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Eco-friendly travel guide to Kusadasi advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Kusadasi, Turkey.

In the center of Kuşadası looking towards Kese Dağı (rainbow-colored gecekondular are also visible)

  • Air quality: 2.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 2.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 3.0/ 5
  • Public transportation: 3.5 / 5
  • Parks: 3.0 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2.5 / 5
  • Safety: 3.0 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$10 - $15
  • Budget per day: US $15 - $30

Responsible Travel

Turkey is one of the countries that has occupied culturally and geographically positions on the West and East, bordered by troubled nations whose refugees can be seen worldwide. The rise in tourism can be seen in Turkey every year, and it has become one of the essential parts of the economy. It has a strong secular tradition, and with the recent crackdown on free speech, it is just one way the Turkish government can impose its control over the people. The Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism is currently promoting Turkish tourism under the name 'Turkey Home.' The country is also one of the world's top destinations, with many foreign visitors who arrive from Russia and Germany. In 2018, Turkey was ranked 6th globally in terms of international tourist arrivals, with 45.8 million foreign tourists visiting the country.

Some ways you can ensure that your travel is responsible for Kusadasi include:

  • Using public transports as much as possible to get around the city.
  • Using the tour operators who have policies that support conservation.
  • Spending money in the permanent local restaurants and shops and the local markets can help the local people

Air Quality and Pollution

Air pollution in Turkey's country is one of the most lethal as per the nation's environmental issues. The country has crossed levels if we speak in terms of WHO guidelines. It is estimated that about 30,000 people die every year due to the illness related to air pollution, and the figure also states that it accounts for around eight percent of the country's deaths. One of the significant reasons for pollution in the country is road transportation. Trucks and cars that consume diesel are likely to discharge heavy chemicals like carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and other substances that pollute the air. Another prominent reason for the polluted air apart from the traffic is also cooking. There are many places where coal consumption is still being as people with low-income use low-quality coal.

The other reason is the use of extraction work and industrialization. The smoke produced by heavy machinery and the dust generated in the construction also contributes to the pollution. Apart from air pollution, noise pollution has also contributed to the adverse effects in the city of Kusadasi. The massive demand for petrol and diesel oriented vehicles as the medium of public transport has caused a lot of noise pollution. Noise pollution causes headaches, dizziness, migraine, sleep, and many other health issues.

Respect the Culture

Turkey is one of the countries which is a blend of western and eastern culture. The people in Kusadasi are friendly, but there are things you must take care about:

  • Avoid buying jewellery or souvenirs with seashells or corals.
  • Show empathy to fasting Muslims during Ramzan or Ramdan and avoid eating, drinking, or smoking outdoors in public between sunrise and sunset. When you visit Kusadasi or Turkey in general, then eat indoors in a restaurant.
  • If you are a woman and visiting a mosque, you must cover your head even though it is not strictly enforced. Also, take care of your clothing as it is considered disrespectful for women to expose too much flesh.
  • Haggling is expected in the local markets but only haggle if you want to buy the thing.
  • As an environment-friendly traveller, say no to plastic and yes to recycling. Even though Turkey has a long way to go on recycling, you must contribute your part to the environment.

Top 10 Places to Visit

Turkey is one of the famous places for cruise ship ports on the western Aegean coast. The best place to visit in Kusadasi can give a run for money to any other so-called tourist place in Turkey. The places will help you to explore the history and culture of Kusadasi much effectively while it will also give you a great experience. Always make sure that you visit the following spots when you visit Kusadasi:

  • Dilek Peninsula: It is a national park that has breathtaking coastal views and beautiful scenic mountains. The place has beaches for sunbathing and swimming, making it great for a one day trip from Kusadasi. The Cave of Zeus is a fantastic reserve with a famous spot and spectacular views amongst the tourists. The national park also gives a great trekking experience.
  • Pigeon Island: The island is 350 meters away from Kusadasi harbor and leads out to the fascinating Pigeon Island consisting of the 13th Century Byzantine fortress's remnants. It is a famous spot as the tourists spend most of their time just taking a walk along the seaside or relaxing in the café. The sunsets are breathtaking, and if you visit the place, you'll feel it the most romantic place in Kusadasi.
  • Ephesus: Ephesus is known to be one of the most beautiful ancient cities, and it is situated on the coast of Ionia in Turkey. It was built in the 10th century BC by Attic and Ionian, who were Greek colonists. The place is home to some fascinating monuments like the Temple of Artemis, Library of Celsus, etc. An earthquake in 614 AD partially destroyed it, but it is fascinating that Ephesus has still managed to attract tourists worldwide even with its ruins.
  • Ladies Beach: The place is situated two kilometers from the city of Kusadasi and is one of the most visited beaches in Kusadasi. It has water sports and numerous cafes, and there is no way you will not enjoy the lively and cheerful beach. You will also find umbrellas and sun loungers here, and you can rent them to unwind and relax. Off-season or weekday outings at this beach can be quiet and calming.
  • Kusadasi Bazaar: Gleaming through the lit-up streets of Kusadasi Bazaar in the night is something you'd not want to miss out on. The bazaar has a variety of things available at reasonable prices, and it is sure to lift the mood of every shopaholic. It is excellent heaven for the people who love shopping as the place offers people a range of things that include carpets and clothes to ceramics and ornaments. It is one of the best places to visit in the city of Kusadasi at night.
  • Aqua Fantasy Waterpark: It is situated in Selcuk, and the water park is fantastic and popular amongst both adults and kids. It offers you a variety of fun rides, which are both safe yet thrilling. The rides and flumes are along the poolside bars from where the parents can keep an eye on their kids while also relaxing. You can also find a hotel and spas to unwind and relax.
  • The Isabey Mosque: There are various places to visit in Kusadasi and many places to visit, but something that stands apart from the rest of the things is the Isabey Mosque. One of the most impressive architectural works is that the mosque was built way back in the 14th century. It is also a combination of Islamic style as well as Anatolian style architecture.
  • Camlik Museum: The museum is one of the most intriguing yet most unusual places to visit in Kusadasi. It is the largest railway museum in Turkey, with a lot of exciting models on display. If you visit this museum, it can be fascinating and informative for your kids and you. It was established in 1997 and is situated in the Izmir province of Turkey.
  • Basilica of St. John: If you visit the Kusadasi, then visiting the ruins is common. It was constructed over John the Apostle's burial site, and the Basilica can teach you a lot about Greek history. The white pillars stand tall against the backdrop of exquisite scenic beauty, which attracts many tourists each year. It is also one of the best places to visit in Kusadasi in October and even during the festive season.
  • Sean' Karaoke Bar: You can enjoy the night full of fun in an ideal way to hang out with your friends and even your partner. After the enjoyable yet tiring day of sightseeing, a fun-filled night is something you'll need. You can enjoy yourself to the fullest by dancing, singing and drinking with your friends. The bar is also one of the best places to visit in Kusadasi for young couples.
Aerial view of Dilek Peninsula-Büyük Menderes Delta National Park


The lively town of Kusadasi in Turkey is on the west coast, which is dominated by package tourists from around Europe and offers plenty of things to do. There are many places you can explore in the city. Exploring the Kusadasi city will help you learn more things and gain knowledge about many things. If you visit a new place, it always gives you positive energy and brings peace to your restless mind. There are many things you can enjoy in the city.

