecon: Bicycling along the Malecon in Granada is a well-known way travelers take in the water's edge perspectives. For one, I suggest leasing a bike a day ahead of schedule, so you have the bicycle before anything else to advance down Calle Calzada soon after first light to appreciate the dawn, grand perspectives, and quiet atmosphere of the lake. During this season of the day, the city is simply starting to wake up, and the temperature is still moderately new. Bicycle here and there the Malecon along the water's edge and afterward exploit the bike rental for the remainder of the day to advance around Granada to the various holy places, basilicas, and other city sights to see.
  • Soy Nica: This little tienda situated on Calle Calzada shows handmade excellent calfskin items sourced from free-roaming cows. The organization follows reasonable exchange practices and standards and has regard for old conventions while actualizing the present-day Scandinavian plan. Envision custom pieces include satchels, purses, rucksacks, portfolios, and different adornments in both regular and hued tones and shortsighted styles. It's an incredible spot to snatch a trinket or two!
  • Mombacho Volcano Cloud Forest: Mombacho Volcano looms over Granada and is an incredible method to get away from the warmth and appreciate a cooler environment in the cloud woods. There are four unique pits with climbs changing in trouble total with beautiful perspectives on Laguna de Apoyo (known as Nicaragua's gem,) the 365 islands, Granada, and Lake Nicaragua. It is prescribed to take the military-style trucks from the base of the fountain of liquid magma up to the highest point of the well of lava as the street can end up being unimaginably steep for a normal vehicle. The truck is $2USD per individual, and you can discover planned week after week times on the web. The truck plugs mostly up the spring of gushing lava to permit travelers to take in the sights of an espresso ranch, considering sufficient opportunity to examine and appreciate an espresso test.
  • Iglesia La Merced: There are numerous holy places worth visiting in Granada; however, what makes the Iglesia La Merced the most essential is the thin winding flight of stairs prompting a chime tower that offers 360-degree perspectives pilgrim city, encompassing well of lava Mombacho and Lake Nicaragua somewhere far off. Climbing these steps and appreciating the view is unquestionably perhaps the most mainstream activity in Granada, Nicaragua. Found a couple of squares from Granada's Parque Central, the congregation is available to people in general. For just $1USD, visitors can climb the pinnacle to take in unrivaled perspectives and snap vital photographs.
  • Ometepe Islands: Ometepe Island is one of my undisputed top choice spots to visit in the entirety of Nicaragua! This island sits in a tremendous lake and is made of not one but rather two fountains of liquid magma! There is a huge load of fun activities in Ometepe. So numerous that it will be challenging to pick which exercises to focus on in case you're simply visiting on a road trip. Therefore alongside the way that there are a few choices for spots to remain on Ometepe, I suggest going through an evening or two there on the off chance that you have time. Despite the fact that I realize not every person has the opportunity to put a few evenings in Ometepe, and on the off chance that that is the situation for you, at that point, don't stress! You can likewise effectively visit Ometepe on a road trip from Granada! This specific guided visit incorporates the vehicle's entirety (vehicles and ship) just as some magnificent exercises!
View of the Ometepe Islands from a ferry


Granada is one of the most beautiful states present in the country of Nicaragua. This state is filled with beautiful and aw-aspiring locations that tourists from all over the world visit. Here in this section, we will discuss some of the key spots that both tourists and residents who stay in Granada, Nicaragua, enjoy.

City Parks

City parks are common things that one can see while traveling to Granada, Nicaragua. Here is the list of some of the best city parks in Granada.

  • Central Park Of Granada
  • Xalteva Park
  • Isletas de Granada
  • Mi Museo
  • Danny´s Tour
  • La Polvora Fortress
  • Iglesia La Merced
  • Casa de los Leones
  • Alcaldía Municipal
  • Mercado Municipal de Granada
Central Park Granada City

National Parks

Granada is one of the biggest and most popular cities in Nicaragua. Nicaragua's government considers this city due to its high value and the high number of tourists it attracts. This city is the home of several naturally beautiful locations. Some of these locations have been declared as national parks. In Granada, as of now, there are only six national parks. Here is the list of these national parks.

