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Eco-friendly travel guide to Nicaragua advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to travel in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Nicaragua, Central America, North America.

Nicaragua is known as "the land of lakes and volcanoes"; pictured is Concepción volcano, as seen from Maderas volcano.

  • Air quality: 3 / 5
  • Bus connections: 4 / 5
  • Train connections: 1 / 5
  • Hitchhiking: 3 / 5
  • National parks: 4.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$10 - $100
  • Budget per day: US$20 - $150

Responsible Travel

Nicaragua; in this country, you will find swamps, mangrove forests, tropical rainforests, palm beaches, and volcanoes. It is the ideal destination for travelers who want to make a special, adventurous, and cheap trip and love nature. Nicaragua's east coast has the most beautiful white sandy beaches, and further from the coast, you will find the Corn Islands. These islands are known as a tropical destination where you can snorkel well because of the beautiful coral reefs. An important feature of the country is the many volcanoes. The most beautiful are Momotombo, Conceptión, Telica, Maderas, Masayaand Cerro Negro. The latter is known for a spectacular activity: volcano surfing! With a top speed of sometimes 90 km / h, you surf down on a kind of sled. Most volcanoes can be found in the western part of the country. In the east, it is somewhat flatter, and the area is mainly occupied by rainforest. Ometepe Island is a must-see place. This island is formed by two volcanoes and is located in Lake Nicaragua. The country is known for its beautiful nature, but there is plenty to see in the cultural field. The capital of Managua is less beautiful. Nicaragua covers a total surface area of 130,373 square kilometers. The climate in Nicaragua varies from area to area, but it stays warm all year round. It can get scorching in the lower areas inland. In the higher areas, it is slightly cooler, as in the coastal areas. There are a lot of heavy tropical rain showers in Nicaragua. If you want to create a memorable trip to Nicaragua, you must respect the culture and travel responsibly. You can travel responsibly by adopting various eco-friendly measures to your trip like recycling, reusing, volunteering, etc. It will also help in supporting the local communities and resolving environmental issues.

Air Quality and Pollution

The air quality in Nicaragua is moderately unsafe. Here people and the government are taking necessary steps to decrease pollution and make air safe and fresh. Sunshine, rain, higher temperature, wind speed, and mixing depths affect the air quality very badly. People here are now concerned about their health, so they are taking numerous steps to increase the air quality. Nicaragua people reduce the number of trips in their personal cars, avoiding the excess burning of leaves, trash, and other materials, avoiding the usage of gas-powered lawn and garden equipment. Sensitive people are at more risk in Nicaragua.

Respect the Culture

Nicaraguans are generally courteous and appreciate this trait among visitors, and it is considered polite to address strangers using "Usted" instead of "Tú" (or the local form "Fox"). You will often hear the term Adiós (literally "to God") as a greeting - unsurprisingly in a country where 90 percent of the population is Christian. The older generations, in particular, are often religiously conservative in appearance and mannerisms. Machista attitudes are still widespread, and female travelers, especially those traveling alone, can be harassed by catcalls from local (mostly young) men; this is best ignored.