City Parks

While you are on your visit to Kusadasi city, you can also find a few of the city parks here where you can enjoy your day time or get a nice walk. Here are some of the parks in Kusadasi that you can visit in your leisure time:

  • Kusadasi Park
  • November Yaman Park Kuşadası Municipality
  • Gazibegendi Turkish Women's Union Park
  • F.Özel Parkı Kuşadası
  • Kardeş Şehir Parkı
  • Yılancı Burnu
  • Hüseyin Eskin Parkı
Kusadasi Park

National Parks

Kusadasi has one of the national parks called Dilek Peninsula National Park, and it is locally called Milli park. The park is situated about 23km south of Kusadasi in a town named Guelcamli. The area of the park is about 28.000 hectares and is 8km from Davutlar. It starts at Guzelcamli and lays on the Dilek Peninsula with a width of 6km and 20km. The national park is beautiful, with beaches where the tourists can relax or even hike around the mountain trails. It has a clean environment with breathtaking views. The park is a perfect place to enjoy a picnic. There are many facilities which offer picnic tables, benches, shower facilities, and toilets. The park has many beaches to choose so if you want to enjoy your favorite book while enjoying the beach view you can do that. You can also enjoy the canon walk. Kusadasi ParkA long trek around the national park's beautiful mountains makes it perfect if you want to get out of the busy area and want to be with nature. You can also find many stunning types of flowers, wild animals, and species of birds aroundKusadasi Park. The most common thing is the wild pig, which you will get to see a lot in the national park. If you want to reach the national park from Kusadasi, then a dolmus leaves every half an hour, and it will take you to the national park. But apart from this, there are also boat trip options available. Kusadasi ParkThe boat trips in Kusadasi usually sail towards Izmir and stops off at the bays around OzdereKusadasi Park. The boat trips from Guzelcamli go in the complete opposite direction and head into the National Park's crystal clear waters, which is close to Samos.

The beautiful Dilek Peninsula National Park


There are many beaches in Kusadasi, and you can enjoy crystal clear waters and perfect weather on every beach. You can enjoy water sports like jet ski, pedalos, banana boats, and parasailing at the beaches. Here are some of the beaches you can find in Kusadasi:

  • Downtown beach: The downtown beach is situated between the Marina and Harbour, and it is popular because of its proximity to the town and a large number of hotels. With some magnificent views over Pigeon Island and the spectacular cruise ships docked in the port, it makes it an ideal place to sunbathe and watch the world go by. There are also beach umbrellas, sunbeds, and small cafes on the beach, and over the road, there is also a variety of shops and cafes along the boulevard.
  • Ladies beach: The ladies beach is known as Kadinlar Denizi in Turkish and is one of the busiest and most popular beaches in the city. The name is derived from the time the beach was segregated only for the female bathers. Now, ladies beach is open to all and with a palm tree lived promenade full of shops, cafes, bars, hotels, and restaurants. The beach is also famous in the area and has an excellent position close to the Kusadasi because of its clean and shallow waters.
  • Long Beach: The long beach has been divided into sections with the opening of more cafeterias around the area. The place is 6km south of Kusadasi and can be reached by minibusses every 15 minutes.
  • Diamond Beach/Gold Beach : The diamond beach is also called a gold beach, and this part is in front of the old holiday resort in Aydin Tur Sitesi and Nazilli Sitesi. The beach is called Siteler, which means sites where most holiday houses can be enjoyed. Nazilli Bazaar is also a great place to shop.
  • Paradise Beach: A beach is an excellent place with small bars, cafes, restaurants scattered all along. There is also a small fish market which is open in the summer season and a pastry shop. You can reach paradise beach very easily.
  • Love beach: Love beach is the last beach before Guzelcamli, and you can find a shop by the beach with a small cafeteria and serves Turkish breakfasts. You can also find a small marina with fishing and speed boats and next to it is the café which is open all year round offering drinks and snacks.
  • Silver sand beach: The silver sand beach is located in the SSK area. It is the name of an old holiday complex of the people who work in Turkey's social security. The beach is located on the front with a lovely cafeteria and offers drinks and snacks during lunch, dinner, and evenings.
  • Kustur Beach: It is 3km away from the town center, but there is also dolmus available. It is one of the cleanest and famous beaches in Kusadasi, and the best part is that it is not very crowded. Toilets, umbrellas, sunbeds, cafes are available on the beach, and it is primarily sandy, but some places are pebbly as well.
The beautiful view of Love Beach


