Lake Atitlán

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Eco-friendly travel guide to Lake Atitlán advises how to be a responsible tourist. Learn how to explore the attractions in a sustainable way and how to respect the local people and culture. Make your trip green by supporting locally owned hotels, organic restaurants and other businesses. Read more on how to protect the environment by making conscientious choices and how to travel green in Lake Atitlán, Guatemala.

ago de Atitlán en Guatemala con el pueblo de Panajachel visto de lado izquierdo

  • Air quality: 4.5 / 5
  • Exploring by foot: 4.5 / 5
  • Exploring by bicycle: 4.5 / 5
  • Public transportation: 3 / 5
  • Parks: 4 / 5
  • Outdoor activities: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Safety: 3 / 5
  • Accommodation: US$30 - $400
  • Budget per day: US$50 - $600

Responsible Travel

Lake Atitlán is an incredible place for any tourist to visit on a trip to the nation of Guatemala for the individuals who wish to appreciate grand environmental beauty and reconnect with nature. The lake itself is so great and quiet that you will wish to live there until the end of time. Notwithstanding, this entire experience can be made much more extraordinary by visiting the surrounding towns and experiencing a whole new side of Guatemalan culture and traditions. The lake is the major draw and as one reaches he/she shall discover that the activities on the fringes whilst being in the lap of nature is surreal. Lake Atitlán undeniably is one of the perfect tourist destinations for all those travellers who wish to chill at a destination that reeks of calmness and serenity in Guatemala. Considering the small population of the region around and the limited industrial activities and snail-paced development, there is very little effect of the human activities on the environment. While this is undoubtedly promising and music to the ears of any tourist, it does bring upon the added responsibility of adopting practices that shall help minimise the impact of your trip to the region. Given below are a few tips that you could follow to ensure a green trip to Lake Atitlán and be the perfect "responsible tourist".

Right off the bat, it is continually proposed that you as a tourist don't put your merited money honestly into the pockets of the mega-corporations and foundations. These are accessible in various fields be it clothing or food, you will reliably have a choice to make. Accordingly, you are prescribed to shop from local stores, this way you will without a doubt find essentially more disguised gems, choicest craftsmanship and legitimate Guatemalan items. Furthermore, with respect to food items and grocery, try embarking to the local markets and purchase the freshest of produce. This way you will uphold the more unobtrusive dealers and propelling neighbourhood associations that typically gain ground toward maintainability rather than benefit.

Recalling the above-mentioned, as a competent traveller, screen your meals, it is endorsed that you head to the best neighbourhood diners that serve the most authentic Guatemalan cuisine. Essentially don't go for cheap meals and baristas that serve generic meals, these scarcely consider the local palette. Devouring at local street food trucks is perhaps the best way to deal with like the genuine flavours and components of the local cooking around Lake Atitlán. In what could be named to add to the arrangement significantly further, you will similarly discover the occasion to taste two or three exceptional dishes cooked using familial recipes that have gone down through generations of the family.

As a tourist, one of the principle contemplations that add to your carbon impression is the kind of accommodation that you pick. By and large, most hotels are following preposterous practices and unassuming hotels routinely are inefficient in utilisation of their resources. In this manner fix your undertakings in various circles when you are out making a trip to the area as a careful adventurer. Thus, it is suggested that you by and large give due thought to your hotel choices and book a housing which is an ensured green/eco-obliging hotel. These often utilise the resources in the best way and offer you lavishness and comforts in a viable manner.

At last, while exploring the area you travel to is perhaps the best bit of your journey. Thus, it is pivotal that you pick the most sustainable technique for voyaging the city. It is recommended that you pursue the most sensible and eco-obliging techniques for transportation. You could walk around, use a bicycle to investigate the towns, or you could even choose various techniques for public transportation that decrease pollution and energy usage overall .