Top 10 Places to Visit

  • Islets of Granada: Lake of Nicaragua serves home to about 365 small islands. The islands make an archipelago, which is known as Islets of Granada or Las Isletas. They are called so because of their location on the southeastern side of the colonial Granada city. These islets are as old as 25,000 years. The islands were earlier formed from the stones and ash of the volcano named Mombacho. While some islands have limited development, most of them are completely deserted. The islands which have limited development are mostly developed in the ecolodges form. Jicaro Island Lodge is a perfect example of such a semi-developed ecolodge. The boutique property is extraordinary. It basically acts as an escape place because you can conveniently disconnect from your hectic life and reconnect with nature. Once you reach here, you can also explore the other islands by kayak or a SUP board. You can get a kayak or a board from the dock situated at Jicaro. You can also stay here at the Jicaro Island Lodge. Jicaro Island Lodge is a two-story house made of wood. It can also be called a treehouse. The treehouse has an outdoor/indoor vibe, which truly feels like sleeping in the middle of the jungle. This gives a feeling of living in the trees, but you can be assured that you are protected from flies, mosquitoes, and many other dangerous bugs.
  • Corn Islands: Corn Islands are located in the Caribbean Sea, approximately 70 kilometers away from the island's eastern coast, named Nicaragua. The Islands of corn are a perfect place where you can reach for a long, laid-back holiday. The island named Big Corn is the place where tourists are more likely to arrive usually. The flights from Managua directly land on this Island. But you have the option of sleeping in either isle. For the convenience of the tourists, both the islands are developed for accommodation. Although its name is the Big Corn, this island is actually small. It is so small that if you go around by bike, you will take a maximum of one hour to complete one round of the Big Corn Island. The beaches which are situated on the big corn island are lovely. The sand here is light gold in color and texture. The beautiful sand is perfectly accompanied by turquoise water, which is crystal clear. One more fascinating thing here is that the turquoise water remains warm throughout the year. To reach island named Little Corn, you can take a boat from the Big Corn Island. You will take 40 minutes to reach the other island by boat. Little Corn Island has fewer accommodation options but is very famous for its authentic seafood, which has many varieties. But, on little corn island, you will not find any vehicles or banks. So it is advised to carry your own money when you reach this Island. It will take less than one hour to take a round of the little corn island if you walk around it.
  • Masaya Volcano: Masaya volcano is protected inside the largest national park in the country. The Masaya Volcano is one of the top places to visit if you visit Nicaragua. Masaya volcano is just 20 kilometers away towards the south of Managua. Managua is the capital of Nicaragua. Masaya volcano is an active volcano. The best part of your visit to this volcano is that you can go really close to the crater's opening. But you will have to travel to the top in a private vehicle. You can drive towards the right in an upward direction and reach the park and also the edge. The best time to visit here is after it gets dark so that you can experience the glow created by the bubbling lava inside the pit. If you happen to visit during the day time, you can visit a museum situated on-site. Moreover, there are picnic facilities also.
  • Cerro Negro: If you want to get a bit excited and make your adrenaline rush a bit, you must head towards Cerro Negro. Cerro Negro has attained the title of the youngest volcano in the whole world. Cerro Negro is said to have last erupted in the year of 1999. The fascinating thing is that it has a black cone which looks really dramatic. Cerro Negro comes in the active volcano category, which means that it is considered an active one to date. Almost 90 percent of all the visitors who visit this volcano come here to try doing an adventure sport called volcano surfing. Volcano surfing involves the person riding downwards on a wooden surfboard towards the side of the black ash contained by the volcano. For protection, the visitor will have to wear goggles as well as a boiler suit. The surfboard can reach a maximum speed of 60 miles in an hour. Depending on the rider or visitor's comfortability, he can either ride the surfboard in a sitting position called sled style or ride by simply standing on the surfboard like in a snowboard. But you will first have to reach the top of the volcanic mountain to try this adventure sport. The trek to the top of the mountain takes about 40 minutes.
  • Mombacho Volcano Nature Preserve: Mombacho Volcano Nature Preserve is located at the top of the dormant Volcano called Mombacho. This nature preserve consists of a unique forest kind of landscape in a cloud. The monbacho volcano nature preserve covers an area of about 2,500 acres. It resides towards the southwest side of Managua. The mombacho volcano nature preserve is situated about 10 kilometers away from the Granada town, which has a colonial rule. There is also a very magnificent and fascinating lake called Lake Nicaragua. Plantations of coffee and rural farms surround the preserve. The picturesque landscape is mesmerizing and beautiful. The reserve is basically popular for its fragrant, colorful, and prolific diversity of flora. The reserve is home to about 800 species of plants that are freely growing here. The reserve is also home to hundreds of species of animals who can live freely on Mombacho. This place's animal diversity includes the green and bright red quetzal bird and many monkeys like the howler monkeys and the white-faced monkeys. One of the best ways to enjoy the preserve is hiking on one of the trails running inside the trail.
