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Eco-friendly travel guide to Johor Bahru advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Johor Bahru Skyline at Night

  • Air quality: 3 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3.5 / 5
  • Parks: 3.5 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$30 - $100
  • Budget per day: US$45 - $120

Responsible Travel

Johor Bahru, the capital of the city Johor in Malaysia, is located on the southern end of Peninsular Malaysia. Inhabited by just 6.6 lakh people, the city is one of the most developed and modernized cities of Malaysia. Popularly known as JB, the city is a fascinating one.

The city is known as "Little Swatow (Shantou)" by the Chinese community as significant residents of the city are Teochew people, the ancestors of whom are from Shantou, China. Based on the location, the city is one that experiences an equatorial climate with consistent temperatures, promising rain, and high humidity throughout the year.

The delightful city is a mix of the modern and traditional outlook and is the manufacturing hub of Malaysia. From theme parks to various attractions, the city is well jeweled with so many unique places to explore.

A wonderful city to explore and one with a beautiful environment needs to be preserved at its best. So, while exploring the city to be a responsible traveler by following the points like:

  • The incident of Kim Kim river water pollution due to chemical pollutants in 2019 caused severe concerns. The government since then has formulated specific policies in order to avoid the occurrence of the same in the future. Likewise, as a responsible traveler, one should also take steps to reduce pollution.
  • There are various cultural attractions in the city. Make sure to follow the good practice while you visit and explore them.
  • Being a manufacturing hub, the people here are more in work culture. At the same time, people are warm and polite. Make sure to meet them with a bright smile and try to follow a proper dress code.
  • Try the lip-smacking local delicacies in place of junk and fast food.
  • Use reusable water bottles to reduce plastic dump. Also, follow the waste disposition policy of the city.
  • Buy souvenirs from local artisans and refrain from bargaining while you get one.
  • Book your stay in a hotel that is eco-friendly with all the amenities you need.
  • Prefer to travel by electric vehicles, bicycle, or on foot and reduce the carbon trail as well.
  • The best you can do is to make your fellow travelers aware of responsible travel. It will keep the beauty of the city intact while you explore.

Air Quality and Pollution

Johor Bahru is a beautiful place with pristine locations to explore and visit. Being the manufacturing hub and one of the most important tourist destinations, pollution is comparatively high in the city.

While the government has set separate panels to control and monitor the pollution in the most effective manner, the support of the locals is uncanny in the same aspect. The intelligent and effective plan developed by the city is one of the prime areas to improve air quality.

Although the government is taking measures to control the pollution levels, still a lot more needs to be done. The current statistics of air pollution in Johor Bahru are:

  • PM10 - 27
  • PM2.5 - 15
  • PM10 Pollution Level - Moderate
  • Pollution Index: 59.60
  • Pollution Exp Scale: 101.50

With a pollution level of 50, and the Air Quality Index of 50, which is moderate. The air quality is good as of current condition.

Being a responsible traveler, it is the underlying responsibility to reduce the carbon trail by adopting eco-friendly ways of traveling, deduced the use of plastic, and following the governmental guidelines. Also, educating fellow travelers about the same can help a lot.

Respect the Culture

The history of Johor Bahru is one linked with a Chinese cultural heritage. The primary spoken language is Mandarin Chinese. English is also one of the finest spoken languages in the city.

With the cultural mix of Muslims, Buddhists, Malayalis, Telugus, and Sikh Punjabis, the culture of Johor Bahru is vibrant and colorful. With the warm and friendly people, the experience of exploring the city is a blissful experience.

The effect of the traditions and culture can be seen at Johor Bahru, and while one explores the city, there are few considerations to keep in mind that will ensure that you respect the culture and traditions of the city.

  • While visiting any religious places remember to dress well and follow the customs. In case you are unaware of the same, seek guidance from locals.
  • The city has a rich cultural heritage. Ensure to respect the art and heritage of the city.
  • Being warm and friendly, people are welcoming, so ensure to be polite and soft-spoken.
  • The city is multicultural. Explore and adore the city with an open heart.
  • Try to blend with the people and their culture, and if you get a chance to learn the local language or rather just a few words to show gratitude to locals, for their hospitality.