Air Quality and Pollution

Knowing how Lake Atitlán is set in a purely natural region with minimum interference from the outside and lesser population, there is no doubt that the air quality here is bound to be close to perfect. The air is fresh and pollutants are down to a minimum. As a tourist, you shall find the air here rejuvenating and undertaking everyday activities and sporting activities in the outdoors shall not be an issue. While those who are prescribed medications for pre-existing breathing illnesses may have to be vigilant, they too shall be able to enjoy a normal life without relying on the medications unless it is a chronic illness. The only major threat to Lake Atitlán is the contamination of its waters which as per predictions shall not only harm the surrounding towns but also major cities in the country of Guatemala.

Lake Atitlán is known to have a tropical savanna atmosphere and therefore, you will see that it is generally warm, for all intents and purposes springlike, over the range of the year. It does get hot during the dry season, yet not as hot as one expects in the region. More so, though the heat is pretty much the same throughout the year, the most boiling month is April. The season of storms connects from May to October, concurring with the hurricane and tempest season in the western Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, while the dry season loosens up from November to April. The region is always windy as you are placed in the lap of nature itself. This also prompts lower temperatures as compared to the major cities surrounding Lake Atitlán. The normal high temperature over time ranges between the mid-20 degree centigrades and the higher-20 degree centigrades range while the normal low temperature over time is known to be around the 10-15 degree centigrades mark. Consequently, all vacationers who are heading here need not require to stress over carrying heavy clothing as the climate is quite consistently constant and all you require are comfortable garments and perhaps a light jacket or a hoodie.

Respect the Culture

You'll find most Guatemalans are neighbourly and hospitable people in general. In various cases, they will be incredibly curious about you as a tourist, particularly in areas around Lake Atitlán that are so far getting accustomed to the presence of gringo tourists. Metropolitan and rural settings have changing degrees of custom, yet your thoughtfulness and extraordinary propensities shall be esteemed by Guatemalans from different upbringings and will get you acceptance amongst the various cultures around Lake Atitlán.

The people from around Lake Atitlán are simple. While people are not exceptionally well to do here, they do make a conscious effort to look good. In various events, the way where you look is the manner by which you'll be judged. You'll see this as the primary event when you go to a local bar or restaurant. So keep up with the local trends and be adequately dressed, without overdoing it or being too shabbily dressed. Light clothing that shall help you connect with nature shall be truly fitting.

Greetings are pretty much standard here around Lake Atitlán, women when in doubt invite men and each other with kisses noticeable all around. Men will invite allies with a handshake not equivalent to the standard business handshake. The grip will, as a rule, be firm. When meeting someone startlingly, it's the norm to state, "mucho fervor" (a curtailed variation of "nice to meet you"). Basically saying "hola" is considered unnecessarily casual. Distinctive invitations have "buenos días" (incredible morning), "buenas tardes" (good evening/night), and "buenas noches" (farewell). Particularly here around Lake Atitlán, people will greet each other with one of these as they pass each other along the way, road, or street.

There are not a huge load of rules concerning the Guatemalans in the area surrounding Lake Atitlán anyway in case you need to do whatever it takes not to pester them, here is a little read-over:

  • If, despite everything that you feel someone is generally speaking actually very inviting you to a dinner/party/supper, endeavour to not turn down the offer if you can participate. As referred to above, Guatemalans are welcoming and satisfied with the country so if they invite you to something they genuinely mean it, they are keeping nothing away from you to show you the lifestyle so reexamine preceding expressing no.
  • Put forward some endeavour to talk in local dialects of Spanish. You will have the alternative to get around fine with fundamental Spanish yet set forth an endeavour to get acquainted with some local slang and you will be immediately liked. Guatemalans love pariahs to use their slang as we feel happy for it.
  • Try not to critic religion, most Guatemalans are severe, by and large Catholic and Evangelical Christians, so avoid any horrendous comments on religion.
  • Try not to take pictures of indigenous people without their consent. It is tempting as their customary dresses are great and their looks may be remarkable to you any way you can shock someone or get in a troublesome circumstance for this, reliably ask concerning whether the individual endorses of this.
  • Try not to investigate the area or the people in general, this applies to a vast range of topics as Guatemalans are VERY vivacious and by far most conservative so they don't have an experienced standpoint concerning talking about how things work in various parts of the globe. Any guiltless undertaking you may have at critiquing Guatemala with your country or whatever other country that would appear like Guatemala isn't that worthy would put on an act of being rude.