  • Lake Nicaragua: Lake Nicaragua is the largest lake in the whole of Central America. The lake is as long as 177 kilometers and as wide as 57 kilometers. This lake serves as a home to about 365 small islets and also many large islands. One such island is an island named Ometepe. This lake also serves as home to two volcanoes, which are situated in the center. If we look a bit in history, Spanish people first discovered this lake when they had their colonies. The lake was really very vast because of which these people got confused and considered it to be a sea. One more fascinating fact about Lake Nicaragua is, it contains water animals like sharks. This lake also holds the title of being the only lake containing fresh water along with ocean animals. It is also considered that this lake once served as a sea bay, but after that, a volcano erupted that trapped all the marine life and turned this lake into an inland lake. Over the years, the marine life in this water has adapted themselves to live in freshwater.
  • San Juan del Sur: San Juan der Sur is situated towards the southwestern side of Nicaragua. It is located on the Coast of Emerald, just near the border of Costa Rica. San Juan del Sur is a lively town with an ex-pat community, which is really large. The town also homes to an excellent beach, which is considered the best place to go surfing. The beach is situated just 20 miles towards the north of the town. The town is filled with murals and buildings which are colored with vibrant colors. There is a large statue of the Christ of the Mercy, which is perched on a hill. The statue looks like it is overlooking the city, which lies below it. This makes it one of the best places to go hiking if you love sunsets. If you are capable enough to hike up the mountain, the views from there are breathtaking. There is another beach located here, which is called the Playa Maderas beach. The beach is really long, and the sand looks like it is golden in color. The water of the beach mixes with the Pacific Ocean. The best time to visit this beach is during the time of the high tide or medium tide. This beach is also popular for its drawn-out and long sunsets, which gives an amazing and mesmerizing display of bright colors that shift as the sun approaches the horizon and ultimately gets disappeared into the sea.
  • Isla Ometepe: Isla Ometepe is basically situated in the lake called Lake Nicaragua. Lake Nicaragua holds the title of being the largest lake in the whole of Central America that has fresh water in it. This place also serves as a home to the Islands of Granada. The island is home to not just one but two volcanos. Maderas is the name of the volcano situated in the south direction of the Isla Ometepe. Maderas is also less active than the other volcano, whose name is the Concepcion volcano situated on the Isla Ometepe's northern side. If you can hike to reach the Maderas volcano's summit, you will reach a beautiful lake made in a crater. Moreover, when you reach the top, you will experience an impressive waterfall located at the base. The waterfall cascades for about 50 meters below to reach a sheer rock wall. The island is not just popular for volcanoes but also for adventure sports like mountain biking, and you can also go for horseback riding. If you love water sports, kayaking in the river called the Istrian river that runs through it. If you want to relax, you can also lay on the Santo Domingo beach. Santo Domingo Beach has white sand, making it look all the more beautiful under the sun's rays.
  • Granada: It is an old city and therefore is historically important. The city is colorful and is one of the best places to wander or stroll in the afternoon. It serves as a home to the best historic architecture in Nicaragua. The architecture over here is also best preserved. The preserved architecture includes several churches and buildings constructed when Spanish colonies ruled here. This has also greatly affected the architectural style of the city. When you reach here, don't forget to visit the Convento San Francisco church. This church also holds the title of being one of the oldest churches in the whole of Central America. This should be a must-visit place for anyone visiting this city. The outer is covered with a tiffany façade, which is blue in color. Inside the church lies one of the top museums of the city of Nicaragua. This museum is solely dedicated to the pre-Columbian period of the country. There are also many shops and restaurants and many coffee houses serving the best coffee and other beverages.
  • Leon: Leon serves as a home to the National University of Nicaragua. Leon is also referred to as the intellectual capital of the country. The city is famous for its art museums, cathedral, and expanding food scene. The cathedral, situated in Leon, holds the title of being the biggest cathedral in Central America. The cathedral merges Neoclassical as well as Baroque styles of architecture. Just some blocks towards the northern side of the cathedral lie the Iglesia de la Recoleccion. Iglesia de la Recoleccion is a beautiful and fascinating church that is as old as 1786. The architecture of the church is built in Baroque design as well as in Mexican-style. The church features a different, façade which is deep yellow in color along with cream trim. While strolling around the walk downtown, you must also keep an eye for graffiti and various murals made during the 1980s when there was a political war going on. If you visit Leon, you must also visit the ruminants of old learn, which is officially called Leon Viejo. It was built during the 16th century. It is also the first colonial settlements from Spanish in the Americas. The ruins are not very far from Leon, and you just need to have a short drive from Leon to reach here.
Aerial view of the beautiful Corn Islands