Top 10 Places to Visit

The city with the prime concern of manufacturing is one of the finest places to explore. Adorned with lush green parks and gardens, excellent museums, beautiful islands and beaches, and the landmarks that include the uncanny amusement parks which are quite unique and fascinating.

With the pristine locations to explore, and the climate so soothing, the city is perfectly picturesque. While the places to explore are unlimited, the best places to chart down to explore are:

  • Johor Bahru Old Chinese Temple: A traditional temple built in the 19th century, this is one of the pristine religious buildings and one of its kind. Made with a color scheme of white and red, this is a traditional style of architecture. Designed to honor five deities, this place is one with some of the finest exhibits as well.
  • Istana Besar: A Royal palace and the then home of Sultan of Johor, the impressive shiny white building was built in 1866. The architecture of the building is an uncanny mix of Malay and Western architecture. With the signature large blue dome on the top, this building now holds antiques as well.
  • Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque: Designed nearly in 1892, this mosque is the perfect mix of British colonial architecture and traditional Islamic motifs. The four minarets on the top that imitate the conventional British Clock towers, this place is a pretty blend of Victorian design features mixed with Moorish motifs in the interior.
  • Arulmigu Sri Rajakaliamman Glass Temple: The most important buildings for the Hindus living in the Johor Bahru city, this building is the best example of elegant architecture. Designed with glass from interior and exterior, the sunlight reflection makes this place surreal. The unique feature is that you will find statues of Christ and Buddha inside, even after being a Hindu temple.
  • Istana Bukit Serene Johor Bahru: The current official residence of the Sultan of Johor, the place is not open to the public. The exteriors can be explored quickly, which is adorned by a crown on the arch and manicured lawns. With the central tower of 35 meters, the architecture was built in the Art Deco Style in 1933.
  • Roman Catholic Church of the Immaculate Conception: One of the oldest buildings of Johor Bahru, this was built in 1883. Designed in the traditional British colonial style, this church is primarily known for its lone steeple with a beautiful spire at the top.
  • Gurdwara Sahib Johor Bahru: Built-in 1992, this gurdwara is the symbol of diversity in Johor Bahru. With the beautiful yellow window frames and a pretty crenelated roof, this is one of the most important religious sites to offer your prayers.
  • Johor Zoo: One of the first zoos built in southeast Asia, this place is home to various animals like gorillas, elephants, lions, and flamingoes, and a lot more. With the separate reptile house and various eateries for a fancy bite, this zoo is really fascinating. The best part is if you visit the zoo during feeding hours, you might get an uncanny opportunity to interact.
  • Teluk Sengat Crocodile Farm: An amazingly well-maintained reptile park that is home to numerous crocodiles. With the opportunity to hold the crocodile, this park is uncanny to help you meet the beautiful creatures.
  • Legoland Malaysia: Opened in 2012, this is a not-to-miss adventure park of Johor Bahru with 40 different rides. The associated water park, laser quest maze, and bumper cars are some of the prime attractions of this popular theme park.
Outside the Chinese Temple in Johor Bahru


With the picture-perfect locations and fantastic climate, the city of Johor Bahru is a fantastic city to explore. Being the manufacturing hub and a city which is the perfect blend of culture and modernisation, one can find plenty of places that are uncanny.

The location is perfect for the kids as this is jewelled with numerous adventure parks that are going to amaze you. The stunning city with numerous parks and wildlife care centres, art museums and landmarks, the city is one perfect place to explore.

The best places to explore, from the parks to beaches, and museums to landmarks, are listed down for you to have the best experience.

City Parks

With high-quality air and excellent sites to explore, the city is one with numerous parks and gardens to explore. With the lush green trail of plants with the fluttering flowers and the perfect track to explore and walk, the parks are beautiful.