  • Mombacho Volcano Nature Reserve
  • Masaya Volcano National Park
  • Masaya Central Park
  • Entrada a la Reserva Natural Volcan Mombacho.
  • ChocoMuseo Granada Nicaragua
  • Reserva Silvestre Privada Domitila
Masaya Volcano National Park


Granada may be a city located on Nicaragua's coast side, but the number of beaches it has is less than what one might think. The beaches in Granada are often less populated. Here is the list of some of the top beaches in Granada.

  • Playas El Arenal
  • Playa Huehuete
  • Tupilapa Beach
  • Playa Hermosa
  • Quizalá
  • Playa Tuilapa
  • Masapa Beach
  • La Vigía
Playas El Arenal


Granada is one of the oldest cities in Nicaragua. This state is well-known for its historical importance and its impact on the construction of entire Nicaragua as a country and entire America as a continent. This state has seen many wars and mobs being taken place in the past in this city. There have been several important landmarks and monuments that are famous for this purpose. Here is the list of some of the famous landmarks in Granda.

  • Iglesia de La Merced
  • Catedral de Granada
  • Guadalupe Church
  • Parque Colón de Granada
  • Avenia La Calzada
  • Cathedral San Francisco
  • Cementerio De Granada
  • Iglesia de Xalteva
  • La Capilla Maria Auxiliadora
  • Monument of Cordoba
  • Parque Xalteva
  • Malecon de Granada
  • Tesoros de Nicaragua
  • Old Railway Station
  • Palácio Episcopal
  • Finca El Rayo
  • Puerto Granada of Lago Nicaragua
  • Galeria de Arte Kaknes Granada
  • monument of Emilio Benard Doude
  • Los Mangos street
  • Muelle De Granada
  • Alcaldía Municipal


There are several museums in Nicaragua. Some of these museums also reside in Granada. These museums are the home of several historically significant artifacts and collectibles. Here is the list of some of the famous museums that reside in Granada, Nicaragua.

  • ChocoMuseo Granada: Chocoholics celebrate; here at ChocoMuseo Granada, you can test chocolate items directly from the source. Notice the chocolate-production measure from bean to bar, and even take a chocolate-production workshop with fun and knowledgable chocolatiers. Children can partake in the workshop and figure out how to make their number one threat, with the goal that they also may one day become proficient Oompa Loompas. Consider showing up before the expected time to appreciate a decent worth, however excellent, everything you-can-have breakfast. Before you head to Granada, plan trip agenda subtleties with our easy to understand Granada excursion application to ensure you see all that Granada has to bring to the table, including ChocoMuseo Granada.
  • Centro Cultural Antiguo Convento San Francisco: Figure out Nicaragua's set of experiences and pre-history at Centro Cultural Antiguo Convento San Francisco. The little historical center highlights archeological things, for example, pre-Columbian sculptures, which date from 800 to 1200 CE. These were cut by the local occupants of the Zaptera Islands. Likewise, there are different things, for example, stoneware and city models devoted to the nation's set of experiences. The focal patio includes a dynamic nursery, which is encircled by theoretical artworks. Complete your authentic visit; at that point, visit the connecting church nearby.

There are also several other museums like:

  • Casa De Los Tres Mundos
  • Museo Ecológico de Trópico Seco
  • Museum of Traditions and Legends
  • Ortíz Gurdián Foundation Art Center
  • Chorotega-Nicarao Enrique Mantica Berio D Museum
  • ChocoMuseo La Fortuna


Nicaragua is a country that is known for its authentic and mouth-watering dishes. The food present in this country is famous worldwide. The same can be said about the city of Granada in Nicaragua. Tourists never forget to visit the authentic restaurants and bars in Granada for top-class food. Here in this section, we will look in detail at these top places.