There are so many places to explore in Nicaragua where you can learn about the place's history. Nicaragua is the best and hottest destination for families, retirees, and many travelers relishing the cheap beer. You can see Granada, which has the most well-preserved architecture in Nicaragua. Islands are also very famous in this country, and you can go hiking, kayaking, cycling, and eating healthy food on islands.

City Parks

  • Central Park Of Granada: The Central Park Of Granada is the center of the attraction of the town. The park itself is a showpiece and breathing public space where many people come to relax. You will get to see fountains and statues in the park dedicated to mothers and loves Nicaraguan poet Ruban Dario. Brightly painted horse-drawn carriage line up in the park's western side attracts many tourists and local people.
  • Parque De Altamira: Many tropical fruits such as mangoes, papayas, oranges, bananas, and pineapples are the park's main attraction. Mountains and valleys surround the Parque De Altamira make it more attractive and eye-catchy also. There is also a statue of Our Lady of Aranzazu in the park. The park is full of calmness and peace, that is why many people love to visit this park any time of the month and year.
  • San Dionisio Main Square: San Dionisio park is ideal for kids; they can play here; rides are also there. Here you will also find playgrounds to play baseball. The park's open wide green space attracts many local people and tourists to visit this park and spend some quality time with friends and loved ones. Magnificient and amazing park in Nicaragua.
  • Seawall Managua: The park is lakeside with colorful public art as the attraction point. The park's location is the best thing about the park, helping people feel calm and peaceful who visit there. You can try this place after a stressful day to spend some time n greenery of the park. Children playing, people chattering, and a nice breeze from the lake will make you happy and fresh.
Central Park Of Granada

National Parks

  • Indio-Maìz Biological Reserve: The reserve has the largest and most beautiful stretch of tropical lowland rainforest in Central America. It is home to endangered species, such as jaguars and giant ants, and more than 400 species of birds, four species of feral cats, and more than 200 species of reptiles. Here you can learn about many extinct and endangered species.
  • La Flor Wildlife Refuge: The wildlife of the floor in the shelter is a coastline that he sees. It costs 30,000 lots of olive trout between August and December. The sanctuary has a beautiful sea, dry rain esters, and mangroves. You will find La Flor Wildlife's sanctuary on the quiet south coast, south of San Diego Sun. Must-visit national park to see the beauty of nature.
  • Selva Negra Cloud Forest Reserve: This is a unique personal backup. The forest reserve is part of the hotel and organic coffee project. This coffee plantation is 100% ecological and commendable. Everything is carefully arranged here. The forest is a great place to walk, and on the way, you will see a rooster monkey and many birds. The forest has many amazing and beautiful views that every people who come here wish to visit again.
  • El Jaguar Cloud Forest Reserve: The El Jaguar Forest Reserve is also a private forest reserve where the natural flavors of coffee are grown. It is located at an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level and includes prehistoric ferns, giant oak, broads, orchids, and fig trees. It is also home to more than 150 species of birds, which help you learn a lot about birds and their species. You can also take your children here to tell them about different species of birds and various kinds of plants and animals.