The best parks in the Johor Bahru are:

  • Merdeka Park: With the spacious outdoor recreation area with the jogging trail in between the lush green plants, a lake and a dancing fountain, and one fine English Tea Room, this park is beautiful.
  • Hutan Bandar MBJB: Another beautiful park in the city with a kid's play area and the spot for outdoor breakfast.
  • Adda Heights Town Park: One of the most well-maintained public parks, this is one of the most beautiful and clean parks of Johor Bahru.
  • Sireh Park Iskandar Puteri: A simple yet beautiful park for trekking and jogging, this park is one big green area that can be used for bicycling as well.
  • Setia Tropika Town Park: A lush green park with a football court, a basketball court, a playground, and a pond, making this place beautiful for exploring and exercising.
  • Setia Indah Park: A beautiful park with an array of flowers and some of the most delicate cactus growing and the perfectly trimmed grass, is one perfect place to have the evening walk.
  • Firefly Valley Leisure Park: Kota Tinggi is a mangrove swamp that is filled with beautiful fireflies that offer the uncanny and most incredible view.
  • Taman Merdeka: The largest public park in the city is one of the finest parks with an open-air theater and a series of rock sculptures.

National Parks

A city as mesmerizing as Johor Bahru is undoubtedly one to have a beautiful national park for the visitors to explore. The fantastic national parks to explore are:

  • Tanjung Piai National Park: Located on the southernmost end of Peninsular Malaysia, this park is rich in flora and fauna. Covering 526 hectares of mangroves and 400 hectares of inter-tidal mudflats, this is perfect for birdwatching.
  • Pulau Kukup National Park: Spreading for 647 hectares and surrounded by 800 hectares of mudflats, this place is a shelter to various species of animals and wetland-associated plants. The six-storey airy offers an uncanny view of the park, making the picture even more beautiful and unique.
  • Mersing Marine Park: Just an hour away from Johor Bahru, this is a hidden beauty of nature with mangroves and beach-side forest. It is made up of 13 islands in the cluster of 6 islands like Pulau Tinggi, Pulau Aur, Pulau Pemanggil, Pulau Besar, Pulau Sibu, and Pulau Rawa. It is also one of the pristine locations for divers and sea lovers.
Tanjung Piai is a cape in Pontian District, Johor, Malaysia. It is the southernmost point of Peninsular Malaysia and thus the most southern point of mainland Eurasia. The skyline of Singapore is visible across the Johor Strait from the point. It features seafood restaurants, perched on wooden jetties that are surrounded by a rugged and rarefied coastline of unspoiled mangrove forests.


Johor Bahru is an uncanny city when it comes to beauty. With the prime consideration placed on keeping the city clean and beautiful, the beauty of the city is maintained at its prime. While the place is one with a lot of amusement parks, the city is a little far from some of the main islands offering pristine, beautiful islands to explore.

The best beaches with the fantastic sand, soothing sea, and calming environment in Johor Bahru are:

  • Stulang Beach
  • Desaru Beach
  • Pulau Rawa
  • Pulau Tinggi
  • Pulau Besar
  • Pulau Babi Tengah
The mesmerising Desaru Beach


The best landmarks to explore in Johor Bahru are:

  • Pulai Waterfall: A beautiful waterfall which is perfect for nature lovers, this place is fantastic.
  • Sanrio Hello Kitty Town: Just a few minutes from Legoland, this is one with several rides based on Hello Kitty and numerous options to get souvenirs.
  • Puteri Harbour: A beautiful destination to take an evening stroll, this is one with a fantastic view of the sea, rocking yachts, and an amazing site.
  • Angry Birds Theme Park: An astounding park dedicated to the angry birds with lots of rides, shows, and performances, this is beautiful.
  • Hiap Joo Bakery and Biscuit Factory: Working for the last 80 years, this is one bakery that still uses the charcoal ovens to bake. The signature try is pillowy banana cake.
  • War Memorial: Dedicated to the soldiers who lost their lives during the World wars, this place offers a beautiful view of the Strait of Johor.
  • Danga Bay: A waterfront complex with Danga World Theme Park offering amazing rides, this place is beautiful with some of the finest lifestyle attractions.
Simpang Pulai Waterfall