Top 10 Places to Visit

When you travel to Lake Atitlán, you certainly get the opportunity of exploring the wilderness without any adulterations or annoyances. The top 10 places for any tourist to visit around Lake Atitlán are:

  • La Nariz: La Nariz is the local name for the scenic location which tourists alternatively know as “Indian Nose”. This volcano formation resembles a man’s face, also the peak (known as the ‘nose’) was believed to be sacred by the Mayans. This short climb offers perhaps the best perspective on Lake Atitlán and is certainly justified regardless of the 30-minute steep trip. You can book a visit to do this climb at dawn for marvellous perspectives, or you can climb it all alone during the day. From the top, you will have a mind-blowing perspective on the lake, the encompassing volcanoes and the towns underneath. This spot is consecrated to the native individuals who call Atitlán home, so please make an effort to remain conscious when you are there. This isn't a spot to take topless photographs or to become inebriated. While you're at the top, you may even hear a few services occurring in the close by timberland.
  • San Pedro: Take a kayak out! San Pedro is the best town on the lake to paddle around, and you can explore through a coasting backwoods and incompletely lowered structures. You can lease a kayak for around 2 USD an hour from the Santigo dock. The lake can get a little rough later in the day, so go toward the beginning of the day if conceivable.
  • Panajachel Cruise: Lake Atitlán is known for its marvellous sunsets, and for every tourist visiting Lake Atitlán, the Panajachel cruise is the most ideal approach to see it. Consistently every evening the boat departs from the western harbour and it's a flat out deal. You're just cruising for 20 minutes, however, you will appreciate unmatched perspectives as the sun sinks beneath the volcanoes and the lake illuminates. It's got a bring your own booze policy as well, so what could be a superior way to commence the evening.
  • Jaibalito: The stroll from Santa Cruz to Jaibalito is effectively a standout amongst other short climbs around Atitlán. You'll walk around the side of a mountain, up and down a winding precipice way and down some very much worn old strides prior to showing up in Jaibalito where you can get yourself a brew and a hot tub splash at Club Ven Aca. While not an especially arduous climb, the uninhibited perspectives over the lake are heavenly.
  • Hot Springs: The region around Lake Atitlán has the absolute best streets on the planet for motorcycling. They're very much kept up, winding and smooth and are a delight to whizz along. On the off chance that you have motorbike in sight, you can rent it and go through the day riding past the diverse Mayan towns, wondering about the perspectives from the two thousand foot edges and taking photographs of the lake from these novel vantage focuses.
  • San Pedro Volcano: With three unpredictable volcanoes surrounding the lake, climbing up, in any case, is on the vast majority of the tourist's Atitlán list. You can climb the San Pedro well of lava in the range of 2.5 and 5 hours, and fear not as you can do this one all alone. The path is very much well-kept, and ensure you bring comfortable garments as it gets really hot close to the top. Set off right on time, as the visibility gets poor post 11 in the morning.
  • Spanish Schools: While the idea of heading to school and taking classes on a holiday may not even remotely seem appealing enough but there are many tourists who come and stay here for long durations and often enjoy taking Spanish lessons in the scenic settings around. Orbita Spanish School and Cooperativa Spanish School are two options, while the best option available here is the San Pedro Spanish School.
  • San Juan: This is an excellent place to visit around Lake Atitlán, the culture is so rich and refreshing that any tourist shall feel like they have been transported into a whole new world. San Juan isn’t too far away from San Pedro, taking a tuk-tuk ride of about 10 minutes shall get you here but the difference in culture is vast. You shall also have the prestigious opportunity to learn about the local art and textiles, if you are enthusiastic about either you could even go as far as taking a course and learn traditional Mayan weaving and embroidery.
  • Lake Atitlán: Coming to the main attraction of the tour itself shall be an absolute treat. If you are looking for ways to cool off on a hot and sunny afternoon you must try and join the locals for a nice dip in the lake itself. However, there is some caution that needs to be exercised. As a tourist, you may want to rent a boat and swim someplace clean and safe in the lake. Get assistance from the locals and they shall guide you. Anyplace close to the docks may be unclean and boats often leak fuel and oil into the water, so avoid falling ill by recklessly jumping into the lake for a swim.
  • San Marcos: This town is a great place to visit around Lake Atitlán but the major attraction here is not just the scenic beauty that surrounds you, rather it is the lip-smacking chocolate that is sold here. It is renowned for producing some of the finest chocolates of the entire nation of Guatemala and spending your day leisurely walking around town, sampling different flavours of chocolates at different shops seems like a slice of heaven to most travellers.
San Pedro Volcano