  • Playa El Coco: Rock formations and vegetation are the attractions of Playa El Coco. The water is always calm, and the beach is not crowded at all. The area has a restaurant at one end of options and beach accommodation. Beach volleyball in nearby villages, football and horseback adventures are presented. Playa El Coco San Juan del is about 20 minutes away from Sura and a bus to get to this beach because the water is calm; this is a great beach for kids to bring the day. Perfect for swimming and fun family activities.
  • Playa Maderas: Playa Maderas is a paradise like no other. Located just 20 minutes from San Juan del Sur, this hotel is perfectly located for a Nicaraguan getaway. This piece of paradise is more touristy than other beaches, thanks to bars and restaurants serving delicious food. Seafood lovers will enjoy ceviche and fish tacos. Signature shark fin rock formations are a staple for photographers visiting Nicaragua. The forest-like bay is great for tide pooling and is a unique feature of Playa Maderas. This beach has consistent swells perfect for all surfer levels. This place becomes more attractive for people who want to go out of town but still want to enjoy paradise and a few bars.
  • Las Peñitas: Do you want to kick back, relax and enjoy a cappuccino or cocktail at one of the best beaches in Nicaragua while enjoying a magnificent sunset? Las Peñitas is a white sandy beach that stretches for 5 kilometers. Locals want to call it one of their best-kept secrets. The Cafes and bars surround the 5-kilometer coastline for fresh food and drinks. The secret began to emerge as more international travelers learned about this beach. Perfect for people who enjoy surfing and swimming and just watching the waves. Seeing people surfing and capturing the camera experience is always impressive.
The serene Playa El Coco beach


  • Somoto Canyon: The magnificent river valley that goes deep into ancient rocks to create the Cañón de Somoto in northern Nicaragua offers one of the country's most exciting adventure experiences in the most beautiful natural environments. A four-hour descent of the narrowest part of the strait involves hovering over the rocks, drifting down streams, and jumping from very high rocks into deep pools. The more adventurous can choose a six-hour trip flying down cliffs and visits to eerie caves inhabited by bats. The easy route includes a tripod upstream in a rowing boat and a gentle swim in an inner tube. What made the whole experience even more surprising was that the gorge caught the world's attention when it met two Czech geologists in 2004.
  • Cerro Mogotón: Everything about Ometepe is special. Reached by ferry from San Jorge's port, this large island in Lago Cocibolca (Lake Nicaragua) is embellished with two large volcanoes: the active Concepción Volcano in the north and the inactive Maderas in the south. Both volcanoes climbed, and Maderas had a crater lake at its summit, and the San Ramón waterfall descends 50 meters (164 feet) down a wall at its base. Hikers can easily take it and swim in the lake's freshwaters and relax in the white sands of Playa Santo Domingo. Try a horseback riding or mountain bike tour for adventure, or ski in Rio Istián, the best place for bird watching. As the sun begins to begin, it heads towards Punta Jesús María; The black sand finger leading to the center of the lake points directly to the last glorious glow of the orange forest as it disappears under the horizon.
  • Pearl Cays: The perfect place for activating pirate fantasies, Pearl Cays is a palm-filled piece of paradise on 12 small islands that seem to be swimming in shimmering turquoise waters. The majority of the islands that make up the archipelago are now privately owned upon arriving on a boat tour from the wavy open sea in Pearl Lagoon. Water cats carry evocative English names like Crawl Cay and Maroon, which goes back to when pirates were hiding. Come between June and September, and you will find beaches inhabited by the recently hatched hawksbill sea turtles, as cays are an important nesting area for this species of endangered species. A 16-year conservation study by the Wildlife Conservation Society has seen the number of nests increase dramatically and look good into the future.
Somoto Canyon which is a river valley is an important landmark in Nicaragua


  • Centro de Arte Fundación Ortiz-Gurdián : Leon's city is home to several fine cultural institutions, and this gallery has the best art collection in Nicaragua. Explore well-restored townhouses with exhibits and sculptures throughout the ages. There are also unexpected artworks by Picasso, Rembrandt, and Miro and Nicaraguan artists on display here. You can take your children here to give them knowledge about the culture of the country.
  • Antiguo Convento San Francisco: Most visitors to Nicaragua will make their way to Granada's once beautiful city, and this old monastery is one of its many attractions. In the heat of the day, check out the huge collection of pre-Columbian sculptures that tell the story of Nicaragua's distant past. Sculptures here are fascinating and eye-catchy.
  • Museo de Leyendas y Tradiciones: This former prison is located just outside the center of the city and now houses a museum that tells Nicaraguan folk traditions. Since 1993, founder Doña Carmen Toruño has organized exhibitions combining human rights violations committed in prison with its traditions. To know more about and in detail about the tradition of Nicaragua, you must visit this museum.
  • Sandino Museum: Visit the town of Niquinohomo, close to Granada, to learn about the life and times of the revolutionary leader Augusto Cesar Sandino, who lent his name to the Sandinista group. Worth stopping on the road from Granada to Managua. It is a natural history museum that tells about the country's history with its fine arts. Arts and sculptures are all-natural, but they are so beautiful and amazing in looking
Outside the Antiguo Convento San Francisco