If you wish to explore the history of art and culture of Johor Bahru, then the best museum is:

  • Johor Bahru Chinese Heritage Museum: A beautiful museum that will offer you great insights about the history of the Chinese community in Johor Bahru.
  • Kwong Siew Heritage Gallery Johor Bahru: The unique museum is a perfect place to explore the exciting and unusual collection of the artifacts and photographs like weapons, traditional costumes, and even oddities like antique opium pipes.
  • Pasir Gudang Kite Museum: An unique museum in all sense, this place is wholly dedicated to the history and cultural impact of these colorful kites.
  • Royal Abu Baker Museum: The museum is located in Istana Besar, which houses rare artifacts, royal heirloom, and the history of the royal family.
  • Johor Bahru Art Gallery: An art museum, this gallery is one with Islamic calligraphy as well as ceramics, weaponry, and even ancient banknotes and coins.
  • Johor Figure Museum: A museum that describes the history of Johor and Johor Sultanate, this place is beautiful.
Johor Bahru Kwong Siew Heritage Gallery


Johor Bahru is an uncanny place to explore. A city with a perfect blend of culture, traditions, and modernization, this place will amaze you. Right from the green parks to areas reciting the history to amusement parks to relax you, this place will leave awe-inspiring.

While you explore the city, do not forget to explore the authentic taste of the local delicacies. With the finest restaurants and fantastic hospitality, the city offers the uncanny blend of herbs and spices that will leave you with the most delicate lip-smacking dishes.

So, if you are looking for the same places to grab a meal and enjoy, then the best places to explore in Johor Bahru are listed down for you.

Traditional Local Restaurants

The food at Johor Bahru is inspired by the Chinese, Malay, European, Javanese, Arabic, Indian, and many more. With the unique taste and the combination of spices, the food at Johor Bahru is not only delicious but one of the finest.

With the food having a unique taste and texture of its own, the best traditional restaurants serving the local and regional delicacies in Johor Bahru are:

  • Restoran Woon Kiang
  • IT Roo Cafe
  • Makan Kitchen
  • Yummy Nasi Lemak House Johor Bahru
  • Zorbas Family
  • Johor Bahru Kam Long Curry Fish Head
  • Ong Shun Seafood Restaurant
  • Restaurant Teck Sing

Vegetarian and Vegan

Are you looking for vegan and vegetarian dishes? The city of Johor Bahru is one that offers a variety of vegetarian dishes. Being a city with the food fusion of various cultures, the best restaurants to visit in Johor Bahru are:

  • Chakra Restaurant
  • Saraj Indian Multicuisine Seri Alam
  • The Kittengi - Authentic Indian Restaurant
  • Fulin Xuan Vegetarian Food Restaurant
  • I Vege Restaurant
  • Merryland Vegetarian Restaurant
  • JB Vegetarian Stall
  • Image Cooker
  • 快乐斋素食馆 Kuai Le Zhai
  • Yisinyuan Vegetarian Restaurant 怡沁園素食館
  • 葉子 • 自然食 Daun Kitchen
  • Happiness vegetarian restaurant

Street Food

With the blend of various cultures, the street food in Johor Bahru is one that will leave you amazed. With the uncanny taste of spices and the aroma, the mouthwatering dishes will leave you wondering.