Traditional Local Restaurants

Granada as a city is filled with restaurants that serve traditional and authentic Spanish dishes. These dishes are famous worldwide, and tourists, as well as residents of Nicaragua, accept and enjoy these dishes wholeheartedly. Here is the list of some of the top local restaurants in Granada.

  • Bistro Estrada
  • Granny's Vigoron
  • Restaurante El Zaguán
  • Tostometro| Restaurantes en Granada Nicaragua
  • Restaurante El Garaje
  • Bocadillos Tapas Kitchen & Bar
  • El Burrito Loco
  • Mona Lisa
  • Restaurante Comidas Típicas y más
  • pita pita
  • La Frontera
  • Pan De Vida Granada
  • The Garden Cafe
  • Churrasco Factory by CIUDAD LOUNGE Restaurant & Cigar Lounge
  • Nectar
  • ECO
  • Cafetín Claudia
  • O'Shea's Irish Pub
  • El Gordito
  • Cafe de Arte

Vegetarian and Vegan

As there are many non-veg food enthusiasts in Granada, there are people who enjoy veg food. In Granada, some places provide only veg food. Vegetarians have a plethora of choices when it comes to Nicaraguan veg restaurants.

Here are some of the top veg restaurants in Granada:

  • pita pita
  • La Frontera
  • The Garden Cafe
  • Pan De Vida Granada
  • Comedor La Merienda Tex-Mex & Vegetarian
  • Tito's Restaurante
  • Tia India
  • Japanese Dining Bar Kanpai
  • Restaurante El Garaje
  • TelePizza
  • Tostometro| Restaurantes en Granada Nicaragua
  • Bistro Estrada
  • RUA Pupuseria
  • Restaurante Querube's | Granada Nicaragua
  • El Burrito Loco
  • Restaurante El Zaguán

Street Food

Street food is a must when you visit a city like Granada. Here are some of the famous street foods in Granda.

  • Tajadas: Frequently sold by road sellers, these flimsy pieces of singed plantain are a decent method to fill an opening on long excursions. They aren't the most flavorsome thing ever. However, they fill a need.
  • Vigoron: This remarkable plate of mixed greens esque dish is produced using seared pork skin, pounded yuca, and salted cabbage.
  • Tamal: While these corn batter groups aren't unique to Nicaragua, you will discover them wherever in the country. Thick corn mixture and different fixings are enclosed by a banana leaf and bubbled, making for a primary and filling supper.
  • Nacatamal: The public dish of Nicaragua is an enormous tamal made with pork. It is typically eaten on Sunday mornings with a steaming mug of espresso, and eating it is a major social event for loved ones.


Nicaragua is a country that is known for its authentic drinks. The drinks present in this nation are renowned around the world. The equivalent can be said about the city of Granada in Nicaragua. Travelers always remember to visit the real eateries and bars in Granada for top-class beverages. Here in this part, we will glance at insights concerning these top spots.


Faucet water can contain more chlorine than you may be utilized to, and drinking it isn't suggested. Filtered water is accessible all through Nicaragua, even in the littlest towns. The cost is low, and the water quality is high.

Organic Cafés

As of now, there is only one single café in Granada that provides organic food. The Garden Café is the name of that organic café. In the future, there further organic cafes might be made in the city.


  • O'Shea's Irish Pub
  • Bocadillos Tapas Kitchen & Bar
  • Iguana Brewery
  • San Juan del Sur Cervecería
  • Compañia Cervecera del Moropotente S.A.
  • Beers & Pallets
  • Erdmann's
  • La Estación Central
  • Cargill
  • Granada Beer Company
  • Cadejo Brewing Company
  • Cervezas Alhambra
  • Cerveza Vega
  • Buccaneer Brewery
  • Nueces Brewing Co.
  • Cervecería Regional
  • The Shop
  • House of Funk Brewing

These are some of the top breweries in Granada that provide authentic Nicaraguan drinks and alcohol-based drinks.