  • Chicharrones
  • Vigoron
  • Nacatamal
  • Indio Viejo
  • Quesillo
  • Tostones


  • El Macuá
  • Toña
  • La Victoria
  • Flor de Caña
  • Gran Reserva
  • Refrescos
  • Batidos


Tap water here contains more chlorine, and drinking tap water is not safe here. Local people in Nicaragua filter tap water and then use it for drinking and also for cooking purposes. Travelers here can buy packed drinking water or mineral water that is easily available everywhere. In Nicaragua and many cities nearby, many of the population lacks access to clean and safe drinking water. Many schools in Nicaragua do not have safe drinking water. Although the water for people is improving now, each person in Nicaragua will soon get safe and clean drinking water.


Nicaragua is very famous for its lakes and volcanoes, many local people and many people from far come to see the beauty of the lakes and volcanoes. You can jump off cliffs up to 33 feet high or swim and float through the peaceful turquoise blue water. In Granada, you can see lava bubbles from a safe distance because of the noxious fumes they emit. You can also hike in the Miraflor Nature Reserve if you love to spend some time in nature. Scuba diving is also very famous in the Corn Islands of Nicaragua, or you can relax there. There are many more activities to do; these are just a handful of activities you can definitely do when you visit Nicaragua.


The total area of this country is 1,30,373 square kilometers. In 2003 this country faced around 1 million tourists, which led to their development in tourism and accommodation options. Accommodation means a place where one can stay or live. Focusing on the luxurious lifestyle that some tourists want to enjoy here, resorts and villas are present. These Luxurious villas offer swimming pools, and some of them have a fitness or gym rooms. You can also get a private spa in these villas. These villas, as well as resorts, cost too much for their accommodation. These are best for those who want to enjoy a luxurious life and, as planned, a big-budget during their trip. However, there are still people who do not want to spend too much on their accommodation. For them, there are many different accommodation options. There are hotel rooms numbered with other facilities and charges. Hotel rooms are best to stay for a week or two because these rooms charge the rent per night so after one or two weeks, the hotel room's rent will be very much.

Green Hotels

Green hotels are different from ordinary hotels, and they are certified by the government or any regulatory body. Day uses a lot of eco-friendly methods and measures to reduce pollution and wastage. Green hotels focus not only on eco-friendly measures or conserving nature but also on providing comfort while serving their customers. This hotel uses water conservation techniques By different methods. Even some of the green hotels have their water treatment plants, which gives potable water. These pools are filled with salt water rather than using fresh water and chlorinating it. The hotels present here help in energy conservation. According to various surveys, around 40 % of the total energy is consumed by commercial buildings and residential areas. It states that hotels and other accommodation options consume a lot of energy. Due to this high energy consumption, these green hotels have built their renewable energy source present in them. Also, these hotels are very cleaned and hygienic and have excellent waste management. There are many dustbins present in these hotels where you can dump the waste. Other than this, out of those waste, the ones which can be recycled are taken out.

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels are small rooms where anyone can stay. Generally, these are shared rooms where you get another person as your roommate. So you will not get bored even if you are traveling alone to this city as you will get good company here. However, there are some points which you must keep in mind while accommodating in a hostel. As there will be many people staying in a hostel and generally the bathrooms of these hostels are shared by two people, you have to wait for your chance. In these hostels, you will not get privacy by any means because you will not get our room. You must be careful with your belongings as you might not know how your roommate is. There are some merits of staying in these hostels, such as these hostels are inexpensive and will help you save a lot of money during your trip to this country. You will get a kitchen for yourself and your roommate so that you can cook by yourself. Some guesthouses are also present in this country but a smaller amount. These guesthouses are best for those who are traveling in a large group. You will get a homely feeling in these guesthouses. You can even get meals in these guesthouses. Other than this, these guesthouses also have a separate kitchen to cook your food.