With the classy presentation and unique preparation, the best places to try local delicacies in Johor Bahru are:

  • Try the healthy food of paratha at Bukit Changar Roti Canai
  • Visit Todak Seafood Restoran for the uncanny seafood
  • Kill your late-night cravings at Fa Ge Lok Lok

The best local delicacies to try in Johor Bahru are:

  • Laksa Johor: A unique version of Johor inspired laksa, or noodle soup dish in Malay, as this dish uses spaghetti instead of rice noodles. The broth is made using coconut milk, curry powder, a variety of spices and is fish-based.
  • Pepes: A non-vegetarian dish made of fish, seafood or chicken and cooked in the banana leaves, this dish is a delicious snack.
  • Kacang Pool: A special preparation of mashed beans cooked with meat and spices and served along with egg and toast, this is the perfect snack to try.
  • Nasi Briyani Gam: A preparation of rice with meat made is the special sauce, this is the pristine dish of Malaysia.
  • Nasi Kukus Ayam Rempah: A combination of steamed white rice, chicken fried with spices, and served with curry, vegetables, and sambal belacan, this is a lip-smacking delicacy.


Johor Bahru is one of the best cities to explore. With the awe-inspiring attractions to explore lip-smacking delicacies to try, the city is one that offers various drinks as well. Ranging from non-alcoholic to an alcoholic beverage, juices to coffees, the city has some of the most promising places to visit.

In addition to the city's finest restaurants, it offers numerous places to provide the best drinks to quench your thirst.


Water is the basic drink that is required by all. While one explores a new city, it is essential to have a supply of water that is apt for drinking and consumption. The water treatment plants in Johor Bahru are owned by the government as well as private institutions.

According to a recent report, the tap water availability and accessibility are very high for Johor Bahru, making the tap water fine to consume. Drinking-Water Quality and Accessibility is very high at 60.71, making the water of Johor Bahru perfectly fine to be consumed. Also, the overall water quality is moderate at 43.75, as per Numbeo, which makes the consumption of tap water comfortable for consumption.

Although tap water is perfect for consumption, still it is advisable to consume bottled water. Prefer to drink tap water only after boiling as it will reduce the chances of falling ill. Also, while you plan to buy mineral or packaged water prefer to get reusable bottles or if you have plastic bottles, ensure to dispose of it properly.

Organic Cafés

The city of Johor Bahru is one with some of the finest cafes to take a sip of coffee and have evening snacks. The concept of the organic cafe is linked to the idea of preparing the delicacies from organically prepared and grown ingredients. While the concept is comparatively new, some of the cafes that offer you organic drinks like coffee or tea with snacks are:

  • Vege Coffee
  • Bio Organic
  • BMS Organics @ AEON Bukit Indah
  • Loving Hut Cafe (JB Outlet)
  • Dose The Organic Bar
  • Eletime 原蔬食刻 - Sutera JB
  • Total Ocean
  • Bev C'afe
  • The Brew Orchestra


Searching for some good breweries to take a sip of the beer or wine? If so, then Johor Bahru has some of the finest breweries that will offer the classic taste. the best ones to visit are:

  • Pernod Ricard Malaysia - Johor Bahru Branch
  • The Bierhaus Molek
  • La Primeur Austin
  • The Metallic Kitchen & Bar (Tebrau City, JB)
  • Whisky House Johor Bahru
  • The Beer Machine


A city with some of the finest parks, museums, landmarks, and religious and cultural locations, Johor Bahru, is a picturesque location. While there is a lot to do and explore, the city is perfect if you are looking to explore some fun rides at amusement parks.

So, once you are done with exploring the beaches and tasting its delicacies, you can indeed get involved in the adrenaline rush activities like the ones listed down for you:

  • Experience the street of Jalan Tan Hiok Nee
  • Explore the Rawa Islands
  • Have fun at Legoland Malaysia, Angry Birds Activity Park, or Hello Kitty Town
  • Enjoy at AOV Paintball at OLA Park
  • Go for the Kart Rides at Plentong Go-Kart Circuit
  • Indulge in activities at Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park

So, if you are looking forward to having a fun day, they prefer to join some group or the locals to enjoy it to the fullest. A fun day with the group will make you relaxed and calm and will allow you to feel lighthearted.