Lake Atitlán has plenty of towns surrounding it and those do have quite a bit of interesting places to visit and these places are segregated according to their type in the sections below, peruse on to know more.

City Parks

In a scenic destination such as Lake Atitlán, it is absolutely unsurprising that there are quite a few parks for tourists to enjoy a walk, a jog, or even some quiet time at. Given below is a list of some the popular city parks around Lake Atitlán:

  • Panajachel Park
  • Eco Parque Atitlán
  • Pachichaj Park
  • Paseo los Tocoyales
  • Parque Xechivoy
  • Parque Central de Santiago Atitlán
Catholic church by Panajachel central park

National Parks

Being in the lap of nature you shall feel like you are pretty much in heaven, enjoying pure bliss, the crisp air, and every around you shall have such high aesthetic value that it shall simply be pleasing to the eye. However, if you wish to explore some of the exotic flora and fauna around Lake Atitlán, then it is recommended that you head to some of the national parks that are listed below:

  • Atitlán
  • Cerro Tzankujil 
  • Reserva Natural Atitlán
  • SAQUICHÉ, Area Protegida
  • Chui Rax Amolo Ecological Park


It is almost a no-brainer that when you are taking a trip to a lake, that shall be the primary source of water based activities around you. There are no beaches or coastlines around you as you are in a completely landlocked area. Thus, all those tourists who are eager to take a dip in the ocean shall have to settle for a swim in the lake. On the plus side, there are plenty of activities that one can undertake in the lake itself.


Being a quiet and calm area, every major attraction around Lake Atitlán has to do with the serenity and small town experience which connects you either with nature of God, hence, given below are a list of the major attractions around, which are mostly churches and volcanoes:

  • Volcán Tolimán
  • Volcán Atitlán
  • Volcán San Pedro
  • Mirador Rey Tepepul
  • Iglesia San Francisco
  • Saint James the Apostle Church
View of Lake Atitlan and the Tolimán (right) and Atitlán volcanoes.


The areas surrounding Lake Atitlán have a truly rich heritage and culture. Much of this can be attributed to the Mayans that live there and yet value their traditions without letting it get diluted as the years pass on. However, a much richer documentation of their history can be found at some of the prominent museums around, these are listed below:

  • Pintando Santa Catarina Palopó
  • Bird Art Museum
  • Azul Maya Archaeological Museum


Guatemalan food is eminent for being delightful and most dishes are adored by travellers and locals the same. The food found in the region of Lake Atitlán will undoubtedly be true Guatemalan food and the flavours here are rich and the dishes aren't anything but difficult to cook, henceforth, given beneath are the absolute most famous dishes that you can appreciate here:

  • Hilachas
  • Rellenitos
  • Chicken pepián
  • Empanadas
  • Noodle tostadas
  • Pupusas
  • Kak'ik
Hilacha is boiled, shredded beef served with tomato sauce and tomatillo, potatoes, carrots and Guajillo chiles, originating in Guatemala

Traditional Local Restaurants

Around Lake Atitlán you shall find some truly exotic restaurants which cater to all your cravings with a host of dishes, some authentic Guatemalan cuisine and more than mesmerising views. Given below are a few popular options that you must consider:

  • Pizzeria El Callejon
  • Hamburg restaurant
  • Cafe Sabor Cruceño
  • El Indigo
  • Guajimbo's
  • ANZAN Atitlán

Vegetarian and Vegan

Around Lake Atitlán, you'll experience no difficulty finding amazing vegan and vegetarian restaurants. Regardless of whether you're a meat lover, it's an extraordinary spot to try out some vegan and vegetarian dishes. There are a lot of good vegan and vegetarian choices that you could explore but to help you a little, here are a couple of the most well known restaurants:

  • The Fifth Dimension
  • Deli Jasmin
  • Samsara's Garden

Street Food

The chances of encountering conventional street food around Lake Atitlán is low, here you shall get some delicious and authentic Guatemalan street food that might even be an oddity to find in the bigger cities. A few popular dishes and their description is listed below:

  • Pupusas: While Pupusas are an El Salvadorian staple they are likewise extremely famous in Guatemala. Pupusas are made of a thick handcrafted corn tortilla that is generally loaded up with cheddar, beans, pork, chorizo, or a blend of fixings. It is presented with a marinated cabbage slaw with red chilies and vinegar.
  • Corn Tamales: They are made of masa, a type of corn, which are loaded up with meat and is wrapped with leaves and are steamed. Another most loved is Rellenitos de Plátano which is bubbled plantains that are squashed and shaped into balls. Refried beans, sugar, and cinnamon are embedded and the pounded plantain's middle and the ball are conformed to it. They are then seared in oil until brownish in shade and are a flat out treat for your taste buds.
  • Elote: It is an old fashioned corn dish that is simmered over an open barbecue and presented with salsa, salt, and lime. Another Guatemalan backbone is Chuchitos which are a more modest sort of tamale. They are set up with corn batter that is loaded down with an exceptionally little bit of meat and a delicious mix of tomato salsa with pumpkin seeds and different spices blended in. This is then enveloped by a corn husk and steamed. Chuchitos are commonly presented with a hard, pungent cheddar sprinkled on top and a side of the tomato salsa.
Pupusas being sold by a street food vendor


The Guatemalan individuals around Lake Atitlán love their drinks and whether or not some of them are alcoholics or not, they relish their drinks and take pride in them as much as they love their food. Thus, in this segment of the article the best 10 refreshments to attempt in the region are drilled down:

  • Gallo
  • Coffee
  • Victoria Beer
  • Picocita
  • Rum
  • Quetzalteca
  • Guaro
  • Limonada con Soda
  • Dorada
  • Licuados


Yes, the prospect of being in the lap of nature, clean air, and green surroundings does tempt one to be a tad too complacent and experiment with water coming out of a tap, however, tourists visiting the regions around Lake Atitlán must exercise caution and stick to reliable sources of water or simply purchase bottled mineral water to avoid falling sick on a glorious trip to Lake Atitlán.

Organic Cafés

Organic Cafes in such a scenic destination are inevitable, they are in many ways the best choice for tourists looking to have a nice meal or a cup of coffee while be assured of doing so sustainably and with ingredients that are sourced through appropriate methods. Given below are a few cafes worth visiting:

  • Shambhala Cafe
  • Cafe Rafa
  • Circles Cafe
  • Crossroads Coffee


The local people around Lake Atitlán certainly do value a pint of beer. If you as a tourist also love cracking open a cold one a summer afternoon, then give the local breweries a shot and it is always better if you head there with a few known locals or strike a friendship there itself, given below are a few viable options:

  • Pana Rock
  • Kaalpul Artesanal Ales
  • Bar Sublime
  • Free Cerveza
  • Blind Lemon's


Take out a kayak in the first part of the day and appreciate the quiet waters with volcanoes approaching somewhere far off. Numerous guesthouses around the lake lease kayaks, or can point you the correct way. Regardless of whether you're an accomplished diver or a beginner, Lake Atitlán would be an intriguing spot to investigate underneath the water's surface. In spite of the fact that there's not a great deal of marine life to see, you'll have the option to see depressed structures, volcanic stone dividers, swim-throughs and volcanic hot mud. Additionally, Lake Atitlán is an extraordinary spot to get your high-altitude forte. Swim at the Reserva Natural del Cerro Tzankujil, the nature hold has a path driving a spot where you would cliff be able to hop and swim. Water is quite spotless here. On the off chance that swimming in a pool sounds additionally engaging you, head to the town of Jaibalito where you can unwind in the limitlessness pool at Club Ven Aca and appreciate epic perspectives.