In Granada, people live a very active life. Often it can be seen that people are going for an evening walk or working out in gyms to improve their fitness. These people like to live a long and active lifestyle to rid themselves of diseases and live longer. Yoga, therapy sessions, exercises are some common activities that the people of Granada do.

Yoga and Retreats

Yoga retreats are common in Granada. If you are looking for a place to learn yoga in Granada, here is the list.

  • PURE Gym - Spa - Yoga
  • Coco Berry Spa & Yoga
  • Casa Lucia Boutique Suites & Apartments
  • Yoga In Nicaragua
  • Ahimsa Ashram Yoga Academy, Xian YOGA, Nicaragua
  • Aqua Nicaragua
  • Villas Playa Maderas
  • Verdad Nicaragua Beach Hotel & Retreat


Living in Granada is not a big issue. Due to the high number of tourists that visit this city, several companies have built up hotels and guest houses to accommodate them. There are several other means that one can take to stay in Granada.

Green Hotels

There are few green hotels in Granada, Nicaragua. Here is the list of some of them.

  • Hotel con Corazon
  • Hotel Patio del Malinche
  • Hotel Plaza Colon
  • Condo Hotel Xalteva
  • Hotel Real La Merced
  • Hotel Casa Barcelona

Hostels and Guest Houses

Living in hotels might seem costly to some people. The best alternative for such a problem are hostels and guest houses. These places are affordable and comfortable for tourists to stay in.

  • Hostel Oasis: "Desert Garden" is the ideal name for this inn with a tropical resort climate. Centered on a lovely pool, this inn has an assortment of basic zones with loungers, a kitchen and decent feasting territory, roof deck, PCs, TV room, and that's just the beginning. Both private rooms and quarters are accessible at entirely sensible costs. Private rooms are accessible with and without ensuite washrooms. Likewise, it's situated in town, near everything. In general, visitor surveys will feature the rooms and washrooms' tidiness, which are all together all around kept and genuinely present day. A free everything-you-can-have flapjack breakfast balances the rundown of conveniences, and the front work area can help you set up visits and exercises, remembering their day-by-day trip for a dip for a volcanic pit. You can't turn out badly here.
  • Hostel Paradiso: West of Granada, ignoring the Laguna de Apoyo, is this loosening up inn loaded with characteristic climate and Central American appeal. The reasonable blue lake and water exercises are the principal focal point of exercises here, as they have free kayaks, a skimming dock for stews, and water toys. They likewise have some indoor exercises for unwinding, for example, a game room and an on-location eatery and bar. The rooms are overall quite perfect. The Paradiso offers residences just as private rooms, with and without ensuite restrooms. Storage spaces, clothing, web, and other standard conveniences are likewise accessible. The staff is inviting and can assist with anything you need, including visits and transportation. Although this spot is distant, visitors love the "move away" feel of it for a couple of days.


Residents in Granada, Nicaragua, sometimes often other people to stay in their apartments as tenants. They take a small amount of money as a deposit before they allow that person to stay.


People can avail the Couchsurfing option as a mode of accommodation while living in Granada. They can do so by merely logging on to


There is no particular location in Granada that is specifically maintained as a campsite. But still, it can be seen that people are enjoying camping near beaches, in forests and much more. Camping is a common practice in Granada, Nicaragua.

How to Get There

Granada is one of the major cities in Nicaragua. This city has several connected routes that link to other cities in the country as well as other countries in America. Therefore, traveling to Granada is not a big issue.


There are no airports in Granada that support domestic or international flights. So if one needs to travel to Granada via plane, they need to land at one of the airports in Managua and take a bus from there.


Several busses are available in Nicaragua's neighboring cities that can take you to Granada. These busses continuously operate from 5 am till 10 pm in the night. These routes tend to take about 60 minutes time to reach Granada.


Several years back, there was a train service that would have been able to take you to Granada. But now this train service has been stopped. So now there is no way of reaching the city of Granada via train.