Yoga and Retreats

One of the oldest forms of relaxing the body by way of meditating and deep breathing, Yoga originated from Indus Valley. With the main aim to soothe the body, mind, and soul, the practice of Yoga is one uncanny way to relax and rejuvenate.

The best yoga and retreat centers in Johor Bahru are:

  • Persatuan Shree Shirdi Sai Bhagawan johor
  • Yemaya Life - Adda Height Studio
  • Just Yoga Bukit Indah
  • Johor Bahru Meditation 修心 Meditasi
  • Brahma Kumaris Johor Bahru
  • Himalayan Centre For Yoga Meditation

Take out some time for the self and dive into the beautiful Yoga session that will offer you the calmness of mind and soul at the most.


Booking a comfortable and cozy stay is the uncanny part of any travel experience. While you explore the city of Johor Bahru, the need to book a hotel to stay in and have a relaxing time is an important decision.

Ranging from hotels, hostels, guesthouses, to apartments, there are various types of inns that one can book. While families or couples more prefer hotels, hostels are preferred by solo travelers. The apartments and guesthouses are more preferred when you are looking for an extended stay.

Aspects like free Internet, Gym, and Security Lockersand other related facilities that are budget-friendly are more preferred while booking.

Green Hotels

Eco-hotels is focused on eco-accommodating that concentrates on offering the best enhancements and adjusting to the 3R's, which are reuse, recycle, and reduce, while being comfortable and efficient.

The hotels that offer the eco-friendly stay with all the amenities and friendly staff in the Johor Bahru are:

  • Midori Concept Hotel
  • Golden Leaf Boutique Hotel
  • I Leaf Boutique Hotel
  • Thistle Johor Bahru
  • Hotel Sentral Johor Bahru

Hostels and Guest Houses

Being a solo traveler or one looking for a more extended period of stay, booking a guesthouse or hostel is an option that will be budget-friendly and comfortable. The best ones to book in Johor Bahru are:

  • Double K Hostel Johor Bahru
  • LSE @ Attrus Bed & Breakfast
  • Hashtag.Capsule.Hostel
  • Roof Talk Theme Hostel
  • Memory Guesthouse JB
  • Guesthouse Johor


Love to cook your meal? Booking an apartment is the best option. The apartments with all the necessary amenities like kitchen, Wi-fi, parking, wash area, sitting area, and a friendly environment that are available in Johor Bahru to book are:

  • Apartment Hotel Paragon Serviced Suites
  • Baguss Hotel and Serviced Apartment
  • Homestay In Johor Bahru (Palazio Apartment)
  • Zennith Suites Service Apartments


Couchsurfing is a relatively new concept that is gaining popularity these days. The basic idea is to share the living space with the host that will offer more fantastic opportunities to know about the culture and tradition.

While one plan to book the facility of Couchsurfing mainly online, it is essential to know about the host first and to make a valid contract or underlying agreement in respect of the terms and conditions. Since the host and guest are going to use the standard facilities, it is essential to clear the terms first for a surreal stay.

Make sure to follow the customs and traditions to enjoy your stay to the fullest. Undoubtedly, Couchsurfing is the best way to know about the culture and tradition of the people of Johor Bahru.


Living in the middle of nature and praising its beauty away from the hectic city life, camping is the best. The most beautiful campgrounds where you can book your stay for the best experience in Johor Bahru are:

  • Kem Outward Bound, UTM
  • Tapak Perkhemahan Hutan Bandar

How to Get There

The most tiring part of exploring any new place is to reach there. There are numerous ways to reach the city of Johor Bahru like air, train, and bus, but the more comfortable one and budget-friendly is one to be adopted.

Before booking any mode, it is essential to check the connectivity, budget, time-taken, and also the comfort to make sure the travel becomes a surreal fun experience.


Senai International Airport is the nearest international airport which is 35 km from the center of Johor Bahru and is well connected with numerous domestic and international flights. Other airports that can be opted for include Hang Nadim International Airport and Singapore Changi Airport.