  • The Temple of Artemis: The Temple of Artemis or Artemision is also known as the Temple of Diana, a Greek temple dedicated to a local, ancient form of the goddess Artemis. It is located in the Ephesus and was rebuilt twice. By the end of 401 AD, it was destroyed, and most of the parts were ruined. The only thing that remains is the fragments and foundations of the last temple remain at the site. The earliest versions of the temple antedated the ionic immigration by more years and dates to the Bronze Age.
  • Lausanne Myd: Lozan Square is the traffic roundabout and city square in İzmir, Turkey. The square is one of the three squares on the west side of the park named Kültürpark. The Lozan Gate was one of the five gates to the city park, which you could find at Lozan Square.
  • The city walls: The city walls had once three gates, but now only one remains today.
  • Kirazli: It is one of the famous Turkish villages which is 12 km from Kuşadası.
  • Yılancı Burnu: It is a second peninsula beyond Güvercin Ada, and is probably the location of the original settlement of Neopolis. You can find some walls visible here and also some beaches and beach clubs.
  • Öküz Mehmed Pasha Caravanserai: The place was built in 1618 as the strongest room for seamen goods. It is located in Kusadasi in Province, western Turkey, built by Ottoman statesman and military commander "Öküz" Mehmed Pasha. It is being renovated and used as a hotel today.
  • Panionium: It is situated along the Davutlar- Güzelçamlı road. It is located 25km south of Kusadasi and is one of the central meeting places of the Ionian League. The ruins are still in poor condition.
The Temple of Artemis


There are museums in Kusadasi which give the very essence of its rich culture and citizens. If you are looking for something meaningful ad deep, you can head to the museums in the city. You can explore the artistic, cultural, historical, or scientific side of Kusadasi with these museums. We have also designed various free and best museums in the city apart from the historical or usual art ones. You can engage and explore yourself with science wonders at the museum of science in the city.

  • Camlik Museum of Steam Locomotives: The museum is the largest railway museum in Turkey and has one of the largest steam locomotive collections in Europe. It is located just a few minutes away from Ephesus, and the museum retains the small three tracks engine shed, which is housed with the banking engines in the era of steam. If you visit the museum, then it is like time travel of another thing.
  • Archaeological Museum of Ephesus: The lovers of history, architecture, and art will surely find this place as a haven in the Museum of Ephesus, which also showcases around 50,000 exhibits in chronological order from Roman, Miken, Turk, Byzantine, Archaic periods, and is further split into Ethnographic and Archaeological sections.


Baklava is a staple confectionery delight in Turkey

Here are some of the famous dishes of Turkey you can try when you visit Kusadasi:

  • Pide: It is a Turkish pizza which is originated in Turkey. It is one of the ideal dishes for both non-vegetarians and vegetarians. It has a base of the pastry, which is topped with limitless toppings, and the toppings are usually meat and vegetables.
  • Doner Kebab: Doner kebab is one dish that consists of meat and gives a unique taste after grilling over the fire. Cooking over the fire also helps in preserving the essential nutrients. It is very nutritious as the seasoning has many spices and all sorts of herbs.
  • Kofte: Kofte is the meatballs which are originated in Turkey. The Turkish kofte come in many sizes, shapes and you can eat them with rice and salad. In the street stalls, you can find both versions. There are much more variants available in Turkey, and it depends on the different regions.
  • Baklava: Baklava is one of the famous pastries with nuts filling. It became popular in the Ottoman Empire and is one of the best Turkish dishes. Baklava is available almost everywhere in Turkey, and it tastes best when it comes fresh out of the oven.
  • Meze: The dish consists of sliced melon, white cheese, hot pepper paste with walnuts, and eggplant salad. It comes along with either thick strained yogurt with cucumber salad or yogurt with herbs. Meze also has many drinks and bread options, and you can choose the type of bread, yogurt, and drink as per your preferences.