Hitchhiking is a risky mode of travel. People often avoid this mode of travel, but on the off chance you are in desperate need, one has to choose this option. But most of the time, this option is not available for reaching Granada.


Another way of reaching the city of Granada is by going there by ferry. Recently that service has also been stopped due to low water level, but that may change shortly.

Moving Around

Granada in Nicaragua is a small city in respect to the area. The city is filled with people and is full of shops and retail stores all around. Traveling within the country can be done with the help of various means of transportation.


As said earlier, the area of the city of Granada is small. Most of the traveling done by the tourists and the residents is done by foot. Walking is the most common means of transportation that is there in the city.


Along with walking, another common means of transportation that is present in the city is bicycles. There are several bicycle rental companies present within the city that allow tourists as well as residents to travel around the city.

Electronic Vehicles

No electronic vehicles are running in the city of Granada. Therefore, if one wishes to ride an electronic vehicle in Granada, they won't do so.

Public Bus

Buses go pretty much everywhere in the city without fail. You see them, and by any chance that you need to travel to any place in Granada, you can have the opportunity to take these bus travel services. Another choice is the smaller than usual buses with a somewhat more set time, they're more agreeable, yet cost can seem a little more than usual.

Tram, Train and Subway

There are no train or tram services that run in Granada. These services used to run earlier in Granada but have been stopped due to several reasons.

Sustainable Shopping

Granada is more of a residential city than a tourism one. The city is filled with shops and markets from where people can buy all sorts of things. Here in this section, we will talk about a few such shops.

Food Markets

  • Mercado Municipal de Granada
  • La Colonia
  • Nica Market
  • El Tiangue
  • Pulperia rosita
  • Nica Market
  • Palí Villa Sandino
  • Nacatamales calle nueva
  • Supermercado La Unión Granada
  • Super Express - Granada 2
  • Mini Market 1930
  • Tiendas Azul Granada
  • Dulceria LA MIEL
  • Mini Market 1930 (Tamarindo)
  • Super Express
  • Super Express Granada 1
  • Pulperia NAVAS

These are some of the food markets in Granada, Nicaragua.

Flea Markets

Pulguero Natty USA and Pulgero are the only two flea markets available in Granada. Items from all over the world are available in these markets at a cheaper rate.

Second Hand Stores

Second-hand stores are a common sight to be seen in Granada. Here is the list of some of them.

  • Megaboutique
  • El Packetazo
  • Variedades En Linea
  • Casa de empeño Credifast S.A Granada
  • American Paiz
  • Boutique 5 Estrellas
  • Her closet Masaya
  • Variedades González
  • Casa de empeño Credifast S.A Masaya
  • Casa de Empeño PRISA Masaya


Eco-fashion has not yet reached Granada. There are no stores in Granada, Nicaragua that sell eco-fashion clothing items.


Granada is a city that has a low economy. So the people there keep the waste amount low and use their products over and over as long as they can. Recycling helps them run their homes and also helps to keep the city clean.


The waste management system in Granada is not at par with other countries. Though the city produces a limited amount of waste, that amount is also not taken care of properly due to a lack of proper waste management infrastructure.

Work and Study Abroad

Granada and Nicaragua as a country are improving in regards to education and job opportunities. The government has taken several steps to provide quality education and provide ample job opportunities to its people.

Exchange Student

As of now, there are now such schools or universities present in the city of Granada that take in abroad students. In the future, as development increases, this situation might change.

Au Pair

The concept of au pair jobs has not yet reached the city of Granada. Therefore, no jobs in the city are offered that have au pair terms and conditions linked with them.


Suppose you are looking for working for the people of Granada or as a whole for the people of Nicaragua. In that case, you can join any of the following non-profitable organizations.

  • La Esperanza Granada
  • The Pulsera Project
  • Empowerment International
  • Cruz Roja Nicaragüense Filial Granada
  • Opportunity International Nicaragua.

These NGOs are some of the world-renowned ones and work rigorously to better the people of Nicaragua.

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