Yoga and Retreats

There are numerous spots to indulge in yoga around Lake Atitlán, however, San Marcos is the best spot to do the asanas. Brimming with yoga enthusiasts and expats, this quiet town has many yoga and meditation classes, however, each one is particularly one of a kind. On the off chance that you need to do yoga directly over the lake, head to the yoga deck at Hostal Del Lago, where you can join the morning yoga classes for a nominal fee. In case you're looking to reconnect with nature and yourself, it's difficult to envision an all the more remarkable setting.


You can be guaranteed that there is no shortage of accommodations here for a wide range of tourists. You have different types of hotels and you can choose depending on your budget and needs, given beneath are a few types of accommodations concerning the equivalent, to sum things up and help you decide.

Green Hotels

Most of the hotels which are situated in and around Lake Atitlán are known to be immensely eco-friendly. The owners are very cautious in the way their hotels/inns affect the environment. Conserving the natural beauty is their utmost priority as it helps the tourism continue with equal vigour even as the years pass by. Though many of these hotels do not have the necessary certifications to prove that they are green hotels, you can count on some of the genius indigenous methods they use to conserve the environment. Given below are a few options you must consider:

  • Lush Atitlán 
  • El Delfin Hotel y Restaurante
  • Hotel Utz Jay
  • Hotel Atitlán
  • Porta Hotel Del Lago
  • Hotel y Cafe La Casa Del Mundo

Hostels and Guest Houses

Hostels are regularly an unprecedented option for solo explorers who are looking for colleagues around them and unobtrusive living spaces without choosing extravagances. The current alternatives of hostels are dynamic, they offer some shocking amenities and that too without the exorbitant charges that a lot of like the significant hotels charge. Given under are the best hostels that you can consider for accommodation while visiting Lake Atitlán:

  • Sababa Resort
  • Selina Atitlán
  • Free Cerveza


There are a huge number of apartments on lease in Lake Atitlán that visitors can select from. These offer more privacy, better views, and they are sensibly valued. They are regularly an incredible decision for those hoping to dodge high hotel tariffs and for the individuals who are going in bigger gatherings. You can decide to lease a loft from any of the greatest dependable online gateways as they don't expect you to execute the financial exchanges face to face and all day long help is additionally advertised.


Couchsurfing is a possibility for solo vacationers hoping to stay with a local host. Mainstream couchsurfing sites and entries have a large number of postings you should simply pick a reasonable hosts, affirm the dates, and head there. Ensure you consent to the standards set by your host, help out for certain tasks and toward the finish of your remain, ensure you give your host a little badge of appreciation. But make sure you finalise things well in advance and have back up plans as the population is less and there are not many hosts, while a few are unreliable at times.


When you are headed to a destination where the lake is the biggest attraction, you can be assured of the prospect of plenty of campsites being available. Take some time out either alone or with friends and family. Head to one of these campsites, pitch a tent, enjoy a barbecue, and some bonfire. Given below are some of the most popular camping places around Lake Atitlán:

  • Camping Bahia Del Lago
  • Pasajcap Campground
  • Tzantziapa
  • Campamento Bethel

How to Get There

Travelling to Lake Atitlán shall n to be as smooth as travelling to a major city and the reason behind this is quite simple, it is not around a big town, rather it is a retreat in the lap of nature, hence, you may have to go the extra mile and use multiple modes of transportation to reach here, given below are the details.


View of the newly refurbished main terminal and departures area, La Aurora International Airport, Guatemala City

The nearest airport to Lake Atitlán is Guatemala City (GUA) Airport which is 71.2 km away. From here you could reach Atitlán via a host of transports, prominently via private vehicles and buses/shuttles. The option of renting a 1000 USD helicopter ride is also an option if you feel indulgent.