Traditional Local Restaurants

The traditional food in Turkey is almost more exciting for new residents and visitors. There are regional variations of food culture. There is various traditional food available in Kusadasi, which you can enjoy and have mentioned them above. Now here are some of the local restaurants where you can find these dishes:

  • Mutfak Restaurant: The restaurant is situated at the top end of the main pedestrian street, and this has the traditional Turkish kitchen, which is a great choice to enjoy the local cuisine. It is easy to find as it is located between the decommissioned small inner-city army base and the mosque.
  • Oz Urfa: The traditional restaurant is situated at the Old Town's heart and offers traditional Turkish food in a beautiful courtyard. The place is open all day, starting with a Turkish breakfast, and can carry on with a menu that offers plenty of Turkish dishes alongside a range of European favorites. Popular options also include kebabs, pizza, seafood before finishing off with Turkish and baklava coffee.
  • Erzincan Restaurant: It is one of the famous and authentic woods over the restaurant with traditional courtyard garden settings and music, which sets the scene at this Turkish restaurant. It is a friendly restaurant where the guests are welcomed with good food and a warm atmosphere. The house specials include beef and mixed seafood cooked in a clay jar, which is later broken at the table in front of you for the authentic food reveal.

Vegetarian and Vegan

You can find vegetarian and vegan options very easily around the city. Here are some of the vegetarian and vegan restaurants you can find in Kusadasi:

  • Komagene: Cig kofte is a vegan dish made of nuts, bulgur, spices, and tomato paste. You can get your order on a plate, which can be topped with various pickles and greens. The patlican dolmasi (aubergine), biber dolmasi (pepper), yaprak sarma (stuffed vine leaves), and saksuka (grilled veggies), red sauces, and pomegranate are vegan.
  • Zümrüt Pide Salonu: The place serves vegan and some meat options and specializes in Turkish pide.
  • The Hand Coffee: The place is a coffee shop that offers vegan snacks and plant milk for coffee.

Street Food

  • Wet Burgers: You can forget the type of burgers you've seen in the past since you are about to meet a Turkish-style wet burger, which is delicious.
  • Baked potato: It is the most famous street food in Istanbul and is also known as 'kumpir.' A huge potato is cut in half and filled with cheese and butter for the base.
  • Kanlica Yogurt: It is a widely consumed food around Turkey, and yogurt is one of the main ingredients in nearly all the dishes in Turkish cuisine.
  • Fish sandwiches: A fish sandwich is popular and must-visit Istanbul's historical peninsula, which includes Eminonu.
  • Boiled and grilled corn: Many street sellers sell grilled and boiled corn. The fried corns are very popular to eat while taking a stroll on the streets and boiled corn. You can add toppings as per your preferences and add a topping like red pepper or ketchup.
  • Roasted chestnuts: The chestnuts are the signal of cold days in winter. There are dozens of street sellers which roast chestnut and sell them by putting in a paper bag. The smell of roasted chestnuts will make you want to eat more and more.
  • Simit: The good is a staple item that is readily accessible to the public from town bakeries. The dish is a good starter for any day.
  • Lahmacun: It is one of the most popular fast foods in Turkey. It is made with thin and crispy dough and a delicious combination of lamb, meat, beef, fresh chopped garlic, parsley, onion, peppers, and tomatoes.
  • Gozleme: It is made of hand-rolled dough, which is lightly brushed with butter and eggs and is filled with various toppings like a chopped lamb, minced beef, smoked seafood, fresh vegetables, which serve as delicious fillings.
  • Kokorec: It is a midnight meal and can be found at any corner of the street. The dish is made of intestine lambs and cooked with a variety of flavors and spices.