Senai International Airport


The city of Johor Bahru is well connected with the buses operating from various places like Singapore, Jurong, Kranji, and others. While using the bus is the cheapest, but the same is also a time-consuming option. Make sure to carry neck support and some book or music pod to spend time while you travel.

Bus in Johor Bahru


If you are looking to travel by train, then there are a few trains operating. JB Sentral is the central station; major trains connect places like Singapore to it. Make sure to check the timings while booking your itinerary.


Hitchhiking is basically asking for a lift from the traveler on your way. While the concept is a bit less, but with the friendly and warm people, you can easily get hitchhiked. But at the same time make sure to be aware of your surroundings while you opt for hitchhiking.

Make sure to let your host know about the monetary offering you are going to make in order to avoid any kind of issue later on. Just with a wave of a hand, one can easily ask the passerby to offer a lift.


Apart from the options mentioned, the other ways to reach Johor Bahru include the booking of a private taxi or cab. One can even book the travel via the tourist bus as well. But make sure to have the necessary documents while you drive across the city.

Moving Around

Once you have reached the city of Johor Bahru and have settled at your inn, the next important thing is to check for the ways of going around the city. The most crucial concern while selecting a mode is to make sure that it is budget-friendly as well as eco-friendly.

The basic idea of ecotourism is linked to reducing carbon footprints and ensuring no harm is made to the environment while one explores the attractions of the city. The idea is to avoid pollution and maintain the aesthetics of the city.

Johor Bahru is one of the finest examples when it comes to the options of traveling. With the fantastic lanes and locations, the city offers the best view while exploring and traveling the city. Also, since the city is more focused on reducing the carbon footprints, it is essential to adopt eco-friendly modes of exploring.

So, it is crucial to reduce the carbon footprints and explore the island in a way that least to no effect is placed on the city.


The manufacturing hub, Johor Bahru, is one with busy streets. Johor Bahru is one with the perfect lanes and streets that make it one of the finest places to explore by foot.


If you love cycling, then the city is one with numerous bicycle rental outlets. Booking a bike on rent and exploring the city is one of the finest experiences to have.

Electronic Vehicles

The concept of electric vehicles is comparatively new for various cities. Still, when we look for Johor Bahru, one can find numerous charging stations and taxis that work on the same concept. Also, you can find the taxis running on CNG as well. While booking one, make sure to book the eco-friendly one.

If you are looking for self-drive options, then the same are also available but make sure to know about the driving rules and the locations where you can opt for self-drive.

Public Bus

Public transport is less expensive as well as comfortable in Johor Bahru. At the same time, significant locations and malls are well-connected by the bus route. The best way to explore the city is to opt for public transport as this will be budget-friendly and will also offer an opportunity to meet and greet the locals on the way.

Tram, Train and Subway

The concept of trams, trains, and subways is not available for the tourists in Johor Bahru.

Sustainable Shopping

Buying souvenirs or gifts from local artisans or craftsmen is the best way to boost the local economy. The idea of sustainable shopping is linked to buying eco-friendly material as well as is based on the concept of uplifting the local economy.

Johor Bahru being the manufacturing hub is one of the pristine locations that will offer some of the most acceptable options to buy locally produced gifts and souvenirs for friends and family. Also, while you plan to buy one, refrain from bargaining as the craft takes patience and diligence to turn a piece into art.

Food Markets

If you are planning to stay for an extended period and are planning to cook your meal, then knowledge of the local food market is essential. It will ensure that the ingredients you get are of better quality at an affordable price. The local market will also offer you fresh ingredients that will enhance the taste of the meal you prepare.