Bus transports are accessible from Guatemala City to various places around Lake Atitlán, yet you'll need to converse with a local who knows the bus routes and get their assistance in booking. These transports can be a decent alternative as they get you straightforwardly at your lodging and take you directly to your convenience at Lake Atitlán, however a few organizations are far superior than others, making it hard to book on the web in case you're new to the region. The chicken bus is also an option but it is difficult to travel in these due to the lack of AC during the summer months.


At present there is no railway line that connects the major cities in Guatemala to Lake Atitlán.


Hitching a ride to Lake Atitlán is always an option worth considering as there are plenty who would give you a ride from nearby major cities such as the capital, Guatemala City. The people are quite friendly and may not even ask for a small charge but make sure you return the favour by buying them a coffee or a snack on the way.


Beyond the above mentioned means, the only option worth considering is hiring a private taxi to Lake Atitlán.

Moving Around

Moving around Lake Atitlán shall be extremely pleasant due to the scenic views but one also needs to plan well in advance as options are limited and scarce. Given below are your major choices.


Walking around Lake Atitlán shall be absolutely splendid, you shall get all the time in the world to explore at your own pace, click a few pictures and just breathe the clean air.


Riding a bicycle around Lake Atitlán is perhaps even better than walking as you can travel faster, longer, and you aren’t even polluting the environment. More so, the feeling of the find blowing through your hair is simply priceless.

Electronic Vehicles

Electric Vehicles are not easily available here around Lake Atitlán and as a result of this, it is best that tourists stick to conventional modes of transportation.

Public Bus

The local buses are kind of the lifeline for transportation between the small towns around Lake Atitlán, you too could take the benefit of this but the erratic schedules are a major obstacle.

Tram, Train and Subway

There are no trains, trams or subways available here around Lake Atitlán.

Sustainable Shopping

Sustainable shopping is a central bit of each eco-accommodating tourist's trip. Shop from local stores if you wish to take back some real craftsmanship and abstain from polluting and avaricious unquenchable super stores. This is fundamental as you can genuinely add to the local economy and with no assistance, likewise, you can deal a hit to ravenous bosses of conglomerates.

Food Markets

When you are around Lake Atitlán, you must buy the freshest of produce from the local food markets which are renowned across the globe, given below are a few such for you to explore:

  • Mercado Municipal
  • Mercado de Vegetal
  • Chichicastenango Market

Flea Markets

The flea markets around Lake Atitlán don’t have a lot of fame in comparison to the food markets. Most of the tourists rely on advice from the locals to visit small shops in certain small towns to find true gems.

Second Hand Stores

Much like the flea markets, the second hand stores here too rely on word of mouth from the locals, nonetheless, given below are a few options:

  • Americanos Velazquez
  • Global Compu
  • Gypsy's Second-Hand Clothes


Eco-fashion does not need any kind of branding or promotion here around Lake Atitlán as the craft used by the local people and indigenous Mayans to stitch their clothes is perfectly eco-friendly and non-polluting.


Recycling around Lake Atitlán isn’t very efficient and tourists need to often go to great lengths to ensure that their trash is recycled and not dumped into a landfill by local authorities.


Waste collection is not organised around Lake Atitlán, but considering how the local people work hard to conserve the environment and keep their towns clean, you can be assured of decent waste collection at hotels and small establishments across town.

Work and Study Abroad

Lake Atitlán isn’t exactly a major destination for work or studying unless you are enrolled elsewhere and have the privilege of using the internet to complete your work from here.

Exchange Student

You shall seldom find exchange students around Lake Atitlán as most of the major universities are based in Guatemala City which is the capital of the country and a short drive away from here.

Au Pair

Au Pairs are seldom required around Lake Atitlán but one can always try their luck with online listings.


Volunteering in is an exceptional technique to reward society and you could contribute to cleanups, social aids and great causes. You ought to just look for the open entryway with the right kind of affiliation with NGOs or community initiatives.

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