You can enjoy the following drinks while your stay at Kusadasi:

  • Advocaat
  • Boza
  • Şalgam Sayu
  • Witbier


Tap water in Turkey is usually safer to consume. The locals prefer to drink bottled water over the tap water due to the hardness and taste of the tap water. The tap water in Turkey is pretreated and is made safer for consumption.

Organic Cafés

Organic cafes with privately developed food are getting progressive and well-known in Kusadasi. You can also discover various dishes, and here are some popular organic cafes:

  • Kiwi Restaurant
  • Palm Beach Cafe Restaurant-bar
  • Chef Âlâ Cafe & Restaurant Kuşadas
  • Erzincan Restaurant Kuşadası
  • Sokak Bistro Cafe


Here are some of the breweries you can find around on your travel to Kusadasi:

  • Court Coffee Company
  • Molly Malone's Kuşadası Irish pub
  • Beer House


There are many activities that are available in Kusadasi. The city offers many activities like visiting museums, artistic monuments, beaches, and various other sports activities. There are also two-tank activities in sports which include water and ground activities. Here are the few activities you can enjoy while on your visit to Kusadasi:

  • Visting a Hamam for a traditional Turkish bath
  • Climbing up the Atatürk Hill to admire the stunning views over Kusadasi
  • Spending a day in the old Greek village of Sirince
  • Sitting at the port and watching the cruise ships come and go
  • Going white water rafting at Adaland
  • Choose the best jeep safari and explore the surrounding areas of Kusadasi
  • You can try a tandem skydive at Selçuk and enjoy the wonders of Ephesus from the air

Yoga and Retreats

When we speak about retreats and yoga, then Kusadasi is not left behind it. There are many spas, and yoga retreats are available in Kusadasi.


Kusadasi provides a wide range of accommodation options. The city also boasts a lot of hotels with a wide range of options to choose from. The hotels also cater to the different tariffs and customers that suit the tourist's needs.

Green Hotels

The tourists often fail to realize their role in protecting the environment despite their place of origin. If you believe in eco-friendly travel, then you can search for some green hotels in Kusadasi. Here are a few of the best green hotels in the city:

  • Paloma Marina Suites
  • Flora Garden Ephesus Hotel Kuşadası

Hostels and Guest Houses

There are many guesthouses and hostels you can find in Kusadasi. One of the guesthouses named Sezgin's Guesthouse is one of the famous ones you can find in the city. It is located central to the city and is about 120 meters to the heart of the shops & bazaars, town, harbor, and seaside.


If you are thinking of long term living in the city, you can also go for the apartments and book from Airbnb or many other websites.


There are more than 1000 guests who are offering Couchsurfing in Kusadasi. There are a lot more male CouchSurfing hosts in Turkey than women. It can be attributed to Hollywood, pop culture and other factors.


Kusadasi is one of the best places to enjoy outdoor activities, and it is not limited to the city but also common around Turkey. Here are some of the prominent camping locations:

  • Onder Camp
  • Yat Camping Motel
  • Mürsel Kamping
  • Gençlik ve Spor Bakanlığı Davutlar Gençlik Kampı
  • Lazoğlu Kamp Ve Tatil Köyü
  • Duman Kamping

How to Get There

There are three ways to get around within the city. The first and most common way is by dolmus, which is called minibus service. It is also available between 7.30 am to 12.00 am during the high season from May to October. The other way to get around the city is by taxi. Even though the taxi is not a feasible way to travel, you'd instead go to the office or call one of the taxi companies apart from waiting on the street. The third way to get around the city is by foot.


You can find two international airports near Kusadasi. One is Bodrum Airport which is 120 km away, and the other is Izmir International Airport, which is 66 km away from Kusadasi.

The Izmir international Airport is one of the closest airports to Kusadasi


The transportation in Kusadasi is easier than you think. The transportation is usually done with minibuses called dolmus and people prefer to travel by bus. The Kuşadası Local Minibus Motorized Transportation Cooperative was founded in 1987. The dolmus line that you use when in Kuşadası is good thirty years old.