There are a lot of apartments present in this city. You can accommodate these apartments, which have their benefits. Apartments can save a lot of money if you are visiting this country for a longer duration. Apartments will be best if there will be foul weather, these flats will provide you a lot of time to spend with your family together without any disturbance. Other than this, you can enjoy complete privacy with your friends, family, or partner when you have nothing to do. Other than this, there are many benefits of apartments that include a garden maintained by the apartment authorities themselves. Else to this, the maintenance of anything such as water filters or electric fans will be supported by the electrician, which will be sent by the apartment authorities, and you don’t have to pay for it. The water and the electricity you will consume will be billed separately, and you have to pay for it.


There are around 5000 to 6000 hosts that are present in this country. It states that Couchsurfing is an accommodation option present in this city, but it is very rarely used. The reason behind it might be because of affordable and different accommodation options. The ones which are present are good for Couchsurfing. You can easily make them friends, and they can also tell you many things about the country. These particular things involve histories such as ancient dynasties, wars and culture, and tradition, including various cuisines, dance, and different ways of celebration. You can learn multiple cultures, traditions languages about that country. He can also help you by telling you some famous tourist spots and some money-saving tips to save your money. It would help if you kept in mind that you should always have a backup accommodation option.


Camping and adventurous activity which involves sleeping under the night sky on an open campground. There are no camping charges; however, you have to buy some essential items engaged in camping, such as our tent where you will sleep. Camping consists of watching the night skies. During summers, as the temperature rise, many of the insects come out. Therefore if you're camping on an open campground, then you must pack your bag accordingly. It would help if you did not camp during lousy weather because bad weather can lead to storms or heavy rains. Camping is a temporary accommodation because after a week will start getting bored from it. However, it would help if you did not let a bonfire in the woods, which will be burned, will create a lot of pollution. As a substitute to the bonfire, you can use electric heaters that run on a battery.


Nicaragua regions map.png
Capital Region
Nicaragua's most populous region, centered on the capital, Managua
Caribbean Nicaragua
Here travel is mostly done by boat and the rich mixture of Nicaraguan, Caribbean, Miskito Indian and Garifuna cultures makes this region seem like another country.
Northern Highlands
Visit cigar factories and see how coffee is grown in a region filled with remnants of the revolution.
Northern Pacific Coast
At the collision point between two tectonic plates, this region has some of the highest volcanic activity on Earth and is also home to two national icons : rhum Flor de Caña and poet Rubén Darío.
Rio San Juan Region
An almost forgotten part of the country with its hidden treasures like the car free Solentiname Islands or El Castillo, and gateway to the pristine rainforest of the Indio Maiz reserve.
Southern Pacific Coast
A narrow stretch of land bordered by the Pacific Ocean and Lago Nicaragua. Surf remote spots along the coast, party in San Juan del Sur or ride a motorbike around iconic Isla de Ometepe.


Getting There and Moving Around

There are nine airports in this country that have access to older significant countries of all the continents. So you can reach here by flight without any inconvenience. Some see roots as Nicaragua shares its borders with [[Costa Rica\\ and Honduras; therefore, you can’t get here with seeing from these two countries. Other than this, there are many ways to move around the city, including bus taxis hiring your motor vehicles and a lot of others. These were moving around options that vary from one city to another.


There are nine airports in this country that have access to all the other countries on every continent, so flights are not a trouble. The main airport in this country is present in Managua. The airport current in this city is a joint airport of civil and military to see some of the military planes present. The name of the airport is Sandino airport, which is the 5th busiest airport in Central America. The annual number of passengers of this airport is around 1.2 million.