The best food market of Johor Bahru to visit and experience the local aromas are:

  • KSL Pasar Malam
  • Taman Pelangi Morning Market
  • JB Sentral Meldrum Night Market
  • Johor Jaya Pasar Malam
  • Bukit Indah Pasar Malam
  • Impian Emas Pasar Malam
  • Ungku Tun Aminah Pasar Malam
  • Puteri Wangsa Pasar Malam

Flea Markets

If you are looking for some local gift items or artifacts, then going to the flea market is the best option. The goods available in these markets are economical as well as locally produced. The best flea markets in Johor Bahru are:

  • Bazaar Karat (Rusty Market)
  • Johor Bahru night market
  • Pasar Malam Taman Munsyi Ibrahim
  • JB Sentral Meldrum Night Market

Second Hand Stores

The second-hand stores are the ones that sell used items at a reasonable price. The idea is to offer the good of sustainable quality at a budget-friendly price and also to reduce waste generation by adopting the concept of reusing and recycling. The thrift shops or second-hand stores in Johor Bahru are:

  • Big Bundle
  • Rossie Inc.
  • Rebirth Inc.
  • King Outlet Official


Eco-fashion is the idea to create dresses and jewellery with eco-friendly inputs like natural fibres, dyes, and recycled clothes to reduce the eco-waste. Converting the worn-out products to high-end fashion accessories, including bags or shoes, the concept of eco-fashion is most refined.

While the concept in new for various places, there are quite a good number of eco-fashion stores available in Johor Bahru like:

  • Collective Concept Store


The basic idea behind recycling is to reduce waste. It is linked to reusing various materials like plastic, books, clothes, and other reusable products and transforming them into items that can be used again.

While the city of Johor Bahru is a manufacturing hub, the government has established separate waste management plans. Various recycling units like Dynasty Recycling Disposal Services, Kent Soon Recycle Centre Sdn Bhd, and similar other companies work on recycling the waste and reducing the carbon trail.

Make sure to use the garbage disposal guidelines to assist the locals in reducing the carbon trails by helping in recycling.


Johor Bahru being one of the prime tourist destinations, is one with a high amount of waste generation. With the separate waste management plan, the local authorities of the city have tried at best and have also ensured to come with a detailed plan to fulfill the same.

The current score of Garbage Disposal Satisfaction is 44.32 and the Clean and Tidy is 45.45, which is moderate. Being a responsible traveler make sure to dispose of your waste in the bins. Also, while you explore the city, make the fellow travelers aware of waste management and make mindful of reducing the waste and polluting the trails.

Deduce waste generation in order to reduce pollution and carbon trail while you explore the aesthetically beautiful city of Johor Bahru.

Work and Study Abroad

Johor Bahru is an astounding place with a prime economy based on manufacturing. While the city is one of the pristine locations when it comes to working and education, the opportunities that the places offer are undoubtedly superior.

Various institutions offer the facility to foreign students to learn and attain skills.

Exchange Student

Johor Bahru is one of the finest places to visit and explore. Additionally, this place is one with some of the prime universities that offer opportunities for students to explore and learn. Some of them are:

  • Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • Nursing College Hospital Sultanah Aminah

Au Pair

Johor Bahru is undoubtedly a beautiful city. While you are in the city for acquiring new skills, or just for exploring, Au Pair is one of the best options to explore. The idea to share the living space with a local. It can or can not be against offering small services like taking care of kids. Being an Au Pair, you might get a chance to earn some bucks, but the case may not be the same always.

Although, Au pair is one of the finest options to know about the culture and traditions of a place still it is better to know about the underlying terms and conditions before confirming to one. Make sure to blend with the customs to have a surreal stay experience.


Volunteering is the opportunity to give back to society. It includes using the skills and knowledge possessed to offer services to the local society. The services can include teaching, helping the poor, serving the old, or even taking care of the environment. Before opting to work as a volunteer make sure to know about the process of registering and the guidelines to serve.

Some of the volunteering organizations working in Johor Bahru are:

  • Persatuan Keselamatan Sukarela Johor Bahru
  • Buddhist Tzu Chi Taman Molek Centre
  • Volunteer Department of Malaysia

Leave a positive trail with a lot of positive and happy experiences as you explore Johor Bahru by offering your uncanny volunteering services to the local community.

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