Bus Terminal in Kusadasi


The nearest railway station is in the nearby town called Selcuk which is 18 km northeast of Kusadasi with good connections to Izmir Airport, Denizli, Soke. There are also dolmuses between the Selcuk and Kusadasi every half hour.


Hitch-hiking is very common in Turkey, and it is one of the most hitchhiking friendly countries. The first vehicle which passes you is likely to stop for you and people also invite foreigners for tea, food, and most homestays. You need to know the basic words of the Turkish language, and it will be an asset if you know German.


Water transport is one of the major components of the Turkish economy.

Moving Around

You can move around the large city is Kusadasi, and it can only be confusing but also challenging. Here are a few options available to you as a tourist.


Kusadasi is one of the perfect spots for visitors to enjoy their surroundings by walking around as the town is small and cozy in comparison to the bigger cities. Kusadasi Town Centre and Sea Fron are some of the places which are great to walk around.


Taking a ride by bicycle around Kusadasi can be extremely fun and eco-friendly. It is always suggested that you find the right partner to execute your cycling plans so that it doesn't become monotonous.

Electronic Vehicles

About 223 electric vehicles were sold in Turkey in 2020, and about a 104% increase in sales as compared to the first eight months of 2019. An increase in hybrid vehicle sales was also noticed, and it reached around 9,000 in the first eight months of the year.

Public Bus

Dolmus is the public bus that plies on the roads of Kusadasi. The transportation is usually done with minibusses called dolmus and people prefer to travel by bus.

Tram, Train and Subway

Kusadasi has a metro station that connects the city to many stations. İzmir Metro is the railway station available in the Kusadasi, and you can travel with ease.

Sustainable Shopping

Kusadasi has shown rapid growth over the past few decades and has not been matched by strong environmental education and sustainability regulations. The city is a mix of cultural practices and smart infrastructure investments that have created a city and a true pleasure.

Food Markets

Open-air markets are a must in Kusadasi, and there are three days markets: Tuesday (vegetable and fruit), Wednesday (textiles, bags, clothes, spices, souvenirs) and Friday (vegetable and fruit). The open-air markets stay open from early in the morning until the sun sets down. Haggling markets are the key, so if you are not happy with the prices, you can walk away.

Flea Markets

There is a wide range of Flea markets available in Kusadasi which are opened on different weekdays, and each one has some specific items. The Wednesday markets are famous for fake branded clothes and souvenirs and are perfect for clothing and food.

Second Hand Stores

Second-hand stores are confined to small racks in antique stores, costume shops and old men wheeling carts of used items around the streets of the city. The second-hand clothing stores are now on the rise in Kusadasi.


People are always interested in clothing, but as a tourist, you must try some eco-fashion outlets that adopt eco-friendliness in their business models. Many people are trying the reduction of their impact on the planet, and a growing number of ethical and sustainable fashion brands are on the rise to help you meet the demands and change the fashion industry for the better.


Recycling is an essential concept that can help the city to embrace throughout the world in the face of threats posed by global warming and pollution. Turkey has also found its footing, and it is all because of the Zero Waste Project.


The people of Kusadasi are efficient in whatever task they do, and the same applies to waste management. The city government is taking all the measures to reduce waste production.

Work and Study Abroad

It is only recently that the country has embraced the idea of international students. There are not many Western students you will find in Turkey. As per the New Law on the International Labor Force, the international students who are enrolled for higher education in Turkey can work and apply for a work permit.

Exchange Student

Kusadasi is a place that has some universities and allows exchange students to study here. The city also offers some modern facilities and research centers.

Au Pair

Turkey is commonly a conservative country, and Au Pair's concept has become common in just a few recent years. There are some of the Au Pair options available in the city.


You must always remember to give back to society, and you can do this by volunteering. You can assist in many volunteering programs.

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