Outside the Sandino International Airport


As earlier stated, this country has its border connected with two other countries; therefore, you can take a bus from there. It means that this country has international bus facilities, but it is limited to only two countries which are present near it. There are several intercity buses which will help you to visit one city while you are present in another. These buses can be booked online to save the environment, as well as your time. There are local buses present in each of the cities in this country—all the tourist spots of that particular city. The local and intercity buses do not charge too much but give you a unique and memorable journey.


It says it has been found that there are no railways present in this country. All the railway networks were suspended in 2001 due to some reasons. The main reason was the excessive use of local buses and taxi services. It led to Decreased revenue from trains, and the expenditures were too much; therefore, the government decided to suspend them. The charges of the trains were very high, which made or forced people to use public buses.


Hitchhiking is an activity or a type of travel option in which a person or a foreigner attracts a vehicle going in the same direction. This type of travel option does not require any phones; therefore, it saves a lot of money. However, some limitations state that this cannot be reliable if you want to reach up, please, at a particular time. This country's crime rate is low, which means you can successfully hitchhike here without much fear of getting robbed. You can use highways, which connect one city with another, to reach your destination.


There is only one other way to reach directly here, the waterways, but limited to certain countries. Traveling by water takes a lot of time, and also there are chances of getting seasick. Other than this, there are many ways to move around in this city. IT involves hiring a private taxi. It will create a lot of pollution. Therefore, we do not advise it. Others are walking and bicycling, which will help you to reduce your carbon footprints as much as possible.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping is something of those products that are beneficial for our health and nature, and society. What do you think sustainable products can contribute to the development and the protection of nature and culture. There are few reasons why we should purchase sustainable products. The first one is that it protects the environment. What choosing sustainable products does not mean that they do not harm the environment. Still, they have a less harmful impact on the ground. To reduce the detrimental effect, these products are made with fewer chemicals, four more pesticides, and most of the work is done by renewable energy sources rather than fossil fuels.


There are many recycling benefits, as recycling means reusing the same thing by giving it a different shape and size. Recycling saves a lot of energy and the raw materials which are used in producing a new product. Other than this, it also saves a lot of lands, which is required for dumping waste. It helps in eliminating waste even before it’s treatment. It is also found that recycling helps preserve natural resources such as iron ore and trees used to make steel, tin, newspaper, and furniture.


Waste something which cannot be used further and needs to be dumped. According to stats, this country's waste management is not efficient enough to keep this country neat and tidy, stating that around 70% of the total land is polluted. There are two methods of decomposing waste, which includes incineration and Landfills. Even the locals do not feel a sense of responsibility, and they used to dump the waste anywhere they find space. Even the government does not see it as a severe issue; therefore, they do not have strict pollution policies and waste.

Work and Study Abroad

This country follows a different pattern of education, which involves 632 formal education structure. This country's primary education starts at the age of 6 years, and it is a six-year program. Primary education is compulsory for all the students, and everyone in this country has to follow or at least send their child for six years of study. However, some people or families want their children to work and earn at a very early age. Some students miss six compulsory years of education—later, two primary education secondary school starts, which is further divided into two levels. The first level starts from 7th grade, an end at the grid of nine. Later this is the 2nd level of secondary education consists of two grades, which are 10th and 11th.

Exchange Student

An exchange student program is a program in which a student is sent to other colleges by his home college. The college in which the student is sent to complete its remaining degree is present abroad. This program involves three education where the college will take the entire cost of studying. The student only has to pay for accommodation and living. This program boosts the confidence of a student and helps him in becoming independent.

Au Pair

An Au Pair is a person who stays with the local family without paying them, and in exchange, it has a work of handling their child. This type of work is rarely available in this country because most wives or females are housewives. However, this is the cheapest way or the most pocket-friendly way to live in a foreign country for around half a year. It also helps in increasing the social skills of a person as well as makes him mature. It is a good option when you are missing your family.


There are a lot of options organizations where you can volunteer. It helps in increasing the self-confidence of a person and satisfies the in her mind. It is a good option or a distraction from a worried or a tense life, which results in curing depression. Many organizations help the human and help stray animals by providing them food and shelter. Also, few organizations help the needy person who does not have anything.

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